Barca show the way with Valdes stance | Jack set for another start?

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Welcome to Friday people! There’s not much news about today and once again, I am at a meeting so I’m going to have to churn this out faster than .

Saturday news centres around Tomas Rosicky not being available. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but it is at the moment because before the Everton game in the week… Wenger owned up to rushing Jack back… then he played him. Tomorrow, what chance do you think there is of Wenger dropping his main man? Zero…

Once again, we’re gambling with a players fitness. The importance of a deep squad at this time of year can’t be underestimated. Maybe he’ll slip Chamberlain in the midfield? Or maybe that’s a massive risk.

Probably a massive risk, especially as the manager is fully aware that to achieve our goal of a top four finish this year, we have to win all out games.

“The only way we can deal with this situation is to win all our games,”

“I believe we just want to keep that strong run going until the end, we know that for us that is what is needed to be successful.

“We are in a fight where you want every performance to be at the best possible level and that’s why we focus on that on Saturday.”

It would be amazing to have a winning streak from now until the end of the season, especially as that could involve making United’s run to the title a little more tricky. I don’t know about anyone else, but the more I look at our run in, the harder I think it looks. Every team we’re playing has something to play for… even Newcastle are in a mess at the bottom of the league. We have big games.

One more story that probably sparked some noise was the Barca article about Valdes.

‘[President Sandro] Rosell has had contact with Valdes to make it clear that we have to leave the doors open [on him changing his mind].

‘As we prioritise sporting aspects, we prefer to run out the contract until June 2014 rather than sell him this summer.

‘We have no deadline in Valdes’ case, one option is to run to the end of his contract and in that case we will not sign a goalkeeper [this summer].’

Now, I’m not saying we should have kept Robin, but Barca putting the sporting needs of the club before the finances is a huge difference between the clubs. It’s the same when it comes to buying players. They’ll go the extra mile for a signing they believe in, where as we’ll turn our backs and look for a cheaper option.

Right, that’s me done, crack open a Peroni at your desk right now, I bet your boss won’t have the guts to challenge your show of power.

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    Kwik Fit

    What song’s do you have for us today?

    I look forward to the Kwik Fit”Friday Night”..

    Are you into F1?

    If so,any creamers on possible winners?

  2. kwik fit


    Friday nights haven’t been the same since Pedro stopped the old embedded video lark.

    Don’t mind a bit of FI , as long as I don’t have to get up too early. The sky coverage though is a bit OTT IMHO .
    This weekend I fancy Alonso. So get your two bob on that.


    Kwik Fit

    Vicky said Hamilton last week for the F1-China.

    You say-Alonso,for the FI Bahrain..?


    Either way,bring on the songs..Kwik Fit

    I’m all ears,ready to go..

    Exhausted,with the comments on AFC…

    Can barely muster a word these days,on tactics,formations,buy’s,etc,etc..

    It’s like flogging a dead horse,year after year…

    B/w Bermy Boy is a scream..Brings a bit of joy to proceedings..

    Wondering why,Ped’s has taken an exception to Jopp’s..?

    Would be nice to see Jopp’s back…



    Just wondering,why you are not campaigning for Jopp’s to be re-installed?

    He fought your corner,when you were semi-banned..

    Surely,you can return the favour..?

  5. kwik fit


    I agree. We need everyone of the characters who have been banned .for whatever reason , back with is now. LG needs banter and dirty talk to keep it fresh. Fuck Jay from a few years ago should be allowed back.
    He really shook the life out of the blog. Some of the stuff that guy came out with wasn’t even physically possible to do nor was it legal .


    Kwik Fit

    Jopp’s stuck his neck out for Gambon….

    It’s only right,out of loyalty,Gambon returns the favour…

    Since,it seems Gambon,has a large following..

    Or,is it fuck everyone else,& it’s only about the Gambonista..?

    Just saying…



    What happened to Dannyboy,fighting Jopp’s corner..?

    Your wrestling partner & early morning talks,about WWF..?

    Suddenly you disappeared,once he was binned.
    Your nightly WWF partner..??!!

    One comment,about him & you were off the radar..!!

    As fickle,as a night street walker…

  8. kwik fit

    Read somewhere tonight that Parlour said that Arsenal could have signed YaYa but choose Eboue instead. Obviously for his comic value. Wenger reckoned that he had enough YaYa types in the dressing room ATT but not enough comedians.


    Kwik Fit/Jamal

    He questioned one of Pedro’s post..

    He basically said:-

    1) Ped’s should stop blogging

    2)Ped’s should ban him..

    All based on Jopp’s,articulating that Jopp’s had every reason to criticise his posts,given that Ped’s is on radio,tv..i.e in the media..

    Consequently Ped’s exposes himself to criticism,rightly,or wrongly..

    Ped’s took exception to his post & invoked Jopp’s 2nd option..i.e. ban him & removed the post.

    Nothing malicious in Jopp’s post,just straightforward talking..

    Ped’s got sensitive & used the might is right rule..

  10. kwik fit


    Sounds like he got Pedro on a morning that he was hanging. Pedro normally enjoys the old banter. Maybe he had done his post from the bed of someone he woke up with and didn’t like like what he saw.



    Tiaran/Valerie Gooner was a riot..

    Made my day,always looked forward to his posts..

    I suspect, like me he’s reached the peak..


  12. Johnny5

    People will stop showing you pictures of their kids if you whisper “oh fuck yea” under your breath when you look at their photos.

    Saw this on twitter. It’s nasty but funny as fuck.

  13. kwik fit

    All Jop aaaaaaa has to do is to come back under a different name. If your out there jop aaaaaaaa change your name to say aaaaaaaa jop and come on back.
    Your audience awaits!!!


    Jamal/Kwik Fit

    Here’s a blast from the past……

    As we are going down memory lane,let’s reminisce on former post’s b/w me & Valerie Gooner-about Keyser..
    A bit long winded,but worth a chuckle,for a friday evening..
    September 26, 2012 00:56:46
    In Keyserville,..the pussycat-Keyser,with half a whisker& 3 legs,finds himself hobbling around & foraging for food..

    His humble abode,the urine stinking,shit stained garden of a shed,is no more…
    Reduced to cinder,by the unmanned drones that flattened his shed..

    Within that shed,were shrines dedicated to the likes of Suicidal Song & Wankstein -”I’m cheap”Wenger..

    Now also reduced to rubble..

    Pussycat-Keyser,cuts a sad,lonely & destitute figure in Keyserville..

    His only hope to escape this life of destitution,is to sell his pussyyyy-cat ass to the great Commissar Red Nose,where he will find great strength & common ground with his bed-fellow,& turncoat- RIP van Persie..
    valerie goonerSeptember 26, 2012 01:11:26
    ……as he claws his way up a mound of broken bricks and rusted steel he hears the soft hum of the drones overhead….theyre back to check if he’s still alive!…”hiding will do no good!” he gently miaows to himself…whilst hilcking his slighlty aching anus…”the infra-red will spot me!” he stupidly barks – forgetting hes a cat coz hes such an unstoppable cock-brain…SUDDENLY he remembers a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he covered himself in mud…”Predator, wasn’t it?” he chirps…as the humming of the drones grew louder Keyser the 3 legged cat searched for mud but could find none – and now with the humming filling the air – he was left with only one option – to cover himself in his own shit….….as he was just finishing off rubbing the last part in he looked into the sky and saw the drone opening up its bomb cargo fuckin thing whatever the fuck its called….the sound of the bomb whistling towards was the last thing he heard.

    Vix September 26, 2012 01:18:31
    Valerie Gooner
    and now with the humming filling the air – he was left with only one option – to cover himself in his own shit….….as he was just finishing off rubbing the last part in he looked into the sky and saw the drone opening up its bomb cargo fuckin thing whatever the fuck its called….the sound of the bomb whistling towards was the last thing he heard.

    LOLOLOL….You gotta love this guy Valerie Gooner…
    Loved the continuation..The bit where
    pussycat-Keyser,smears himself in his own shit& the bomb descends on him..!!
    Absolutely great!!
    A fitting end,for a feral pussycat smeared in his own filth..
    Vix September 28, 2012 20:57:47
    Back in Keyserville…..

    Keyser..the pussycat meanders through the fields,smeared in his own shit,having survived another sustained artillery bombardment all week,from the defenders of free market competition..

    Keyser..the pussy..(cat),surveys the wreckage & casualties strewn around him..
    His fellow comrades,incesc,mystic,are now just part of the soil,pounded into submission..
    Victims of their folly..

    Keyser the lone survivor,hobbles along with his 3 legs,scavenging for parts of other living creatures to feast upon,in order to survive..
    i.e.a rodent’s tail & the wings of a fly..

    As he meows away,he sees in the long distance, a tall warrior in shining armour,galloping on his white horse towards him…

    A white knight maybe,coming to save the day,for our unloved 3 legged pussy,pussy cat…?

    Keyser sensing impending doom,prays fervently for divine intervention..He meows loudly..
    The sweat on his face,starts to cascade down his almost whiskless gaunt face,or rather the smeared shit on his face cascades with increasing fervour as the warrior approaches his target..

    The tall warrior,stops in his tracks to greet Keyser & bellows..

    “Keyser..I offer you sanctuary,I offer you life,I offer you a thousand pieces of gold,I offer you a princess,a 4th prosthetic leg & fortunes beyond your wildest dreams to come & join my comrades,the lions of the Blue Moon revolution..
    Defenders of free market competition..”

    The warrior points to around him & booms through his gravel-laced voice….

    “Look around you,your comrades-defenders of FFP& the much derided sustainability model,are no more..Where are they?
    What glorious battles have you won over the last 7 years?” he sarcastically laughs..
    “Do not be another victim of your comrades folly,or hostage to your immense stupidity,or I shall cut you to a thousand pieces..& use your pieces as fertile soil,on which to build my new academy& growing empire”

    “It is your choice..a thousand pieces of gold,that will change your life forever,or be cut into a 1000 pieces..”

    Keyser..pauses for a moment,scratches his last remaining half a whisker,meows loudly& counters..
    “Where have those 1000 pieces of gold come from?
    Do you own those 1000 pieces of gold,or were they loaned to you?
    How will you sustain your model& unfair empire?If you are no longer leader,who will be?

    You skew the market with your fortunes….”

    Keyser after a 60 minute diatribe,trying to talk himself out of a deal,that would not only save his life,but change it forever,further remonstrates that..
    “I’m sorry,but we will wait till 2014,when our commercial deals& sponsorships are up for renewal..”
    “We have done ok for now,we would do better,if you & your other warrior friend over in Siberia,had not embarked on world domination…
    FFP will be our saviour…”

    “Unless you give us 200 million of your gold pieces,with no strings attached& just disappear into the background.”

    “It will not be fair to accept such a ludicrous offer”

    The warrior (& even his horse) growing impatient with Keyser’s,incessant & stupid questions,& nonsensical claptrap,mutters the words..

    “You stupid,stupid,insolent pussy..(cat)& unsheathes his mighty sword,glittering in the sun & delivers a mighty swoosh onto Keyser- the pussy cats head..

    Keyser’s last words & actions were- meow,meow-interpreted as..
    “I hope your oil well dries up one day”& projectile pissing into the warriors face!!

    The warrior saunters off into the sunset,with Keyser’s pieces in the bag,laughing loudly & proclaiming “FFP is dead, long live free market competition& world domination is here to stay”

    Moral of the story..Keyser

    Adapt,or die!!

  15. vicky

    oh u guys r still here……….great……..was getting bored…………seems VIX has become a bit sentimental these days…..good

  16. vicky

    That guy/girl Velarie/Tiernanan was the most hilarious person on LG……..really loved his post..talked about everything except football.



    Who cares anymore…No offence..

    We know what the club really stands for..

    Let’s just make it jovial for a Friday,at least..

  18. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I love cricket, can’t beat the ashes series but test matches are losing out to the limited overs game. I used to love going to watch the Windies in the 70’s and 80’s, they were real destroyers in those days and no silly padding and helmets, and no one bouncer rule.
    Those were the days, bloodstains and teeth covering the crease.

    It has gone soft like the football now.

  19. kwik fit


    Not too many characters about now . Pietersen and Broad perhaps are current stand outs.

    From the past I enjoyed Beefy/ Tufners and of course Freddie

  20. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Tony Greig (he was my cricketing hero as a kid), Michael (Whispering Death) Holding, Viv Richards, Dennis Lillee and Graham Gooch.
    And modern day, Ricky Ponting and shane Warne.
    The real characters seem to have gone from the game, much the same as football and most other sports, shame really.

  21. vicky

    Kwik fit

    Seems to me that being a character is an important parameter for you.

    P.S Monty Panesar must have drawn your attention then 😛

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Having players with character was a big part of all sports, they are players that seem to have a similar identity and connection to us fans.
    These days the new breed of sportsman seem like automatons who are just there to pick up a wage, maybe it is because I am older and remember getting close to players after matches and locally in the streets.
    I like players that have a bit of the bad bay about them, they seem more human.

  23. vicky

    Arsenal 1886-2006

    May be so much of media glare and 24 X 7 scrutiny of celebrities including sportsmen does not leave any room for them to be a bad boy or a character. So called Experts discussing every petty things in their studios quite often misunderstand those human gestures and then a smear campaign gets started. May be these sportsmen just guard themselves from being caught “off guard”.

    Just a thought……
    May be we don’t have enough characters anyway.


    vickyApril 19, 2013 21:54:24

    Sorry popped to the shop’s…

    Probably favour a Ferrari..1-2:-Alonso & Massi..,
    or Red Bull 1-2..Vettel,or Webber.

    But I’m all for an under-dog..
    Like Maldonado,or Perez..I know a very,very,very long shot..

    Sutil & Grosjean in the top-10,based on their Q2 practice..Another long shot..

  25. Arsenal 1886-2006

    True they are more guarded these days due to the media glare, but I think you nailed it with your last comment “May be we don’t have enough characters anyway”.

    I do believe though that it does harm to the younger players who believe they are superstars before they have even played a full season, take players like JET, Bentley, Frimpong and too some extent Chezzer.
    You could add more to this list just from our club let alone other clubs, players that have got inflated ego’s just from being at a club like Arsenal. Years ago the fans they met in the streets and their teammates would have bought them down to earth with a bang before it got out of hand.

    I honestly believe that if Bentley had not had such an ego and high self regard for himself at a young age he could have been a fantastic player for us, he needed a strong manager to knock it out of him, not a father figure such as wenger, i see this as one of wengers faults, he does not seem ruthless enough.

  26. vicky


    A Ferrari driver will win it……….now Alonso is a better driver than Massa…… hedging my bet on Alonso…

    I too like an underdog to win but so rarely happens in F1.
    And I never count Vettel out of any race………..let us see.



    Sachin Tendulkar ,Lara & Pietersen(though I dislike him) & maybe Inzamam Ul-Haq(1-day Cricket & Test Specialist)..A slogger of the ball,if ever I’ve seen one..

  28. vicky

    Arsenal 1886-2006

    Although I criticize Wenger for his lack of ruthlessness but then that is how Wenger the person is. A compassionate person —this is what ex players say. It is quite amazing that being compassionate is a virtue in perhaps every walks of life but is a deficiency in professional sport.

    And it is obvious that these players that u mentioned go astray. Who will not If he gets a taste of money,fame and pampering all at the same time at a tender age. But then people will argue that the same pampering and indulgence helped Wenger in nurturing soo many talents.


    I too like an underdog to win but so rarely happens in F1.
    And I never count Vettel out of any race………..let us see.
    Yep,you are right..
    But rarely translates,into someone like Maldonado picking up a win,like last year in one particular GP..

    Oh well,the same usual suspects,this time around..!!

    Hamilton,Massa-in any order..?



    On another note,I still insist Rosicky is on £80k,despite what Ped’s states..

    I know a few people close to the club..

  31. vicky

    I have no doubt as to who are the best 5 overall :

    Vettel,Webber,Alonso,Hamilton and Button……

    but for this grand prix Alonso, Vettel, Massa , Webber and Hamilton in descending order

  32. Arsenal 1886-2006


    Guess it swings both ways, it is not solely wengers fault i guess, a lot of the blame has to lie with the individuals and their entourage (agents and such).
    But you cannot treat all the players the same, some younger players will be more mature while others will be, well teens.

    I would be a tad hypocritical to slag them too much as i come from a poor background myself, and when i started earning good money i almost killed myself with drink and drugs because i did not know how to handle it, binged on just about everything.

    The pressures on the young players from their agents and publicists to build up a profile must be immense. Guess that is part of the game and scene these days.

  33. vicky


    Rosicky on 80k– of course…….I have no doubts…….I had a PDF which I had posted here on LG a few months ago.
    According to that PDF
    Cazorla and Rosicky both are on 80K.
    Podolski on 107 K—the only doubtful wage figure in that PDF.


    May be we don’t have enough characters anyway.
    We did & do..

    Arshavin,with his famous radio blog& I cut coupons,to take my family to McDonald’s for a freebie,despite the fact that I earn £75k,for sitting on the bench..

    Adebayor,with his famous slap against Bendtner in the Spurs Cup Game & I love AC Milan,Juve,Man City,Real Madrid…etc,etc..
    Whoever will pay me top ££££”s..!!

    Bendtner,with his trouser’s around his ankles,photographed falling out of nightclub’s..

    Denilson,with his outpouring too a newspaper,about wanting out & wanting to win trophies..

    Alumnia-having left,saying he stayed for the money..”It was to good to leave the contract,being on the bench..”

    Vela..with his extra-curricular activities with transgender opponents,off the pitch..

    Chamakh..Oh well the hotel incident is enough,along with the shisha hobby..


    I had according to my reports..

    Poldoski on £110k(or around about)

    Roiscky..on £80k

    Obviously Walcott,with his re-negotiations put’s him in the top 2..

    All that said Nasri’s Mouth & Ped’s proceeded to slaughter me,with “What do I know..”

    Personally,I can’t wait till,when those official figures are released…

    That’s all I will say..

    Amazing,that critic’s of Pedro,get the silent treatment..

    Gambon(Re-instated,after semi ban)
    Geoff(Main Blogger,chucks in the towel)

    & suddenly we are awash with apologists:

    Nasri’s Mouth
    & co..

    This time next year,this blog will have an altogether different feel..No doubt..


  36. vicky


    There is an uncanny similarity in almost all the instances you have posted.

    Arshavin,Chamakh,Denilson and Alumunia —All these players had already fallen out of favor with AW or had their contract expired when they said or did what they have. they showed their true colors only when they had nothing else to lose. This is what my point was— as long as someone has to safeguard something be it monetary interest or reputation , he is more likely to suppress his natural demeanor. Because there is a “hawk- eye” so to speak on each and every celebrity.

    As far as Ade is concerned……..well he is in “exception” category.

    And sexual yearnings can not be suppressed, so I wont put that one under the theme of our discussion.


    vickyApril 19, 2013 23:14:41
    VixClassy choices !!!!
    Sorry,missed this post..

    Were you being a tad sarcastic..??!!

  38. Santos

    May 7, 2008 17:38:15

    I agree with you there. I hate Man United but I hate the AKB’s more. Arsene is no God. He messing up big time and the AKB’s still believe in him.

    I remember a few seasons back when United weren’t winning, most fans wanted Sir Alex fired. But with Arsene, it looks different.

    I hate to say this but Mourinho was right, Arsene can go on not winning trophies and he will never get fired.

    5 years on and some still argue

  39. vicky

    VIX AFFAIR April 19, 2013 23:55:37

    vickyApril 19, 2013 23:14:41
    VixClassy choices !!!!
    Sorry,missed this post..

    Were you being a tad sarcastic..??!!

    Of course not………If Sachin and Lara are not classy choices then who else is??

    P.S— For me Dravid and Lara are the two masters I really admire but then world wide Sachin and Lara are the most respected.



    Question is,with money in the bank, a warchest & us continuously qualifying for the CL’s over a 16 year period…

    Why is Arsene,refusing to buy 1 WC player@ the bare minimum?

  41. vicky


    I can not say for sure but my gut feeling is that he feels winning trophies with WC players is equivalent to passing a written exam by copying some one else answers.

    Just my thought.
    The real picture will emerge only after he writes a book after retirement.

  42. Santos

    If we had invested in one world class player and two good players per season since 2009, without selling much , we would have been a force to reckon with now.

  43. Santos

    Le Coach is the most negligent person I know. Even what he clearly needs to optimize his work, he passes them.
    If he had spent wisely, not even over the board, Arsenal would have been a great. competitive squad with lots of fund on the bank, even.

  44. Dannyboy

    I read everyday vicky, just don’t normally get the chance to get through the comments, and I prefer to have a read over everyone elses opinions before I share my own.

    Share everyones sentiments about the game tomorrow, after the drab performance in midweek, this is a must 3 points!!!

  45. Santos

    The way those Barca cunts think they have the right to sign every player: very sure and audacious. Now they have started their tapping up of a certain Mats Hummels(who we often yearn for on LG). Sandra Rossell talks, next thing you know Alves and Cruyff sing his praises, Iniesta and Xavi wax lyrical about him. Pique will say he is the solution to the Barça puzzle, etc. Why the fuck do these morons use dirty tactics like that? I haven’t forgiven their approach to the Cesc transfer, which our directors bowed down to be shagged. Cesc has just become a luxury player there.


    DannyboyApril 20, 2013 00:44:36

    Why are you not backing your homie-Jopp’s for a return..?

    You shared many a Friday night,sharing great boy love,over WWF..?

    Or,are you just as self-interested as Arsene…moi,moi,moi..?


    vickyApril 20, 2013 00:16:40
    The real picture will emerge only after he writes a book after retirement.
    Yeah Wenger’s book,will be entitled:-
    “Mein Kamp MKII”

    “My struggle against the Oligarchs MKII”


    vickyApril 20, 2013 00:01:02

    Sorry,just saw your link…
    Seems bang on,in line with what I was told..

    Good day Sir….

  49. Zoran

    As much as I was happy that we will get reed from Giroud for at least 3 games, I will be unhappy to see either Walcot or Gervinho as CS. Gervinho did eventualy score some Goals recently, but what did Theo?? Since january nothing!!And still he puts him in the Team.

    Taking Sceszny and Vermahlen out of the first Team to rotate or as he says to have competition in the squad for the places is imo very good as they will work harder to get their places back.
    From the other side he keeps Theo, Sagna, Giroud and Arteta like untacheble stars.
    Until the end of the season, I would put instead Ox, Jenkinson, Podolski and Coquelin. What did the deserve to warm only the bench? Ox rarely disapointed when comming in, Jenkinson was always one of the best on the pitch starting from begin, Podolski scored from a few chances he had comming in and Coquelin would at least be more pacy as Arteta.
    by any Club from the top, look Schitty, Manics or chelski, they all rotate the players, resting them for the more important games. By us it is week on week off, always the same Players, Santi didn’t got rest since he joined us, Theo is sure he has his place, even when he plays awfull, Giroud, a part scoring to some small clubs only think he knows is to hold his head and smile after hundred missed chances, Arteta loose his ball in the midle and Needs 15 seconds to come back to defend.
    The important rule in Football is not to change the winning Team. We won against West Bromwich, he changes the lads which where bringing us Points. Rosicky wins against W.B.A against Everton he puts him on the bench. Podolski and Ox came in against Norwich, change the result in our favor, he keeps them against Everton on the bench.
    This man didn’t learn from the begining of the season, when we struggled to Keep the mid table.