Barca show the way with Valdes stance | Jack set for another start?

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Welcome to Friday people! There’s not much news about today and once again, I am at a meeting so I’m going to have to churn this out faster than .

Saturday news centres around Tomas Rosicky not being available. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but it is at the moment because before the Everton game in the week… Wenger owned up to rushing Jack back… then he played him. Tomorrow, what chance do you think there is of Wenger dropping his main man? Zero…

Once again, we’re gambling with a players fitness. The importance of a deep squad at this time of year can’t be underestimated. Maybe he’ll slip Chamberlain in the midfield? Or maybe that’s a massive risk.

Probably a massive risk, especially as the manager is fully aware that to achieve our goal of a top four finish this year, we have to win all out games.

“The only way we can deal with this situation is to win all our games,”

“I believe we just want to keep that strong run going until the end, we know that for us that is what is needed to be successful.

“We are in a fight where you want every performance to be at the best possible level and that’s why we focus on that on Saturday.”

It would be amazing to have a winning streak from now until the end of the season, especially as that could involve making United’s run to the title a little more tricky. I don’t know about anyone else, but the more I look at our run in, the harder I think it looks. Every team we’re playing has something to play for… even Newcastle are in a mess at the bottom of the league. We have big games.

One more story that probably sparked some noise was the Barca article about Valdes.

‘[President Sandro] Rosell has had contact with Valdes to make it clear that we have to leave the doors open [on him changing his mind].

‘As we prioritise sporting aspects, we prefer to run out the contract until June 2014 rather than sell him this summer.

‘We have no deadline in Valdes’ case, one option is to run to the end of his contract and in that case we will not sign a goalkeeper [this summer].’

Now, I’m not saying we should have kept Robin, but Barca putting the sporting needs of the club before the finances is a huge difference between the clubs. It’s the same when it comes to buying players. They’ll go the extra mile for a signing they believe in, where as we’ll turn our backs and look for a cheaper option.

Right, that’s me done, crack open a Peroni at your desk right now, I bet your boss won’t have the guts to challenge your show of power.

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  1. Snoek

    I have just gone through the stats of the season again.

    Considering his game game Podolski has an amazing return this season.

    Again Wenger rather plays an player who has single handedly by virtue of glaring missed oppertunities upfront.

    I have no issue with Giroud but surely podolski deserves a change he is so clinical.
    Giroud runs round like a headles chicken.

  2. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, I can understand him bringing him back for the Norwich game (a relatively easy one) to give him match practice rather than Everton or Fulham (not so easy)

  3. Hitchy

    Keep the same back 5
    Arteta Ramsey Santi – as the midfield trio
    And Walcott, Giroud, Gervinho – up top.

    I’d personally like to play podolski through the middle but can’t see Wenger doing that this weekend.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Savage

    Barcelona’s debt situation is beyond ridiculous. If spiraling debt is the only way to run a club, it’s time to shut down the industry.

  5. TheBayingMob

    Peroni gives me a massive fucking headache, can’t be drinking that shit … I’ll just do a few lines of gak off the bosses wife’s tits instead, that’ll be ok I think …

  6. Romford Pele

    Peroni has a nice taste to it, but yeah too much of it and it gets a bit boring.

    I tend to stick to spirits nowadays

  7. Segun

    we SHOULD HAVE HELD VAN PERSIE TO HIS CONTRACT, that IS THE ESSENCE OF SIGNING A CONTRACT in the first place . But it’s always about money for this club and this manager.

  8. Max85

    SSN confirms Chelsea are in talks for Schurrle. Getting their business done early, I really hope we’ve got somestuff going on behind closed doors n all. However, due to a combination of uncertainty over CL as well as Wengers fondness for shopping in the end of Summer bargain bin, I’m not too optimistic.

    Would love a Poldi-esque signing announced shortly after the season ends. Jovetic being my preference if we secure CL, without it we’re looking at tier 3 players and below.

  9. TheBayingMob

    A tramp walking along a cliff finds a crying woman at a cliff top contemplating it all, he stops and ponders, then approaches the lady …

    “If you’re going to kill yourself, will you fuck me first?”
    “NOOO!!” cries the woman
    “OK then”, says the tramp “I’ll just go down and wait at the bottom then ….”

    boom bom

  10. shad

    Will it really make a difference to AW’s senile old foolish mentality whether we finish 4th or 5th? If we finish 4th he’ll probably ship out a few out of contract players while bringing in a few cheap imports while proclaiming the usual “we just lacked a bit of quality for the push for 1st”. If we finish 5th, who knows, we won’t attract any top talent anyway and he’ll have all the more reason to buy cheap and move out less while maintaining faith in dead weights like Diaby.

    My point is simple. It doesn’t matter whether we finish 3rd or 15th, as long as that old fucker is still gaffer. His management style and decision making will never change and he’ll keep dragging the club further down.


  11. Romford Pele

    The Schurrle deal has been done for a while. Not entirely sure why they are signing him though. He’s a wideman that can play upfront, but not as a lone striker. And from what i’m hearing, they’re losing Kevin De Bruyne who’s a huge talent. Big mistake, but that’s their problem.

  12. gambon

    Nah, Schurrle will be a great signing.

    At the moment they have Mata, Hazard & Oscar, which is the opposite of us (too much creativity, not direct enough).

    Schurrle will double up with whoever their CF is next year, play a direct game, making a front 2 when they attack, nut drop to the left when defending.

    A better version of Podolski & Walcott for me (he will be, maybe not yet).

  13. vicky

    Just had a look at the remaining matches of Chelsea :

    Man Utd
    Aston Villa

    Just one easy match against Aston Villa……..they wont make into the top 4 imo.

  14. Romford Pele

    We’ll see what happens mate but the likes of Schurrle and Marin have been floating around for a while but haven’t really excelled in any sense of the word. They were around before the likes of Draxler, Gotze and Reus, yet I know who’d i’d rather have.

  15. Max85

    Agreed, Schurrle looks to be a good signing for them, and will develop into a great player.

    Did think that their focus would be on a top striker (Falcao etc) or DM (mikel being utter pap). though. If they spend £20m plus on Schurrle, not sure how that restricts the spending for the rest of their summer seeing as they’re seemingly keen to adopt the FFP principles.

    Might not have any effect to be fair, don’t know enough about its governance just yet.

  16. Romford Pele

    The a bit about creativity and directness is right though. We’re quite direct but the likes of Walcott and Poldi aren’t great dribblers. They have great goalscoring and assist potential, but aren’t really good for our possession-based play.

    Gerv is a good dribbler, just shit at everything else. Ox has some serious potential in this department – he has to really show more next season though.
    The correct hybrid of creativity and directness are players like Di Maria, Gaitan, Ben Arfa etc. Like everything though, it’s about striking the right balance.

  17. gambon

    Exactly, us & Chelsea both lack balance in the opposite way.

    We could do with a Mata/Hazard, they could do with a Walcott/Podolski.

    If they want to swap Mata for Theo i would probably bite their hand off!

  18. Max85


    That was my thought. Then again, I thought they’d struggle away at Fulham three days after their hard fought FA Cup loss, but they breezed it. They’ve got the depth of squad and quality to win all those games. Annoyingly, their hardest game is at OT – which is one match after United will probably win the Prem at ours, so Chelsea will probably play against a hungover/second string United team. Our own fault of course.

  19. crumps

    I have no problem with the ox being brought in – put him on the wing and bring back cazorla into the middle with ramsey and arteta continuing in central midfield – COME ON ARSENAL we must win at Fulham – the earlier we score the easier the game will be!!

  20. crumps

    I have no problem with the ox being brought in – put him on the wing and bring back cazorla into the middle with ramsey and arteta continuing in central midfield – COME ON ARSENAL we must win at Fulham – the earlier we score the easier the game will be!!

  21. Romford Pele

    I’d do a lot of things to buy Juan Mata lol, what a player! Him and Cazorla would jizz all over the league.

  22. Kip

    We also pretend that we don’t want to sell the players that are going in order to keep the price up. As we have seen, players lose value if they are determined to leave a club.

  23. Marko

    If they wanted to swap Mata for anyone on our team I’d bite their hand off he’s absolutely brilliant. Them signing Schurrle makes little sense they give little or no game time to the likes of Moses, Marin (who’s actually very good but you wouldn’t know it) and they have Piazon and DeBruyne who they won’t use.

  24. Tim

    What catastrophe is it that Rosicky isn’t fit and neither is Jack? None whatsoever. Cazorla is best played in the middle.


  25. Nasri's Mouth


    There is no reason why we can’t beat ManU

    Other than the fact that we’re Arsenal, and we really know how to fuck things up

  26. vicky

    I think with the arrival of Schurrle, Marin’s future at Chelsea is in jeopardy. He has not really hit the ground running,has he?? He might be sold or loaned out like De Brune.

  27. Marko

    I wouldn’t worry too much about them signing Schurrle he’s good but all it means is there’s still the likes of Ayew, Munain, Isco, Draxler, Lamela, Reus, Willian and Douglas Costa out there and one less team looking at them.

  28. AC Gooner

    I was hoping to see Rosicky, Oxlade, and Podolski play this weekend.

    Two fellows who are quick and direct and one who shoots on sight.

    Show us some thrilling footie, not Theo going nowhere, Giroud lumbering around losing every ball played to him. And Jack needs to be eased back in.

  29. Romford Pele

    “Munain, Isco, Draxler, Lamela,”

    These four are all ballers! The middle two are proper playmakers though and would be priorities for me!

  30. AC Gooner

    Tim April 19, 2013 10:12:08

    Yeah. I am also open to see Ox and Theo played together. And if you play Podoski, he might even be in a good enough position to finish of some of Theos lesser quality crosses.

  31. Max85


    Santi has been in excellent form the last few games while playing out wide. I’d keep him there, bring Rosicky into the middle for a bit more creativity.

    Would also dump Giroud who’s been massively overplayed and is looking less effective with every game, and bring in Poldi up top. Fulham aren’t as physically/aerially dominant as Everton, so we can probably afford to lose Giroud for this one.

  32. HUNTER

    Your Comment Here
    Theo Walnut is a complete waste of space,lets be honest once he secured his massive wage increase he straightaway fell back to his old self!apart from his pace he offers nothing,he cant dribble,cant cross,cant head and rarely makes a decent pass other than a backwards one!Ok he has scored a few goals this year but all those were prior to getting his annual salary increased.Someone please explain to me why he hasn’t been sold,why we are paying him ridiculous amounts of money and why is everyone so pro walnut?
    as an impact player for 20 minutes ok i can see that,when our opposition is tired but other than that see no reason to pick him.He certainly hasn’t reached his so called potential in any way and in my opinion been an unprecedented failure.

  33. arsenal tom

    max… rosicky is set for a test this morning so im thinking he wont be ready hence the ox coming in.

    if he’s fine then id start him like you said but id keep Giroud. Fulham like to sit deep because they have no pace at CB and although Giroud is far from guaranteed to score i think it ‘s a bit too late it the season to be changing things around.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    HUNTER: He certainly hasn’t reached his so called potential in any way and in my opinion been an unprecedented failure.

    Pretty silly to call someone with his number of goals and assists an UNPRECEDENTED failure.

  35. HUNTER

    Your Comment Here
    Nasri’s Mouth

    How long has he been at AFC
    How many goals has he scored in his time here
    How much do we pay him
    how much patience do you have
    How silly do you feel now!!

    get real .thats called failure in my books ,ok Unprecedented might have been the wrong word but FAILURE isn’t !!!

  36. Romford Pele

    Arsenal to bring in a £10 teenagers-only section for next season. Arsenal say there’ll be between 800-1,000 seats in new section. Does not apply to Cat A games. Club will lose around £400k per season.

    Fair play to them for listening to the AST on this one. Let’s hope similar initiatives follow from this.

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    I pointed out that unprecedented was the wrong word and you’ve just agreed with me.

    Who’s feeling silly?

  38. Romford Pele

    That PFA list is a joke.

    Notable omissions, Michu and Nastasic.

    People who souldn’t be there; Hazard, Wilshere, Welbeck

  39. Max85

    Tom – fair play, if Rosa misses out I’d go with your midfield. Disagree on Giroud though – feel it’s like flogging a dead horse at the moment, he needs a rest. Haven’t written him off by any means, but it was wrong for Arsene to depend on him as the only striker in his first season in the prem.

    If Poldi has been used a lot as a striker in training recently, I’d give him a run out and bring OG on if it’s ineffective.

  40. Romford Pele


    Yep, would’ve made greater sense. Right now, it’s all about ensuring the next generation of Gooners have an incentive to continue coming, especially in times of austerity.

  41. Romford Pele

    Saying that, something for students would also be nice. Going to watch Arsenal killed me when I was at Uni.

  42. Nasri's Mouth


    The cynic in me wonders whether they’ve looked at the numbers and have predicted some unsold tickets next season.

  43. Romford Pele

    NM – It could well be a distinct possibility. But with new deals flooding in left, right and centre, I guess they’re able to take the hit.

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    Baines not in the PFA list either. I’d have thought he was a decent shout out. Maybe if he’d had Wellbeck’s hair he’d have been picked

  45. Romford Pele

    Suarez and Benteke for me. Though Bale will win the young award if he doesn’t take the main one.

    Shit, forgot about Baines.

  46. Romford Pele

    Tits (great name by the way),

    Don’t think Costa is on our radar. I’m always wary of buying Brazilian attackers though – they seem to have a small shelf life.

  47. Romford Pele

    Saying that Tits, I miss Adriano – that dude was one of my favourite strikers. MOFO didn’t even come close to fulfilling his talents

  48. arsenal tom

    cant say id be upset if Poldi got a go at CF but with Wenger bigging up Giroud after Everton i cant see it.

    would be interesting though cos he’s more explosive than Giroud but looks stocky enough to deal with CBs who try and rough him up.

  49. Romford Pele


    Poldi has all the necessary attributes to do it, that i’m convinced of. He’s a lot less technical than RVP was – but that can be made up for in explosiveness, pace and better finishing

  50. Dev_Gooner

    Fantasy Premier League saying Cazorla is Doubtful and has a 75% chance of playing, Picked up a knock apparently.

    Hmm…. Wenger-itis will be in effect and he will still play possibly exaggerating the injury even further.

    Wishful thinking RE transfers. Isco, Douglas Costa? Don’t me roll on the floor at work! i’m barely keeping it together without someone thinking i’ve gone fritz! And as someone above said, regardless of where we finish as long as Wenger is in charge, No change in transfer policy. Infact should we not get 4th place, it’ll only get worse and we will start to see a team full of gervinhos.

  51. Raz

    Still love the way people talk about Podolski like his reputation before joining Arsenal means nothing. He’s a centre forward or a number 9. He’s meant to play as either the lone striker, one of the 1s in a 4411, or left forward in the 442 set up. All these people coming out with ‘I believe he has all the attributes to be good as a centre forward’ just show they have no actual knowledge of this player pre-arsenal. He should have been first choice over Giroud all day long a centre forward but Wenger chose to use him as Germany do as a wide left, allowing for Giroud and wasting Poldi’s talent. The guy is wasted out wide.

  52. arsenal tom

    Romford… all that adds up to us not buying a striker this summer then which is a big risk.

    if thats the case then we need a top class wide man to come in.

  53. Romford Pele


    And you have the monopoly on all things football do you? Please, don’t try come across in a patronising way.

    Because if you knew your football knowledge, you would know that Poldi’s never played as lone striker. He’s always played as the supporting striker, ala Rooney. He isn’t the creative type. Why should we alter our formation just to suit him? I’m saying he can play the lone striker role because he has the necessary qualities to do so. And while i’m not Wenger’s biggest fan, you do realise it was him that transformed RVP into a leading striker when everyone was saying he was a number 10.

    Please think before opening your mouth.

  54. Romford Pele


    It’s a fine balancing act. We need to give Poldi a run of games to see if he’s cut out for the job. Unfortunately now is not the time to try it out due to the fact we are in need of the points, so it’s best to go with what we know rather than try and experiment.

    If Poldi did turn out to be a great lone striker, it could help us save money and splash out on another top AM talent, which I actually think is more of a priority than people realise.







    No fuckin Giroud,Walcot or Gervinho…..PLEASE

  56. AC Gooner

    Raz April 19, 2013 12:59:07

    100% correct, Sir.

    And we all know who is the most stubborn manager in English football?

    Someone who will stick with crap players for YEARS just hoping they will somehow turn out good and then the smartest man in the stadium can show the entire fooking football world just how smart he is?

    And has no qualms fooking off the entire fan base while doing it because his little experiments are more important to him than winning matches.

    I wish he would change. I wish.

  57. Raz

    Romford – I know that full well thank you – if you read my post you’ll see I said he’s meant to – not he has in the past – and I mean in terms of our formation. At Arsenal we play with a lone striker so if we have Podolski in our team then that’s where he should play. Patronising twat. People on here make it sound like after this season’s performances they ‘deem it appropriate’ that he plays there – he’s a striker. It’s where he should play. So fuck off cheers

  58. Raz

    Romford – “see if h e’s cut out for the job’ – just goes to show you’re talking out of your arse. He should have been there since day one and IS the man for the job.

  59. Johnny5

    I’m with tax on this regardless of where he’s been used by Germany poldi should be the first choice striker. He’s the only striker we have with anything that closely resembles talent. Giroud and theo aren’t fit to lace poldi’s boots

  60. Romford Pele

    Lol Raz. So he SHOULD play somewhere he’s not been accustomed to? Are you the type of fan that lambasts Wenger for playing other people out of position too? There’s a difference between playing as a support striker and a forward-leading striker. Saying that he should just play there doesn’t mean it will automatically transfer into success – there’s an element of retraining necessary.

    You really should be a manager shouldn’t you… I would’ve liked to have seen him there from day one too, but everyone has their adaptation period. Even he himself has said that he needed time to acclimatise.

    “Fuck off cheers” – Great articulate terminology there.


    Take it easy RM he spends half his game in that area already,this way he dosen’t have to run back to defend.Only other person i could think of was AA,but ARSEHOLES life could depend on it ,and he still wouldn’t play him.

    To hell with the other three.

  62. Johnny5


    Come on dude, stuck with what we know and all we will get is missed chances and that stupid fucking I’m devastated I missed face. He is a striker. He’s shown with his goals he’s a much more accomplished finisher than giroud has more talent and would suit it better than being on the wing. And just because Germany have used him as a wide player doesn’t make him one he’s played striker for koln and did well there.

  63. Romford Pele

    Everyone has to defend Bermy – I hate when people say that “he should play this position so he doesn’t have to track back”. Why should someone be exempt from putting in a shift? If the likes of Messi, Xavi etc can do it, nobody should have an excuse. Berbatov was discarded from Utd for that very reason, irrespective of his talent.

    Now is not the time to be trying out people in new positions. We need the points. Play with what you know and re-evaluate at the end of the season.

    And as for Arshavin, the dude is in the worst shape imaginable – he gave up on football a while back.

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    How about Arteta and Ramsey, then

    OX Cazorla and Rosicky in front of them ?

    If you’re going to play Gibbs and Monreal, maybe a 442 formation would be better

  65. Raz

    Thank you Johnny5 – nice to see people can have heated arguments one day and agree the next!

    Also how many times are we going to see ‘We need to sign a proper striker, but Wenger won’t spend £20m’ – while I agree we need more firepower and you can’t have too many top strikers, we DO have a £20m-rated striker at the club, but he plays wide left. We’ll chant ‘spend some money’ but we won’t sing ‘play Podolski up front’ or ‘play 442’ do we?

    If anything, we need to sign a proper winger but someone who isn’t limitied to that. BY that, I mean for example Jarvis would not be someone to sign although he’s better than our current wide players at playing wide. But what I mean is sign someone like Ben Arfa. Sick wide layer, sick through the middle, sucha good player, skilful and very creative. The sort of player we haven’t had for years.

    Call me old fashioned or idealistic but I have this really simple dream that one day I go to a game or turn on the tv and Arsenal have a good player in every position and we have every player playing in their best position. Fed up with Attacking or central mids having to play deep, or right wing, or wing back, strikers being played as wingers, and strikers who are supposed to be alongside another striker running off them, playing on their own.

  66. Romford Pele


    You’ll find i’m not disagreeing with you. I’ve been championing Poldi as a strike for a while. But as i’ve said above, there’s a distinct difference between playing as a leading striker and support striker. And at the top, it’s imperative that you get this right. Wenger has stated before that Poldi needs to learn how to play this leading striker role effectively. And i’d love to see him pull it off. I just don’t think now is the time to try it when we’re in need of the points

    For the record, Poldi played as a supporting striker at Koln.

  67. the_real_andy

    hmm I don´t think poldi should play a CF. he´s more a guy playing behind a lone striker in the middle ala 4411 like he used to do at cologne. we don´t play a system like that so it doesn´t work out – and he´s definitely not special enough to change our whole system just to suit him

    cazorla is the guy who should lead our team and AW should try to play a system that suits him most. and that´s more or less what we do – he has some kind of free role, all players around him look at him and try to fill the gaps he leaves behind him when he changes his position – normally he should play left winger but he´s there for maybe 1/3 of the game. so others – which is definitely OK for him as he´s something special – have to check what he does and react. that´s what we do and that´s the reason jack has a big problem now – beside the fact he´s not fit yet.

    while rosicky is capable of playing left winger for certain periods I don´t think jack can do that in it´s purposed way. so when we play jack as AM and caz on the left – caz comes in after a certain time and jack has to react on it and move out left – what he simply can´t do well while rosicky can and did recently.

    so as long as AW gives cazorla the possibility to play like he wants (which, once again, is OK for me) we are simply less flexible if jack plays. rosicky and even ox are better alternatives. if caz stays out wide, his talent is, well it´s not lost but it´s not used properly. so if you ask me jack has to play together with ramsey or arteta as number 6 or box-to-box midfielder or simply has to be benched (I know many of you doesn´t like that, me neither, but right now it looks like it´s the best option)

    so imho our line up for saturday should be (won´t be but should)

    sagna, merte, kos, gibbs/monreal
    arteta/jack, ramsey
    ox, caz, pod

    would be the most flexible system we can play right now and I´m sure we would be very successful with this formation.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    I’ve only seen play for Germany before joining us, so I’m only going off what others have said but playing Podolski up front as a lone striker if he’s not played that role before wouldn’t necessarily work.

    It’s all lovely and sweet saying he’s got the best shot on him etc.etc. but if he’s not going to be able to get into a shooting position with the ball at his feet it’s pretty academic.

  69. Romford Pele

    People have short memories. Ljungberg by definition is not a winger yet he played on the right his whole Arsenal career. Pires was a number 10 when we bought him but played wide left. Henry was a winger etc, I could go on.

    The notion that someone can’t play a different position is incredibly flawed.

  70. Johnny5


    Agree mate. Poldi and caz are the only players that you can really say are top players the rest are average or ‘potentially world class’ players. We do need to spend alot if we’re going to compete but like you say why bring in a striker when we have one we don’t use. there are more important areas we need players in wingers, a cb, a DM and a keeper. Sort those first then worry about strikers.

  71. useroz

    Arsenal’s VMV…

    Vision: to be the biggest football club (I meant franchise) in the world

    Mission: to win every game and have the biggest trophy (I meant bank account balance)

    Values: to sell our best and squeeze our customers; however, do reward their loyalty with season end rumours…

  72. Johnny5


    It’s simple then isn’t it really play him with giroud in a 4-4-2. Surely if we play theo at rm Gibbs at lm caz and jack/ransey central that is an improvement on the same tired formation we’ve seen all season.



    I made those last changes before i saw your post HONEST.The last one is such a straight forward decision,maybe i have been Wengerized.Oh shit,HELLLLLLLLP.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    I was wondering whether you could play a 442 or a 4411 but I’m not sure we’ve got a wide right player for it

  75. Paddy got up

    Lets face it the whole team is at best average in a shit league. Even sky have stopped the ” best league in the world” bollocks.
    The whole of Europe is broke and were sitting on a fortune! Trouble is our whole ethos is to aim to sit on an even bigger fortune!!!
    Just think if we had a board that wanted to grow our image by winning trophies( for anybody not around before 2004, they are shiny things usually with 2 handles) and a proper manager say Mourinho ( I don’t like him but using him as an example)
    The truth is that we would clean up, we could build a team instantly. How many of our current lot would survive? Jack maybe the rest not.

  76. Nasri's Mouth


    no worries 😉 It’s tricky shoehorning some of the players into the starting 11.

    You could easily make a case for starting a load of players who wouldn’t really fit together. I guess it’s a better problem to have than the one where you struggle to find 11 ok players to start.

    451 is probably the formation that suits us best but Giroud isn’t scoring enough nor are we getting the 2 wide players into the action quickly enough when he holds up the ball. Giroud is actually pretty good at that, and in theory him and Walcott should be a good combination, but it’s a role that Walcott hasn’t quite got his head around yet.

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    possibly, I’d just worry about us getting over run. We can’t really leave out Cazorla, we’d probably need Ramsey for his energy, Arteta too. So does that mean you’d play

    Walcott Arteta Ramsey Cazorla

    To me, if we’re playing 442, I’d like a little more steel in there. Ideally, I’d like someone of Ramsey’s style to play wide right, but it didn’t really work out for him when he was played there earlier in the season

  78. Romford Pele

    442 has its strength but as NM alluded too, that formation always leaves you light in the central areas, something which is suicidal nowadays.

    A CM duo of Cazorla and Jack/Ramsey is suicidal. Santi doesn’t have the stamina to continuously get up and down, and it’s also very short and lightweight.

  79. arsenal tom

    Romford, id agree with you on the need for an AM, plus having a top class AM will effectively make the job easier for the strikers because they’ll be getting more chances and probably clearer cut chances, we dont really have anyone who regularly converts half chances like we have in the past.

    have to say id fancy Poldi in a 1 on 1 with the keeper all day long over Giroud.

  80. Romford Pele

    “id agree with you on the need for an AM, plus having a top class AM will effectively make the job easier for the strikers because they’ll be getting more chances and probably clearer cut chances”

    AT mate you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head here. Cesc was so good at creating chances that he made the likes of Chamakh and Bendtner looked competent. AMs are the spice of life. You should always have at least two in a team. We just need another one in to start with Cazorla. Rosicky is good for his 15-20 games a season, but he can’t be relied upon to start.

  81. Dony


    i think you’re right we have some tough final games. However, I think the spurs have it harder than us…

    Our final 5: Ful, utd, QPR, wigan, newcastle
    Spurs final 6: mancity, wigan, chel, stoke, sunderland & southampton

  82. arsenal tom

    Romford… yeah mate, will be interesting to see what happens in the summer.

    With Wengers history he could well do nothing to the attacking side of it, citing poldi and Giroud as 2 CFs, ox, santi, theo, gerv as the wide men meaning 2 players for every position.

  83. TOLI83

    If we look into AW’s mind set for the summer, I think it will be as follows.


    Maybe buy a GK if we can get one on the cheap, someone older than Szez but not as good so wont upset him to much. Keep him as NO.1 he will improve in time.


    We need someone but only if TV goes, look at players in french league who can provide back up to Koz and Mert.


    Arteta is fine for now, Ramsey can play there, we’ll be ok in that dept.


    Rotate Jack and Cazorla, Rosicky can play more next season.


    We have enough options as it is, probably to many.


    I promised Giroud game time and he would be our NO.1, I cant break that promise. No chance. Walcott can play through middle, re-call Joel Campbell.
    Get Lopez Athletico, can play across front 3 although not great in any role.

    Expect a quiet summer folks.

  84. JJ

    Jack slows down our transition into attack. Jack with Ramsey and Arteta doesn’t work. Rosicky was really missed from this aspect against Everton.

  85. Bade

    It’s odd Santi isn’t on that list

    I guess Bale is the media favourite. But wouldn’t be surprised to see RVP holding onto his personal title, if he manages to end the season on a high.

    Another couple of braces or a hattrick will do

    I fear for the worse though, he might win it on the back drop of a stunning performance against us

    Let’s say, if RVP has a great game against us & the Mancs won the title on our ground, that will probably take him back to be the leading candidate

  86. Bade

    The stupidity of Arsenal playing Jack is almost criminal

    We’re risking his fitness, when there’s a good option that can ease off the pressure on him without harming the team’s fluidity

    Why not plat Santi as the CAM & put either of Podolski or OX on the left flank?

    IF Arsene is after a possession ability on the flanks, then OX can be the answer for it. He’s not Santi I know, but he’s capable of holding onto a ball, passing, dribbling & crossing

    Why is this stupid obsession of risking young Jack again?

    Not to mention, in fairness, the team did well without Jack

    Even in last two games we played better after Jack was subbed

    I’m not blaming Jack on here. But the lad isn’t as sharp as he used to be due to the injuries & we’re risking his career needlessly

    It’s not like 2 season ago when we had no one but him to save our bacon

    This season we can rest him, even during the tough run in

  87. Bade

    I don’t know what to expect from this coming summer, but I can’t be optimistic or positive about it

    Getting the CL coveted spot this season might turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory yet again

    This will cement Arsene’s delusion that “it’s working”, so he’ll more or less keep the same strategy, e.g, selling our captain &/or top players & replacing them by sub-standards or “internal solutions”

    So as it stands you can expect Vermaelen & Podolski to leave while we’re making a nice profit on each of them, while adding maybe another veteran CB & maybe promoting a youngster to fell in Podolski’s gap. Eisfeld or Gnabry I guess

    Then the season after that expect us to sell Santi & Jack ….

  88. kwik fit

    I have studied all the remaining game’s of the battle for fourth. In each permutation tomorrows game at the cottage is a must win. But will Fulham want to lose two in a row at home? Oh Shit… thinks.


    Kwik Fit
    In each permutation tomorrows game at the cottage is a must win.
    Every game since the start of the season,has been almost a must win game..

    The battle for Top4-“Must win”..

    Same last season&the season before…

    Like a broken record..(not you Kwik Fit,you are cool)..
    Just that very statement,is done to death..

    Quite tired…

  90. kwik fit


    But the Fulham game is a must win . All those other game’s weren’t a ‘must win’. Futhermore, I don’t like the fact that we play two former spuds managers in the run in.( Jol and ‘arry).


    Kwik Fit..

    You are on the sauce..

    The amount of times,I’ve heard during the course of this season”A must win game”,albeit to put pressure on the top 4,or to secure some distant from the chasing pack,or at least to remain within the top 3 teams,this season,is unbelievable…

    The same nonsensical b/s, we dealt with last season..

    Please tell me,I’m not going mad..??!!

    Or,I’ve just lost the plot..??!!

  92. kwik fit


    ‘On the sauce’ chance would be a fine thing. Anyway its early yet. 😉

    Madness is relative. I think that we are all mad. We just display different degree’s of insanity.