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Morning Gooners! There’s not an awful lot to talk about this morning, so I’ll crack on and see where this takes me. Please be aware, I have a meeting at 0930 so this is a rush job on my phone.

The good news is the water spraying incident between Arsenal target Kevin Mirilles and Jack Wilshere has been deemed too embarrassing by the FA for them to muster up any sort of punishment. That’s major news at this time of the season. Retrospective banning orders was not what the doctor ordered. Amazing that I’d be more worried about our players picking up a suspension for something a trivial as that… versus something more serious, like nearly snapping an opponents leg in a horror tackle. The FA really is a mess of an organisation.

In money news, Arsenal are the 4th most valuable Franchise, sorry, I mean club… In world football. We sit behind Madrid, United and Barca. United and Madrid are substantially more valuable than us. Interesting that we’re worth more than Bayern Munich. Only slightly. Also, we’re worth slightly less than Barcelona. So in the grand scheme of world football, we’re on of the mega clubs.

Acting like a small club is no longer acceptable… Well, we all know the only person who hasn’t moved their mindset into the bigger, better, richer Arsenal is Arsene Wenger. Whoever takes over from him has an exciting project on their hands. Turning us from a paper mega club, into and on pitch mega club.

… quite a lot of work is needed to make that happen.

The Mirror has a piece about Thomas Vermaelen. The captain has found himself out in the cold and he’s not happy. He wants to stay and fight for his place. The boss wants to flog him off to Barcelona. A treat for most, not if you’re an Arsenal player. I think the demise of Thomas is a sad one. He has many of the ingredients needed to be a top defender. I just don’t think we did much as a club to bring the best out of him. Maybe he’ll become a better player elsewhere. Seems a pretty extreme way to treat a player who has been nothing but committed. There you go… I guess club power comes into consideration when players are out of form.

It was amusing to read that Alex Song is unhappy at Barcelona… he’s not respected or a leader over there. What a shocker! Let that be a lesson to people who play mind football above their station!

Right, that’s all I’ve got this morning. Have a good one.

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    4th richest club in the world, and we’re still scrapping for 4th in the national league. Someones getting very rich off the fans clearly.

    Still at least the Chavs did us a favour by knocking the confidence out of them in preparation for the weekend.

    We’ll finish 4th, behind Chelsea, so will still have to start the season early with a play off for group stages.

    Maybe we won’t start next season quite so slowly, then again maybe not.

  2. Alex James

    Fourth most valuable but linked with Kalou again. The lady is not for turning it would seem. Going to be another bad summer people on the transfer front

  3. Leedsgunner

    “I just don’t think we did much as a club to bring the best out of him. ”

    Err… whose fault is that? One Arsene Wenger. I think it would be a massive mistake to let Tommy V go. He has all the makings of a top defender, all he needs is a proper manager who understands modern coaching techniques coupled with tactical nous. I hate to say it but the man who would be perfect for Arsenal in my mind right now is Jose Mourinho. He is a proven winner, a leader and he takes no prisoners. We should be going out of our way to court him.

    Fourth biggest club in the world? Don’t make me laugh. Only to accountants. Oops, sorry, I forgot we have an accountant as the manager of the club. An accountant with an economics degree no less, as he keeps on telling anyone who will listen. Shame he has lost his football mojo.

  4. Gregg

    Vermaelens loss of form is not attributable to Wenger. It’s up to the player surely , we’re not talking about a kid here. If it’s not then the right thing to do is drop him and see the reaction. Which is precisely what he’s done. That said I doubt Vermaelen will ever replicate the form he had in his debut season. His strength was his great spring in the air and his recovery pace. His achiles injuries have seriously hampered both of those strengths. I’ll blame Wenger for many things but certainly not Vermaelens current situation.

  5. Latest football News

    Serves Song right. Well, what was he expecting? Was he expecting to walk into the side and start benching Busquets or Mascherano? He wanted trophies and he would get them at Barcelona but certainly at a price and that is his playing time. Song should learn that you can’t eat your cake and have it at Nou Camp except you are a certain Lionel Messi.

    Here is an Article xraying our transfer targets :

    And an article on why Goetze rejected us :

  6. Latest football News

    As for Vermaelen, on a personally note, I would not mind to see him go provided we are going to be bringing in someone better than him. He is way too prone to errors and making him the captain has killed him.

    Unfortunately if we take away the band from him, we will only be making him worst. Best bet is to sell him and bring in someone else who will be willing to fight for his first team chance.

    Enough of this there are not many good CBs that will want to be 3rd choice around. We are not looking for a 3rd choice, we are looking for someone who will fight the supposed first and second choice to submission.

    Football is not a game of losers and anyone who is coming with the mentality of been 3rd choice should not be welcomed. We are not Reading.

  7. Gunneronabeach

    Kalou, laugh of the month. We endure Girouds ‘performance’ the other night and some clown links this ‘has been’ with Arsenal. Somebody give me an aspirin.
    Not even Wenger and his tightness would stoop so low.

  8. Pollux

    We will nabbed 3rd. Chelsea gonna faced merseyside duo, spud and manure…along with the 2 legs against Basel. All bet is off though if we are unable to overcome the lesser team like Fulham, QPR, Wigan and Newcastle. Whatever the position, wenger’s head must roll for 8th season of trophy draught.

  9. Romford Pele

    Vermaelen has notable flaws to his game, and at 27, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll improve on them. Should snap Barca’s hand off if they offer £15m. We’re getting pretty good at mugging them off in terms of transfers.

  10. Bade

    Song …..

    Of course he’s not happy

    He just realised His big herd of fans stopped waxing over him on the LG comments section

    He is just a terrible player that has one off season, even then it wasn’t in his position requirements but in assists, when he had the hottest striker in front of him

    Anyway He’s a lazy player

    He had so much potential & had all the qualities to be a great DM/CM but he is one of those who think they’ve done it & sit there, too quickly too early

  11. luyimbazi

    Your Comment Here
    we should all be appreciative thomas has been there in all times so we should just believe that there times when players are off the form let wenger give thomas time he will pick his form opther wise wen will people like laurent player if you want players to be on form ever

  12. Bade

    Selling Vermaelen is nothing but keeping the new Arsene legacy going

    We’re a club that sells its captain every season for almost the last decade

    We’ve sold


    Now Vermaelen?

    What a pathetic record from a club valued 4th in the whole world

  13. Bade


    I disagree regarding Vermaelen

    I think a big part of his flaws due to failure of our whole defensive set up

    Starting by training, then personnel

    He’s much better than what he gave us in the last 2 seasons, we just fail again to muster out of those players their full potential

    Vermaelen was very good in his 1st season, since he has declined

    I guess changing the set up of the managing & back-room staff will improve Vermaelen amongst many others

    Let’s just face it. We train players with ancient technologies & it’s time we sort out this before we judge who’s good or not

  14. Bade

    Let me say this now

    Vermaelen will prosper under a good manager & a good staff

    Those who call for selling him should remember the chances are high we won’t get better option, but a worse one (if any)

  15. a.k.b nemesis

    People criticize vermaelen,arteta and the likes for their decline,but who has remained through the decline of the club ? we all know the answer.

  16. vicky

    Really tired of Kalou rumor. How does this rumor come to haunt us every summer/winter ???????

    Song ?? No,,we do not need u……..enjoy playing with Messi/Xavi/Iniesta in the “TRAINING”.

  17. Bade

    Acting like a small club is what Arsene has been teaching the club to do since 2004

    This is the reason why all great player left us


    They left when they realised this club maybe progressing financially as a big club, but he’s acting like a small club is the football front

  18. Bade


    Released? Like Flamini was released??

    The club wanted to keep him, he showed them the finger in his way out

    If you remember a year before that, it was keeping one of Gallas or Toure & the club kept Gallas ….

  19. vicky

    TV 5 is a solid defender. He should be retained. There are players at our club who never play well and yet continue year after year. And Vermy has one below par season and all the talk of transfer has begun.

    Not because of any footballing reasons……..Mind u.
    As soon as Barca show any interest,Wenger bends over backwards to facilitate the move.

  20. Romford Pele


    Can’t agree.

    While a lot of our defenders have suffered from our lack of defensive cohesion, Vermaelen has flattered to deceive for a while.

    His first season was his only real good season. How he’s managed to live off that is beyond me, And even that is blighted by the fact that he scores a decent amount of goals for a CB. The same criticisms that are levelled at Kos are also applicable to him. He dives in way too often. And his tight marking approach leaves him susceptible to being rolled by mobile strikers. While a good defensive strategy will improve him to an extent, he still isn’t on Kos’ level IMO.

  21. Romford Pele


    Gallas was let go at 35 – and he hasn’t proven anything since then to show that it was a mistake. The others are viable.

  22. a.k.b nemesis


    he dives into tackles and recieves how many cards ?

    Koscielny on the other hand has how many red cards since joining us ?

  23. Romford Pele


    Means nothing – I’ve lost count of how many games TV has lot us because of his ineptitude. No shock to see Vertonghen overtake him in the national side. Meanwhile, Deschamps is bigging up Kos on a regular basis

  24. Raz

    People who blame Vermaelen for his downturn in form are deluded. Whilst I agree perhaps some things individually shouldn’t have affected him, when you compile the changes recently there’s no question he was always going to suffer.

    – We sold one of his best mates to our biggest ever rival, and there is no question in my mind the moment RVP was sold, Vermaelen began to wonder why, as a top player, he would want to stick around. If any of you has ever worked in a company where the best staff up and leave constantly for bigger and better opportunities, and you’re one of them yet you’re left behind, something changes. It’s happened to me and all you think about is your next move. I think we made him Captain as much in bribery as because he deserved it after his previous season.

    -Don’t forget, He has seen Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy all sold during his time with us.

    -Alex Song may not have been the BEST def mid, but Arsenal fans are far too quick to forget his qualities and we took away the one player who, despite not good enough, nor fast enough, actually did try and protect the back 4. We’ve had to watch Arteta give away stupid free kicks ever since.

    -There’s no DM. Wenger clearly has no faith in Coquelin, plus he’s made of glass, but if he’d stayed fit and been asked to be a solid DM like De Jong at city for example, defenisve protection would have been way better than it has been this season. We should have bought in though – but Wenger admitted he had faith that Diaby would suddenly not be injury-prone. What a joke.

    -Andre fucking Santos. It’s one thing selling Clichy. It’s another to bring in someone as woeful as Santos, and to say that Gibbs, who is only just proving he’s ready for no.1 spot, was ready two summers ago. Now Verm’s brain is not focused on his sole job, whilst being able to rely on those around and ahead of him – no – he’s got Santos/Gibbs to his left, Mertesacker to his right, no defensive mid ahead of him, a tactically-retarded manager and a toothless attack. Why the fuck would you even turn up?

    As much as you can say his attitude shouldn’t change, he probably hates coming in to work and hates being captain. He probably wants to be anywhere but at Arsenal.

    When you look at how shit Wilshere has been this season, how shit most of our players are, how badly the team is set up and how badly the squad is used, it’s no wonder someone who was deemed to be one of Wenger’s best signings has had enough.

    Wenger out. 8 years we’ve had a revolving door of players and they’ve all got worse it seems. The one constant has been Wenger and his shit coaching and shit transfers.

  25. Bade


    Whether Gallas had something to offer or not, has nothing with the club’s decision to keep him over Toure & to the club’s decision to try & keep him

    Was he that good? No

    Was keeping Toure over him the right decision, footballing wise? Of course

  26. Romford Pele

    I’m not discussing Toure Bade. You said we sold him. I’m simply saying we released him, completely different to the Flamini situaton

  27. bergkampsa

    Well kos started off his career with a red vs liverpool on his debut game

    We could buy hummels and after a season he wil also be poor. Maybe there’s a bigger reason why some players careers just nosedive when the join us

  28. Romford Pele


    Why have you heard it all? It’s not exactly a far-fetched claim. Just because you disagree doesn’t make you right. Get your head out of your arse.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d pick Koscielny ahead of Vermaelen on current form.

    Vermaelen has never been a brilliant tactical defender, but he’s overcome his lack of ability in that area by determination, strength, last ditch tackles, and by getting us some goals at the other end. In the last 12 months he’s looked weaker defensively.

    If he doesn’t get back to his previous levels, then he’s not good enough to be first choice, and he can’t really stay as captain. If he leaves, I think it’ll be under our terms though.

  30. Romford Pele

    So own goals are now a barometer of how good, or not good a defender is? I prefer to watch whole games rather than focus on isolated incidents – and people in general tend to do this too much.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    From that article:

    Wenger: “He is in a position where he is free to sign for anybody he wants”

  32. Bade

    “So own goals are now a barometer of how good, or not good a defender is? ”

    OF course it is. Not the only criteria, but on important. Are you joking?

    “Manager: Well, X is a great CB
    Scout: Well, he made great tackles the other day, but scored two dim own goals
    Manager: Oh never mind. I read RP from Le Grove claiming it doesn’t matter”

  33. Bade


    You stupid dick

    Because he was in the last 6 months of his contract he was allowed to talk to other clubs regardless of our approval

    I don’t get it people on here arguing for facts

    FFS, your God Arsene said he wanted him to stay so what you’re arguing on?

  34. Romford Pele


    First comment: Coming from someone who doesn’t trust a word Wenger says, it’s interesting to see you siding with him here. You more than anyone should know about taking certain Wenger comments with a pinch of salt. We let Gallas go, Kos was his replacement.

    2) Fair about the OGs, however, if you watch Kos play, it’s easy to notify his strengths. A few OG’s aren’t gonna force me to bench him.

  35. Bade


    Don’t get into a total defence on Kozzer. I like the lad & supported him since day one, but to say Vermaelen isn’t in his level is just a dim say without anything to back it. Surely not the own goals records, or the red cards ones.

    Vermaelen is in a dip, no question, but he’s a decent CB

  36. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s come to the end of his contract, so he’s released from the club. it’s not rocket science.

    You’re making a really dumb argument over semantics about a player that most people were happy to see leave. Still, whatever makes you happy I suppose.

    It’s even worse than your ridiculous own goal argument. Can I ask, have you checked to see how and why those own goals were scored?

    Otherwise you have no idea whether a player scores more own goals because he’s better and faster to react to dangerous situations near the goal line and therefore on balance has saved more goals than he’s conceded.
    Have you checked that out ? no, of course you haven’t.

  37. Bade


    You don’t need to get protective now

    “A few OG’s aren’t gonna force me to bench him”

    Oh please, don’t go there. Please.

    Kozzer has his strengths, but Vermaelen has the same strengths as well, in many way they’re a similar players. They even attack ball/defenders almost the same

    People has short memory, but Kozzer had his horrible dip in form just a few months ago & he sorted himself back to form in recent games

    I expect Tommy to make the same comeback to form

  38. Romford Pele


    It’s not dim, it’s my opinion. Disagree with it all you like but it won’t change my perception. And for the record, I never said Vermaelen wasn’t decent – I just don’t think he should be starting for Arsenal.

  39. Romford Pele

    Yep, they aren’t too dissimilar. Part of the reason why they don’t make a god combination. I do, however, think that despite their similar strengths, Kos excels more. And he is also a lot pacier and harder to beat in one on one situations.

  40. karaul

    if we sell vermaelen and sagna and buy sakho and experienced rb then ok. if we sell them and promote bellerin and welcome back djorou then…

  41. Bade


    For the time being dropping Tommy is the right call, as he’s in serious dip in form

    But when both Kozzer & Tommy are performing at their best, Tommy is just the better player

  42. DUIFG

    Can’t remember in the last couple of years a single game where ou can single out verm as having a particularly good game. With kos I can.

  43. Raz

    Turns out no. Hmm, maybe I didn’t press send or something. Either way, what I wanted to say was:

    -Vermaelen has made some bad errors but let’s look at a few things.
    -Since he joined us, he’s been assured that we would fight for honours. In his first two seasons he was, on the whole, outstanding. He had decent players alongside him for the most part, and ahead of him. There were world class players at the club and he was happy.
    -We sold Nasri, Fabregas, RVP, Song and Clichy since those first two great seasons.
    -Anyone who has been part of the best group of staff at their workplace will agree that when everyone in that bracket leaves except you, it’s only a matter of time. The way this affects you goes beyond being paid to do a job.
    -Last season and this season he’s had to play alongside Mertesacker, an un-ready Gibbs (who is only just showing he is ready now), Santos, and Mertesacker. Jeez.
    -Sagna’s poor form over the last 2 seasons has put our defence under massive pressure also.
    -Despite what people think, Song did actually do a fairly good job at DM until last season. This season he isn’t here, and we have a far weaker squad on the whole.
    -If you had to go from playing with a good player on your immediate right, and far right, a good player protecting you, and a great left back on your left, to playing with Mert, Santos, no DM, all your peers leave and your attack is weaker, then you’re made captain and play at LB sometimes too – well, it’s not hard to understand his drop in form.

    I am not saying his desire on the pitch should have changed to extent it has but I am not surprised it has changed. It’s not hard to understand why errors would creep into your game and overall performance decreases when the pressure you are under, due to such shit players being around you or lack of players with added captaincy, has been ramped up.

    If Verm leaves and joins a club with a decent manager, where there’s a dm and a cb and lb who all do their job, which we haven’t had for a while, and he will show he has still got it.

    Classic case of Wenger’s mistakes ruining yet another top player.

  44. LeMassiveCoq

    Excuse of a football club.
    North Londons finest, but for how long?
    Denilson, Squillaci, Park, Bentner, Giroud, Diaby

    Old shit every season,
    Masquerading as one of
    Europes finest.

    Falling out of the CL and into
    UEFA places is what awaits us if the senile manager, owner and
    Chairman are allowed to go on.
    Kroneke out!

    Mwahahahaha don’t make me laugh.
    Only second rate players
    Need apply.
    Easy to go on making money by developing and selling the

    Wenger Out. Kroenke Out.

  45. a.k.b nemesis


    the manager should be blamed for the defensive decline.

    per lacks pace,yet he didn’t sign a dm to cover the him,

    tom is aggresive,well if we had a dm to win the ball in midfield or cover for him we wouldn’t see his flaws.

  46. Raz

    I find it laughable that the same people who want success at Arsenal are suggesting we encourage Bellerin to join the first team squad next season. There’s absolutely no way on earth he is ready. He is a GOOD player in his current age bracket, that’s it. Is he the guy to take on Man U, Barca, a relegation team or a player even like Moses who raped Sagna consistently when he was at Wigan? No way. Look at the wing backs our rivals have.

    Evra, Lahm, Coentrao, Alves, Zabaletta, Clichy, Cole, Ivanovic who never seems to have a bad game no matter where he plays….they are TOP players.

    Then you’ve got the likes of Silva, Mata, Hazard, Ozil etc in midfield and people are desperate for Eisfeld to step up? I want him to step up but not at the expense of signing a player like Goetze or Reus etc. Even Di Maria absolutely wipes the floor with every winger and forward mid at our club apart from Santi. How we are even 4th/5th is a mystery, our rivals are so far ahead of us it is actually depressing!

  47. Romford Pele

    Nobody is disputing that Rom. Wenger has a lot to answer for. And a DM is a priority, but that wasn’t my point.

  48. Raz

    Anyone else having problems posting comments? Fucking annoying. This will go through just to spite me but my posts aren’t….help?

  49. Raz

    Why you’d sign Mertesacker over half the defenders available in the world is beyond me. That he’s been our best defender this season is both a sad indictment of our defence, but also bizarre, because he is not our best defender at all.

  50. Pedro

    LeCoq…. we’re not a sad pathetic excuse of a club.

    That’s a ridiculous thing to say about a team you support.

  51. Samir

    The only trouble with Vermaelen is that he CANNOT play with Koss.
    Just like Koss cannot play with Vermaelen.
    Either play well with Mert…On current form however Koss is ahead!

    Why don’t we try Vermy in midfield? He has all the ingredients to succeed! Very good at going forward, scores goals, strong, can tackle etc

  52. Raz

    I have two questions for anyone willing to answer!

    1 – does anyone else think Coquelin, if not made of glass, would make a superb wing back? I have always thought he’s looked better as a WB because he’s got a defensive mindset, but the skill of an amazing winger in the final third. Would be good to see other people’s view on this.

    2- Can anyone tell me if a bigger contract for a player increases their value as a club asset when looking at what a club is worth? Or is it worked out differently? Or differently, does our wage bill increase the value of the club as it increases?

  53. tomb

    Most teams have a Manager merry go round . We have a Captain merry-go -round.
    I think tis is a real problem for us.


    Pedro,I implore you…
    Please can you remove the Walker Crisps pop-ups…

    It is so irritatingly frustrating..Each time I refresh the page,or open up the page,the stupid banner springs up..

    Then,when I try to close it,up springs another page,for Walker Crisps..

    Is this a football blog,or an advertising board..?

    I’m at the end of my tether..

    Once again,please,please,please sort it out..

  55. Hitman49

    Love a crisp !

    Golden wonder for me please !

    Perron ! Don’t listen to them they watch wrestling and think its real…ha ha ha ha ha…

    They must be home off school !

  56. Pedro

    Vix, pay me some money then… you know, to cover the expensive server i have to run to manage the comments system.

  57. TitsMcgee

    I would keep TV.

    I agree also that while he isn’t the greatest technically he has suffered due to our misshapen defensive setup.

    We do him and Mert no favors the way we attempt to defend.

    Just another case of square-peg-round hole.

  58. Bade

    That said, people should click on those stupid ads, as we need to finance the expenses of this great Blog

    You know, as part of the self-sustaining model ….



    I knew that would be your reply..

    All I’m saying is,can you sort the pop up,out?
    Make it less of a nuisance?

    If not,fine..


    That said,Keyser has been missing in action,recently..

    Maybe the Walker Crisp’s pop-up,was the final straw for Keyser..

    He cracked,flipped,chucked in the towel..

    HAHAHA,that’s all it took to crush Keyser..
    A simple Walkers Crisp pop-up..


  61. higz

    Bade – Verm quicker than kos? No chance

    They are very similar, but kos is slightly taller, tv more aggressive. They both seem error prone at moment but I definitely prefer kos. Although still would prefer a really strong aggressive cb. tv gets outmuscled by midgets.


    Yesterday,it was the Oxo-Chamberlin debate

    Today it’s the TV vs Kosser

    What will it be tomorrow..Stalin vs Thatcher?

    Wenger vs Chairman Mao?

  63. Raz


    You mean you disagree with my opinion. There’s a difference. Mertesacker has performed best this season but it’s because everybody knows he’s the slowest player in the league and they ruin their own game supporting him. Of course he has quality and he reads the game well but I believe it;s a classic case of better players looking worse by sacrificing their own game to support a weak link.

    There’s no question TV5 was an outstanding player when he had Clichy on his left, Kos on his right and Song and Arteta ahead of him. With Mert on his right, Santos/Gibbs on his left and no def mid he’s struggled whilst making Mert look better than he is. Mert was AWFUL in his first season with us.

    Just my opinion. Not too long ago there was a similar discussion on here and many people shared the opinion that our best defenders are currently not performing, and the reasons for that are in the plurals.

  64. Kane

    Pedro – how did the marketing men at Walkers come to the conclusion that Gooners like Walkers Crisps and this is the place to advertise their product? I mean, personally I think Kettle Chips piss all over Walkers all day long, Maybe we can put it to the vote… if enough Le Grove commentators say they hate Walkers and like boobs and beer, maybe you can swap your walkers deal for a nice Guiness or Victoria’s Secret pop up instead?

  65. goonerstu

    I do love reading the comments section on this blog, it never fails to crack me up!
    Le grove comment section, home of the know it all anti Arsenal keyboard warrior brigade!
    Good post pedro

  66. Draper-Corleone

    Pedro – that was meant to be ironic I hope.

    The person that has contributed more than anyone else to make Arsenal a ‘mega-club’ is the one who supposedly not in tune with Arsenal now becoming a mega-club?

    I am attributing that statement to the fact you wrote it in a hurry without having time to reflect on it, and that is not your true position.

    In any case my comments have not been published the last few times so I am expecting this to go in the trash bin as well. But just in case you read it, please do realise there are more intelligent readers out there, so don’t just write for the mob.

  67. Raz

    VIX considering part of todays original post involved the captain, surely that stands to reason? If Pedro and Geff somehow manage to tie Thatcherism to AFC I am sure we’ll debate that too.


    Good point! Why is not gambling and beer?!

  68. Johnny5


    ‘I believe it;s a classic case of better players looking worse by sacrificing their own game to support a weak link.’

    Absolute bullshit dude both kos and tv were error prone and they had ups and downs Before we got merts. Saying they’re playing bad because merts is shit makes you sound stupid. I know he is slow but he reads the game well and is positionally aware. A German Ferdinand if you will. You don’t get (insert merts int caps here) caps for Germany by being shit.

    He’s not the most athletic defender we’ve got but he is definatly our best.

  69. gambon

    “Can anyone tell me if a bigger contract for a player increases their value as a club asset when looking at what a club is worth? Or is it worked out differently? Or differently, does our wage bill increase the value of the club as it increases?”

    No, players are counted as intangible assets, and they are valued according to amortisation.

    IE – If we sign 3 £20m players on 4 year deals, the value would be £60m, after one year £45m, 2 years £30m.

    For example Jack Wilshere will never have an asset value as he is an academy prospect, even though we would get £30m for him tomorrow if we sold.

    Transfermarkt does value squads according to market rates, Clubs dont.



    Lighten up,it’s called a dry sense of humour..

    Geez,you are like a robot..

    Feel,the breeze dude..

  71. Pedro

    Draper, how many start up CEOs build their companies up… sell them, then get ousted because they don’t have the skillset to take things to the next level?

    A very high proportion.

  72. Raz

    Johnny5 – You’re telling me that Kos and Verm’s best performances for extended periods being when we had some kind of DM, they partnered each other and we had a top LB and a RB who could be bothered is coincidence? I think not. You do and that’s fine, I’m not saying what you say is bullshit so fuck off and stop saying what I’m saying is BS because you and I can only have opinions.

    VIX – My bad! Just wasn’t that funny?

    Gambon – thanks for that. That rules out the conspiracy theory that Arsenal pay crap player high wages to increase the value of the club.

  73. S Asoa

    Arsenal as per the most predictable legacy-a Wenger trait- make Chamack , Squilaci , Arsene the joint captains. That way we will have to suffer the lot just a year until they are shipped . Ha ha

  74. NamibianGooner

    surely having 80 odd caps for Germany should be a good gage for a player’s ability. The way we defend, even the best defenders in the world will look clueless in this Arsenal team. I miss the days when i wouldn’t be worried when we were leading 2-0 with 20 minutes left, these days even 4-0 lead isn’t a safe one.

  75. a.k.b nemesis

    Suprising how some people criticize t.v then cover kos.

    Arsenal v chelsea: thomas vermaelen: fouled players twice,gave away free kicks.
    laurent koscielny:
    let torres get the best of him,then scored an own goal.

  76. Johnny5


    Sagna has been our RB for the best part of a decade. And are clichy and cole not good lb’s. I think your clutching at straws. You might have a point if you said we’re missing a DM to help sure things up at the back but saying merts is shit and makes kos and verm look bad is stupid dude and that’s not my opinion that’s just they way it is.

  77. Romford Pele

    Yeah he did NG. I remember that the hype wagon was so bad that even a computer game had him playing for Arsenal despite the signing never being finalised lol. And it doesn’t seem like we missed out on much.

  78. useroz


    Verm seems to have lost his leap perhaps since his injuries last season; he relied on it a lot due to lack if height.

    I feel Kos is quicker also, in terms of recovery. May be different if they do a sprint test…

  79. tippitappi

    A shame Fulham were badly beaten I’m never sure if thats good or bad visiting a few days later , I do know it won’t be 3 0 the chavs just have that little something we don’t have namely a couple of players who can make a difference as we saw Tuesday as we sell ours off for profit still thats where we are . can’t understand but not shocked that stupid french knob can consider selling TV5 , he’s more use out of form than wengers dunce diaby his twisted logic really needs questioning

  80. Raz

    (Bangs head against wall)

    Johnny5, can you read? I made it very clear that I think Verm’s performances were best when:
    -partnered regularly with Kos, not mert
    -he had a dm ahead of him i.e. Song – despite what we think of him. He did a better job than we like to remember.
    -he had a good left back on his left – that’s CLICHY
    -Sagna was playing well. Aside from the last 3 games Sagna has been shit this season and his form dropped massively last season, well before his leg break.

    How hard is it to understand that, regardless of errors, Kos’s attributes alongside Vermaelen should be chosen before Mert’s purely because of Mert’s lack of pace. Don’t forget last season Kos had an almost world class season and many tipped him as the second best defender of the season in the EPL behind Kompany. He got dropped in the summer when Bould stepped in and chose Mertesacker as first chocie due to his international status, even though any fool could see that apart from reading the play, Mert is weaker than Kos and Verm at playing the ball, at tackling, in the air, set pieces, carrying the ball out of defence.

    I was born in Germany, have followed Germany for years and along with so many other German fans will tell you quite categorically that nobody understand why Mert’s international career has been as illustrious as it has. Also since his time as first choice for country Germany have won nothing. Now, all that aside he is a GOOD defender but in our style and in this league both Kos and Verm, when on form, should by rights keep Merts away from the starting line up.

    Kos was our best defender last season by a country mile and he got dropped for Mert in the summer. Nobody saw it coming but you can understand why on paper, in career review, the club went with Mert when Bould came in. It was a mistake because Kos lost all his form and as he like so many other introverted arsenal players is a confidence player, he’s not been that good on the whole this season. His first game back he lets Torres get the better of him and then he was dropped again. Fans with more than a 3 month memory will remind you he should never have been dropped for Mertesacker whose lack of pace, inability to jump and fear of a tackle (note, not interception) has cost us easily more goals than any of Vermaelen’s errors this season.

    Anyway, Verm didn’t cost us against Spurs like many think. It was Bale’s perfect run mixed with a total lack of communication and effort from Nacho to go with his man. Everyone knows that yet it’s always ‘Oooooo, Vermaelen made a mistake there’ – no he didn’t but it’s easy to blame the scapegoat.

    Vermaelen is one of the club’s best assets yet since our overall team has deteriorated and our defence has been taken apart and our set up ruined, he’s suffered.

    Mert might be great for a slower league but in terms of attributes he is our weakest defender of Verm, Kos and himself.

  81. goonerboy

    Lets face it our commercial revenue is moderate. Arsene Wenger has managed to keep the stadium full- more or less-thats not enough to make us the 4th most valuable club.
    Being the 4th most valuable club may well be down to one man-and it isnt Arsene Wenger.
    Alisher Usmanov is the main reason the share price is so high.

  82. Raz

    Now, if you want to sit there and say what i’ve said is bullshit then you do that but you aren’t saying anything to make me see why.


    Some people on here need to either take a break for a while or get some pooh tang,shit some of you are on another level.Maybe your having withdrawels between weekend games,whatever it is sort ya fuckin selves out.This blog is all about sharing your thoughts,talkin shit and being entertained,my personal opinion of course.

  84. Arsene nose best

    Acting like a small club is no longer acceptable… Well, we all know the only person who hasn’t moved their mindset into the bigger, better, richer Arsenal is Arsene Wenger.

    And that is why we have to get rid of him.

  85. vicky

    Some of the people here change their opinion about players on a match to match basis.

    At the start of last season, TV5 and Kos was the best CB pair,According to them Mert was too slow to succeed in the EPL.

    After Verm and Kos pair faltered,peoples reaction was like both are very similar type of defender.

    and then Mert-Kos pair had a few good games,. So the new theory was Kos and Mert complemented each other.

    I am sure If Kos has a couple of poor matches,,suddenly Mert- Tommy pairing will become the best pair.

  86. Johnny5


    I agree when you say when both in form kos and verm should start only problem is that they’re rarely on form together. At times they’re terrible together. Now like you say merts is slow but he’s defo not that shit in the air. Every corner we get goes to merts head for the flick and 9/10 times he gets to it. Also kos deserved to be dropped if I remember rightly kos got injured merts did well in his place kos came back and was poor so the position was given to merts based on merit IMO . Fact is dude our best cb pairing is merts and kos because kos is quick enough to help merts out should he get exposed pace wise.

  87. Johnny5


    I’ve said from the start of the season kos merts was the best cb pairing but kos hit a dip so kind of had to be benched but when he’s on form he should start over verm.



    Are you still posting for that bloke,on his new website?

    Or,did you have a falling out,i.e. conflicts of interest?

  89. Radio Raheem

    Koscielny had his pre-season delayed due to last summer’s internationals. He then suffered injury prior to the start of the season. I think it was against Koln? I think he also suffered other niggles afterwards. He obviously lost his place in the squad and without games to get his rythm seemed to be out of form.

    Only now has he been able to find that form following a run in the side and being free from injury.

    Conspiracies can be fun, it breaks the monotony of daily living but in this case there is non I’m afraid.

  90. Radio Raheem

    Aaron ‘I am showing what I’m capable of’ Ramsey…
    “I’m really pleased with my form”
    “I’m…putting in some good performances”

    Ramsey needs to rein it in. If he continues he might be a good player in a couple of seasons. He could be our Darren Fletcher which makes his latest interview 2 seasons too early IMO.

  91. TitsMcgee

    Wenger: “I did not know Manchester United even wanted to sell Berbatov. I was never on the case.” #FFCvAFC

    LOL Sums up Wenger essentially.

    Fulham somehow knew though eh Wenger? Know why?

    They picked up the phone and tried.

    Jesus Christ this guy.

    Cheap and efficient right up the cheapskate’s alley and he did nothing because “he didn’t even know” . Christ almighty.

  92. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Well lively on here tonight.

    What did you think of fabianski’s little contribution to the team over the last few games

  93. kwik fit

    Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Flappy done well. Seemed to be a little more assured than before. Had some great and important saves. Still think he’s on his bike in the summer though.

  94. Nasri's Mouth

    Kwik fit: So were linked to Kalou and ‘we’ve only got one Song’ .

    We were linked to Kalou last season, doesn’t mean we’re actually interested in signing him, and Wenger has basically knocked back Song. If the rumours from last year are true, he won’t be coming back

  95. BacaryisGod

    I would be more than happy to take Song back on loan next season. His wages were probably no higher at Barca than they were with us, but I certainly wouldn’t buy him back.

    One potential buyer could be Man U so he could team up again with RVP.

  96. Toli83

    Doubt Songs that unhappy. He’ll pick up a title medal and a champs league trophy probably, whilst doing fuck all in sunny Barcelona.

    For someone who is innately lazy, that would be a dream .

  97. Toli83

    Also Capoue has said he wants to join PSG and talks are in place.

    Another player we waited and waited on and will miss out on. How many in that list now.

    Night chaps!

  98. Gregg

    Capoue is dead in the water, we’ll focus on this young French chap thats dubbed the new Vieira, ripping it up for Seville so I understand.