Arsenal lack world class finisher | A point isn’t a knock out blow for Arsenal

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Minute Silence for Hillsborough / Boston Marathon victims (so I was told)

I don’t know why I’m not hugely deflated after yesterday’s result. I thought I would be, but I guess maybe you’re slightly influenced by the people around you and everyone had similar conclusions… we’re not quite good enough and pound for pound and Everton are a really good side.

In the end, the game was split equally because we lacked a world class finisher up front. I’m not saying Giroud can’t become that world class finisher next year, because he could, everyone thought Drogba was donkey after his first season. However, right now, he’s just not up to the job. His two skewed chances… the first in the first half when Aaron Ramsey whipped a ball into the box that Giroud rifled wide… the second in the second half when he crafted himself some space by blazed over… defined the game for me.

Last season, we had a player who didn’t just convert the chances, he’d convert the half chances. That’s what makes the difference in the games where quality wise, there’s not a whole lot in it.

Game wise, the first half was fairly even split. Everton controlled proceedings for the opening 20 minutes. Pienaar timed a perfect run through the heart of our defence and fired over when it seemed easier to hit the target. The game turned into a bit of a midfield choke-a-thon after that. Everton tried to bully us. Fellaini the main culprit. He seemed to bulldoze anyone who stepped near his turning zone (which is about a two mile radius). The referee was more interested in letting the play carry on, which I’m fine with… I just wish there was some sort of consistency with them. Gibson was the first to pick up a booking, he then made another clumsy foul minutes later and avoided a red.

Say what you want about football being a mans game… simple fact is it’s not in the Premier League… and Moyes can seriously do one on the ‘it’s how we do it up norf nonsense’. It’s how we do it over Hackney Marshes. Being a thug isn’t the preserve of the north my friend. Have you not seen a Danny Dyer film?

Everton had a promising chance when Anichebe burst through on goal, the ball was blocked and nearly found it’s way past our keeper but he pounced to snuff out the danger. Barkley, the impressive England under 21 also let off a solid shoot that Szecseny did well to get down to.

We had a couple of good chances, the Giroud miss I spoke  about earlier, then later on, Cazorla found himself bearing down on goal after some good work from Jack, but his shot was well blocked.

Jack Wilshere looked heavy legged to me. I have no idea why the manager, after suggesting he’d brought Jack too early opted to play him in a tough game. Can you imagine if he’d picked up an injury? Half time saw some handbags over some sprayed water. If I’d had WIFI I’d have found that out. As I didn’t, I’m just learning this morning of the half time horrors.

The second half was mostly ours. We kicked our game up into a different gear pretty early on. We just lacked the finish.

We brought off Theo Walcott who was poor again and we took off Jack Wilshere. The replacements were Chamberlain who moved into the middle and Podolski who slipped out wide. They made a difference. There was a renewed energy, but not the break through we hoped for. Chamberlain had a chance to blast home when on goal, he opted for cutting it across goal, giving Coleman the chance to clear. Giroud blasted over after being given a chance by Cazorla. The final miss came from Arteta who found himself in nose bleed territory… instead of shooting, he cut back and killed his chance.

The final score was 0-0. It was an intense battle, we just lacked the quality to take the match. It’s not a knock out blow by any means. It just means that the United game now plays even greater significance on our season. We have to beat them. We have to win the rest of our games. It’s going to be a tough run in and it’s going to require better finishing. The point of yesterday was it was a must not lose. We didn’t lose. We maintain our unbeaten run, we’ve just got to really pull something out the bag for our run in.

Conclusions from the game were that we defended really well as a team. I thought the keeper had a solid performance. His kicking was up to scratch and he did all the basics well. The two centre backs dealt with the aerial onslaught well. Koscielny found himself wedged between Fellaini and Anichebe for an aerial ball that he won. Amazing how slight he was in comparison.

I thought Aaron Ramsey had a good game. He covered lots of ground, he kept going until the end. If there was a trophy for running, he’d have won it for last night. It seems there is more appreciation for Ramsey outside Arsenal. Sure, he makes some bad passes, but so did Gilberto. I’m not saying they’re the same player,  but people need to recognise the job he’s doing in midfield. They need to recognise that he’s not a Cesc Fabregas. He’s more of a Flamini in the making.

Jack Wilshere looked tired to me. I think we should have started with Rosicky. As for Theo, well, everyone wanted him back in the side… and he created nothing all game. At least you can always count on Gervinho to miss 3-5 sitters again because he gets himself into the mixing pot. Theo was anonymous all game. He has a touch of the post-contract-adebayors.

I think if anything was apparent from last night, it’s that you need powerhouse players in your team. We don’t have them. We were roughed up in the first half and we became introverted. No one showed for the ball. No one stood up for themselves. We need more battlers in games like that. We have a habit of static play when things don’t go our way and it happens quite a lot. We need our very own Fellaini. Or Vieira. Or Cabaye. We need someone who can lift the side. Jack is too young to do that on his own.

In the end, we didn’t have the quality to win. It’s as simple as that. A point against Everton isn’t a bad result. They beat City two weeks ago. They’re a good side. We can’t take the ‘this isn’t good enough for Arsenal’ high ground at the moment… because with the team we have out at the moment… it probably is.

We’ve just got to hope there’s a winning reaction at the weekend.

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  1. DUIFG

    People makin out giroud goals this year point to him being decent. My I remind people of how many o them have been in whippings or the a second goal to put us clear. Every time he has a chance to score to win us points us points he misses. Not world class, not even good prem class, not good enough.

  2. seita

    Came on to see if there was any improvement in the shit talk on this blog but alas no is the answer. Same dickhead bloggers talking the exact same shit a year later. I’ll try again next year. NEXT

  3. reality check

    Giroud – shots 156, on goal 66 (42%), goals 20 = 13%.

    RVP – Shots 178, on goal 80 (45%) goals 33 = 18.5%

    @raz, stats are all good for me 🙂

    Men lie and women lie, numbers don’t.

  4. marxdrive


    I love the way people put Walcott’s dip In form down to his contract.

    1) Since he signed a new contract he’s scored as many goals as RVP and got more assists in the league. All this from the wing and having played one and a half games less.

    2) His target for the last couple of season’s has been to get 18 goals and since he got that this season he has struggled to find form.

    Yesterday was his first start In a month. And for some reason he’s not afforded the same excuses as JW.

    Walcott Is currently the fifth highest scoring midfielder (forth If you class Michu as a striker) In the league and has the joint highest assists In the league.

    So to see Pedro come out with comments like:

    “At least you can always count on Gervinho to miss 3-5 sitters again because he gets himself into the mixing pot.”

    It’s laughable to suggest giving game time to someone who creates chances but does fuck all with It rather than giving game time to someone who has the potential to actually score or create goals, between now and the end of the season.


    We need a DM ,no shit?
    No ,seriously we need a DM

  6. reality check


    The fact you keep coming back back means there’s something about Legrove which is different from the other blogs.

    Why don’t you enlighten us as to how one should converse about arsenals latest fixture.

    If you don’t want to, then fuck off.

  7. bayo

    We do not have another season to try GIPOO as the first choice striker. His place is on the bench for carling cup and premier league games when we need to rotate the team. As for Walcot, he signed a 3.5 years contract…he should be sold at the end of next season.

  8. Josip Skoblar

    I agree with the first part of Pedro’s headline: we desperately lack a word-class finisher. Unlike Pedro, I didn’t find Everton very good. They over-rely on Fellaini – who was the boss in midfield – and who play well as a unit, but nothing spectacular and no beautiful football in sight. Fellaini comes across as slow and rather heavy, but it is misleading: his positioning is brilliant, he reads the game superbly and he is so physical. He makes me think of Petit.
    We would have won the game had we fielded a better striker and had we had in the team a more solid and more creative midfield.

    On the plus side: our defence: I like more and more the shape and realism of our new defence. I again found Kozzer and Sagna very impressive (except for Sagna can’t cross the ball and offers little in attack) My only worry is Gibbs which got caught time and again on the counter-attack. His positioning remains dubious. When fit, Montreale should be our first choice.

    Neither good nor bad is our midfield: Cazorla is a gem and Ramsey is playing a more and more influential role in the team. I am disappointed by Arteta and Wilshere who both offer little. Arteta will not get any better at his age and I am not sure about Jack now.

    On the minus side: our attack is now the main problem: we lack players who can tear defenses apart with runs, tricks, dribble. Poor game by Giroud and Walcott (who started well, but faded away). We really need to buy a world-class striker and another forward for competition with Walcott and Podolski. This is the top priority – with a world-class goal keeper – if we to challenge for the title next year.

    Despite the draw, most supporters seemed rather happy with the result!

    My MenOTM were Cazorla, Kozzer and Mertesacker equal first, followed by Ramsey!!!

  9. marxdrive


    I would have started with the OX yesterday and brought Walcott on later. But Walcott will do more for us between now and the end of the season.

  10. a.k.b nemesis


    arteta is’nt a defensive midfielder,i don’t expect anything less than what he’s giving.


    @realty check

    Seita has a point ,we do make the same comments because we still have the same manager doing the same fuckin thing.Although, he can fuck off for calling us dickheads .

  12. marxdrive

    I would have also started with Poli on the left and Caz in the middle. Brought JW on later for Giroud and pushed Poli up top.

  13. Raz


    My post wasn’t as if to say ‘wow, look what I just discovered – we should be using Poldi more!’ it was to say ‘Wenger’s a fucking knob for playing him LW instead of CF’ – anyone who knows anything about Podolski would have known LW is NOT where he should be played to get the best out of him.


    I wouldn’t start Walcott again this season. Glad you chose the Ox. Although, if Theo is going to start over The Ox from now tilt he end of the season, it stands to reason that he’ll give more between now and then. Doesn’t mean he should. If The Ox starts every game between now and the end of the season, he will give more than Theo.

    I bet he regrets moving to Arsenal.

  14. SpanishDave

    Giroud will never be any better than he is now.No better than the other strikers Wenger has brought , the cheaper ones that will never make it.Wenger never learns same old.
    We will never win anything until we have a real world class striker, the problem is you have to spend money to get one. Wenger still thinks he can find the next Henry and will continue to experiment buying second rate players hoping to find a diamond. He got lucky once it wont happen again

  15. reality check


    That’s why I said what I said.

    You know what legrove is all about. You know why we come here. He said he has been reading for a while, comes back to see if anythings changed?

    Then the dick head thing. Ha!

    Fuck about if anyone thinks I’m gonna let that slide while I’m reading.

  16. marxdrive

    The OX will be a great player one day but he’s not good enough right now. If he was to play the remanding 5 games I can’t see him adding too much to his poor return of 1 goal and 3 assists, In 11 starts.

  17. Raz


    Maybe, but right now he’s on FIRE. This season has just been a classic case of not getting the chances you want and then feeling the pressure/trying far too hard when he gets a shot. A lot fo those starts he’s also played VERY well and been taken off anyway – something which Wenger decides before a ball has even been kicked, which I find beyond moronic for a modern manager.

    At the end of the day it’s the season close and we should be playing our best performers. Theo hasn’t done anything this season to suggest he should be starting games, but when he’s been introduced as a sub he’s been outstanding on the whole. Why change that? Everyone knew if he started he’d be shit against Everton just like he always is when he starts, and we were proven correct for what must be the billionth time in his career.

    Surely if The Ox is looking light the brighter player, helping build play, helping supply forwards and create chances then he should start over Theo?

    I find it interesting that people say he will be great one day but isn’t ready to start – even though when he has played in the last 6 weeks he’s been one of our best players, also he was England’s stand out player, and if he were still at Southampton he’d be starting games every week and his form right now would probably be borderline unstoppable. I think we’ve messed up big time with the Ox. After 2 seasons it’s clear he is number 1 ahead of Theo. He’s got almost the same pace but does way more with it, he’s got skill, his passing is usually better. The goals will come. In his situation the last thing he will be thinking of doing is trying to take things too far, go for goal and mess it up. He’s been dropping deep and wide and building play. If he was a regular the goals would be flying in.

  18. a.k.b nemesis


    he may have lost some creativity,but if there’s something he does well

    1. He keeps the ball moving
    2. he is an accurate passer
    3. he can put in tackles

    best to play him with a dm free santi as the am,bench jack then we’ll see.

  19. useroz


    Dickhead bloggers repeating the same things year on year because the dickhead manager wenger keeps doing the same old every year rendering the once great AFC to a fucking Plc focusing on P&L rather than trophies.

    If wenger hangs around next season, you’d see the same things being talked about…

  20. a.k.b nemesis

    Arteta has similarities to alonso ,good passers not fantastic tacklers considering they are best friends.
    What stands xabi out is range of passing,not even xavi can deliver those defence spliting passes from 40 yards.

  21. marxdrive


    Does Theo really do better as a sub?

    In the league:

    Sub…..2 goals…….2 assists
    Start…9 goals…….8 assists

  22. reality check


    Exactly. When gambon calls NM a cunt
    Its in house. And, we all agree lol

    But some, random seita dude.

    I should of told him
    ‘shut yo mouth boy, grown folks is talking’

    Anyway, wallcott. What a dickhead eh!

  23. marxdrive

    The OX has done very little this season. Especially when he starts. As for the England game, that was down to the poor opposition and the fact that other players were rested for the more important midweek game.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    a.k.b nemesis April 17, 2013 13:37:26
    1. He keeps the ball moving
    2. he is an accurate passer
    3. he can put in tackles
    best to play him with a dm free santi as the am,bench jack then we’ll see.]

    Fair points. I agree. Arteta and Jack don’t work together.

  25. TitsMcgee

    The problem is clear to see from far and wide. In pubs. TV. Commentators. Pundits. panels.

    Everyone says and notices the same thing regarding our problems yet Wenger does nothing.

    I’m telling you. If we somehow nick 4th or even 3rd he will continue to do NOTHING.

  26. marxdrive

    The OX:

    21 appearances

    18 Chances created

    1 goal scored

    81% average pass accuracy

    41% average shot accuracy


    27 appearances

    30 Chances created

    11 goals scored

    84% average pass accuracy

    59% average shot accuracy

  27. a.k.b nemesis


    i don’t understand why people criticize him,fine he was a defensive midfielder at first,david moyes turned him to an attacking midfielder,then a winger,arsene now plays him as a dm,his passing range is useful a bit higher up the pitch.

  28. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Stats cannot be taken in by how flashy something looks, or by opinions and prejudice.

    Theo is better than Ox, right now. Fact.

    It shouldn’t be either one of them in the team it should be both of them. Let theo play in the middle instead of girpoo, and bring Ox in instead of jack.

    Job done.

  29. marxdrive

    Ramsey’s backpass April 17, 2013 14:53:22

    “Stats are always annoying..”

    If you use the fingers on both hands, It’s easier to work out.

  30. Raz

    I’m not saying The Ox has been great this season. But what I am saying is that Theo has been FAR shitter, MORE times, regardless of goals/assists. Of course there have been games where The Ox has been awful and in those game she should have come off at half time not 73 mins. But Theo will be even worse and stay on all game. Yet, when Theo is used as a sub, he’s usually amazing. I guess both have their great moments and both have had poor moments but there’s little excusing Theo’s poor moments. He fought tooth and nail for a monumental contract, has cost the chances to sign other players through his dallying, and since he signed it he’s been diabolical. Every time he starts he looks like he can’t be arsed. Then someone on here says ‘but he doesn’t get the service’ – fuck off – he’s a wing midfielder, it’s his job to build play be aprt of the creation process. Rooney builds play more than Theo and he’s ACTUALLY a striker. Look at Bale and Lennon, they’ll come back to get the ball all game, give it to their mids and then go. This 433 and his own lack of intelligence means that he just hangs around flirting with the wing back or cb. The ball gets passed to his feet, he gets knocked off it and plays it back towards goal. What happened to picking it up half way down the right channel, playing it to a mid and getting on his bike making a diagonal run into the box splitting the wing back and cb? The guy has zero brain and when it really needs to count, it really lets us down. I couldn’t give a toss if Theo puts 3 past Reading. I want to know if he can put one past United? Answer – no. Everton? No. Bayern? No. But the one thing I want more than that, is to see him play like he knows he could score, or play as though he wants to. His Spurs performance absolutely well and truly sums Walcott up for me. Nobody deserves to start games for ARsenal FC with that attitude and for me I would start the Ox over him every week if it means he plays better when he’s brought on.

  31. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Raz, you’re an idiot. Football is all about goals and assists you moron. That’s why we didn’t win last night, because giroud couldn’t find the goal with a GPS.

    You’re seriously saying we would be better off without Theo’s goals and assists?

    Total idiot.

  32. marxdrive

    Raz April 17, 2013 15:11:17

    “I guess both have their great moments and both have had poor moments but there’s little excusing Theo’s poor moments.”

    So because you can make better excuses for OX, he should play……….hahahahahaha

    “I want to know if he can put one past United? Answer – no. Everton? No. Bayern? No.”

    And OX can?

  33. Raz

    Haha, no I am not. We would be better off with a player with a much better attitude, more quality, being given the chance to get the same goals and assists in time.

  34. DUIFG

    Walnut is a flat track bully, seeing him pass back to Sagna a hundred times a may h when he once again can’t get passed his man is pathetic. Ox is a footballer, walnut is a gifted athlete.

  35. marxdrive

    Both Theo and the OX played against Newcastle (given the chance)

    Theo = 3 goals 2 assists in 90 mins

    Ox = 1 goal 0 assists in 73 mins

    Theo in the past has scored against Man U. The OX has not.

    At no time this season has The OX done anything more then ‘look’ OK.


    Can’t really understand,why Ox,does not get more starts,than Theo”give me a £100k” Walcott..!!

    Ox,has much more in his locker..

    That said,looking at the line-up,baffled me a bit..

    Given,that Arsene earlier claimed,he rushed JW back to soon..

    Then,includes him in the starting line-up??!!

    Decisions,decisions,what to do-eh..?

  37. Raz

    “Raz- so you can wank over the Ox?”


    1) At what point was I rude to you? I was having a discussion with marx where we can conclude we may not agree. You, sir, just got involved.

    2) You come up with that – what are you? in year 6 or something? What a joke. Please don’t address me again if it’s to be as vile as that.

  38. Ramsey's backpass

    What is the function of theo against teams that defend deep.nothing

    how many points has theo’s goals given us..

  39. DUIFG

    6 th.walcottcould not get anywhere near the ball, was never going to get near the ball when ou are playing with your back to goal on your own against defenders twice your size and you happen to be an unusually weak person.

  40. marxdrive

    VIX AFFAIR April 17, 2013 15:27:03

    “Ox,has much more in his locker..”

    His passing Is worse, His shooting Is diabolical. And quite frankly has done fuck all, this season.

    We have five big games coming up and having someone with a locked locker on the pitch, Is pointless.

  41. marxdrive

    Ramsey’s backpass April 17, 2013 15:34:26

    “What is the function of theo against teams that defend deep.nothing”

    The whole reason they defend deep Is Theo.

  42. reality check


    You are being harsh on the OX.

    Walnut has been here during the henry cesc rvp nasri eras. He has been playing top flight football much longer than the OX. He has proven he himself believes he is a top footballer with youth and experience still on his side. How? By demanding 100k pw ffs!

    If he wants to be paid like a top player then he shall be judged like a top player.

    Bayern 1st leg. Everton last night. Basically since he signed his contract.

    Theo has been average, at best.


    marxdriveApril 17, 2013 15:36:32

    His passing Is worse, His shooting Is diabolical. And quite frankly has done fuck all, this season.

    Obviously,we see the game,through a different pair of bifocals??!!

    Maybe,your bifocals,are covered in stale horse manure..??

    Just saying..

    Ox for me all the way..!!

  44. marxdrive

    reality check April 17, 2013 15:38:52

    The hole argument Is who should play the next five games.

    Since Theo signed a new contract he’s started 9 games scored 3 times and got 4 assists.

  45. marxdrive

    VIX AFFAIR April 17, 2013 15:43:15

    The OX

    81% average pass accuracy

    41% average shot accuracy


    84% average pass accuracy

    59% average shot accuracy

    Maybe you should try putting shit on you bifocals!

  46. Confidentgoner


    I think Raz has a fair point on theo. How many winners has Theo scored for us? Most of his goals were scored in matches we had almost won. Without most of his goals, we’d most likely win those matches.

    That said, against organized defenses Theo struggles and appears clueless. If I were managing Arsenal, I would bring Theo on ad a sub to run out those tired legs. The OX should not play as a wide man. His natural position is more central and perhaps that explains why we have not used him to the best of his abilities. Its not all about stats, its about how you interpreter the data!

  47. Raz

    Marx, surely the argument of who should play the next 5 games is who is performing better? Take the previous 5 games and the answers to that are, barring injury, the following:

    Fab, Sagna, Kos, Mert, Monreal, Ramsey, Rosicky, The Ox, Santi, Podolski, Giroud

    The fact that that would be a city/united/chelsea B team shows how mediocre we are

  48. marxdrive

    Confidentgoner April 17, 2013 15:57:46

    “I think Raz has a fair point on theo. How many winners has Theo scored for us? ”

    In an argument about who should start the next five games, Theo or OX. Your point only has merit If OX has been scoring match winners.


    marxdriveApril 17, 2013 15:52:19
    VIX AFFAIR April 17, 2013 15:43:15The OX81% average pass accuracy41% average shot accuracyTheo:84% average pass accuracy59% average shot accuracyMaybe you should try putting shit on you bifocals!

    I could throw you some impressive stats,for Peter Crouch,when he was on England Duty…

    On the face of it,his stat’s were quite remarkable..

    Dig a little deeper,a lot of his goals came against cannon fodder,meaningless games
    & some friendlies..

    In the grand scheme of things,would hardly call Peter Crouch at International Level,a WC player,despite his impressive stat’s..

    If you are going to whip out your stat pack,fair enough..

    But simply taken in isolation,rather than augmented with your bifocal’s smeared in dry horse manure- actually watching the games Theo’s has played in & their importance vs Oxo’s contribution..

    Then,I’m not in the slightest bit moved by your stats..

    Ox,all the way for me,as I’ve said..

    Let’s just agree,to disagree..

  50. JJ

    Wenger has turned Arteta into a defensive drone. Explains the brain freeze when he found himself in the box. A complete waste of talent.

  51. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Confident – I’d buy the argument if Ox was setting the world on fire, with assists and goals. He’s not, even against the crappy opposition that everyone seems to say theo bully’s.

    So if he’s not sorting or creating, why play him?

    Theo wouldn’t have passed to girpoo against Everton. May have smashed it into the stands, may have hit the target…

    I think we need them both in the team! Not one or other, as I don’t think they are competing for the same place, they are very different players.

  52. Raz

    When Theo joined Arsenal he was 1 for the future. Then the future came along and he got start after start despite being shite. Then it was so bad we eventually started playing guys like Bendter and Nasri out wide. Tyhen Theo grew up a bit and since then all hes done is prove that is he class when he is brought on in the second half, and shite when he starts. So on earth anyone would want him to start any games for us ever again based on the notion that he ‘wears defences down’ – ahem, bollocks – and ‘defences are terrified of him- ahem, bollocks – there really has never been any real progress to suggest he should start games for Arsenal FC. The only reasons he does are:
    – he’s one of our ‘senior’ players despite age
    – he had the club by the nuts, and now it’s a case of they feel obliged to start him due to his wages and status – we saw the exact same shit with Arshavin last season, again he was played over The Ox.
    -Wenger is deluded.

    The Ox has actually played a lot this season, and not that well, I concede – OKAY!!! But he’s been way better than Theo in the last 5 games either have played and on that basis he should start over Theo. He won’t though, so this conversation is beyond pointless now. Let’s moan about something else

  53. Ramsey's backpass


    “The whole reason they defend deep is Theo…”

    are you for real? You mean the reason norwich and stoke packed the bus was because of theo.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    ……………. …………………………………

    84% Pass accuracy…

    This is why i dont fancy starts

    most of his passes were to wilshere,cazorla,ramsey and mostly sagna…and the distance between theo and the nearest man wouldnt be much

    have you ever seen theo switch play in his life? nope,i surely havent seen

    theo £100k,who cant dribble….oh shit

  54. marxdrive

    Name a game that OX has had more end product then Theo? It can be against any of these shit teams you talk about.

    Putting yourself In good positions 10 times In a match and having no end product. Is not going to matter one bit come the end of the season.

  55. Raz

    Think ur consufing him with Gervinho!

    Who played better yesterday? The Ox. Who changed the game against Norwich? The Ox. Who has been performing better out of Theo and Ox in their last 5 performances?? Fucking OXLADE DAMMIT. So why would you want to start Theo??????? There is no logic to that.

  56. Raz

    Also you’re going on about match winners when Theo hasn’t scored since 30th January, honestly are we even referring to the same players???

  57. marxdrive

    Ramsey’s backpass

    His avg distance is 16m. (Arsenals avg Is 19m)

    He’s shit passing has managed to produce the best assist record In the league.

  58. JJ

    I really feel sorry for Sagna. He gets no defensive protection as his wing is always MIA infield and then he has to play attack also as his wing is MIA infield.

    He must feel like he has run a marathon and been in a boxing match after every game. No wonder his crossing is rubbish. He has to expend so much energy with very little rest.

  59. marxdrive

    Raz April 17, 2013 16:18:01

    “Theo hasn’t scored since 30th Jan”

    OX hasn’t scored since 29th dec.

  60. reality check


    Ok ok the numbers back your point right now. But tbh who cares at this time in the season. With only friggin 4th to play for. Let’s play the OX. See what he’s got in his locker. We know what theo brings.

    Who is going to get upset if wenger starts the ox over theo? Really?

  61. vicky

    Lot of debate about Walcott and the OX. People are putting up all sorts of figures here. What really matters for me is OX can make a great run against any team and make something happen even when he is having a poor game. Walcott certainly can’t against good teams. Simples.

    OX (poor form ) >>>>>>>>> Walnut (poor form )
    OX (good form ) >> Walnut (good form )
    OX (poor form ) < Walnut (great form )

    Not that difficult to make a decision imo.
    OX all the way for me.

  62. marxdrive


    It’s too far away to say now. Anyone could play a blinder against Fulham and they would be first choice. Also you have to look at the likely UTD line up.


    vickyApril 17, 2013 16:45:51

    Nicely put..

    Not sure,what Marx Drive is trying to prove with his stupid stat pack..?!!

    Probably had his head,buried,b/w his knees,when Theo was playing..

    Can just imagine Marxdrive..
    “Theo’s on..”!!!

    Cosmic orgasms..
    Quick,head b/w my knees..Lollipop time…!!

  64. marxdrive


    “What really matters for me is OX can make a great run against any team and make something happen”

    Like he did when?

  65. HUNTER

    Your Comment Here
    One word describes Walnuts performance last night-PATHETIC,and we are paying the cretin 100 grand a week!!!!Talk about a waste of money,he was useless,weak,uninterested and Baines had him in his pocket all night.Furthermore Wilshere wasn’t much better either,I lost count on the times he overan the ball or gave it away by trying to beat everyone!.We seem to play much better without him in the middle,he seemed slow and lethargic last night and the idiot WENGER should never had played him,he clearly isn’t FIT.I thought Ramsey was excellent and covered alot of ground and was always available,a good solid performance.As for Giroud,how many chances does this guy need to put the ball in the net?.Everton deserved their point and all I can say is that at home,we should beat anyone but we clearly haven’t created a “Fortress” as we did at Highbury!!


    we should beat anyone but we clearly haven’t created a “Fortress” as we did at Highbury!!
    Yep,a fortress that Hull,breached some years ago..With a 1-0 Victory..

    Blackburn,did a job on us this year..

    Lowly teams,over the years,now come to Emirates,not looking to contain damage,but too simply pick up 3 points..

    Look at how Norwich,last season came at us…??

    Then,you’ve got MarxistDrive,banging on about Theo,with his statpack,being the main man,to turn us into a formidable force…


  67. vicky

    Marx drive

    Cant bother to put up all the instances here but u remember Swansea game……he came on,made a delightful run and won a penalty within 2 min. Before that it was all old boring tippi tappi………he is an impact player…..deserves more chances than Walnut.

  68. marxdrive


    “Then,you’ve got MarxistDrive,banging on about Theo,with his statpack,being the main man,to turn us into a formidable force…”

    Yeah, thats exactly what I was saying…….prick


    The argument was who should start the next five games. I agree that OX is an impact player but has been largely useless when starting.

  69. vicky


    On the right wing I would rather have Cazorla/Rosicky than Walnut for the next five games depending upon whether Wilshere starts or not.

  70. marxdrive

    I would rather have Caz too but that would leave us with Poli, who seems like he no longer wants to play on the left or forehead (no comment).

    Rosicky wouldn’t last five

  71. Wengers Plastic Bottle

    Ox to me is raw and rugged but looks more of a footballer.

    Theo ‘ I’ve scored enough goals and i’m gonna wind down is pathetic’

    Give Ox a go!

  72. kwik fit

    I really hope that all this bullshit about Arsenal being in talks with Ashley Williams is exactly ,well, Bullshit. We can and should do much better than a 29 year old average CB.

  73. vicky

    Kwik fit

    May be AW wants him as the 4th choice CB replacing Squillachi and Djohorou. In comparison to those guys he is an upgrade.

    It is a different matter altogether that we need a first choice CB.


    marxdriveApril 17, 2013 16:55:16
    VIX AFFAIRI couldn’t put my head between my knees, your mum was there.
    We will see,who’s the bigger prick,come the end of the season.
    With Theo given a starting berth…??!!

    Let’s see, what the athlete conjures up in b/w..

    Last I heard,you mother was visiting the Red Light District in Berlin..

    Called your father,from Berlin-said she wasn’t coming back..

    Mumbles something about she’s seeing more action on the streets,than your father could deliver in their marriage..

    Her parting words were:
    “Your son,is a product,of our local German- born postman..
    He always delivered on time..Ich lebe fur ficken…”

  75. kwik fit


    Mert and Verm should be 3rd and 4th choice. We need a quality partner to the ever improving Kos . Just hope Wenger is ‘tuning in’ and listens to the LG’ers

  76. marxdrive

    I’ve just got a tweet, the 1950’s want their postman joke back…………hahahahaha………..prick

  77. kwik fit

    It has been often said that Wenger has been a bad judge when choosing Defenders. Personally I think that his real Achilles heal is with forwards; Chamakh/Giroud/Bendtner/Park/ and le piste de la resistence ……..Gervinho.

  78. marxdrive

    Na, I’m sorry the closest one I got was:

    “Vix’s mum’s pussy Is like finger licking chicken”


  79. Thorough

    Fuck stats. Giroud getting an assist against Norwich (penalty) and a goal makes him d best player on the pitch? Ox is everything Theo is not, shoots well, dribbles well, imposses himself on the game and alltogether a better player that Theo ‘I’ll just run and hope they step off the road’ Walcot. Ox looks like d one dts spent 7years in the EPL, Theo looks like a lost puppy still.

  80. tom

    Frustrating to drop points yesterday. Still feel good about the team. They showed real character and togetherness as well as metal in resisting a tigerish Everton side.
    Arsenal stood firm against some brutal stuff in the first half, held shape and defended well. In the second half they started to excerpt their quality to dominate. They were unlucky not to win, but in the end couldn’t fashion the clear chances to score.
    Contrary to what most here have said, I reckon Giroud had a fine game. Granted he failed to score but otherwise his play was fine.
    His misses were half chances and he was involved in many of our most incisive moves.

  81. Johnty79

    Not in a nasty way but prey we miss champs league…in the long run people it’s for the best… Wengers philosophy to finally fail might actually make him wake up..spurs with a 50 m less wage bill beating us to fourth.Try wenger explaining that to kronke…considering spurs squad is better than ours our wage bill should be around the 100m range tops. If this was our wage bill I’d be happy to finish 4th or 5th.

  82. BacaryisGod

    The main reason for Giroud’s misses had nothing to do with choking when we need a winner but the location of the chances. He’s so left-footed and this is his problem. RVP worked hard to improve his right foot and Giroud needs to do the same. The Ramsey cross would have been far better to finish with his right foot if he had one and he might have got a finish off with his right on Ox’s cross but tried to poke in with his left. His miss over the bar was just a fact of hitting it on his weaker foot although to be fair he created the opening well with a great first touch and fooling the defender who assumed he would try to go to his left.

    On a positive note, Ramsey might have arrived. He’s becoming our version of the late bloomer who finally gets recognition (a little like Lucas Leiva or Darren Fletcher). Although all the attention went to JW and Ox on the contract extensions, Ramsey might prove to be the real coup.

  83. Max85

    Johnty – there’s absolutely no positive outcome in us missing top 4. Realistically won’t affect Wenger’s position next year, and we won’t be able to attract any decent players. Plus, Spurs will be able to buy big with CL money.

    Basically, we’d become the new Liverpool – struggling to make Europa with no prospects of real improvement.

  84. BacaryisGod

    Max85-you might want to give up trying to reason with Johnty. He’s not open to it.

    At this point the only two things that matter for the balance of this season is for us to finish ahead of either Chelsea or Spurs (preferably both but Spurs will do) and for Man United to not win the title at the Emirates. Based on where we are now, I would be very pleased if the season ended with those two objectives met.

  85. Jamal

    Chelsea winning 1-0 at Fulham, David Luiz with a 35 yard screamer.

    Arsenal players arnt allowed to shoot from outside the box because “Father” Arsene said so.

  86. samsenal

    Arsenal judged the 4th most valuable team in the world by Forbes.

    If you were Kroenke you would love Wenger as your Team’s manager. Money money money.

  87. jani

    Anyone else thinks Wilshere is a little soft? Somehow he has this blood, guts and thunder reputation but it has always seemed to me (including when fit) that he goes over easily and stays down long often at minimal contact. Moans quite a bit too. Not quite sure how he got a reputation for being creative either.

  88. Goongoonergone

    I’ve been saying for a while now that Giroud is a slow donkey who ambles around and throws his hands up to high heaven. Look at his work rate and that of Mirallas. Our one-eyed manager can’t damn see that Podolski is the forward we should have up front instead of Giroud. As for Whilshire, I keep saying he is over-hyped by us and the English media. All he does is lose the ball, lose his temper and when he is attacked cleanly, he often falls feigning being clobbered. He irritates me with the way he runs into people and holds the ball too long. I repeat: WILSHIRE IS NOT A GAME BREAKER. Come to think of it, when last did he score a goal for us? The one eyed one as usual waited too long to make substitutes – the man is crazy. There is no such thing as we have an easier run. How often have we fallen flat on our backsides against so-called weaker opponents? Unless Giroud, Wilshire, Walcott, Gervinho grow some balls, we can hope our rivals fall.

  89. kwik fit


    Jack has been put on a pedestal that he doesn’t yet deserve to be on. The Media have pitched their tent at his door and it’s still very much potential. The pressure however may dilute the promise and we’ve see it all before. I mean WTF did wenger play him last night. Beggers belief.

  90. Toli83

    Ha yeah, could have had BA and Sneijder for under 15 million .

    A lot of Wilshire bashing going on. Always seems to have to be someone who gets criticised, he works his bollocks off every for the club.

    Finger should be pointed at Wenger. Don’t see how he can go to the press and admit to rushing him back, then the cunt rushes him back again. What’s he playing at.

  91. DaleDaGooner

    Kwik, all too true, im of the belief that Jack is all hype, been put on a pedestle that he should not be on yet.

  92. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    Kwik – at least we should have given a decision to make. But we never bid competitively. Wengers not interested as if he hadn’t come then it would look bad o Wenger. But I think you’re right, players would rather take the Russian cash right now.

  93. Toli83

    They paid 7.5 for him and I’m sure he’s on £95k a week, that’s not as much as our Walcott . So he was definitely in range for us.

  94. kwik fit


    I disagree. Jack is not all hype. I think he has undoubted talent and has toli says he works his bollocks off but he has not reached his full potential and until he does the media must gave him some space.