Arsenal lack world class finisher | A point isn’t a knock out blow for Arsenal

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Minute Silence for Hillsborough / Boston Marathon victims (so I was told)

I don’t know why I’m not hugely deflated after yesterday’s result. I thought I would be, but I guess maybe you’re slightly influenced by the people around you and everyone had similar conclusions… we’re not quite good enough and pound for pound and Everton are a really good side.

In the end, the game was split equally because we lacked a world class finisher up front. I’m not saying Giroud can’t become that world class finisher next year, because he could, everyone thought Drogba was donkey after his first season. However, right now, he’s just not up to the job. His two skewed chances… the first in the first half when Aaron Ramsey whipped a ball into the box that Giroud rifled wide… the second in the second half when he crafted himself some space by blazed over… defined the game for me.

Last season, we had a player who didn’t just convert the chances, he’d convert the half chances. That’s what makes the difference in the games where quality wise, there’s not a whole lot in it.

Game wise, the first half was fairly even split. Everton controlled proceedings for the opening 20 minutes. Pienaar timed a perfect run through the heart of our defence and fired over when it seemed easier to hit the target. The game turned into a bit of a midfield choke-a-thon after that. Everton tried to bully us. Fellaini the main culprit. He seemed to bulldoze anyone who stepped near his turning zone (which is about a two mile radius). The referee was more interested in letting the play carry on, which I’m fine with… I just wish there was some sort of consistency with them. Gibson was the first to pick up a booking, he then made another clumsy foul minutes later and avoided a red.

Say what you want about football being a mans game… simple fact is it’s not in the Premier League… and Moyes can seriously do one on the ‘it’s how we do it up norf nonsense’. It’s how we do it over Hackney Marshes. Being a thug isn’t the preserve of the north my friend. Have you not seen a Danny Dyer film?

Everton had a promising chance when Anichebe burst through on goal, the ball was blocked and nearly found it’s way past our keeper but he pounced to snuff out the danger. Barkley, the impressive England under 21 also let off a solid shoot that Szecseny did well to get down to.

We had a couple of good chances, the Giroud miss I spoke  about earlier, then later on, Cazorla found himself bearing down on goal after some good work from Jack, but his shot was well blocked.

Jack Wilshere looked heavy legged to me. I have no idea why the manager, after suggesting he’d brought Jack too early opted to play him in a tough game. Can you imagine if he’d picked up an injury? Half time saw some handbags over some sprayed water. If I’d had WIFI I’d have found that out. As I didn’t, I’m just learning this morning of the half time horrors.

The second half was mostly ours. We kicked our game up into a different gear pretty early on. We just lacked the finish.

We brought off Theo Walcott who was poor again and we took off Jack Wilshere. The replacements were Chamberlain who moved into the middle and Podolski who slipped out wide. They made a difference. There was a renewed energy, but not the break through we hoped for. Chamberlain had a chance to blast home when on goal, he opted for cutting it across goal, giving Coleman the chance to clear. Giroud blasted over after being given a chance by Cazorla. The final miss came from Arteta who found himself in nose bleed territory… instead of shooting, he cut back and killed his chance.

The final score was 0-0. It was an intense battle, we just lacked the quality to take the match. It’s not a knock out blow by any means. It just means that the United game now plays even greater significance on our season. We have to beat them. We have to win the rest of our games. It’s going to be a tough run in and it’s going to require better finishing. The point of yesterday was it was a must not lose. We didn’t lose. We maintain our unbeaten run, we’ve just got to really pull something out the bag for our run in.

Conclusions from the game were that we defended really well as a team. I thought the keeper had a solid performance. His kicking was up to scratch and he did all the basics well. The two centre backs dealt with the aerial onslaught well. Koscielny found himself wedged between Fellaini and Anichebe for an aerial ball that he won. Amazing how slight he was in comparison.

I thought Aaron Ramsey had a good game. He covered lots of ground, he kept going until the end. If there was a trophy for running, he’d have won it for last night. It seems there is more appreciation for Ramsey outside Arsenal. Sure, he makes some bad passes, but so did Gilberto. I’m not saying they’re the same player,  but people need to recognise the job he’s doing in midfield. They need to recognise that he’s not a Cesc Fabregas. He’s more of a Flamini in the making.

Jack Wilshere looked tired to me. I think we should have started with Rosicky. As for Theo, well, everyone wanted him back in the side… and he created nothing all game. At least you can always count on Gervinho to miss 3-5 sitters again because he gets himself into the mixing pot. Theo was anonymous all game. He has a touch of the post-contract-adebayors.

I think if anything was apparent from last night, it’s that you need powerhouse players in your team. We don’t have them. We were roughed up in the first half and we became introverted. No one showed for the ball. No one stood up for themselves. We need more battlers in games like that. We have a habit of static play when things don’t go our way and it happens quite a lot. We need our very own Fellaini. Or Vieira. Or Cabaye. We need someone who can lift the side. Jack is too young to do that on his own.

In the end, we didn’t have the quality to win. It’s as simple as that. A point against Everton isn’t a bad result. They beat City two weeks ago. They’re a good side. We can’t take the ‘this isn’t good enough for Arsenal’ high ground at the moment… because with the team we have out at the moment… it probably is.

We’ve just got to hope there’s a winning reaction at the weekend.

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    you know it’s bad when Ramsey look’s like one of the more competent players on the pitch.

    tbf, Everton did exactly what we expected (or many of us did at least), make it hard for us to play and keep the pressure up for 90 mins.

    Oh well, at least the games start to come thick and fast now, so not too long to dwell.

  2. samsenal

    Very frustrating.

    In the first half Everton’s approach was one of the most nakedly cynical I’ve seen in quite a while. Arsenal often face opponents who block off our counter attacks before they get started with a shoulder charge, a hand across or an “accidental” coming together, all committed in the Arsenal half. It’s down to the referee to stamp that out so the game flows but the ref last night bottled it by keeping his card in his pocket. Fair play to Everton, why would you change tactic when it was working and you weren’t being appropriately punished? Everton looked a very good side last night, they have far more about them than Liverpool or Spurs they just lack a Bale or a Suarez. It’s a shame the draw puts them out of contention because it would have been lovely for them to have joined us in the Top 4.

    Arsenal were wasteful when the chances came – Giroud in particular had a bad night in front of goal. As I’ve said before, he’s had a respectable first season and could finish the season with 20 goals…but he isn’t going to win us the title and judging by that first half miss, when the pressure was on and one goal looked like deciding everything, he isn’t enough for us to even mount a challenge.

    Ramsey was excellent last night. Looks a good player when playing with confidence. He was everywhere, making tackles, starting counter attacks. He deserves respect for last night’s performance and his considerable improvements over the last month or so. Can I get a Witness?

    I wonder if we will see Le Grove’s message board filled with people saying “Sign Matts Hummels and Canavni. “ and “Ramsey played sh;t”….

    As for Top 4 – This is a minor set-back but far from the end of the world. I did a spreadsheet of all remaining fixtures for @rse, Sp*rs, Chavs and Sh;tty from 30th March (Reading at home). I had Everton as 3 points and Fulham away as a draw. At the time I thought we’d sneak a win in a sticky game with The Toffees but get all Craven at Fulham. Now, I think we will beat Fulham.

    In which case we’ll finish 1 point above Spurs. Anything other than 3 points at Fulham is a disaster.

  3. AFCEd

    Ramsey was excellent last night have to say. Giroud is a poor mans Van Persie, in fact a destitute in comparison.

    Spuds have got Chelsea and Man City in the next two games, however unless we beat Fulham at the Cottage (which isn’t a place we have played well in the past) we don’t deserve a top 4 spot.

    “Barkley, the impressive England under 21 also let off a solid shit that Szecseny did well to get down to.”

    Solid Shit Pedro?

  4. Latest football News

    Exactly what I thought yesterday. If we had RVP on the pitch yesterday, we would have nicked the 3 points. Giroud not totally bad but to me a second striker at best. I just hope Wenger will sort out the striker problem in the summer.

  5. Latest football News

    @Yippee Kai Yay when will people like you get off Ramsey’s back. The lad has been done well for the last 5-6 games and it is cos he is now been played in his right position.

    Blame Wenger not Ramsey.

  6. Yippee Kai Yay

    Only thing I learned last night was that ‘footballing reasons’ is still a crock of horse dung.

    When I say ‘learned’, I mean ‘was reminded of once again’.

    For about the 20th time this season.

  7. Jamal

    Fuck it Europa League will do..

    We got hammered in the 1st half, i dont understand why we start off so sloppy and then play properly in the 2nd half

  8. Tim

    Gibson should of been sent off, as blatant a red card as I have seen not given (bar Aguero and his Kung Fu Luiz stamp).

    Giroud has enough about him to be a world class striker, he gets the important bits right. He just needs that clinical edge. 17 goals in a first season is good enough.

    Podolski looked good when he came on. Chamberlain really needs a start. Wilshere was shit.

    Ramsey was the best Arsenal player on the pitch in my opinion.

  9. Moe

    Convinced Rosicky called Wenger up on his ineptness at some point in the dressing room this year. Getting Wenger to play him is like pulling out teeth. Its why Wenger don’t like older players..they see the light at the end of their careers approaching soon and no longer put up with his incompetence then get rewarded with the bench and one year contract extension. Cant think why else he didnt play him. Even worse is the fact that wenger’s season strategy put us in this position where all seems to rest on rosik-note, wound-shire and dia-broken. Where would be be had cazorla got injured.

  10. Gregg

    We play Fulham who are a powerful side themselves. We need something more than what we’ve produced in last two games where we’ve been so predictable. Harsh to say but we are a less effective team going forward with Wilshere, right now. If we can’t look to expose Senderos & Hangelaands lack of pace then I don’t know what. Whats clear is we need to convert chances and Giroud will not do that. Poor,poor finisher. I grew up watching when our main strikers were; Radford, then McDonald, Stapleton, Woodcock, Mariner, Nicholas, Smith, Wright, Anelka, Henry, Adebayor, Van Persie – This guy Giroud is the worst main striker we’ve had throughout that time, by a country mile – 11 league goals is shocking.

  11. Yippee Kai Yay

    Ramsey is average, not terrible, but average. ergo when he stands out, it is usuall because others around him have dropped their standard. As was the case last night.

    I still maintain that Arteta is the most under-rated player we have, Ramsey should be on loan to Swansea this season, not starting for us.

    and fyi, Mr Latest Football not news, When are you going to stop piggybacking off the long standing built up readership of le-grove, just to peddle your mediocre uninspiring dross?

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m guessing Walcott started because he’d help make a difference in the Norwich game. But a couple of heavy challenges and his heart wasn’t in it anymore.

    I’m not sure we got bullied out of it exactly. Arteta, Sagna and Wilshere were happy to engage in close quarters combat, we just didn’t resort to the same tactics that should have resulted in more bookings for the Everton players.

    I’m all for refs wanting to let play flow and allowing strong challenges, but cynical blocks are designedto stop flowing play and have nothing to do with winning the ball and should be punished.

    Anyway, with luck, the game will have highlighted to Wenger that we need another striker for when Giroud is wearing Gervinho’s shooting boots

  13. Yippee Kai Yay

    We’ll still make 4th though. might only be by a point. but we will.

    People get so spiky about one game, there are enough easier games than this to get the points we need. United apart it’s easy street from here.

    Just so long as the players don’t ease up too much should be a walk in the park. Well, maybe not a walk in the park, more a nervous dash down a blind alley.

  14. samsenal

    RvP would have won us the game last night. There’s no doubt. The only explanation for NOT buying a World Class striker this summer – that might be considered vaguely rational by those of a Glass half-full persuasion – is that Giroud’s presence enables midfielders/wingers to bag goals and should Arsenal have World Class in midfield we will make up for only having a modest goal-threat from our lead striker.

    That would of course require Arsenal to buy several World Class midfielders this summer instead….

    Personally, i’d be okay with Giroud in a 4-4-2 or a 4-4-1-1 if the (new!) number 10 plays close to him.

    Ramsey’s recent form has been very interesting…i’ll bet Wenger will be reconsidering recruitment plans for the summer if Ramsey plays at this level for the remainder of the season….

  15. Gus J

    Many flaws currently abide all too well in the Arsenal of today. All mentioned thoroughly on this site (and others). Fixes have been mentioned and discussed at length. Some reasonable, others not.

    While many things make me twitch in disappointment and anger, at this point they are all captured beautifully by one player (although there are plenty to choose from). Giroud. And its not even his finishing or performances as much as it is his attitude.

    One: on set pieces while the opposition are vigorously helping each other by communicating positions and being super focused, I can marvel at the french lad who is often found impersonating mimes with hand on hips. As if moving would somehow ruin his hair.

    Two: upon multiple horribly missed chances (some quite easy, by any standard really), the reaction is often a smug smile and shrug. Infuriating.

    Imagine Big Tone being a part of that. He would slap the crap out of the french twat and kindly remind him that he is paid exorbitant monies for kicking a ball about. Not to mention he is allotted the sacred honor of wearing a canon crest on his top. And the least expected of him is to effing care whether he succeeds or not.

    Truly truly miss the old guard. They effing cared! What happened to MY team? Where are they? Why does no one care?

    No wonder Wenger won’t let Keown coach his kids. They’d crap themselves in the first two minutes and run off crying back to their french daddy for consolation pats on the head. Pathetic.

  16. Bade

    A point at home in a game we totally dominated the 2nd half is a massive disappointment for me

    Not a disaster, indeed. But a big disappointment all the same

    Now we need to win our remaining games if we don’t want favours from other teams

    The direct clash between Chlesea & Spuds gives us a massive advantage, as this means both can’t overtake us , as one will lose points

  17. Leedsgunner

    What last night proved was that Everton has improved as a team from a couple years ago when we beat them 6-0. Why? They have a good manager who understands tactics. This from a team which does not have millions in transfer funds, which sell their best players every year because they have to, which lack a world class stadium.

    AFC has a world class stadium, the transfer funds, a wage bill that Everton could only dream about but they still held us at our own ground. Why? Wenger refuses to adapt, to change or to study the opposition’s weaknesses. He lacks the tactical nous to actually outplay the opposition anymore.

    Sure, we have been winning… great. But why is that? There is no pressure of any real significance. We were out of the title race long time ago. We were knocked out the domestic cups by teams far below us in stature and resources. We were humiliated in Europe by a team playing the way we used to play. Despite all these failures, if we get fourth place, we all know what this present regime will say. This car crash of a season will be hailed as a success. This squad will be hailed for their nerve and mental strength and we will go through another transfer window where key positions will be left unfilled. (The fact that this same squad capitulated so easily earlier in the season will all be forgotten.)

    As long as Silent Stan and Wengazidas are in charge, nothing will change and our trophy cabinet will remain empty.

  18. bazza

    Arteta ran himself into the ground last might as did Ramsey. Koz and Mert both had solid games. Overall it wasn’t a bad performance against a well organised Everton team.
    The two duds were Walcott and Giroud. Walcott looked like a lost little boy, he needs to be dropped and made to fight for his place. At the moment the Ox looks the better player of the two.
    It’s difficult to find any real positives about Giroud’s performance. He won a number of balls in the air but his first touch and finishing were poor. Time to try Podolski through the middle I think.

  19. mancub

    The game yesterday was typical. Was hoping we could nick a win but obviously Giroud had other plans. Ramsey is surely getting better which makes me excited about next season already. (Back to this season)… We can’t stress it any further how much we need to win all our remaining games, really hope the manager can get the boys well prepared for the run in. Up d arse!

  20. Bade

    I starting to get some tendency against playing both Ramsey & Artea in a 433 set up

    I think we’re losing some balance here. Indeed we’re defending well, but both are a very similar players right now & they offer us very little going forward

    I can’t but think maybe they’re better suited to a 442 set up

    Play Arteta & Ramsey as the holding midfielders, then play Cazorla & Podolski/Rosicky/OX on the flanks & Giroud & Theo as the strikers, or Poldy & Theo as strikers

    I think this way we will be better offensively

    But at the moment we look more comfortable defending than creating

  21. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    This whole post drips of the ridiculous complacency that permeates the club at the moment. At home to Everton, a draw? Can you see Utd, City or Chavs being happy with that? We should collectively be appalled that the stupidity of the current manager has allowed us to be so …. Average. Who sold RvP? Who bought Giroud? Who played Jack? Who thought Theo was worth 100k p/w? The 7m man, that’s who…

  22. Samir masri

    It sucks cos Fulham players are normally up for it when their do face us. It’s gonna be another easy game for berbatov.

  23. Jamal

    Theo was totally shit. I would start Ox over him and Gervinho.

    People seem to get pissed off when Ox has a poor game but say nothing when Gervinho and Theo play shit most games.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    Also it was one of those games where the defenders on both sides played very well.

    I thought all of Everton’s back 4 were excellent. Obviously sometimes players are made to look better because of the quality against them, but last night, they looked very good.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Jamal: …but say nothing when Gervinho and Theo play shit most games.

    Yeah, because no-one ever has a go at those 2 when they play poorly do they?

    Were you being ironic, or have you not been on the internet in the last 2 years?

  26. Ichiban

    Giroud has been shocking the last couple games and it would be a travesty if he isn’t dropped for the next game. Likewise Theo and Wilshere.

    Rosicky and podolski need to be in the starting line up, the Ox deserves a chance. Arteta and Ramsey have been a fairly solid midfield pairing and Ramsey has certainly looked impressive recently, here’s to hoping he carries on with this form.

    I think the defence was actually very solid yesterday, including the goalie, I was skeptical before the game and I think a point is probably the most realistic and fair result. Must win our remaining games and at least hold Utd to a draw.


  27. Tim

    Sorry but Ramsey’s form is not the form of an “average player” mate.

    World Class sides need a player who does the things no one notices. Ramsey is our Carrick or our Busquets. Nothing flashy or that exciting but he pressures the opposition, puts in the tackle, his reading of the game is improving and his passing has become quicker and more decisive.

    If you’re stilling criticising Ramsey then the fault lies with you, not him.

  28. Sam-Gooner (@Sangbaran)

    Not a word about Ramsey, I thought he bossed the midfield once the toffees stopped their cynical fouling!
    Also though Ox and Podolski almost changed the game.
    Special mention about Cazorla…his close control and distribution in the 2nd half were an absolute delight!!!

  29. Gregg

    Before the game I thought 4/6 points in the two games would have been good. It’s essential we now beat Fulham at the weekend. I’ll be interested to see whether he starts with Podolski up top, my hunch is he’ll stick Gervhino in there for his movement against two pedestrian CB’s. He’ll stick with Walcott and hopefully he’ll replace Wilshere with Rosicky. Interesting times for Wilshere, we don’t really know what his role is. He has the drive from midfiled that opens things up and i’m sure when he’s properly fit we’ll see that again, but the final product simply isn’t there.

  30. gambon

    Ive said it a million times, this team (any Wenger team) crumbles when a pressure game comes round.

    33 league games, the first true pressure game we’ve faced, and we fluff our lines.

  31. goona

    We are awful.
    Playing half a forward up front at home (Giroud is half a forward) is rubbish. He had three golden chances to score and fluffed them all; at this level we need a forward that can take at least one of those chances. Giroud can hold the ball up but when the rest of the team are 20-30 yards away it’s pointless, at times he had the whole of the Everton back five marking him- so where were our four unmarked players?….why not closing the opposition down in their half?
    Walcott, as we all knew would revert back to his “normal standard” once the ink was dry on his grossly inflated contract; he will never ever be a good player. His first touch is abysmal; he cannot beat a player, and has the physical presence of a ten year old, he is WORSE now than a couple of seasons ago.
    Aside from Gibbs, Ramsey, Podolski and the OX when they came on, the whole team were rubbish last night.
    There is no tempo to our game, we fail to shut teams down early even at home, give the other team far too much time on the ball. We play all our tippy tappy football at the back, twenty passes when one will do, twenty passes to move the ball ten yards. When we do break it is so slow the opposition have ample time to recover.
    If we are to compete next season Wenger needs to spend ALL the money he has.
    Finally on recent performances we DO NOT deserve Champions League football.

  32. AC Gooner

    Globalgunner April 17, 2013 08:46:45
    What Arsenal need more than anything is a sane manager

    Made me chuckle out loud.

  33. Gregg

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Great point about the defenders, sometimes you just have to put your hands up and appreciate that side of the game. I though Seamus Coleman in particular was outstanding, the other thing that was noticeable was the much deeper role that Fellaini played last night. They were disciplined and stuck to their task extremely well

  34. samsenal

    Will certainly be interesting to see if AW sticks with Giroud vs Fulham…you’d think with Fulham’s big oafs at CB much of Giroud’s potency might be neutered. However, I can’t see major changes to the side that played last night. Perhaps Walcott out for Podolski with Cazorla moving to the right/ But Wenger seems has recently opted for a solid base of Arteta and Ramsey with the hope that one of Santi, Giroud, Rosicky/Wilshere or Gervinho/Theo will supply a moment of magic.

    Is a must-win game away in a stadium we have often choked in the right time to start experimenting?

  35. Tim

    Arteta at his age will become a bit-part player next season. This is what I think we should do this close-season.

    Get rid of: Sagna, Arshavin, Squillaci, Djourou, Diaby, Denilson, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Fabianski, Gervinho.

    Promote: Akpom, Gnabry, Bellerin,

    Buy: Julio Cesar. Micah Richards. Fellaini. Jovetic. Reus.

    GK: Mannone, Szczesny, Julio Cesar.
    RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson.
    CB: TV, Kos, Per + MRichards (who can also play RB)
    LB: Gibbs, Monreal.
    CM: Le Coq, Arteta, Ramsey, Fellaini, Wilshere.
    CAM: Cazorla, Rosicky.
    LW/RW: Chambo, Reus, Theo, Gnabry.
    CF: Giroud, Jovetic, Podolski, Akpom.

  36. AC Gooner

    Giroud and Walcott were quite useless last night.

    At least Gervinho gets something going, he might fluff his shot at the end, but at least there is some deep deep penetration going on. And we all like that.

    Jack was sharper than Norwich but I think it was risky playing him.

    Seems the spell on the bench did some good for Chesny, he was very focused and did well.

  37. the_real_andy

    although you have to fault the team 100 % for not winning this game (not even wenger as everything worked quite well as far as I´m concerned) but the ref was awful. unbelievable. in a game like this with everton jumping into every loose ball you have to show you´re the boss in the first 15 minutes – which he didn´t. I was really afraid we would get some bad injuries out of this game.

    believe me – half time whistle didn´t come one second too early. it was necessary that both managers (by the way – arteta and jack didn´t wait long for jumping in in the same style like evertonians did) were able to speak to their players to calm them down a little bit – and what happened? correct, we easily bossed the game in the second half. without heavy challenges they didn´t have any chance against us to be honest.

    gibson had to receive his second booking. what an idiot this ref was. what´s his name? I´ve never seen him before

    back to the game. for me we looked defensively 100 % solid. pienaar´s chance in the first half was the only problematic action. the anichebe chance pedro was talking about was cleared by gibbs (or maybe kos I´m not sure). it looked far more dangerous than it really was. while we created many many chances. we didn´t convert them, giroud was at fault, ox was at fault (it was a real bad pass to giroud, he should have tried it on his own or pass better), arteta – what did he do there?

    a quite obvious point I didn´t see anyone of you mention before – cazorla is obviously over played. he needs a rest. 2 games in a row he´s anonymous and nowhere near the level he generally has. that´s ok for me, I don´t fault him for that but he should be benched at the weekend and get a breather. maybe a little cameo if necessary around 70th minute if craven cottage works out to be problematic for us (don´t think so to be honest). giroud needs a breather too, you can see him and cazorla making far too many mistakes they didn´t do 2 or 3 weeks ago which for me is an indicator for being mentally tired.

  38. bayo

    The difference yesterday was Giroud’s open net miss in the 1st half. That would have changed everton’s set up for the second half. I thought the team played well as everton defended with 9 players. If you dont score a goal early (Giroud’s miss)….teams set up like everton yesterday wont come out of their defensive shape and we did not have a player like Hleb that can open any team up.

  39. Nasri's Mouth


    That Everton played Fellaini deeper says something about what they wanted from the game. I’d always thought they play for a draw, but there seemed to be a fair few people that thought they’d go for a win to try to get CL football.
    They didn’t really do that, Mertesacker and Koscielny dealt with Anichebe very well, and Moyes didn’t try to give him any help. They came for a draw, with the slim hope that they’d nick a goal. Since our defensive ‘tightening up’ that’s become less likely than it would have been 6 months ago

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: People who are wrongfully blaming the ref:

    Without even bothering to ask how accurate their information is, what has that table got to do with last night’s game?

    Oh, nothing. Carry on then

  41. Gregg

    Agreed, I think they thought they’d keep it tight and nick one from a set piece, even if there was only a few minutes left.

    Weekend is a biggy, though lets see what happens at Craven Cottage tonight.

  42. gambon



    If you keep getting decisions in your favour you have to expect it to balance out.

    I dont see people on here condemning refs when they gift us games, like West Brom & Norwich this season, so they have no right to moan when the decisions go against us.

    Carry on dickhead.

  43. Steve Harris

    Quite frankly, the moaning, screaming, whinging performance by Arsenal last night was the worst i`ve witnessed in my many years of watching football.

    Its so disappointing because I have always admired the football that The Gunners have displayed over the years but last night they were a total embarassment!

    Mikel Arteta, who is one of my all time favourite Evertonians, has gone way down in my estimation for his continual whinging and running to the referee over every challenge . It was only his over the top protests that led to Gibson being yellow carded which seemed a perfectly timed winning of the ball tackle from my seat behind the goal.

    By far the worst though was that full back of yours who insists on wearing those rediculous `girlie beads`, rolling away holding his head even though Pienaar had missed him by 3 feet! I would honestly hate it if Everton had to resort to those tactics and players that scream and feign injury, ie: every Arse player last , are a `cancer` in the game and it must be stopped by restrospective judges that should show, name and shame the culprits

    Arteta`s desire to play for a club that wins trophies has badly backfired by joining the joke that Arsenal have become and they remain has far away from winning anything as Everton are, and after last nights embarassing display, I am more than delighted about that.

  44. Johnny5

    I don’t know what game some of you were watching but for well over half that game Everton bullied and bossed our midget weak midfield. They were better than us in the middle of the park pretty much the whole first half. Giroud will never be world class either. He doesn’t have anything about him at least twice last night a break was on and he hadnt even bothered to get himself up the pitch. And he needs to learn how to finish off a cross before next season because let’s face it jovetic etc won’t happen we might get a keeper and a DM but that’s about it. Wengers selection again cost us. How many times will he be allowed to do it before he’s told to sort his shit out?

  45. vicky

    Amid all the gloom this season, I am happy that we are no more a defensively fragile team. We have shown that we can deal with “tough” football. That is a welcome change.

  46. gambon

    Giroud is absolutely shocking

    he needs 9 chances to score a goal, which is absolutely appalling. Championship strikers are better than that.

  47. fabulous

    You echoed my thoughts on the inconsistencies of the referee, it was as if he was also from ‘Up Norf’ And I think Giroud isn’t what we are looking for, he’s his own No1 enemy. Plays lazy one touch here and there and fails to commitment of late. Tired? Or a glorified Berthner? Time will tell!

  48. fabulous

    You echoed my thoughts on the inconsistencies of the referee, it was as if he was also from ‘Up Norf’ And I think Giroud isn’t what we are looking for, he’s his own No1 enemy. Plays lazy one touch here and there and fails to commit of late. Tired? Or a glorified Berthner? Time will tell!

  49. arsenal tom

    Gibson should have been sent off technically but his first tackle was never a yellow so it all evens itself out.

    Giroud has proved a decent striker but we need top class. address that and some power in CM/DM and and a GK and our squad isn’t looking too bad.

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    If you keep getting decisions in your favour you have to expect it to balance out.

    well, actually you don’t. If you throw a coin in the air and get heads 5 times in a row, the next time you throw it, the chance of heads is still 50/50. That’s pretty basic stuff.

    Secondly, whether we’ve been lucky in previous games, why should that stop us from pointing out that the ref made bad decisions last night? It shouldn’t.
    He did, and he should be picked up on it.

    And as someone who is critical of players when they play poorly but ignore them when they play well, your other comment is pretty laughable isn’t it? You actually do exactly what you’re blaming others for.

    Now who’s the dickhead? Oh look, it’s you. Again

  51. samsenal

    yeah, c’mon Gambon no one’s moaning that we are ALWAYS hard done by but last night the ref was weak. He saw a potentially explosive game developing and he closed his eyes and hoped it would go away without him having to do anything controversial.

    He bottled the Gibson red-card decision and he bottled giving yellow cards to multiple cynical fouls by Everton which would have then hampered their ability to stay in the game as long as they did.

    it’s not the ref’s fault we fluffed our chances but his inaction made the game harder for Arsenal than it should have been.

  52. bayo

    Johnny 5

    I dont think everton bossed the midfield as we still moved the ball very well…This kind of matches you dont get more than 2 or 3 chances to score but the habit of needing 10 chances to score a goal cost us the points……..We need a CF that can score not Giroud with his theatrics…..the guy and Walcot should not be paid this week

  53. jay 83

    watching arsenal has been so painfull last three years im not renewing my season ticket. losing actually doesnt hurt no more this seasons been a joke again.. if we dont buy a decent striker in summer…turn off my life support machien

  54. bc

    Fulhams pitch is very narrow so for that reason I would play 4312 with cazorla behind chamberlain and podolski. A midfield trio of arteta ramsey and rosicky or wilshire or coquelin whoever is the fittest. The other 2 on the bench. The height of giroud is not important on Saturday but the pace is as the back 4 is slow. Therefore gervinho and walcott should be used from the bench.

    People need to eat some humble pie with ramsey. He has been dragged through the mill over the last few years. The leg break, being played out of position, the death of his close friend, mentor and the man who believed in him so much to make him captain of his country, then the taking away of that captaincy tagged along with abuse from his own fans not just through social media but from the terraces too. Now still as the youngest player in the 25 man squad – younger than craig eastmond let’s not forget – he is proving the old saying form is temporary class is permanent could never be spoken in more truth. Of all the players in the opta index ramsey has the best pass rate and the most success rate. He is one of the best tacklers and he covers more ground than everyone. He is a proper CM and is now proving that. Wenger now needs to get wilshire fit then revert to a 4312 formation. Once everyone is fit wilshire arteta ramsey as 3 will be awesome with cazorla playing behind a front 2. Giroud has done ok but podolski alongside one of chamberlain or walcott is what I want to see on Saturday. If wilshire is not fit then hopefully rosicky will be if not chamberlain or coquelin could slot in alongside arteta and ramsey.

  55. Eric

    If wenger doesn’t get someone better than Giroud next season, the story will remain the same. Giroud is another chamark. Wenger is disgusting. When is he going to leave arsenal alone?

  56. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Correct 50/50…..which means theres a 50% chance youre gonna be wrong/on the end of a wrong decision.

    You dont tell the world you are a coin flip guessing expert the 50% of times you guess right, then moan that fate is against you the 50% of the time you are wrong.

    You cant overlook the times you get bad decisions and moan when they are given against you, makes you a hypocrite and a cunt.

    The only people that have any right to moan about last nights refereeing are the people that came on condemning the refs when we got decisions in our favour….

    Carry on.


    Giroud didn’t score but he had a decent game in my opinion, why walcot still get to start games beat me, Gervinho would have played better, I think the team will get better next season that is if we don’t sell our best players again. For me Wenger is still the man for the job but the team has to be fortified, two or three top quality players will greatly improve the team. Great post Pedro!

  58. a.k.b nemesis

    Every team is a reflection of their manager

    proud,die hard mentality,flamboyant
    clinical(he was a clinical striker),solid,experienced
    pep guardiola-fresh,young,tacticaly astute.

  59. gambon


    Ramsey was very good last night.

    We dont need Strootman…..if we wanna finish 4th and 5th every season.

    I would rather be fighting for the PL and CL thouugh… strange like that, i actually would like to see us win trophies.

    Weird eh?!

  60. telarse

    Spot on Goona,

    Ridiculous how difficult it was for our defenders to move the ball forward last night. No movement in front of them at all at times.

    Theo just doesn’t have the skill, control to beat a defender – such a waste of pace! A good clip early on usually ends his interest – as was shown last night.

    Gibbs is a far better winger than Theo, I’d love Gibbs to start in front of Monreal on the left and keep Cazorla central.

    I would definitely give Podolski a start in the middle and Ox a start on the right and keep Arteta and Ramsey where they are.

    Per-shaped will always worry me – too slow, unfeasibly crap in the air and too many brain-farts where he lets opponents in behind him while he’s ambling out to play offside.

    Kosser’s my 1st choice and Vermaelen 2nd (until a decent partner is found for Kosser).

    At least Sagna had a decent game for a change but I’ll be perfectly happy when Jenkinson takes that spot!

    Practically any other premiership keeper will be an improvement in goal!

  61. bayo

    Arsenal should take a look at Dzeko…Man city wants to sell the guy but no takers because of his wages…..I think we can get him for 12 million and he will take a wage cut.

  62. vicky

    Giroud can’t be a lone striker for any good team imo. He can be effective as a support striker. But we are unlikely to play with two strikers. So a lethal striker should be our first priority next season.

  63. samsenal

    Gambon, that hypocrisy makes you a Football Fan. It’s perfectly normal.

    Besides, you can recognise that Walcott was offside for Arsenal’s 3rd vs Norwich and not worry about too much about the injustice when you see their guy dive for the free-kick that they scored from, or the fuss they made during and after the game over the correctly awarded penalty. Only very VERY strange Arsenal fans would go on to a blog and curse the ref for his performance against Norwich.

    I’m curious what your view of the ref’s performance was last night. You can’t seriously suggest that his cowardice was acceptable, can you?

  64. enkben

    Which decisions were considered in making that table? Does it take into account fouls not given, yellow and red cards free kicks and penalties not awarded?

  65. gambon

    “.I think we can get him for 12 million and he will take a wage cut.”

    Or we can stop trying to be cheap and accept that to compete we need to start spending proper money and paying world class wages.

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: You cant overlook the times you get bad decisions and moan when they are given against you, makes you a hypocrite and a cunt

    Lol, even after I pointed out the hypocrisy in your last post, you continue. You clearly don’t realise that as someone who overlooks the good performances of players and only comments on the bad ones, you’re condemning yourself as a hyprocrite and a cunt too.

    What a brilliant own goal..

    Means I STILL don’t even need to question the accuracy of that little table you dug up, or ask you to give some proof to your claim of me being an AKB.

  67. samsenal

    Gambon – fair enough. But you have to admit Ramsey is looking more and more like a useful guy to have in the squad. He may crumble and look dreadful again between now and the end of the season but if he continues in the same form he will have proved the more extreme doubters very very wrong.

  68. gambon


    Not curse the ref, bit admit we got lucky.

    Every single time any other team, especially UTD, City, Chelsea get a pen all i see if everyone saying its dodgy and that the world is against Arsenal.

    then when we got 2 ridiculous penalties against West Brom to gift us the game no-one said a thing.

    I did, i also said i didnt care, as lucky/unlucky decisions are part of the game, if you accept the luck you have to accept the bad decisions as well.

    What did i think of the reffing? He let the game flow, which was good, Gibson couldve gone, but it was hardly an appalling decision. Also, as it was still the first half, and Walcott had a lot of momentum, he was never going to get sent off, so it was clever play.

    We didnt fail to win because of the ref, we failed to win cos Wenger is a complete fucking idiot, who played Wilshere despite 24 hours previously saying he wasnt fit, he also sold the best striker in the PL and bought that sack of shit Giroud, who takes 9 shots to score a goal.


    Why do you think a player of Dzeko quality will take wage cut? I believe we can pay his wage if we are able to get crap players off our book. Top players gets top wages!

  70. Raz

    Pedro, there’s no question Ramsey was our best player over 90 mins. Why can’t you just say it? Cazorla might have been for the last 20, sure, but their midfield would have trounced us all game were it not for Ramsey. I wasn’t sure whether he deserved MOTM last week but last night? 100%

    Also, you say we need someone like Fellaini, or Vieira, or Cabaye? I can only assume that was sarcasm?

  71. gambon

    “You clearly don’t realise that as someone who overlooks the good performances of players and only comments on the bad ones”

    Since when do i do that?

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    There are other strikers I’d prefer us to sign ahead of Dzeko, and probably for less wages. Not a good choice IMO

  73. gambon


    Yes, hes playing well.

    Would he be a first XI player for UTD, City, Bayern, Dortmund, Madrid, Barca?

    Nope, so why should he be for us.

    As ive said a million times, I would like Arteta & Ramsey as squad players, the new Parlour & Edu if you will.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    Lets compare the number of times you’ve praised Koscielny and the number of times you’ve dragged up the video of the carling cup final shall we?

    Basically you’re just being a wanker and desperately trying to make some point that ignores how football fans behave the world over.

  75. Gelbs

    Makes me laugh how Arsenal fans get so anxious over 4th spot. Ask yourself this. Who really gives a flying fuck? Top 4 is important in general. But NOT in Arsenal’s case. Why? Where has getting top 4 ever got Arsenal, in these past 8 years or so? They never win the CL, never spend (invest) the money they gain from it on top quality players neither. Waste of fucking time. All these players Cunt has signed these past years, are average, and would of joined regardless of whether or not the team had qualified for the CL.
    A team too like Everton who deserve it more than Arsenal anyway. Purely because they would invest where they could from the money gained via qualification etc. Fucking sad moronic fans and manager and board. “Oooo it’s so important we get 4th spot!!!” Meanwhile, another ex-Arsenal player is soon to be crowned Champions at his new club. Just like all the others that left. Whilst Arsenal with the highest paid tickets, manager etc in the world, are struggling for 4th spot against the likes of Spurs and Everton who could only dream of having the money Arsenal do. So fucking sad. And this Cunt still be in the job in the summer. Anyone that still goes to the Emirates and in-particularly defends Wenger. Is nothing short of a fucking cunt. Just die.

  76. gambon


    Ive also said that Koscielny would be my third/fourth choice CB, hes never been on my “out” list.

    No team will win trophies with Koscielny level CBs in the first team, but theres no shame in being a squad player at a club like Arsenal.

    He is a clumsy cunt though, that needs to be highlighted.

  77. bayo


    Getting a good player at a decent price does not make you cheap as long as he is quality. I am not really sure one of your favorite players (lewandowski) would do a better job than him.

  78. gooner87


    Kos is an excellent squad player, especially if you look at some of the truley atrocious back up options we have had over the years like stepanovs, cygan, silvestre and squid. kos is miles better than them, but we need a first team starter a real beast to go alongside mertesacker

  79. enkben

    Strootman plays box to box, wilshere plays box to box. We don’t need strootman. We need a holding midfielder who has B2B abilities, Capoue will do

  80. samsenal

    Gambon – having booked Gibson, and with Everton tackles flying in all over the shop the ref should have sent Gibson off. It may only have been on the halfway line but it’s the speedy guy that was taken out. That could have developed into a dangerous situation for Everton.

    I admit i’m a little hostile to the “Clever play” approach when it has happened so often against us over the years (even Great United sides used to resort to it against the Greater Arsenal sides). If it’s met with a card then fine. Indeed i called for Nacho to take a yellow right at the end (can’t remember who he brought down) because we could have been in bigger trouble.

    Teams use “Clever Play” fouls repeatedly when refs don’t pull out cards. In which case the ref has failed to control the game (because a Team chooses to repeatedly break the rules); he has therefore failed to do his job.

  81. bayo


    Dzeko does not have lots of takers presently so man city will have to take a lower price and he will have to reduce his 120k wages as am sure he wants to stay in the premier league…..I think he is a decent player that needs to play regularly but if arsenal can get something better, i would not mind….I just dont think strikers like loic remy, aubumeyang, lewandowski that we have been linked s with is better than him

  82. Nasri's Mouth


    Saying he’s 3rd / 4th choice is besides the point though.

    You’re very quick to insult, but very slow to praise, exactly like football fans with referees, exactly like those ‘hypocrites and cunts’ you brought up, that overlook the good decisions and focus on the bad ones.

    So those people who “are wrongfully blaming the ref” in your words are doing only what you do.

    If you’re going to slate them, then slate them when they ignore the good decisions, not bring up the bad ones.

    And for the record, I don’t see anyone here saying we actually lost the game because of the ref. (I haven’t read everyone’s comment) I’ve only seen people saying the ref got it wrong.

  83. Gelbs

    I bet the Arsenal board seriously can’t wait for Le Cunt to gain 4th spot neither. Purely because it will (in their eyes) justify a new bumper contract waiting for him to sign.
    That’s another thing as well. Everyone thinks Wenger deserves credit for top 4. That has nothing to do with him being a top drawer manager. It’s more to do with the fact that the teams below them, are crap and not good enough to properly challenge, and always bottle it.
    Almost 17 years in charge, and yet, only 5 years have been successful under Wenger. Wow, that a record, Deserves another bust!!

  84. Danny

    Arteta never tries against Everton – he had a great chance to score but you can see he didn’t want to.

    Be interesting to watch Fulham tonight, hopefully they’ll make an effort.

  85. Dale de Ruig

    When was the last time they showed Wenger in the stands watching our next opposition?

    Ramsey was good, happy to have him around the squad.

    We have a team that is desperate for a couple of world class players.

    Ramsey will look better next to a world class DM/CM as he is not much more than a solid squad player.

  86. gambon

    When would I praise Koscielny? Hes hardly had any good games for us.

    Spurs & Newcastle away in the CC in his first season, fair enough.

    People go on about Barca at home in 10/11, but they had over 20 shots on goal, he was terrible that night.

    Barca away, gave away a pen and was torn to pieces.

    If he plays well i’ll praise him.

    So far his Arsenal career has been all about terrible mistakes & clumsiness.

    Too many fans like you are obsessed with finishing 4th. Finishing 4th is terrible, and should be the minimum, when we finish 4th there should be an inquest not a celebration wherer Wenger, Gazidis & Nasris Mouth get together and play soggy biscuit.

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    Danny: Arteta never tries against Everton – he had a great chance to score but you can see he didn’t want to.

    I think he was pretty determined against Everton. He had quite a few squabbles with Fellaini. Even though he looked half his side.

    Likewise Sagna looked a little more back to his old self. Combative.

  88. samsenal

    After last night’s draw finishing above Chelsea will be tough. Even if they drop points in their difficult games we will struggle to catch them (trust me, the Fixture List Spreadsheet hath spoken).

    We just need to beat Fulham because failure to do so makes a game against United a must-win hideous experience and in which case Spurs will have their tails up. So i wouldn’t be too upset if Chelsea beat the sh;t out of Fulham tonight.

  89. gambon


    We either need a great recovery CB alongside Mertesacker, or we need 2 CBs.

    Mertesacker & Sakho would work well IMO, but Sakho isnt lightning.

    Rami & Ogbonna would make a good pairing IMO.

  90. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: So far his Arsenal career has been all about terrible mistakes & clumsiness.

    See, you keep proving my point…

  91. Eric

    Pedro, there’s no point likening Drogba’s first season to Girouds’. The former’s all round ability and intelligence was much better despite not scoring. Giroud is at best a leagte one category. He’s technically poor and not quick enough. The team may have been terrible all season, but if you go back to the first game of the season through the most recent, then you’ll know that Giroud has been the worst culprit because he misses too many good chances whereas some strikers need half chances. If Wenger doesn’t get someone better than Giroud next season, the story will remain the same. Giroud is another chamark. Wenger is disgusting with his likeness for average players. When is he going to leave arsenal alone?

  92. enkben

    Wilshere is overrated. And pigs re flying. Its surprising only some arsenal fans say this.
    Also, have you ever heard the word
    “squad”? And yh I’ve heard of dat word, but will I be willing to spend that much money on a back up? Not when I have Ramsey

  93. gambon

    Did anyone hear about Amy Lawrences comments at the AST meeting this week?

    Apparently Wenger is 100% to blame for the pathetic wage structure, and the board have tried over and over to get him to spend but he refuses, citing the fact that his squad is fine.

  94. Pedro

    Eric, for club and country… in 38 games, Giroud has 20 goals and 13 assists.

    You don’t get 13 assists if you don’t have footballing intelligence.

    Drogba was a laughing stock after his first season. That is fact.

  95. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Too many fans like you are obsessed with finishing 4th. Finishing 4th is terrible, and should be the minimum

    I don’t understand why this type of comment keeps being posted. It’s bollocks.

    All the Arsenal fans I know are ONLY obsessed with finishing 4th (or in the top 4) because it IS the bare minimum and at that point in the season when we’ve fucked up any chance of getting anything better.

  96. gambon


    Wilshere who doesnt score, doesnt assist, passes no better than James McCarthy at high flying Wigan?

    Hes a nothing player right now. Not a good deep CM and well out of his depth as an AM.

  97. Dale de Ruig

    And, I don’t know how it isn’t difficult for Wenger to watch this team.

    They are the most technically inept Arsenal side Wenger has managed.

  98. Danish Gooner

    Chavski have a lot of difficult games coming up and so have spuds.Forget beating United that is never gonna happen but we could get a draw and if we win the rest we will be in cl qualification heaven.

  99. the_real_andy

    gambon so you think norwich was a wrong decision? pardon me? I hope you´re talking about the walnut´s offside in our 3rd goal and not about the blatant foul by kamara?

  100. gambon


    At the top level (PL and CL) Giroud has 13 goals, terrible.

    He also has a conversion rate of 1 in 9 shots, which is just pathetic.

    RVP has 1 in 6
    Benteke has 1 in 6.2
    Lewandowski has 1 in 4

  101. Gregg

    Strikers ? well we need to be realistic on who would want to come & who we could get. The Cavani’s of this world ain’t coming here, neither Falcao.

    Barca are gonna phase Tello into their side next year so it’s a given that David Villa will leave. Bayern are probably likely to be letting Mario Gomez go aswell. Thats the type we can realistically attract aswell as the usual promising youngsters, but for the love of god lets steer clear from the shit that we’ve been buying from the French league. Please !

  102. the_real_andy

    ok gambon for your information

    drogba first two seasons: 10 goals in EPL, 5 in UCL, 2nd season 12 in EPL, 1 in UCL

    I don´t want to get into details about world class players like shevchenko or torres who aren´t/weren´t able to get above 10 goals a season.

    give him one more season and let´s check what he can do

  103. The Poldi Prince

    Pretty sure I called gibbs as a high potential winger during the last offseason and was ridiculed.

    Can get past anyone and has one of the best final balls in the team (albeit that isnt a massive achievement in this squad).

    Would still offer something defensively in that position too.

    Would be interesting in a defensive line up and great on a counter.

  104. Nasri's Mouth


    Drogba may have been shit and a laughing stock in his first season, but you can’t use that to extrapolate that Giroud will make similar improvements. It’s possible, but we shouldn’t rely on it by any means. Sign a top class striker in the summer and if Giroud does come good, we’re laughing

  105. Raz

    The ref argument’s an interesting one. Not sure where I sit there. It’s true, we were gifted Norwich and West Brom, no doubt about it. Does that mean it’s acceptable for a ref to be as shit as he was last night? Absolutely not. I’d rather have the best refereeing possible and bare the fair consequences – then there’s no complaining. I for one am not at all happy we beat WB at home with two penalties – although we certainly won one fair and square. I’d rather we got a more realistic result and this club and manager got the kick up the arse it needs. Going 1-0 down to Norwich at home is just an absolute JOKE.

    In other news, someone said Cazorla’s been overplayed – perhaps. but that’s not why he was anon first half yesterday and last weekend. It’s because he starts out wide. He’ shit out wide. This is just Arshavin mark 2 territory – playing a clear cut ACM in LW is bollocks.

    Santi needs to be in the middle by rights, and have the freedom to steer the game across the pitch as he needs to. Starting him out left just so Wilshere can start just proves Wenger doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing with this squad at all.

    I’ve been saying all season that if we start with Jack, Santi, Ramsey and Arteta then the midfield chokes and the team is unbalanced. The players prove it every single time they play. You think it’s coincidence that Santi looked amazing when Jack was injured but has been less so since Jack’s return? It’s not, it’s logic.

    As for Theo, I again said if he starts he’ll be gash, and that’s exactly what happened. Piss poor performance. Why the Ox is getting fewer starts than last season is anybody’s guess. Wenger is just a prick imo.

    People say we don’t have the squad to compete – well we’d be a lot closer to having the squad to compete if Wenger used the team properly. For example:

    -Starting Arteta or Ramsey in DM role, not both.
    -Starting Rosicky or Jack in CM role
    -Starting Santi in ACM role and buying another one for the bench.

    That solves most of our midfield problems. If any of those players have a bad game their is someone on the bench of top quality ready to come on. It’s what all the top teams have at their disposal except us. We could protect Santi by taking him off after 70 ins – and then we could either have replaced him with Arshavin for closing out games and still offering an ACM for counters. Or we could bring on Ramsey to go alongside Arteta to see out the games. Or we could straight swap Arteta for Ramsey to protect him. Same with Rosicky and Jack. The problem is starting all 4, and lacking one outstanding ACM option to share duties with Cazorla throughout the season.

    Why the fuck did we sign one of the most ruthless finishers about and not play him in the middle? I knew he wouldn’t start, I said so in my blog, and I knew if we were chasing the game he’d have to come on.

    Is Wenger such a dick that he wants to ‘see if Giroud is up to it’ before bringing on the decent players? I like Giroud but only a MUG signs Podolski, benches him all season and then plays him wide left.

    Wenger needs to go.

  106. enkben

    If u say so. But when I watch wilshere play, I see a player who dribbles past players, who can tackle, excellent passer and forces things to happen. I wonder how many of strootman’s matches u ve watched

  107. Doublegooner

    Another night where Wenger got it wrong.

    Wrong team start.

    Wrong with 1 weak man up front alone.

    Bar the 2 centre halves only Podolski has the build of a man able to match the physical nature of this league.

    I for one get scared of the money he’s likely to waste again in the summer.

  108. gambon


    Enough to see that hes bigger, stronger, more powerful than Wilshere.

    He passes more, he passes better, he scores more, he tackles more, much better long passer.

  109. goona

    So in conclusion, after reading all of the above, I believe most of us agree that we are crap!….and getting worse….
    And worse
    And worse….

    Wenger needs to go!

  110. marxdrive

    Bade April 17, 2013 08:59:24

    “The direct clash between Chlesea & Spuds gives us a massive advantage, as this means both can’t overtake us , as one will lose points”

    I’m not sure If someone pointed It out earlier but thats wrong. If Spuds beat Chelski and Chelski win their ‘other’ game in hand they could both go ahead, by one point.

    Arsenal 33 60
    Chelsea 31 58
    Tottenham 32 58

  111. TitsMcgee

    You buy cheap players you get cheap player results.

    You get players that need about 10 chances to score one goal.

    Then sign other players whose first touch sends the ball about 10 feet.

    We are getting what we pay for and it will serve Wenger right if we fail to make 4th.

    Even if we did it’s not like we are winning the UCL next year anyways because nothing will change.

    THAT team you saw out there yesterday ISN’T WINNING A DAMN THING the way it is right now. So whether we make the UCL or not is all just about “bragging rights” right now rather than having a legit shot at winning the thing.

  112. seventhwave101

    If we dont keep Sagna theres something wrong with us he was one of the only people who cared last night. Walcott 100K a week ? , he must be laughing his rich arse off, his 1st touch is appalling , I swear he dribbles with his eyes closed, but we’re stuck with the twat. Speaking of twats…. Giroud I dont care how many goals/assists hes had its the NUMBER of opportunities he has…here it comes…..My Gran would score as many with the ammount of chances he has, in the Premiership you just cant be that wasteful, oh for a striker………..I yeah we’ve signed loads and they are all crap Nik, Chamakh, Gerv and about 5 others who are on loan cos noone wants them.

  113. TitsMcgee

    It’s going to come down to us and Spuds.

    Chelsea are only 2 points behind with 2 games in hand.

    Spuds have Citeh and Chelsea but we have UTD which sad to say is almost a guaranteed loss the way they are playing and the pressure that game will bring.

    We need to win all of our other games. Lose to any other team but UTD and things will slip away.

  114. DM

    Couldn’t agree more about lacking a finisher – what we need is to spend really big on a front man. I know it’ll never happen but imagine the impact of spending £40m to bring Cavani. Then £15m on a decent DM and our team looks a completely different beast.

    As I said, I know it won’t happen but I just don’t get why the media have been focussing on us bringing in a playmaker – Goetze for £30m, for example – when what we need is a striker that’ll make the rest of the league jealous.

    And I actually think Giroud would be a BRILLIANT second striker in a 4-4-2 or similar formation. He gets his head on everything, brings the ball down well, has a good passing ability including little flicks and especially excellent layoffs. His problem has been not really having anyone good enough to lay them off to!

  115. TOLI83

    Nothing really more to say than that we need a world class striker, nothing we didn’t already know when we sold our world class striker.

    Ox needs to start next game, and it will be interesting to see if he sticks with Giroud .

    I personally think Giroud could be a lot of use to us in a 4-4-2, with someone like Podolski alongside him. As I said last night, no use playing anyone with no pace in a 4-3-3 regardless of whether they are a good finisher or not.

    People say Walcott was shit but we barley got the ball out to him quickly enough anyway. That said Ox can beat players easily it seems and has a lot more in his locker, and we need to give him a run in the team to build his confidence so he becomes a complete player. If he had more swagger and confidence he would have shot instead of sliding across to Giroud and probably would have scored.

  116. Just Curious

    Gambon, watch alittle more of Strootman, not snippets but large portions of his,you’ll notice he’s not as good as you think YET but could be in a season or two

  117. BERMY BOY

    I’m reading the same comments said in a hundred different ways,our collective mental strenght isn’t changing squat.Get ready for it….

    Wenger out

  118. El Pige

    April 17, 2013 10:43:57
    Did anyone hear about Amy Lawrences comments at the AST meeting this week?Apparently Wenger is 100% to blame for the pathetic wage structure, and the board have tried over and over to get him to spend but he refuses, citing the fact that his squad is fine.
    If this is true why is he still employed as manager and if he is not carrying out the wishes of the board then why bother to extend his contract time and time again. Sometimes you can stagnate and fresh personnel with different ideas have to come on board. I think that if Wenger leaves it will take someone a while to weed out the dross on their overpaid salaries.

  119. BERMY BOY

    We need a new striker.
    No serious,we need a new striker

  120. Raz

    I am with Gambon (rare I know) – we need to sign top quality players and stop singing mediocre players and hoping they over-perform consistently before selling them.

    Interestingly though –

    In 2013:
    Giroud – shots 156, on goal 66 (42%), goals 20 = 13%.

    RVP : Shots 178, on goal 80 (45%) goals 33 = 18.5%

    That’s the difference in quality. One player is good, whereas the other is world class and will have the quality to find the gap more. Just proves that Giroud doesn’t put away his chances well enough. It means he hits too many shots at the keeper/woodwork whereas someone with elite quality will find the net.

    For interested people:

    Suarez – Shots 241, on target 100 = 41%. That’s LESS than Giroud. BUT – goals 38 = 16%.

    I love stats haha. Just goes to show that if Giroud had the amount of chances Suarez and Liverpool create, he’d score more ‘in theory’. What it doesn’t account for is that Suarez creates most of his own chances.


    Podolski – shots 75, on target 26 (35%), goals 15 (20%)


    I heard a rumour Podolski’s been playing with an injury all season and were it not for lack of options he’d have had an op and been ruled out ALL season. What the actual fuck?

    Can anyone confirm/disprove this?

  121. ardentgooner


    He has a minor problem which will be operated on in the summer. Its been well reported in Germany. he continues to play for Germany and arsenal meanwhile which suggests its not serious. But wenger is doing the right thing by not over working him.

  122. reality check

    Everybody having a go today. Hehe.

    fuck em’ its a mans game. You win some, you lose some. If giroud finishes his chances, nobody remembers the ref.

    you could say he’s a good player or an average player, there are valid points for both arguments at this stage in his career.
    Fact is he has the raw ingredients to become a great, so let’s just wait. We gave cesc time, rvp time. I think with can give ‘one of our own’ some time.

    Deluded. Admits he brought jack back to soon for the norwich game. Then brings him straight back into the everton game! You couldn’t make this shit up!

    After last nights game I’d say this is our best spine.

    Podolski CF , Cazorla AM, Arteta DM, Per CB, Szceny or flappy GK (doesn’t matter there both cack)

  123. Rob

    Giroud showed yesterday why he’s a squad striker and not a first choice week in week out.His miss first half was shocking,we need a more intelligent frontman to get the best out of this team.I mean 1 away league goal all season is terrible.We’ll know in the next couple of weeks whether Wenger plans on signing a new one or not,if he persists then we’ll be in the Market but if he starts bringing in podolski/Walcott or that useless runt gervinho as the lone frontman then it’ll be back to experiment time in the hope they land one good performance and give enough time for him to convince everyone we have enough in the squad.Flat performance yesterday if you ask me,they had just as many chances and we never really looked like scoring in my opinion.