German is not a summer Goer-tze | Mixed team news | Is one of our striker options sealed for summer?

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It’s Tuesday night soccer day for Arsenal. We host Everton in a Champions League run in special. The Toffees sit on 55 points. 4 points behind us, which is a very close figure. They’re right in the mix, Moyes reckons the chances are as slim as 15%. I’d say they’re probably a bit higher. They’ve been playing well lately and they took 3 points off City a few weeks ago. I always feel relatively comfortable against them at home, today might be a bit different.

A draw wont do for either team. Arsenal need to continue the momentum and Everton need to catch up points as there aren’t many games left to play. Hopefully we’ll see some end to end stuff.

The team news for us is a real mixed bag. On the positive side of things, Rosicky returns to the fold. For me, he needs to go straight back into the side and we need to put Jack on the bench. Simple observations concludes that Arteta and Ramsey offer us more defensive balance. The pair have been impressive over the past few weeks. We need to have a solid midfield this evening. Everton have plenty of players who can ride rough-shod over us in the final third if we don’t keep things tight. Wilshere doesn’t have the fitness at the moment and he doesn’t have the form to make an impact the same way he might have a few months ago. Even Jack said as much.

‘I know it was only six weeks, but you still lose your match sharpness and it takes a few games to come’

The front three is going to pose some difficult decisions for Arsene Wenger. Gervinho had a pretty poor game against Norwich. His composure was poor and it looked like his confidence had taken a tanking again. Podolski looked sharp and fit when he came on, plus he managed a goal. But equally, Chamberlain and Theo Walcott caused problems. There’s plenty to choose from. I think I’d opt for a front three of Theo, Giroud and Podolski. We need to take care of the game as early as we can. We also need Giroud to have a second half performance like he did at the weekend. Wenger’s comments were pretty brutal…

“I think he had a very, very average first half and a very, very positive and influential second half,”

“He was much more in the game in the second half. He looked in the first half like he was not on the move when he got the ball. In the second half he was much more mobile and that made a difference.”

Wenger also hinted at having one less striker to purchase this summer. He’s working on Podolski as a middle man. The position he mostly played the season before he joined us.

‘After that, we won at Swansea…sometimes you have periods like that and I think he can play as a central striker as well.’

‘I work a lot with him as a central striker at the moment. He is a quality player and when he comes on you can see that straight away. You don’t get 100 caps by luck.’

Indeed you don’t. I just hope we’re not lining up next season with Theo, Giroud and Podolski as our seasons striking options. That won’t be progress. That’ll be disappointing.

One concern for this evening is the goalkeeper. He might be out with bruised ribs. I mean seriously, what is that all about? He just lands a chance in the first team and he’s about to surrender it for bruised ribs? I think I’d be inclined to feed myself up with painkillers and man my way through the discomfort.  When Wenger says he has total confidence in Szczesny, we all know he’s talking nonsense.

“I have total confidence, no matter who starts the game,”

“In the past I have shown that, that I trust these players and trust that no matter who plays, they will show their quality.

“We have three good keepers. That’s been shown during the season. Everybody had the ability to show his quality and that’s what you want.”

You don’t go from first team keeper to not making the squad. Wenger has lost faith in the younger of the Poles for deeper reasons than just game time. I hope Lukas pulls through. I’d hate to see a player make it back into the squad without having to fight for it… especially if being poor was the reason the place was lost in the first place. Still, I’d rather him over Mannone. Our goalkeeping situation in general is a sorry state of affairs, because in the cold light of day, none of them are good enough.

In Mario Gotze news, The Daily Mail has reported on the sad news that the young German won’t be leaving Dortmund this summer… then when he does decide to go, he’ll likely leave for the sunnier climes of Barcelona.  Or Manchester United. This isn’t a surprise. When you’re one of the most talented young talents on the planet, you don’t leave to go to a club less competitive than your own. Still, that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives on the market that we can tap into this summer. The problem with Gotze is firstly, we left it too late to nab him. Secondly, he’s German, he’ll have that English premium price type thing going on.  Except he’s German. So let’s call it German premium. Like an Audi.

Right, that’s me done. Have fun at the game tonight. The first in a while where thermals aren’t a requirement. Tear the roof off and make some noise!


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  1. Alex james

    This is depressing, ten years of hell and not getting any better. I thought the 60s were bad for Arsenal supporters but at least expectations were not so high. Here we are, the best supported club in the biggest city in the world struggling to make any sort of mark. All our competitors in the world rich list are used to winning things, whereas we persist with average players and a manager who lost his way years ago. I am a staunch European but would vote for UKIP if it meant that Wenger would be forced to leave these shores.

  2. bayo

    I wonder if there is blood in the brain of the scout that watched gervinho and giroud……With 3 matches you will have seen they belong to the chamack league

  3. follow the money

    Girpoo is sickening and lame with his over acting during games. Stop being a dork and get back to the game! That’s what I used to love about Zidane, he just played, whether they were winning or losing he just got on with it. Even when he scored he acted like nothing had happened and just ran back to the center circle to start playing again. No such mental strength on this squad. Just a bunch of posers

  4. northerngooner

    what u all gunna moan about when the season has finished.
    we battled well against a good well organised everton team who are playing well and are great at breaking up play . we arent the same arsenal we were 10-15 years ago.

  5. Jeff

    They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and never has there been a case to which this was more applicable than Wenger. He won’t change. He will allow himself to be impaled with a splintery pole before he will ever change his ways.

  6. follow the money

    northerngooner some of us are just disappointed that (once again) when the pressure was on we could not prevail and (once again) we couldn’t beat a team near our level in the table or above. I know some on here hate Nasri but his was the last great memory I have of Arsenal, when he put two great goals past Man United and we beat them 2-1. That was 4-5 years ago!

  7. Relieable sauce

    Someone must have told Wonga that Giroud had similar qualities to Cantona, he just didn’t realise he was talking acting & not football. – A bit wooden & not the leading man for a big production.

  8. northerngooner

    follow the money.
    I am also disappointed but I am not surprised.
    I suppose its just become the norm.
    in a word. average we are just unfortunate that we pay top dollar to wstch it.

  9. reality check


    Yep. You are right. We are not the same as 10 years ago but fuck about, we pay a lot more! Plus, we were/are willing to pay because we believed in wengers foolish dream. Now that dream will never be realized during his time as manager, why are we still expected to honour our side of the agreement to invest and support (financially) the club.

    If the club are happy with 4th and average players, fine. Let us pay the going rate for a 4th placed team with average players.

    Gazidis saying they have frozen the prices for next season? Well fuck we already pay over the top for an average product! That’s the least the club can do.

  10. northerngooner

    reality check.
    I agree 100% thats why I cherry pick the the games I go to know and I dont buy anything from the club shop.
    for me they should reduce the ticket prices by at least 25%

  11. Toli83

    Just got back from Emirates. My thoughts;

    Giroud, don’t play him unless you play 4-4-2. Not his fault, it just won’t work, not that type of player.

    If 4-4-3 Play Podolski through middle.

    Nacho must play instead on Gibbs.

    Start OX from now on till end of season instead on Walcott or Gervinho.

    As soon as TR is fit, play him instead of Jack.

    That will get us 4th.

    Next season, new manager, new ideas and lets get some fucking ambition back.

  12. Doublegooner


    Can’t argue with any of that.

    Thing is, we have a clueless out of date manager earning £7.5m a year who has wasted millions on players who are either half decent and he makes them worse, played out of position and benched or buys ‘West Ham quality’ & continues to play them to prove a point.

    Our team have no physical backbone, little understanding how to be ruthless.

    I said a few weeks ago, with Wenger in charge he’ll waste & burn out Wilshire to the extent he’ll want out after next season. Exactly what Perry Groves suggested this week. One more season of Jack.

  13. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Just imagine that Santi picks up an injury in the next game, you will see the last semblance of belief drain from this squad.
    And i must admit to feeling for poor Jack, the pressure on his shoulders from the media as Arsenals saviour must be immense, and after coming back from a serious injury due to overplaying i believe he is trying to do too much, too soon. Fake an injury Jack and take the rest of the season off, your career is just starting and it would be a shame to end up as a consistent treatment room guinea pig such as Diaby.

  14. Dannyboy

    someone on Arseblog said they are happy with a point against Everton..

    Arsenal Football Club… happy… with 1 point… at home… to Everton..

    what the fuck is that?

  15. reality check

    Yes, jack needs to just sit this one out. What is he going to achieve anyway. Even if he scores in every games and assists in every game till the end. So what. We finish 3rd / 4th. Then what?

    Jack will be here long after wengers gone. Imo he should just wait it out. Mabey get his own doctor like persie did.

    Cannot believe wenger risked him. Again!

  16. TitsMcgee

    Wenger is the problem.

    Chelsea are only 2 point behind us with 2 games in hand.

    Spurs have a harder finish than us but it is not impossible that they can nip us.

    This is what Wenger gets and deserves for the way he has managed this club the last 5 years.

  17. Jamal

    Fucking hell, Giroud Giroud had atleast 4-5 shots yesterday and none were on target. He’s bog standard.

    He misses easy chances and then make a face like a dogs arse.

  18. Gregg

    Excting game between two finely matched sides. Giroud as I’ve said before is quite simply the worst ‘main’ striker we’ve had in the 40 years I’ve been watching this team. Yes he tries hard and some of his link play is good, but he cannot put the ball in the net. 11 league goals in a team that creates chances like we do is shocking. Put Ricky Lambert or Grant Holt in and they’d get more. The only way you will get any joy by playing him is by having runners going beyond him, Rosicky would have been perfect for that. But know, we had the static Wilshere and Arteta. Everton read us like a book and deservedly got their point. Arsenal have proved at last two home games just how easy it is to defend against them.

  19. Samir masri

    I didn’t watch the game. Well I don’t really care where we do end up finishing. It’s just another ride where wenger is on top again fucking us over.