In stadium WIFI, would you like it at Arsenal? | Gotze and Capoue for £40m | Robin Hood story

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So quite a few publications pointed out that Arsenal rode their luck at the weekend. I’m a bit surprised by that, I’m sure it was Arsenal who hit the bar twice? Needless to say, how we got the points is an irrelevance, they’re in bank now and we can hand the baton of pressure over to Spurs and Chelsea.

The blue part of West London took a beating at the hands of City in the semi final of the FA Cup yesterday, I’d suggest some sort of negative impact on their league run, but Chelsea are a different gravy to Spurs when it comes to squad mentality. I shouldn’t think they’ll be hitting a downward spiral anytime soon.

In other news of a transfer flavour, The Mail has us down for picking up Gotze in a £30m mega deal this summer. I think he’s the only massive outlay I believe in when it comes to Arsenal. Wenger clearly admires the young German and its rumoured we already turned in an offer for him after we lost Cesc. The only reason I struggle with the story is because he’s playing for a better club at the moment. It’d be crazy for him to move… unless the lure of crazy money is what he’s all about? Even then, I’m not sure Dortmund are a million miles away from us revenue wise. 9th in the world?

Still, I can’t deny it, he’s a seriously special player. He’d be a serious signing of intent. Probably the most serious since Bergkamp.

The other player they have us down for is Capoue. A name that’s been bandied about the Le Grove comments for years. He’s a power house of a midfielder who has added accurate passing and a few goals to his burgeoning reputation. He’ll be available for a very manageable £10m this summer. He’s he kind of player Everton usually sneak away with. In fact, they already tried.

I’m not sure what the plan is this close season (or preseason as it often ends up), all I know is Wenger likes his position at the club. He likes the power, the money and big screen TVs. If he doesn’t have a title winning side by November, he’ll either not get the deal he was hoping for or Ivan will chip away at his power grip. That’d be an annoyance for a man who dictates the colour of the tea coasters.

All these names getting fired around have the fragrance of excitement. The push to make us sign over our cash for another season. I hope it’s not nonsense. The easiest way for the club to sell out every year is to just load the squad up with players people want to see. I’m not taking so much about the normal season ticket holders, most would turn up regardless… I’m talking more about the corporate seats. Give them something to buy into… and by proxy of serving the people who put the most in, you service the poor. It’s like some sort of messed up modern day football styled Robin hood story. Except not.

Steal from the rich, spend the money on players, which satisfies the poor.

I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it over the weekend, but it was quite disappointing to see so many people go inside when it started to rain. Just an observation.

As there’s not much going on, I thought I’d open up a debate around in game WIFI at sports clubs. Liverpool have installed access to 12,000 fans, Manchester City are starting to work on the problem and my client, Saracens, had it up in the stadium yesterday so fans could interact with the brand before, during and after the game. The big issue lots of Arsenal fans have with the concept is that it might drain the atmosphere with people looking at their phones all game.

Well, it certainly didn’t affect the rugby that way yesterday. I find the idea of being able to get access to streams of in game data a exciting one. The main difference between being at the game and being able to watch it on TV is the wealth of information you get with TV. If you could get the stats as the game went on it’d be an enhancement of the match day experience. If you could get access to replays or even the little snippets you don’t get… like on Saturday, I didn’t see what the penalty was given for. Quite often, if I don’t get home after a game, I get little parts of my match report wrong because I don’t have eyes good enough to pick out the bits you do one TV.

I understand from a purists point of view you should 100% focus on the game. But lets step into reality for a moment here. People chat amongst themselves, look at their phones, call people to find out what’s going on elsewhere… switch off. Not to mention the amount of down time that happens through a game. I know online, everyone is the greatest fan that ever did live, but in reality, looking around the ground, that’s not true 100% of the time.

You can’t fight the future… if they can web up the Underground, they’ll crack stadiums. Then they’ll start driving revenue from fans with food & beer offers, betting deals and score related merchandise offers. That said, it’d be interesting to hear what you think about it anyway?

Have a great day, enjoy the sun from your office window and start getting excited about the Everton game tomorrow night.

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  1. gambon


    I remember Fergie saying that he thought something wasnt right, apparently Pogba had no interest in talking to UTD about a new contract for a long time, and Fergie thought he was in dialogue with other clubs whilst still under contract.

    Fergie really didnt want to lose him.

  2. TitsMcgee

    Cesc is a year or two away from having that midfield to himself. Xavi is still great but is slowing down. Cesc is a different kind of player but he’ll get all the playing time he wants in just a while.

    Put me down in the camp that thinks we won’t sign anyone remotely obvious.

    We hardly ever sign anyone that we are linked with this early and DEFINITELY not players anywhere near as expensive as Gotze.


    DannyboyApril 15, 2013 12:33:55
    Vix, I like the idea but it wouldn’t be practical in a league that is so heavily influenced by TV schedules..Imagine on a Super Sunday, where the 1:30pm kick off runs 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours because of all the stoppages caused by Video Refs and things like that. Do you think they would postpone the 4:00pm kickoff? I seriouslt doubt it, so the guys at Sky wouldn’t allow it.
    There is so much money pouring into the so-called”Greatest League” in the world.

    That it would be a travesty,not to introduce Video Technology..

    The re-arranging of football schedules to allow such an introduction of video technology,is all but a small price to bear in the overall grand scheme of things..

    It’s doable..You can’t have such a perfect system..

    I believe Video Technology,supercedes the current system we have,of relying on the naked eye to call every decision correctly..

    & the overall benefits would be somewhat greater,than employing 4 line officials,who probably more often than not,get it wrong..

    Whether Sky would allow this,is another debate..

    But surely,eradicating views of ” biased refereeing”,
    “Was he offside,or not”,
    “Was it a penalty”,
    etc,etc..Amongst fans,pundits & managers alike,can only serve to put the beautiful game in a better light!!

  4. Samir masri

    Ppl from legrove talking about strootman. I’ve never heard of him. And we should all know by now that signing random players never benefits us.

  5. Rob

    Lets be realistic.Sagna will be sold,we will get a nice little profit from that while Wenger champions Jenkinson as the next Lee Dixon.Then he’ll either come out with the ‘why do I need another right back?We have Jenks,Koscielny,Djourou,Coquelin,Bellerin & Yennaris,if anything we have too many right backs!Or..we sign Danny Simpson from Newcastle as he’s free..No gk will be signed as Fabianskis now the best gk in the world.No centre back as Djourou will come back ‘a stronger player’…For the same reasons we won’t sign a centre midfielder whilst adding he’ll bring back 35 year old Frimpong as he’s now in his prime.Best chance we have of a signing is wide or up top,all comes down to what position he sees Walcott,gervinho or podolski playing mainly.Groundhog year coming back around.Myself though I think we should sign Zidane,Maldini,Van Der Saar & Marco Boogers,all available on free transfers..

  6. Dale de Ruig

    I genuinely believe our best replacement for Rosicky in the AM role is the Ox.

    He is direct, full of pace and has a cracker of a shot.

    I would be so happy seeing him line up there as his ability to burst into space is invaluable in a system like ours and he has been far more effective, for me, when he ends up central.

    Interesting to hear some thoughts on that.

  7. goonerboy

    Arsenal buying Gotze? Its true that a safer bet is they will buy no one- because Wenger spends money like most people’s granny’s still restricted by second world war rationing.. But this should also be understood that most- nearly all big money buys simply are not worth the money.
    But Wenger just might go for it- right nationality, right position, right age, right development, genuine quality-and he likes that kind of player.
    If Wenger thinks he is that good then its not so far fetched.


    With regards to the introduction of Wi-Fi?

    It can’t be that hard for Arsenal to implement,given that 02 is a partner of ours..

    Question is, do Arsenal want to go down that road?

  9. the_real_andy

    I desperately hope koscielny will do a kamara on tuesday and pull jelavic or mirallas or fellaini to the floor and they will not get the pen – I would love to see moyes face after he said that our pen should have never been given. oh how would I love to see his face after the bbc guy says: “well david, you think you should have had a pen there but 3 days ago in a similar situation on bbc MOTD you said pulling someone´s shirt shouldn´t be a pen.”

    haha would be so funny

  10. Romford Pele


    The Ox is an interesting debate. I’m always intrigued by him because I think he has bags of talent. His performance against AC Milan in the middle was good but it was from a deeper role rather than the number 10 role.

    He looked good there again on Saturday but was that down to tired legs? He does have bags of pace and it must be weird to see a CM running at you.

    I’m not sure he’s ready for the 10 role yet. That is specialist. He doesn’t yet have the vision or the know-how to play that role to full effect. It’ll be interesting to see how he does pan out though. I’m a big fan of his.

  11. the_real_andy

    well guys I´m from austria and I´ve got a flat rate for internet with my mobile – like most austrians have. whether there is wifi in an austrian stadium or not doesn´t matter at all.

    do you british guys don´t have internet flat rates for your mobiles? because if you have I don´t see what´s gonna change after introducing WIFI at the emirates – the only difference would be international fans are able to check scores too. can´t see any disadvantage there


    Dale de RuigApril 15, 2013 13:02:12

    I agree with your post..
    I like Ox-full of energy,attacks,in your face & full of ambition..& has a cracker of a shot on him..

    Not sure,what happened to him last season..

    Maybe Wengerised..But I’ve always liked him..

    I believe we have a decent nucleus of a team,that can play well beyond their current level..

    I just think,what is handicapping that team at the moment,is Arsene’s battleship instructions & ambition..

    Play within yourselves,4th is a trophy & earmarking his favourites for certain positions,amongst other things..



    I thought they were still on board,in some other capacity as a partner,rather than a mainstream,or tier 1 partner..?

  14. Dale de Ruig

    @Romford, I feel he would struggle with a more direct player like Podolski next to him, it wouldn’t be ideal,but the way Cazorla moves inward from the left flank and floats a bit, I think it would work having the Ox start in the middle and shift left when Cazorla moves centrally.

    He is also very naive defensively and playing there would require far more pressing than it would require following runners and understanding when to let a runner go.

    Who knows, it would be good to see though.

  15. gambon


    No, i think it was a mutual decision to be honest.

    O2 werent interested and Arsenal are pursuing a similar policy to Man Utd, rolling up their content and selling regionally to telecoms companies, which we couldnt do with a global telecoms partner signed up.

  16. Romford Pele

    Interesting Dale, worth a try to be fair mate. Hopefully Gervinho will get sold this summer so we’ll see Ox get more game time. And if Wenger uses Poldi upfront as he’s mentioning, it could promote him further. But then again, i’m 90% sure we’ll sign a forward so who knows what will happen.

  17. Dale de Ruig

    @Gambon, I think he is gifted enough technically to play in the middle but I don’t like him needing to put in too much of a defensive shift and that’s why I would play him further forward. He love to pass and move and he has much too much pace for the majority of central players.

    @ Vix, I think we too often don’t have our best players on the field at the same time and It is down to our players not fitting the system Wenger wants to play.

    If Wenger allowed for more freedom of formation from game to game, I think this squad would be far better utilised, still short but better utilised.

  18. TitsMcgee

    Expect very little action if we finish 3rd. For all of the heat Wenger has been under this year for him to turn around and be able to tell the fans and the board “never had a doubt in my mind” will only strengthen his position and make it even more futile that anyone will ever challenge him.

  19. the_real_andy

    I would guess ox starts tomorrow

    sag, kos, verm, monreal
    ramsey, arteta
    ox, jack, caz

    although I would prefer pod iso jack and caz through the middle but I think he will start like this

  20. TitsMcgee

    He’ll just go in and claim “look we’ve finished 3rd, we’re close”….when in reality we aren’t close at all. We’re very far.

  21. gambon


    Agreed…..theres a huge difference in coming 3rd after fighting for the PL and sitting 5th/6th all season and sneaking 3rd at the last minute…..while trailing by 20 odd points.

    beat UTD at home, finish 3rd and theres a hell of a lot to build on.

    Cant help but think finishing 3rd will lead to a continuation of our pathetic selling club policy.

    Man City went from 3rd to 1st via a policy of buying true top class players, dont think we will.


    Romford PeleApril 15, 2013 13:18:22
    Interesting Dale, worth a try to be fair mate. Hopefully Gervinho will get sold this summer so we’ll see Ox get more game time.
    @Dale/Romford Pele/Gambon
    Personally speaking,I would like to see Gervinho remain at Arsenal..

    Purely for his ability to make things happen,when he is on the pitch& he does not hide..

    His lack of finishing,or composure in the latter part of his game needs adjustment.

    But you can’t deny his overall impact on the BM 2nd leg game..

    It’s a bit of a strange one to call with Oxo..

    Do you play him on the wing& have him in spurts performing defensive duties?
    Thus sacrificing his more offensive attributes?

    Or, do you play him further forward & have him interchanging with Carzola,who likes to swing in centrally,or float about,as Dale mentioned..

    I’d like to see that,to be honest..

    Either way,I’d like to see more of Theo on the subs bench..

    A really limited player,who offers nothing but pace..

  23. gambon

    I want Gervinho gone, hes a disaster of a footballer.

    Our squad is fine in terms of size, just need better quality…

    We need to replace:

    – Fabianski
    – Djourou/Squillaci
    – Coquelin/Frimpong
    – Diaby
    – Gervinho/Arshavin
    – Chamakh

    Our squad size and composition doesnt need to change, just the quality within the squad.

    I think the players we bring in should all be top end, and a level above what we currently have (therefore likely more expensive)

  24. Romford Pele


    Gervinho is a threat, for sure. His unorthodox approach and unpredictability mean he’s a big threat for defenders, however, he’s also a threat to his own team as nobody has the foggiest what he’s going to do next.

    I agree that he’s good at provoking defenders into a reaction and he normally opens up the game, creating space for others, but he’s now 26, it’s not like Ramsey who has scope to get better. Gervinho is pretty much at the peak of his powers and I don’t see much room for improvement.

  25. Romford Pele

    Rosicky fit and is back tomorrow.

    My team for the game:

    Sagna Mert Kos Monreal
    Ramsey Arteta
    Walcott Santi Santi

    I really want to see Poldi upfront but this is not the stage of the season to be giving him time to acclimatise to the role.



    You want Le-Coq gone?????

    I like him..I know you’ve mentioned in the past-good player,but not likely to get game time at Arsenal..

    But I would persevere with him..

    He just needs game time,to come to the fore..!!

  27. gambon


    Dont think he will ever make it and needs to play so let him go.

    I’d like to see us trim down the squad but bring higher quality in..

    For example get rid of Frimpong & Coquelin, but bring one very good DM in (Gonalons or Capoue)

    Get rid of Gervinho & Arshavin but bring just one very good wide AM in.

    Get rid of Fabianski, Mannone and a few youth keepers and bring one world class keeper in.


    Romford Pele

    I kind of get your point..
    But in some perverse way,he galvanises the team going forward,opens up play..

    We suddenly become more of a threat offensively..

    There has been times,where we see us playing the ball sideways,backwards..
    Playing it across the oppositions box,not even offering a threat..

    He comes on,suddenly the game opens up..

    He’s in the box,wrecking havoc,causing opposition defenders to have heart palpitations, what with his crossing & odd trickery,etc,etc..

    I don’t know,he is a contentious issue..

    But I would give him another season..!!!

  29. Romford Pele

    Don’t do this often, but Ramsey deserves a shout for another good performance. The balance of him and Arteta definitely works well. And it was good to see fans respond to that at the weekend.

    Wilshere had a shocker, leave him on the bench again tomorrow.


    Romford Pele

    I’d rather have Oxo,or Gerv,in place of Walcott in your line up..

    Walcott can come on after 60-70 minutes,if it’s a stalemate,or we are trailing..

  31. TitsMcgee

    Gervinho is a more fragile version of Walcott. Pace but that’s it.

    ATROCIOUS 1st touch.

    We had a quality striker and it’s 1-0 at HT v Norwich. Instead we fall behind and have to claw out.

    Those little thing separate the big teams from the ones clamoring for 4th.

  32. Romford Pele


    Can’t argue that Gervais has his plus’ but you can buy players who does what he can with a better end product. Ideally combining Gervais’ dribbling ability with Theo’s finishing would make for a very dangerous player!

  33. gambon


    As i was banging on about last week, for me Wilshere is creating a bit of a problem.

    Arteta & Ramsey has much more balance, hence why I want us to go and sign 2 CMs this summer, as having Arteta & Ramsey as back ups would give us so much depth.

    However this restricts Wilshere to playing the AM role, which I dont think hes good enough for at the moment.

    Its a good problem to have, but i do think its a problem right now.


    We need to replace:- Fabianski
    – Djourou/Squillaci
    – Coquelin/Frimpong
    – Diaby
    – Gervinho/Arshavin
    – Chamakh
    I agree with your list..

    But I think Le-Coq,should be spared the guillotine..

  35. gambon


    I see what you mean, but if by a miracle Wenger does what I say (signs a top DM and CM) then Coq will probably not play a single PL or CL game next season, so we may as well sell him as he will ask to leave by christmas anyway.

    Also it would raise a few million and remove £1-£1.5m off the wage bill.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Romford Pele: Wilshere had a shocker, leave him on the bench again tomorrow.

    He did indeed. Though The Sun somehow gave him a 7 yet Ramsey only a 6. Fairly sure they do the points before the actual game


    I’d argue that Gervinho and Walcott are pretty different players. Walcott relies more on his pace, Gervinho on his trickery. Walcott is certainly a better finisher at the moment.

  37. Romford Pele


    It’s an interesting conundrum. Wilshere right now has no place in the side. Ramsey’s tackle success rate is at 90.74% which is pretty astounding. You can view that here:

    Ramsey & Arteta definitely gives us depth but with Wilshere deep as well, i’d only buy one, and I think that’s Wenger’s logic. I’d be surprised if we picked up two CMs.

    But yeah, it’s a good dilemma.

    The bench tomorrow could like this if we go with my team:


    And I left out Gerv and Jenkinson. This is what we need more of.

  38. Romford Pele

    NM – Did they actually? Then again, it doesn’t surprise me. Wilshere is the new media darling, so like Gerrard before him , he can do no wrong. Ramsey was a million times better than Jack in every sense on Saturday.


    gambonApril 15, 2013 14:01:29
    VixI see what you mean, but if by a miracle Wenger does what I say (signs a top DM and CM) then Coq will probably not play a single PL or CL game next season, so we may as well sell him as he will ask to leave by christmas anyway.

    My view,was based on the fact,that Arsene will not sign a DM..

    If he does,then I see your reason for offloading Le-Coq..

    I just see Arsene,doing the very bare minimum in the transfer window,more so,if we happen to finish 3rd..

    He would look at this season,like last season as “The Great Escape “& a further vindication of his twisted footballing policies..

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    @Romford Pele

    The Sun ratings are always worth a laugh. They have 1 guy doing the report, and another doing the ratings. Apparently, it’s too much work for just 1 man…

    Since he’s been played in a deeper central role, Ramsey’s improved game by game. Like Rosicky, his energy keeps up the pace of our game, which is vital to the way we play

  41. Marko

    People gotta get out this mindset that if we finish 5th we’ll then go out and buy the high quality players we should be going for. It won’t work out like that. We finish top we might finally (hopefully) buy proper players but if we finish outside top 4 we won’t sign the likes of Jovetic (plays for a team fighting for champions league) or Gotze (plays for a team in the champions league). Instead we’d probably sign some of the players who helped get QPR relegated

  42. gambon


    yeah, cos hes Englands great hope he does get away with poor performances more than others would.

    Like I say I think the Wilshere thing really could cause problems in the future, at least until he (if he ever) sorts his final ball & shooting out in order to play as an AM.

    Arteta & Ramsey are good, not great players, but the balance the 2 give us makes us look a lot better, and should be the blue print to make this system work.


    Since he’s been played in a deeper central role, Ramsey’s improved game by game.
    Against Reading,Norwich….??!!

    Great barometer,to measure Ramsey against..!!

  44. gambon


    Why exactly would we spend money if we finish in the top 3? This club doesnt care about trophies, it cares about ££££.

    If we are top 4 there is no reason to invest, they are operating at the top of the investment vs returns curve (investing nothing but maximising revenue)

    If we come 5th theres a £40m reason to invest (£60m net spent could deliver 5 more seasons of CL football which is worth £200m).

    Ive said numerous times, the club wont invest properly until there is a financial reason to, not a sporting reason.

  45. Nasri's Mouth


    Ramsey’s been playing a deeper role for a while now, and regardless of who we’re up against, he is improving.


    Ive said numerous times, the club wont invest properly until there is a financial reason to, not a sporting reason.
    That should be a given,to many a people on here..

    But sadly,this so-called “ludicrous” fact,gets overlooked time & time again..

  47. Romford Pele

    Ramsey was also good against Munich and WBA away. His energy in the midfield also allows Arteta more time on the ball and the time to dictate from deep. He just needs to learn to compose himself infront of goal again and the goals will come back – he had quite a few before he broke his leg.

    I have to say, I think Wilshere will start next season alongside a DM. He’ll do the box-to-box role. I admit that his final ball an goals tally but that’ll improve with age. Cesc was the same earlier on. He faces the same problem as Ramsey; I highlighted it above.

  48. Marko

    I was thinking empty seats and general fan unrest would get their attention and get them to get the finger out.


    Nasri’s MouthApril 15, 2013 14:33:30
    @VixRamsey’s been playing a deeper role for a while now, and regardless of who we’re up against, he is improving.

    Oh well,I look forward to next season,when we are back in the CL,in a KO Round..

    Against top flight opposition in the EPL..

    Being played in his better & much more preferred role..

    Interesting to see our contrasting views,next season..??!!

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Why exactly would we spend money if we finish in the top 3? This club doesnt care about trophies, it cares about ££££.

    I think this season has shown that the club needs to invest in the squad to bring in the £££££s though.

    Still, we’ll only know for sure when the summer transfer window clangs shut.

  51. Dannyboy

    Aguero escapes retrospective ban for that hurrendous tackle on Luiz… Great news for us, means he can play his part in dismantling Spurs at the Lane next Sunday!


    Nasri’s Mouth

    Not really…Stop getting so defensive..

    Just your love-in for Ramsey,baffles me a bit.

  53. TitsMcgee


    Top 4 is their “premier league title”. That’s their goal. That’s the aim.

    We finish in 3rd ahead of Chelsea? You can bet your bottom dollar that Wenger will mention about 100 times between now and next season how he spent way less than Chelsea and finished ahead of them in the table and that it proves spending money doesn’t equate to glory.

    *Forgetting than Chelsea have won a sh*tload of trophies the past decade with their philosophy*

    No, Wenger will certainly play up the “youth” angle and the “quality” angle and use them as a reason to NOT reinvest strongly this summer because we’ll be “almost there”.

    Wenger doesn’t need an excuse to NOT spend and finishing 3rd AGAIN after all the controversy this year and losing RVP to UTD will be all the “excuse” he needs as you can bet your bottom dollar he’ll only make minor adjustments to a team that needs major upgrades.

    Finish in 3rd and the board doesn’t question Wenger at all. It’s “job well done again Arsene”…..”great job Arsene”….”You know best Arsene”…


    Tit’s Magee
    We finish in 3rd ahead of Chelsea? You can bet your bottom dollar that Wenger will mention about 100 times between now and next season how he spent way less than Chelsea and finished ahead of them in the table and that it proves spending money doesn’t equate to glory.

    Arsene,forgetting to conveniently mention,that they won the CL Cup,last season.

    & almost 10 trophies in b/w..

  55. Cesc Appeal


    I agree i.e Wilshere.

    Doesn’t fit at the moment.

    I’d give him subs appearances when Rosicky/Santi have to come off to shut down a game with 3 CM’s (Ramsey, Arteta and Wilshere)…then give him an entire summer with buys HOPEFULLY, to start carving a position out in that middle for himself.

    With a midfield enforcer in the ranks he won’t have to be, no pun, Jack of all trades, and with another attacker he is then free to roam box to box running at people and passing.

    We could potentially go into 2012/13 season immensely strong.

    Sagna, Williams, Vermaelen, Monreal
    Rosicky, Capoue, Wilshere
    Gotze, Jovetic, Santi

    That’s a ball retention team, obviously you can shift it about, bring in Walcott/Chambo/Poldy for pace on the wings and slot Gotze into the middle.

    That’s a team though who’ll pass you to death, Gotze has scored one less goal than Giroud this season with three fewer appearances!

    So you have goals coming from Rosicky and Gotze from CAM positions, Santi as well.

    Lacks for pace, but as I say, chop and change, with Santi and Gotze you’ve got two geniuses on the pitch with the ball.

    I just worry we’re going to hear all summer how good Geddian and Gnabry are and they’ll be the answers.

  56. Dannyboy

    Cesc Appeal, you always seem to do a fantasy team that has our worst centre back in the side, and our best centre back replaced with a shit welshman… don’t you want us to do well?

  57. bayo

    I wonder why we need to buy 2CM and put arteta on the bench. The guy has been dependable and his experience is vital. Add one solid DM to Arteta, Cazorla, Jack…..

  58. TitsMcgee

    ManU lining up for a go at Falcao this summer.

    Cavani probably going to go to Chelsea or Citeh.

    That’s ambition.

  59. gambon


    Absolutely no way do i want Rosicky in our first XI next season, at best a backup squad player playing 10 games next season.

  60. Jamal

    I think this defence would be decent..

    Sagna Mertesacker Hummels Monreal.

    But its the midfield that needs a Capoue/Strootman to help the defence out.

  61. gambon


    Being dependable wont get us anywhere in a title race.

    We will need 90 points to win the PL, 20 more than we will get this season.

  62. bayo


    So you think Strootman is the answer and he would give us something better than Arteta next season….I will rather sign Capoue and pair him with Arteta


    gambonApril 15, 2013 15:15:25

    We will need 90 points to win the PL, 20 more than we will get this season.

    Getting 90 points to win the EPL,requires a
    manager with ambition,balls & a willingness to spend on WC players..

    Sadly Arsene of recent years,does not come into that fit,or category!!


    bayoApril 15, 2013 15:20:38
    gambonSo you think Strootman is the answer and he would give us something better than Arteta next season….I will rather sign Capoue and pair him with Arteta

    & then what..?

    3rd place finish again..?

  65. Dannyboy

    Gambon, 90 is very high, if United didn’t have van Persie they’d have struggled to reach 80… We just need to stop being so fucking stupid in the transfer market, that would be a start, I’d probably be happy if we got rid of all the shit and just signed a striker in the summer, as long as we keep our ‘best’ players for a change.

  66. Jamal

    We only have one striker in Giroud..

    Get rid of Bendtner, Chamakh and Park and bring in Jovetic and Benteke/Michu. They shouldnt cost more than 35m

  67. gambon


    I personally think hes a much better player.

    Arteta is a water carrier, he only really scores penalties, hes just average, which is why at 31 he has never won a single cap.

    Hes also 31, so has little future upside.

    At this point we dont know if Ramsey will ever be a top player so we cant not buy to avoid “killing” him.

    We need a DM as we dont have one, and we need a CM to add depth and provide continuity for Artetas role.

    Strootman passes the ball as well as Arteta (better long passing), is much better physically, more of a goal threat, better tackler.

    At the moment our midfield has NO-ONE in their prime. Arteta and Rosicky are well past their prime, Wilshere & Ramsey are developing, so for me we need 2 players in their prime.

    Gonalons & Strootman would be ideal.

    Gonalons is captain of Lyon, Strootman captain of Holland, combined they would add height, power but still have excellent technique.

    Arteta, Rosicky, Gonalons, Strootman, Wilshere & Ramsey would give us an excellent spectrum of CMs at different stages with different qualities.

  68. bayo


    I will rather pair Arteta and Capoue…..Bring in a superb striker and attacking midfielder/winger…….Do you think a manager that refused to sign players in the same posittion becuase of diaby, ramsey and wilshere while they were injured for over a year will just bring in 2 players now….

  69. gambon


    90 almost guarantees the PL, any other number doesnt.

    If your plan would be to score 82 then cross your fingers you have Wengers loser mentality.

  70. Nemesis.


    if we no get am this summer,we don out.

    We’ll never invest because of the’s now or never.

  71. bayo


    In my mind I will really love strootman, gonalons but do you think a manager that refused to sign this kind of players when ramsey, diaby and wilshere were out for 8 months plus will bring two in now


    vickyApril 15, 2013 15:26:50
    Falcao to Man U ???????? will happen only If Rooney leaves United.
    I’ve said,since 2 years ago,Rooney will be sold sooner, rather than later..

    He held Fergus to ransom,with his contract talks..

    Man Utd,lost Tevez& Ronaldo..

    Ferguson,had no choice but to cave into his demands..

    In b/w Fergus bought Kagawa,Fernandez& RVP..With Wellbeck coming through,after his loan spells..

    Given Rooney’s lack of discipline off-field & his attitude..

    Ferguson,has a long memory & always likes to exact his retribution at a convenient time..

    Rooney’s card was always marked..

    I remember arguing with Keyser,about this in 2011/12…

    Watch this space.

    Cavani, to Man Utd would not surprise me..

  73. Johnty79

    Once again when the pressure Is off and nothing to play for arsenal snatch champs league again another season.The challenge in wengers demented brain is can he weaken the team again and still get champs league..he started to drop off at Monaco after a couple of years when he realised they couldn’t beat marseille. Poldolski and Sagna will go for fees close to 20 m. We will sign no one. The team for next year….

    Ox giroud Walcott
    Arteta cazorla wilshere
    Montreal koz mert jenks

    The sad thing is that this team will probably still get forth enforcing the demented ones position once again..

  74. Johnty79

    The dream team……

    Remy giroud
    Cazorla wilshere coupe/strootman Walcott
    Montreal samba verm Sagna

    But I expect spurs to sign samba and defiantly remy. Jovetic is a player wenger would Turn into Reyes/arshavin

  75. Nemesis.

    Unrealistic summer

    sack arsene
    bring in frank de boer

    r.adler 6m
    m.hummels 25m
    e.capoue 12m
    k.strootman 10m
    m.hamsik 28m
    s.jovetic 27m.

  76. gambon


    Perfect ages = 25, 25, 23, 24, 23

    2 club captains, and an international captain. All 5 players established internationals with over 80 caps between them.

    Easy this football management game.

    Lots of height and power (all 6′ or taller).

    That would make us a much much stronger squad.


    Personally I would love to see a Cavani,or a Falcao this summer..

    For me,that would demonstrate a statement of real intent..
    A real clear sign of ambition..

    Not poodling around,signing second rate player’s that deliver enough,for us to finish in the top 4..

    Arsene,needs to make a marquee signing,from the get-go..

    Not a long protracted summer,of being linked with top names..

    Either he does it,this summer,or really honours his contract & buggers off..

    All that said,I can see the same shenanigans happening all over again..

    Like a degenerate gambler,hoping & praying his footballing policy will eventually win big,after a series of disastrous runs/losses..

  78. gambon

    Oh i would also definitely take Remy if the £6m clause is true.

    He offers something we dont really have in Giroud. Would rather thake Remy off the bench chasing a game than the big clumsy lump Olivier.

  79. gambon

    Squad for next season:

    BEGOVIC (Sell Fabianski & Mannone)

    HOWEDES (Sell Djourou & Squillaci)
    Monreal (Sell Santos)

    STROOTMAN (Pay off Diaby, Sell Denilson)
    GONALONS (Sell Frimpong, Coquelin)

    JOVETIC (Sell Gervinho, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Arshavin)

  80. Dannyboy

    Vix he has never made a marquee signing and never will… Look at the top 5 in the world in every position and rule all of them out as Arsenal players while Wenger is in charge… doesn’t mean there aren’t good players outside of that bracket though..

  81. Nemesis.


    hamsik over isco and goetze. Experienced,versatile,skillful and he has presence for an attacking midfielder.

  82. Samir masri

    I wouldn’t mind rodrigo at benfica. He seems like a decent player. But wenger would say that he has enough players in that position. I just know this will be another sucide committing type of summer.

  83. vicky


    Do not you think that the squad you put up does not have many creative players. In my opinion only player who can be called a creative player is Cazorla. Whenever he goes missing,we tend to just pass,pass and pass. I think we definitely need to sign an AM in this summer along with a GK, a DM ,a CB and a striker.

  84. gambon

    We clearly arent selling Walcott.

    Certain players just arent leaving so lets not pretend they are:

    The only first team squad players that could be going are:


    Obviously Arshavin and Squillaci are out of contract.


    gambonApril 15, 2013 15:59:07
    Squad for next season:
    BEGOVIC (Sell Fabianski & Mannone)
    I think as a Plan B…AL Habsi,is hugely under-rated..

    Commands his box well..
    Good shot stopper & marshall’s his defense well..

    Plus many years in the EPL.
    So,he knows the PL well & will come cheap..

  86. TitsMcgee

    It speaks volumes that the top two teams will probably reinforce their positions with more top signings after one wins the title and the other (probably) wins the FA Cup whilst we probably celebrate like we won the UCL when/if we secure top 4 in the coming weeks.

    The thing about it is…we could still strengthen this team greatly if we went out and signed a few potentially good players that are cheaper than the expensive ones but we still probably won’t even do that.

  87. gambon


    Yeah we could do with another creator but the team I put up would use a lot of budget.

    Jovetic is creative and we are already creating a lot anyway.

    Our issue in a lot of games this season has been taking chances (Chelsea at home, City at home) and in some has been creating (Man Utd away, Bayern at home)

    That said with a stronger, more powerful CM we would have a better platform to win the ball high up and create.

  88. gambon


    Yeah, this is the biggest problem.

    People say “if we sign a CF and DM that will be enough”

    Enough for what? Enough to improve 10% while our rivals go and do exactly the same and stay the same margin ahead.

    For once we need to go and blow everyone else away in the transfer market, like UTD did by signing RVP and like City did 2 summers running by signing Silva, Yaya then Aguero.

    If we go out and make the odd targeted signing we will improve but no more than anyone else.

  89. Nasri's Mouth


    Curious as to why my status as a match go-er / ST holder would effect my view of Ramsey’s improvement.


    DannyboyApril 15, 2013 15:59:49
    Vix he has never made a marquee signing and never will… Look at the top 5 in the world in every position and rule all of them out as Arsenal players while Wenger is in charge… doesn’t mean there aren’t good players outside of that bracket though..

    Well,it’s high time,that he did..

    Can you imagine,the reverberations from making a marquee signing..

    Season ticket renewals,would go through the roof..

    Attendance at matches,would probably be back at full capacity..

    Player’s suddenly lifting their game,not only in training(trying to impress the new recruit(s)),but also in matches..

    Sponsor’s clambering all over us,to give us maximum buck,for our bang..

    Striking fear,into the opposition,before a ball is kicked..

    The tangible& intangible benefits,behind a couple of marquee signing’s would be enormous..

    Sorry,we have a bunch of lightweights,hell bent on taking silly money,instead of looking at & exploiting the growth potential of this club..

    Happy to settle for top 4& take what CL gives us & run,with their skirts hitched up their asses…

  91. Al

    Guys Gonalons is really not that great a player and is not the type of player to transform us from being top four candidates to premier league challengers.

    Also I have no idea where this jovetic love in has come from. I would be super dissapointed if he was are main striker acquisition (would love him as long as we bought a better ready made striker). I have watched him for the last 3 years, yes he has improved especially last season but once again he really is not a player that will transform us from being top four candidates to premier league challengers because its only this season he has started to play up top before he was always on the wings or behind the striker.

  92. gambon

    I would prefer Cavani, Falcao & Lewandowski to Jovetic, but dont see them (especially the former 2) happening.

    Lewandowski is possible. Hes only on £25k pw, and other clubs may get caught up bidding for Cavani, Benzema, Higuain, Falcao etc.

  93. vicky

    I have no idea what Wenger will do in the transfer window. But at the very best there will be one great signing and two average/decent signings.

    (20 m+ 10m + 10m )

    If he spends more than this,then it would be a miracle.

  94. TitsMcgee

    It’s really just come down to the fact that we will NEVER challenge as long as Wenger is here.

    Really sad but just that simple.

  95. Nemesis.


    jovetic is not a prolific goalscorer YET.the way he plays makes him a good fit for us.

    Rather than spend on another striker,i’d sign 2 creative players to improve him.

  96. Johnty79

    Interesting to see flamini is playing out of skin again for Milan just as his contract comes up for renewal. Same thing as for us in 2007-8. Disgusting from certain players who only play well to get a new contract.

  97. Dan Ahern

    They should definitely put WiFi in the stadium. It’s not like there’s zero downtime at a match. Even if both halves are nonstop action, there is time before, after, and during halftime where you could do a lot, and earn money off it through advertising (or having the free wifi be sponsored). It’s another content platform.

    Beforehand it could serve up a sort of mobile version match programme, during the game you could access stats and player info, and after you could maybe even pipe in pundit reaction and whatnot.

    The biggest opportunity to me is replays. In other sports there’s so much downtime for big screen replays in stadiums, but not really in football. It’d be so convenient to throw up replays of big moments online a couple seconds after they happen, so you can check once the ball goes out for a goal kick, while the players talk to the ref, etc.

    Like, you see Gervinho go down in the box. You assume he tripped himself as always, but what if it was a penalty? Hard to tell from your vantage point. Flip on your phone and watch 3 camera angles as soon as there’s a break in play. Who wouldn’t want that?


    vickyApril 15, 2013 16:24:22
    I have no idea what Wenger will do in the transfer window. But at the very best there will be one great signing and two average/decent signings. (20 m+ 10m + 10m )If he spends more than this,then it would be a miracle.

    No great signings this summer….

    Call me a pessimist…

    But, as I’ve said before, the only signings that would wake me out of my slumber, is a Cavani/Falcao type signing..

    He would probably spend £40 million..

    2 on youth & one raiding the Spanish & French market..!!

  99. Al

    I think Higuian is definitely possible too. He wants to be a first choice starter and we can give him that plus i don’t think he would be more than £20-25 million

    Forget Cavani and Falcao , i would break the bank for Luis Suarez. He is head and shoulders better then every striker option available bar Messi and C.RON

  100. Dan Ahern

    Luis Suarez is unsellable. He’s under contract for 5 more years, it would take twice what Wenger would ever spend on a player to get Liverpool to consider it.


    gambonApril 15, 2013 16:06:07
    We clearly arent selling Walcott.
    Would not surprise me,if we did..

    More so,if a club came in & offered silly money for him..

    I think he’s being primed for a big sell-off..
    More likely next season..

  102. vicky


    Unfortunately, Wenger is not the one can wake you up from your slumber mate 😛

    But tbh If we look at our competitors,then no team possess more than 2 players who can turn the match on its head.

    Man U– RVP and Rooney
    Chelsea– Mata and Hazard
    Man City– Yaya, Aguero and Silva
    Tottenham– Bale
    Arsenal–Cazorla .

    So basically we need one really world class player. I expect Wilshere and Ox to raise their game a bit in the next season. So one big signing and we can at least remain in the contention for EPL till the very end,If not win it.

  103. Dan Ahern

    I’m kinda in love with Cavani but he’s similarly hard to grab. You could argue it’s an upgrade for him to go to an EPL CL team, but he’s in a pretty good situation with Napoli.

    Either one of those guys playing with Cazorla would give me such a hard-on.


    So one big signing and we can at least remain in the contention for EPL till the very end,If not win it.

    & who is your money on,for the big signing?

  105. Dan Ahern

    Josip — Hahah, that was close to being an illegal take for kicking the ball backwards! Bastard deserved it though, pathetic dive.

  106. vicky


    Very difficult to predict but Benzema/Higuain seems more likely to me than Cavani/Goetze/Falcao.

    P.S– Wont be surprised If Wenger would proclaim Jovetic as the big super qualidee signing that we were dying for.


    Never really understood, off the back of Luis Suarez’s performance in the 2010 WC,why Arsene never went for him..!!