In stadium WIFI, would you like it at Arsenal? | Gotze and Capoue for £40m | Robin Hood story

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So quite a few publications pointed out that Arsenal rode their luck at the weekend. I’m a bit surprised by that, I’m sure it was Arsenal who hit the bar twice? Needless to say, how we got the points is an irrelevance, they’re in bank now and we can hand the baton of pressure over to Spurs and Chelsea.

The blue part of West London took a beating at the hands of City in the semi final of the FA Cup yesterday, I’d suggest some sort of negative impact on their league run, but Chelsea are a different gravy to Spurs when it comes to squad mentality. I shouldn’t think they’ll be hitting a downward spiral anytime soon.

In other news of a transfer flavour, The Mail has us down for picking up Gotze in a £30m mega deal this summer. I think he’s the only massive outlay I believe in when it comes to Arsenal. Wenger clearly admires the young German and its rumoured we already turned in an offer for him after we lost Cesc. The only reason I struggle with the story is because he’s playing for a better club at the moment. It’d be crazy for him to move… unless the lure of crazy money is what he’s all about? Even then, I’m not sure Dortmund are a million miles away from us revenue wise. 9th in the world?

Still, I can’t deny it, he’s a seriously special player. He’d be a serious signing of intent. Probably the most serious since Bergkamp.

The other player they have us down for is Capoue. A name that’s been bandied about the Le Grove comments for years. He’s a power house of a midfielder who has added accurate passing and a few goals to his burgeoning reputation. He’ll be available for a very manageable £10m this summer. He’s he kind of player Everton usually sneak away with. In fact, they already tried.

I’m not sure what the plan is this close season (or preseason as it often ends up), all I know is Wenger likes his position at the club. He likes the power, the money and big screen TVs. If he doesn’t have a title winning side by November, he’ll either not get the deal he was hoping for or Ivan will chip away at his power grip. That’d be an annoyance for a man who dictates the colour of the tea coasters.

All these names getting fired around have the fragrance of excitement. The push to make us sign over our cash for another season. I hope it’s not nonsense. The easiest way for the club to sell out every year is to just load the squad up with players people want to see. I’m not taking so much about the normal season ticket holders, most would turn up regardless… I’m talking more about the corporate seats. Give them something to buy into… and by proxy of serving the people who put the most in, you service the poor. It’s like some sort of messed up modern day football styled Robin hood story. Except not.

Steal from the rich, spend the money on players, which satisfies the poor.

I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it over the weekend, but it was quite disappointing to see so many people go inside when it started to rain. Just an observation.

As there’s not much going on, I thought I’d open up a debate around in game WIFI at sports clubs. Liverpool have installed access to 12,000 fans, Manchester City are starting to work on the problem and my client, Saracens, had it up in the stadium yesterday so fans could interact with the brand before, during and after the game. The big issue lots of Arsenal fans have with the concept is that it might drain the atmosphere with people looking at their phones all game.

Well, it certainly didn’t affect the rugby that way yesterday. I find the idea of being able to get access to streams of in game data a exciting one. The main difference between being at the game and being able to watch it on TV is the wealth of information you get with TV. If you could get the stats as the game went on it’d be an enhancement of the match day experience. If you could get access to replays or even the little snippets you don’t get… like on Saturday, I didn’t see what the penalty was given for. Quite often, if I don’t get home after a game, I get little parts of my match report wrong because I don’t have eyes good enough to pick out the bits you do one TV.

I understand from a purists point of view you should 100% focus on the game. But lets step into reality for a moment here. People chat amongst themselves, look at their phones, call people to find out what’s going on elsewhere… switch off. Not to mention the amount of down time that happens through a game. I know online, everyone is the greatest fan that ever did live, but in reality, looking around the ground, that’s not true 100% of the time.

You can’t fight the future… if they can web up the Underground, they’ll crack stadiums. Then they’ll start driving revenue from fans with food & beer offers, betting deals and score related merchandise offers. That said, it’d be interesting to hear what you think about it anyway?

Have a great day, enjoy the sun from your office window and start getting excited about the Everton game tomorrow night.

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  1. Hitman49

    Yeah I know but 90 mins ?

    FFS pedro !

    If you can’t leave then stay at home and watch it live on your laptop !

  2. Hitman49

    Am I the only one who thought I saw a hand ball in our game ?

    As the ball gets played in from the corner before it gets to Giroud,
    I’m sure it hits a hand on the way across to him !

    Have a look ?

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Maybe have the wifi access before and after the game and during half time.

    Having it afterwards might be part of something to persuade people to stay after the game.

    I don’t understand the ‘lucky’ comments.
    We created more chances
    We conceded from what was a debatable free kick
    We could have had a penalty on Walcott
    The penalty was given by the linesman, rather than the ref, so what, more an issue of why didn’t the ref give it.
    The other issue I’ve heard is that Giroud was holding the defender, so what ? he didn’t push him over, whereas the defender clearly pulls Giroud to the floor.

    Deserved win

  4. Romford Pele

    Norwich are funny – did they not see that Kamara tripped himself up for the freekick that led to their goal.

    Anyway, i’m glad we forced our own luck, we need to learn to do that more. United have been doing it for years.

  5. wardy

    not that i think that gotze will be arriving anytime soon. I dont agree with the theory that players wont come here because we are no longer a big club. players arrive on the back of what the manager visualize the team to be NEXT season and not what went before……

  6. Globalgunner

    Goetze:. Ill believe it when i see it. People forget that Wenger does not have a great track record when it come to nurturing special talent. the Reyes debacle still haunts me. that boy could have been as good as CR7 but his talent was lost like Helium in a punctured balloon. Ditto for Arshavin and same for Podolski right now. If I were his advisers i would urge him not.

    Ok I get it Wenger wants Goetze to replace Sagna at RB

  7. Romford Pele

    Gotze could definitely happen, I just severely doubt it will. Years of failed transfer market activity have given me that mindset. But weird things happen – who remembers Figo going from Barca to Madrid?

  8. Romford Pele

    Did anyone see Wenger’s comment about him working on Poldi as a striker in training at the moment? Hope that comes to fruition – I think he could really blossom there.

  9. ZIZOU

    Reus > Gotze. I’d argue that he could be better integrated into our system, providing goals and creativity from wide, while Jack, Santi and Rosicky rotate in the play making role.

  10. vicky

    Guys what about shifting Sagna to the CB position and buying Micah Richards for the RB position??? Sagna has lost some pace due to injuries and his crossing is also not that good. CB position for him makes sense,doesn’t it??

  11. ZIZOU

    IMO our priority should be an absolute monster of a box to box midfielder, 20+ goal a season striker and solid experienced GK. CAM (which Gotze is) one of there’s well stocked areas of our squad.

  12. gambon

    We wont be signing Gotze, sad but true fact. We wont spend £30m on him, wont pay him the £150k pw he would be after, and we just dont have the ambition or desire to do this.

    The higher up the PL we finish the less we will spend. I hate that, but its true.

    Excellent result at the weekend, finishing 3rd would be amazing considering everything and would allow us to easily spend £100m, not to mention the sponsors would stand up and rethink about whether they want to be aligned with us if we finish 3rd and have scope to invest.

    However i sense a disaster of a summer coming.

    I have called for Capoue for years, but wonder if Gonalons is more of an Arsenal or Arsene player?

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @Romford Pele

    In an attempt to save us buying a striker in the summer ?


    Possibly, but I’d like to see a little more of Sagna in that position before we start thinking of it being permanent

  14. Romford Pele

    GG – You do realise that Reyes was the one moaning about London being boring and missing his mum’s paella? The dude was a pussy, good riddance – and he left Arsenal when he was still young and never really amounted to anything.

    Vicky – Sagna played CB away to Sunderland and did it really well. Wenger did say that he can see Sagna playing there into his 30s – could well be the case if he signs a new contract.
    RE Richards: I think I speak for most Gooners when I say that we’d love to have one of our own here. I’m not sure whether he’d leave though. And worryingly, he has become increasingly injury-prone over the last two seasons.

  15. Simon

    I can understand people like yourself thinking increased media is a good thing. However it would just make the atmosphere even more lame in my mind. There’d be like 75% of the crowd glued to their phones for the duration… WTFing hell?

    And saying that it would add some of the things you miss from watching a game on tv is true. But the two methods of viewing would also just converge. So ultimately why bother going?

    People should be free to do what they want but Arsenal shouldn’t be encouraging people to pay to attend and then distracting them from the game whilst they’re there!

  16. Romford Pele

    NM – Yeah. At the risk of sounding cheap, Poldi could save us a lot of money and allow us to focus on spending big on other areas of the team – that would be my logic. My gut feeling is that he can become a great striker leading the line by himself, ala RVP. I think that Wenger is working towards that currently.

  17. gambon

    What about moving Podolski into a CF and buying Schurrle next season?

    Schurrle, Jovetic, Gonalons and Begovic = £65m

  18. Barndoor Bendtner

    No way was it lucky. All the stats were well in our favour. Over 60% possession for one (not that possession alone wins games).
    It was a match that I never felt was going to get away from us, even leaving it that late.
    I happen to like Hughton as a young manager, but his sour grapes comments are in danger of making him sound like the Walrus and his disciples. They played well and ran out of steam at the business end of the match. End of.
    I dont see big name signings coming to AFC as long as the media continue to undermine us. We are a massive club, built on a solid base and with high standards on and off the pitch. Because we dont suck up to anyone we are vilified at every step.

  19. Romford Pele

    Wenger’s Poldi quote:

    Podolski has been used almost primarily on the left-hand side of Arsenal’s attack since his arrival last summer, but Wenger says he can thrive down the middle too.

    “Podolski was injured when we played at Bayern and won,” the boss told “After that, we won at Swansea…sometimes you have periods like that and I think he can play as a central striker as well.

    “I work a lot with him [in training] as a central striker at the moment. He is a quality player and when he comes on you can see that straight away. You don’t get 100 caps by luck.

  20. N7

    I thought Podolski was already an experienced CF who gets played wide left by the National German team and Wenger. He’s just never been given a run in his normal position.

  21. ZIZOU

    Capoue over Gonalons for me.

    Have you seen Sevilla’s DM, Geoffrey Kondogbia ? The lad is a talent. 20 years old , French u21 international, 6 ft 2 + , very similar to Paul Pogba ( who I’d have loved us to sign).

  22. Barndoor Bendtner

    As for wifi, I wouldnt look forward to getting the frickin shopping list of the Mrs in the middle of the NLD. How about a bluetooth stream of match commentary/vids? Wifi at half time only?

  23. Arse&Nose©

    Yes to in-stadium free wi-fi.

    Mobile data allowances are generous meaning people who are mobile obsessed are already exhibiting the behaviours that drain atmosphere i.e. taking pictures , chatting on whatsapp, twitter and facebook.

    I think the free wifi will effect foreign visiting fans more than British fans.

    When I visited the Bernabéu it had free stadium wifi and I thought it was a nice touch as I was a tourist/fan & didn’t want to incur roaming charges whilst posting updates about being at the match.

  24. gambon


    I cant help thinking that Poldi, Walcott, Giroud are all better suited to 4-4-2.

    Bring in Jovetic and we have an ideal selection of strikers for a 4-4-2.

    The only issue is it would require us to spend on a top class wide player (Isco, Gotze etc) that we wont do.

    I do like the idea of :






    – Szczesny
    – Vermaelen
    – Wilshere
    – Ramsey
    – Chamberlain
    – Walcott
    – Giroud

    Much much better first team, much more dangerous bench.

  25. Romford Pele


    Yes Poldi is a CF but he’s never played the lone striker role. When he plays upfront, it’s normally just off a big CF. But I have the feeling he can lead the line himself. He’s not the biggest, but he has a very strong, stocky frame, ala Tevez, Aguero. He’s also got one of the best shots i’ve ever seen so it’s a no brainer for me.

    He played upfront against Sunderland first game of the season but never after. I think Wenger was saying something along the lines of: “He needs to learn how to lead the line by himself.”

    And with a bit of work, I think that can be the case.

  26. Romford Pele

    Great team – very fluid there Gambon! Probably the best fantasy team posted thus far in my opinion.

    To be honest, with the personnel you’ve highlighted, it could also translate into a 4-4-1-1 and a 4-2-3-1. The personnel all there are very adaptable there too. Great team that can actually be achieved within budget.

  27. Romford Pele

    That team also reminds me of the team that never was:




    That midfield is very similar to the new one Gambon highlighted in terms of its fluidity and adaptability. Should’ve walked the league that year.

  28. vicky

    Goetze will move to RM/Barca If at all he intends to leave Dortmund. Any first choice player from RM,Barca,BM,Dortmund,Man U,City,Chelsea,Juventus ,Milan and Inter will not come to Arsenal under the current circumstances.

  29. the_real_andy

    gambon you really hate koscielny don´t you? 😛 I still wonder why. he´s far from being bad, he´s very quick for a CB and scores quite regularly for a CB. beside that he can play RB for short spells like last year and he did quite well when I remember correctly.

    regarding podolski; I doubt he can lead the line. his best position is behind a CF who opens up space for him and constantly lay off balls for him to shoot from 20 – 25 yards – would be possible with giroud I think. the problem is we desperately need 3 central midfielders or we have to buy a real DM who doesn´t like to be nowhere near the opponent´s half. this would end up in having less possession which isn´t the way AW wants us to play so forget about a 442. we will stick with a 433 or 451 as long as he´s here …

    my team next year would be

    pisczek, koscielny, mertesacker, monreal
    jack, capoue
    caz, isco, pod/walnut

  30. Globalgunner

    Err, Sagna is all of 5`9″. He was not destined to be a CB. I good game there is no benchmark for a new role at 30 yrs. Lets not turn into another poor facsimile of Barca who play Masch as CB

  31. Radio Raheem

    Ideally, Arteta and Mertesacker should not be starting…would’ve thougt their mobility issues are obvious by now.

    Podolski has to be ‘worked on’ to play that CF role for reasons that I would have thougt obvious too. Think I highlighted these a few days ago. Not sure why people can’t see this. Playing CF for relegation fodder, Koln, is quite different from playing CF for Arsenal and Germany. Again, this should be obvious!

  32. JamesH

    Cant believe the rubbish in the media since Saturday. Clearest pen ever. The Norwich player wasnt even goal side and is caught shirt pulling. The only mystery is why the ref missed it but he missed quite a bit i suppose. Hardly a comment on the dive which gave Norwich the free kick to score or the time wasting. AW got lucky as clear after 5 mins Wilshere not at the races but he persevered with him.

  33. Romford Pele


    You do realise that Fabio Cannavaro, one of the best CBs of recent times was under 6ft. If you think that being tall is the be-all and end-all of playing at the back, then you need to go and do your research. Also, Sagna played CB for Auxerre quite a bit when he was younger so it’s not like retraining someone.

    Pisczek is not leaving Dortmund anytime soon!

  34. Romford Pele

    Ideally I wouldn’t play Mert either, but everyone has their agendas and some people just don’t make it into others’ teams.

    Then you woke up from your dream.

  35. the_real_andy

    RR I think players with less mobility aren´t automatically bad. you have to pair them with more mobile players like koscielny or wilshere and it could work out. I don´t see a problem with them at all – as squad players of course.

  36. Romford Pele

    Capoue has been a personal favourite of mine for ages, because like Busquets, he drops in to make almost a third CB. And he has stated various times that he loves defending, yet is also a great passer from deep. I’m staring to think he’s gone too mainstream though – a lot of teams are apparently interested in him now.

  37. Johnty79

    Romford pele. Remember the man u team at the time of 07-8 arguably there strongest squad in history.. However we would have won the league if wenger had of pushed diarra in the team. Him leaving in January cost us the league that year.

  38. Romford Pele

    Not doubting Pisczek’s ability Andy – he’s just not an immediate priority, if a priority at all, depending on the way you look at things.

  39. Nemesis.


    then outbid clubs for his signature. The effect yaya toure,sergi busquet had in barca could be what is missing in our team.

  40. Globalgunner

    Fabio Cannavaro was not 5`9″. He was a special talent. He won European POTY

    He is not a template for converting a RB to CB.

    If you have a problem you don`t try to solve by handicapping yourself ab inito

  41. Nemesis.

    Marek hamsik has really improved his style,from playing in the central midfield to the right wing to the attacking midfield. ABSOLUTELY VERSATILE.

  42. Romford Pele


    I can’t deny United were also very strong that season – but at the time we played Brum, we were nine points clear at the top. That shows you how well the team were playing at the time. I do though agree that letting Diarra go after just six months was a poor one. It’s a fine balancing act though, because Flamini was playing out of his skin at the time and Gilberto was an able deputy. Maybe a bit more could’ve been done rotation wise to keep Doarra happy but would that have upset momentum? It’s all ifs and buts really.

    That season was our last truly good team IMO, better than the 10/11 one containing the likes of Wilshere, Nasri, Song etc….

    But there were issues that Wenger didn’t see coming. Ade let the hype go to his head and thought he was already a superstar. His feud with Bendtner, who also thought he should’ve had a starting spot, spiralled out of control. While Clichy was just shit. Positionally he’s awful. Lost count of the amount of games he’s cost us.

  43. Romford Pele

    Global – Read again. I never said he was 5ft 9, I said he was under 6ft, therefore dispelling your myth that you have to be 6ft plus to be a great CB.

    And i’m not saying that Sagna should be a starting CB, I was merely stating that it was an option; stop jumping to conclusions.

  44. the_real_andy

    pele so you want us to play with jenkinson and 2nd choice bellerin next year? sagna will be off quite sure – and if he is off we need a real good RB to play behind walnut otherwise our opponents will be free to score from our right defensive side I´m afraid. I like jenk and I like bellerin but they are both at least 2 years away from being first team players for 40 games a year. we can try to convert gervinho though … 😛

  45. Romford Pele


    I would fight tooth and nail to sign Capoue – though a bidding war is just want Toulouse would want. As much as I like Capoue, if we’re forced to pay upwards of £15m for him, we’re starting to get ripped off.

    I’m all for spending money, but i’m not paying fees that players aren’t worth.

  46. Radio Raheem

    A Koscielny and Sakho partnership is one I am curious about. Think they’ve been paired together for France…

    Josip you around?

    I think we should go for Sissoko at Newcastle, he is a level above them. Apart from Yaya I don’t think any other player matches for that combination of physique and technique. They signed him for £2m, £10m might do. He can play as a support striker or in CM. I think he is worth creating a role for or should be taking Diaby’s position in the squad.

  47. gambon

    “but at the time we played Brum, we were nine points clear at the top”

    Think we were 5 clear….playing for 8 clear.

    Also, when you consider we lost 2-1 to both Chelsea and UTD while being 1 up both times you cant help but think we completely bottled that season.

    I never had a bad word to say about Wenger until that summer. Its after that when the club started to unravel.

    If the right decisions had been made that season, things could be so much different now.

  48. Globalgunner

    Nothing wrong with conclusions, everybody does it. I have concluded that Sagna is not an option at CB, unless the team is down to 10 men

  49. Romford Pele


    I like Sissoko too – and for the price Newcastle bought him for in January, we should’ve been in for him. But I highly doubt he’ll be departing them after six months. He’s on a five-year contract and would command a sizeable fee.

    Sakho and Kos would be top though, that i’m convinced of.

  50. Nemesis.





    wenger builds good teams,but sells to early.

  51. the_real_andy

    pele like every player newcastle signed in recent years he definitely has a release clause – otherwise they wouldn´t be able to sign so many good players recently. they just give them the possibility to show their ability in the best league in the world – otherwise guys like gouffran, ba, cisse or debuchy would never join a mediocre english premier league team?!?!

    they bought him for 2 + a little bit if I remember correctly so he will have a clause around 7.5 – 9 million I think.

  52. Nemesis.


    Very close if not stronger than the 2010 team.

  53. gambon

    Sissokos good, but if Wenger wants a Diaby replacement I would rather he tempted Juventus with £20m for Pogba.

    If hes decided Diaby is finished then Strootman would be great replacement.

  54. the_real_andy

    pele and gambon – beside diarra I really think you have to admit that eduardo´s injury was the start of our decreasing form. since taylor´s (I hope I remember correctly) horror tackle in late november (or early december?) we were not the same team again. the dutch was injured too when I think. let me check that 🙂

  55. Nemesis.


    he let diarra leave then gilberto,then flamini and didn’t replace them.loosing the title was bad but loosing players in such fashion was worse.

  56. Radio Raheem

    Pogba? Now you’re talking…unfortunately, can’t see Juve selling him. I can see more potential in him than in Diaby and I’m one of Diaby’s fans. Anyway very unlikely that one. I can
    see Juve building their future team around after Pirlo hangs up his boots.


    Yeah Sissoko is unlikely but def worth a try. 10m to 15m buys his contract I reckon. I don’t think he is on more than 40k/week.

  57. Gregg

    I think it was the injuries to both Rosicky & Flamini that did for that seasons run in.

    As for todays post; Love the idea of Goatze but we need an a clinical finisher to go with him, absolutely essential.

    2nd point, Jeez, Everton will be rubbing their hands at set pieces after watching that. Everons strength is getting the ball in the box, danger man on Tuesday is Baines, whoever plays right back needs to stop the crosses at source because we sure as hell cannot defend them when they get in the box. Tough,tough night ahead tommorow and I fear it’ll make for painful viewing.

  58. Romford Pele

    That was awful from Wenger. Flamini, Gilberto and Diarra (3 DMs) going in one summer – Denilson the replacement :[

  59. Nemesis.

    Mourinho gets hammered 5 nil to barca and goes bunkers,then he learns from his mistakes.

    Arsene gets hammered 8-2,goes bunkers,then panic buys.

  60. the_real_andy

    yeah I know. I´ve just tried to rethink about this season. I´m confused the stats I read aren´t anywhere near I thought we were although it´s just 5 years ago. weird

    we topped the league until our game against middelsbrough. 29th fixture in 07/08.

    I don´t think we lost the league because of selling diarra. I think the turning point was eduardo´s injury and our inability to replace him (which wasn´t really AW´s fault to be honest – the dutch was injured, ade was nowhere near he used to be earlier this season). against birmingham (26th game) we were 5 points clear and he got injured after 5 minutes. we drew 4 on the bounce and lost against chelsea after that.

    this was at the end of february. saying we´ve lost it because of selling diarra in january seems to be wrong to me

  61. Nemesis.


    juve are going to sell a midfielder to finance their search for another striker. Pogba or vidal woulb spring to mind.

  62. Eric

    I don’t see Gotze coming. He’s playing for an ambitious team, if he’s leaving, it’s only natural that he signs for an equally ambitious team. The only way he might sign for arsenal is if wenger signs 3 or 4 world class players before going for him. I’m afraid Arsenal are going to remain in this shit of struggling to finish 4th as long as wenger is still the manager.

  63. Romford Pele

    Gregg – While Everton will no doubt be a tough game, I think you’re doing our talents a bit of an injustice there.

    Everton need to win the game, which means, unlike many of our home games, we’ll have more space to operate in, rather than playing against a parked bus. That will suit many of our creative outlets.

    You also need to bare in mind that Everton have never won a game away to any of the big clubs (hope I haven’t jynxed it though!)

    And while i’m wary of being overly positive, our form in the league the last two months has been very encouraging.

  64. Paddy got up

    Goetze for £30m and Capoue don’t make me laugh.
    Surely no one is going to fall for the spin yet again?
    We will sign Jovetic and get a work permit for Joel Campbell and maybe a cheap centre half. Maybe that African bloke who was on trial? Total outlay £15m.
    We will then sell Sagna, after using the friendly papers to say he is a bad influence and not focused blah blah blah! And also Vermaelan as Wemger can’t offer him 1st team football and its World Cup year and all that. Overall what does that mean?? Oh yes another profit for Stan and his gang.
    Add to that the £90k a week saved from Arshavin
    This time next year Rodney!!!!!

  65. the_real_andy

    to be fair – gilberto was past his best, flamini played a contract game AW wasn´t used to and diarra was unhappy. you can´t argue with that. he should´ve bought better replacements than he did but then again – weren´t we in financial problems at that time? weren´t we able to play walnut due to bonuses we would´ve had to pay southhampton if he had played in EPL game in 06/07, just one year before that? I don´t want to defend AW nowadays but I think we simply weren´t in a position to buy real good players at that time

  66. Nasri's Mouth

    Diarra leaving wasn’t the issue that season, he was no more than a sideline. I do wonder why we bothered buying him in the first place.
    A player with designs on 1st team football for a big team, he was pushing to leave within minutes of being on the subs bench for the first time. He was never going to be a full starter for us that season.

  67. the_real_andy

    nemesis – I think you have to differ pre 2010 and after 2010 regarding transfers. we weren´t in good shape before 2010 so blaming AW for not buying pre 2010 is a little bit problematic to me. you can argue he didn´t replace na$ri, cesc, the dutch or clichy in time (or at all) but I wouldn´t fault him for being unable to replace players before 2010

  68. gambon

    Not signing a top class attacker in Jan 2008 was a huge mistake.

    RVP was out for the season, Rosicky got injured in January, all it took was a tougher stance on Diarra and a top class forward and we wouldve won the PL.

    As of Christmas 2007 the club just fell apart and we’re still suffering now.

  69. Nemesis.

    If theres uncertainty from players when it comes to contracts you move first in the market. Example vanpersie’s uncertainty= podolski and giroud in.

  70. Globalgunner

    Pogba would be great and Juve just might sell seeing as they got him on a free. But he would not be cheap 10-12m. He is a real talent. I am shocked SAF let him go. Even he sometimes makes mistakes

  71. Romford Pele

    Lol, Pogba is seen as the future of Juve, no way is he attainable. With him, Poli and Vidal, Juve will dominate Serie A for years. They’ve also signed Llorente for next season. With a couple of great wide men, they’ll also be a forced to be reckoned with in the CL.

  72. the_real_andy

    hmm gambon … I really doubt that´s anywhere correct

    22.12. – 23.02. (day of eduardo´s injury) 9 games, 7 wins, 2 draws.

    after eduardo´s injury

    12 games, 5 wins, 5 draws, 2 losses

    I don´t want to say it´s all down to eduardo but he was massive this year and he got injured after january window closed. the dutch was injured btw

  73. gambon

    Interesting stuff….

    We have Everton & Fulham before either Spurs or Chelsea play another game.

    Now……Chelsea are at Anfield, and Spurs at home to Man City, both could very easily lose them games.

    It literally is in our hands. If we win tomorrow and saturday it SHOULD be virtually impossible for us not to finish top 4.

    A 3rd place finish would be ridiculous considering how much damage Arsene has tried to do to this team, and give us a great platform to build on.

  74. Globalgunner

    Diarra was p..sed off because Flamini was played ahead of him in a season they were both jockeying for a France place and Wenger persisted even though Flamini refused to sign an extension. at the end of the season, both left and Wenger was still basing his plans on Flamini signing. Poor management

  75. the_real_andy

    I think we had quite a good chance to win the UCL that year when I remember ocrrectly. we played liverpool and pieter vink and fjoerdfeld were referees. vink didn´t give a clear penalty in our home game against them and fjoerdfeld gifted pool a pen after babel´s dive. I remember those to games because a colleague of mine called me after the game and said “I´m sorry for those refs” – he´s a lpool fan. funnily – vink was a kuyt´s neighbor …

  76. gambon


    Eduardo was incredibly average, a massively overrated player that as always was glorified due to his injury…….just like Diaby is apparently as good as Yaya if it wasnt for injuries.

    That stat you pulled up is meaningless, i remember when we went 30 games unbeaten when Djourou was in the team, clearly he is terrible so in no way was that relevant.


    A player with designs on 1st team football for a big team, he was pushing to leave within minutes of being on the subs bench for the first time. He was never going to be a full starter for us that season.
    That’s because he was being marginalised at Chelsea..A sub..With Makele ahead of him..

    He wanted first team football& was probably promised that by Arsene.

    Then to rock up at Arsenal & find himself sitting on the bench,was a bit too much for him to stomach..

    The fact that he wanted first team football,I think speaks volumes about the lad..

    As opposed too being happy sitting on the bench,collecting a wage packet,like some at Arsenal..

  78. Fizzy Styles

    Interesting Post from a F365 reader

    Commentator Appraisals?

    Do commentators have appraisals? Or any form of a measurement system that judges their ability on what they say?

    I don’t know what it is that English commentators don’t like about Arsenal, but I must say yesterday at the Norwich game the commentating was disgraceful. Watching the game from outside England, it would be too easy to blame it on xenophobia, and I would do it if I didn’t know better.

    I don’t know who the commentator was yesterday, but he completely refused to go past the penalty that Giroud won. Giroud was impeded with a shirt tug, something that is a yellow card offence even in the middle of the pitch, so why shouldn’t it have been a penalty? Because the commentator doesn’t like French people? The only ‘controversy’ there was why the ref, who was closer, didn’t see it and give it sooner.

    They kept mentioning Walcott’s offside position during Podolski’s goal, and moaning about Arsenal had been super-lucky, again forgetting the dead certain penalty that Walcott should have had before.

    What annoys me about these blindingly biased commentators is that they manage to turn the opinions of other observers as well. Call a decision ‘controversial’ five times, and that seems to be accepted in the English Premier League. That word becomes associated with the decision in papers and on TV.

    Given the impact they have, isn’t it time for these commentators to be answerable, at least to someone?

  79. Romford Pele

    That 2007/8 season could’ve been so good – we were in a position to clean house. But until we stop rebuilding, we’ll continue encountering problems.

  80. the_real_andy

    gambon he was in top form. he was our third choice striker at the beginning of that season and came in after the dutch got injured. he played well, scored some good goals, had some good assists. he might have been average and still is but he was massively at that time – we didn´t have a real good 4th choice striker (we still haven´t) in bendtner (who wasn´t anywhere good enough at that time, far from being as good as he is now beside his stupidness)

    sometimes average players can have big influence on a team, just look at barry for shitty. completely average but very important

  81. steven

    The free WiFi thing has been tried here in the us for the past couple of years most recently in foxborro in Boston. The problem they are having is its such a hit that they don’t have enough bandwidth and fails. Our baseball fields have it but they only avg 25-35k. Hope you figure it out and in conjunction with the team, find ways to show replays which makes the most since or live commentary would help too

  82. Nemesis.

    Apparently mario goetze favours a move to barcelona.


  83. Globalgunner

    The press, either print or electronic love the word “controversy”. Its a guaranteed money maker. If there is no controversy. they will conjure up one. Its all about drawing the suckers in. If the media all decide that the shy is green and continue to repeat it. Soon enough 80% of the population will agree that the sky is green w/o even bothering to look up. Individually people are smart, collectively they are Sheep.

    Plus we Arsenal are a French team. So its OK to pile on us unlike the Anglo Saxon, United and British bulldog Spuds

  84. Radio Raheem

    If we are are in a better financial situation why have gone from having Ade, RvP and Eduardo as strikers to only Giroud?

    Chamakh off, Walcott not a striker, not yet anyway, and Podolski is still being ‘worked on’.

  85. g0tch34ted

    I worked at Saracens this weekend, was suitabley impressed with most of it.

    Pitch was a bit weird and the stands were a bit far away, but the atmosphere and everything else was lovely.


    Radio RaheemApril 15, 2013 10:31:24
    If we are are in a better financial situation why have gone from having Ade, RvP and Eduardo as strikers to only Giroud? Chamakh off, Walcott not a striker, not yet anyway, and Podolski is still being ‘worked on’.

    Good question..Only the madness of “King Wenger”,has the answers to your very question!!

    I suspect Arsene,will resurrect his experimentation with Gervinho,as Henry MKII,at the start of next season??!!

  87. Nic

    Hi Pedro. Obviously I don’t post often but it’s an interesting point you raise about technology. I don’t think it will make much of a difference to the atmosphere as, as you say, people are constantly peering at their phones anyway, or where I sit right next to the journos, asking them if something was a pen/foul etc. However, given our approach not even replaying contentious decisions, I doubt that Arsenal will be at the vanguard of this particular proposal. It will be interesting for the football authorities as it could futher undermine referees. I wouldn’t be against it though.

  88. Nemesis.

    Toni kroos
    mario goetze
    marek hamsik
    cesc fabregas
    roman isco
    christian eriksen
    adam maher
    ander hererra

    all quality players,an upgrade to what we have.

  89. chukwudi

    Goetze,Capoue,Gonalon,Begovic,Isco,Jovetic they are all good to join the team but not all will excel in Arsenal shirt.I believe we have the players to do the damage just for them to live upto to their potentials sky will be our limit come next season.We still need more of a complete CB to compliment Per,TV5 and Kos am sure Wenger will make the right choice at the summer.

  90. Gooner S

    We had wif-fi free when we first moved to the Emirates and it was removed. Don’t know why? Cost?

    It’s useful. For those of us old enough to have enjoyed getting scores and updates on a transistor radio well you can do that, streamed on your phone plus other apps to use pre and post game…inc Arsenal TV. It should be part of the ticket price.

    I was at Real Madrid ealrlier in the season, for their cup game vs Celta Vigo, and apart from heating the seating areas (it was – 2 outside and we had to take our coats off!) they provide free wi-fi.

  91. gnarleygeorge9

    “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

    Hands up those who would embrace In stadium WIFI

  92. jay4741

    just been reading through comments, even if we did sign Goatze whats the point if he setting up the workhorse Giroud

    u cant play 4 -4-2 in modern football today does not work, teams get overrun in midfield and we would get battered on counter

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    Using a fake quote attributed incorrectly to Einstein probably reinforces your point


    Nasri’s MouthApril 15, 2013 11:29:52

    & NM is straight out of the starting blocks..

    Handbags at dawn!!

  95. Matchy

    “””If he doesn’t have a title winning side by November, he’ll either not get the deal he was hoping for or Ivan will chip away at his power grip. That’d be an annoyance for a man who dictates the colour of the tea coasters.””

    hahahhaha i thought wenger interviewed and hired GAZ from what i read here hahahah

  96. voetstoots

    Sorry haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments, so maybe someone has said it, but the one counter-argument I see from the club’s point of view re the wifi issue, is that they don’t want people to see the replays in real time – specifically controversial penalty decisions, bad tackles etc – i think because seeing it again a 2nd time (in slow motion no less) might induce crowd violence? (is that not why they never show us these same incidents on the big screen in the stadium?

    This is different for a “civilised” rugby crowd at Saracens, of course. But i guess it’s not different at Liverpool – so am i talking nonsense?


    WIFI,goal line tech all a sign of the times ,damn look what they have done to cricket.I like the days where a refs decision stood for something be it good or bad,it was part of the game.All of this second guessing is spured on by the fact that the officiating has gotten increasingly worse over the years.Lets hope it dosen’t end up like american football where a 1hr game takes 4hrs to finish.

  98. samsenal

    People still talking about Hummels as an Arsenal signing? Jeez. Same for Goetze – no chance whatsoever. Capoue may have been tapped up by the @rse though. Could see it happening and he is precisely the kind of competitive, combative presence we need.

    Anyways. The Everton game is massive. Absolutely huge. the Norwich game is well and good and we can go on about the “boost” it gives us to win at the death but the fact remains that Norwich should have been a fairly simple 3 points. Everton are another level and will carry far more threat and will keep the ball far better.

    If we’re wasteful we will be punished. After a good few games Gervinho’s place in the starting line-up has to be under threat. The good thing about him is that he draws multiple opponents in but we can’t afford a stinker from him and the Norwich game set alarm bells ringing.

    But would Walcott get the better of Baines? I doubt it. So perhaps we stick Santi there…but will jack be fit enough to cope with Everton in the AM spot when he was so far off the pace against Norwich? Anyone know how Rosicky is looking? We need him.

    Podolski is a talent. I think there is so much more to come from him but as others have said, in this league, alone upfront, he might not be the answer….but you’d have thought we’d give him more than one start in week One! Does anyone think he might do a job in the number 10 slot? Okay, he’s no genius but if he can play close to Giroud he might be able to feed off the knock-downs….he’s tidy on the ball and has a vicious shot…Would he work hard enough defensively? Probably not.


    Bermy Boy
    Lets hope it dosen’t end up like american football where a 1hr game takes 4hrs to finish.
    I get your point..But I love NFL..

    What with the video technology..

    The calling of decisions…

    It adds to the overall excitement..

    Granted the game runs over time..

    But surely as a paying fan,you are getting more bang for your buck..

    Not being cheated out of a decision,or rankled fans sending referee’s death wishes..

    Even in tennis,when a decision is queried,by the player..

    Did the ball,hit the baseline,or was it fractionally out..?

    Video gets replayed,turns out the ball was out..

    In b/w there is much anxiety..

    & then the fans gasp…..Oohhhhh!!

    At least,it removes excuse makers like Arsene,a convenient platform to hide behind,when we lose matches.

  100. BERMY BOY

    At least, it removes excuse makers like Arsene,a convenient platform to hide behind, when we lose matches.

    In other words,post match commentary gets reduced to 20 sec..heh heh.

  101. Bade

    Pedro wanted a debate over the in stadium WIFI while you lot are day dreaming of teams we could but won’t get

    Let’s hope Arsene goes to Real this summer & we have a hole new start over

  102. lord snotty

    Who wants wi-fi? Don’t we all spend far too much time staring at computer screens already. I don’t spend £60 or so for a seat only to sit staring at an I Pod (or whatever they call these things). It pisses me off when I see kids occupying seats while they play games on mobile devices during matches, totally ignoring the football.

  103. Gregg

    In answer to the Commentators appraisals post;
    What was funny was that the first 20 minutes of Sky’s Gillette Soccer saturday programme centred around the ECL game midweek and Dortmunds controversial winner. The concensus from the fab 5 panel was that the Assistant ref’s all has to make decisions aswell as the ref. Fast Forward a few hours and Tony Gale is whinging that the Refs assistant gave the decision for the penalty and not the ref. You gotta love the irony

  104. Dannyboy

    Vix, I like the idea but it wouldn’t be practical in a league that is so heavily influenced by TV schedules..

    Imagine on a Super Sunday, where the 1:30pm kick off runs 3 hours instead of the usual 2 hours because of all the stoppages caused by Video Refs and things like that. Do you think they would postpone the 4:00pm kickoff? I seriouslt doubt it, so the guys at Sky wouldn’t allow it.

  105. N5

    I think the atmosphere at the Emirates borders on embarrassing at times, so to add another thing that would make it even quieter I would vote a big no, I have a season ticket to the right of the away fans (right next to them) and the atmosphere always comes from that corner as I guess it would like it does when we travel away. I know it wasn’t the most exciting game, but when you’ve got Reading fans singing some song about how we should be ashamed of our support you start to question what kind of things would perk it up. Red action attempted to bring change but even they seem to have given up. Imagine the atmosphere of last years AC Milan champions league game every week, the intimidation it would bring to fans/team coming to our ground. But you fill the stadium with suits and money and wifi and it just gets quieter.

  106. sixx pac

    What was so Dodgy about Pogba’s move to Juve? Fergie didn’t play him because he preferred his favorites and even when his favorites got injured, he still wouldn’t play him. Instead he went back for a retired 40 year old ginger, so the kid left. Hardly dodgy is it?


    Bermy Boy
    In other words,post match commentary gets reduced to 20 sec..heh heh.
    Yep,a Wenger sulk,shrug off the shoulders for 20 secs, then a “no comment”..& oops he’s off,faster than Usain Bolt,over 60 metres..