In stadium WIFI, would you like it at Arsenal? | Gotze and Capoue for £40m | Robin Hood story

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So quite a few publications pointed out that Arsenal rode their luck at the weekend. I’m a bit surprised by that, I’m sure it was Arsenal who hit the bar twice? Needless to say, how we got the points is an irrelevance, they’re in bank now and we can hand the baton of pressure over to Spurs and Chelsea.

The blue part of West London took a beating at the hands of City in the semi final of the FA Cup yesterday, I’d suggest some sort of negative impact on their league run, but Chelsea are a different gravy to Spurs when it comes to squad mentality. I shouldn’t think they’ll be hitting a downward spiral anytime soon.

In other news of a transfer flavour, The Mail has us down for picking up Gotze in a £30m mega deal this summer. I think he’s the only massive outlay I believe in when it comes to Arsenal. Wenger clearly admires the young German and its rumoured we already turned in an offer for him after we lost Cesc. The only reason I struggle with the story is because he’s playing for a better club at the moment. It’d be crazy for him to move… unless the lure of crazy money is what he’s all about? Even then, I’m not sure Dortmund are a million miles away from us revenue wise. 9th in the world?

Still, I can’t deny it, he’s a seriously special player. He’d be a serious signing of intent. Probably the most serious since Bergkamp.

The other player they have us down for is Capoue. A name that’s been bandied about the Le Grove comments for years. He’s a power house of a midfielder who has added accurate passing and a few goals to his burgeoning reputation. He’ll be available for a very manageable £10m this summer. He’s he kind of player Everton usually sneak away with. In fact, they already tried.

I’m not sure what the plan is this close season (or preseason as it often ends up), all I know is Wenger likes his position at the club. He likes the power, the money and big screen TVs. If he doesn’t have a title winning side by November, he’ll either not get the deal he was hoping for or Ivan will chip away at his power grip. That’d be an annoyance for a man who dictates the colour of the tea coasters.

All these names getting fired around have the fragrance of excitement. The push to make us sign over our cash for another season. I hope it’s not nonsense. The easiest way for the club to sell out every year is to just load the squad up with players people want to see. I’m not taking so much about the normal season ticket holders, most would turn up regardless… I’m talking more about the corporate seats. Give them something to buy into… and by proxy of serving the people who put the most in, you service the poor. It’s like some sort of messed up modern day football styled Robin hood story. Except not.

Steal from the rich, spend the money on players, which satisfies the poor.

I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned it over the weekend, but it was quite disappointing to see so many people go inside when it started to rain. Just an observation.

As there’s not much going on, I thought I’d open up a debate around in game WIFI at sports clubs. Liverpool have installed access to 12,000 fans, Manchester City are starting to work on the problem and my client, Saracens, had it up in the stadium yesterday so fans could interact with the brand before, during and after the game. The big issue lots of Arsenal fans have with the concept is that it might drain the atmosphere with people looking at their phones all game.

Well, it certainly didn’t affect the rugby that way yesterday. I find the idea of being able to get access to streams of in game data a exciting one. The main difference between being at the game and being able to watch it on TV is the wealth of information you get with TV. If you could get the stats as the game went on it’d be an enhancement of the match day experience. If you could get access to replays or even the little snippets you don’t get… like on Saturday, I didn’t see what the penalty was given for. Quite often, if I don’t get home after a game, I get little parts of my match report wrong because I don’t have eyes good enough to pick out the bits you do one TV.

I understand from a purists point of view you should 100% focus on the game. But lets step into reality for a moment here. People chat amongst themselves, look at their phones, call people to find out what’s going on elsewhere… switch off. Not to mention the amount of down time that happens through a game. I know online, everyone is the greatest fan that ever did live, but in reality, looking around the ground, that’s not true 100% of the time.

You can’t fight the future… if they can web up the Underground, they’ll crack stadiums. Then they’ll start driving revenue from fans with food & beer offers, betting deals and score related merchandise offers. That said, it’d be interesting to hear what you think about it anyway?

Have a great day, enjoy the sun from your office window and start getting excited about the Everton game tomorrow night.

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  1. Josip Skoblar

    You’re right, my friend. I can’t decide what was more pathetic in that clip: the blatant dive or the backward penalty kick! It’s like in a Laurel and Hardy movie!


    Higuain/Benzema have been lurking around for sometime..

    Arsene,refused to move..

    Jovetic..?Will Arsene move for him?..

    Highly unlikely..

    That said,a bit of a curve ball for you..

    I know he not’s in the WC range of players discussed..

    But surely this man,that’s of the radar,can do a greater job,than Girpooh..

    The man in question,all the way from Dubai…Asamoah Gyan??!!

    Probably will be cheaper than Demba Ba??

  3. Dan Ahern

    Josip — I had the sound off as I’m at work, but I think some yakety sax would make a nice backing track.

  4. Josip Skoblar

    Our main problem at this stage of the season is neither creating, nor defending (although we’re still far from perfect in that department): it’s about taking our chances and scoring. That was so obvious again last Saturday.

  5. Dan Ahern

    Nemesis — No doubt. I could see Suarez going somewhere in the world, but to Arsenal? Liverpool would be in like 12th place without him. You think they’ll let him go to another PL rival for less than £40m? They got £50m for Torres, and he wasn’t even as good.

    I will eat Tony Pulis’s hat if Wenger spends £40m on a player.

  6. eboue

    got a sick feeling in my stomach that ramsey will start tomorrow, it should be arteta wilshere and rosicky in the midfield with walcott on the right cazorla on the left and i cant decide on podolski or giroud up front

  7. MoFaya

    PLAN B.

    I think Arsenal need a Plan B to deal with the tactics employed by Norwich on Saturday i.e. parking the bus. Arsenal is so predictable to other teams but Arsenal do not not have a response to this type of predicatable tactic. So the game we saw on Saturday will be repeated when Stoke, Aston Villa,Wigan, Reading, Newcastle, QPR, Sunderland, Fulham, West Ham, Southampton etc. visit the Emirates because it is a sure way to pick up a point there and maybe sneak in a 1-0 win as Norwich almost did. Norwich almost went 2-0 up when their effective counter-attack ended with a shot directed straight at the Arsenal keeper. VERY VERY CLOSE CALL THERE!!!!

    So many points have been dropped at home against mediocre opposition who start a game with a point in hand. A point that they are very happy TOTAKE HOME. So they defend with their dear lives knowing that Arsenal are very poor in responding to such a tactic or have no contingency plan for breaking them down.

    If Arsenal can start winning at home against mediocre opposition then we would be back in title contention every year without a shadow of a doubt.

    Plan B is therefore important enough to guide the tranfer activities this summer.

    Plan B entails

    -releasing one of the central defenders into a permanent striking role instead of mantaining an unnecessary central defensive partnership when the opposition hardly cross the centre line to attck.
    -packing the opposition’s penalty box with arsenal players so that every cross into the box has a fifty percent chance of finding an arsenal player instead of the current ten to zero percent.
    -supplying that packed opposition penalty box with high quality crosses for Arsenal to pressure the opposition goal.
    -for every cross there should be arsenal players rushing in to create that fifty percent chance of finding an arsenal player in the box. (Incidentally Arsenal loses most of its ball possession to STUPID CROSSES into the penalty box that hardly ever find an Arsenal player to connect)
    -Plan B must be practiced during the week leading up to the game so that all the players understand it and are very comfortable in their roles.
    -Plan B is not the panicky substitutions we saw on Saturday when the Coach has to be seen to be trying something different.
    -Plan B is like practicing taking penalties when you know there is a possibility of a penalty shoot out. You don’t leave anything to chance, like on Saturday against Norwich.



    I still don’t buy the theory that Arsenal have a defensive coach. The goal conceded to Norwich could have been prevented by positioning two players next to each post. Rosicky saved a goal from the goal-line last week through simple positioning next to the post. SIMPLE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

  8. Dan Ahern

    Josip — Hahah, very nice.

    VIX — Ya know how everybody talks of a “signing of intent”? Gyan would be a “signing of content”, as in content to struggle for CL qualification every year.

  9. Nemesis.

    Here’s my plan

    sign :adler,hummels,capoue,strootman,hamsik,isco and jovetic.

    Play a 4-2-3-1 with wilshere,arteta,walcott and podolski coming of the bench as direct threats like on saturday.

    Start with flair and when things get tough inject some pace

  10. Nemesis.

    I don’t like the 4-2-3-1,favours the central attacking midfielder.

    Let’s go 4-1-2-3 next season,better pressing,marking would be better.

  11. Dannyboy

    If Arsenal sign Asamoah Gyan then I will personally give each of you a small incision with a scalpel in the back of your hand whilst you sleep… You first Vix

  12. Nemesis.

    How to play like barcelona

    4-1-2-3 or 4-1-4-1. Sign mobile defenders,sign an anchorman,sign a controller,we have santi,sign wide men,then finally sign……



    vickyApril 15, 2013 17:15:35
    Vixstill cant make out whether u are serious about Asomoah or was that a sarcasm ??
    A bit like talk of signing Isco,Jovetic,Goetze,etc,etc..

    Or Villa in the Jan Window?

    Not really going to happen.. ??!!

    Being sarcastic..never..!!Hehehe..

  14. Nemesis.

    J.cesar:better option than valdes,good footwork,good distribution,experienced.

  15. gambon

    If people think finishing is our problem (i agree) then surely Falcao & Lewandowski are the best options.

    The latter will be under £30m.

  16. Dan Ahern

    Buy 3, £50m limit.

    Michael Vorm £10m

    Kevin Strootman £10m

    Bid £30m for Cavani. When it’s rejected:

    Stefan Jovetic £25m

  17. Dan Ahern

    Agree Lewandowski most realistic. Still running down the contract. We could offer him a very nice payday.


    Bid £30m for Cavani.
    When it’s rejected:Stefan Jovetic £25m
    Arsene splurging out £25m..?!!


    In your heart of hearts?

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    We don’t need a Plan B to beat Norwich et al, we simply need to do Plan A properly. That means moving the ball faster from back to front, and more movement from the front players.

  20. Leedsgunner

    Winning when it doesn’t matter. Winning when you are out of the title race, all the cup competitions… except for the for the one that Wengazidas and Kronke need to make up to salvage what tattered reputation they have at the club… the so-called “fourth place trophy.”

    Am I glad the team is winning? Of course I am. What I am not happy about is the fact that this winning run will be offered as an excuse not to strengthen the squad and jettison the deadwood this summer. Normal course to the iceberg is resumed… the celebration you are hearing are all the AKBs worshipping their leader.

    Instead of using this run as a get out of jail free card as they should — the leadership at this club spend all their time and money patting themselves on the back when they should be spending that same time and money strengthen the squad.

    Sad, pathetic and so predictable.

  21. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Cannot really see us spending more than £20 million tops after player sales. I can see plenty of the younger players being sold or released on free’s along with the release or sale of Arsh, squillaci, Bendtner, Denilson, Chamakh et-al. The money from these players will dictate who we will buy and for how much or how little in our case, we will not spend big as some think.

  22. gambon

    Lewandowski or Higuain would give us a completely different dimension.

    Giroud finished 1 in 9 attemps, Lewandowski 1 in 3.9

    Just adding him to the team would put us up there as top scorers in the PL, allowing us to spend the rest of our money and time on the midfield and defence.

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Sorry mate, meant to say player sales money added to the £20 million, so maybe about 35-40 million, also have to remember that top players want top money thus increasing the wage structure for top earners, and wenger would not allow this in my humble opinion.

  24. Dan Ahern

    Pretty sure Higuain earns somewhere in the €75-90k pw area. He’d easily settle into the wage bracket. Could assume Arshavin’s paycheck.

    Lewandowski earns like €30k pw or something terrible like that.

    Neither of these guys is a big deal salary-wise, and even less so when you consider who could go off the books.

  25. Dan Ahern

    La Liga: 1414 minutes, 13G 5A
    CL: 354 minutes, 1G 1A
    Total: 1768m 14G 6A = 1 point per 88.4 mins in high-level matches.

    Bundesliga: 2213 minutes, 22G 7A
    CL: 824 minutes, 6G 2A
    Total: 3037m 28G 9A = 1 point per 82.1 mins in high-level matches.

  26. Ramsey's backpass


    always on point.

    We need to be good at plan A before thinking of plan B and arsene’s plan B is Per as CF

  27. S Asoa

    Goetze has already stated he would be interested to move either to Barca or Man U . So there you are . Wenger as a brand is dish water which is left overnight for at least 4 years since he should have been outed . For the man the titillation of tin pot dictatorship are an addiction. It is idiocity for AFC to have pampered the perverse dotard for so long

  28. Dan Ahern

    gambon — So? That is within our wage structure. Who would honestly get hung up on one of them making the same as Walcott?

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ramsey’s backpass

    Ha! If that’s plan B, I agree we ought to stick to perfecting plan A.

    I’ve never been a fan of this idea of having a plan B to be honest, would rather stick to plan A but swop personnel around if not working, precisely as we did on saturday. I was very pleased to see early subs.

    This idea of either going long ball from the back or putting in multiple crosses (which equates to the same thing,IE hoping to hit a big bloke in the area) requires a completely different set of players and style of play. Training for it would just compromise both styles of play.

  30. Dan Ahern

    gambon — Hahah, nah, just making the point that he’s on a crap wage right now. Bottom line neither of them are making 100k pw yet so it’s not like we have to go 50% over our established structure to lure them.

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    @Dan Ahern

    I’d imagine our wage offer would depend on who else is after the player, rather than his existing wage.

  32. Goongoonergone

    I’m not impressed with Wilshire. He hangs onto the ball too long, tries to take on too many players, often loses the ball, has only a left leg, doesn’t score, hyped up by the English media and some of us Goons. For me he is not a game changer. Some claim he brings energy but this energy is often wasted and often gives sloppy free kicks too. For me he has to wake up. I have been irritated with him for a while now. Giroud too, too much of walking about and looking at the heavens. Gervinho suffers from brain freeze during shooting time. Make no mistake, he can do some damage, but his final ball really let’s him down. I really think Podolski can do a better job than Giroud as a striker. Podolski is a clean hitter of a ball.

  33. Radio Raheem

    Lewandowski WILL not move to Arsenal this summer or in the next 3 summers. If Bayern don’t sign him then he’s got a pick from Europe’s elite.

    I’d rate our chances of signing Higuain at 5%. It’ll depend on Real getting Falcao or any other replacement and interest from other top clubs. So PSG, City, Chelsea etc. will have to refuse signing him before we get a look in.

  34. Radio Raheem

    As for the midfield I agree that we have had some balance with Arteta and Ramsey but this can only be a short term solution or a plan b. Ramsey is currently playing in Wilshere’s position. With a good pre-season I expect Wilshere to be a starter. The long term solution is finding the right player to play alongside Wilshere.

    Wilshere is where you begin and work your way from there.

  35. Dan Ahern

    NM — To a degree, yes, but you don’t go in there and say “Wage? Well, let’s wait and see what the others offer you, then we’ll talk about it.”

  36. gambon

    “Lewandowski WILL not move to Arsenal this summer or in the next 3 summers. If Bayern don’t sign him then he’s got a pick from Europe’s elite. ”

    Were Man City “elite” when they signed their stars?

    If we want to become a trophy winning club we have to make the first move and bring these players in.

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d imagine that unless a player is determined to go to a specific club he’ll have a pretty good idea of the details of all the offers. His agent will be doing his best to improve all those offers.

  38. Radio Raheem


    Theoretically any club can sign any player but we are talking about Arsenal here. I agree that we should be looking at players like Lewandowski but can’t see us doing it this summer unless there is a paradigm shift. But what are the chances of that happening with Stan in charge?

  39. gambon


    Wenger couldve bought Mata for £23m but chose to buy Ox and Gervinho instead for £23m

    He had £70m to spend last summer and didnt

    Stan isnt the issue. Wengers obsession with cheap signings, a huge squad, and pathetic wage policy is!

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Just heard from a friend who was doing the Boston marathon, she was at mile 24 when bombs went off. Pretty happy she didn’t up her training schedule

  41. gambon


    My point was there needs to be a paradigm shift, in wages and transfer expenditure.

    The club have earned a huge amount of bad press from journos and fans in recent years, but they really cant get away with it this summer.

    At seasons end there will be £170m+ in the bank, plus £55m additional revenue next season.

    There will be riots if the club has another ridiculous transfer window profit.

  42. Radio Raheem


    Wenger might be a nutter but Stan is happy to have him playing nutty games with Arsenal. With our crap squad, that includes the players you have cited, and poor performances we’ll finish in the top 4. As long as we are in the top 4 Wenger can do as he likes. That is the root of the problem. Wenger will be held as a hero by Stan and his stooges come the end of the season.

  43. Toli83


    I agree. I still think the main problem is that he buys average / shit players. Becomes their best mate and attached to them, then won’t drop them or buy anyone else because it hinders their progression .

    Hence why we have a big squad of players that have been there years. Wenger sees all of these as his best mates. He wants to get credit for unearthing gems more than the clubs success. Humming ‘ill do it my way’ during training.

    Look at sale of Fabregas for example, Wenger backed the players wishes over the needs of the club.

  44. gambon


    Exactly that, Wenger puts the players before AFC

    Look at Gervinho and Giroud, mid table players but you know they will be at AFC for years. Any sane manager would replace both as a priority this summer.

  45. Toli83

    Players we sold = Wenger let them go to further their careers when they should have stayed.

    Players we should be selling = Wenger “I believe in you don’t worry I’ll give you more time to prove yourself”

    Both are detrimental to Arsenal football club.

    We won’t get a first choice striker or midfielder because he loves Giroud & Ramsey to much. His personal attachment to players isn’t ruthless enough to cut it these days.

    P.s. Thoughts to those in Boston.


    Wish i had a crystal ball to let,sorry no to confirm what you all know is gonna happen this summer,buuuuuutttt i guess you all love writing those letters to Santa.Me thinks Arsene actually rips them up instead of posting them,it’s just a thought.Also that money under your pillow is not really from the Tooth Fairy heh heh. Would you like to own the Golden gate bri……….oh! never mind.

  47. Pedro

    Bludger, maybe you could contribute something… other than talking about Gambon… all the fucking time.


    Anyway, new post.