Arsenal play the patient game and dig deep for massive 3 points

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What a day eh? Nothing worse than sitting down to a game of football when misty rain comes to town… but when the outcome is as tremendous as the 3-1 victory we picked up yesterday, the weather really didn’t matter.

The first half was a bit tedious. Norwich came to The Emirates with a game plan… namely, stifle the middle of he park + waste time from the get go. They did a pretty good job of both. That didn’t stop us creating chances. Giroud hit the bar with a glanced header early on. Gervinho made a superb run only to duff his shot tepidly when the pressure was on to pull the trigger. The same player made another great run later on in the half, he rounded the keeper but his first touch was so bad it travelled 25 yards before he has his second, his cross into the box was met by no one (it takes Giroud 1.30 to run the length of the pitch).

The second half started badly. Gibbs gave away a soft freekick outwide. Snodgrass stuck a cross into the box that connected with Turner who headed home. No one attacked the cross. Really poor defending from the whole team. Everyone was totally flat footed.

The sigh of…’oh dear, it’s going to be one of those days’ reverberated around the stadium.

Arsenal didn’t cave. Wenger decided to throw out the ‘I won’t make subs until the 70th minute’ ideology and brought on Podolski and Theo for Gervinho and the anonymous Jack. The move, a full ten minutes before the legendary 60th minute made a difference. We came to life and started knocking on doors.

The time wasting continued. Bunn, the Spurs supporting Norwich keeper was taking particular joy in winding the fans behind the goal up. It was irritating, he reeked of Spurs smugness.

Still, things were going to change. Podolski found himself in superb positions once or twice with his touch letting him down. He then rifled a shot from a Giroud chested pass that smashed the bar. You hoped something was coming and in the end it did… through a helping flag from the Lino. From a corner, there was some shirt pulling in the box, the flag went up, the ref pointed to the spot. We couldn’t really see much from behind the goal, but everyone else who I’ve spoken to has said it was nailed on. All this talk of the Lino being 40 yards away… utter nonsense. If he saw it, he saw it. He should be praised for a bold decision, not vilified. Also, why had no one pointed out it wasn’t actually 40 yards. Not just that, but how about the eye sight the Lino has to have to work out offside?

Anyway, their keeper was furious which was half the battle won. Arteta stepped up and converted the penalty. We were back in the game.

Wenger made one last change bringing on Oxlade. His impact was felt early, he raced into the box, cut back into the 6 yard box where Giroud and Bassong were tussling… the result was a goal, sadly it was awarded as an OG (at the ground, turns out that changed).

The next two minutes were nervy, Russel Holt found space in out area, firing a low shot at Fabianski, the Pole did brilliantly to block. I’m not sure our number three would have managed that. It kept us in the game which was finished off in injury time when Podolski carved himself out some space and buried his low shot past Bunn.

‘Wa*ker, what’s the score, wa*ker, wa*ker what’s the score’

… was belted out with much pleasure.

3 points were ours… what an important result that was. We leap frog into third, even if it is only for a short while.

So yesterday was all about digging deep and playing patiently. It wasn’t the best game of football but we did what was needed in the end. The winds of positivity are with us. The team can taste top four blood and they’re fighting hard to make it happen.

We really missed Rosicky yesterday, his quick pass and move style would have opened up the game a little more in the first half. Jack really struggled to make an impact. Not that anyone expected him to be tearing up trees. I thought Aaron Ramsey had another really solid game. He gets stuck in and he seems to be thriving in a more central position.

Up top we struggled a bit. Giroud makes a lot of assists, this is a huge plus, trouble is, he doesn’t create many striking problems. He’s the perfect partner in a two man strike force, I’m just not sure he’s the lead at the highest level. Maybe he’ll add the goals in his second season. I just can’t help but think think that in the Premier League you need pace to be an elite striker.

Gervinho took a lot of flak yesterday, I mean, he really is an easy target. I do feel for him though. He was the only player on our team capable of getting into
those positions yesterday. It’s just the total lack of composure that kills his game. You can learn that, I’m just unsure as to whether he should have nailed that at his age.

Overall though, plenty of positives. The team is showing some confidence. We has a strong bench who made a difference. Chamberlain finally made an impact… and my word didn’t he love it? And finally… we took the three points and moved closer to securing what is needed if the club have any hope of progressing this summer…

A great day all round…

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  1. kwik fit

    Someone said earlier that an Arteta Ramsey midfield will be found out against a fast opposition. I agree that’s why its coq all the way for me.

  2. Dannyboy

    Thomas, don’t be a twat, no-one wants Wenger out as much as me, but Yaya was fucking woeful in that trial match he played for us…

  3. kwik fit

    What zeus….’ hotlips’ hooliganism? He plays wide left for Norwich and has done for rather well in the Premier league. Yeah I think we will see a lot more of him.

  4. bazza

    I feel sorry for a lot of you.
    Arsenal play badly – you moan
    Arsenal play well – you moan
    Arsenal look like finishing 5th – you moan
    Arsenal look like finishing 3rd – you moan
    Players lose form – you moan
    Players rediscover form – you moan

    Chesea have spent almost £200 million on transfers in the last 2 years and currently are behind us in the league – if you lot were Chelsea fans you would probably have burn down the stadium by now.

    Maybe if you stopped moaning a bit you might enjoy supporting your team more – just a thought.

  5. Chiefo

    The Arsenal fans has a point moaning on all u av pointed out.Though Chelsea is behind Arsenal yet they played in FA cup semifinal & they r in d semifinal of Europa league. They won championsleague & FA cup last season & they av been winning trophies 4 a while now. When was d last time Arsenal won a trophy. Arsenal fans r right 2 moan. Hope we will av a reason 2 celebrate trophy nxt season.

  6. sixx pac

    Just how we’ve conspired to be above Chelsea and Tottenham this late in the season boggles the mind. Must mean we are better than them after all

  7. andy

    I am happy and look forward to tuesday. Will be a tough game but i am sure we will win it and put pressure on chavs and spuds. Nevertheless i hope for signings and i doubt we will get them if we manage to win our remaining games – i hope we will make top four but wouldnt mind if its close to avoid the phrase ‘our squad is good and we only look for super special players’ or ‘our squad is very good and diaby will be like a new signing whem he comes back in december’

  8. Gunner4Life

    It’s a matter of if the powers that be are satisfied with top 4 or they really do want to win something. If they do have ambition they must surely realise they need some top class players to make a difference, otherwise it will be same’ol same’ol.

  9. Dannyboy

    What an incredible golf shot from Angel Cabrera, guy ahead putts in for birdie from 20 feet, so the big man needs a birdie as well to force a playoff…

    And he’s absolutely stiffed it to 3 feet. brilliant shot under the hugest pressure!

  10. Dannyboy

    Scott wins it with one of those cunting long putters, it’s ridiculous how unfair they are, takes all the nerves out of a shot… Practically cheating in my opinion, be like having an extra keeper in net for a penalty shootout.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    I feel Arsenal’s fans gripe with the club is that the manager always bangs on about financial prudence.

    If we were to truly follow his advice it would be FINANCIALLY PRUDENT for us to support someone else…anyone else other than Arsenal.

    If you went to Burger King and Ordered a Whopper and the girl asked for £40.00 for the sandwich you’d have a fit…quite rightfully.

    Unless you were hung over in which case I’d probably just hand over my wallet.

    That’s what Arsenal are doing and then hitting us 24/7 with hypocritical rhetoric designed to make us feel traitorous.

    The AST and Black Scarf had it right:

    ‘Champagne prices for lemonade football.’

  12. Cesc Appeal

    That being said.

    Mario Gotze’s buyout clause is £30 Million…£5 Million less than Eden Hazard was bought for and I think the German will be a World Player of the year one day. He’s amazing as it is and is only 21 years old.

    I don’t know if he’ll leave BvB, born and bred, but I seriously doubt he’d go to City or Chelsea, been shocked before but he just doesn’t seem that sort of player.

    I think we have a chance, he’s always spoken very highly of our club, the summer when Cesc left he flirted a bit when he found out Arsene was interested.

    It’d be us or United in the Prem and Barca or Real in Madrid. But German’s are more than anything financially sensible, a move to Spain would be a bit iffy.

    If the summer saw us get Begovic/Adler, a guy like Williams or even that Dragovic, Capoue, Jovetic and Gotze I’d be suicidal with joy.

    And I don’t think Jovetic will cost more than £20 Million, lots of rumors floating about that something in his contract means he could be available for as little as £15 Million.

  13. reggie 57

    Cesc Appeal

    You better hand over that wallet to that girl in BK? your’ve gotta be pissed out of your nut to think Wenger is gonna splash the cash…