Arsenal to spend big… have I heard this before?

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Morning everyone! Let’s cut out the pleasantries this morning and crack into some meaty comments from David Dein…

“The fact is he has to strengthen the team and I know he will do that.

“He is one of the best managers in the world, he’s been coaching for 30 years and knows what he is doing.

“He knows what he wants and it’s just a question of identifying the right talent.”

Well hello exciting summer! I guess we have to always be aware that David Dein is vice captain in the AKB world 11, obviously sitting behind captain fantastic, Bob Wilson. Still, he’s not come out and said something like the above in the last ten years. So it sounds promising. I’d like to think David Dein is far enough out the loop not to be a part of the season ticket scam that we get every year around this time.

He also said what we all know…

“Arsene’s on course for next season’s Champions League. But they have fallen 20-odd points behind United, which is not good enough.”

Nice one Dave.

In other news, Theo Walcott is fit. Should he return to the side when Gervinho is in form? I don’t think so. If he was firing on all cylinders prior to the injury, there might be a case for it. As it happens, he was in terrible form. So, I hereby declare that Gervinho should continue to dazzle. Norwich at the weekend will be a tough game, but really, at home, we should be tearing them a new one. It’s not one I’m hugely confident about… But if the boys want Champions League bonuses next year, they’ll dig deep.

I watched the Barca vs PSG game last night. Not a bad game, but not as thrilling as I’d hoped. Barca don’t look as invincible as they did under Pep. They has to bring on Leo to save the game. PSG looked sharp. They have plenty of talented players and they more than held there own. In the end though, experience told and Barca won through.

One point… I do not want Valdes.

It’ll be interesting how PSG deal with the 70% tax that will be levelled on them, not the players. I would imagine that’ll kill the league. Where there is death, there is opportunity, right? Is that the saying? Anyway, you get the jist…

Right, I’m in Lancaster today, have a good one!

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  1. Tim

    This post feels half hearted. I would seriously consider making it a once every two days kind of thing. Make it a more comprehensive and detailed analysis.

  2. gambon

    Dein: “20 points behind UTD isnt good enough”

    Wenger: “This is my best ever team”

    One man who cares about winning, one man who doesnt give a fuck about anything other than his salary.

  3. shad

    Having watched yesterday’s game, beats me why we didn’t bid for Lucas Moura. That kid is a beast!
    ION, Fabregas looks quite disillusioned..seems he has to settle to being a bit-part player. I won’t bother mentioning Song.

    Spend big? Wenger? He’ll probably go and buy a clutch of u13s and declare them the next RVP, Henry, Wilshere, Diaby, blah blah blah.

    I’ll be happy if the money is spent, but not by that stingy, senile, old French goat.

  4. Romford Pele

    Barca are so vulnerable these days, Bayern are looking pretty formidable though. Still, Dortmund for the win!

  5. Joppa Road

    Oh dear God. Clearly Dein is just protecting Wenger (again). Dear oh dear. There will be no big spending this summer – surely by now you’ve worked that out.


    As for Theo vs. Gervinho. What has it come to at Arsenal when you are championing Gervinho to keep his place in the team? How far behind have we fallen when Arsenal fans are saying things like that. Dumbing down complete I would say.

    Another easy game at home to shine in should Gervinho keep his place though. When Gerv gets a couple of tap in you can all tell me how great he is (until he comes up against a good team and he doesn’t get a touch).

    No worries for me this weekend. I think we will win 5-1.

  6. gambon

    Would love either German team to win it, love the whole ethos of German football.

    A lot of youth development supplemented by excellent players (Reus, Handanovic , Martinez), a mix of technical and physical, powerful football, great stadiums & atmospheres.

    Still, i think even Bayern will struggle with Barca if they are on top of their game, they are capable of beating the second best team in the world 4-0 quite easily.

  7. Romford Pele

    I still think Barca on their day will be a tough nut to crack but teams are able to get at them so easily these days, and that just wasn’t the case under Pep. The pressing game was the main reason for this. Why they’ve stopped pressing is beyond me – all their deficiencies are coming to the fore. Madrid are finding it easier and easier to play against them. I actually think Dortmund could take them out if they met in the semi’s.

  8. Joppa Road

    Bayern are the best team in the CL at the moment. It was just a blip against Arsenal due to complacency. Had they needed to beat us, they would of done by three or four goals.

    I like the passion and set up of German football but don’t feel any warmth to any of their clubs. Then again, I don’t like the Spanish teams either. Suppose I will be cheering on Real as my boy likes them.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    @Romford Pele

    I only watched the 2nd half (and 5-10 mins at end of 1st half) and thought they still pressed pretty well, on various occasions PSG were forced in mistakes, or had to play it long quite quickly. Even when they weren’t they had to play it out from the back.

    But yeah, when Barca don’t press, they’re shown up as most teams would be that have a high line without brilliantly organised defenders.

    What was interesting was the difference Messi made when he came on. Not only did he provide an obvious outlet, but the whole side seemed lifted by his presence. Talismanic. His desire to be on the pitch was great to see too.

  10. Romford Pele


    The pressing was in dribs and drabs. At their peak in ’11, Barca used to press people into submission and teams barely used to create anything. Lavezzi himself had about 3/4 decent openings last night which was spurned. That wouldn’t have been the case a couple years ago.

    But then again, every cycle comes to an end I guess. The likes of Puyol and Xavi are getting on. And playing Adriano CB was just a complete mystery to me.

    It was good to see Messi coming on and having an impact, although I have to admit that I don’t like it when teams become over-reliant on a certain individual. Messi is certainly the best in the modern era but that doesn’t mean others can’t contribute. Bar Iniesta, the others were well below par. Villa and Cesc were anonymous, while Pedro contributed nothing bar the goal.

    Maybe my standards are ridiculously high because i’ve seen what Barca have achieved in the last few years but they definitely appear to have regressed.

  11. Romford Pele

    Joppa, Brazil are lagging behind, plain and simple. They still have some quality players but they have no real system in place and the manager doesn’t know the best team. Spain and Germany will take them to the cleaners.

  12. shad


    PSG actually paid 30m for him. Is that beyond our budget? On the face of it yes,
    but collectively no when you consider how much money we’ve saved that is in the “war chest”.

    And Real Madrid will win the La Decima. You heard it here first.

  13. Romford Pele


    Still, that’s an insane amount of money for someone who has yet to prove anything in his career. Money would’ve been better spent on a European talent. But yeah, the dude has serious ability.

  14. Pedro

    Tim, I’ve been working since 630 this morning. Apologies it didn’t meet your comprehensive criteria.

    Joppa, shut the fuck up for once in your miserable troll existence life. If you don’t like the site, piss off somewhere else.

    Morning everyone.

  15. Mayank

    Seeing Cesc this year has been a pain. When he went there I had no doubt he’d find a place for himself in the team. Even if that meant Iniesta sitting on the bench. The truth has been far from that.

    Yes, he’s the 3rd highest scorer but a player with the talent of Cesc Fabregas playing as CF is a shame in itself.

    Last here when they did try to shoehorn Fabregas in it seems like their shape suffered and they lost the La Liga by quite a margin.

    For me we should try to get Fab back either this summer or if he continues to be sidelined for the big games next summer. If we don’t Cesc should demand a move to a club where he’ll start every game in his preferred position. He was the most creative player in Europe he has no business being back-up. Even if it is to the mighty Messi.

  16. Michael

    @Romford, @ Joppa,

    Brazil have fallen to 19th because of the way the rankings work. They only take into account the last 4 years of matches and with Brazil not having to qualify for the World Cup, they’ve not played a competitive game since 2010! According to the rankings:

    Match status – Multiplier
    Friendly match x 1.0
    FIFA World Cup and Continental cup qualifiers x 2.5
    Continental cup and Confederations Cup finals x 3.0
    World Cup finals match x 4.0

    So you get 3 points for a win but that’s multiplied by the number above depending on the competition.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    Post was a little ‘half-hearted’ I thought too. Though to be fair, I’m always very impressed by anyone who knocks out a daily blog considering the occasional lack of subject matter. I’d never manage it.


    Pedro was simply reporting what’s been said. There’s a difference between that and promoting it. He hasn’t said that it’s true, simply that it ‘sounds promising’. He also led with the huge caveat that Dein is ‘vice captain in the AKB world 11’.

    Would you prefer it if Pedro didn’t mention it at all ?

    IMO, given that Dein and Wenger are good friends, and that Wenger apparently respects Dein highly, I’d take it as Dein giving his friend a gentle nudge in the direction we all want him to go.

    (Well the signing players direction at least, not the resigning direction)

  18. Bade


    I kind of remember DD making statements of the same intent last season or the season before that.

    Arsene won’t spend big as he can’t deal with big egos

  19. vicky

    Dortmund winning the CL would be a fairy tale. But I still think Barca will raise their level at the right time. They need a quality CB. If Thiago Silva was at Barca , they would have been the huge favorites to win the CL. Yet it was surprising to see that Barca with Messi are millions mile ahead of Barca without Messi.

    David Dein…..haha senility is a contagious disease….I see.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Bade: Arsene won’t spend big as he can’t deal with big egos

    why does big spending equate to big egos?

  21. Mayank


    “Arsene won’t spend big as he can’t deal with big egos”

    You mean players like Pires, Bergkamp, Henry and Veiera? Or players like RvP, Sol and Lehmann?

    Or more likely you mean players like Adebayor, Arshavin and Nasri who’ve had the same problems at every club they’ve been in?

  22. Romford Pele


    I love Cesc as much as the next person – but sending Iniesta to the bench?! Come off it mate!

    If it wasn’t for Messi, Iniesta himself may have a Ballon D’Or. Deserves one IMO.

  23. max

    Still paying Bendtner, Chamakh, Squillachi, Denilson, Park, Djourou, Arshavin. Not sure I trust Arsene anymore with money. Look at Dortmund, excellent scouting, great youth system, and a well coached team. United, Citeh, Chelski will spend more money and we cannot make up the deficient with better coaching. So, next season, playing for fourth place, last 16 CL, disappointment in the domestic cups, sounds familiar.

  24. Nasri's Mouth


    You were questioning Pedro himself rather than the blog itself though.

    And given the actual comments Pedro made, unfairly too.

  25. Ramsey's backpass


    Bade said spending big and those players you mention are not into that category.
    Arsene wants players who will be greatful to him and also trying to be their “Daddy”

  26. Pedro

    Nasri, I wrote this on the train before a pitch on a mobile phone…

    Work gets in the way of blogging sometimes I’m afraid.

    Joppa, no problem.

  27. Bob N7

    Not sure if it’s in Dein’s interest to ‘lie’ about what he imagines Arsenal might do this summer. Yes we’ve heard it before but what vested interest does Dein have in suggesting that we’ll spend a reasonable amount this year? He’s Wenger’s mate but…..shifting season tickets isn’t a concern for him as we all know he’s cashed in £90mill or so. Why would he be bullshitting? I think he genuinely believes proper money will be spent…he may have been mislead but surely he’s seriously well connected.
    Too many people appear to be too quick to assume that it’s more bullshit about spending. Some might say I’m being ‘suckered’ but I think this Summer our approach will change.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Like I say, very impressed. Especially as you say you have to knock out 8 hours for your employer every day too

  29. gambon

    Of course Arsene cant deal with big name players.

    Hes terrified of success, big players want to win things.

    He knows nothing about tactics, big players want to play for managers who are competent.

    He doesnt want anyone threatening his place at the top of the salary structure, big name players would threaten that.

  30. Nasri's Mouth

    Bob N7: shifting season tickets isn’t a concern for him as we all know he’s cashed in £90mill or so

    I doubt Dein and the existing board are exactly friendly anyway, so the chance of him co-operating in putting out a feel good story like that is practically nil.

  31. vicky

    I do not see Cesc becoming a Barca great even after Xavi retires. Cesc game is a free flowing game whereas Barca like to play a very compact game. And If there is anyone in the Barca team who is allowed freedom then it is Messi. I do not think Cesc will ever be accorded that freedom. He does not fit in to their style. Come back home !!!1

  32. Segun

    I got a question, how long does a Theo Walcott ‘form’ last? and spending would mean accepting he has been wrong all these while, and Wenger would NEVER DO THAT!

  33. Bade

    As for Barca – PSG

    Well, it was yet another evidence how Barca made themselves so dependant on Messi, which is a bad thing for them at the end of the day

    Even without Messi they should have won the game comfortably, if you compare their squad to PSG’s, but they became so reliant on Messi, without him they looked more or less like Arsenal.

    Aimless ball possession

    The minute Messi came in you saw a totally different team out there, although he didn’t play as well as we’re used to see him. It was clear he wasn’t fit, still his presence triggered them into a much better display

  34. Romford Pele

    I agree Vicky – I’m not sure if you saw the quotes by Pique yesterday about how people have to remain rigid and stay defensively disciplined.

    Cesc positionally was never the greatest, hence why he’s always been played further forward. He’s much more direct and can’t control a game like Xavi so definitely isn’t a direct replacement. Thiago is more a replacement for Xavi.

  35. Radio Raheem

    Cesc will have to be patient for Xavi and/or Iniesta to lose form, get injured or retire for him to command a starting place for barca. Even then I am not so sure he’ll be able to fit in with this barca system. His game is, perhaps, far too vertical. The fact they keep pushing him in a more advanced position doesn’t help his development either. I wonder if his time at Arsenal has proved detrimental in this respect.

  36. Bennydevito

    Morning grovers,

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of Joppa after that last outburst!

    Regarding Dein, I think he said something similar last season or season before so I’m sceptical that it will be different this time around however surely this must be the last chance saloon for Wenger now?

  37. Gregg

    I think I’ll worry about next years spending in the summer, for now it’s all about qualification. Theres been a lot of talk from Bould, Arteta etc about form, defensive improvements etc. This team has been given a champions league lifeline, we’ll see exactly what type of character it does possess. Talking in the papers is fine but it’s on the pitch that matters & they have an opportunity now to put themselves in the drivers seat for 3/4th place.

  38. Bob N7

    ‘Wenger’s terrified of success’. Quick, hold the back page…hyperbole on it’s way. Where do you think up these sound bites Gambon?
    ‘”…big players want to win things.” Wow and there’s me thinking it was only small players.
    Excuse my sarcasm but haven’t we heard this rhetoric a few too many times?
    Peace and love!

  39. Nasri's Mouth


    No, actually I meant what I typed. If I meant something else, I’d have typed something else.

  40. UGooner

    AKB or whatever, I agree with Dean. Even with his flaws and mistakes, Arsene’s still a great. I know that’s not the opinion most of you hold here but well, we just differ in the things we believe about how the club is run. And I believe not many want to see Arsenal at the top more than he does.

  41. Radio Raheem

    I think Cesc started in a deep position much like Xavi but with his potential for scoring it was inevitable Arsene was going to push him further forward. Cesc might be one of those players that needs a team built around him like it was at Arsenal. Even with his goals for barca and
    Spain you feel that neither team is getting the most out of him. Arsenal did, maybe.

  42. vicky


    Agree that Thiago’s style is similar to Xavi………..But I just wonder If Mata could be that player. Obviously even Mata will have to tweak his game a bit .

  43. gambon

    Bob N7

    Wow, thanks for your amazingly insightful post.

    Fact is, top players want trophies.

    Lets take Lewandowski, he’s leaving this summer. He will go somewhere that he thinks he can win both the PL and realistically win the CL.

    Lets take Arsene. A manager that thinks 4th is a trophy, will accept 2nd for the next 20 years, called Fabianski and Denilson world class, and enjoys selling every player that reaches world class level.

    You see why top level players and Arsenal dont go together too well?

    Mancini said it brilliantly…..”Im not Wenger, I want to win”

    The guys an incompetent, senile old cunt in a game that requires brains and ambition, neither of which he has.

  44. Bennydevito

    Where’s my comments gone?

    Dein said something similar last or the season before last so I’m sceptical, however surely this is the last chance saloon for Wenger now? If he doesn’t get in the players we need and get rid of those we don’t then surely he won’t be in a position to extend his contact?

  45. buckagh

    Your nose is too near your arse.

    Pedro. .
    Not possible to have a comprehensive and detailed analysis, every blog, but I am grateful to anyone that gives their time and energy to produce something everyday,

  46. Bade


    “why does big spending equate to big egos?”

    Big spending means usually getting the best in the game because they usually cost you the most, hence they have inflated ego as well

  47. Romford Pele


    I think I have to disagree there mate. Xavi’s game is very fine-tuned and not many people can fufill that sort of role.

    Mata to me is more like Cesc; someone who makes the difference in the final third and plays higher up. There are very few players who can control the tempo of a game, very much a specialist role. Outside of Thiago, I can’t see (don’t know) many Spaniards taking over from Xavi.

    The ones I like watching at the moment are Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord) and Gundogan (Dortmund) – whether Barca would buy these guys is another story.

  48. Segun

    “He knows what he wants and
    it’s just a question of
    identifying the right talent.”

    seriously I would not trust Wenger with identifying the right talent again! but, of course, what do i know!

  49. Romford Pele

    A&N – At least the central line moves swiftly, the district line is a snooze fest. Kinda like watching Arsenal when we’re passing the ball with no intensity!

  50. gambon

    There is no heir to Xavi, certainly not Gundogan

    Veratti isnt miles off, but like I say theres no one that can do what he does.

  51. gambon

    ““He knows what he wants and
    it’s just a question of
    identifying the right talent.” ”

    Gervinho, Park, Chamakh, Bendtner, Santos, Koscielny, Fabianski, Denilson.

  52. reality check

    The big name players thing is interesting.

    The problem wenger has had is if he buys a big name or develops a player into a big name.

    The realise their worth and position in world football, then leave.

    Why? I’m thinking because the clubs ambitions haven’t met their ambitions.

    The biggest names we have had under wenger Imo.

    Jose reyes (yes, I know. But his name was big enough for real madrid)
    Kolo toure

    All left for basically the same reason. Only cesc is debatable. We can say some left for money. But at the end of the day you have to take a man by his word. Like the AKBs judge wenger by his words and not what the ‘wenger-outs’ interpret.

  53. Radio Raheem

    How about I repeat what others say but do so more emphatically? I sound clever that way don’t I? Actually, I will go one better and repeat myself just so I may appear even cleverer! Here it goes

    Xavi is bloody irreplaceable. No one comes fucking close. Gundogan, a great prospect he might be, can only ever aspire to be a shoddy alternative to the great Xavi!

  54. Romford Pele

    The names I said were merely alternatives – I never said any of them could hope to be like Xavi, he’s truly unique. Plus, to play for Barca, you need to be groomed in the La Masia ways.

  55. reality check

    Just so there is no confusion

    I’m not talking about whether or not the player was good. Or whether his name matched his ability.

    I’m saying at that point in time. Was said players name considered ‘big’.

    Big enough for top teams (who we were supposed to be competing against) to make a bid?

  56. UGooner

    Yes, gambon… Arsene just loves to build and sell world class players. His greatest trick is he makes em turn into cunts just before selling then. Genius.

    Unlike many, I refuse to put the blame on Arsene because while he definitely has some influence, he is most definitely not the sole decision maker. I am sure they seek, respect and often heed his advice but he remains an employee like most managers. A highly paid one under a lot of pressure. I won’t deny that I get frustrated all the time though. Left in wonder, like we all are, as to why arsenal are among the richest 5 clubs in the world but spend less than many clubs on signings. And Arsene is not devoid of blame in that. But what it boils down to for me is that I admire his devotion, commitment and belief in the Arsenal. Its just sad to see a Gooner call him a ‘senile old cunt’. I respect all opinions but that’s not nearly necessary. Would you say that to his face? Probably not. Arsenal is class, you’ll do well to remembUnlike many, I refuse to put the blame on Arsene because while he definitely has some influence, he is most definitely not the sole decision maker. I am sure they seek, respect and often heed his advice but he remains an employee like most managers. A highly paid one under a lot of pressure. I won’t deny that I get frustrated all the time though. Left in wonder, like we all are, as to why arsenal are among the richest 5 clubs in the world but spend less than many clubs on signings. And Arsene is not devoid of blame in that. But what it boils down to for me is that I admire his devotion, commitment and belief in the Arsenal. Its just sad to see a Gooner call him a ‘senile old cunt’. I respect all opinions but that’s not nearly necessary. Would you say that to his face? Probably not. Arsenal is class, you’ll do well to remembUnlike many, I refuse to put the blame on Arsene because while he definitely has some influence, he is most definitely not the sole decision maker. I am sure they seek, respect and often heed his advice but he remains an employee like most managers. A highly paid one under a lot of pressure. I won’t deny that I get frustrated all the time though. Left in wonder, like we all are, as to why arsenal are among the richest 5 clubs in the world but spend less than many clubs on signings. And Arsene is not devoid of blame in that. But what it boils down to for me is that I admire his devotion, commitment and belief in the Arsenal. Its just sad to see a Gooner call him a ‘senile old cunt’. I respect all opinions but that’s not nearly necessary. Would you say that to his face? Probably not. Arsenal is class, you’ll do well to remembUnlike many, I refuse to put the blame on Arsene because while he definitely has some influence, he is most definitely not the sole decision maker. I am sure they seek, respect and often heed his advice but he remains an employee like most managers. A highly paid one under a lot of pressure. I won’t deny that I get frustrated all the time though. Left in wonder, like we all are, as to why arsenal are among the richest 5 clubs in the world but spend less than many clubs on signings. And Arsene is not devoid of blame in that. But what it boils down to for me is that I admire his devotion, commitment and belief in the Arsenal. Its just sad to see a Gooner call him a ‘senile old cunt’. I respect all opinions but that’s not nearly necessary. Would you say that to his face? Probably not. Arsenal is class, you’ll do well to remember that.

  57. Romford Pele

    A&N – I work in St James Park and live close to end of the distrcit line (Upminster side) – 23 stops it takes me! Shoot me now!

  58. vicky

    I hope even Cesc understands that he can not replace Xavi . I think he is ruining his prime years . Even Barca fans do nt like him much. His team mates seem to suggest in a subtle way that he is an unfit at Barca. He should get the signals.

  59. gambon


    Well at least you didnt just repeat yourself over and over again.

    Would I say it to his face? Yep, gladly, if the cunt bothered facing the fans, something he stopped doing in 09 when someone questioned one of his pathetic signings.

  60. Johnty79

    Can anyone answer please… If wenger loves David dein so much why didn’t he offer his resignation when he left in 2007? Was this shear coincidence but around this time wengers wages jumped up to 6m a year..if wenger has so much power why didn’t he threaten to leave if cared that much. Was the massive increase in wages to wenger because he was now doing dean’s role as well as his own?

    What do you think? Was wenger secretly glad to get rid of dean as it got him a 2m per pay rise?

  61. gambon


    Wenger was behind Dein leaving, it was his power grab.

    Notice that Wenger has taken on mist of Deins duties, and his salary has gone to ridiculous levels.

  62. Segun

    @UGooner it quite difficult to believe Wenger is under any pressure whatsoever sometimes with somethings he does! and most people will be DEVOTED and COMMITTED with 7.5 p.a. don’t u think?

  63. Ash79

    Colchester, Lancaster…another UK sex tour Pedro?

    Norwich should be a banker but I agree something feels like it could go wrong, a frustrating afternoon toiling away for a winner etc

    Love my HTC One by the way..fuckin champ phone. EE rocks but I live in London so it works well.

  64. Bade

    “Plus, to play for Barca, you need to be groomed in the La Masia ways”

    Not exactly

    Yaya Toure
    Seido Keita

    And on & on

    I wanted to insert Song & Hleb, but you can’t call them Barca players to be honest. Bench warmers at most

  65. salparadisenyc

    Arsene is going to finally splash the cash.

    Its symptomatic this dirge that comes about every April as we stare at yet another failed campaign.

    What is our definition of splashing the cash?

    We a need a spine, keeper to striker to become relevant let alone compete.
    This notion that we went to Bayern and won which will spurn us onto top four glory is a great metaphor for the state of the club. Embarrassing.

    Is Arsene even qualified to splash the cash at this point?

  66. Johnny5

    Nice short post Pedro but I think your faith in dein is misplaced I’m sure he did the exact same thing last year. Only difference this time was he added the bit about being 20+ points behind not being good enough and isn’t he also still a mate of wengers anyway?

    If he said it more out of hope that he will spend this season then fair enough.

  67. Romford Pele


    My bad – I should’ve been a tad more specific. Not necessarily the La Masia ways, but into the whole way of playing at Barca.

    Anyway, that wasn’t my main point. I was arguing that Cesc is not a direct replacement for Xavi – and many have agreed. Xavi is a specialist and i’m not sure if anyone will be able to have the same impact he’s had at club and national level for a while.

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Wenger was behind Dein leaving, it was his power grab.

    He was? how did he manage to get rid of Dein ?

  69. Kemp1886

    U gooner,I have a migraine after reading that.Dein is as washed up as Wenger,we need to break from the past.

  70. Mayank


    I agree with most of what you’ve said. Xavi is irreplacable. Iniesta is way to good to sit out. What I wanted to convey was that Cesc is simply too good a player to be a squad player. He was the most creative player in Europe for 2-3 year running dammit.

    Yes he can’t do what Xavi does. He can’t do what Iniesta does, He can’t do what Busquets does. He sure as hell can’t do what Messi does.

    This begs the question what’s next for him. Does he wait it out at Barca for Xavi to retire so that the team is built around him? Can he actually fit in to the Barca way as a CM at all?

    When Cesc left Arsenal many here said he’d be a squad player for them. I and a few others disagreed. This wasn’t true in the first season but it is now. He’s at the top of his game right now. It’s not because of a blip in for that he’s sitting out. Quite simply Barca’s better without him.

    They bought him back to prove a point. But his career might actually pay the price.

  71. Spectrum

    On the subject of players, I was looking over our signings from 1996 when Wenger started, to the present. In that time, we have signed 103 players, of which only 3 were ( what for us ), you could call substantial ( i.e. over 15 million ), these being Nasri, Arshavin and Cazorla. Three in 17 years F.F.S. ! Even if you accept the argument that the stadium constrained our spending, which I don’t – because we have had funds available since 2005* – *ironically the start of our barren run ( see, ) this shows Wenger to not be serious about signing the “super, super” and “top, top, top quality” players he always tries to convince us he’s after.

    No wonder we can’t and don’t win anything.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  72. Romford Pele


    I agree. I think Cesc evolved a lot as a 16 year-old coming to Arsenal. His play is a lot more direct than your normal Barca player and his best talents are not being harnessed to its full potential. I’d have him back in an instant. Unlike Arshavin, he is worth creating a team around. He has unfinished business here too.

    We wouldn’t have to tweak the formation either. Before he left, it was like this:
    Song Wilshere
    Walcott Cesc Nasri

    If we could get him back, unlikely right now I reckon, it could look something like this providing we get our targets


    That is a great forward-thinking team. Doubt it would happen though – but that would be a dream for me.

  73. Gooner S

    It is unlikely that Dein has said what he has been stated without Wenger knowing about it or even them discussing it over a glass of wine or two. I read Dein’s statement as A)being supportive to Wenger and B) Firing a shot across across the bows of the Arsenal board to invest. It’s interesting there have been repeated cries of “bring back Dein”…. then when Dein say’s something some of you don’t want to hear you don’t want Dein back.

    @Bade “Wenger can’t deal with egos” – That is just a load of old toot.

  74. Al

    The only problem Cesc has found and what has made him struggle really is the fact he went from being the main player and focal point of the team at Arsenal to becoming just another player at Barca who is behind Messi, Xavi, Iniesta in terms of being the focal point. Players will always look to those guys before cesc and at arsenal he was used to always being on the ball.

    Also don’t think he wants play the xavi role (he can but doesn’t want too) as he has become used to being more direct and scoring goals so to revert to that role will be hard for him i think

  75. Mayank


    That team makes me hard.

    I hate Cesc for what he did(strike et al) but I do think there was a bit of honesty is when he said he’d only ever leave Barca for Arsenal.

    If I’d spent ages 16-22 at a club I’d think it’d be that club which would have the most impact on my life. Not just in football terms.

    Question is, has he had a bad enough season to warrant him leaving? Does he really not see himself being a regular in the future? Does he want to give up easy trophies for a struggle with Arsenal? Will we even pay the 30m odd if he publicly said he wants to come back?

    Fabregas is who this team continues to be built around despite it being 2 years since his departure. He’d take us to another level.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    Fabregas is a great player, but not really in an area where we’re short of talent. So the only way we’d take him back IMO is at the right price which means he’s pushing hard for a move. Can’t imagine it’s anything like that bad at present that he’d do that.

  77. Admir

    First of all, we should take Norwich very seriously. They might have a lack of quality but they have already beaten us once as well as FAnchester United and took a point at WHL. We had a lot of problems with them at Emirates last season with terrible performance from our central defenders especially disturbing. Our central defenders in that game were Koscielny and Vermaelen and they will be paired again for Saturday game.

    Gervinho has enjoyed very decent form lately and he deserves a place in first team as long as he performs well.

  78. Inter YourGran

    Afternoon All,

    Norwich tomorrow and another 3 points hopefully. I agree that Walcott shouldn’t walk back into the team as his form has stunk the place out recently, so a 20 minute cameo from the bench is a good shout.

    Dein’s comments are really much a do about nothing. The club are too far behind to bridge a 20 point gap regardless of who we sign, but getting the right players to make us more competitive and take us back up a level are imperitave.

    Gambon, Wenger behind Dein leaving? Come on 😆 That’s outrageous, even for you

  79. Mayank

    “Fabregas was always a very direct player.”

    Do you see him changing to fit into Barca? Do you see Barca allowing more than one direct central player to accommodate him?

  80. lord snotty

    Am I alone in hoping that Arsenal do not hold a silence for Maggie Thatcher on Saturday? This is not about whether we like her or support the Tories. But she was a politician doing a job, not a head of state. She had nothing to do with football, in fact she hated it. It is not appropriate that she should be honoured at a football match. Those who wish to do so can line the streets at her funeral.

  81. gambon

    I think Fabregas and Barca, in terms of style, arent a match made in heaven.

    he would be better suited to Bayern, Madrid, Arsenal.

    That said hes going nowhere, and maybe they’ll change the system around him to more of a 4-2-1-3 rather than 4-1-2-3.

  82. gambon

    “Whisper it – Cesc is a little bit….overrated. Can anyone tell me what we won with his magical talent in the team? Big fat zero.”

    Fucking embarrassing comment.

  83. Nasri's Mouth

    @Lord Snotty

    I’m not a Thatcher hater, but I wouldn’t want a minutes silence for her.

    1) Maggie was a very decisive leader, there was no messing about with her, and her policies to deal with the issues surrounding football were no different. If she’d have had her way we’d have all been carrying identity cards and risk being locked up for basically nothing. She didn’t really ‘get’ football, wasn’t part of it’s community, so why should football take part in commemorating her death.

    2) There’s no bloody way, the silence would last for more than 5 seconds before insults got shouted, and the alternative, 60 seconds of applause seems a little harsh 😉

  84. samsenal

    I want to see Arsenal players in the press talking about how Cesc would really fit in with our style of play, how we miss him, how we want him home. I want to see this on a bi-weekly basis.

    Capoue Wilshere Cesc with Cazorla and Podolski on the wings (not Theo!) would be an awesome midfield…as long as Wilshere wasn’t charging forward ALL the time there’s plenty of tenacity and fight in there with tremendous creativity and goal threat. Playing behind Jovetic….we’d be a force

    Jovetic £20m
    Cesc £20m (suck it up Barca)
    Capoue £15m
    Begovic £15m

    There’s yer £70m Arsene. Player sales could generate enough for a good Right Back or Centre Back should Bac or TV go. Wage bill would end up being similar to the current level.

    this sh;t is easy

    …if only Cesc actually WANTED to leave Barca….and if only they weren’t utter c~nts who would probably demand £35m for him.

  85. Johnty79

    Sorry for the delay Gambon but if wenger was all for dein going why does dein still follow wenger round like a lap dog and they still get on socially?Has dein fell under wengers spell……

    Do you think wenger cares more about his salary or the club winning trophies. Why do you think his mindset changed after 2004? Why did he just give up and stop making suitable player replacements which he did do after first Anelka and then overmars/petit left.


    Barca took off a fit Cesc and put on a half fit Messi and won the game on name recognition alone,PSG SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES.I instantly saw the change in both teams,in my opinion that game was PSGs to lose before Messi scared the shit out of them by just being on the field.Ibra will never be in the class of world star if he could not even inspire his team and take advantage when Messi wasn’t on the field.I witnessed Messi biting his nails nervous as ever on the sidline,even he knew things were becoming dire.I said to my son ,not if ,but when PSG scores Messi will be on ,even if his leg was in a cast…….so said so done.They should never have taken the brazilian off the wing,first mistake they made,he was more effective in that position.

  87. Radio Raheem

    So with Rosicky a big doubt for Saturday with a ‘hamstring irritation’ will the sign-Rosicky-for-life crew be disappearing into the ether?

    I am curious as to why PSG are not buying these ‘top’ French DMs or CMs. There was Mvila and now Capoue. I’ve got to admit I have not watched a lot of this Capoue chap but will try to now.

  88. Johnty79

    Messi is actaully to big for the team now at barca. He cares more about his personal stats than the team winning…the reason barca lost to chelsk last year was messi was below par and tires for both games…similar when Henry was here…what is th point of playing messi against bottom half teams and winning 5.0 goal difference doesn’t even count in Spain so wants the point?

    Messi only Smiles when he scores or assists, not his team mates. Still the greatest player ever but starting to look bit selfish.

    Finally I hope all these people willing to take villa or Casillas for 15 m should realise how silly they sound. Villa looks finished and Casillas would struggle on crosses in the prem. would only take each player on a free on a 1 year contract.

  89. Admir

    @Radio Raheem,

    PSG have a problem regarding purchases of Ligue 1 players as other French clubs usually slap unrealistic price tag when PSG enquire about a player.

    Now, given that they have Matuidi, perhaps they didn’t need M’Vila and Capoue respectively.

  90. N5

    @6th is a new trophy

    There is so many more factors to it then that, A were the players that were put in around him good enough to win anything? if yes then were the tactics/training in place good enough to win anything? if yes then no there isn’t an excuse, but we all know it takes more then one player to win something, the best one player can do is take us to champions league 4th (RVP) not win it for us.

  91. gambon

    Not to mention that PSG have Chantome, Matuidi, Motta and Veratti all very competent DMs.

    Maybe they just dont need Capoue or MVila?????

    The likes of Capoue and Gonalons are certainly ahead of Matuidi for example, both now and with age factored in.

  92. Romford Pele

    Glad to see my Cesc comments generated good convo.

    Raheem – They don’t really need more than Matuidi and Chantome. They have been there for a good while.

    M’Vila has an attitude problem and was shipped off to Russia. Capoue is the real deal though.

  93. Romford Pele

    Not necessarily every French player will want to go to PSG just because they have money. The league is still way behind the other four leagues.

  94. Radio Raheem

    I was just curious as to why the City of the Ligue 1 are not buying these ‘top’ attainable targets in their backyard. Admir’s is the closest to a decent reply…

    Is the Russian league behind the French?

  95. Romford Pele

    With Rosicky a doubt for the weekend, I guess that could give Wilshere an automatic passage back into the side? But i’m not a fan of him in the AM role.

    We could play with two wide men, but we then have less control over the game. Dilemmas…

  96. gambon


    So what youre saying is that every single good player in world football MUST play for PSG, Man City, Real Madrid or Anzi? Cos if they havent bought them they simply cant be any good.

    So Gotze, Lewandowski, Reus, Hummells, Subotic, Ter Stergen, Howedes, Hamsik, Cavani, El Shaaraway, Jovetic, Lamela, Isco, Falcao etc cant possibly be any good?

  97. samsenal

    Romford – If Rosicky had been fit I’d have wanted him to remain in the side, with Wilshere coming in for Ramsey. After all, lots of us are calling for JW to play CM next season with the recruitment of a number 10 a priority (Santi playing wide y’see).

    However, we don’t have that luxury unless Wenger seriously tinkers with a winning formula: Move Santi into the middle, play Jack in place of Ramsey and play Gervinho + Theo/Podolski.

    But does Ramsey’s recent performances warrant a demotion to the bench? My bet is Wenger plays Jack as the number 10 keeping Santi and Gervinho in the wider areas.

    That should be good dominate and beat Norwich – i don’t care how big their Hearts are.

    Hopefully Vermaelen will put in a great performance because you wonder what it would mean for him should he play any part in any f~ck-ups that cost us points.

  98. TitsMcgee

    Xavi is a great player but he’s getting up there in age.

    Barcelona neglected their back four before this season.

    Puyol is old and slow and should come off the reserve bench at best.

    Macherano and Adriano are NOT CBs by any stretch of the imagination. Macherano isn’t even a pure defender by trade.

    Pique is not the same player he was in 2008-2009. (He was always slow as molasses but his positioning is much worse now but what does he care?. He goes home to Shakira every night).

    They tried to get Javi Martinez and/or Thiago Silva but were priced out on the latter and the former wanted to play DMF.

    They have two up and comers in Bartra and Montoya and I was shocked they didn’t start Bartra last night.

    Alex Song must really feel like an idiot(even though he’ll win a league title this year) but serves him right for grabbing the money.

    I think Munich and Madrid are the favorites. Munich because they are just a machine right now. Have the ability to go forward like Barca but are much more organized defensively.

    Madrid know how to play Tito’s Barcelona a lot better than Pep’s.

    You still can’t count out Barcelona because when Messi(he should probably be rested until the next UCL game to ensure he is better) is fit he creates so much more space for all their other poachers as was evident the second he came on.

    Dortmund has a chance but are the underdogs obviously.

    As for us?

    We will sign nobody that we are linked with unless they are a recycled player/cheap/from a club that has financial troubles.

  99. Romford Pele


    If everyone is fit, I wouldn’t be rotating for this weekend’s game. We play Everton three days later anyway so rotation can take place then.

    I wouldn’t even swap Wilshere for Ramsey right now. Ramsey has earned his spot in the team and he provides a better defensive balance alongside Arteta. Wilshere can defend but he presses a lot higher up the pitch leaving a greater defensive onus on Arteta. Ramsey is a lot more conservative.

    If Rosicky can’t play then, move Santi in and play Poldi wide. What i’ve liked about Rosicky and Santi in recent weeks is that they can both interchange positions and switch seamlessly. What i’ve noticed when Jack and Santi play together higher up the field is that they tend to get in each other’s way. You end up with both of them in the middle.

  100. TitsMcgee

    Also, I still can’t believe that people want/wanted Valdes. I’ve seen a lot of Barcelona over the years and he is a painfully average GK.

    He almost single-handedly cost Barcelona their ticket out of the UCL with that second goal in the first leg vs PSG in Paris. Comical goal to allow.

    While I do think Barcelona is coming back down to earth a little I still don’t think/believe that PSG were the better team. Barcelona is just more susceptible to the counter-attack this year than they’ve been for a while due to their neglect of their CB positions.

    Valdes’ error first leg is only reason they had a legit chance in this game.

  101. Admir

    @Raheem – now when you mentioned Veratti (dubbed as new Pirlo) and Thiago Motta, there is a second piece of puzzle. Given that PSG have Leonardo as director of football and Carlo Ancelotti as manager, they are Italy-biased when it comes to purchases. It is mostly due to fact Leonardo had had a very long spell in Italian football while Ancelotti worked as manager in Parma, Juventus and Milan but there is another factor that shouldn’t be underestimated – Italian clubs are not financially capable of battling with PSG, German or English clubs anymore so their best talents like Thiago Silva or Zlatan Ibrahimović (next season same thing will probably happen to Cavani) don’t stay long once they gain (or, in Zlatan’s case, re-gain) their world-class level.

    French clubs as well as their supporters mostly hate PSG and have hated them ever since they were founded in 1970 (yep, that club is only five year older than Beckham). My grandfather – who had lived in Paris for 40 years and was fan of St Etienne – used to label PSG as “state club”.

  102. DUIFG

    People saying jack is not good at amf, are you blind. The guy was driving past 3 players standardly before he picked up a knock. The deeper role wastes him as he can’t commit players like he does up field.

  103. Romford Pele


    You’re the blind one mate. Yes, Jack is driving past players but look at where he’s driving past them – in the middle third of the pitch. If he picks up the ball infront of a packed defence outside the opposition penalty area, who exactly is he going to drive past or where is he going to drive into?

    Jack has also come out many times and said that the 10 position doesn’t come natural to him as he doesn’t enjoy receiving the ball with his back to goal. His energy, drive and stamina re best utilised deep, and it’s also another creative outlet. Most top teams have a creative outlet playing in the double pivot infornt of the back four. Madrid (Alonso), Dortmund (Gundogan, Sahin), Bayern (Schweinsteiger)… It’s a trend.

  104. DUIFG

    When we are playing boring football it’s usually when we are playing a deep lying defence and we can’t pass our way through. We are royally screwed as nobody is prepared to take somebody on around the box and drag defences out of shape.jack can and has been doing that.

    Agree he could play picking it up further back simply because he is good enough to do it all. Whatever shape we take on jack needs to be able to affect play in their third as quickly as possible once we win possesion. Getting the balance of the mid correct Is going to be crucial next year.

  105. Romford Pele

    I agree that we do struggle against parked buses – and Wenger often has the wrong personnel playing in those sort of games. Poldi when played outwide isn’t creating a fore, neither are the likes of Walcott. We have to hope that the likes of Santi and Jack are able to muster up something. But more often that not, parked buses can be breached by quick circulation of the ball. This never happens enough and that’s why we find ourselves scrambling for a goal late on.

    I agree that our midfield shape will be crucial next season. Another good way to break down parked defences is to have a playmaking forward – that’s what RVP was ideal at – and it’s also part of the reason why I champion Jovetic so much. At home against park the bus teams, it’s vital to have as many creative outlets on the pitch as possible to reduce your predictability.

  106. Romford Pele

    But to sum up, I think Jack is more suited to driving from deep and having a traditional 10 (Gotze, Isco) in that hole role behind the striker.

  107. S Asoa

    In your multiple cut n paste job of your long rambling it is noted that you mentioned ,”senile old cunt ” 3 times referring to Wenger . As mentioned it is not justified . That person should have rather called him a senile dotard goat