Arsenal to spend big… have I heard this before?

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Morning everyone! Let’s cut out the pleasantries this morning and crack into some meaty comments from David Dein…

“The fact is he has to strengthen the team and I know he will do that.

“He is one of the best managers in the world, he’s been coaching for 30 years and knows what he is doing.

“He knows what he wants and it’s just a question of identifying the right talent.”

Well hello exciting summer! I guess we have to always be aware that David Dein is vice captain in the AKB world 11, obviously sitting behind captain fantastic, Bob Wilson. Still, he’s not come out and said something like the above in the last ten years. So it sounds promising. I’d like to think David Dein is far enough out the loop not to be a part of the season ticket scam that we get every year around this time.

He also said what we all know…

“Arsene’s on course for next season’s Champions League. But they have fallen 20-odd points behind United, which is not good enough.”

Nice one Dave.

In other news, Theo Walcott is fit. Should he return to the side when Gervinho is in form? I don’t think so. If he was firing on all cylinders prior to the injury, there might be a case for it. As it happens, he was in terrible form. So, I hereby declare that Gervinho should continue to dazzle. Norwich at the weekend will be a tough game, but really, at home, we should be tearing them a new one. It’s not one I’m hugely confident about… But if the boys want Champions League bonuses next year, they’ll dig deep.

I watched the Barca vs PSG game last night. Not a bad game, but not as thrilling as I’d hoped. Barca don’t look as invincible as they did under Pep. They has to bring on Leo to save the game. PSG looked sharp. They have plenty of talented players and they more than held there own. In the end though, experience told and Barca won through.

One point… I do not want Valdes.

It’ll be interesting how PSG deal with the 70% tax that will be levelled on them, not the players. I would imagine that’ll kill the league. Where there is death, there is opportunity, right? Is that the saying? Anyway, you get the jist…

Right, I’m in Lancaster today, have a good one!

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  1. S Asoa

    In your multiple cut n paste job of your long rambling it is noted that you mentioned ,”senile old cunt ” 3 times referring to Wenger . As mentioned it is not justified . That person should have rather called him a senile dotard sadomasochist goat which amply describes his character

  2. Josip Skoblar

    75% tax or not, PSG is and will remain for a while one of the the wealthiest teams in the world. Come on Qatar!

  3. DUIFG

    Romford- totally agree one way to beat parked bus type teams is for us to pick up non 1 dimensional striker. Not happening with giroud bar the odd flair flick.
    Picking up isco would give us so many different options to throw at a parked bus defence if one style wansnt working, it would be unreal. We can but dream,ha.

  4. Josip Skoblar

    I’ve always disliked PSG and their nazi supporters, but I have to say that they are starting to look like a team which could win things in Europe. Let’s see as they do next year as the French league title is a near certainty this year.

  5. zeus

    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! FFP to the rescue.

    “After the proposals were approved by clubs in February, new rules which will cap wages and limit losses are set to come into effect next season ahead of Uefa’s new regulations

    The Premier League have ratified the agreement over Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations, understands.

    Chief executive Richard Scudamore was believed to be pressing for approval at a shareholders’ meeting on Thursday after club chairmen voted in favour of the proposals in February.

    The earlier vote barely passed, however, with a two-thirds majority – required under Premier League rules – only reached through Reading’s decision to abstain.

    Aston Villa, Fulham, Manchester City, Southampton, Swansea and West Brom are the clubs understood to have voted against the plans in February, but it appears the proposals have been given the go-ahead despite the “no” camp needing only one more vote.

    Under Uefa rules, which come into effect from 2014-15, clubs have to minimise losses or face the possibility of being excluded from European competition, and Scudamore has confirmed any club breaking the Premier League’s agreed rules will face a points deduction.

    The key points of the plans promise two major regulations which will limit players’ wage bills from next season and set a club loss limit of £105 million over three years.

    The wage cap will start at £52m and increase by £4m each year to £60m in 2015-16, and only seven of the 20 current Premier League clubs are under that total at the moment.


    I see Goebbels,(Minister of Propaganda), has embarked on his policy,of dismantling the Anti-Arsene Brigade..

    I see Jopp’s has been banned..

    Another one bites the dust..

    This time,next year,this blog will have a completely different feel to it..

    No critiquing opinion’s of the main man.

    Just daily applause,sucking up & self-congratulatory pat’s on the back.

    Oh well..

    This place is so twisted,it’s unreal..

    Have a good day,everyone..



    Jopp’s was banned this morning,for questioning Pedro.

    Jopa offered him 2 choices
    1)Don’t Blog
    2) Ban him..

    Pedro banned him& removed his comment..

  8. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Arsenal have confirmed that young Swiss defender Martin Angha has agreed a move to Bundesliga side FC Nuremberg.

    The 19-year-old centre-back, who can play anywhere across the back four, will join the German outfit on a four-year deal in the summer.


    I dare say most of the players in the reserves and youth will be shifted on, can only really see Bellerin making the grade, he will make a perfect replacement for Alves in 2 years time.


    Bermy Boy

    Thanks Bermy Boy,

    But there’s too much negativity on here.I admit,I’m sometimes party to the vibe here,when thing’s get rather overheated on this forum..

    But the long & short of it,is that I have more pressing & important thing’s to contend with in my daily life..

    The last thing I need right now,is getting embroiled in needless,argumentative discussion’s with people I’ve never met in my life,on a topic,that I don’t get paid for,& take’s least importance in my overall life..

    All it should be on here,is people exchanging/or expressing their opinion’s about sport,football,or whatever, in a respectful manner..

    Not indulging in bullying,slaughtering of parent’s etc,etc..

    In the end,the negativity really begin’s to take it’s toll..

    If I can help it,I’ll just reduce my posts to a maximum of 3 per day,or none at all..

    It’s a lot healthier,to read from the sidelines..

    Sorry,for the long-winded post..
    Just my two-pence..

    Thank’s for the back-up..

  10. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Suspected Arsenal Target Eyes Move To Big Club

    Arsenal are thought to have identified right back Sebastien Corchia as the replacement Bacary Sagna, who is expected to leave the Emirates in the summer, and the Frenchman has admitted he would liked to move to England.
    Corchia is currently in the middle of a relegation battle with Ligue 1 side Sochaux ,but both Arsenal and Tottenham are thought to be monitoring his situation.
    He told French paper L’Equipe, “For now I am thinking about Sochaux and want to save the club from relegation.
    “After that my dream is to go to a big club. We will wait and see what happens at the end of the season.”

    Sounds more like an Arsene buy.

  11. tom

    I think FFP will be hard to enforce strictly but it’s still a positive thing if it represents an intent.
    A legal challenge might be successful in the end, but it would be a laborious and expensive business. Public opinion is behind the concept of FFP and to have it codified makes an environment that encourages better practice.
    Clubs will be exposing themselves to considerable pressure if they choose to challenge.
    Still, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

  12. Toli83

    Salah a class act… Quicker than Walcott with closer ball control. Deserves to be in better league.

    Sp*rs are done now – two bob mugs…

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik fit

    There’s a lot of Jovetic chat on twitter, but it looked pretty circular.

    each person backing up the other, though who knows whether any of them know anything concrete

  14. kwik fit

    Agree with Toli on Salah. The little guy looks the business. Skill and passing ability as well as pace. What would Feo cut off for a bit of that….Left bollock perhaps?

  15. Max85

    Not watched huge amounts of either player, but how does Lewandowski stack up to Jovetic? Would be roughly same price if not a little cheaper due to being in last year of his contract, and looks like the complete package up front as well as a proven goalscorer on the big stage.

    Not that beggars can be choosers of course. I look forward to welcoming N’ko Chumbawaumba from the French second division…

  16. kwik fit


    From what i’ve seen off Lewandowski I think he would be a direct replacement for Giroud. Consequently i don’t think that wenger would admit defeat in terms of buying a wrong one. So Jovetic looks the more likely.

  17. Mayank


    “. Consequently i don’t think that wenger would admit defeat in terms of buying a wrong one. So Jovetic looks the more likely.”

    As good as he looked yesterday Lewandowski isn’t who need right now.

    Jovetic all the way.

  18. Mayank

    “This Dragovic fella is the one Wenger is interested in isn’t it?”


    Dragan Stojković is going to take over after Wenger anyway. Dragovic is an obvious choice.

  19. zeus


    If Stoijkovic is gonna do the job, should he not leave CHina now and make a go of it with one of Eurpe’s team. Not even necessarily a top side.

    At any rate, Sir ALex in 71 (I think), Wenger is only 65 (I think). We could have close to a decade before Wenger is gone.

  20. zeus

    I have to smile at all this Jovetic love in. We would have to changeour formation to accommodate him, More of a #10 than a #9.

    But even so, its funny seeing the press toy with Arsenal fans. Its like Daddy promising his son a shiny new toy and the child getting obsessed with said toy.

    Didn’t you lot fall for this same thing with Dzagoev during the Euros? Funny how he is so out of mind, that he doesn’t even make it in your “In List” anymore.

    The media is toying with you.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t think anyone was enamored with Dzagoev really…

    You’ll note must everyone is not getting their hopes up either until you see the player holding the shirt

  22. Cesc Appeal

    That’s why it makes sense to go for Jovetic and Remy, £25 Million for the pair.

    Put Giroud in a cardboard box and leave him on a motorway somewhere

  23. Zacharse

    This is too good!!!! Putting all Wenger hatred aside this is too good.

    Ade!!!! Oops!!! Ade OOps

    Now we knock em off the CL ladder, too good.


  24. tom

    I was hoping for spurs to progress, extra fixtures would make things harder for them, but I had forgotten how pleasurable it is to watch them lose.
    Ha ha…knocked out by Basel

  25. kwik fit

    Matuidi was once spotted in the Arsenal training ground by Sky sports no less. Some guzzer who looked a bit like Matuidi was spotted by the jim White team and one thing lead to another.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    Any of Pogba/Capoue/Matuidi would be nice to beef up the middle. Hope Wenger doesn’t just say we’ve got Ramsey and Arteta there, with Coq coming though…that will be what he does though

  27. Ramsey's backpass

    “Put Giroud in a cardboard box and leave him on a motorway somewhere”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.nice one CA

  28. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah he’s not pulling up Coq enough. He should spend all summer focusing on Coq.

    Coq, Coq, Coq and nothing but Coq till he’s ready to explode at the merest glimpse of Coq.

  29. Dannyboy

    How did Joppa manage to get himself banned, when that prick Vix Affair comes on and cunts Pedro off at least once a day?

    Sidenote, Adebayor is truly terrible.

  30. Dannyboy

    How did Joppa manage to get himself banned? When that prick Vix Affair cunts Pedro off at least once a day?

  31. Dannyboy

    How did Joppa manage to get himself banned? When that knobhead Vix Affair cunts off Pedro at least once a day?

  32. Dannyboy

    HAHAHA can’t even say JR’s name now without comment being deleted.. a bit extreme isn’t it Pedders? Vix cunts you off every single day and he still gets back on? What did I miss?

  33. Moray

    It is good for Dein to speak out, but what took him so long to notice how far behind we have fallen from the real contenders? In reality, we haven’t been in contention since the 07-08 season.

    2007-08: 4 points adrift
    2008-09: 18 points adrift
    2009-10: 11 points adrift
    2010-11: 12 points adrift
    2011-12: 19 points adrift
    2012-13: currently 21 points adrift