Who do you want as the next keeper? | Andrey not retiring, but a sad story all the same…

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Well hello everyone.  It’s Wednesday and the week is literally flying by. Colchester treated me with total respect yesterday, but today I’m back in London.

London, thanks for having me.

So what’s new? Well, not a lot. There’s so little to talk about when things are going well. I mean, a post about us doing well could be on the cards. But this is Le Grove. Not Arsenal.com. So let’s roll with the sad story that Andrey Arshavin is apparently hanging his boots up at the tender age of 32 years old.

The Evening Standard has reported that he’s so fed up with this season, he’s willing to pack it all in. Apparently this story has been denied in some Russian papers today, but the fact still remains… the demise of Andrey Arshavin has been a sad one. Diaby is a wasted talent because he’s broken, he never had the chance to make it big. Andrey had all the ingredients to be one of the greatest Arsenal imports of Arsene’s tenure.

He had tight control, an unexpected burst of pace, he could finish, he could see a pass no one else could, he could conjure something out of nothing… but his biggest attribute was one you can’t learn. He had the magic. Truly, out of all the players I’ve seen over the years, I can honestly say he’s been one of my favourites to watch.

Some people have to work hard at being talented. Others are just talented. The shame of Andrey is that I don’t believe he had to work hard at his gift. It was so easy for him. Everything was run of the mill. Even at his best for Arsenal, he still hacked people off because he seemed lazy. In the 2010 season, he managed to bag 18 assists and 10 goals. An incredible return. Yet Arsenal fans couldn’t stand his laziness even though he was producing at the highest level with ease.

It was that application that has been the problem for Arsene. Now you can track effort with technology, it’s easy to see how much a player is giving in training. His weight issues haven’t gone unnoticed. I think when he’s played this season, he’s looked like a player who doesn’t have the trust of the club.

I think the manager should have done more to tease out his potential. A starting point might have been to give him a more central role. We’ve seen what playing players in their correct positions can do for confidence and performance. I’m not sure Wenger deals well with big personalities particularly well. Brian Clough was a man with a knack for taking spiky personalities and turning them into something special. Ferguson has always done well against the egos… Wenger tends to buy players he thinks he can control. If they’re not the poster child of goodness, he tends to struggle to motivate. I don’t know whether it’s just that Andrey was the wrong sort of player… or Wenger just struggles with egotists. Whatever way you look at it… we’ve not made the most of a great talent.

Anyway, he’ll retire rich, healthy and probably turn into a Maradona like beast of a man over the next few years.

In goalkeeper news, we’ve been linked with Asmir Begovic. He’s leaving this summer, that much is clear. Stoke bought Jack Butland. They’re clearly thinking about moving their number one on. Hopefully that’ll involve Arsenal. The price being quoted is £15m. For me, that’s a great deal. He’s experienced at two Premier League clubs now. He’s huge, he’s played the Stoke way so dealing with high balls into the box will be easy for him. He makes incredible saves and he’s the type of keeper that saves you points on a regular basis. £15m is a snip for a keeper who is of an age where he can give you 10 years.

Other keepers that are supposedly in the melting pot are the two Spanish names. Victor Valdes is leaving Barca, this much is known to be true. He’s a good keeper, I’m not sure he’d be that great outside of Barca. He is prone to calamity keeping. He makes great saves and he’s matured, I’m just not sure for the outlay he’d be worth it. Casilas of Madrid is also rumoured to be on the way out. He’d be a dream purchase, but you’d have to think he’d be a bit beyond us price wise and really… club size wise. The rumour that won’t go away is Pepe Reina. Could we resurrect his career? When he’s on form, he’s one of the best in the business. His head has gone at Liverpool. Can he get it back elsewhere? Possibly… I just hope the keeper decision isn’t based on price. It should  be based on long term ROI. Paying a little more now will benefit in the future.

Who would you next keeper be?

If you say Fabianski… I’ll show you the door.

Have a great day!

P.S. I watched Dortmund vs Malaga last night. I want ALL the players. The Dortmund striker, Isco, Goetze, Reus… the lot. What a fantastic match that was. Technical magic all over the park. A real eye opener. Loved every minute.

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  1. Yippee Kai Yay

    jani, the problem is that after almunia and flappy, chezza looked, well, better.

    So the starting point of ‘what does good now look like’ was not enough to accommodate any loss of form without it noticing.

  2. Bade

    I think this is pathetic to try & justify Arsene’s decisions regarding Arshavin

    Playing Gervinho, Ramsey, even Gnabry, while not playing Arshavin can’t be based on professional reasons, unless you’re as good as Keyser when it comes to analysing how good a player is (qv Song)

    While I agree that Arshavin has his part on the demise & at some point he got fed up & stopped sharing defensive duties, I think many of you ride on the tide & totally exaggerate on this matter

    Was Arshavin that bad defensively comparing to Theo, OX & Gerv? I don’t think so & I even remember few games were he made special effort in defence

    When many point out Arshavin’s lack of defensive contribution, it’s more or less down to two successive games where he did little, when in the 2nd one, I believe it was against Norwich away, we lost & conceded a 3rd goal when Arshavin was passed easily. But what many really seem to forget is Arshavin isn’t a FB or a CB & that ball that was crossed into our box just went between two of our defenders & then they scored. But no one seemed to blame the defenders, especially Vermaelen & the trend-hit was then to pick on Arshavin

  3. Romford Pele

    Lol, 28 assists?! Where do people get these stats from?! People need to stop hanging around Chamakh and smoking the shisha.

  4. Johnty79

    Johnny 5 arshavin never got 28 assists in one season all he’s goals and assists come when we’re r 2 or 3 nil up, never played well against good teams. We generally played worse when he was in the team. Most ex footballers on the telly u could tell they thought he was shit.

    Wenger had the choice modric or arshavin. Both bought for 16mish.. One was paid 35k the other paid 80 k, one was sold for 33m the other retired. Another scandalous decision by le senile..

    Disgraceful player but good riddance.

  5. Bade


    First of all, you lucky bastard to have been living in London so you can go & watch Arsenal games like it’s the run of the mill. I hate you!

    Secondly, if you would play Arshavin ahead of Ramsey & Gervinho then you should be questioning Arsene’s judgement. Why did he opted for them before Arshavin, when both weren’t in flying form, to say the least.

    Mind you, you’re perplexing times here. Cesc has nothing to do with this. It’s dim to get Cesc in the equation. I spoke about the LAST TWO SEASONS, meaning last season & this season, when CESC WAS ALREADY GONE.

    So playing Arshavin last season, has nothing to do with Cesc, but with Ramsey & Gervinho. In the contrary, the lack of Cesc should have had the opposite effect on Arshavin’s Arsenal career. Arsene should have handed him the keys for the CAM psotion, when we had no Cesc & we still didn’t have Santi in there. And Jack was still out injured.

  6. Yippee Kai Yay

    johnty, fuck I’d forgotten that we had a choice, I do remember him describing the rat-faced croatian as too lightweight, so we bought Arshavin a season later(?? -memory fading but vaguely remember croatia doing OK in euro 2008)

  7. AC Gooner

    Bade, that is some fine posting. Agree wholeheartedly.

    AA polarizes – that much is clear. Some people really hate him and some love him. Its the same in my group of Arsenal supporters.

    NM and K obviously of the former, their argumentation is skewed, repetitive, and boring.

  8. Johnny5


    So what your saying his te goals didn’t mean much to the outcome. So like theo then but better statistically yeah. Also most ex players think he’s shit. That don’t mean much seeing as they think the England teams mustard despite them being shit.

  9. Bade

    People always go on about “Arshavin not working hard” like it’s some prerequisite

    But let’s be honest, how many game were, where we played heartless, regardless of Arshavin or this or that player. What the hell does that mean anyway?

    When we lost to Bayern at home, to Brighton or Blackburn, where we working hard?

    Give me a lazy fucker with 25 goals a season over any “hard worker” with no end product. any day of the week

    It’s utter populism & has nothing to do with the nature of the game really

  10. Keyser

    Bade – You said Arshavin never got a fair chance, he played in almost every game for his first few seasons, what are you on about ?!

    So then you have to consider what changed, no Fabregas, no Nasri, no Wilshere, we were already struggling for fullbacks and Arshavin was never the most diligent defensively, both Ramsey and Gervinho just work far harder on the pitch.

    Then there’s the talent side, unless you want to go on like you did embarrassing yourself about Arteta how about you be honest and discuss his start to last season.

    Before he left on loan to Zenit he started those 8 premiership games you keep going on about, they aren’t spread over 2 seasons, despite you wanting to skew the stats to suit your argument.

    He started 8 Premiership games, 3 Champions League and 1 each in the domextic cups, he made another 13 substitute appearances, so that’s 13 Starts and another 13 appearances as a substitute.

    26 games to make a difference, he managed 2 goals, and 4 assists. and if you bothered to pay attention and actually watched him his workrate ddn’t seem to be half of what he gave in previous seasons.

    It’s not his attitude, he’s not lazy, he’s just lost a whole lot of his stamina as he’s got older, we don’t have a team that can accomodate him, we’ve already got players like him that have tried to adapt, if we’re getting battered by West Brom with Rosicky and Arteta in the team down to 10 men, imagine what we’d be like with Arshavin there aswell.

  11. Bob N7

    I’m not sure about the Arshavin apologists out there, whether he could have put more effort in to be fitter or he just doesn’t have the physiology, he was a weakness in the team. Assists are great, obviously, but I don’t think you have to be an expert to judge Arshavin as a ‘champagne’ player- looks good on Match of the Day but goes missing when he doesn’t have the ball.
    It does make me laugh though the dichotomy of the Arsenal support- if you dislike Wenger, a good player was good despite him and a bad player was crap because of him.
    Baying Mob at 8am said this,
    “When a player fails. His fault. When a player does well. Arsene the genius. It is the mental resting place of an AKB …”
    With Arshavin I blame the scouts/Wenger for not recognising his weaknessbut I also blame Arshavin for what it would appear to be a lack of application.
    I’m just hoping we add three top players and get rid of those people who are not contributing. Free up the squad for a couple of promising youngsters.
    For what it’s worth I think we should get Begovic for about £12m!

  12. Bade

    Anyway I’m out & until I sort out my BB problem, or just replace the ancient device, I won’t be able to log on

    Let’s hope Barca cunts fuck off tonight

    If Messi isn’t playing, then their chance to knock out PSG are significantly reduced. If he’s playing, then Mercy on the PSG defence, they won’t stand any real chance

  13. Keyser

    AC Gooner – Mate, what’s skewed about it ?

    Joppa – Cup one of mine in your mouth, and with the power vested in me you might be able to join in.

    *no homo.

  14. Keyser

    “Give me a lazy fucker with 25 goals a season over any “hard worker” with no end product. any day of the week”

    Lol When did he score 25 goals a season ? Or did you mean contribute to 25 goals a season, go and look up his career.

    Seriously unless I’ve got the stats wrong, what’s there to back your argument up with.

  15. Keyser

    People on here went apoplectic when Ox was subbed and Van Persie made the face, lol.

    Who came on ? Who failed to track his man and let United score.

  16. Romford Pele


    Sometimes individuals are sacrificed for the team. Just because X is better than Y doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll start. It could unbalance the team. And that’s always been my gripe with Arshavin. Whenever he’s played, the team hasn’t had the greatest balance to it. Now he’s a great talent who’s capable of moments of inspiration sure, but was this to the detriment of the team? Arshavin to me has always struck me as the sort of player who needs to have the team built round him to truly flourish, and that was especially the case at Zenit and for Russia. But at Arsenal, he had the likes of Cesc and Nasri to go up against and who took up similar positions to him on the pitch. No longer a big fish in a small pond. He had to adapt, and while his stats may be good, his performances were often erratic.

    You could argue that when the aforementioned two departed, that should’ve opened up the door for him, but for me, he was already being phased out of the team by then.

    If you look at the 2010/11 season, our best team going forward often looked like this:

    Song Wilshere
    Walcott Cesc Nasri

    Arshavin was already a sub then. I personally don’t think he’s good enough to have a team formed round him. And if the likes of Iniesta and Messi etc can work hard off the ball, then what excuse does Arshavin have? This is a criticism which has been levelled at him from many players, fans and pundies alkike, not just Arsenal people.

    “I hope Andrey will not rest on his laurels and will to continue to work to a higher level. Then he will become part of Arsenal’s history.

    “The advice is simple but important for any player who moves to the Premier League: give everything, fight all through the game – those are the qualities that the fans fall in love with.

    “In England it’s not enough to be a talented player.”


    The above quote from the living legend Bergkamp himself. Arshavin only has himself to blame. And as NM pointed out earlier, the fact that he’s let himself go says a lot about his attitude.

    I’m quick to criticise Wenger, but he’s not to blame in this instant.

  17. Romford Pele

    I think the quote from a philosopher goes something like this: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

  18. Bade


    You stupid genius, I meant Arshavin in his LAST TWO SEASONS

    Deal with it. I know you can’t. No one’s talking about his first 2.5 seasons where he played & produced. The questions raised over the last two season where he wasn’t played at all

    Keyser, so you’re counting games where Arshavin was a substitute for 10 minutes or less as games where he was given a chance to make a change? Hahaha, what a ridiculous comment

    Well, those games are surely less than the 27 EPL starts Ramsey got. Or the total of 33 starts last season where Ramsey produced the prolific tally of 3 goal & 5 assists

    Not to mention Arsene didn’t play Arshavin almost outrageously after he set up to Henry our important last-ditch winning goal at Newcastle

    Yep, Keyser is right as always. It has nothing to do with Arsene’s management, it’s all Arshavin’s lack of stamina.

    Shame Arshavin couldn’t learn his trade from Ramsey & Gervinho,…

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Don’t really know what you’re on about, you said Arshavin never got a chance at Arsenal, I simply pointed out that it was a ridiculous statement. He clearly got many many chances at Arsenal.

    Did his appearances drop season on season? Yes they did, no-one is arguing that, but you still wasted your time, dragging up the stats for something we all knew.

    What you fail to argue is that maybe just maybe the reason why he’s figured less and less is because he’s become less and less worthwhile…

  20. Keyser

    Bade – That’s why you embarrass yourself, read what I wrote, No Fabregas, No Wilshere, No Nasri, we needed someone like Arshavin to step up and 13 starts, 13 Sub appearances he managed a couple of goals and a few assists.

    I mean wake up, Wenger kept playing him despite him showing nothing, kept bringing him on until he just couldn’t afford to.

    Go back and read the comments, the 4-3 loss against Blackburn at least two of the goals were from Arshavin just giving the ball away under little to no pressure.

    “Not to mention Arsene didn’t play Arshavin almost outrageously after he set up to Henry our important last-ditch winning goal at Newcastle”

    Are you even sure about that ?

  21. Keyser

    How much of a chance did Arshavin get, how much faith did Wenger show in him, when we’re playing Manchester United at home, we finally get back into the game, and we equalise, who does Wenger bring on to try and get a win, replacing Ox along the way, Arshavin.

    So there you go, are you going to sit there and blame Wenger for taking the Ox off like everyone else did, or say yeah Arshavin deserved his chance ?

    It wasn’t long after that Arshavin was off to Zenit.

  22. jani

    “jani, the problem is that after almunia and flappy, chezza looked, well, better.
    So the starting point of ‘what does good now look like’ was not enough to accommodate any loss of form without it noticing.”

    Honestly I disagree…

    I don’t think he looked better at all. The everyday competent regular goalkeeping things he did were unrealistically elevated as being somehow great. And his mistakes, poor saving record, poor distribution etc were evident from day 1 if anyone paid attention. The difference were they were simply excused/covered due to a) finding his feet as a young keeper and b) blame placed disproportionately placed on the defence (and midfield, and scapegoats like Song) for his individual errors…

    And he got that cover largely because fans LOVED him and he was a firm fan favourite not because of his skill but because of his character (and the fact that after Almunia and the other jokers people were willing to give him a chance)…he hasn’t gotten that much worse at all, it’s just that fans started ignoring the fan favourite nonsense and noticing more and more that hey a lot of this poor play is on him individually more than anything.

    Has his formed regressed somewhat? Arguably it has, but it hasn’t regressed from some elevated imaginary level of brilliance, it has regressed from being a poor keeper, to being a poorer keeper…

  23. Bob N7

    Not sure what the argument is about- Arshavin a flawed ‘genius’ who on balance didn’t deserve a place in our team. Blame needs to be pointed at recruitment and Wenger for the gamble…like many it hasn’t paid off. On the other hand Cazorla and Monreal this season look great acquisitions. Too many mistakes but not all bad.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    AC Gooner: NM and K obviously of the former, their argumentation is skewed, repetitive, and boring.

    lol, when did calling someone a ‘lazy fecker’ equate to hating someone ? Of course I don’t hate him.
    As for you critiquing my arguments, I’m not the one banging on about some ridiculous conspiracy theory. I think you need to have a think about that

  25. Radio Raheem

    2 goalies in the premier league I like, Mignolet and Cesar.

    I’ve always wanted a yank in goal, something cool about it. So, I wouldn’t mind Guzan. He is certainly capable of the spectacular!

  26. Bob N7

    What do you mean Arse & N? Clichy had to work time and a half to cover for Arshavin’s lack of workrate- and when he left….? Certainly Santos and Arshavin were not a dream ticket(unless you’re in to love handles on your footballers).

  27. Keyser

    I don’t even hate him, I don’t hate any of our players, it’s just fucking tiresome when you get complete nutters saying shit like Arshavin was never given a chance, when they continously berate other players.

    Arshavin did well for two a bit seasons, it wasn’t a bad buy we were struggling to get 4th in the league and he was electric when he came in.

    We bought him from a far weaker league, where he was ‘the man’ and he’s struggled to adapt as his legs have started to go, that’s all really.

  28. Johnny5


    ‘maybe just maybe the reason why he’s figured less and less is because he’s become less and less worthwhile…’

    As opposed to the awesome might of gervinho. Or Ramsey.

    As much as you may think he is lazy or whatever he’s a much more valuable part of any team than either gerv or Rambo.

  29. Johnny5


    If his legs have gone why hasn’t wenger moved him more central. For a player with the ability he has when he turns up just sticking him on the bench or reserves seems a waste.

  30. Johnny5

    ‘Arshavin is crap.’

    Dense comment. Worse than half the shit Vix comes out with when he’s having one of his ‘episodes’ and trying to mount Nasris mouth

  31. Romford Pele

    Unfortunately not enough people actually watch Arshavin in the flesh. I had the propensity to want to dropkick the dude. He gave away the ball an unbelievable amount and was a major cause for us getting hit on the counter time and time again. The bit about Clichy having to work overtime to cover him is apt.

    But people have their agendas, and anything they can use to get their leg up on Wenger, they will.

  32. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d currently play both Ramsey and Gervinho over Arshavin, but I’d pick a 2009/2010 Arshavin over both of those at any point of their Arsenal careers.

    Interesting that you pick those 2 though, because if Arshavin had the desire of either of them, we’d still have a brilliant player on our hands.

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: …when he’s having one of his ‘episodes’ and trying to mount Nasris mouth

    Hey, it’s not my fault if he finds me sexually desirable.

  34. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Moved him more central ? People keep going on about talent, Arshavin had one gear, he didn’t build up or slow down the tempo, he went for it, most of his touches were either dribbles or one touch layoff’s.

    Wenger gave him games to show whether he could still be worthwhile it didn’t work, someone said rusty earlier, might have even been Bade, how many games can we afford to give players.

    We’ve already got older heads like Rosicky and Arteta and we’re struggling as it is, as much as you like to look down upon Gervinho and Ramsey they can still hack the pace, they might not be talented but then we’ve already got players like Cazorla and Wilshere.

  35. Johnny5


    ‘Interesting that you pick those 2 though, because if Arshavin had the desire of either of them, we’d still have a brilliant player on our hands.’

    No argument there bud. Totally agree if he had the heart of Ramsey he’d be one of the best in the world I think.

  36. Keyser

    *might not be AS talented..


    It’s like Cazorla, not the biggest, strongest, but if he can’t contribute in the attacking third, he works his absolute bollocks off, Arshavin never showed that.

  37. Johnny5


    ‘how many games can we afford to give players’

    Well let me see we’ve given theo nearly 5 seasons is it and he’s still not living up to his potential.

    Also I think when played centrally arsh was similarly effective as on wing he was either bloody good or below par.

  38. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Even if Theo doesn’t score or assist he still offers something, if Arshavin didn’t score or assist what did he actually do, he was an all or nothing player.

    The central things a myth to me, Arshavin’s at his best when he’s basically got no responsibility and you allow him to do whatever he wants.

    Anyway if he wants to blame anyone he should look at players like Rosicky or Arteta.

  39. Johnny5

    My biggest gripe with arsh was that if it didn’t look like it was going to be his day early his head went and he was poor. But when it went his way we had a decent player

  40. Radio Raheem


    I think I used the word ‘dense’ on you before. Good to know you were paying attention. Shame you remain as dense as before.

    ‘Ashavin is crap’ is the sort of comment I expect your kind to understand…don’t know you’ve got the hump!

  41. Radio Raheem


    I think I used the word ‘dense’ on you before. Good to see you were paying attention. Shame you are still as dense as before.

    ‘Arshavin is crap’ is the sort of comment I expect your kind to understand…I am not sure why you are struggling.

  42. Paulinho

    Agree that Almunia is/was better than Chesney.

    Once Arshavin’s legs he was screwed really. As Keyser said he can’t change or modify his game to play centrally behind a striker. He doesn’t have the patience or ability to know when to hold the ball or when to try and make something happen. He has a short attention span that’s suited to playing wide. Same with Podolski.

    Players like Hleb, Fabregas, Rosicky, Iniesta never get sick of receiving the ball whereas Arshavin does his thing and is general demeanour is one “well that’s me done for ten minutes”.

  43. Herkules

    I think we would be the biggest club interested in Mignolet… And if Sunderland go down its an easy deal for all parties to sign. I’m not convinced that Begovic is dramatically better – he’s good – but he’s protected by 4 giants every week – so hard to know the impact of that.

  44. Johnny5


    Don’t try acting clever it really doesn’t suit and I think you’ll find my kind is the same as your kind only more blissfully ignorant.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    Interesting (or not, depending on your viewpoint) stat

    Arsenal have scored 47 goals from open play, Manchester United have scored 49. From set pieces Arsenal 10, Man Utd 20

    From Orbinho

    Dunno whether Utd are better from set pieces, or get more of them though

  46. Radio Raheem


    I really can’t be bothered with this so will keep it short.

    You are bloody stupid, always have been always will be.

    Now you are welcome to keep proving me right.

  47. JJ

    Begovic would be great but I can’t help feeling that Wenger wants and keeper at the end of his career so that his love childs Sneezy and Flappy will have a chance at the number 1 in a few years. Loyal to a fault.

  48. Johnny5


    Yawn!!! Your opinion means exactly what to me? Nothing!!!

    Ill let you get back to being a genius and looking down upon ‘bloody stupid’ people like me.

  49. JJ

    I don’t think AA has an ego or is a spikey character. In fact, if he was more demanding then maybe he would have got to play his favoured central role more often. You hear Walcott crying about it all the time but never hear anything from AA.

    It is Wenger is fault for wasting this hugely talented player. As a manager you should maximize pluses (creativity) and minimize negatives (defending)in players. Putting AA on the wing does the reverse.

    Look at Rosicky. Wenger only now admits that Rosicky is best played in the middle. What a plonk.

  50. kwik fit

    Arshavin is/was that lazy that he was often seen looking on with envy at injured players getting stretchered of the pitch. What a waste of raw talent.

  51. Marko

    Pointless debating Arshavin and whether he was played out of position or whether the manager got the best out of him. Consistency and effort is what he’s been lacking since he came here

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    jj: Look at Rosicky. Wenger only now admits that Rosicky is best played in the middle. What a plonk.

    This is the Rosicky that always worked his socks off on the wing, and doesn’t look like he’s eaten the entire BigMac stock of the Islington McDs yeah?

    See the point?

  53. Marko

    Thing is with Arshavin even his most famous game for us (scoring that 4 against Liverpool) he was annoymous for the whole of the game other than cropping up with the goals. And the Barca game too one goal then he’s like thats my weekly wage earned

  54. Johnny5

    Whether he’s lazy, inconsistent or a McDonald’s gorging cunt he has more talent and quality on his day than 80% of the current starting 11. Yes he can be lazy so is giroud.

    Is arshavin just another example of the dumbing down of expectation of the fans? Maybe maybe not.

    I tell you though I’d prefer 1 quality inconsistent player that might possibly find consistency and possibly be the difference to us winning trophies than 5 average players who try hard but don’t have the quality and won’t win us shit.

  55. Nasri's Mouth


    Problem is, he hasn’t had a ‘day’ for 2 years now, and looking at him, I don’t think he’ll ever have another

  56. SUGA3

    I have always been clear on the Arshavin subject: Wenger has ruined him, simply because he could not stand the thought that he single handedly saved his bacon in the season he came, IMO, he was forced upon Wenger too!

  57. Johnny5


    He’s played how many games in 2 seasons?

    And in one of the few times he has featured this season in the cup he was quality bossed the midfield. Was raved about by Everyman and his dog then not even picked for the bench next game. Says it all.

    Never had you down as one of the short sighted fans so many on here bemoan dude.

  58. zeus

    Have I woken up in 2011? Why is there any debate about Andrei?

    The guy is a massive talent and he wasted it. Read through the comments and some like Bade would suggest that its Arsene’s fault that the Russian never got a chance. I disagree wholeheartedly.

    Arshavin got every opportunity to succeed. This nonsense about playing of position is just that, nonsense. The guy got us into the CL in his first 6 months at the club playing spll binding football, FROM THE LEFT (a position he’s played for his country)

    And lets not forget who was playing in the #10 role. Cesc frikking Fabregas. You know, the heartbeat of the whole damn team. The guy that threw up 19 goals and 19 assists while in full flow and could have added to that had he not broken his leg for the last month of the season.

    I suppose we should have taken our best player out of his best position to accomadate a lazy bloke who HAS NEVER put up anything near those stats because *wittle arshe boy doesn’t luck running up and down the touchline (in baby voice)

    Just come off it. This “debate” is stupid, old and boring.

    If there is nothing to write about Pedro, get a comedian into write a silly story for a laugh. Don’t dredge up things that have been discussed repeatedly in order to fill the comments.

    And allow us to embed YouTube videos again.

  59. kwik fit

    Remember the Stoke cup game when he was coming on as sub wearing a bobble cap. Was going to come on with it on only Arsene pulled it off. (kill joy) You can’t write that stuff. He’s worth his wages for that moment alone.

  60. Toli83

    Remember when I saw the board going up for a sub to come on and AA walked over thinking it was him been taken off, it wasn’t .

    Once you have that kind of outlook and attitude, it’s an up hill task. Wrong attitude maybe, played out of position probably…

    Physically wasn’t up to demands of the league and mentally he struggled. A good player but not as good as great everyone is making him out to be.

  61. Johnny5


    Take the being played out of position part away from the argument and he’s still more talented than most the also rans currently in the starting 11. I feel it’s more down to the fact wenger didn’t want him. Wenger didn’t get no credit for him as he was already a name when he arrived. And I don’t know about you but if I know full well if my boss doesn’t even want me I wouldn’t be busting my hump to help him. Would you.

    I don’t see it as a black and white issue there’s lots that probably not known and never will be but you don’t go from being a season saviour to out of favour to the extent he has unless shits gone down. And people who say he was given plenty of chances how many years have we put up with wenger sticking with terrible players. Arsh clearly wasn’t the most motivated we’ve ever had but he has more to offer than the likes of squillaci djourou bendtner Denilson etc.

  62. Jamal

    How many Russians have been consistent and lit up the PL?

    Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko, Zhirkov and Pogrebnyak all started well but then just couldnt be arsed.

  63. Nasri's Mouth


    Arshavin started 2 games this season, both in the capital cup. One was the 7-5 against Reading, the other was the 6-1 against Coventry.

    Don’t remember him being brilliant in either to be honest. (Did a little digging and various rating sites, and he didn’t get MOTM in the Reading game in any I could find) Don’t think he was great against Coventry either, a league 1 side who weren’t exactly lighting any fires.

    Arshavin was brilliant when he joined, and maintained that level for a while, but as his effort and contribution slipped, he got picked less and less, and it spiralled from there. When he was given chances to show he could still cut it, he rarely if ever took up the challenge. The idea that Wenger has somehow got his revenge on those that forced the signing on him is pure ridiculous conspiracy theory, Wenger’s picked him to play over 100 times for us, hardly the actions of a man getting rid of him.
    If he was miserable at Arsenal because of Wenger’s revenge, why did he refuse a loan move to Reading ot the move to Zenit?

  64. Keyser

    “he’s still more talented than most the also rans currently in the starting 11”

    I’m more talented than most, except I run the 100 metres quick enough to break World records for the 200 metres.

    We’ve already got ageing players, or players with weaknesses we’re accomodating within the team, and they still offer more than Arshavin.

    Ramsey could slot in at Right back, on a yellow card and have more productive games than Arshavin had before he went on loan last year.

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    And this idea that Wenger drops / gets rid of players who he can’t claim to have turned into superstars is pure fantasy too.

  66. kwik fit

    Arshavin was the Hurricane Higgins and Whirlwind white of the football world. Tremendously gifted but a loose cannon . He was the ‘entertainer’ type. I like the little lazy so and so but Zenit knew exactly what they were doing back in 2009.

  67. zeus

    Johnny 5

    Read Toli83’s post below…..

    “Remember when I saw the board going up for a sub to come on and AA walked over thinking it was him been taken off, it wasn’t . Once you have that kind of outlook and attitude, it’s an up hill task.”

    That is exactly what I’m talking about. I fail to understand this logic about players being worse than AA23 and them playing over him.From the end of the 2011 season forward the man has been awful, mostly speaking.

    Yea, he’s scored a goal here, had a great assist there, but his confidence was so shot that the man couldn’t even make a 6 yard pass without miskicking the damn pitch.

    If i’d known we would be having this debate in 2013, I would have saved all the match reports that detailed his TERRIBLE displays. Then this would be easy. Just copy and paste.

    Whats the point of having more talent, if you can’t be arsed? Eboue was a moron, but a moron that tried, while failing miserably obviously. AA23 failed quite miserably without giving a toss.

    He shouldn’t even be here now. Or maybe the “boo boys” at the emirates just never took to him and thats why groans went up everytime he was to come on.

  68. Toli83


    I think you buy into the ideology of what Arshavin stands for than what he actually is. The fans wanted him to be the tricky lethal Russian who would beat players and shoot from distance amaze us with his tricky.

    What we got was an ageing player who’s legs were gone who turned up when he fancied it. Even then he was just OK. Will be remembered for goal against Barca, Liverpool and the belter against Man Utd away. Not much given the amount of time he’s had here.

    If he were a nobody with a small price tag with no prior hype before we signed him then we wouldn’t be discussing his little input over the years. I remember Baptista scored 4 vs Liverpool that didn’t make him great either.

  69. Johnny5


    ‘And this idea that Wenger drops / gets rid of players who he can’t claim to have turned into superstars is pure fantasy too.’

    It’s not that he drops players because of it. He begrudges buying them in the first place which given the mans ego I wouldn’t be surprised at all that he thinks that way.

    Also it was the Coventry game he really stood out. I remember posters on here saying wenger was mad for not starting him in the next league game. But as I said in an earlier post we don’t know what goes on behind the scenes he might have been a lazy knob at training or late for team bus etc.

  70. Johnny5


    15m was hardly breaking the bank and I’m not saying he wasn’t shit on occasions and I like many was frustrated by him at times but like I said earlier I’d rather 1 arshavin than 5 chamackhs purely because Cham will never win you anything. If arsh could be bothered he had the talent to win titles. shame that talents gone to waste really.

    And keyser you know as well as the rest of us you can’t run a bath let alone 100m lard arse lol. I kid. It’s not your fault. It’s glandular.

  71. Keyser

    Yeah the Coca Cola Cup.

    Giroud scored, Ox scored a screamer I think, Walcott scored 2, we won 6-1, it’s the Coca Cola Cup against Coventry at home.

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: He begrudges buying them in the first place which given the mans ego I wouldn’t be surprised at all that he thinks that way.

    See, this idea has no real substance to it, other than the fact that Wenger hasn’t often bought established stars, more likely because of the cost. Wenger likes a bargain, his buying strategy shows that, whereas there is little or nothing to suggest his ego doesn’t allow him to bring in stars.

    Johnny5:Also it was the Coventry game he really stood out. I remember posters on here saying wenger was mad for not starting him in the next league game.

    Coventry, a league 1 side, come on.

  73. Keyser

    I don’t think it’s got anything to do with being bothered, being lazy or attitude, he’s 32, the Premiership is one of the most physically taxing leagues in the world, his legs just began to go.

    I’m still more talented than most players, apart from maybe Jerwayne over there, he says he can do the Taddei skill, still dubious about that.

    He might have been title worthy a couple of seasons ago, he definetly isn’t now.

  74. Keyser

    Who’s saying they wouldn’t ? Arshavin played regularly until his stamina started to fade, he found it tough to adapt and Wenger after trying to get him through it, decided he couldn’t afford to play him in front of others, that’s all.

    He wasn’t ruined, it’s not attitude, you could question why we bought him in the first place, but for a season and a bit he worked out pretty well.

  75. Johnny5

    Some were saying he’s shit that was all bud. Some were even saying they’d rather gerv in the team which I find really stupid. I’d rather talent over effort and no talent all day. I just think its a shame it went the way it did.

  76. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: Some were even saying they’d rather gerv in the team which I find really stupid.

    I think that was me. I’d definitely pick Gervinho over Arshavin.

    You seem to be swopping between 2 arguments. If you picked the team for saturday, would you choose this season’s Arshavin ahead of Ramsey / Gervinho (the 2 examples you gave earlier) or are you only suggesting you’d pick the Arshavin of 2 seasons ago ahead of them?

  77. Nasri's Mouth

    PSG leading against Barca

    I’m not into betting tips, but if the odds are good on PSG getting a man sent off, or Barca getting a penalty then…

  78. Toli83


    ’15million was hardly breaking the bank’


    Well name how many others we’ve bought more expensive than him then? At a city, united or Chelsea , he would just go down who someone who was decent in his day but didn’t have the attributes to be a top notch player here.

    They also wouldn’t past live his best moments, because they’ve added more players at that level which have worked out… Which is a different can of worms altogether….

  79. Keyser

    Jerwayne – Anyone can do Messi slaloms. These days I’ve mostly been trying to do an overhead, I did a scissors kick the other week, don’t think it counted because I was already lying sideways on the floor.

  80. Jamal


    Hahah, I’ve only ever scored one overhead kick before. Dont really try them.

    I just caress the ball in mid air and then bang a shot into the top corner.

  81. Keyser

    Jerwayne – You gotta push yourself, you on 5-a-side pitches ? An Overhead into a 5-a-side goal is probably the pinnacle of your Goals Sporting Venues career.

  82. Toli83

    I think Real will do it, Maureen seems to have the measure of Barca lately, and will also know how to beat Munich.

    Dortmund the people’s favourite, great football with some real gems in the team.

  83. zeus


    Is this the same Bayern that beat Madrid on pens after Madrid led at home I believe last season.

    The Germans can beat anyone. Except Arsenal.

  84. Toli83

    It is ….

    Madrid to me have an air about them. Yes they looked ropey last night but in my opinion Maureen can do a number on the others .

    Funny how we beat Bayern…

  85. Johnny5


    Correction dude we beat them while they were in cruise control. They barely got out of second gear. I love arsenal but were miles behind bayern

  86. 444

    @Nasri’s Mouth

    “Arshavin started 2 games this season, both in the capital cup. One was the 7-5 against Reading, the other was the 6-1 against Coventry.

    Don’t remember him being brilliant in either to be honest.”

    You might not remember, but here is the stats: with Coventry, he scored once and assisted twice; with Reading he assisted thrice.

    “Stamina” blablabla

    His stamina was just fine to play against Reaging 120 min.

    The very next game in CC, against Bradford, he was left by Wenger out of team, he was not even in subs.