Arsenal wunderkind to start | New deal for experienced player, do you agree? | #Spiralofnegativity continues for Spurs

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Morning everyone! The weekend continued in joyous fashion when Spurs continued their dismal run with a 2-2 draw against Everton. I caught the game on the go, because I can with a magic app that transports Sky Sports… to my phone, and it was pretty end to end stuff. The main point is that Spurs are tired and they’re not in a mentally sound place.

All good news for the run in…

Chelsea went a goal down to Sunderland, but managed to turn things around with two goals. The pack has tightened and should Arsenal win the game in hand we’re behind, we will in fact overtake Spurs into 4th.

As good as our form has been of late, we have to remember the cold hard facts, we’ve not shown great consistency this season. The expectation of us winning our remaining games is a massive stretch target. One that, in my fit of blind faith I believe we can achieve… but realistically, we’re likely to drop a few points. If we win 5, I think we’ll make it.

Now, as amazing a turnaround this will be, it still shouldn’t mask the issues. It still shouldn’t degrade our ambitions. This year hasn’t been good enough and if Spurs weren’t competing for a trophy we might not have got a sniff at Champions League redemption.

We have the core ingredients of a good squad, like we have had on 2 occasions over the past two years. The reason both those squads broke up was ambition. We need to to make a move on this bunch of players and turn them into a great squad. It needs a lead striker, it needs a confident number one with vast experience and it needs a powerhouse midfield with box to box instincts.

We also can’t stop there because there are filler positions. For me, we need a third striker, some say that should be Theo, I’m not so sure. Then we’ll likely need a right back if Sagna is leaving. That can’t be Bellerin. I think we need another centre back and possibly a specialist defensive midfielder.

The squad doesn’t need major surgery to make the top four. It needs major surgery to break top four mediocrity. It needs a boost to stop this batch of players making their moves in a years time.

Talking of the squad and keeping players, Arsene Wenger has called for Rosicky to commit to another year at the club.

“I thought he was fantastic – he’s not a player I want to lose,”

“I rate him very highly.

“He has one year left on his contract but I hope he stays and finishes his career with us here.

“He’s had a difficult season and been injured. But he always seems to come in and gives us a lift at the end of the season. He’s a quality player.”

I said the last time he was offered a new deal that it was imperative that as a club we don’t slip into this trap of assuming that anyone over the age of 30 has nothing to offer the club. Rosicky has come to the rescue in the business end of the season once again  and he’s shown the value of experience. Young players don’t have the same drive as older players, I don’t think they know how to dig as deep. However, when mixed with players who have that bit of know how and knowledge, it can act as inspiration. United have experienced players still adding bundles to their set up, as do plenty of other clubs around Europe. We need to keep hold of experience like Rosicky, maybe even adding a bit where possible.

On the other end of the scale, John Cross has knocked together a piece about the young Ethiopian German chap we have nabbed. Apparently he’s making his debut for the U21s tonight. He’s being compared to Cesc and like all the kids we purchase, he’s being tipped for great things. Perhaps I should mention his name at some point in this sentence, but I like that I’m driving excitement by not doing so. Ok, his name is Gedion Zelalem, he sounds like a character from a nineties Nintendo game, hopefully he lives up to the mega billing. As a club, it feels like we’ve taken our foot off the gas when it comes to signing the kids. Hopefully the focus us on utter quality now, rather than pulling in whoever has a good under 21 scoring record from around Europe. To my mind, if they’re of the highest quality, you might as well persist with a home grown player.

Right, that’s it. We’ll start talking transfer targets tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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  1. Bennydevito

    Darn! I remember once I had the whole top ten!

    No more homoerotic Gaylord pantomime wrestling talk today ffs people!

  2. Nasri's Mouth

    The U21s game is going to be shown on LFCTV tonight too, which is free to view on SKYSports.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him play. See if some of the hype is true. For someone who’s only just turned 16 to be playing for the U21s immediately means some people think he’s good. Apparently he’s not particularly tall or big, so it’s not a case of a 16yr old in a 25yr old body.

  3. gambon

    Zelalem is supposed to be an immense talent, apparently one of our established kids…..possibly Akpom, i cant remember, was asked who the best youth player at Arsenal was, to which he replied “Gedion”.

    Ive changed my mind slightly on Rosicky in light of Diabys injury. We need to sign a GK, CB, replace Diaby and a CF, that is the minimum transfer activity we need.

    As a result I would make Rosicky & Sagna see out their contracts even if we cant get Sagna to sign a new one.

    We can loan Eisfeld out next year then decide if he can replace Rosicky in 2014/15,

    Ditto with Bellerin, who could be backup RB in 2014/15 (not behind Jenks, he wont make it at Arsenal long term).

  4. SAGunner

    Just a brief comment on your mention of Walcott – in my opinion he offers only one attribute – speed – he is nothing more than a mediocre winger made what he is by speed- his first touch on receipt lets him down at least 80% of the time – he is too lazy to defend when called upon to do so – he has no ball technique – in short, he was very fortunate to have found Wenger under pressure not to sell any more Arsenal players when he was negotiating. I ask you with tears in my eyes – how the hell do you pay Wallcot 100K weekly and let Song go because he felt he was worth a bit more per week? I would have swopped Song for Walcott then and will still do so now.

  5. gambon

    UTD are just blowing everyone away off the pitch, we have absolutely no chance of catching them if we dont get our arse in gear immediately.

  6. Trikky

    lovely results this weekend. We must keep focus and grind out results even when we dont play well. Totenham hotScums (Spuds) will drop even more points and will not pick any trophy at the end. Arsenal will finish second or third at most. Aaron Ramsey always makes things hard for him and his team mates, He should learn to do things easy and simple, He will never have the Cesc flare, so why not simply settle for a Gerrad/Lampard style. Ramsey needs spiritual cleansing, Wenger should take him to a seaside and flog his butt 7 times with 7 white pigeons to drive away the evil spirits that have caged him.

  7. gambon


    We dont even have kit or training ground deals.

    Its ridiculous.

    Our Kit, training kit, sponsor and stadium…….even after the renegotiations, will be worth £55m pa

    Man Utds total will certainly be £120m

    £65m per season more means we can never get close to them.

    I dont know what our “amazing commercial team” do every day?

  8. Romford Pele

    United are just a winning machine. Winning 25 out of 30 games is outrageous consistency, you have to laud them for that.

    Looking forward to seeing Zelalem tonight – have no idea what to expect and i’m pretty clued up on the U21s. His former coach said he expects him to be a key player for Arsenal in three years. He’ll be 19 then. No pressure then lol

  9. Pedro

    Gambon, the training kit deal United landed was a fluke… most sponsorship deals won’t allow that.

    Not to mention the fact we’re not good enough to merit that sort of deal.

  10. gambon


    Completely irrelevant.

    When UTD are getting £51m shirt, and £15m training kit…..our £30m pa (including stadium) looks terrible.

    When we struck that deal i had an argument with one of the regular AKB idiots, who was trying to say we had overtaken UTD, and i made a point of telling the dickhead to wait a few months……

    See what happened.

    Again, what do our commercial team do?


    Good post,especially about Rosicky.I agree that this tireless terrier should be given an extension to his contract.
    If you see Manure giving Giggs extesion after another for his experience,why should’nt we to Rosicky??
    I guess that if we win our next two games against Norwich ( h ) and Fulham ( a ) and at least draw Everton at home in between we will leapfrog the Spuds by 3 points with 4 games to the finish

  12. gambon

    “Not to mention the fact we’re not good enough to merit that sort of deal.”

    Agreed, so why hire an expensive commercial team if theres no ambition to deliver success (the driver for commercial expansion)?

    Its like a company that have no catering facilities hiring a chef.

  13. Bennydevito


    Agreed. Our commercial deals are a joke in comparison but the bigger joke is that our commercial team think our deals are something to be proud of.

  14. Romford Pele

    Eria – Nothing wrong with experience, but Villa is nowhere near the player he was two years ago. And for the fee touted and wages he’d command, that money would be better spent on someone younger.

  15. Romford Pele

    Fulham are becoming a bit of a bogey team – annoying really, because bar Ruiz and Berbatov, they’re tripe. We should be able to win our next three games, it’ll put us in a great position. Funnily enough, if City lose tonight, they may well get drawn into the scrap.

  16. Pedro

    Gambon, the hope is that you eventually have a good enough team.

    If you can afford the best, you employ them… you don’t build a second rate comms team to suit the first team.

  17. gambon


    Its like everything else with Arsenal, the standards are low, under performance is completely accepted.

    Yeah the commercial team are increasing revenue, but why so slowly?

    Chelsea are a great example of how success, spending and big name players can be converted into £££.

  18. gambon


    Thats what I hate, the word “hope”. If we just play it conservative every year we will never make the jump to the top of the league.

    Its like going into a bar and hoping a girl comes and talks to you, it may happen but youve just reduced your odds massively, unless you are the mighty gambon and its a room full of fatties.

    I understand what the club are doing, i really do. We’re building our commercial appeal by implementing top class CRM to allow us to track fans activity, and reach out to them on behalf of sponsors.

    Also apparently the club are in a position to sign lower level commercial deals as we speak but want to wait until the CRM phase is complete, as it will allow us to sign partners at a higher level in 2 years rather than at a lower level now.

    But what needs to be done is a very deliberate mass investment into the team.

    Its like weve built a fantastic restaurant, hired top chefs, spent millions on decor, but are trying to serve up cheap rump steaks at Fillet steak prices.

    Feel the need for a Hawksmoor after saying that.

  19. Latest football News

    I may be the only one here but I do not think we should keep Rosicky. We should be looking to sell and get in quality replacement who is not injury prone.

    Next season, we need to compete on all fronts therefore all players must be up and doing and not doing rounds with the medical team like Rosicky always does.

    A good end to the season for him and we may get maybe 7m. We can get someone else in for 10M who will offer more.

  20. gambon


    yeah I was thinking that. I would expect UTD to win, that said they have the league tied up so complacency could creep in.

    When you consider City have Spurs, and Chelsea have Spurs its getting interesting.

    That said for us to catch City we would need Spurs to beat City (they have an easy run in) and that wouldnt be good for us, thats a game that we need Spurs to lose.

    City will almost certainly be 2nd i think.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    @Latest Football News

    How are we going to get £7m for a player with a poor injury record who will be 33 a few games into next season?

  22. Romford Pele


    You’ll never get £7m for someone of Rosicky’s age. He’s a fantastic back-up player to have. Nobody is asking him to be our go to guy. But for a squad player who can contribute 20-25 games per season,he’s well worth keeping. Rosicky has also been fit since December, Wenger has just chosen not to use him which is baffling considering what he can bring.

  23. Romford Pele

    Yeah I just checked City’s run-in Gambon, and bar Spurs and United, it’ll be pretty easy for them. Third is definitely attainable though with Chelsea and Spurs’ fixtures.

    RE tonight, i’d expect United to win. They have all the motivation they need and after last week’s abject performance against Chelsea, Fergie won’t let them put in another dire performance. Think RVP may do something special tonight.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    ManC’s final position might depend how much Mancini can motivate his players once they’ve got nothing to play for in the league. Not necessarily his strongest point.

    Still, I’d expect them to get 2nd fairly comfortably, but it’d be nice to put some pressure on them

  25. Romford Pele


    The bit about motivation is an interesting issue. Mancio was complaining in the press yesterday that he didn’t get his leading targets in the summer. But I don’t think anyone will sympathise with him after he already has the strongest squad in the league. The fact that he only won the title on goal difference last season despite the amazing squad tells you alot. And they’re 15 points off the pace this season, the pressure is definitely on him. This City team should be doing a lot better than they currently are.

  26. gambon

    Romford Pele

    I agree Mancini is heavily underperforming. Man City winning the PL depends on his big players stepping up, and they havent this year.

    last year Kompany, Hart, Toure, Silva & Aguero were all in the top 10 players in the PL, not this time round.

    Ive always said winning the PL is about which teams big players perform over 38 games.

    When Lampard, Terry & Drogba performed UTD would win the PL, Man Utd relied on Ronaldo, Tevez & Rooney to pull them through.

    The problem is we dont have them big players as we sold the guys that had that in their locker.

    Dont agree on Man City underperforming last year, 89 points is a very good total. Any team that loses the PL on 89 points can just consider themselves unlucky. It was more a case of UTD ridiculously outperforming their true quality.

  27. Pedro

    Gambon, can’t disagree with that.

    Ivan knows this though… the blockage is Wenger.

    It’ll be interesting how the manager acts this summer. A £7m 4 year deal is on the line. If he doesn’t have a competitive squad come what November, he has no bargaining power.

    Ivan can point to weak leverage on commercials, fan dissent, a lower amount of people through the gates and the struggle selling boxes and club level tickets.

    That could all change if Wenger goes out and smashes the summer.

    Will a stubborn Arsene change his 8 year habits?

    We ask this every year…

  28. gnarleygeorge9


    More like fergie has the title won so he owes AW for rvp, so he will tank when Arsenal come to town. And if fergie doesn’t tank, then he is a miserable old sweaty sock

  29. gambon


    Everything points to a bit of friction between Wenger & Gazidis, the problem is I think Gazidis is completely isolated.

    Ken Friar, PHW, the other directors know fuck all about football, and offer nothing.

    The fact that we are now touring, and this year looks to be an extensive tour. The fact that we are loaning out players that wenger loves to pay £50k pw to but refuses to play (lets get it right, theres no way Wenger wanted his babies Chamakh & Djourou out on loan).

    As a result i cant see Wenger changing, hes far too obsessed with his vision, and while ive no doubt Kroenke wants to make us this global commercial force that UTD are, i dont think he cares enough or has the drive to force Wenger to change.

    I think the summer will be a disaster, next season will be groundhog day, and Wenger will walk (and likely be in a mental home in 3 years).

  30. Pedro

    Gambon, in a weird way, the best thing that could happen this summer long term for Arsenal might be another summer of reluctance from Wenger.

    Then, if he is in negotiations, Ivan can chip away at his power strangle hold.

    The only reason I think Arsene might make positive moves this summer is that he loves money… and he loves the cushy lifestyle he has over here.

  31. Romford Pele

    For sure Gambon – that’s why this talking about needing another five players is futile. Mancini could’ve won the title with the same crop. It’s well-known that the second title is always the hardest to win (Wenger has struggled greatly in this regard), but as you said, Mancini hasn’t got the best out of his top players at all. Managing a squad like that is a major challenge in itself though. Having top strikers who all want to play led to the departure of Balotelli, and I think they’ll regret that in the long run. He’s a nutcase, but a hugely talented one.

    It’s a fine balancing act, but I think they’ll improve again this summer.

    We definitely need more match winners. This is why i’d be inclined to spend big on a striker and a number 10. You can’t rely on 1/2 players to win you a title. Ideally you’d have 3/4. We used to have Cesc, Nasri, RVP – even Arshavin was one to an extent.

  32. Joppa Road

    Agree with most of the post barring Rosicky who IMO should of been outed long ago.

    IF Man U win the title at our place will Arsenal make it all nice for them? Do you remember Fergie making the United players line up and clap Chelsea on to the pitch as a lesson when they had won the league.

    I don’t think Wenger will spend big. Arsenal are not interested in challenging for titles. They will just plod on now CL qualification is virtually in the bag and this is why I get the hump so much.

  33. gambon

    The horrible thing is, if we have another breakeven summer, the cash balances will hit £200m next season.

    Meanwhile Man Utd have £70m in the bank cos they actually spend the money they receive.

  34. Joppa Road

    See, it’s happening again already. People are saying the same old things.

    “Will Wenger spend in the summer”

    “We need to strengthen”

    This 4th place bollocks masks the problems.

    How many more fkin chances is he going to be given?

    Come on guys. FFS.

  35. Josip Skoblar

    I don’t understand. You say that for the Board Wenger is the the blockage, but that they might offer him a new deal. If the Board think that he’s past it, why offer him a new deal in 2014? Not very logical IMO.

  36. Johnny5

    Morning all,

    Do I think rosiky should get his extension. No. He’s not really played enough for me aside from the last couple of games he’s hardly featured. Giving an extension to him is a waste of a squad place IMO. Yeah he’s experienced but what use is that experience when he’s playing 6 games a season.

    I see united have sealed yet another massive commercial deal. They are leaving everyone else behind. I feel unless we start bringing in big name players and challenging for titles were never going to get close to united on the commercial front.

    As for the young lad I hope he does good. Just hope it doesn’t go to his head then were stuck with another frimpong on our books.

  37. Thorough

    So instead of spending our money in the transfer market, Arsene Wenger is sacrificing chickens to the devil? Good riddance to bad rubbish. Wenger Out…Wholeheartedly.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: “Will Wenger spend in the summer”“We need to strengthen”

    What’s wrong with saying that?

  39. Pedro

    Josip, because if Wenger had the right team around him and he adopted a more modern approach, he’d be a much better manager.

    Joppa, we’ve soon two season running that your opinion on Rosicky is nonsense.

    He’s a good player and he’s driving the team at the moment.

    You don’t bin experience.

  40. Johnny5


    You do bin that experience when wenger wants to give him yet another payrise for a one year deal despite playing a handful of games all season.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    Rosicky is under contract till summer 2014, he’ll be here next season on his existing contract

  42. Joppa Road

    Fkin hell Pedro, even for your blind faith that is nonsense. You said the same to me about Diaby to me earlier this season, you absolutely slammed me for saying Diaby should of been outed.

    It’s the same with Rosicky – how long has he been here? 6 seasons? How many games? Before the weekend 1 goal in 66 EPL games.

    WTF Pedro?

    This is what I am talking about. Blind faith in average players. Nothing is going to change. It’s going to be groundhog day this time next season.

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  43. Johnny5

    That’s the big difference between Fergie and wenger. Fergie will extend the contracts of older players for helping united win trophies. Wenger rewards older players for beating west brom.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    Is it even being discussed though? I thought Wenger was only talking about next season?

    I’d re-sign if the financial side of the deal was right, (IE more a pay per play deal)

  45. Joppa Road

    We need to be ruthless, but it has to come from the board and simply it won’t. It will just be more of the same and when you have fans championing the likes of Rosicky how can you then call for top top quality signings. The two just don’t go together.

    Arsenal fans will get what they deserve. 4th place trophy and nothing more.

  46. gambon


    As i said earlier ive changed my mind on Rosicky. I think him & Arteta can do a good job as older pros, they just shouldnt be in the first team when everyone is fit.

    However against mid & lower table teams the likes of Koscielny, Jenks, Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky, Giorud can do a job.

    We just need an exceptional spine of players brought in to take us to the next level, especially in big games.

    Players like RVP, Rooney, Mata, Silva, Yaya, Kompany etc.

    I would rather clear out Denilson, Diaby (pay him to fuck off), Coquelin & Frimpong than Rosicky.

  47. Johnny5


    “He has one year left on his contract but I hope he stays and finishes his career with us here.’

    That suggests to me it’s going to be discussed which shouldn’t happen IMO. He is a good player on his day but when your injury record is like his and your getting less than 10 games a season from him unless he’s winning you a trophy,which he’s not, he shouldn’t be offered any kind of extension.

  48. Johnty79

    Rosicky plays one good game and everyone wants him to stay. After spurs 5.2 last season I said on here he shouldn’t get a contract and I was proved right. Rosicky has been average to poor every season he’s been here apart from 2007-8 where he was average to good. Stop putting up with average to crap in the team…

    Unbelievable to think spurs will fuck it up again…I still maintain if wenger had there squad this season they would have won it or finished 2nd. A combined team would look like so…

    Bale Defoe Lennon
    Cazorla dembele wilshere
    Montreal caulker Dawson walker

  49. Danish Gooner

    I fucking hate this love in with Rosicky.What Rosicky does once in a blue moon Freddie did every fucking weekend.If he is not injured he is often out of the game or being completely invicible and to suggest that he is gonna be part of our team next year just smacks of desperation from the manager.He knows he can save a few pennies and would gamble an entire season on Rosicky being fit as he did with Diaby kust to save a few pennies.Rosicky probably breaks down on 1st of july and then are never seen again.

  50. Keyser

    Lol what’s this modern approach ?

    Our touring isn’t really a good thing, it’s more out of desperation than because we can afford to do it, we never used to because Wenger wanted to be able to prepare the team properly for the upcoming season.

    We don’t suddenly have a quality team so all it tells you is that Wenger’s given in to the greater ideal, our future will be dependant on commercial success, sponsorship and tapping into our worldwide appeal, regardless of what the team achieves, and then we can build around the team.

    There is no real vision anymore, we’ve still got a few kids, but in the last two years we’ve bought mid 20’s and middle market players who might improve but to not a signicantly higher ceiling that would make them invaluable like players we’ve lost, players like Van Persie, Nasri, Fabregas.

    Nasri said it was Kroenke’s want to sell, so if Kroenke wanted to sell, Wenger didn’t hence his comments in the press, where does Gazidis lie ?

  51. gambon

    Danish Gooner,

    I think you are misunderstanding what people are saying.

    No-one wants Rosicky to play every week, i dont want him playing more than a few games per season.

    However there are so many players we need to offload first, and he can add some experience.

    My first choice midfield 3 would be:

    Strootman – Capoue – Cazorla

    Second choice:

    Wilshere – Rosicky – Arteta

    Third choice:

    Ramsey – Yennaris – Chamberlain

    So youre looking at a player that will play CC, FA Cup and if Cazorla & Wilshere arent around.

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    I doubt it’s being discussed at all at the moment. I can’t see us selling him in the summer, (there’s no point, we can afford to let him go in 12 months) so IMO the club will start talking about it during next season. If he’s playing, and it looks like he’ll be able to continue, then the club can make him an offer, if he’s not, then just tell him that he’s free to go.

    Rosicky played well, always tries hard, so Wenger wants to keep his confidence high by some positive statements, so his head doesn’t drop.

  53. Joppa Road

    Arteta and Rosicky as ‘old pros’ aren’t the answer. Never have been, never will be. They are not out and out winners.

    Spare me the nonsense.

  54. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d say Arteta and Rosicky have a definite winning mentality. Neither (whether through injuries, or skill) quite made it, but both have a very good desire to win. That’s always useful around younger players, who may have the skill, but not quite the focus

  55. Johnny5


    Don’t you see that wenger will just now use rosiky as the new Diaby so he can justify not buying. It was so obvious that this would happen too. It’s not that I think rosa is shit he isn’t its just I think with him in there wengers never going to bring in Fellani capoue strootman etc. he will be the new excuse.

  56. Pedro

    Joppa, don’t make up stuff.

    I’ve said every year for 4 y ears he should be replaced.

    Johnny, I doubt Rosicky will be getting a payrise. Bergkamp didn’t.

  57. Joppa Road

    How long has this CB and GK situation been going on? How fkin long has Wenger sat on his palms and ignored it?

    The man is untouchable. It’s sickening. The same old problems, year in, year out and it’s like the slate just gets wiped clean and he keeps on picking up his huge salary.

  58. Keyser

    Joppa – ffs what do you want exactly ? How about you count how many English players we have and have a wank ?

  59. Romford Pele


    Stop talking rubbish. Rosicky and Arteta have bundles to contribute as squad players. They are well worth keeping. If you don’t understand what the former especially brings to the team, I can tell you don’t watch Arsenal games. There seems to be a massive obsession with stats but that doesn’t always tell the whole story. Just because Rosicky isn’t scoring doesn’t mean he isn’t contributing. What Rosicky does, probably better than anyone else in the squad, is to change the pace of the game. His acceleration for a 32 year-old is still immense and that opens up space for others. As good as Cazorla is, even he isn’t capable of changing the tempo and the rhythm of the midfield like TR7 does.

  60. Pedro

    Rosicky isn’t a winner?

    3 league titles with Prague… then one with Dortmund?

    Ok Joppa… right you are.

  61. Johnny5


    Arteta has been poor by his usual standards this season rosa has played a few games that’s it they’re not the players we should be relying on.

  62. Joppa Road

    OK, you guys keep on with the same old system and see where it gets us in another years time. You will be saying the same stuff next season.

    Pedro, I have made nothing up. Re. Diaby. You had a go at me because I said he should of been outed where as you told us all on here “He is just the kind of player Arsenal need” and “Deschamps knows alot more than you. He wants to build the French team around him”

    Yeah OK then.

  63. Romford Pele

    Johnny,Rosicky is a different type of player to Capoue/Strootman so that shouldn’t impact their signings in the slightest.

  64. Joppa Road

    Yeah OK Pedro, those stats on Rosicky make up for the 1 goal in 65 EPL games and being crocked for 5 out of the 6 seasons.

    Dreamland you lot.

  65. Pedro

    Joppa, I know you think you are the only Arsenal fan in the world who has noticed things aren’t right… but once again I have to tell you that you’re not.

    So stamping around Le Grove like you’re the enlightened one really doesn’t work.

  66. Romford Pele

    Joppa, Wilshere and Iniesta hardly ever score. Are they shit? Stop talking nonsense.

    People take their agendas way out of context.

  67. mystic

    Latest football News April 8, 2013 09:10:32
    ‘I may be the only one here but I do not think we should keep Rosicky. We should be looking to sell and get in quality replacement who is not injury prone.’
    Guess you were saying that a couple of summers back about RvP?

    Don’t replace Rosicky, buy in addition to him – now flogging Ramsey, who keeps getting ahead of Rosicky is a different matter altogether. The Welshman is nothing but average at best and Arsenal should be looking at building not standing still.

    Reality under this mismanagement is that improvement and challenging, rather than standing still and simply qualifying, almost certainly isn’t on the agenda (would cost too much).

  68. Joppa Road

    Q: If Arteta, Diaby and Rosicky left the club in the summer and three replacements were bought in, for example three of Gambon’s selections, would Arsenal miss the experience of Arteta and Rosicky and the ‘potential’ of Diaby? Or would they kick on and never look back or remember any of the three?

    Guess what? I think it’s the latter. Point proven.

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t agree that Arteta has been poor this season, more that his role has changed a little. But I’d agree we shouldn’t rely on them. We should still keep them though. Both can offer a lot to the team/squad.

  70. gambon


    So whats the answer?

    25 players between 24-27 on £150k pw and a £250m wage bill?

    Romford – Yeah i think Coquelins time is coming to an end. hes clearly never gonna be a starter, and i think he will rightly want a new challenge at a club like Lorient/Tolouse replacing Capoue/similar.

  71. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: I think it’s the latter. Point proven.

    You ‘think’, and that proves the point ?

    you don’t really understand quite what proof means do you?

  72. Pedro

    Joppa, you know you can’t prove a theoretical point by just saying so?

    You’re stamping your feet like a menstrual woman.

  73. Johnny5


    Maybe poor is a tad harsh but he’s not been at his best by any means. Perhaps it’s not his fault because he’s no DM he’s an attacking player. I’m all for keeping both of them as back up players/ cup players but I know for sure they’ll both be used as reasons to not buy in the quality we need. I’d say that really neither should be in the first team regularly but they will because I can’t see wenger buying in the necessary players. Glad we agree that we shouldn’t be relying on them.

  74. Joppa Road


    So whats the answer? 25 players between 24-27 on £150k pw and a £250m wage bill?

    ??? WTF?

    The answer is Gambon, is that none of us are ever going to get the answers we want under this board and Wenger. It’s not going to change. 4th is the ambition. Players like Arteta and Rosicky reflect this. Players like Giroud, Chamakh, Squid, Denilson, Bendy, Diaby etc etc reflect this.

    Only possible answer would be a take over. It’s not going to happen so I guess we will look to challenge for 4th next season. It leaves me open mouthed that Wenger can get away with 8-2s, 4-0, Bradford, Blackburn etc etc and still be held in such high regard.

    It really is amazing.

  75. Johnny5

    Pedro NM

    While I agree Joppas opinion doesn’t equate to proof you must agree with what he said surely. If wenger did buy three quality replacements would any of us be talking about them next season or the season after? I don’t think so.

  76. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    The squad doesn’t need major surgery to make the top four.
    – –
    It does if we are to challenge for the top 1. And that’s just one area that’s been holding us back over the years. Just doing enough or hoping that other teams falter (yes very enjoyable to watch the Spuds collapse) but really it’s just another get out of jail card for Wenger. The question i pose is that if we finish 4th will they spend ? If we finish 5th, will they spend ? Watching the football on Thursday night was not a nice experience but still could be us next season…

  77. angeausarsenal

    Joppa is just tired and pissed off about his favourite wrestler not winning that pinnacle of sporting irrlevance Wrestlemania, the poor deluded manchild.

  78. Keyser

    “While I agree Joppas opinion doesn’t equate to proof you must agree with what he said surely”


  79. Pedro

    Johnny, it’s not really a statement is it?

    Buy loads of better players and we’ll be fine.

    What about balance. What about being realistic. United haven’t won the league by shipping out all their experienced players.

    Sure bringing in 3 £30m players would do the job… but we have a reality to deal with.

    Rosicky is a good player, there’s no need to bin him. He’s good for 30 games, he’s can change a game and he’s playing really well. Why get rid of him and replace him with a £20m player who will play that number of games?

    If we need to replace anyone… it’s Diaby, who is good for 14 games.

  80. gambon


    You know i agree about how useless Wenger and our wastage is.

    However i just think replacing Rosicky is so far down the list of priorities.

    For the club itself the priorities have to be:

    – Revamping the board (more football people)
    – Getting a move on with commercial revenue

    For the football team:

    – We need a top GK
    – We need a top CB and to continue to improve the defence
    – We need 1 or 2 top CMs, one DM as we havent got one and a Diaby replacement
    – We need a top top level CF
    – We need to shift a huge amount of players

    Now while in a perfect world we would have someone like Isco instead of Rosicky, we have much more pressing issues, such as getting rid of Djourou, Santos, Denilson, paying off Diaby, Park, Bendtner, Chamakh and about 15 kids – all of whom, unlike Rosicky offer nothing to Arsenal on a weekly basis.

    Once that is done, if theres someone better than Rosicky out there, and we have budget, fair enough.

    Unfortuantely the club has been allowed to completely stagnate due to Wenger losing his marbles in recent years.

    The fact that Denilosn and Bendtner return this summer from 2 years on loan (neither of their loan clubs are interested) is absolutely shocking.

  81. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnny5: While I agree Joppas opinion doesn’t equate to proof you must agree with what he said surely

    Err.. must I ? No I don’t.

    There are other players who should go before Arteta and Rosicky go. There will always be squad rotation. There will always be a need for experienced players to help out the younger ones. There is a need for continuation at any club. There is a decent amount of money available to spend this summer, but it’s not bottomless.

  82. Joppa Road

    Pedro, why not spend say £100M of the £120M? What are we saving it for? Surely a club like Arsenal should be about winning the league bearing in mind the resources we have? Why aren’t i dealing in reality? What would be wrong with spending all that money on top quality football players?

    What harm would it do to the club exactly? I really don’t get Arsenal fans when they say we have to be prudent and careful and deal in reality. The reality is that we are cash rich. We can spend the money and still be rich.


  83. mystic

    The whole point about the surgery to the squad comes down to whether the management wants to compete for the title or simply for CL qualification.

    Unfortunately I think we all know the answer to that.

    Get rid of Kronke / Hill-Wood / Wenger , and then start to rebuild. It might take time to win silverware, it will take a season to start challenging.

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: Reality….wtf?

    Says the guy who gets excited by the ‘reality’ of Wrestlemania.

    Says it all really

  85. Johnty79

    Draxler of schalke is better than Goetze and is the next big supe star. Plays any where across the midfield. 25m would get him. Get him and remy and samba and strootman.

    Draxler remy Walcott
    Carzola strootman wilshere
    Montreal samba verm Sagna

  86. Spectrum

    Joppa Road – As I said yesterday, I agree with you 100%, that we shouldn’t accept 4th place as a prize. The A.K.B. dimwits are so amusing. Their gullibility increases each year. A winning run gets them so excited, as though we still have something realistic left to play for. But you can’t blame them, because their memory span only goes back as far as to what they had for breakfast this morning. The similarities with last season are quite incredible.Then as now, City and United were the pacesetters, with United again below par for much of the campaign,in a poor standard E.P.L. This time last year we were also on a good run, assisted with our rivals dropping points. Culminating in a last day last gasp crunch match at West Brom. With Wenger and Pat Rice sitting on the bench with their faces expressing all the angst and desperation of condemned men awaiting the firing squad. Luckily for them and us, West Brom.’s keeper had a horror game, and they gifted us two vital goals, thus saving Wenger the embarassment and ignominy of not qualifying for the first time. Nevertheless, we still finished distant 19 points behind champions City. We had only just scraped in, but the writing was on the wall. Unsurprisingly we find ourselves in a similar position. Hopefully it won’t come down to the last match this time, but we’re already 21 points off champions in waiting – United ( 24 after tonight ? ).

    Other similarities with 2012 ? Arsenal’s Champions League campaign once again proved unsuccessful, falling at the first hurdle in the knockout stage, with a 4–0 defeat at Milan ultimately proving fatal. Exiting the FA Cup at the fifth round stage at the hands of Sunderland, and the League Cup in the quarter-finals against Manchester City, the two domestic cups were also out of Arsenal’s reach. The trend of decline started in 2005, but the last few years in particular have shown it up in a NOTICEABLE way via the points total, which is a more accurate way of gauging our footballing fortunes than league position alone. It bears repeating via “Online Gooner”‘s earlier posted stats…

    2005 -12pts. behind

    2006-24pts behind,

    2007-21pts behind,

    2008-4pts ( well done Arsene! ),





    2013-21-24? pts.and counting.

    So the trend from 2010 to now, in points terms, is increasing year on year.

    THAT’S perspective for you, A.K.B.’s, and while we can be pleased with wins here and there, they’re certainly not cause for joyous triumphalism*. ( *The away fan morons who sang “There’s only one Arsene Wenger” at the West Brom. match should take note ). The causes for our undeniable decline are numerous. And though buying quality players helps, it’s only a change in attitude and off field personnel that will reverse this disturbing trend.

    On the subject of players, I was looking over our signings from 1996 when Wenger started, to the present. In that time, we have signed 103 players, of which only 3 were ( what for us ), you could call substantial ( i.e. over 15 million ), these being Nasri, Arshavin and Cazorla. Three in 17 years ! Even if you accept the argument that the stadium constrained our spending, which I don’t ( we have had funds available since 2005* – *ironically the start of our barren run , see ) shows Wenger to not be serious about signing the “super, super” and “top, top, top quality” players he always tries to convince us he’s after. No wonder we can’t and don’t win anything.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  87. Joppa Road

    Nasri…another silly comment from you. Wrestlemania is once a year and a bit of fun I watch with my boy (didn’t watch for 20 years until he got into it). What’s the big deal? Just entertainment, even if it was very poor last night.

  88. Keyser

    Spectrum – “shows Wenger to not be serious about signing the “super, super” and “top, top, top quality”

    How does it show this ? Do people not understand concepts of proof or evidence on this site ?!

  89. Joppa Road

    Can someone tell me what would be wrong with spending £100M on top quality players when we have £120M banked.

    Why am I out of touch with reality? Surely we should be over the moon we have that money and invest it ASAP!!?? Especially seeing how average we are.

    Arteta, Rosicky and Giroud are average by the way.

  90. Radio Raheem

    Just out of curiosity when was the last time Rosicky played 30 matches in a season? 20? If we are after experienced winners then we can go for van Bommel, Lampard, Scholes…those players that are actually able to contribute for large parts of the season if needed not the ones that are out injured most times.

    United keep their golden oldies because they are fit most times. Arteta should not be a starter but he’s got nice hair so deserves a place in the squad and, of course, he’s fit most times. If we are desperate for experienced old pros there are quite a few of them. Seedorf’s still playing, Beckam etc.

    Rosicky had a good match. That’s it. By all means shower him with all the praise but we needn’t make grand statements on the basis of just one match!

  91. Romford Pele

    Draxler is definitely not better than Gotze – while he has had a good breakthrough year, it doesn’t beat the good work that Gotze has been doing for 3 seasons now.

  92. Johnny5


    Rosa isn’t a 30 game a season player. He’s a bit part player like I said keep them as back ups don’t renew their contracts we’ve got the money to bring in players. We are sitting on a massive pile of cash why not spend it where it’s needed. Why not challenge united instead of rolling over in November. I understand you need experienced players but not if they’re going to be used as an excuse to not strengthen the team where it is needed.

  93. Keyser

    “shows Wenger to not be serious about signing the “super, super” and “top, top, top quality”

    How does it show this exactly ? There seems to be something wrong with your link.

  94. Nasri's Mouth


    I thought my point was fairly obvious. I found it ironic that you talk about reality talking when just last night you were getting excited by who might win Wrestlemania.

    Maybe Rosicky would be ok if he grabbed a chair off the side of the pitch and smacked the referee round the back of the head with it ?

    (obviously he’d be aiming for someone on the other team, but they’d duck just at the right moment of course)

  95. Joppa Road

    Pedro…again I ask. What would be wrong in spending £100M or the £120M. Why am I not being realistic? Why do you want to hold on to the money?

    What’s going on here?

  96. Joppa Road

    Nasri, if Wenger picked up the chair and smashed Fergie over the head with it and then announced ‘Arsenal are back’ I would luv it!

  97. Bade

    I don’t get this rave over Rosicky

    He’s scored a brilliant brace, but bar that he did absolutely nothing for the whole year

    The only reason he’s getting playing time is because we simply have no one else

    People have short memories, but this guy id the closest in midfield we have to Diaby, treatment-room-time wise

    I like him but offering few decent games a season is something we get from player no one wants in the club

    Sorry but a midfield containing Arteta, Ramsey, Rosicky & Le Coq can’t be the basis to any winning team

    If we add 2 new midfielders, which is the minimum required as I see it, then what’s the point in keeping him, unless we’re loaning out Le Coq & Ramsey

    We already have Cazorla, Jack, Arteta & I assume we’ll keep either of Le Coq or Ramsey, or maybe both. So there’s absolutely no room for Rosicky there, providing we get the needed midfielders in, box-to-box & defensive.

    Again Arsenal fans were caught raving for a player who contributed so little only because he suddenly scored a brace, while showing off their short memory ….

  98. Kane

    Everyone has a view on Arsenal, but the simple fact is that stupid mistakes have been made by the board and manager. None of these mistakes are so hard to rectify, we just need someone with the balls to stand up and acknowledge that and take action. Plan to make Arsenal great again

    1) Shift the dead wood – Denilson, Bendtner, Djourou, etc – that’s approx £10-20m in the bank and £250k off the wage bill.

    2) Defensive drills – if the penny has dropped, then make sure it stays dropped – defences win titles…

    3) Competition breeds success – buying a top player will not kill the career of a promising youngster, if anything it means they can be given an environment to grow without the enormous pressure of the clubs success resting on their shoulders – Cesc was raised in a team full of stars, Walcott in a team full of crap – who became the better player?

    4) Reward success not failure – Chamberlain is on 50k a week? For what? What has he done to possibly earn that? Same with at least 8-10 other young players – Jack is an exceptional talent and should be paid the going rate – Ox is a work in progress and if he were to leave tomorrow we could find another 100 potentially good players to replace him

    5) Play players in their proper positions! Yes Henry was a winger who became a central striker – he was a unique and exceptional talent. Few other experiments have worked – stop messing about, if you need a left winger, buy one, don’t play defensive midfielders, there and then wonder why they are rubbish!

    6) Buy some quality! I really hope to god the sale of RVP has rammed it home to the club that quality = titles. £24m in the bank = fighting for 4th spot.

    7) Fan bases are based on success – so if you want to expand the brand you need to be successful on the pitch – Arsenal fans are stuck, but any global fan looking for a new team will not care about Arsneal’s history they will care about the results of the last 5 years – and then pick United or City or Chelsea.

    I’m sure there are a tonne more examples, but get the above sorted and we will be competitive again

    Feel free to disagree!

  99. Joppa Road

    There was a thing the other week in your post as well Pedro where you got pulled up in the comments. Something to do with the Telegraph? Can’t remember, but you needed pulling into line over it and rightly was.

    Left wing extremists…lol. You’ll be calling me that next. One week I am a member of the EDL the next…

  100. Herkules

    I still think top 4 will be tough. Far too much assumptions being made that we have the inside track. we were very lucky this weekend…. Lukaku should have scored and then everyone would be claiming that we’re out of it.

    Norwich could nick a point… Everton could nick a point. Wigan fighting to stay up is never easy. If Newcastle is on the bubble that game will be a,most unwinnable for us.

    Anyhow point is that CL will have a huge impact on the Summer so too early to start pondering. Wenger could walk or be sacked if we come 5th. Soooooo much still in flux.

  101. Joppa Road

    It was something slightly arrogant. Was a couple of month back, might not of been the Telegraph. I’d have to go back and look.

  102. Zen Warrior

    Baroness Thatcher… Sadly passed away today..
    The best leader this country ever had ….. We were the envy of Europe when she was in charge… !!!

  103. Johnny5

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about. She might have been a shite prime minister she might have fucked over alot of people but people saying shit like ‘good riddance’ is wrong. Speaking ill of the dead is a bit wrong plus don’t see why people getting on Pedro’s back for merely say rip.

  104. Herkules

    Joppa… Your desire to spend 100 mln is wrong because thats not how FFP works. The ultimate aim is to contain wages within current revenues, and our wage bill right now is in EXCESS of our revenue (which forces us to sell players).

    Again… Transfer fees are not the issue it is the WAGES we would need to pay the top players. Ultimately we’re still suck paying excessive amounts to crap players until there contracts expire. There’s no getting around it.