Arsenal wunderkind to start | New deal for experienced player, do you agree? | #Spiralofnegativity continues for Spurs

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Morning everyone! The weekend continued in joyous fashion when Spurs continued their dismal run with a 2-2 draw against Everton. I caught the game on the go, because I can with a magic app that transports Sky Sports… to my phone, and it was pretty end to end stuff. The main point is that Spurs are tired and they’re not in a mentally sound place.

All good news for the run in…

Chelsea went a goal down to Sunderland, but managed to turn things around with two goals. The pack has tightened and should Arsenal win the game in hand we’re behind, we will in fact overtake Spurs into 4th.

As good as our form has been of late, we have to remember the cold hard facts, we’ve not shown great consistency this season. The expectation of us winning our remaining games is a massive stretch target. One that, in my fit of blind faith I believe we can achieve… but realistically, we’re likely to drop a few points. If we win 5, I think we’ll make it.

Now, as amazing a turnaround this will be, it still shouldn’t mask the issues. It still shouldn’t degrade our ambitions. This year hasn’t been good enough and if Spurs weren’t competing for a trophy we might not have got a sniff at Champions League redemption.

We have the core ingredients of a good squad, like we have had on 2 occasions over the past two years. The reason both those squads broke up was ambition. We need to to make a move on this bunch of players and turn them into a great squad. It needs a lead striker, it needs a confident number one with vast experience and it needs a powerhouse midfield with box to box instincts.

We also can’t stop there because there are filler positions. For me, we need a third striker, some say that should be Theo, I’m not so sure. Then we’ll likely need a right back if Sagna is leaving. That can’t be Bellerin. I think we need another centre back and possibly a specialist defensive midfielder.

The squad doesn’t need major surgery to make the top four. It needs major surgery to break top four mediocrity. It needs a boost to stop this batch of players making their moves in a years time.

Talking of the squad and keeping players, Arsene Wenger has called for Rosicky to commit to another year at the club.

“I thought he was fantastic – he’s not a player I want to lose,”

“I rate him very highly.

“He has one year left on his contract but I hope he stays and finishes his career with us here.

“He’s had a difficult season and been injured. But he always seems to come in and gives us a lift at the end of the season. He’s a quality player.”

I said the last time he was offered a new deal that it was imperative that as a club we don’t slip into this trap of assuming that anyone over the age of 30 has nothing to offer the club. Rosicky has come to the rescue in the business end of the season once again  and he’s shown the value of experience. Young players don’t have the same drive as older players, I don’t think they know how to dig as deep. However, when mixed with players who have that bit of know how and knowledge, it can act as inspiration. United have experienced players still adding bundles to their set up, as do plenty of other clubs around Europe. We need to keep hold of experience like Rosicky, maybe even adding a bit where possible.

On the other end of the scale, John Cross has knocked together a piece about the young Ethiopian German chap we have nabbed. Apparently he’s making his debut for the U21s tonight. He’s being compared to Cesc and like all the kids we purchase, he’s being tipped for great things. Perhaps I should mention his name at some point in this sentence, but I like that I’m driving excitement by not doing so. Ok, his name is Gedion Zelalem, he sounds like a character from a nineties Nintendo game, hopefully he lives up to the mega billing. As a club, it feels like we’ve taken our foot off the gas when it comes to signing the kids. Hopefully the focus us on utter quality now, rather than pulling in whoever has a good under 21 scoring record from around Europe. To my mind, if they’re of the highest quality, you might as well persist with a home grown player.

Right, that’s it. We’ll start talking transfer targets tomorrow.

Have a great day!

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  1. mystic

    Bade, no one would question that fact that Rosicky’s influence has been limited by his injuries, but that twat Wenger has made the issue worse by favouring Ramsey above him when he has been fit this season.

    Rosicky isn’t a star player, he isn’t a genuine challenger for a starting birth, but he is OK when called upon and as Arsenal aren’t going to do a total overhaul he is at least better than some of the crap Wenger will probably try to keep hold of.

  2. Pedro

    Fuck getting into political blogging… easy way to get yourself bricked in the street.

    So many loons out there…

  3. gambon

    “Joppa… Your desire to spend 100 mln is wrong because thats not how FFP works. The ultimate aim is to contain wages within current revenues, and our wage bill right now is in EXCESS of our revenue (which forces us to sell players).”

    What a silly comment.

    Revenue £240m
    Wages £150m

    Next 2 seasons:

    Revenue 13/14 £290m
    Revenue 14/15 £310m

    The wage bill cant go up too much but we can easily afford to spend £100m as long as Wenger mans up and tells some of his babies to fuck off.

  4. TT

    I figured as much Jobba….what is confusing me is that his comment is at 11.41 where your comment is showing at 11.37. Is there a lag on comments being logged?

  5. Herkules

    Gambon… Expenses last year were in excess of revenue if you take away player sales. I might have mispoke by calling it all “wages” but i am not wrong. Had they not sold Song they would have shown a loss by FFP standards… And while we might think those are bullshit standards, our team lives by them.

    Honestly we could all do with a freshening up on exactly how it works, because there is no question it is playing a huge role in decision making for a lot of clubs.

  6. DUIFG

    Nobody commenting that for much of tr7 ‘s fit career he was played wide left or right by Weng. He was pretty useless out there as it does not suit his talents. Only in last 2 yrs has he been playing centrally. Surprise surprise he plays well. Another player ruined by the boss.

  7. gambon


    No we wouldnt have shown a loss by FFP at all.

    £20m stadium repayment is taken out of FFP calculations for a start.

    Secondly you are allowed to make a loss for the first 6 years, of up to £35m pa.

    So we didnt have to sell Song, we didnt have to sell anyone.

    Infact bearing in mind FFPs final aim of ensuring teams can only spend what they earn, accumulating cash in the bank is an absolute disaster, as we could find ourselves in 2018 with £400m in the bank and no way of spending it unless we have £400m profit for the year.

  8. Arse&Nose©

    gambon, in that case 2018 will see new contracts handed out to abou diaby and nicklas bendtner to make them the highest paid reserve team players in the world.

  9. Romford Pele


    There are a few reasons Rosicky has played out wide;

    We only veered away from 442 in 2009. Before that, we played with two attacking playmakers wide. Secondly, when we decided to switch to the single striker system, Fabregas was the one chosen to play the 10 role – hard to argue with really. The likes of Nasri, Arshavin and TR7 all wanted that role but had to play out wide. Nasri and TR7 adapted well enough to the role. Arshavin didn’t have the fitness and didn’t work hard enough to do the wide role justice.

  10. Joppa Road

    It’s still cracking me up.

    “When I was told an evil, power hungry, London based tyrant had died I thought Wenger had gone……put the champagne back on ice i guess.”

  11. the_real_andy

    although I don´t doubt anything gambon or others said about FFP I think there are several issues and facts nobody of us is able to understand – why should big sugar daddy clubs like chavs or shitty pay thousands and millions of pounds to “experts” to avoid charges or penalties against their transfer policies?

    basically the only thing I know – and I am quite sure that you are at the same level – FFP should avoid clubs paying more than they earn by penalize them in case of higher payments than profits. how exactly it works or whether arsenal or other clubs do certain things or do not because of it may remain unsure. just saying we can afford this and that is a little bit too easy – although I would like to point out I really don´t think we have that big of a problem to pay higher wages to better players or buy better players for 20 – 30 million each

  12. Segun

    so Rosicky shld get a new deal!! this is nothing but sentiment, the return of 2 goals in last 66 games is not a good investment IMO! I like experience, but what good is experience if u only play six games a season?

  13. Herkules

    I completely agree taht cash in the bank is a complete disaster… It has almost no value in the current calcs… Completely agree that Wenger needs to go…. Completely agree taht the team needs an overhaul.

    Just reminding people that its not all as simple as it may seem. We cant offload crappy contracts because no one will take them… And these “war chests” are nonsense, because the club doesn’t want to spend more than they take in…. And thats not just a Wenger thing.

    Id love to see a young and energetic manager reinvent the squad using the new rules, in the same way Wenger changed the game by the old rules 15 some odd years ago.

  14. gambon


    Its scary to think what they will do this summer.

    They can quite easily buy Bale & Modric if they want as Giggs/Scholes replacements.

  15. Arsenal 1886-2006


    The gulf that is appearing in the PL is similar to La Liga, a couple of clubs than can win the league and 17-18 or so other clubs to make up the fixture list.
    As for Bale and Modric, I believe they will set their sights higher than these two this summer as Fergie is desperate to equal Liverpool’s European cup tally before he releases the reins at OT.

  16. samsenal

    Cash in the bank is absolutely wonderful if you are Stan Kroenke. People need to stop equating the money Arsenal generate with what Wenger could spend.

    The cash in the bank is SUPPOSED to increase each year ya idjuts! It’s Kroenke’s Way (great Film title there folks). He has a desirable sports brand that other Billionaires are looking at. Money in the bank = Big Portions of “Yes”.

    The only difference between now and previous years – where we had to make a profit in the transfer window – is the new Emirates Deal, a couple of new small-ish commercial partnership deals and the upcoming Kit deals.

    We can therefore spend SOME money from this summer…but let’s not kid ourselves that Wenger will have a £120m available to him this summer should he choose to spend it.

  17. gambon


    Kroenke has taken precisely £0 out of the club, he has never traded a club in his life.

    He also lets Wenger run a ridiculous £150m wage bill thats £60m more than the team above us in the league.

    Not the actions of a man trying to steal the clubs money.

    investors would rather buy a top team with £50m in the bank than an average team with £150m in the bank.

    Commercial partners dont line up to sponsor £100m, they will however be interested in sponsoring the 4 top class players £100m can buy.

  18. Dev_Gooner

    anyone else still think UEFA FFP will be our saviour? Not with commercial revenue like these. Its not even a contest, certainly not a close one.

    What a load of BS our board is.

  19. samsenal

    Gambon – i’m not suggesting he’s stealing the Club’s money. I know he hasn’t taken money out….yet…. I’m saying that his entire approach has been centred around Wenger’s ability to make money for the club in the transfer market whilst costs remain high and commercial revenue remain low until 2014ish.

    He has been very hands-off and has let the club get on with it -he’s no paranoid control freak – but you can’t believe that he hasn’t had basic requirements of the Financials: make money.

    The club may be average on the pitch but I think he had faith that Wenger would not have allowed things to get this bad. Kroenke’s strategy is currently failing. However, the club’s fortunes on the pitch – certainly the quality of its players – could be greatly improved with a modest £70m…so in that regard Kroenke may feel things are going along swimmingly; the money in the bank is increasing year on year an in theory we could be competitive next year.

    You only have to look at his comments about the Glazers – that he doesn’t see a problem with them taking money out of the club (i am paraphrasing) to know that this isn’t a guy that would lose much sleep over selling Arsenal with a lot of cash in the bank (which in real-terms would mean he had taken money out of the club).

    You don’t honestly think he has made loads of money available in the past do you?

  20. Herkules

    Dev-gooner… I think FFP will certainly hit City and Chelsea hard… So the mystery of “top 4” will subside and European football will be an easy target.

    Utd are miles ahead though, and i’m afraid that until SAF retires we’ll continue to struggle. He’s just a much better manager than everyone else.

  21. gambon


    Wenger has said over and over and over again that we have money to spend, that there are only 10 players we cant afford, that we can spend £30m on a player.

    Gazidis has said over and over and over again that we have money to spend, that there are only 10 players we cant afford, that we can spend £30m on a player.

    Hill-Wood has said over and over and over again that we have money to spend, that there are only 10 players we cant afford, that we can spend £30m on a player.

    Fiszmanhas said over and over and over again that we have money to spend, that there are only 10 players we cant afford, that we can spend £30m on a player.

    Why are we supposed to assume they are all lying?

    Like I say, if Kroenke is desperate to spend no money why hasnt he forced AW to reduce the wage bill to £100m, making him an extra £50m pa?

  22. samsenal

    Gambon – yes i recommend that you consider that they are lying…sort of…because the question isn’t what we can “afford”…because the Club makes good money. “Afford” isn’t the issue. “Allowed to spend” is the issue.

    PHW is Comical Ali…he also had a vested interest in talking the talk – he had shares to sell. He is full of it. Both he and Gazidis are mouthpieces of the club. Do you honestly think there is an alternative to that kind of bravado? Could you seriously imagine them saying “Well, we’re making good money but things are a little tight…i mean if you look at our figures it’s pretty clear that our healthy Financial are fueled by player sales…Gosh, i hope we stay in the Top 4! Shucks!”. Their job is to talk up Arsenal as a Major, powerful club.

    Wenger is supposed to sound Bullish but for every cocky statement about having loads of Wonga, there are 99 where he says he can’t compete with the big spending clubs. He has even said that he is required to make a profit. People ignore such statements.

    So in my view, there has been no scope for the kind of spending the club could “Afford” but people who hate Wenger aren’t content to focus on his defensive and Goalkeeping errors, they want to accuse him of selling Samir Nasri, and of sitting on £100m even though he has come out and clearly said “I am not so stupid that I would sit on £100m”.

    |I’m saying that the club is owned by a guy completely uninterested in the joy of the game, of taking risks, of the satisfaction of seeing an expensive new signing deliver the goods. I’m saying the club is run by guys who are tasked with keeping things ticking along – steady as she goes – as they talk big talk.

    Ad the Team is managed by a flawed guy who may be guilty of many errors but has not had the money to compete with the clubs above us.

  23. reality check

    Why do people think wenger has not had the money to compete with the clubs above?

    What are you talking about transfer fees, wages?

    In terms of transfer fees we have had the ”war chest” for years now.

    So if your talking wages, well

    One Goetze = chamack and bendtner
    One Mata = park, arshavin, diaby
    One demba bar = squillachi and santos

    Ha! Santos! What a player lol

  24. samsenal

    reality check – there is no doubt that even with the money we HAVE been spending we could have done much better with it.

    If Wenger had loads of money or none at all, as you say we could have paid the wages of superb players instead of some of the dross we’ve been shelling out on.

  25. reality check

    Wenger has no excuses this summer.
    Both the “in wenger we trust” and the
    “in wenger we rust” crowd are expecting big things. The worlds media are expecting big things.

    I don’t think anyone even the most Die Hard wenger fan can excuse him if he treats the summer transer window like he did the last.

    I like Per, Cazorla, Podolski and the other guy, olivier somthing but as the league table shows. We needed a lot more quality in other key areas. Defensive midfield ect.

  26. samsenal

    reality check – I agree that everyone expects expenditure. If it is indeed available (i think there will be a decent amount) it must be spent on Quality.

    Another tight summer, another profit…you will see sparks fly amongst even the faithful because we are not THAT far off having a very good side; it is easily achievable this summer.

  27. GoonerHart

    don’t get me wrong jovetic is a good player but i feel there are better out there that we could buy, i feel like everyone is getting excited about jovetic as he is decent and at a moderate price wenger may stretch to

  28. Rohan

    I like the look of Jovetic honestly. Very good movement and he’s the sort of the player who could be on the cusp of really exploding.

  29. UGooner

    Arsene has made mistakes like many others, I agree. But I still hold him in high regard and maintain a lot of respect for him. Gooners argue/complain every day about the same things- Wenger out, Is that player shit, Kroenke, The board etc. And we go on about how much money is in the bank and How Wenger doesn’t want to spend it.

    Its been so many years that in the transfer window the media reports we have X million pounds available. And what did we do time and time again- sell players and buy more. Arsene has made mistakes but you are simply speculating that he has always had the money. And for all these years, no. Many people closer to the club have said the money was not made available but you choose to believe what suits your agenda- Arsene out! Now, I’m not saying he’s the best so should stay. I’m not even saying he has never been given the cash. I’m saying I dont know and neither do most of you, so consider all the possibilities.

    At the very least, Arsene deserves respect. A lot of you simply choose to disrespect him. Arsene out is an opinion. Even he would understand that. But calling him vile names and making up things to push your agendas is disrespectful. We all understand the anger. But this is the last thing I would expect from Gooners. Whenever other team’s fans claim they are better I always said to them- we are class. Not so much lately.

  30. michael

    So this is the last summer we can break the bank so to speak sell or release the dross spend some money and possibly lower the wage bill

    What man u are doin is common sense more money more income higher revenue able to buy/ replace players and if needed pay higher wages


  31. Segun

    @samsenal if what u saying is the correct, then Wenger is getting a cut of the money being made! that could only be the explanation for putting up with such a scenario as painted by you!

  32. Dev_Gooner

    HerkulesApril 8, 2013 14:22:18

    Yep it will hit them, but then again with the success City/Chelsea have leading up to the implementation of FFP would mean they would be able to steal some bumper deals to boost their revenues, They would have already spent to buy players as at the moment FFP does not apply. I can only assume that this is probably the only reason Chelsea have spent like crazy over the last two years. covers them from buying anymore when FFP comes into effect (2016?, not sure)

    Us on the other had seem to think we have to start applying FFP regulations now. We aren’t successful and Bumper Commercial deals arent rewarded because you finish 4th every year. They are given if you assert authority or show success, a la Man utd. We are already way behind United in terms of Commercial revenue and will likely end up behind the like of City/Chelsea (prove me wrong I hope) as they continue to succeed on field. FFP also gives smaller well run clubs a chance to make a statement in Europe. As Bigger club’s transfer spending is curbed, the league becomes tighter as the gulf in quality reduces. You wouldn’t end up with a net spend of 400m+, where the like of Utd, City and Chelsea have contributed to majority of that. Instead the clubs who spend their income wisely would end up with a chance to qualify for Europe. Hence achieving Top 4 becomes even more difficult.

    FFP is all about spending what you earn. As long as you have great commercial deals and bring success, no matter who you are, City or West Brom, you’d be okay.

    As it stands, Utd a set to bank around £120m just from commercial deals, add that to the increased TV revenue and other associated income and you looking at a good £60-70m net profit, way more than enough for fergie or future manager to bolster his squad should he need to. Our expenses are so high that we have to rely on player sales to post a net profit. (had we not sold RvP and song, the accounts would look a lot different).

    Wages need to be trimmed. As far as I am concerned that is the area that is spiralling out of control. When you have the like of Arshavin and diaby banking in £60k+ per week for doing absolutely nothing, you know the whole structure is flawed. I have a colleague of mine who knows Nick Powell very well. She was the one that first told me that Utd are looking to sign him before the story even broke out. Super talent and defo one to look for in the future, yet you dont see him earning £50k pw. Fergie doesnt reward a pay rise just because you are good. Prove it on the field then you earn the mega bucks. AOC in our squad, similar situation, however as he is already earning big bucks, the motivation wouldnt be there to improve. Its always going to be “that’ll do”. and a player with great potential would not reach the heights he is expected to. Theo Walcott, Ramsey, Bendtner, Vela, Frimpong, all come to mind. Who here wasnt excited when we signed Theo back in 06. He was going to be the next big thing in AFC colours. I can see him doing a lot better in a Man United Set-up because he would need to have to motivation to make himself worthy of putting that shirt on week in week out. We saw taht during his contract fiasco. Now that he’s rewarded for the next few years the burn is gone and he seems to be back to the average type.

    All in all, I dont expect things to change regardless of what happens from now till the end of the season. For me this season has been nothing but just a training exercise in how to cope with future disappointments. I hope Im proved wrong but based of the evidence it doesnt look like it!

  33. tom

    The reason Arsenal has a pile of cash is player sales. The club is run responsibly but overheads are high, in spite of their best efforts and high prices, they hardly break even.
    Given the choice, I’m sure Wenger would have prefered to hold on to Cesc, Nasri and RVP, even if he was happy to sell Toure, Clichey, Adebayor etc.
    Still, as things stand, we can spend this season and I think we will. I think the club has been waiting for favorable conditions and the right players. Now is the time.

  34. reality check


    May I ask. You expect wenger to spend this time around.

    What would you consider an acceptable level of spending.

    20M on a striker perhaps

    40M on a DM and CB?

    Just examples but I’d like to know from a Wenger supporters point of view, what would be considered a successful transfer window

  35. HUNTER

    Your Comment Here
    Wenger ought to poach young Townsend from SPUDS!,He was awesome for QPR last weekend,a typical out and out winger,can dribble,beat a man with ease,cross and shoot,everything Walnut and Chamberlain cannot do!He wouldn’t cost a great amount of money either.He is young and I cant see him getting a regular place in the Spuds side with lennon and Bale as their prefferred wingers.

  36. kwik fit

    Breaking news;

    After hearing that Margaret Thatcher has died, the FA are reviewing the Arsenal game to see if Aaron Ramsey got a touch on either goal..!

  37. tom

    £70 million is said to be the budget.
    That needs to pay for 5 players.
    2 x 20 million ‘A’ listers.
    3 x 10 million ‘B’ list; two established pros and a prospect.

    Add one or two promoted kids.

  38. reality check

    Reggie 57

    And if he does that, literally spends £0, or sells some then buys some so his Net spend is still £0

    Then I give him till the end of next season, but then he must walk. Even if the board offer an extention, for the good of the team, wenger has to walk

  39. JJ

    Kudos to Rosicky. Class player and model pro. His 1 and 2 touch game with Cazorla makes us a different team. Diaby, Ramsey and Arteta tend to slow us down.

    Kudos to Gervy too. He drives me mental sometimes but give him some confidence and he might turn out to be a decent weapon.

    Sadly I am getting fed up with Giroud. His lazy attitude and inability to hold the ball when we need it makes me wonder whether Podolski got caught shagging Wenger’s cat.

    Unfortunately, Flappy also showed again how he got his name. Blow as much smoke up his arse as you want, he still can’t handle crosses.

  40. reggie 57

    You know he’s not gonna spend big money reality? its going to be bargain buy’s again and hope for the best I don’t know how he get’s away with it tbh…

  41. marcus

    You are all deluded. We will end this window with a transfer surplus. Can’t believe you are entertaining this utopia yet another transfer window. You lot really never learn, do you..

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Can’t see Wenger making more then two signings.

    I thought Jovetic, but if QPR go down and he can get Remy for £6 Million that’s what he’ll do.

    Then a RB IF Sagna leaves.

    Other than that he’ll say Rosicky is now becoming our talisman with Cazorla and Wilshere.

    Ramsey is becoming our enforcer.

    Vermaelen will recover form.

    Monreal and Gibbs are fantastic options.

    We have a crop of youngsters coming through, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Bellerin, Akpon, Angha etc

    And with Giroud, Remy, Podolski and Walcott we have ample strikers. (of course ignoring he plays two of them as wingers.)

    Not what I want, I want a massive spend, a summer to be excited about and LOOK FORWARD to a season for a change. I’ve already listed achievable, affordable targets in Begovic, Williams, Capoue/Pogba, Isco and Jovetic…grab Remy as well as a bargain!!

    But that is what I believe will happen. We’ll see I suppose.

  43. Marko

    Ferguson said recently “I think Arsenal will improve – there’s some indication that Arsenal are building a better squad than people think”. It’s very possible that people in the know are hearing that we’re already sounded out people such as Jovetic for potential summer moves but obviously are waiting to tie up top 4 which would be key.

  44. useroz

    Wenger has already done the work for next year, and beyond, by offering fat new contracts to five English guys, in his twisted mind.

    Would not anticipate genuine great multiple signings this summer…sad

  45. reggie 57

    Heard that so many time’s though Marko it’s starting to grate on me now…

    Why are we waiting for top four?

  46. BacaryisGod

    Reasons to be cheerful:

    1) There’s a strong possibility that out of our remaining 7 games, 4 of our opponents will have little to compete for by the time we play them (Man U, Fulham, Newcastle, QPR) and the other 3 we usually have had their number and will be at home (Wigan, Norwich and Everton).

    2) As someone mentioned before, we will have had 3 Premier League games before Spurs have their next one. It’s reasonable to expect 7 points from those three games which will put us 5 points up on Spurs but having played two games more. They will have to squeeze in Man City, Chelsea and tough away games to Wigan and Stoke in a short space of time. No wonder a few Spuds are praying for a loss to Basel. Looking at the table, perhaps only Man City won’t have anything to play for.

    3) Injuries: This may have been our luckiest season as far as injuries go (not forgetting the miracle season that RVP had with health last season). With only Diaby a long-term absence, although Wilshere is far from certain to feature a lot more this season, we are in far better shape than Spurs right now.

  47. Samir

    Look at United’s and City’s benches…

    Nearly every single one of those players would make it into our first team line up.


    Don’t think many people on here,know they maths..

    I think Spectrum,summed it up pretty well with his post yesterday..

    The comparison’s b/w us & BM..

    That said,look at the dross that litter’s the squad,the purchases of some of that dross & their combined wages..

    It’s not hard to deduce,whether AW has had money,or not..

    It’s just the wanton excess on shite,that he’s managed to piss up the wall..

    The money is there,it’s just that he’s completely butchered the transfer market & wages..

    Just do your sum’s..

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work it out..

    Every season,the same ‘ole argument is recycled…

    Look at the wage bill & the player’s on board & the contract’s re-negotiated for such crap..i.e.

  49. reality check


    I would agree with that. I’d call that a good bit of business.

    But I wll hold you to that transfer policy this summer. I only asked because I wanted to know what expectations you and others who share your views have of wenger.

    If he does a 180¤, goes the other way, as the majority of LeGrove believe.
    I fully expect you to be 1st one, banging the drum! Wenger out!

    Come next season 😉

  50. Joppa Road

    Who was the only one to back City for the win tonight earlier?

    Oh, was it me?

    Too many of you love Man U on here.


    Zen WarriorApril 8, 2013 12:32:02
    Baroness Thatcher… Sadly passed away today..
    The best leader this country ever had ….. We were the envy of Europe when she was in charge… !!!
    Bullshit..Think you will find it was Winston Churchill..

    Delivered us from the German Invasion-WW2…
    Along with the USA & the Allies…

    Just saying…

  52. Toli83

    Ha ha – Even if/when Utd win the league, this result will still keep Fergie up all night.

    Since RVP has stopped carrying them, they look very very average.

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    U21s was a good game tonight.

    Liverpool up for it a little bit more than us, but on a decent pitch, our lot have a lot of technical ability.

    The new kid looked nice and composed and certainly didn’t look out of place, which is pretty good considering his age and short initiation.

    Bellerin looked good. Gnabry too, his goal was exceptional, Akbom and Yennaris were lively too.

  54. reggie 57

    Il always be thankful to baroness thatcher she gave me the chance to buy my council house for £35,000 and sold it for £140,000 3 year’s later

    Baroness Thatcher I salute you



    But Winston Churchill,provided you with that opportunity/platform,given that he smashed the German’s to bit’s..?!!

  56. kwik fit


    Tell the full story …….you rolled the 140k into additional property.geared up and now your insolvent ……..and it all started with Maggie 😉

  57. reality check

    I got a funny feeling rvp has an injury. Not major but his crockness is playing up. Diffrence is at afc, he could sit out weeks of the season with us then come straight back in the 1st team. With utd there’s a fear. A fear he could lose his starting position if chicarito or rooney are on form.

    Fergie drops drops rooney for welbeck ffs!

  58. Samir

    Aguero is amazing.

    We won’t win anything until we have a top striker…Could you imagine Giroud doing something like that?
    He’s bloody useless. Hasn’t won us any games single handedly.



    Do you think Thatcher will be renowned for being:-
    The milk snatcher?
    Smashing the union’s?
    Supporting Apartheid?
    Winning the war in the Falklands?
    Privatising the state industries?

    A leader?
    Or a corrosive leader?

  60. Toli83

    Come on City see this through.

    After this game Utd’s next four fixtures.

    Stoke – away
    West Ham – away
    Villa – home
    Us – Emirates

    Wanted us to play them with nothing to play for but would be better to fuck their season up if they had a couple of dodgy results in between.



    When I was there,absolutely fantastic..

    People were top’s…Yep,maybe a bit uppity,but were cool..One of the best places I lived in..

    Everyone was cool..

  62. kwik fit

    Worse possible result. You just know that the manc’s are destined to win the league at the Emirates with RVP scoring the winning goal. Its written in the stars and has been since we cashed in on our best player.


    Going to Woking,Banstead,was ok..Neighbouring areas was ok..


    Guildford was cool,maybe the only problem was,everything closed early,bar the club’s..

    Don’t know about now..?

    Kingston was ok..

    When you step into Morden,Croydon..

    Maybe a different vibe,as it’s closer to London..

    Richmond…Oh dear me…!!

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik Fit

    I can see ManU getting 3 wins out of their next 3. Just needs ManC to drop a point in 1 of theirs. Fingers crossed.

    Still, it’d be good to beat them to stop them winning it for another week


    Nasri’s MouthApril 8, 2013 20:58:43
    Still, it’d be good to beat them to stop them winning it for another week
    The height of our ambition!!!

    Wow,way to go…!!

  66. kwik fit


    Hoping for the same but City play the spuds on the 21st .so would take a city victory in that one and then we can take our chances with Karma.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Ah Vix, yet again you’ve managed to misunderstand simple English.

    Look again, and you’ll see that my description of a win over Utd was:


    Nothing more than that

    Not “brilliant”

    Not “superb”

    Not “make up for finishing 3rd/4th/5th”

    Not “best thing ever”

    Not even “very good”

    And most definitely not “The height of our ambition”

  68. Nasri's Mouth

    @Kwik Fit

    If City get a draw against Spurs, then chances are Utd will come to us still celebrating.

    At this point we just need to focus on ourselves though and just look to win every game. (As Wenger says)

  69. Pedro

    Vix, you can reposition your hopes with a 7 games to go.

    I think most are over the fact we’re not going to win the title.

    … and yes, the extent of our ambition is two fold. Pass spurs and beat united.

  70. Gunner4Life

    Of course after the season we’ve had our ambitions have stooped so low as to get a victory against United. I think the last time we beat them Ramsey scored a goal, which is a double miracle.

  71. Dannyboy

    United were terrible tonight, and it’s a sad indictment that we gift wrapped them this Title, as withour van Persie, their squad is no better than ours, and with a better manager we could have easily challenged for the title if Wenger didn’t surrender like the pathetic coward that he is!

  72. Joppa Road

    Anyway….at midnight LeGrove turns into a wrestling forum seeing as Arsenal, and the whole EPL come to it is so fkin bland.

    Tonight I give you Orision Portal and the greatest Wrestling match ever. Conclusive proof if ever there was that wrestling is 100% real.

  73. Dannyboy

    Haha brilliant Joppa! Rumours circulating that Rock has had a massive barney backstage and flown home! Hope it’s true, would serve McMahon right for being such a cunt with the bookings last night!

  74. Joppa Road

    I went and looked into the responses to the matches. How Vince misread the the feelings of most of the fans is beyond me. How lame was that WrestleMania last night? People going nuts about the Punk v Taker match but in my mind it was only OK. Remember this is Wrestlemania, that should be the minimum.

    Just like Arsenal, the WWE has a great product but too many of the wrong people making the decisions behind the scenes. (Once great people as well I might add).

  75. Waldo

    You realize that there is a very good chance that Man U could be winning the Premier League on our pitch in a couple weeks…

    …and all you pessimists have been saying for years that we would never see a cup lifted in our stadium with the current management.

  76. Joppa Road

    I hope Man U do lift the title at our, if only to serve as a wake up call to Wenger and the board.

    “RVP was sold for footballing reasons”. *****

    Danny. Going to watch Beyond the Mat and the Rise and Fall of ECW. Both great documentaries.

  77. Dannyboy

    I remember making the comparison a while ago between Wenger and McMahon, last night just highlighted it for me, this Mania was hyped up like no other, and it was the worst Wrestlemania in living memory by a long way.

    Punk v Taker was good, but IMO a match can never be considered ‘great’ if everyone already knows the outcome long before it happens, just completely takes away the intrigue.

  78. Dannyboy

    Both those docs are great shouts Joppa, you got them on DVD?

    It’s NXT for me on Sky Go, whilst beating some children on Fifa, before Raw starts at 1! They’ve got a lot of making up to do tonight!

  79. Joppa Road

    But they won’t do any making up. They will all say what a great event it was,

    “This is my greatest ever squad” comes to mind!

    The WWE will tell us Cena is a fan favourite despite 80,000 boos in the background!

  80. Dannyboy

    Haha the similarities are uncanny. a load of dross on the wage bill that contribute nothing, they have 200 professional wrestlers over the Raw/Smackdown/NXT rosters… A lot of wastage.

  81. Dannyboy

    This is bizarre Joppa, the fans are really showing their protestations, cheering ALL the heels and booing the faces. Even Barrett is getting cheered!

  82. Johnny5

    Can we get talk of wrestling banned please Pedro lol.Any grown ass man who stays up till the wee hours watching that shit needs to be neutered.

  83. Nasri's Mouth


    As a general rule any grown man who stays up to the wee hours watching wrestling doesn’t need to be neutered

  84. Johnny5


    Lol very true. It boggles the mind how adults can watch scripted, badly performing,steroid junkies roll around with each other in speedos and tights. It’s a little weird.