Will tired legs tell in the battle for top 4?

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So it’s a super Saturday lined up for Arsenal today. We’re heading to the midlands to take on a strong West Brom team. The three points are essential and this game can certainly be bundled into the ‘I’m not sure what’s going to happen’ pot. Last year it took the worst goalkeeping performance I’ve ever witnessed to turn West Brom over… hopefully we’ll make lighter work of the fixture today.

Our team is pretty fit considering the stage of the season we’re sitting in and the shape of our squad in years gone by. I’m hoping the front three goes unaltered today. Cazorla should stay out left with Giroud down the middle flanked by an in form Gervinho (fingers crossed). That should cause plenty of problems, especially as we’ve had a whole week off with plenty of time to practice together.

The midfield doesn’t need to change either. Rosicky, Arteta and Ramsey can sometimes be a touch crab like, but if the Czech turns up today and keeps things moving at a high tempo, then we should be fine. The discipline of Ramsey and Arteta gives the back four more protection than they get when Diaby or Jack play.

The only change that might happen in the backline could be the return of Monreal. I always feel more comfortable with him in the starting line up. His positioning is much better and his instinct for knowing the right time to go forward is better.

This should be 3 points today. There are no excuses. We need to fly out the traps and press WBA. The Reading game was played with confidence and creativity. If we can take that away from home today, the result should be favourable.

Chelsea and Spurs both play tomorrow and both have ties that are relatively tough. Chelsea have Sunderland which is only potentially challenging because of the circumstances of a new managerial appointment. Spurs face Everton which is problematic because they’re in form and in the mix for top four. They’ll be tired and depleted as well. Hey, even Steve ‘the mouth’ Bould agrees…

“Being in Europe can be a factor”

“It’s extremely tough, the travel. It can affect and I think sometimes, if a negative result comes along within that time span, it can affect your season. It’s going to be tough.”

So chatty these days…

This weekend is going to be an interesting one… if we win today, we’ll have made progress on someone.

Have a great day! See you in the comments.

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  1. Pedro

    Joppa, the very fact you think 5th will see Wenger sacked and Stan sell is enough to confirm you’re wrong.

  2. Keyser

    “We used to have Henry and Bergkamp, ”

    We had Wright at one point, Hartson, Smith, Campbell, Kiwomya, Helder.

    That was a good win, it was pretty exciting and good to watch, if you weren’t biting your nails you should stop watching now.

  3. Segun

    Giroud is looking out of place in this team, maybe it’s the way the team is set up? he was isolated for most of the game and is he lazy or just tired?

  4. Bacaryisgod

    Joppa- I can’t argue that Bergkamp and Henry aren’t far superior to Giroud and Gervinho but they were also two of the best players in what was arguably the greatest Premier League/First division team of all-time. Historically, this is still one of the better Arsenal teams we’ve had.

  5. Joppa Road

    timoa….stop living in fkin fantasy land! We have our own Oligarch – he’s not allowed pump any money in! Wenger is past it – even Pedro says that. Look at the players we are missing out on and then those we are bringing in. It’s not good enough for a club of Arsenal’s size and stature.

    Yes Wenger was instrumental in getting us to the new stadium but now we need to kick on again to match the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern, not getting all excited because we might finish 4th.

    I’m not at all happy.

  6. kwik fit


    Agree with your points but not with’now fans think finishing around the same place as Spurs is some kind of trophy and victory’
    True Arsenal fans realise that so many things are wrong with the regime and 4th place is no trophy but a victory is always worth celebrating especially if it puts us right up the rear end of The Cocks.

  7. Keyser

    I’m guessing Giroud was knackered, he isn’t Henry, not sure he’s as quick as Chamakh either, he works hard challenges for every ball in the air and was trying to give us an outlet up front.

    He’s just not the most mobile, but then so what, nors Mertesacker, or Arteta, Rosicky is nowhere near what he used to be and Cazorla, Ramsey and Gervinho all have limitations.

    Have no idea how anyone could think Giroud misses 20 decent chances before he scores, I don’t think we created a single chance for him and created about 3 half decent chances all game.

    Think it’s just his style, like Diaby, Song, Kanu never tried or worked hard because of their languid style.

  8. Joppa Road

    Pedro, when did I ever say finishing 5th would see Wenger sacked and Stan sell up? When? What are you talking about.

    I’m saying don’t expect me to go all cheerleader when we are miles of the pace. 4th is the absolute minimum I begrudgingly expect.

    Again, I repeat. Arsenal are the biggest club in London, playing in the most watched league in the world and Wenger is fking things up with his buys and approach. We are a huge huge club. Instead of you lot sucking each other off because we have won a few games you should be saying “About fkin time, you best sort this out Wenger’. Not be all “Thank you Master Wenger – please may I have some more”.


  9. Keyser

    “Instead of you lot sucking each other off because we have won a few games you should be saying ”

    Joppa you were talking about arrogance earlier

  10. enkben

    They said Arsenal will not even make
    Europa but now they don’t understand
    why we should be excited about
    making Top 4 ..go and die

  11. Relieable sauce

    Joppa Road April 6, 2013 16:35:45

    timoa….stop living in fkin fantasy land! We have our own Oligarch – he’s not allowed pump any money in!

    Ever feel like your banging your head against a giant idiotic brick wall?

  12. scott q

    Joppa – me thinks you have the same problem you claim wenger has ,the” I’m always right” nonsense.

  13. Joppa Road

    Apologies Keyser but you get my point.

    I want Arsenal being back where they should be. At the fkin top. We have the resources to do it if we want to. That much is crystal clear. Why aren’t we doing it. Why are we settling for 4th best when we should be one of the top 5 clubs in the world?

    Somebody answer me these questions. Because anything less than that isn’t good enough IMHO.

  14. Inter YourGran

    Are people whinging because Arsenal won again?! Fuck me, give it a rest!

    Bit harem, scarem but when you’ve got nowt to play for except champions league qualification, 3 points were vital today and every arsenal victory should be celebrated.

    Pressures on the other two sides tomorrow now, but i expect them to win their respective ties with Everton’s missing list and Sunderland being toothless.

  15. Joppa Road

    Scott..tell me what I am wrong on.

    100% right on the follwing:

    Arsenal are a HUGE club
    Huge support
    Should be a top 5 world club
    Has the resources to be (remember Usmanov not allowed a seat).
    Massively underwhelming on pitch.
    Terrible transfers in and out.
    Dumbing down of ambition and expectations.

    Now I have said I am 100% right. Look at my points, I am.

  16. zeus

    Added Captain Phillip Lahm: “If you look at the statistics, we work better defensively now and played a lot of matches to nil. Furthermore, we had a good run with winning a lot of important matches.”

    Win from the back.

  17. scott q

    Joppa- what you have said there I agree with mostly especially the “dumbing down of ambition and expectations” you just go too far on occasions.
    Massively underwhelming on the pitch don’t agree we have had some good results and peformances especially a Bayern recently.

  18. Johnty79

    Timo, we r a smaller club now then when wenger joined.fact.

    If lukuku started we would have lost but wenger can thank me for my reverse phycology won us the day…
    Each year it isn’t thy wenger is a good manager it is that every team who plays against us fucks up.. The reports were when lukuku came on we were scred stiff.

    Lucky wenger….Rumours are he has fell out with poldolski and will be sold at end of season.shame as played up front on his own he may of got 25 goals this year.

  19. Joppa Road

    Zeus. I don’t like and never have done. I’m not a big German club fan – perhaps it’s because I am English – who knows. I don’t really care. All I know is Arsenal should be seen as big a club as Bayern and not some kind of fkin feeder club to Man City and Man United – fck off with that bullshit approach. These are the real issues here. Not some average performance against WBA and Reading that make everything alright. Fck that.

    1st should be the only goal. We have the resources, we have the fanbase, we lack the bollocks to go for it.

  20. samsenal

    Joppa, I’m arranging a street party for the 4th place trophy win. So excited! Need a guest speaker for the joyous event.


    Joey Barton will be there!

  21. Pedro

    Joppa, everyone knows all those things.

    You sound like a mentalist everytime you repeat yourself.

    Today is about beating WBA… Not about the things that are wrong in a bigger picture way.

  22. Joppa Road

    As a club we are selling not only the fans short but the great historical name of Arsenal short too. Now George Graham and Wenger/Dein have got us into great shape over the last 25 years. Now, I am saying we need to go to the next level, step up and really mean business.

    Is selling RVP to Man U doing that? Is letting Cesc go ‘home’ doing that? No, we need to be ruthless and show ambition. Nothing other than 1st will do.

  23. bazza

    Important 3 points today. This team is not as far off as many make out. I personally would settle for just an additional DM and striker during the summer.

    Rosicky Rambo & Fabianski all played well and Sagna looks like he’s getting back to his best.

  24. Keyser

    Joppa – Don’t apologise, Pedro’s right you sound like a mentalist, almost as bad as tat Johnty69 bloke, and that’s someone you want to stay well clear off.

  25. Al

    rcb April 6, 2013 17:08:55

    shut the fuk up joppa
    I think a majority of the readers on this site could not have phrased that any better lol

  26. Joppa Road

    LOL, the same fools will all be crying again come Nov/December when our season is ‘over’ early again. Only to perk up when we make a late dash for 4th.

    Fckin pathetic the lot of you.

  27. Joppa Road

    I don’t think people do know though Pedro.

    Last four season have been a pile of cack.

    Wenger out.

  28. Al

    Pedro April 6, 2013 17:20:23

    Joppa, you’re repeating what we all know again…
    I don’t know on wether he doesn’t get what people are saying about his parrot syndrome or is just abit crazy

  29. Joppa Road

    Kwik – I am happy we won yes. There were some nice passages of play for sure. But the negatives i.e. bigger picture, Giroud, Sagna’s crossing(still), GK, CB, no Ox or Pod just send me into a rage.

    So average it’s untrue.

  30. Joppa Road

    and I can see it all now…..

    “He will spend in the summer”

    “We are in for 1 or 2 top top quality players”

    “Are you watching Tottenham?”

    Cue capitulation next season and 30 pts off of top spot.

    Total bollx

  31. Alex James

    Joppa Absolutely agree with you. We are the biggest club in the biggest city in the world, with a massive fan has and income, and yet are struggling along trying to catch Spurs and co. Munich and Manchester are far smaller cities than London but outrank us because of success ( and a plan crash for Utd). Chelsea, City and Spurs are not fit to wipe out boots in terms of standing.


    I wanted Arsenal to lose there games in the home stretch so that Wenger would be thrown out on his ass,although we knew it will never happen.I will admit i’m happy we won today,and maybe there is a chance.I just hope we don’t choke in the opan net,been there done that. Heh heh tomorrow i may feel different,,,,,but for now.

  33. Joppa Road

    That’s all I am saying Alex. I just want what is best for Arsenal. I don’t care if that annoys a few on here.

  34. Byo

    Great win today.
    That was 20 mins of punishment for the lads and the fans. They dug in deep, gave their all and came out with a result.
    Not that this will stop the naysayers from their regular negativity. I’m sure what really gets a lot of people here is the repetitive nature of their screed.

  35. Pedro

    Joppa, the fans know. All in the stadium know.

    It’s been covered here for 5 years. People sing…

    ‘Spend some fucking money’

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Give Ramsey his due today, aside from missing a sitter that would’ve meant we were 3-0 up when Mert got sent off, can’t fault him. Massive effort and sometimes that hides your lack of ability…

    Polar opposite in Giroud, not buying the ‘he was tired, he had an injury’ stuff, just a lazy player, never seen him bust a gut in a game.

    The same people who chastise Arshavin for being lazy and hopeless are now making excuses for Giroud who is the same type of player when it comes to that, he doesn’t want to work for it.

  37. Socrates


    Big names will join if we finished in a ECL spot and spend the money. Dont know why you think so little of the club.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    We need a big summer of signings, everyone knows that, GK, RB, CB, CM, ST…

    But we also need a summer of big coaching, Wenger handing the defence to Bould, getting someone like Bergkamp in, or Vieira, or Henry in a coaching capacity.

    Even 2-0 up as an Arsenal fan you still feel like if they get that one goal we’re in trouble…every time the ball goes out for a corner you think ‘Oh shit.’

    And I think all the signings in the world won’t stop that, we need to see some steel, and that comes from the training ground.

  39. Al

    Cesc Appeal April 6, 2013 17:43:30

    Give Ramsey his due today, aside from missing a sitter that would’ve meant we were 3-0 up when Mert got sent off, can’t fault him. Massive effort and sometimes that hides your lack of ability…
    thing with Ramsey now is that he looks alot stronger and faster like he has developed physically.
    Thought he was great today and along with Arteta and Ros formed a really good 3 that interchanged comfortably with each other

  40. Johnny5

    Didn’t see the game only the result and a quick espn highlights video. 3 points away to WBA ill have that last season we’d have bottled that last 20 mins of pressure fair play to the lads

  41. Socrates

    Even 2-0 up as an Arsenal fan you still feel like if they get that one goal we’re in trouble…every time the ball goes out for a corner you think ‘Oh shit.

    Think I’ve had this feeling since I started supporting Arsenal, back in the late 90’s.

  42. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    No problem keeping him in the team if he keeps this up, that’s what should decide the line up, form and performances…hasn’t always been the case at Arsenal.

  43. Cesc Appeal


    But whereas a United fan will always feel confident that they’ve got a goal in them or can see out a game…I never do, worry until the final whistle.

    Good GK, good CB and a good CDM coupled with them playing as a unit after proper defensive training will solve that

  44. Segun

    so we’re winning games now AFTER we out of everything! so suddenly Gervinho is playing well, even Ramsey is playing well, what does this do for players coming in the summer? knowing Wenger it’s not looking too good!

  45. Dannyboy

    Good win today!

    I took a real doing from the bookies today though, tenner down the drain on AP McCoys useless fucking donkey, Giroud lost me another tenner after I went for an IP bet, Skybet went 5/1 with 5 minutes to go for there to be another goal in the WBA v Arsenal game, if only he’d buried that late chance..

    Joppa, you seen the price for Wrestlemania 29? EIGHTEEN FUCKING QUID this year! Hopefully I’ll win most of that back on Paddypower… who’d have thought you could bet on something that’s pre-determined? (Although they’ve been taking bets on Serie A football for years 😉 )

  46. Segun

    April 6, 2013 17:45:01
    Big names will join if we
    finished in a ECL spot and
    spend the money. Dont
    know why you think so
    little of the club.

    it’s the spend the money part that’s making people worry, as we are always looking a bargain!!

  47. Dannyboy

    Although I imagine the writers have probably cottoned on to people betting on the outcomes, so it’s likely they’ll chuck in a big random result to throw everyone off and make me even poorer! Can see Undertaker getting beat this year!

  48. Joppa Road

    The Rock 4/1? Surely that has got to be worth a punt?

    I know he is off filming for the rest of the year so won’t be around but he is still the biggest draw.

    I don’t think they will let the Undertaker lose but my thinking is perhaps CM Punk relinquishing the WWE belt was sweetened by taking away Undertakers 20-0 record? What do you think?

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Surely not.

    The matches are predetermined??

    Someone on the inside tells you who wins, go and bet £10 000 on the entire show and get 7 figures back!!

  50. Joppa Road

    Cesc straight up. Click on that above link from Danny. Amazing. If you were in the know you could lump on!

    I’m going Wade Barrett and The Rock 7/4 and 4/1. Nice little double.

  51. Dannyboy

    Joppa, great little double and one i think alot of people have taken, because Miz was 1/5 earlier in the week, think it’s near enough 50/50 now, Makes no sense for Barrett to lose as he’s hardly defended the belt at all. Unless they are planning on moving him up the roster. Would love to see Punk win it, but as I have Taker to win in both my accumulators, I won’t be too disappointed to see him Tombstoned for the 3 count.

    The Rock at 4/1 is an interesting one, as I am 99% sure they are planning a Cena heel turn angle, involving that stuttering knobhead Johnny Ace, similar to when Austin ‘knew that he couldn’t beat The Rock’ so he beat the shit out of him for about 5 minutes with a steel chair at ‘Mania 10 or so years ago.
    I will be so fucking pissed off if they have Cena win the title clean though. Makes Punks 434 day title reign look like a pisstake.

    I think that could be the one that the writers leave open until the last minute.

    The Tag Title match is the only match with no obvious winner, although I imagine that Ziggler is going to cash in his Money in The Bank after the world title match, so I doubt they will have him carry two belts, but we’ll see, should be fascinating viewing whatever the outcome, just hope I’ve called it right!

    (I will be so pissed if I’ve accidentally used a naughty word and Pedro blacklists this comment, it took me about a week to write it!)

  52. R.S..P.C.Arsenal


    I think little of the club because they are Robbin thieves who have expoilited fans since 2006. I love arsenal but hate the old Etonian scum bags like Cameron that run it. A pound note is more important that fans to that mob,

  53. Dannyboy

    Heh Joppa, I normally get a stream up for the PPV’s, Mania is the only one I pay for, because, knowing my luck, my internet would cut off halfway through the event and I’d miss it!

  54. Doublegooner

    I’ve been openly anti Wenger for 6 years.
    It’s taken him long enough to show some steel & bollocks but he’s shown some the last few weeks.

    I thought the sub was wrong. Santi should have gone not Tom.

    I still think Wenger will fail in the future. He’s not ruthless enough. Doesnt have the balls to buy the right players & if Mourinho comes back here, he’ll be spooked again by him.

    Still, a good result today.

  55. Joppa Road

    I hear Mania is in Florida in a few years? Would be a good one to go to.

    I’m quite looking forward to this years though. What happened to Batista and Mysterio? And R Truth?

  56. Dannyboy

    This years is going to be big, but a little to predictable for me to really get excited about it.

    Batista quit years ago because of Cena, he initially refused to drop the title to him at Mania, and then when he finally agreed to it, tried to break his neck at least 3 times botching powerbombs. They apparently told him he’d never get a title shot again unless he made a public apology to Cena, he refused and walked and said he won’t be back until things change behind the scenes.

    Mysterio is injured like always and R-Truth is just back from his latest drugs suspension, 3 strikes and you’re out, he’s already had 2!

    I’d love to go to ‘Mania but it’s just too expensive, you’re easily looking at 5k for 2 tickets, plus flights and accomodation, just isn’t practical. The atmosphere at a live event is amazing though. 10 x louder than the Emirates.

  57. Joppa Road

    It’s interesting that a lot of the major superstars past and present don’t seem to like the way the WWE has gone. Why is this? I mean I agree with them in that nothing is sacred in it anymore. The product has been overkilled in that big matches are two a penny now days.


    Joppa RoadApril 6, 2013 18:40:47


    My thought’s exactly..It’s how I would picture the numpty.


    I’m promised myself,I would not post,on here for a while.
    But,I had to comment on this..!Very funny..!!

  59. Paddy O'Neill

    I though this blog was about fucking football not stupid wrestling, a “sport” that is really predetermined.

  60. zeus

    rui costa, zidane, baggio, overmars, rivaldo, ronaldo, stam, nesta, Ayala, maldini, zambrotta, nedved , delpiero, Figo, beckham, batistuta, totti = scholes ,shearer , Simon = Buffon = Henry = Davids= Makaay,Klose, Khan, Pagluica, Vieri , Inzaghi = Veron = Zanetti = Samuel, Juan, Lucio, Marquez = Carlos, Hierro , Raul, Dida = Pirlo = gattuso = Coco = Tommasi = Shevchenko, Trezeguet ,Thuram ,bergkamp, lunjberg, pires, campbell,Deco, Ronaldinho, Camoranesi, Cannavaro, Makelele, Ballack, Pauleta, Costinha, Van Der Sar……….

    Not to live in the past, but what has happened to football?

  61. Harry Redknapp

    sad thing about today is wenger now has the easy reason to put his captain back in the team. expect shambolics to resume normal services


    Those were the days…

    Where you have Simon=Buffon,in your list.

    Did you mean Simeone?
    Or, have I got that wrong?


    & where you have Khan?

    Do you mean the German Oliver Khan?

    Can’t think of any Khan’s in the past, plying their trade at the elite level,within the footballing world!

    Then again,I might be wrong!!

  64. Harry Redknapp

    i stopped watching wrestlin ever since papa shango made black fluid leak out of ultimate warriors head

  65. Zen Warrior

    I can’t believe any grown man would want to ogle those scantily clad cunts playing at wrestling..!!! Mind you with some of the tarts on here.. !!! Old Joppa seems to have a hard on for them..

  66. Jeff

    I stopped watching wrestling since realising that it’s just a bit of pantomime. This goes back to the time when Kendo Nagasaki was unmasked forcibly by Giant Haystacks (or was it Big Daddy) and then Kendo got angry and started throwing karate chops. I can still remember Kendo’s large black eyes; very eerie.

  67. Angry Water Bottle

    Fuck the undertaker ..kelly kelly is who you want to be watching,she can choke slam me anytime.

  68. Dannyboy

    Joppa, I think alot of the drama of it all really left once Vince became all powerful. Who’d have thought 20 years ago that the little weedy geeky guy that got bullied all the time by Jesse Ventura on commentary, was actually the billionaire owner that ran the whole show? He’s too much in control for it to be taken seriously these days. I guess he’s kind of like Wenger in a way.

    Cheers for the link aswell, i’ll definitely give that a watch tomorrow, already got the Wrestlemania 17 dvd out. 2 of my favourite ever matches were on the card that night, Rock vs Steve Austin stole all the headlines, but the Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit match was one of the best pure wrestling matches in the history of the sport. definitely worth a watch! Also the Lesnar v Angle match where he hit a shooting star press out of nowhere and nearly killed himself, truly epic!

    HAHA Harry Redknapp, his character changed a little after that and he became the Godfather, and paraded like 40 hookers down to the ring before every match.

    Paddy, you’ve just crushed my dreams, I didn’t realise it was pre-determined… Fuck, that’s me never watching anything on television ever again then seeing as EVERYTHING is pre-determined. Mug.

  69. Dannyboy

    Fabregas hit a hat-trick tonight. Got a rare start in place of some Argentine fella that was injured, his name escapes me..

  70. Joppa Road

    Watched three games on MOTD so far and everyone completely mental. Great atmosphere too. Reason why English Premier League is the best in the world for excitement.

  71. Joppa Road

    I tell you what Danny, that WrestleMania 1 is a brilliant watch. It’s the greatest wrestling but the atmosphere and excitement is great. Just good times for wrestling back then. Mean Gene sings the national anthem, Liberace as the time keeper for the main event, Mohamed Ali as the ref, Mr T partnering Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper is a really great heel. The crowd go mental.

  72. Cesc Appeal

    I can’t even bring myself to watch the Arsenal game on MOTD, don’t think I’ve ever yelled ‘OH FOR FUCK SAKE’ so much at a screen in my life!

  73. Joppa Road

    Always good seeing Stoke get beat – mad atmosphere at that game though it seemed. Pure venom of the Stoke fans but the Villa fans were up for it as well. I love that cauldron atmosphere that is slightly nasty.

    Watching the Arsenal game, WBA can count themselves a little unlucky. Six wins in seven games though for the Gunners.

  74. Dannyboy

    watching it now Joppa, Alfred Hayes is great on the mic, Mean Gene is a living legend, his little terrified face when theres a monster heel stood next to him screaming at him is just comedy gold. I always thought Jimmy Hart was an annoying cunt. Great commentary back in those days aswell.

  75. Honest Bill

    Harry RedknappApril 6, 2013 20:00:21
    i stopped watching wrestlin ever since papa shango made black fluid leak out of ultimate warriors head.

    Haha fucking hell i remember that. It also came out of mean Gene Okerlund’s head, if i remember correctly…

  76. Joppa Road

    Pedro better give Wrestlemania a mention in tomorrow’s post. It’s clear everyone on here is a big fan. Lots of memories.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Mancini really annoys me, we have to go on a summer spree to catch up with United???

    For fuck sake

  78. Dannyboy

    ‘he fell on his arse… he fell flat on his fucking arse…’ – British Bulldog


    the original uncut version used to be on there, but WWE took it off, god that was even funnier! Literally the funniest thing ever.

  79. Mayank

    Missed a good wrestling discussion on here yesterday. Haven’t seen it in years but I always watch WM. WM 17 and 18 were easily highpoints when I was a kid.

  80. Here and nowhere

    So, what a good result for da lads. Good day of lE foot to come. Got a feeling Chavs and spurs gonna Lose points. Good blogerry here on lE grove.

    Good to see not much has changed. It’s funny that pedders has been getting later and later though, where’s Geoff? I think the burden should be taken off Pedro a bit.

    Personally I don’t mind late posts, but I guess as lE grove grows , it is more of an issue. Maybe, pedro is acting like wenger , got far to much responsibility, can’t handle it all. Is starting to lose his grip , needs help, but has far to much dictatorial control and ego issues to let anyone else in. Geoff is his pat rice. Time to get boulder in.

    Maybe ask as many readers as possible to submit some guest posts, build up a collection of emergency posts, then when you know you will be late, just put one up, if it’s any good.

    On days like today you could post an emergency guest post , then leisurely knock out a match report over a latte and a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel? Win win.win

  81. lord snotty

    It amazes me that after a couple of unconvincing wins against moderate opposition, some people on here are suggesting CL qualification is “in the bag” and even that we may finish runners-up (Highly unlikely). The fact that a club of Arsenal’s stature can finish 20 points or thereabouts behind the champions 2 seasons running (and consistently lose to lower sides in Cup competitions) is a very poor show indeed. Can’t anyone see that we are going nowhere until there is the required change at the top. Wenger will never change his ways and will deliver nothing except continued mediocrity. I have said this so many times I’m bored of hearing it – WENGER OUT!