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Good morning and welcome to Friday, it’s been a short intense slog getting here, but sure enough, without a shadow of a doubt, we are here.

Savour it…

Finished savouring?

Good, wipe that savour dribble from your mouse mat and let’s crack into a can of cool refreshing Arsenal news.

News for Saturday is as expected. No Jack. No Theo.

Big deal I say. We’re a better team without them. Well, judging by our last few games at least.

Jokes aside. Our midfield has looked really solid; we have plenty of discipline and bite. No one is a major specialist, so I guess that helps things tick along. When you know you’ve got a Jack next to you, perhaps the easy thing to do is assume he’ll make things happen. When you’re all in the same boat, you can take a risk, but you’re all in the same boat.

Theo Walcott hasn’t really been a major loss. Moving Santi out wide has worked really well. Having someone who can use both feet popping up all over the front line must be a nightmare for defenders. This weekend, I’m not sure who he’ll opt for on the other side, but I guess it’s likely to be Gervinho after his performance against Reading. If he can do something similar against the sterner test of West Brom, we’ll be laughing.

The £70m warchest stories are popping up all over the place again. The Mirror says our spending spree this summer is dependent on Champions League football. For me, it shouldn’t be dependent on anything. We need to fight to get back to the top regardless of what happens. If Wenger has targets and they’re acceptable, we should be adding them regardless and we should be coming to agreements with our deadwood to shift them on.

As far as I can see, there’s no benefit in them going out on loan each season. Their new clubs aren’t paying all their wages… so why not just offer the players a deal. You can go for a free… or we’ll buy you out of your deal. Take the hit and promise the fans you’ll never overpay terrible players again. All contracts should be earned on amazing performances at a previous club… or they should be earned on amazing performances for Arsenal.

Chamberlain didn’t deserve a massive bump in his pay, nor did Ramsey. Give players aspirational pay then reward when they’re flying. Having something to play for makes you play better… look at Theo.

It’s simply the only way to do things in austere times…

David Seaman thinks austere is the surname of a famous American actor from way back when. Forget that though, he thinks Fabianski is the name of a keeper who could be Arsenal number one.

“I don’t know [if Szczesny will win back his No1 spot]. It’s quite interesting with Fabianski doing really well.

“He’s worked really hard since his injury and he looks totally different goalkeeper. But it’s great to have that competition.”

I love Seaman, I really do… but honestly, since he said he thought Almunia was a top quality keeper, I’ve struggled with his opinions. I ‘d be interested to know what Jens thought of our keeping options. That’s a man who nailed Almunia straight away. I do hope the rumours are true about him coming back in a training capacity next year. I also think if that’s true, he should be given a say in who we bring in next. We’ve not really performed over the last 15 years when it comes to picking out the best keepers on the market. There’s some interesting names being put around the web… Vorm, Adler, Valdes, Reina… all keepers who would vastly improve us. I just worry we’ll opt for cheap and hopeful again.

Finally, some interesting quotes from Steve Bould.

“Everybody has realised that clean sheets win games a lot of the time,”

“I’m hoping that the Tottenham defeat is the big turning point. We played really well on the day and I think we absolutely deserved more than we got.

“Two defensive errors and we got punished by good players and that’s what happens.”

“A big thing for us was getting the big result at Bayern.

“We’re only the second team to have won there this season so it’s given everybody a belief that we’re doing all right. It was an important game for us.”

Incredible stuff from Steve there. Clean sheets win games! It’s only a small, obvious statement… but jeez, it’s been a long time coming. You don’t have to sacrifice style to defend. Hopefully the Steve Bould effect can start shining through stronger over the next year.

Finally, if you like quizzes and you live in London, hell, maybe you live outside of London… there’s an Arsenal quiz being held at the Tollington Arms (Arsenal Media Pub) on April 18th @ 1745. All proceeds will be heading to the Bob Wilson Willow Foundation and Homeless FA. Loads of great people will be heading down and I’m sure the night will be a boozefest of epic proportions. Jump on the tickets people… they’re selling out blow up mobile phones a day before a home game at  Chelsea.

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Finally… Spurs slogged out a 2-2 draw last night and lost Bale, Gallas and Lennon (so I was told). Good times, tired and depleted. I’m not sure what the news is on Bale is, but the ankle roll looked nasty.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. gambon

    A bit silly to say “a CF (£25m) a CB (£20m).”

    Kompany at £6m was much better value than Vermalen at £10m. Rio at £30m was much better value than Mertesacker at £10m.

  2. gambon


    Stop being so fucking silly. We can afford to spend £100m, but Wenger is terrified of spending money and doesnt know how to spend it…..and we have a board that dont give a fuck about football and from week to week dont even know what our results are.

  3. Romford Pele


    I think you and others need to let go of Dortmund players. Bar Lewandowski, it’s highly unlikely none of them will leave in the summer. And Dortmund are currently better than us so it’s pretty much a non-starter.

  4. gambon

    Romford Pele

    Remember Man City (5th in the PL) signing Yaya Toure from the best team in the world?

    Its called ambition.

  5. K.C.

    Aw we don’t need that much, lol, just four players that all cost over 10 to 15 million a piece. Certainly Wenger will make that happen. Jesus Christ you can’t make this shit up. This team needs a new manager above all. Wenger Out.

  6. the_real_andy

    to be honest – after bale´s injury yesterday I don´t see them being any threat for our top four place. they´ll lose against everton as they´ll do against chelsea in some weeks. considering defoe and lennon are injured too I wouldn´t be surprised to see them not score in their next 3 or 4 games.

  7. Romford Pele

    Ambition indeed Gambon, something the current board just don’t have as you have alluded to.

    There are very few players that Arsenal couldn’t sign but until things change, these things won’t happen. And it’s a real shame considering the amount of money us fans spend.

    Theonly real saving grace as I said is that this summer, for the first time in ages, we won’t be losing anyone that is key. We have a platform of players that can be built on with top notch talent. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but our previous summer dealings don’t fill me with confidence.

  8. Latest football News

    @Romford Pele I will get off their back once we have Gotze/Reus or either of Subotic and Hummels.

    I think they will sell for the right price if we really want to buy. Gotze will all know will move abroad if the opportunity arise. He gave them extra 1 year like Cesc did to us.

  9. gambon

    “We need a lanky physical tackling midfielder”

    2 CMs i think…

    Strootman is the man for what you describe.

  10. Bade

    How can anyone suggest we need only 1 midfielder

    We need AT LEAST two of them

    We can spend 100m easily, but Arsene will be looking at another profitable summer, transfers wise

    So buckle up Santi, you our last resource

    Or maybe Theo will go to Liverpool? They will have money after selling Suarez for 50m to Bayern ….

  11. Jamal

    Wenger’s signings…

    Djourou recalled from his loan.
    Song comes back for less than 10m
    Some unknown African.

    Thats the summer sorted.

  12. gambon

    Latest Football News

    Chelsea missing out would be terrible.

    If that happens Spurs have £30m extra to spend in the summer, and unlike us they will spend it, they will also keep Bale.

    Chelsea will spend big regardless of where they finish.

  13. majorjoe

    the loaning out of players is much better than doing a deal as you say because their wages are covered buy the loanee and it allows our team time to see if there is any improvement the pay of for some of these dead players would be prohibitive and dig into any war chest we might have for new players.

  14. Romford Pele

    Will Wenger bid $30m minimum for Gotze? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    The day I see us outbid another top club for a talent like Gotze is when I know we’re serious again. Bargain hunting will only get you so far. We need more than Wilshere and Santi.

  15. Gregg

    GAMBON is right when he says about players will join a side outside of the top 4 if they can see that the side will compete from there on in. Obviously paying them vast sums sweetens that which is prob the case with Yaya when he joined 5th place city. However he knew that he would only miss out on 1 season in the champions league, because of citys ambition.

    So yeah we can get players if we don’t qualify, though I doubt the Goetze’s are realistic to be honest. We know City are gonna have a clear out and they’ll be all over him. I just think with us it’s about who will leave first and we’ll miss the boat again.

  16. DUIFG

    I really don’t think jovetic is the one for us, his stats don’t point to a man banging in 25 plus. If we are playing 1 man up top I really think its worth breaking the bank and getting cavani in an fuckig off any other signings.
    Need X factor up top, don’t think jovetic has it.

  17. gambon

    “I am may a fool once again but right now, I think we will spend big. No reason not to.”

    While i do admire your optimism, the last line is a bit silly.

    We have never spent over £15m on a player, since the invincibles we have made transfer window profits every summer, despite all the bullshit leaked stories about spending big.

    Sometimes I wonder if posters on here are PR agents working on the clubs behalf.

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    All this discussion about who we’re going to sign / not going to sign

    We ought to have a competition

  19. Wolfgang

    The question is why didn’t Wenger spend the money on some quality players. When you pay peanutsyou get monkeys. Don’t bet on Arsenal getting 4th.If they fail,the
    gunners could be stuck in the cl wilderness imho,for at least two seasons.Liverpool is a good example.,

  20. andy1886

    We might be lucky and get a CB to replace JD, we certainly need a striker (and a better one than we already have), but I can’t see AW buying a midfielder what with JW, Santi, Arteta, Ramsey, Theo, AOC, Poldi and the Klingon to fill the centre and wide positions (that’s 8 who figure pretty regularly in 5 man midfield).

    As for a keeper based on AW’s choices since he arrived at the club any money he does spend there will probably be a waste of time. So that’s maybe 2 coming in if we are lucky.

  21. Latest football News

    @gambon I do not work in anyway for Arsenal. No. I am merely a blogger from Nigeria.

    I know we have not spent more than 15m on a single player but the fact that we are interested in Jovetic ( I do not believe one bit that that is made up as well ) shows we are willing to change policy.

  22. gambon


    While i love jovetic and desperately hope we sign him, Cavani is different level than him.

    Cavani is where we have to hope Jovetic will be.

  23. DUIFG

    Pele I admit my viewings have been from a distance but for me cavani has been ripping up that league for time. Shown that he can score all types of goals an lots of them. In any case whoever we get up top needs to be a marquee signing. Nobody gets to the top of the league without your top man bagging 25 or so by the end of the season. If you can’t see jovetic banging 25 then he’s not the man for us.

  24. Toye

    Getting another prolific striker is good for the club but I can’t get when our fans put the boots into the strikers we have rather supporting. Is it a case of the fans inability to read or laziness when it is obvious that Arsenal are the joint second highest goal scoring club in the PL behind Man Utd .

  25. Latest football News

    Hamsik and Cavani are great players but to be honest, we stand no chance of getting them should they become available so why discuss them?

    Realistic targets would be Gotze ( cos Barca and Real will not need him and he has said he wants us in England ), Jovetic and maybe Benzema/Higuain if Real go after Neymar.

  26. Romford Pele


    Depends what you’re going after. Cavani is a pure goalscorer, fans would love him for sure. But what I like about Jovetic is the ability to be able to craft out goals for himself and interchange seamlessly with teammates. Right now, for the way we’d play, he’d fit in better. If we sacked Wenger and adopted a different approach then maybe Cavani would be the better option. For me, goalscorers will always be about, but finding someone of Jovetic’s talent who is essentially two players in one is rare. Either way, both of them would be a significant upgrade on our current options.

    DUIFG – See above, Jovetic could easily bang 25 goals in a better team like us. You also need to consider that this is his first season as the point man. He played a lot deeper previously.

  27. Toye

    I will take a Benteke with a season experience in the PL above a Cavani .You never know what you are getting from a non-experienced player with

  28. Latest football News

    @Toye truth, we may not be doing so badly goal scoring wise but sincerely, if we have a quality striker ( not saying Giroud is bad but not the best we can get. Signing Jovetic may however see us less dependent on Giroud and allow the midfield to be more creative instead of they focusing on getting us the goals.

  29. Latest football News

    @Toye, Beneke over who? Madness. quality shows everywhere, not a matter of the league, if you are good, you are good.

    Ibra goes everywhere and scores. Adapting to a league will only make you better. See Aguerro only his troubles with injuries has limited him this season.

  30. gambon

    Romford Pele

    LOL, you may want to check how many strikers in history have scored 33+ goals 3 years in a row for a top league team.

    “For me, goalscorers will always be about,”

    Sorry, thats wrong.

    Love Jovetic, may have a higher ceiling, but Cavani is truely world class, Jovetic may be there in the next 2 years.

  31. Latest football News

    @Romford Pele Gotze will not join City for money and I doubt they will be interested, Chelsea do not need him, they will be preoccupied with signing strikers, Barca and Real do not need him and Dortmund will not sell to Bayern.

    That leaves us if we are willing to pay the money required which to me is 30M. That however can’t be said for Hamsik and Cavani as many clubs will be interested.

  32. Joppa Road

    Get that 6+5 UEFA rule enforced now. Only good thing they ever came up with.

    Watching Basel last night was a joy. Our English clubs are getting found out. Time to concentrate on making sure are English players are up to scratch. It’s all very well importing the likes of Zola, Bergkamp, Ronaldo, Pires and Henry but the foreign average dross we have now? No thanks.


  33. Romford Pele

    Nobody is disputing that phenomenal record Gambon – but as Toye highlighted above, goals haven’t really been a problem for us. We’ve scored more and conceded less than at this stage last season. We’ll have to agree to disagree – I prefer forwards that are more than just goalscorers. Part of what made RVP so good was that he was another creative threat on the pitch and trying to nullify him would mean space for another creative hub. In that sense, I’d prefer Lewandowski over Cavani. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t cream my pants if we bought Cavani, just personal preference.

  34. DUIFG

    Pele just think if we go down the jovetic route we are again relying on 3 -4 men to score 10 plus goals between them. Only works when we are playing really well. If cavani is out of reach would rather bag an out and out like lewandowski.

  35. gambon


    the 6+5 rule wont improve the quality of English players, it will just ensure sub-standard players like Lansbury & Frimpong play above their natural level, reducing the quality of the league.

    The effort needs to go in at youth level.

    Look at CSKA & Sporting Lisbons next gen teams, all home grown.

    Look at our team:

    Iliev (Macedonian)
    Bellerin (Spanish)
    Hajrovic (Swiss/Serb)
    Hayden (English)
    Angha (Swiss)
    Yennaris (English)
    Olsson (Swedish)
    Ebecilio (Dutch)
    Eisfeld (German)
    Gnabry (German)
    Akpom (English)

    3 out of 11 players are actually English in our youth team.

    Fucking ridiculous.

  36. a.k.b nemesis

    Here’s a case for discuss,do we sell a defender(verm or merte) ?merte:lack of pace,dominant in the air,good reader of the game,verm:loss of form,loves to dive into tackles.

  37. Joppa Road

    Can some one band the EPL strikers to see where ours fit in? E.g. Giroud.

    Band 1 (top class): RVP, Rooney, Suarez, Aquero, Bale (does he go here?).

    Band 2(exceptional season): Michu, Benteke

    Band 3(average): Walcott, Giroud

  38. Joppa Road

    bang on Gambon. My point is (made it on Facebook not here) is that we need to invest heavily in English boys instead of keep going for foreign dross. 3 players?…..fkin pathetic

  39. a.k.b nemesis

    Koscielny:inconsistent,good reader,last ditch tackles,starts attacks (kind of similiar to hummels).

  40. Globalgunner

    Dreams of Cavani, Goetze and the like are completely unrealstic. Wenger will never buy a marquee signing because that will not enable him to turn round and say 18months down the line that he (Wenger) made him the player that he is.

    We may get Jovetic simply because he belongs to the second cadre of top talent where we usually pretend to compete. If we have to buy a defender from the PL I prefer Russel martin of Norwich. Better than Ashley Williams of Swanse and scores goals to boot. plus hes a year younger. Then why not Benteke. I think Spuds have realised what we all know that adebayor is garbage and will offload him in order to get Benteke. We should be in there with a 12m offer ASAP. and please get that waste of space Walcott off our wage bill.

    PS. Wenger out. Juve manager in or anybody FFS

  41. Kemp1886

    The warchest story comes from John Cross,a man who has written the same kind of article for 10 windows straight.Even in January he said that the winter window was Wenger’s most important. Never forget that we are run by thieves and liars.

  42. Romford Pele


    The English players are not good – that’s the upsetting thing. Lansbury and JET who were branded as big prospects are at Forest and Ipswich respectively. Nobody is against English prospects, i’d have a full English 11 if possible but until we start producing technically-able English players, i’d continue signing foreign talent.

    St George’s Park won’t start making a difference for a while yet, if at all.

  43. a.k.b nemesis

    G.G. Antonio conte,frank de boer,frank rijkaard,thomas tuchel would change the fortunes of the club.

  44. Joppa Road

    I don’t buy into the argument that English players cannot be as good as other players. With the right coaching from a young age we can be better.

  45. Joppa Road

    The EPL is on a big decline. Look at the pass and move from Basel last night. Was on a different plain to anything we have seen in the EPL this year.

    *Pedro tell us the EPL has got stronger this season. Another one of his crack pot comments.

  46. Romford Pele

    Of course we can Joppa – but the coaching here is shit. I remember playing Sunday League when I was younger, it always the big hench CB lofting a ball over the top to a quick CF. Midfield was obsolete. When we played teams abroad, we’d get mullered. There probably have been a lot of decent young English talent that has been lost over the years because of this. Physicality over everything it seems. Now there’s nothing wrong with that, but unless they have some degree of ability, they’ll struggle against the first foreigner they come up against. The fact we call up people like Leon Osman tells you all you need to know.

    I’m the first to criticise Wenger but I don’t think he’s got it wrong there.

  47. Joppa Road

    Which begs the question Romford (agree with what you said)……..

    “Why hasn’t Wenger found more English boys to nurture from a young age?”

    Surely he should have?

  48. Nasri's Mouth


    The problem with increasing the number of English players in the squad by bringing them through the youth ranks, is the lack of availability.

    World wide, there are more recruitable kids outside England than inside that are available to us.

  49. Romford Pele

    The EPL hasn’t necessarily declined as such, it’s just remained stagnant while other leagues have caught up. Other countries, in addition to producing quality home grown talent, now also have money so do not necessarily need to sell as readily. They are ready to compete. We need to start producing. The only thing still in our advantage is that commercially, the EPL is still miles ahead of ervyone else. Also, the passion that the fans have is only really matched in Germany. Bar Wigan and a few others, most games are sell-outs which adds to the game and the atmosphere.

  50. Joppa Road

    My point is this: With all the wealth, fan base, revenues etc surely England should be producing better players? Before when we were importing Klinnsmans, Bergkamps, Zolas etc you couldn’t argue. Did it raise the standards of our English players? Not at all. For example the 1986 and 1996 England sides are much superior to the England team we have now.

    The kids need to be coached properly combining physical and technical. Why is such a wealthy league is this not happening?


  51. Romford Pele


    Not really sure about the answer to that question. Maybe the scouting team haven’t done a great job? But more than anything, there’s a real scarecity of talent available.

    In the time Wenger’s been here, only Cole, Wilshere and Gibbs have been anything to shout about. You can only work with what’s available I guess.

    Hopefully with the amount of money poured into St James Park, we’ll start to see a return on investment. Germany refixed their whole youth system in 2000 and look at the talent they are churning out now. May take about 10 years.

  52. Joppa Road

    Romford. But Wenger hasn’t had a problem giving the likes of Denilson etc 200 games for the club. Three English gems in 17 years? (Gibbs isn’t a gem)……scandalous.

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    Scandalous, Wenger missing out on all those English gems…

    Hmm, so which top manager was bringing them all through the youth ranks then?

  54. Romford Pele

    Joppa, He’s been playing foreign talent because there haven’t been the English talent to deploy. Who should he haave played? David Bentley? Justin Hoyte? Shambolic players mate lol

  55. Joppa Road

    Nasri – you are missing the point again. I’ve said ALL clubs and EPL need to do more you dope. With Wenger though, he knows how he likes his players to be so I am arguing could he not of done more from an English player point of view? JW and Cole (wasn’t Cole already there) is shameful.

    6+5 Rule enforced for ALL European clubs. Short term pain – long term gain.

  56. Keyser

    Looks like Pedro’s initiated Joppa into his nefarious plans.

    Joppa you ask the same questions every other week.

    There was a Catchment area, you could bring through English players that lived within a 90 minute radius of the ground, or you could scour the World, you don’t have to be SDE to work out the odds there.

    Now they’ve got the Elite Player Performance Plan which has abolshed such rules, or should have.


    This isn’t going to kick in right away, considering it takes about 10 years for a kid to make it through the entire Youth system like Wilshere did.

    You asked about Germany the other day, they’ve invested about a billion pounds into their youth infrastucture.




    However it hasn’t all been good for all of their clubs.


    Our 2008-2009 Youth Cup winning team, including Wilshere had about 9 English players.


  57. rcb

    Of all the players in epl only Rooney, baines, cole and hart can be termed world class.. rest are just not good enough

  58. Backpass to Mertasacker

    lets all laugh at bale united minus bale.

    If any one watched spurs get destroyed by right winger salah he looked a speedy fellow and would be cheap.

    Dream list for me in summer is:


    but i am sure our illustrious leader will find some dross benchwarmers instead!

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    Actually Joppa, you initially said:

    “My point is (made it on Facebook not here) is that we need to invest heavily in English boys instead of keep going for foreign dross. 3 players?…..fkin pathetic”

    and then continued to direct your points towards Arsenal in some of your future posts.

    Of course the FA, the PL, and other football bodies could be doing more to promote football in this country and help the kids improve their game, (if only to promote individual fitness) but the truth is that the EPL is one (if not the) biggest league in the world and it will therefore attract talent from all over the globe.
    There are many many more young footballers world wide than there are in England, so it’s no surprise that there are also many more with the talent required to play at the top level.

  60. bayo

    I think Kolscieny and Metresacker will still be our defensive partnership next season….With more work and adding Capoue (12million) as DM in front of them….That should balance our midfield and defence……Sell frimpong, coquelin and bring in a young winger like Maher (10 million), Jovetic (25 million) and an old experienced good GK (5 million)……..52 million.

  61. Joppa Road

    I’m asking if Wenger could have done more. He has restructured everything else at Arsenal. I would of expected to see more English players, that’s all. It would of been great for our game if Wenger could have brought more English kids through.

  62. Pedro

    Joppa, isn’t Wenger’s prerogative Arsenal first… national team second?

    Who in the world would swap that 8 years of foreign player magic for a couple more England players?

  63. Keyser

    I’ve posted these articles before, I couldn’t find the ones that were more apposite, who cares anyway, no-one pays attentioned anyway lol, and we’ll be repeating this again in a few days.

  64. Joppa Road

    Pedro. Who said about swapping? When you are bring the likes of Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires in who is going to argue with that? I’m talking about now though with many players coming in who are dross.

    It’s worrying for example there isn’t an English Giroud or Gervinho!

    I would of hoped Wenger could of worked his touch on a few English players that’s all. I’m not having a pop. Just asking.

  65. Romford Pele


    Maher is an attacking midfielder, a very talented one at that too. However, there are more proven and experienced ones out there we should be going for.

  66. Keyser

    Joppa – You whinge continously about how we’re not as good as we should be or were, but we’ve got more English players then ever, Wenger picked up Jenkinson from Charlton when most didn’t have a clue about him, and were on about another shit nobody no-ones heard about.

    Make your mind up I seriously doubt you’re going to have it both ways.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: I’m asking if Wenger could have done more.

    Really, I thought you desperately trying to find a reason to insult him in particular rather than all the other managers in the leagues

    “f’kin pathetic”, “scandalous”, and “disgraceful”

  68. Joppa Road

    Craig MacKail Smith is a good player. I like him.

    Keyser. I do like it that we have more English players than we have for a while. I want more though.

  69. Keyser

    Sanchez Watt wasn’t dreadful had this strange elegance about the way he almost hovered across the pitch, probably won’t ever be good enough but was good to watch.

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: I’m not having a pop. Just asking

    I repeat:

    “f’kin pathetic”, “scandalous”, and “disgraceful”

    But not having a pop… honest

  71. Joppa Road

    Nasri: Look at it though. For a club of Arsenal’s standing. JW and Cole in last 15 years. Is that good enough?

    That’s a fair question. Forget other teams (I’ve said all should do more).

  72. Romford Pele

    Really Keyser? A lot of English players I preferred watching ahead of him; JET and Lansbury are perfect examples. Never really stood out as a first team type player for Arsenal.

  73. Keyser

    Joppa – Well show it then, all you do is moan, the Ox and Theo were fighting it out for a spot, not Gervinho, but you always make it about the foreigner.

    We’ve got more English players than ever and all we’re doing is getting worse.

  74. bayo

    Romford Pele

    I know he is an attacking midfielder and the earlier we get him the better before his price will sky rocket……He can play on the wings and the AM spot…….We already have wilshere and carzola in the team…I dont believe we need to go buy any player to replace them but we need a decent back up for them and a player like maher or eriksen (ajax) will definately fit the bill……As much as we need to lift trophies we cant neglect the need to bring in young great talents that can develop and at the same time send young players that are shit away instantly.

  75. gambon

    “Brazillian chicken is cheaper than British chicken even when you add on the cost of transportation”

    Not true, this only applies due to free trade and economies of scale, which doesnt apply when signing 1x 13 year old central midfielder.

  76. Keyser

    Romford Pele – Just the way he hovered, I liked the whole of that Youth team, think Setanta had almost all of our games including the final.

  77. JK

    Seriously, all of you.
    Do you really get pleasure from
    a) “deciding” who we are going to buy (when you have absolutely no say and probably know even less)
    b) slagging off AW,simply for the sake of it, or so it seems. We all know he is stubborn and infuriating, but what does anyone gain from the kind of inane criticism that is so rife on this blog

  78. Nasri's Mouth


    More would obviously be nice, no-one is denying that, it’s just only you that thinks someone should be put against a wall and shot for it.

    But do the maths, there are 20 clubs in the premier league. How many English players are there that are good enough to be in our squad?

    30? 40 possibly. That’s 2 per side, ignoring all the other league sides. We don’t have some divine right to have more English superstars coming through from the youth set up than other teams.

    How many has Fergie brought through since the Beckham/Scholes/Giggs (yes, I know he’s Welsh) era ?

    The reality is if you bring through a Wilshere and a Cole in 15 years, you’re doing ok

  79. Keyser

    Joppa – Go and compare it to other teams and you’ll start to answer your own questions.

    Chelsea have McCeachthran (Sp?) for example he was supposed to be even more talented than Wilshere, what’s happened to him ?!

    Or look into Aston Villa and Chelsea’s Nextgen teams, Villa won the competition, Uefa had no part in the competition btw, yet they could be relegated.

  80. Romford Pele

    Eriksen would be a starter if he came Bayo. And Rosicky is back-up – 32, happy to be a squad player and still capable of contributing when it matters.

    Keyser- Yep, that youth team was very good at the time. There was talk about 5/6 players making it but Wilshere and Coquelin are the only ones about really. I do like this current NextGen team though, especially Akpom, Gnabry and Bellerin.

  81. Pedro

    Well Joppa, you have a point… we dont’ take our chances on potential in the same way with the English…

  82. bayo

    Romford Pele

    If eriksen is going to be a starter then may be on the wings with the addition of a player like capoue cause he wont be taking wilshere or cazorla’s position.

  83. Johnty79

    The day Yaya signed for Barcelona 2008, wenger should have retired from football. Failure to see the best dm of this millenium should have left him shame faced…

  84. Keyser

    “Keyser, it’d take a pretty miraculous talent to break into the Chelsea midfield.”

    Yeah and we have to try and compete with that, so that should answer Joppa’s question.

  85. Johnty79

    Truth be told wilshere probably wouldn’t of made it at Chelsea…remember wilshere didn’t rip up trees at Bolton on lone…I don’t remember and motm or 9 out of 10s..

    Chelsea don’t wait 3 years for players to come good like

  86. Romford Pele


    You’re talking rubbish there. Wilshere and Sturridge both had awesome loans at Bolton – part of the reason they have gone onto flourish since. Coyle did a good job with both of them.

  87. Joppa Road

    Again, I would of hoped Wenger had more of an influence in some how getting the coaching right in England. It’s taken too long to change. Not Wenger’s fault, of course but would I be happier with Wenger at the head of the English game? Too bloody right I would.

    Interesting points which I do take on board.

  88. bayo

    Romford Pele

    You can even add isco to the position eriksen is taking in your line up but let’s be real Arteta is still going to be in the first 11 next season….An axis of Arteta, Capoue gives more defensive solidity at the midfield so any AM coming in is going to be on the bench but there are lot’s of games in a season. Dont forget Ramsey just signed a new contract 2. Wenger is not done with Arteta or Ramsey yet.

  89. gambon

    Wilshere wouldve made it at any club, but only at Arsenal do 18 year olds get 50 games and played in the red zone.

    At Man Utd he wouldve been eased in at 20/21 and Fergie wouldve made him a better player.

    He’ll be at UTD fairly soon anyway.

  90. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: He’ll be at UTD fairly soon anyway.

    fairly ? that doesn’t sound like the ultra confident Gambon. How long before he leaves us then. I’d love to know

  91. Romford Pele


    I like Arteta. He’s no flash in the pan, keeps things simple and is defensively aware. However, if we sign Capoue and Isco, Arteta will go to the bench along with Ramsey and be back up to Wilshere and Capoue, with Isco, Walcott and Cazorla taking up the attacking three positions behind the striker.

    Ramsey and Arteta as able back-ups is what it should be. Wenger will probably be against it though.

  92. gambon


    Summer 2015 he joins UTD as a 23 year old.

    Sad truth is, no matter how many gooners are in denial, 99% know this is true.

  93. Johnny5


    Wilshere was awesome at Bolton he was better than nearly the whole team.


    Wilshere is never going to sign for united you fool. Have a day off.

  94. Nasri's Mouth

    99%, really ?

    You were the bloke outside the Emirates with the clipboard then.

    I’d say bollocks, but it’s a pointless debate until that date comes round and no-one has spotted him at OT.
    I suspect I’ll have forgotten all about this conversation by then

  95. gambon

    Yeah Johnny

    You are the cunt that was saying RVP & Cesc would never leave no doubt.

    Its the clubs fucking policy to sell their most valuable players, it doesnt matter if Wilshere is a gooner, a combination of our shitness and our business policy means he will be sold, and hes perfect for Fergie.

  96. Joppa Road

    I really don’t see how anyone can say that an Arsenal top player won’t sign for another club! The evidence suggest they most certainly will!

  97. Keyser

    Wilshere could follow in the footsteps of his mentor and move to Juventus, join up with Pogba and the Atomic Ant.

  98. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: Its the clubs fucking policy to sell their most valuable players

    How many of those weren’t pushing hard for a move ? How many of those were with the club from the age of 9 ?

  99. gambon


    Why not? UTD arent a rival, we arent in the same league as them.

    Rooney played for a small club, Everton, he chose to go to UTD.

  100. bayo

    Romford Pele

    The reality is wenger is we will not be signing Isco because he is 30 million euros and wenger is not taking arteta out of the team…..I will also like cavani and hamsik so that walcot and giroud will drop to the bench but wenger is going to sign a striker because he is not done with gervinho and co.

    The line up for next season will be GK, Sagna, Metresacker, Koscieny, Montreal, DM, Arteta, Wilshere, walcot, CF, cazorla.
    Hopefully the players coming in will be Capoue, Jovetic, Begovic

  101. gambon

    Good point Nasris Mouth, because hes been with us since 9 we will decide not to cash in!

    Great logic.

    And why do you think he wont be pushing hard for a move, the club have set up a business plan that ENSURES a constant flow of talent out of the club.

    We have set up a policy revolving around buying young and undervalued players, paying high wages at the low end (to ensure we can beat teams to these players) and high wages at the top end (to ensure the outflow of players once they reach the right level).

    We are an academy for 10-27 year olds.

  102. Johnny5


    He knows he would get abused by the fans if he left for united just like RVP especially if he forced a move. It won’t happen anyway the club will cling to him for dear life