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Good morning and welcome to Friday, it’s been a short intense slog getting here, but sure enough, without a shadow of a doubt, we are here.

Savour it…

Finished savouring?

Good, wipe that savour dribble from your mouse mat and let’s crack into a can of cool refreshing Arsenal news.

News for Saturday is as expected. No Jack. No Theo.

Big deal I say. We’re a better team without them. Well, judging by our last few games at least.

Jokes aside. Our midfield has looked really solid; we have plenty of discipline and bite. No one is a major specialist, so I guess that helps things tick along. When you know you’ve got a Jack next to you, perhaps the easy thing to do is assume he’ll make things happen. When you’re all in the same boat, you can take a risk, but you’re all in the same boat.

Theo Walcott hasn’t really been a major loss. Moving Santi out wide has worked really well. Having someone who can use both feet popping up all over the front line must be a nightmare for defenders. This weekend, I’m not sure who he’ll opt for on the other side, but I guess it’s likely to be Gervinho after his performance against Reading. If he can do something similar against the sterner test of West Brom, we’ll be laughing.

The £70m warchest stories are popping up all over the place again. The Mirror says our spending spree this summer is dependent on Champions League football. For me, it shouldn’t be dependent on anything. We need to fight to get back to the top regardless of what happens. If Wenger has targets and they’re acceptable, we should be adding them regardless and we should be coming to agreements with our deadwood to shift them on.

As far as I can see, there’s no benefit in them going out on loan each season. Their new clubs aren’t paying all their wages… so why not just offer the players a deal. You can go for a free… or we’ll buy you out of your deal. Take the hit and promise the fans you’ll never overpay terrible players again. All contracts should be earned on amazing performances at a previous club… or they should be earned on amazing performances for Arsenal.

Chamberlain didn’t deserve a massive bump in his pay, nor did Ramsey. Give players aspirational pay then reward when they’re flying. Having something to play for makes you play better… look at Theo.

It’s simply the only way to do things in austere times…

David Seaman thinks austere is the surname of a famous American actor from way back when. Forget that though, he thinks Fabianski is the name of a keeper who could be Arsenal number one.

“I don’t know [if Szczesny will win back his No1 spot]. It’s quite interesting with Fabianski doing really well.

“He’s worked really hard since his injury and he looks totally different goalkeeper. But it’s great to have that competition.”

I love Seaman, I really do… but honestly, since he said he thought Almunia was a top quality keeper, I’ve struggled with his opinions. I ‘d be interested to know what Jens thought of our keeping options. That’s a man who nailed Almunia straight away. I do hope the rumours are true about him coming back in a training capacity next year. I also think if that’s true, he should be given a say in who we bring in next. We’ve not really performed over the last 15 years when it comes to picking out the best keepers on the market. There’s some interesting names being put around the web… Vorm, Adler, Valdes, Reina… all keepers who would vastly improve us. I just worry we’ll opt for cheap and hopeful again.

Finally, some interesting quotes from Steve Bould.

“Everybody has realised that clean sheets win games a lot of the time,”

“I’m hoping that the Tottenham defeat is the big turning point. We played really well on the day and I think we absolutely deserved more than we got.

“Two defensive errors and we got punished by good players and that’s what happens.”

“A big thing for us was getting the big result at Bayern.

“We’re only the second team to have won there this season so it’s given everybody a belief that we’re doing all right. It was an important game for us.”

Incredible stuff from Steve there. Clean sheets win games! It’s only a small, obvious statement… but jeez, it’s been a long time coming. You don’t have to sacrifice style to defend. Hopefully the Steve Bould effect can start shining through stronger over the next year.

Finally, if you like quizzes and you live in London, hell, maybe you live outside of London… there’s an Arsenal quiz being held at the Tollington Arms (Arsenal Media Pub) on April 18th @ 1745. All proceeds will be heading to the Bob Wilson Willow Foundation and Homeless FA. Loads of great people will be heading down and I’m sure the night will be a boozefest of epic proportions. Jump on the tickets people… they’re selling out blow up mobile phones a day before a home game at  Chelsea.

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Finally… Spurs slogged out a 2-2 draw last night and lost Bale, Gallas and Lennon (so I was told). Good times, tired and depleted. I’m not sure what the news is on Bale is, but the ankle roll looked nasty.

Have a great Friday!

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  1. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Re Jack: Ferguson won’t be at united in 3-4 years time, it will probably be maureen so it depends if he would take on a player that i believe has Owen mkii written all over him.
    Yes he might well be Arsenal through and through but his injuries are becoming a source of concern for me, I honestly believe we will not see him again this season.

  2. bayo

    Romford Pele

    At least we will have Giroud, Podolski, Oxalade, Ramsey, Vermaelen, gibbs, scezny, jekinson and hopefully maher on the bench.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    You brought up your theory of the club selling it’s top players, I just wanted to know how many of those weren’t pushing for a move or had been with the club since they were a kid.

    Of course you can’t answer it because it damages your dumb idea of Wilshere joining ManU in a couple of seasons.

  4. gambon

    “the club will cling to him for dear life”

    LOL, by far the funniest thing ive read on joke friday.

    When was the last time we clung to anyone for dear life?

  5. Arsenal 1886-2006

    gambonApril 5, 2013 12:26:22
    “the club will cling to him for dear life”LOL, by far the funniest thing ive read on joke friday. When was the last time we clung to anyone for dear life?

    You are wrong there Gambon, the board cling onto wenger for dear life, or should i say, profit.

  6. Arsenal 1886-2006

    This £70 million “warchest” seems to have been around for a few years now,
    compared to when this number was first bandied about and taking into account increases in player wages and fees it has dropped in real terms.
    Yet another sleight of hand by the board and wenger.

  7. Keyser

    Owen’s hamstrings affected his pace, which was his most potent asset.

    If we take the onus off Wilshere having to ‘put himself about’ I think it’d cut down his injuries.

  8. Rob

    Please everyone leave off about ashley Williams,he is a decent Swansea defender and that’s all,just because the papers make up a couple of stories about him being £15million in value don’t mean he’s arsenal quality,no chance and id rather see djourou return.Jovetic is quality,ok he may not have 30 goals but he’s more Bergkamp than Henry,he is exactly the type of player we need and I said it last year,he is very capable of filling van persies boots.I think central midfield we don’t need just a giant (diaby didn’t work)we need an enforcer,someone that strikes fear into opposition with his ruthlessness,vieira had it and for a year flamini left everything out there week in week out,we miss that.In an ideal world we’d sort out all our issues in the summer but the likelihood is we do what we always do..’fabianski showed he has quality,remember szczesny is still young and has proved himself before so why do we need a new keeper?’..we’ve worked on our defending and defended well towered the end of the season,kos and mert are playing very well and remember vermaelen was captain of his country and has lots of quality.Remember also that djourou will come back with lots of confidence and great mental strength,plus sagna played one game at centre back and showed he’s the best in the world so why do I need to buy a defender??…you know where this is all going..throw in the odd ‘if anything I have too many defenders/midfielders/attackers/shite players.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think the £70m figure has been around for that long, and it’s a figure that the media approximate from the accounts. Bit of a stretch to suggest it’s a sleight of hand by the board. I think they’ve got better things to waste their time on

  10. gambon

    Nasris Mouth,

    In all honesty £70m should be a conservative guess.

    £70m was what the AST predicted we could spend (assuming flat wages) last summer. Ivan confirmed their analysis was in the right area.

    Now when you consider the massive hike in TV, the cash from property and the sposnorships, our purchasing power is way more than £70m.

    Getting a grip on the wage bill is vital.

    if we can keep our wage bill flat this summer, which should definately be our aim, then we can easily spend £100m, and any other board/manager in world football in our position will do that.

    Will we? wouldnt hold my breath.

  11. Ozrus

    It was a major clinging effort to keep Walcott, for example. ‘The silliest’, ‘the funniest’, ‘the dumbest’, shit, like a ten y.o.

    “In rectum we inspectum”


    Our warchest is probably buried next to Blackbeard treasure chest,find one and you get both.Knowing AFC they would still shop at a Payless shoe store.

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: £70m was what the AST predicted we could spend

    I was grouping them in with ‘the media’. Either way, it’s a bit of a conspiracy theory to suggest that the ‘warchest’ figure has been coming down in ‘real terms’ due to manipulation.

    I do agree we have to keep (or indeed get) a grip on our finances though. We have the benefit of having a fair few unwanted players coming up to the end of their contracts in the next 18 months, which will help that.
    It’s also possible that with the extra money pouring into the league, £50/60k a week may become the average for squad players in a fair few more teams, allowing us to bring our wage structure into line.

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    How about this?

    An easy Summer Transfer game

    You start with 0 points.

    Pick up to 10 players you think we might sign. Each player you list takes a point off your score, (so if you pick 10, you’re on -10) if you pick none, you’re still on 0

    For every player we sign that you list you get 3 points.

    Highest score at the end of the transfer window is the winner

  15. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    The problem is our wage bill seem to rise regardless of squad composition.

    man Citys rocketed due to the additional quality they were bringing in, Chelsea has been stable for years.

    Where as we seem to sell great players, sign average and somehow constantly raise the wage bill.

    The only thing I can guess is we are putting stepped contracts into players contracts, or every time we sell a player we distribute the fee as contract extensions rather than spend that money on players.

    I’ll never forget when we sold Kolo & Adebayor (over £7m pa wages) and increased the wage bill by £10m, meaning £17m of wages went elsewhere.

    Lets face it, if you look at the 08/09 season there wasnt a single player that deserved a payrise.

  16. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    If I just say “no-one” i will certainly win, cos we wont be signing the names mentioned on here.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    You’re welcome to stick on 0.

    It might need some tinkering, I was wondering whether to go for 3 or 4 points per correct guess, but I’m getting bored with all the ‘we wont sign anyone’ and ‘we are going to sign xxxx’ chat.

    Plus, it might bring up some new names

  18. Keyser

    gambon – You’re not serious are you ? That you see no connection between what Chelsea and Citeh have spent and our wagebill rising ?

  19. gambon


    Not really no, City pay a select few huge wages, how does that affect what we play bollocks squad players who are on loan at Sao Paolo, Celta Vigo, Juventus…..or lower level players in our squad?

    Squillaci, Arshavin, Denilson, Djourou, Koscielny, Szczesny et al wouldnt earn at City what they do at Arsenal.

    your point would only be relevant if we were shopping in the same supermarket as Chelsea and City, which we arent.

  20. Keyser

    gambon – What was my point you mong, they paid Gareth Barry over a 100k a week after he said he would only move to a Champions League club, Clichy was one of the players who you don’t think deserved a payrise in the 08/09 season, yet do you think he’s on similar wages at Citeh ?!

    Citeh’s wagebill hit 200m, lol select few ? really, but then they are efficient aren’t they, they don’t underachieve do they, while the Invincibles did.

  21. Mayank

    I like NM’s game. But for it to be interesting someone has to keep score.

    I’ll make 3 picks. That will give me between -3 and 6 points.

    Not the final draft mind you. I think the submissions should close on the day the season ends.

    My current picks;

    Maxime Gonalons
    Cheikhou Kouyate
    Stevan Jovetić

  22. gambon


    They won exactly the same as the invincibles, exactly the same, thats what the record books will show.

    Thats cos the invincibles were underachievers.

    Their wage bill is £50m more than us due to them having a much higher ceiling than us, hence the much better squad.

    As a result they win trophies, they finish higher than us, arent in a desperate scrap for CL football, and their commercial revenue is much better than ours.

    They will make much more TV and commercial money than us this season.

    Quality pays for itself.

  23. Keyser

    Van Persie, Song, Bendtner signed new contracts that year, in the 08/09 season Van Persie appeared in 44 games scoring 20 goals.

  24. Mayank

    Also, maybe you could add an extra 1/2 point bonus if you’ve picked a player that doesn’t have a story linking him to Arsenal and any major publication.

  25. bayo


    City Pay a select few huge wages

    Toure, Kompany, Aguero, Silva, Nasri, Tevez, Dzeko, Joe Hart are all on 150K or above

    The rest of the team including zabaleta, lescot , clichy, e.tc are mostly on 100k with the rest on 70-80k including Maicon, rodwell ,scot sinclair,who has not kicked a ball.

    Arshavin was brought in as a big player so how much do you expect him to be paid 30K? Squillaci 45K, Kolscieny 65K…….this wages look ideal when you are giving this kind of players a contract cause no one could guess that they will be massive flops

    Arsenal’s mistake is giving young players massive contracts after a few games. The deadwoods are .made up of young players that were just awarded massive contracts before deserving it.

  26. gambon


    You miss the point, we sold Adebayor with £5m wages, and Kolo with £3.5m wages.

    Why are we then dishing out £10m extra to a bunch of failures in wages.

  27. Mayank


    “that’s what the record books will show.”

    Are you American? Who cares what the sports almanac shows. People have memories that last quite long. If you think that the Man City win will stay in the collective conciousness of football fans as being at the same level as the Invincibles win then you’re mistaken.

  28. Keyser

    Pedro – Are my posts being binned ? Can you have a banned word list ?!

    “Why are we then dishing out £10m extra to a bunch of failures in wages”

    gambon – nope got your point, I’ve listed players.

  29. Keyser

    Hands up who remembers the Invincibles after 9 years ? Or the team that won the league because Manchester United collapsed and gifted it to them ? Citeh even have the dramatics of the last day to help them out.

  30. gambon


    We have a £150m wage bill, City have a £200m wage bill.

    Take our 5 highest earners….

    Then take Citys…..

    Walcott = £5m
    Podolski = £5m
    Rosicky = £4m
    Arshavin = £4m
    Vermaelen = £4m


    Yaya = £11m
    Tevez = £11m
    Aguero = £11m
    Silva = £10m
    Nasri = £9m


    So if you do a straight swap of top earners their wage bill is only £20m more than ours.

    You honestly think that £20m extra allows them to pay everyone £100k?

    £20m spread across 400 employees?

    The difference between us and City isnt that big. Only that they have a salary ceiling that means they can get top players, and we dont.

  31. gambon


    I know youve only been an Arsenal/Football fan for about 18 months, but i can tell you that these days only Arsenal fans talk about the invincibles.

    All they were is a very good team that underachieved and bottled big games due to their flawed, weak manager.

  32. Romford Pele


    Here’s another reason why people don’t buy English players; Paul Ince has just come out and said that his son is worth £25m…. £25 f***ing million loooooool.

    The likes of Michu and Sissoko cost £2m…. Even the likes of Cazorla, Mata, Silva etc didn’t cost that much! And people wonder why no British players are signed!

  33. gambon

    Romford Pele

    I dont agree with the idea that clubs should sign English.

    I do think we should prioritise PL signings where possible. Man Utd, Bayern, Juve & Milan, and the Spansih teams have always followed that plan, we havent under Wenger.

    Young, Valencia, Rooney, Carrick, Ferdinand, Van persie are intrinsic players in this years PL winners.

    We have…….erm……Arteta that was signed from a PL club.

    Secondly i think there should be a limit of only 1 overseas player brought in per season at U16, U18 & U21 level in youth football.

    The fact that 8 of our 11 Next Gen semi final team was overseas is terrible for English football.

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon: They won exactly the same as the invincibles, exactly the same, thats what the record books will show.

    The difference is that if I type in ‘invincibles’ into Google, it comes up with it’s own wiki page, along with a load more references.

    Interestingly about 6 entries down is a link from dec2012 about how ManC might match Arsenals invincibles side this season. They didn’t, they failed.


    If Pedro got involved he could make it the official LeGrove game 😉

    As for an extra point for all players not connected in the press, I’d make it an extra 1 or 2.

  35. bayo


    This season will mark the end of squillaci, arshavin, bendtner, djourou, denilson, chamack.
    The players the club will have difficulty in getting rid off are park,diaby so it should get better gradually.

  36. Mayank

    Sick burn Gambon.

    So you’re saying the only thing that matters is what you win and not how you win it/not win it. Pretty sure people still talk about the Dutch team’s World Cup exploits in ’74. Team of bottlers the lot. That’s how everyone remembers them.

    And as for winning Brazil’s 1970 win will go down the same as Italy’s win in 2006 in the record books.

    It reeks of cognitive dissonance that you can’t hold the two facts that the Invincibles was a great team that’ll live in the memory of football fans for years, and that you hate Wenger, in your head at the same time. So you trick yourself into believing that everything Wenger has done has been flawed.

  37. Keyser

    Do Citeh even have 400 employees ?!

    Lol even if we take skewed totals, 20million extra pays for 20 players to earn 20k a week more than the next 20 Arsenal players each.

    That’s every year, so not only are the top 5 players earning double their counterparts at other teams, so are the rest of the squad.

  38. gambon

    Nasris Mouth,

    Its a load of bollocks. All they were was a team that managed to go unbeaten in one of 4 competitions. Yeah well done, but all it was was a platform to build from, and we utterly fucked it.

    We won the PL with 90 points, Man City won the PL with 89 scoring more goals.


    Erm I seemm to remember Chelsea, Inter Milan, Man Utd, and Boro beating us that season……hardly invincibles.

  39. gambon


    Ive said numerous times that the 2002-2004 era team was the best footballing team in the UK football history, but they were huge underachievers, mainly due to the mentally weak, tactically naive, unambitious manager.

    Fergie won the treble with a far worse team. Shame on Wenger.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    Out of interest when Arsenal’s wage bill is compared to ManC’s are they like for like?

    Do they both include all staff ? all payments?

  41. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Im pretty sure all wage bills do.

    I remember Wenger trying to defend his silly wage policy by saying “oh but not all clubs include all staff”

    But if you look into it, thats bollocks, as clubs have to reveal their operating costs, so if its not in wage bill it will be in “other costs” and our “other costs” are more than all our rivals bar Man Utd at £56m pa.

  42. Romford Pele


    I agree on both fronts.

    Arteta was a good signing and he’s been pretty consistent for these two years. There are some great players in this league who could’ve done a job for us over the years. I’m not sure if there are many i’d want currently though.

    The bit about Academy footie is interesting. I do think we had some English players/British players who could’ve easily done as well as their foreign counterparts. Although I guess we have a higher rate of foreigners making it into the first team rather than English/British players. Clichy, Szcz, Coquelin, Cesc are just a few to name.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    Wrong again. In 20 years time, in 50 years time, how many people will remember which year ManC won the league in ? how many will remember which team went unbeaten ?

    You seem determined to come up with a dumb argument every day. Though you’ve managed 2 today, actually 3 as it was you that started Joppa off on his ‘Arsenal should have more English youth players’ tirade, so you can have the weekend off.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    Saying our ‘Other Costs’ are higher than other clubs is beside the point of the argument you’re having with Keyser though. Doesn’t mean it’s good of course, but it’s a separate argument.

    But it might be worthwhile finding out whether ManC’s wage bill does indeed include all the costs ours does.

  45. Keyser

    NM – Even if they were like for like, which I highly doubt, the make-up wouldn’t be the same for every club, the Etihad caters to 48,000 fans.

  46. Mayank

    “I’ve said numerous times that the 2002-2004 era team was the best footballing team in the UK football history”

    Then why go on to belittle that fact? Did it feel like Arsenal were the best team in that period to you? Was your enjoyment of that season lessened by the trophies we hadn’t won? Was the 02 double a more enjoyable experience than the 03-04 invincible run?

    We had absolutely no standing in Europe before the Wenger days. No team has gone on to win the CL without having a decent history in the tournament. Look at Man City. Way more ambitious than us and way more aggressive in their pursuit of glory. Yet they haven’t even made the group stages. Look at Chelsea, they invested heavily in their team for 10 years to get a CL. Even when they were the richest club and had Mourinho at the helm they couldn’t do it.

    When Chelsea came into money they were 4th in the league. When Wenger came to Arsenal we were 5th. Both of us had a similar standing in Europe though we towered above them domestically. It took 9 years of relentless investment to make Chelsea win the CL with top managers coming and going.

    It’s a mark of the esteem you hold Wenger in to think that he should’ve done that with an incomparable budget.

  47. gambon


    In terms of success it would be better to have an open borders policy to youth recruitment, but it does nothing for the English Game (and other countries).

    Worst case scenario, if theres a Cesc level talent out there but we have already used our allowance, we would have to bring him in as a first teamer, or wait a few years and sign him.

    Think how many English kids have been discarded to make way for all the foreigners in our system?


    Now i like some of these players, and hope they make it, but in future generations I would rather UK academies had to priritise UK youth development & likewise in other countries.

  48. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Its missing the point.

    If theres any club that is obscuring their true wage cost its likely us, due to our strangely high “other costs”.

  49. gambon

    “We had absolutely no standing in Europe before the Wenger days. ”

    Wrong, see this is the problem with your recent defection to Arsenal.

    No team has gone on to win the CL without having a decent history in the tournament. ”

    Wenger has had 16 years now, how many do you think he needs? Accept he isnt a truly great Manager like Fergie, mourinho, Hiddink, Guardiola, Van Gaal etc.

    “Look at Man City. Way more ambitious than us and way more aggressive in their pursuit of glory. Yet they haven’t even made the group stages.”

    Yeah fair enough, Man City dont have an elite manager and most teams struggle initially. They were unlucky last year, as theres no way we wouldve got out that group.

    “Look at Chelsea, they invested heavily in their team for 10 years to get a CL”

    Well, no, they have a fantastic record in the CL. Much better than us.

  50. Keyser

    “Wenger has had 16 years now, how many do you think he needs? Accept he isnt a truly great Manager like Fergie, mourinho, Hiddink, Guardiola, Van Gaal etc.”

    This is ridiculous, he’s been at Arsenal for 16 years, Arsenal have achieved one Champions League final in their entire history, following your reasoning what should we accept about the club ?!

  51. bayo

    Think how many english kids have been discarded?

    I think they all have the same chance of making it but may be they are not good enough…An example is Benik Afobe with all the potential we were made to believe he has…he is gradually turning into another lost one….If you are good enough..u will get a chance….Examples include ashley cole, gibbs, wilshere, cleverly e.t.c Its should not be about the passport but the talent

    Secondly a league where the norm is spend everything to win the league will never allow clubs to have the patience in giving young players the chance except if the player was like messi instantly….Do you expect man city, chelsea to wait for any young player when they could buy a 26 year old cavani that will do wonders for another 7 years.

  52. Fizzy Styles

    By Steve Bould (today on Facebook)

    Is Giroud a FLOP?

    Olivier Giroud came to England with one of the biggest tasks for any striker who wants to reach the top: to replace Robin van Persie – arguably the best striker in the Premier League.Last season Arsenal scored 74 goals at an average of 1.94 goals per game and finished the season in 3rd with a grand total of 70 points.This season we have scored a total of 59 goals at an average of 1.97 goals per game. If they win 6 out of their last 8 games they will finish on 71 points. If we continue to score at 1.97 goals per game Arsenal will finish the season on 71 goals….

    The major difference is that last year Robin Van Persie scored 30 goals and no other Arsenal player made double figures. Whereas This year we have 3 players in double figures Cazorla 12, Walcott 11 & Giroud 10 and Podolski knocking on the door with 8 goals. Now there is no guarantee that Arsenal will continue their winning run but statistically they have every chance to overhaul Tottenham & Chelsea and finish the season in 3rd and even Everton getting onto 4th as they are just 4 points behind Chelsea who hav too many games piled up and also Europa League games…

    For all Those who say we shld hav bought a Cavani or Falcao must understand that 30 goals per season is the exception not the rule, any club would be ecstatic if their top scorer finished the season on 20+ goals.During 97/98,98/99,06/07,08/09,2010–11 season, Premier League Top goal scorers didn’t score more than 21 goals….

    Thierry Henry when he played for Arsenal from 1999-2007, played 254 games and scored 174 goals (at an average of 21.75 goals a season).Olivier Giroud may never score 20+ goals in a season but based on his output this season and more importantly the positions he puts himself into I have no doubt that he will be a 15+ goal a season striker.Yes we need a new 20 goal+ striker this summer…

    So try to be positive I am very confident that new Striker,Walcott, Giroud and Podolski are capable of averaging 55-65 goals a season. With Santi Cazorla/Wilshere/Oxlade-Chamberlain and other contributing 25-30 also contributing we should be in good shape next season to score 80-95 and put a good fight for the title


  53. gambon

    Good point Keyser

    So only teams that have previously won the CL can ever win the CL again?

    Very good point, so Real Madrid have won every European Cup since its inception? But wait a minute……how did they win the first one? Cos they hadnt won it before!!???

    Oh dear.

  54. gambon


    Terrible article.

    We bring in a new top class striker, and Giroud/Walcott wont be able to score as many as their chances will be limited.

    If you think Giroud will score 12-15 as first choice, then repeat it as backup youre wrong.

  55. Keyser

    gambon – fuck me, that’s dopey even for you, how does the club have no bearing on the managers chances of winning Europe’s Elite competition ?

    Mourinho has won the Champions League at two different clubs, yet when it came to Chelsea he failed each time, does that mean circumstances just didn’t favour him, he came up against a worthy foe, or Avram Grant and Roberto Di Matteo were just far better managers.

    Well according to gamboni..

  56. gambon

    Infact its nearly as terrible as the morons that say “Cazorla, Giroud, Podolski have replaced RVPs goals”

  57. gambon


    Yeah Mourinho “failed” at Chelsea the 2 times he tried. He won the CL twice in about 9 attempts, and has a huge chance, infact is probably favourite along with Munich, this year.

    Wenger has failed 16 times in a row.

    One is a success, the other is just a terrible terrible manager.

    A great manager can fail to win the CL 7 of 9 times, a great manager cant fail 16 times in a row, simple as that.

  58. Pedro

    Keyser, failing 16 years in a row is pretty poor… especially considering the relatively easy routes we’ve failed.

    … and that we had one of the best squads in Europe in the early 2000s.

  59. Keyser

    Lol again a pathetic justification, Di Matteo had how many chances before he succeeded where Mourinho failed ? It’s not even my point, this is YOUR reasoning.

  60. Pedro

    Gambon, on the other hand… calling Wenger average manager now works… but he didn’t achieve what he did by being a poor manager the whole time.

  61. a.k.b nemesis

    16 years in the job and no champions league medal to show.
    Fergie 2 medals and 1 runner up
    mourinho 2 medals and unbeaten in the quarter finals in the ucl.
    Arsene 1 runner up ?

  62. a.k.b nemesis

    Real madrid had 3 players who contributed almost 80 goals in the league last season.we shouldn’t be happy with 4 players contributing what 41 goals.

  63. Mayank

    “Wrong, see this is the problem with your recent defection to Arsenal.”

    Keep playing the foreign fan strawman it doesn’t change the fact that Chelsea have won 2 Cup Winners’ Cup and 1 UEFA Super Cup and we’ve won 1 Cup Winners’ Cup and 1 Fairs Cup. Both clubs had an equal standing in Europe in the time frames I mentioned even though we’d been involved more. We have a similar European standing as Real Zaragoza. And that’s down to the managers before Wenger.

    “Wenger has had 16 years now, how many do you think he needs? Accept he isnt a truly great Manager like Fergie, mourinho, Hiddink, Guardiola, Van Gaal etc.”

    You’re comparing 16 years for a club with no European history and a minuscule budget to clubs that have had for more money and history as if they’re the same thing.

    “Well, no, they have a fantastic record in the CL. Much better than us.”

    Well their record has given them 1 CL after 9 years of investment the likes of which were unheard of in Europe.

    Face it. Your expectations of what Wenger should’ve achieved in his first 8 years at the club are skewed by his performance in the next 8.

  64. Pedro

    Keyser, putting an ‘eh’ next to what you say doesn’t detract from the point that we’ve had one of best squads in Europe and failed.

    It’s a massive underachievement on Wenger’s part.

    Plenty of easy routes… bombing out to PSV… Chelsea… I mean, the list is there for all to see.

    16 times in a competition Liverpool have made it to two finals in.

    Things don’t conspire against you 16 times. It just means you’re not good enough. Tactically, Wenger has never had it at the highest levels in Europe.

    He never will either…

  65. Fizzy Styles


    I actually think it’ll work as Giroud has shown he can score with his head. If such a striker comes in all that is needed is good delivery on the wings which the new improved walcott will and should be capable of delivering.
    I don’t see how a top class striker would stifle the chances of our current strikers. It would instead give Wenger options for us to Challenge properly for the cup games.

  66. Keyser

    Pedro – Of course it does, because your comment carried just about as much value.

    It’s just another vague generalisation, going out to PSV ? Did we have one of the best squads in Europe that year ? Or did you mean another specific year ?

    In fact you said the early 2000’s, we probably barely had the best squad in England even in 2004, we certainly had the best team.

  67. Keyser

    Lol, it’s amazing what Wengers done to the fans, I remember people shitting it because Parma had Zola, Asprilla and Brolin, people seem to accept Nayim even, Batigoal was looked at in wonderment, when Fiorentina had only finished 3rd in their league the season before.

    Now there’s talk of massive underachievement..

    “16 times in a competition Liverpool have made it to two finals in.”

    They’ve won it 5 times.

    Just another AKB then.

  68. Johnny5

    I can’t even really believe this convo is happening. I mean come on for the first 8 years wenger was a pretty successful top manager. He’s relatively gash these days but it wasn’t always so. Is the hatred of wenger clouding judgement?

  69. Johnty79

    Gambon, been away but spot on with the invincible comment.. The 2002 team was better than 2004. Ljungberg was on the slide in that season.

    I genuinely mean it that 2003-4 was a massive underachievement and one of the most disappointing. The quadruple was there for the taking but wenger fucked it up again. In that summer wenger had no idea who was going to partner sol Campbell at the back.he stumbled across toure who was playing very good in midfield at the time. People say it was a master stroke putting toure in defence but he could have been awesome partnering vieria in centre midfield. Gilberto was disaplined but watch the tapes he was very poor in 2003-4 and him and vieria together never really gelled. The good thing about them was that the opposition thought they were Beaten before coming on the pitch.

    The truth of that season is wenger only had cygan and keown as back up of which he never trusted cygan and keown hardly played towards the end of the season. Upfront he only trusted Henry, with Kano being ( 28, albe it an african aged 28)and wiltord not signing a new 1 year contract. Just when we needed pires,Henry,vieria to at their peak in march they were heavily fatigued due to wenger playing them at home to very bottom half team in the league when he could have rested them.

    2002- that squad was at its peak. 2003 he failed to add to it just has hes done now a days. Luckily back then he had Henry, pires, vieria to save his bacon…in te later days he only had Rvp to do so.

    Wenger 1996-2005- u had te beating of ferguson despite having lesser funds. But you still made stupid fucking decisions like deciding cesc a 16 year old boy would e a better option than, carrick or Yaya in centre midfield.

    2005-2013- you either went nuts nuts or decided your salary was more important than success. You don’t care about the fans that for sure.

  70. Johnny5


    Lol. I know I know. But it irks me bud. Yes I want wenger out, yes what we have had to put up with is fucking gash. And yes we need to be much better going forward but to say theyre saying is just plain wrong. Wenger hasn’t always been a poor manager. He might be a cock thats letting the ship sink but he’s still one of the best managers in our history. Yeah I might call him a wanker or a cunt but I still respect what he did for the first 8 or so years. And I don’t see the invincibles as failures either. Should they have won more? Sure but what they did will not be forgotten for a very long time.

  71. hlebinitup

    Gambon, it took ferguson 13 years to win the cl with the biggest club in the country and yet you bum ferguson. they didn’t even deserve to beat Bayern and arguably Chelsea. You admit it takes time for a club to settle into the cl, so by that logic the first few years of wengers reign there can be no complaint about how we faired in it, however we then got to the final 9 years after he took over (quicker than ferguson) and came incredibly close to winning it with the majority of our invincibles team. Lehmann getting sent off cant be blamed on wenger and on the day we matched a good Barcelona side and tbh were unlucky not to win . After this arsenal have definatly declined however wth the emergence of man u with Ronaldo and Barcelona with messi it is impossible to dominate the cl the last few years. so you could argue that at the most realistic point of arsenal winning the cl which was arund 2003-2006 we got very close. We are a small club compared to other European teams yet even the biggest struggle just look at madrids recent history.
    The point is, while I accept arsenal are shit now and wenger seems to have no clue, belittling the acheivements of wenger and arsenal in the past and invincibles era just makes you look like a sour

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    Wenger is still as good as a lot of managers out there, he’s just not as good as he used to be, nor is he making the most of what we have.

  73. a.k.b nemesis

    Chelsea didn’t have cr7 or messi,inter didn’t have cr7 or messi.They both won the ucl defeating barca.

  74. Johnny5


    Exactly. He was great. Now I’d say he’s somewhat average and like you say not making the most of what we have or building towards success but that shouldn’t take anything away from what he used to be. In my mind there’s two wengers. One I admire and am proud of what he did for the club and the other is a bean counter more than a football manager

  75. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m surprised how bad the odds are for Chelsea and Spurs wins are.

    With the number of games Chelsea have played, and with Il Duce giving them a nice new manager bonus I’d have thought Sunderland have a bit of a chance of a draw at least, and without Bale and a couple of others, I’d have almost thought Everton would be favourites


    16 times and no trophy?Maybe he’ll get an honorary one like they do at the oscars which translates into…….
    hey mate we have an extra one, here take one for your efforts.

  77. samsenal

    A man gets into a fight with Batman, who hits him with a vase and goes “T’PAU!”

    “Don’t you mean ‘KAPOW!’?” asks the man

    “No”, says Batman, “I’ve got china in my hands”

  78. samsenal

    My friend Timmy was once bitten by a rattlesnake, and if I knew the difference between antidote and anecdote he’d still be alive today.

  79. samsenal

    What did the 1st Wenger-Hater say to the 2nd Wenger-Hater when they found out that Stan Kroenke forced the sale of Samir Nasri?

    “Why did that cunt Wenger sell Nasri?”

    ………That’s not actually a joke. It’s just what happens on Le Grove’s message board….

  80. samsenal

    What did the Wenger Hater say when he saw Gareth Bale hurt his ankle?

    “Oh no, that will jeopardise the chances of Tottenham finishing above Arsenal this season”.


  81. Adam A. Carbarundum

    “£70m summer spending based on CL qualification? It shouldn’t be…”

    Isn’t that what Arsenal are all about…Excuses? Arsenal have redefined what success is measured by – Cashbox and not the pitch, not any longer. Welcome to the New World Order, as defined by Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal Board.

    I will always support Arsenal the on pitch club, but will never again spend another penny of my hard earned money on these ego-maniacal pricks that run the club.

  82. gambon

    OK so im sorry bout this…..

    There were 6 in the bed and the little one said……can you smell something burning??

  83. wenker-wanger

    the idea of wanger spending 70 million is laughable. that cnut is so tight that you couldnt get 70 quid out of his wallet if you held a gun to his cabbage of a head.
    We will get champs league since bale (a la rvp last season) is responsible for many of their points. Champs league qualification gives wanger all the excuses he needs to avoid spending, I also believe if we finish 5th then he will argue that spending isnt the way to generate a teams success on the field….much like his philosophy anyway.We are stuck with this stubborn tosser and being a perennial 3rd or 4th place team that wont win any trophy (aside from the emirates cup). have a nice day!