Theo Walcott: Is it all down hill from here?

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I used to think I was genetically superior to everyone around me… I never got ill. Then I started work in a London office and had to suffer the coughing and spluttering on the  Underground. I have no super powers. God damn sick people and their unhygienic ways…

Anyway, let’s power into the football before North Korea nuc a massive global server base…

Theo Walcott has taken a pounding of late… it was always clear that if he signed a new contract, he’d go down the sh*tter. Wenger doesn’t believe the two are linked.

“I don’t think that is linked, especially with the fact that he has signed a contract or not. Because you can say as well he is more secure, he can express himself.

“I don’t see any difference in attitude in training. He is a guy who loves football, who stays after training, works on his finishing.

“He was just a bit less decisive. He needs that fraction of a second to make the difference. He needs his pace.

Personally I don’t think they’re linked. I don’t think Theo Walcott was short of cash before… that extra £20k in his pay packet a week probably isn’t going to send him into a world of money fatigue… well, not in the same way it’d destroy me anyway. However, I guess it is worth nothing that there have been studies in America that track player performance to the want of a new contract. Players in the last year of their deal generally stay fitter and perform better. Perhaps now Theo has achieved what he set out to do… he’s switched off mentally.

Either way, he needs to stop banging on about how he’s had an amazing season and he needs to find that fight and decisive edge that made him the greatest player on the planet. For me, the real issue with Theo is that he hasn’t yet mastered a position. Sometimes he’s good down the middle, sometimes he’s totally worthless (see Bayern Munich)… sometimes he’s super outwide, sometimes he spends the whole afternoon trying to drift in. I also think his size is a hindrance. The attraction with a player like Gareth Bale isn’t just his output at the moment… it’s his pure size and strength. You can play him anywhere and he’ll cause issues.

Theo has come on leaps and bounds this year, his control has improved, his finishing has largely been excellent and he’s added some different gears to his game. He’s still young, he just needs to work on his mental toughness. He needs to work out how to play against teams that set out to nullify him.

At least we know he’s capable now. If he’s not hitting the heights, it’s down to him. 18 goals and 13 assists is a pretty good return this season. He just needs to make himself count for a whole season.

That’s me done for the day… have a good one!

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    Well Tom,i sure as hell know for sure i am not a math nerd, i had to take 2 paracetamols after reading that.One thing wasn’t wasted on me though ,Arsenes plans are wack.

  2. +-+987

    Wonga is going to get 4th after all. Bale, Lennon and Gallas all injured. Bales looks serious. Shame, such a terrible shame.

  3. marxdrive

    It looks like spurs will be playing Everton and Man city without Lennon and Bale………What a shame!

  4. LeMassiveCoq

    Looks nasty for Bale. Actually feel a bit sorry for the lad. Looks like 4th is ours if we can beat the Baggies and Everton however. Lucky Arsene.


    With those two injured and a game in hand i don’t know.I get a little weary when we have fate in our own hands,it hasn’t worked to well for us in the past.

  6. BacaryisGod

    Having torn ankle ligaments myself (which is what I suspect happened with Bale), my excitement at the advantage this might bring us is tempered by a little more sympathy than I thought I would have. This looks like a 4-6 week minimum unless they have some special treatment for this now that I’m not aware of.

    Not convinced this puts us in the home stretch for the title race. Chelsea look much more assured with Torres gaining back confidence and Spurs still have some very good players to call upon. With only 7-8 games left season a loss away to WBA (and we are without Walcott and Wilshere) could deal us a major psychological blow and help push Spurs over the top when they will likely beat Everton at White Hart Lane. That would put us down 7 with a game in hand. Of course it’s possible we end up 1 behind with a game in hand, but I see more potential pitfalls this weekend than promise.

  7. Johnny5


    That article was a bit of an eye opener and really shows up the media for singling out arsenal despite them getting it wrong. Doesn’t take anything away from the fact that football is far too expensive but it defo blows the myth were the most expensive out the water.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Don’t know where Wenger keeps these get out of jail free cards, but he played one tonight, that looked nasty

  9. gazzap

    while we shouldn’t take pleasure in players getting injured. you do have to feel that injury will work against spurs. There is a chance it could galvanise the rest of the players, and you never know they could pull through and not miss him. But on the face of it, losing your best player is usually not a good thing.

  10. tom

    Spurs are beginning to see life’s not so easy at the top. We always hear about their strength in depth, now we better see it.

    A draw is a perfect result too. Spurs have a proper incentive to field their strongest eleven in the return.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Strong, strong stuff coming out that we’ve got Jovetic all over the place now on news feeds…believe it when I see it but it would certainly lift the mood after a dire season if we signed someone like him as soon as the window opens.

    Been here before though.

  12. Johnny5


    I’ve seen it in a few places on the web if it is true then credit where credits due hat off to mr wenger getting in there before anyone else.

  13. tom

    Surely you aren’t falling for those b.s. stories.
    Everyone knows it’s season ticket sales season!
    Anyway we all know AW wouldn’t know quality if it nutmegged him, let alone spend the wonga to buy it.

  14. Johnny5

    If it does turn out to be true then gotta say wengers on point with that one. Maybe he is finally willing to address the weaknesses in the squad…. Maybe not. If it is true it beats the usual embarrassment when he offers 5m for a 20m player lol

  15. useroz

    Fergie has this to say about RVP’ recent dip in goal scoring prowess…but what caught my eyes is the part about ‘batter’ the ball which I thought our forwards/ strikers should learn.
    – – – – – – – –
    “You have to get through that period and not lose your faith and belief in yourself. My dad always used to say make sure you batter the ball when you’re in there, don’t tap it or try and side-foot the ball in the net, batter it!

    “That’s what I always tell strikers – when you get in the position make sure you hit it. If the goalkeeper saves it, you can say ‘what a great save’

    “ But if you try to side-foot it in and the keeper just catches it easily, you’ll get criticised for that.”
    – – – – – – – –

    Still remember the 1 yard goal mouth ‘miss’ Robin had at AC Milan in last year’s CL. Game?? We would have level the score had it gone in. Robin did not ‘batter’ the ball; I recall he said something about side foot it to get a better angle and he stood by his decision. Of course he would.

    I think Fergie’s right on this one. And feel strongly we’d have got a goal had Robin ‘battered’ the darn bakk …from 1 yard.

  16. Nasri's Mouth


    Fergie has a point, but the other side of the coin is this:

    You go to absolutely belt it, mis-hit it and it sails straight out of the ground.