New media making things interesting and boring | Alex Song back to Arsenal. Would you?

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Good morning friends of the world. How are you today? Bored reading about Paolo Di Canio’s fascist views? Is he a racist? Isn’t he? Who knows. Twitter and the world wide web is on the hunt to find out. It’s interesting in the world of 24/7 media that there is no room for grey. It’s black or white. No flexibility in anything. If a view doesn’t conform with the happy level of vanilla expected these days, you’ll be taken down. I’m not saying I agree with some of the things Di Canio has gone on record as saying, but jeez, shouldn’t we have been taking him to the cleaners when he took the job at Swindon. If Gareth Bale wasn’t the darling of English football at the moment, it would have been interesting to see whether Suarez could have maneuvered his way into any of the awards. Amazing how quickly players like him and John Terry can worm their way back into mainstream good books.

Anyway, enough of that, how about the story that Alex Song might be on his way back to Arsenal this summer? I know. Nonsense. The story has almost zero base to it. The Express has the reputation of a national paper, which for me, should come with journalistic standards. So how it consistently puts stories out the length of a Tribalfootball article and that’s deemed enough to be a substantiated football rumour. Crazy a professional publication can have such low levels of editorial pride when punching out stories into a web chocked full of landfill websites.

I saw The Sun is planning on taking The Times on… they’re going paywall style. I asked myself, ‘who the f*ck would pay to go behind The Sun paywall?’… then I read into it with a little more vigour and found out that they’re going to offer Premiership highlights straight after the games. That’s a pretty good deal. Their sport pages always make for an interesting read even if you do find them more inflammatory than Abu Hamza speech at a Bruce Springsteen concert.

Newspapers and television are going to have to find a ways of competing with free and illegal models. It always takes a while for people to work out how that can happen without sacrificing a single penny of profit. In the end though, brands get there, or they die. The television model is already starting to break up. 4G networks are allowing us to digest media anywhere and on any device. I can buy Sky Sports on my iPhone for £4.99 a month. I’ll soon be able to buy access to all Premiership highlights directly after the game through my phone. What I’m hoping comes next is the ability to purchase games in a pick and mix kind of way. It’s already happening around the globe at a scale no web security company could possibly counter… so why not embrace it?

I know, I know. If you let football fans have Saturday games on TV, no one will go. But hold on, Arsenal seem to NEVER play on Saturdays (I exaggerate), yet we always seem to churn out a relatively full stadium (I know, I know, I exaggerate) . Same for most clubs who play TV games regularly. Why can’t the Premier League experiment with a few Saturday games on the box. If attendances drop, then they have a case to say ‘no way’ to making them available for domestic fans. If our natural love for the game shines through in the way I’d hope it would then maybe there’s a strong case for giving domestic the same access fans in Saudi Arabia are given.

Plus, it opens up a brand new revenue stream. What makes the prospect of this even more interesting is that as far as I know, there are no rights distributed domestically for home games on a Saturday. Is there the opportunity for clubs to sell their own digital season tickets? Or could someone other than Sky come in for the package. I mean, there have been rumours for a while that Apple were interested. We know Disney wanted the Premier League in their portfolio.

I think the who new media age is really interesting. It’s still showing no sign of maturing and for every year it doesn’t conform, a new way of the people having it their way emerges.

Media bosses should just face up to facts, you’re going to have to budge if you want to take things to the next level.

Anyway, Alex Song, what a load of absolute nonsense. The Express, a terrible online news offering.

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  1. Pedro

    Johnny, what about all the players that excelled… then got sold? Or didn’t that happened?

    JD regressed! He was always shite.

    Joppa, I write about what the club needs to do every day. So it’s quite ridiculous when you state I’m happy with the status quo… because what I write is down on screen.

    All those wants that you have won’t happen if we lose to Spurs.

    But seriously,,, as a fan… wanting to lose to Spurs is pathetic. No good comes from poisonous thoughts like that.

  2. Johnny5


    I agree with alot of what you post and your right we should be doing better but if an 8-2 hammering by united didn’t unseat the useless cunt in charge then nothing will and I just couldn’t want spurs to win they’re fucking bigger cunts than wenger .

  3. the_real_andi

    pedro´s right. and beside that – losing 5:0 to spurs would take at least 10 years off my life – won´t get it back anytime

  4. Johnny5


    Name one player In the last 7 years we’ve brought and wenger has turned into a ‘gem’. His last gem was Henry and I bet that was a fluke.

  5. Pedro

    Johnny, look at all the players we’ve sold over the last 5 years… then tell me we don’t make great players.

    Look at us now… so shit people hope we’d lose to Spurs, yet there’s a pretty good chance we’ll finish 3rd.

    Things aren’t great at the club… but over the top vitriol against your own club makes certain fans look really bad…

  6. Joppa Road

    You just don’t see it do you? At 2-0 down at home last season to Spurs it fkin hurt right? And when we went on to win 5-2 we were all over the moon. But, when I look back that week I called for a defeat. Why? Because it would have buried us in the race for 4th and Arsenal would of had to of changed their approach.

    In the end we came back and look now – more of the same. Scrapping the barrel for 4th and fighting over the scraps. Nothing changed and it won’t do next season either. It’s a crock of shit and change needs to occur. If defeats bring that change then I will live with it even if it was against Spurs because I know we would come back stronger under a new regime.

    Johnny – Wenger should have resigned on the spot after the 8-2 loss and I said it at the time. He didn’t and here we are.

  7. Johnny5


    No. Just no. Not one of the players aside from RVP and cesc who were already special players when we brought them were great except Ashley cole.

  8. Johnny5


    We didn’t make RVP or cesc, adebayor isn’t great nasri was already good when we brought him. In the last few years how many great players have we ‘made’

  9. Keyser

    How many of those players came from a stronger league ? A better team ? They were all asked to make the step up, some did, others failed, take Arshavin he’s 32, Wenger manages Arsenal, he’s not head of Laboratoire Garnier’s anti-ageing department.

    Cesc was a Barca Youth prostect who wasn’t going to get much of a chance with them, he left us one of the best midielders in the World.

    Van Persie doesn’t count ? Wenger spent years and years excusing his injuries, stuck by him when there were charges against him, all the petulence and the red cards, of course he was talented, but he wasn’t scoring 37 goals in a season leading the line for one of Europes top clubs.

    This is nuts.

    Shawcross and Joey Barton..

  10. Johnny5


    I’m not convinced we’d have changed anything even if we didn’t make 4th. Wenger would have not got the sack anyway. We just have to wait till he leaves and hope he isn’t involved in naming his successor

  11. samsenal

    Joppa – read the real andi’s post of 17:27:14 very carefully. Then read it again. Carefully.

    It’s guys like you, who make ludicrous claims that RvP is a Hero, who undermine the more intelligent arguments of the Wenger Out Brigade; you detract from the argument with statements like that.

  12. Pedro

    Johnny, you’re talking nonsense… they all developed at Arsenal. None of them were bought that good.

  13. Johnny5


    If it wasn’t for RVPs injuries he’d have been doing that fit more than 1 season.

    And cesc was always going to be great. Either way he wasn’t ‘made’ by wenger

    Arsh was in awesome form when he came to us. Wenger ruined him.

    And what’s with you constantly bringing up Barton and shawcross repeatedly OUT OF CONTEXT.

  14. samsenal

    Your CommeBTW I have lost track of the amount of times Pedro said “Wenger is finished as a Top Level manager”.

    I find it hilarious when he gets called an AKB.

    When we bought Cesc he was a child. He left one of the best midfielders in the world. RvP was a talented underachieving moron. He left one of the best strikers in the world. Nasri played in a poor league and left us having showed he could cut it at the top of League Football (for half a season lol).

    All 3 of them have been gushing in their praise of the manager, his influence not just on their game but and their personal lives. To try to deny Wenger any credit for their development is another stupid stance.nt Here

  15. Johnny5


    Your side stepping the question aside from Ashley cole name one truly great player wenger made in the last few years. It’s not nonsense pedders we don’t make great players no more we buy them from less exposed leagues let them shine for one season then sell them.

  16. Ramsey's backpass


    “Johnny,look at all the players we’ve sold over the past 5 years…..then tell me we dont make great players”

    firstly…is that an achievement?

    If you say 5 years period…then its only cesc and RVP except if you think adebawhore is a great player

  17. Johnny5


    They’re great players no doubt. My point is wenger never ‘made’ them.

    Ashley cole was the last great player we made. Time will tell with wilshere

  18. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Made ? He’s not a geneticist you nutter, or do you mean 27 years ago he should’ve been trying to slip his mother one ?!

    Van Persie was a talented kid with an attitude problem, it took 4 years for him to discover he still had his chocolate leg, and you think he didn’t improve ? He finished last year as one of the best strikers in the World ffs.

    If Cesc was always going to be great he’d never have left Barca in te first place, and if you can’t recognise how much Fabregas or Van Persie changed over the years you shouldn’t really bother.

    Wenger said something about not being sure over Arshavin’s stamina during the 2008 Euro’s that he might not be able to last in Europe’s top leagues, and guess what he shined bright for a while and then faded.

    Shawcross and Barton are in context, Joppa cries over people discussing Giroud and Gervinho, you spend just as much time criticsing them, then all of a sudden Shawcross and Barton crop up and both of you are giving each other a hand creaming over them.

    It’s just plain weird now.

  19. samsenal

    Johnny5 – having potential as a 16 year old Youth Teamer is no guarantee that you will make some of the best midfielders in the world look stupid in the Champion’s League 5 years later. Do not forget just how dominant Cesc Fabregas was. That was not written in the stars.

    Being an indisciplined bad-boy who often played as a left winger in the Dutch League is far from ideal preparation for becoming one of the best strikers in the world in your late 20s.

    Wenger may not have raised them from Birth but he turned youngsters into World Class men. His influence on those 2 is absolutely massive.

  20. Johnny5


    Your comment shows exactly that your using them out of context. I’ve not once ‘creamed’ over either you pathetic troll.

    Barca are still pissed we nabbed cesc they didn’t want him to come to us in the first place

    And arshavin had no stamina problems carrying Zenit and having a massive hand in helping them
    Win the Europa league

    RVP was an attitudes little bastard but he always had the talent even if he didn’t have the legs.

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Ramsey’s Backpass: Jesus christ during his time was in his minority but that doesnt mean what he said or did was wrong.

    You’re using a comparison of Joppa and Jesus Christ to prove your argument? Well done for disproving it in one simple sentence

  22. sixx pac

    “These players were already good when they came to Arsenal. Arsene deserves no credit.”

    “Wenger ruined Arshavin.”

    Somehow, I think these two statements should correlate. Surely if he gets blame for “ruining” Arshavin then he should get praise for what RvP, Cesc and Nasri turned out to be. I mean Arshavin wasnt this bad when he came from Russia. Neither were Cesc or Van Persie this good when they came to the club.

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    So every player that didn’t improve was Wengers fault, and every one that did was because they were naturally talented ?

    Do you realise how dumb that sounds ?

    Ignore that, you clearly don’t

  24. Johnny5


    Like I say man both had the talent to be great they both looked like they were going to be great players before wenger had them. Obviously he had a hand in their development but he isn’t responsible for making them like he was with cole viera Henry etc. he no longer makes great players. He’s churned out a fair few good ones ala clichy but he’s lost his knack.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    What’s the point of developing players if you do what we do? We’re a football club aren’t we? Not a glorified academy?

  26. samsenal

    I’m out of here. It’s been interesting,

    If i come back and see someone has suggested a Teddy Sheringham statue outside of the Emirates there will be trouble!

  27. Johnny5


    I’m not saying he doesn’t develop players I’m saying he isn’t responsible for those two. They were both always going to be world class. Sure he had a hand in theor development but the idea wenger makes these great players is ludicrous Like I say he’s developed some good ones in recent years but not superstars. It’s less down to wenger and more down to the players abilities really isn’t it

  28. Johnny5

    And I didn’t say all the players that didn’t improve were his fault I said that some of the ones he’s brought in have regressed others not developed despite them supposedly coming to a superior set up from which they were at. Obviously there’s some who were never going to be good enough or had shit attitudes but some are just wengers fault.

  29. Nasri's Mouth


    Your comment that started all this was:

    “There’s no point in him coming here then unless he wants to regress”

    What on earth could that mean, other than saying that players come all regress ?

    Ah, don’t tell me, you’re going to use the old ‘I was just taking the piss’ cop out 😉

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah Johnny jeeeez

    They’ll could regress


    They might progress then be sold for triple what you bought them for and Stan gets that funny feeling in his trousers…that’s a great day for everyone.

  31. Johnny5


    Of course it was a piss take hence the lol you left out of it you bloody idiot. I was merely poking fun at the way some players seem to get worse or don’t improve despite coming from lesser teams. Which is true it’s not always his fault but you have to admit in recent years there’s been a pattern of young players tipped to be great one day who don’t make it under wenger.

  32. Johnny5


    Lol very true either way it’s of no benefit to arsenal really is it it’s not as if wenger keeps them around long enough for them to win the club trophies these days watch giroud be sold next January.

  33. sixx pac

    Its nearly impossible to tell if a footy player is gonna make it when theyre young. You may have a hunch, yes but nothing’s a certainty. I could give you a lot of examples from just Arsenal. How many times have we signed the next big thing? Franny Jeffers, Samuel Galindo, Wellington Silva etc etc. Look at Fran Merida. Impressed in the youth team. Bossed Liverpool in the Carling cup. Scored against Bolton in the league. The next Fabregas they said. Kid got big headed (homesick) and went to Atlethico. Where’s he now?

  34. Johnny5

    Sixx pac

    Maybe your right but we seem to keep hold of the shit ones for years and pay them more than they’re worth and sell the ones who could potentially win us trophies for a quick buck.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    I must be an idiot, because I can’t see any LOL in that post of yours I quoted. Is it an invisible one maybe?

    As for players tipped to be brilliant under Wenger who don’t make it, that’s always been the case. There have always been people who over-egg kids with potential. They get over-exicited by a couple of good performances in a couple of non-important games, and start calling them the ‘new xxxxx’. The numbers haven’t increased recently.
    I remember seeing some winger (whose name I’ve forgotten) rip apart a Leicester (?) full back at a reserve game years ago and went on and on about him. Completely disappeared now. Probably a plumber’s mate.

    There have however been less players that Wenger has plucked from semi obscurity who are brilliant, but we’ve been over that before.
    Wenger was ahead of the game when it came to scouting. Other clubs have caught up. No real surprise to be honest.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    Everything Stan, Ivan and Arsene do is for Arsenal PLC and their own benefit which really is one in the same.

    Any Arsenal fan out there show me evidence to the contrary.

    The faster that Arsenal fans realise that the faster they’ll stop suffering.

    There will be no groundbreaking signings this summer, not even ones that make the ground shake slightly, same old, same old.

    We don’t have any stars left to sell so we can’t make a profit hence we won’t sign anyone of any note because we certainly won’t touch the £150 Million Cash surplus that is making the share price so unbelievably high in comparison to other football teams in Europe who actually win things and compete.

    I’m not Anti-Arsenal, I’m a realist.

    Do i think we’re going to get relegate or fall totally out of the top 6 picture…no.


    Do I think we’ll make signings to make us competitive…no.

    Do I think the management at any level will do what is right for Arsenal FOOTBALL CLUB…no.

    Can I see us winning anything in the near future…no.

    Do I believe in these mythical FFP dates, or 2014…no.

    Love my club…hate the way it’s ‘run’

  37. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Arshavin was 26 then, and carrying them ? The Europa League ? Eh ? Playing in the Premiership and the Champions League is equivalent how ? It’s a step up ? To play for us and for us to excel he had to improve, he hacked it for a while, but as his legs went so did he.

    Van Persie had talent ? People didn’t know he had a chocolate leg for 3-4 whole years with us and he was nowhere near one of the world’s top 5 strikers.

    You were saying Henry might have been a fluke earlier, the clubs top scorer ever and it was a fluke, kind of sums up your comments doesn’t it.

    Shawcross and Barton.. Just weird.

  38. Radio Raheem

    Goetze has missed 2 one-on-ones now…

    Really impressed with Malaga. For a side that has sold 2 of its big players fielding a few big club rejects they do play some good stuff. Dortmund are having to play counter attacking football.

  39. Johnny5


    I’m sure there was a lol in there bud. I suppose I’ve not really taken that into account regarding young obscure players.and to an extent the ones with real promise have barca and real written all over them. But in recent years it seems as though its more frequent than I remember it being years ago. And the only thing that’s changed is wengers approach.

  40. Johnny5


    The fluke comment was a joke as in wenger thought sod it ill give him a go and he got lucky. Seriously some of you dudes take everything that said so fucking literal it’s weird. Go outside more. Interact with people face to face.

  41. Nasri's Mouth


    no LOL there. not even a quiet titter behind your hand.

    I think with the internet and the massive increase in the minutiae of the behind the scenes activities at Arsenal we hear a lot more from people who believe xxxx from the reserves will make it.
    In the past, the people who talked up a youngster would have been going to multiple reserve games, (not just watching a few highlights on utube or a stream), and know a little more about it. Now someone on twitter can be a self proclaimed expert and big up some kid after seeing them for 20 mins. If you believed the hype about the NEXGEN kids, 6 of them will be playing for us in 2 years time, the rest will be at Barca. It’s not Wenger’s fault so many fail, it’s people raising their expectations in the last few years

    The truth is, for as long as I can remember seeing the reserves, very very few have made it.

  42. Samir

    We should try and get Dzeko on a loan in the Summer…Same sort of deal Adebayor was on at Spurs…He’d be perfect playing infront of someone like Jovetic…

  43. Johnny5


    I wasn’t saying I want us to sign either of them I was only saying that both have qualities that our players lack. Obviously neither should be players were going for. We should be aiming to sign quality players capable of winning us trophies.

  44. Johnny5


    Ok bud apologies for calling you an idiot I’m obviously the idiot for not putting it in there.

    Don’t you think that because wenger has a history of bringing through these young players that the expectation and pressure is of his own making?

  45. Nasri's Mouth


    Quite possibly. If you go back 10 years, he had a massive reputation for it, though it wasn’t something he self-promoted. He was bigged up by the media etc.

  46. Johnny5


    So you can see how someone like me might feel a bit disappointed that it doesn’t seem to happen for us in recent years. We had the likes of bendtner clichy Denilson flamini Ramsey and so on but so many are rarely spoken of except bendtner but that because he’s usually being an idiot or saying something stupid

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    @Ramsey’s backpass

    True, in some situations. For example when a few people said the world was a globe they were correct and the majority were incorrect.

    However in this case it does. We’re discussing whether RvP is a hero. Realistically heroic status is an opinion, a view if you like. And it’s a view given by the masses. If the majority say he’s a twat (or simply not a hero) then it’s the viewpoint of the majority that holds sway and is correct.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Is only correct from a democratic standpoint – the validity of the sentiment has no basis in actuality simply by claiming it’s the general consensus of any given group.

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    Absolutely, nothing wrong with feeling disappointed. Me too, I’d love it if Eisfeld, Gnabry, Angha, Meade, etc.etc. made it. I wish Lansbury could have made it too. But most of them wont, and he didn’t.
    Difference is I’m not going to blame Wenger for it, or say he’s lost his touch, or say other managers are better at it.
    Remember Fergie bringing through Giggs, Beckham etc. ? Who has he brought through since then that’s made it?
    Mancini at ManC ? Can’t get Nasri to work, (his frustration is evident), absolute same with Balotelli, how about Richards too.
    All managers have failures if you focus on them enough.

  50. Johnny5


    I do have a habit if going a bit overboard with my criticism of wenger but alot of the time I do feel I’m justified in my criticism although I’m well aware that sometimes I am easy to rest the blame solely with wenger and sometimes I don’t fully explain things otherwise evey post would become long and boring that’s why I tend to generalise.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    I utterly agree hero status is a touch far…that should be reserved for players like Henry, Bergkamp etc who gave their best years to the club and served it well…beyond well.

    However if we’re arguing that the general feeling is Robin van Purse Strings is the idiotic cry of the majority of brain washed Arsenal fans who feel they should hate anyone who leaves the club instead of those sitting smirking at their cattle from their thrones in the directors box who are ACTUALLY ruining the club…then yes it probably is.

    Whether that’s right or wrong…much different argument.

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, for me, Wenger has made plenty of wrong decisions, (wage structure, not spending spare cash, flogging a dead horse when it comes to our defensive play etc.etc.) but my view is tempered by a couple of facts

    1) he has arguably brought as much success to my club as any other manager
    2) if you look closely enough you’ll find mistakes with any manager.

    So I do cut him some slack. Doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s making mistakes, I just see absolutely no point in calling him senile, a paedophile, or similar. Waste of time.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    For me Wenger has made plenty of mistakes (wage structure, surplus cash, flogging a dead horse when it comes to our defensive structure etc.etc.etc.) but I’m prepared to cut him some slack because

    1) he’s arguably brought more success to our club than any other manager
    2) if you look close enough, you’ll find mistakes with every manager

    So yes, I can see his mistakes, and I’m not going to say he did the right things where he didn’t, but I’m not going to start calling him a kiddie fiddler, a cunt, senile. Completely pointless

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    That probably comes down to how visible the particular target is. RvP is easy to boo every time he touches the ball. Not so easy to boo Kroenke when he’s an ocean away.

  55. Cesc Appeal


    Utterly agree.

    And as human beings we are feckless and lazy.

    It’s easier to blame players than it is to think you’re club is doomed because a load of self serving money men have a hold of it and are milking it for all it’s worth…..oh yeah and the kicker being at your massive expense, emotionally and financially.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Though I think if Kroenke paraded on the pitch every game we’d all be booing him. I certainly would.

    Still, people boo RvP for a reason. They believe (as I do) that he acted in his self interest and in a way to hurt the club, and therefore lost any chance he had of hero status.

  57. Joppa Road

    I just have to laugh while Arsenal go down the pan and you lot talk about players who are better than Barton and Shawcross. We’ll be having exactly the same convo this time next year. Except then we will even further behind.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    I think it’s a little from column A little from column B.

    Of course there’s self interest. £250 000 a week is an eye watering amount.

    But do I also believe that at the age of 29 as one of the best strikers in the world he thought ‘to hell with sitting around at this unambitious club earning well below the market rate, winning nothing and having to bite my tounge.’ Yes.

  59. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    I can’t speak for all of the booers, but for me, and others I’ve spoken to, the issue is not that he left us because he thought we weren’t going to be successful, but the way he did it.
    1) he wants to earn more money ? fair play, can’t fault him for that
    2) he wants to win trophies ? fair play, can’t fault him for that either.

    Both of those reasons are commonplace amongst players and I think we’d all probably think the same.

    But to come out while still an Arsenal player AND captain of the club, and slag the club off in the way he did is simply wrong IMO, and that’s what causes all the people I know to boo him.

    (To be honest I might have forgiven him if he’d kept quiet until after the transfer went through and then said his piece a few weeks later. At least then he could have claimed to have said it for the right reasons)

  60. Cesc Appeal

    I remember a lot of fans singing his praises for it when they thought he might re-sign after his rant about a total lack of ambition.

    I believe honestly that he, like a lot of the players who’ve left are a victim of the way the club is run. Money first, don’t bow to players ever, even when not doing so is to the detriment of the club…

    Who honestly wants to stay in that environment?

    Really put yourself there. Robin Van Persie, carried a team to 3rd, said team would have been 11th without you.

    Told that there would be NO major signings despite 7 years without a trophy and numerous humiliations, that you’d receive only £140 000 a week tops, still £5 000 a week less than the manager who has totally lost it and who’s mess YOU had to clean up in the season.

    I’d sling my hook as well.

  61. Pedro

    Nasri’s… exactly… not just that, a club that supported him 5 years longer than they should have.

    Joppa, only you could sit there and laugh at the club doing badly.


  62. Pedro

    Cesc, your bleak outlook on Arsenal is so weak… thank god Tony Adams didn’t think like you when GG was taking back handers.

    Everyone knows it’s not right at the club… not everyone jumps ship at the first sign of shit.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    Your’s is frustratingly unrealistic…doesn’t make either of us more or less of a fan.

    First sign of shit?

    You been awake the last 8 years pedders?

  64. Joppa Road

    Pedro – Wenger is the problem, not RVP.

    Run me down all you want but I’m right (again) and you are wrong (again).

  65. Nasri's Mouth

    Had he re-signed then people would argue that his statement was for the right reasons, and he did really have the club in his heart, rather than simply a way to ease his way out of the club while trying to keep the fans on his side (that went well didn’t it, opps!)

    And again, I can’t and don’t blame him for leaving, he had reasons as you say. I’m not going to argue with any of them, though I’d say there aren’t many clubs who bow to their players without going bust.
    He could have left, gone to another club, even ManU and I’d have said, ‘well, that’s what happens when you don’t invest in your team’, and yes I’d agree that’s why he wanted to decided to leave.
    But all he needed to do was just leave. There are countless transfers every year. They manage it quite simply. We’ve lost captains before without managing to hate them. It can’t be that hard to leave if you want to. But none of them came out and slagged off the club by writing a ‘statement’ whilst still being both paid and Captain. That’s the issue people have. That’s what makes people boo him.

  66. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Talking of Joey Barton,

    “Barton wrote: “Have to take back what I said about Thiago Silva being over rated today. Been immense tonight. Still looks like an overweight ladyboy though!
    “Two questions for Thiago Silva. Firstly, Why are YOU talking about ME, in your press conference before PSG v Barca? Very strange.
    “Secondly, Are you Pre-Op or Post-Op?”

    Gotta love him.

  67. Joppa Road

    Clearly Nasri, that article must be 100% gospel truth lol.

    I maintain Barton could of been a good player for Arsenal. I actually thought he was 28, but apparently he is 30 so obviously no point in signing him now. But a Barton and JW in midfield would of been interesting I think.

    I still maintain Shawcross is a better option than our current central defenders.

    It’s just my opinion.

  68. Johnny5


    He’s not better than merts and he’s only better than kos this season. But yeah I’d say he’s better than verm. Since he got the armband anyway.

  69. Johnny5

    Re: RVP

    Is it not possible that he didn’t intend to leave but instead thought wenger would never sell him so thinking this puts out the statement to try force wenger into making signings but it back fired big time?

  70. Joppa Road

    Pedro has already told us the club has improved this season and that selling RVP was the right thing to do and wasn’t a big deal.

    I await this summers verdict.

  71. Joppa Road

    Pedro says “Nasri’s… exactly… not just that, a club that supported him 5 years longer than they should have.”

    What like Diaby and Rosicky as well? Two of your other favourites.

  72. tom

    Respect to Pedro for for his stance against the extreme negativity brought to this blog by Joppa and his ilk.

    I have seen him offer the odd rebuke to posters who are deliberately trolling or being criminally libelous but I’ve never seen him wade on an issue before.

    The fact he catches heat for his moderately tempered criticism of AW shows how extreme the anti-Wenger sentiment can grow in the hot-house environment of a blog.
    He slags off Wenger, to a greater or lesser extent, in every blog he posts yet is regularly ridiculed as an AKB (so far from the truth).

    I am an AKB as much as anyone. I have tremendous admiration for Wenger as a manager of Arsenal and as a human being. I will defend him on almost every level especially against what I perceive to be unfounded character assassination.
    I do however see him as fallible and acknowledge his weaknesses and I will respect a contrary opinion (even if I argue against it) as long as it’s presented with some basis in fact and some sense of proportion.

    I can cope with the banter, I have no problem with swearing, no problem with getting creative and a little twisty with an argument. I positively enjoy some of the more colorful characters and their spiel , probably a lot more than others enjoy my stodgy, goody-two-shoes , defend-the-club persona. But there is a level beneath which it is unacceptable to go.

    As an Arsenal fan it is;
    wishing for the team to lose to anyone, let alone spurs, or wishing injury or misfortune our players or staff’

    As a human being it is: accusing Wenger of being a peodophile.

    Those are my limits and they ought to be shared by all who claim to care about the club.

    When Pedro does a little in-house policing it’s good for the health of the blog and everyone who enjoys it.
    When Pedro participates in the discussion it’s a pleasure to see him take a stance.

    Thanks, Pedro.

  73. Joppa Road

    LOL Tom…ffs.

    What the hell is going on on here? It’s complete bs as well though Tom. Pedro regular turns a blind eye to certain comments.

  74. Joppa Road

    You have to remember Tom, I was originally drawn to LeGrove because of Geoff’s posts. Pedro is OK, occasionally he gets it right but he is too moderate for my liking and doesn’t ever fly off the handle.

    I think he was desperate for Wenger to do well so he could move LeGrove to a more central standing in the blogging world. Geoff confirmed this in a reply to my comment. But infact Arsenal have regressed and this means Pedro can’t make LeGrove the pro Arsenal mouth piece he wants it to be.

  75. dave


    Just out of interest, if you are so unhappy with LeGrove with Pedro, why don’t you stop reading and set up your own Anti Wenger blog?

  76. dave


    I’m serious. You obviously have an issue with the way Pedro writes this blog, so why bother continuing to read it?

  77. Joppa Road

    Such a stupid comment Dave. Just because I disagree with a few point Pedro makes it doesn’t mean I stop reading or commenting. It’s a blog, we are all allowed to have a differences in opinions.

    I only read Arsenal Truth (occasional blog) and LeGrove. Basically Pedro and Geoff (and Gambon) are the only jounalists on Arsenal I am interested in. I’ve set my alarm for 5:40am to listen to Pedro on 5Live, I read everyday and comment most days. Just because we don’t see eye to eye all the time isn’t a reason to go elsewhere. Pedro knows this. I give credit when I like a post of his.

    It’s not the end of the world because we disagree, it’s a good thing sometimes.

  78. dave


    Thanks. I was actually interested. It was not intended as a dig. It seems to me that some people moan for the sake of it. Me, if I’m that fed up with something then I avoid it. Don’t get too defensive about every question. Not sure why I was being stupid, but there you go.

  79. Joppa Road

    I don’t avoid the blog. I hold it in higher esteem than any tabloid or broadsheet. Can’t give it much more of a compliment than that. But I will say what I think to be right even if the majority don’t agree on here. Pedro, gives it back too. He regularly makes reference to me being a member of the EDL for example. Now if he knew me then he’d know that was way off the mark in so many ways. It doesn’t bother me though. It’s amusing.

    At the end of the day. It’s a blog. It’s about opinions. I just wish Geoff was still about to ban Keyser.

  80. dave


    Kudos to you. My mistake. Maybe your opinions are lost in translation. Some comments on here get rather personal and then that’s when I think, why get yourself so agitated with someone you don’t know and who’s opinion you are never going to change.

  81. Joppa Road

    Dave. I freely admit I sometimes go over the top. But I try to not be too personal (unless I am generalising about the Arsenal fanbase!). I’m often called a c*** on here and I probably do make myself look a cock sometimes but it’s all about the club we love; give me passion every time even if it’s not what I always agree with.

  82. dave


    Now there’s a subject… Your generalisation of the Arse al fan base. I’m a ST holder and I’m often lambasted as a supporter of the current manager and board and yet I want both removed.

  83. Johnny5

    I’d love to have a LeGrove without keyser. I detest him. He reminds me of the star key on phone handsets . Utterly pointless. He probably ly feels the same about me but there you go.

  84. Joppa Road

    I’m just amazed Wenger is untouchable when it’s clear to see we are getting hammered in the games that really matter and Arsenal are falling further behind because of the dictator’s ways. It’s madness. How can Wenger be untouchable? How can he not pay RVP what he deserved in the current market, yet pay himself those huge sums?

    I just don’t get it.

    As for Keyser, Geoff would of banned him long ago.

  85. Johnny5

    What pisses me off with certain sections of the fan base is the tag ‘militant arsenal fan’ given to anyone who thinks wenger deserves the sack. Anyone who dare criticise the regime must be some kind of traitor when that’s not the case I feel the ones who think wenger should resign at the end of the season have the clubs bed interests in mind

  86. Evan

    Arsenal forward Theo Walcott is so desperate to win a trophy with the Gunners that he claims he would swap all his personal achievements for some silverware.

    “Personal achievements” mmm I can’t think of any. I suppose the contract extension was an achievement