Arsenal to raid Germany with £70m? | Gervinho love in continues

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Good morning and welcome to bank holiday Monday! I trust you all enjoyed yourselves last night?

Today there’s not really a lot to talk about. A couple of crap April fools articles doing the round, desperately hoping the national press will pick them up and run with them… outside that, we’ve got Giroud talking about taking us to the promise land of top four supremacy.

“Spurs have to play against Manchester City and Chelsea so they are hard games. But every game is difficult, we can see that Chelsea lost at Southampton. We have to keep focus, concentrated and strong.

“We are scoring lots of goals. We need to be more concentrated when we are defending because we need more clean sheets because we dominate games. But we are playing well.”

He’s right, Spurs and Chelsea have to play each other which means someone or both of them are going to be dropping points. We just have to make sure we secure the maximum points along the way. Could we reach third place? Absolutely. Looking at the run in, Everton at home should be tough, West Brom away is always tricky then you obviously have our top 4 cup final which is United. I don’t know why, but I just have no hope we’ll win that at the moment. It would be nice if the team went all out to avoid losing to Robin Van Persie’s United, but they’ve been so strong of late… now they’re adding clean sheets to their goals, it feels like a formidable task.

The important thing is how the teams around us perform. You still can’t rule Everton out of the fight, they’re right in the mix, so the game against us really will have a lot riding on it.

Wenger is personally ramping up the Gervinho love in that’s going on. I don’t mean to pour cold water on him as a player, but it was only Reading, the worst team in the league. Anyway, if we can get solid performances from him more regularly, then I’m up for anything Wenger wants to say to him. When talking about his finished Wenger linked its inconsistency to what goes on up top…

“It will get better and better. His finishing is linked with his psychology, and we work on that. He rushes in front of the goal. Remember he is a winger. When he dribbles past three, which is very physically demanding, then gets in front of the keeper, he is not fresh and it’s not easy. He has to learn to not just hit it hard.”

Gervinho really does seem to lack technique when it comes to shooting. He more often than not scuffs the ball. Is that a confidence thing, or a practice thing? Whatever, let’s hope his run continues over the next 8 games, then we can talk about what to do with him in the summer.

There was a story that slipped out yesterday that I missed. The one about Arsenal raiding the Bundesliga for Bender, Levandowski and Gotze… for £70million. If ever there was a story that had ‘season ticket renewals are coming’… it was that one. I can’t see how we’re going sign those three, a world class keeper and Jovetic. Someone is getting fed utter nonsense and in the main, I think it’s the fans being taken out strategically from all angles.

Right, that’s it. Have a great April fools day. See you in the comments.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    I have no idea, better ask him that, though as he also posted this:

    “I won’t be posting on here,ever again..”

    he might not answer you 😉



    As I said,it’s banter,a wind-up..Big difference..

    Anyway,you miss the whole point.

    I don’t advocate the liquidation of so called minorities,or inferior races..That’s Paulo Di Canio,with his fascist leanings.

    Dannyboy,I thought you were smart..

    Now you are trying to draw comparisons,b/w an Italian manager who is a self-proclaimed fascist & me calling Nasri Mouth a bent bastard..

    LOL..I’m done for the night..

    I knew football fan’s like football player’s were never the sharpest tool in the box,but this takes the piss..


  3. Dannyboy

    I personally don’t see the problem with PDC, think he adds a bit of spice to the league, and that bit of humour we’ve missed in interviews since Mourinho and Holloway left. I couldn’t personally give a shit about his political views. likewise if I was David Cameron, I couldn’t give a toss if my right hand man was a filthy Spurs fan, if he was a good choice for the job.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: I knew football fan’s like football player’s were never the sharpest tool in the box,but this takes the piss..

    When insulting the intelligence of others, it’s always advisable to know how to write correctly. Oppps!


    Nasri’s Mouth

    Oh dear,whilst your are indeed 100% correct.
    I admit,I did not check the grammatical structure of my post.

    That said,thank you for pointing out the flaws in my above post.

    I doubt your post’s are ever 100% grammatically correct.

    After all is said & done,you wonder why I call you a fucking bent bastard.You bitch like one.!!

    Whilst we are at it…
    Do you have a Degree?
    If so,in what?
    & where from?



    I think the issue here,well for the Mackem’s is the conflicts of interest that arise from the appointment of the manager.

    They’ve just announced a business tie-up with the Nelson Mandela Foundation..Ooopss

    Their shirt sponsor’s is some African Consortium,I’m led to believe..

    The club is traditonaly a working man’s club,with socialist leanings

    & Sunderland took a pummeling in the Second World War..

    It’s just all a bit ghastly if you ask me.

    I mean the Chairman making this managerial appointment,is like taking a grenade & pulling the pin to cure a headache..

  7. reality check

    Le grove is a worldwide bloc.

    Many members who comment are not fluent in English.

    For many, English is their second language.

    Vis, Stop insulting people so excessively, it will only be used against you.

    Many of your arguments are valid, but the impact is lost once you begin cursing.

    (Ultimately It’s up to you, Just giving a heads up)

  8. Nasri's Mouth


    You’re still ‘not checking’ your posts. Nor are you being accurate. Still, that’s never stopped you in the past.

    And now your latest piece of banter, where apparently I bitch like a “bent bastard”. I’d say there’s a massive whiff of irony there, given how quickly you get upset at my posts though they’re rarely directed at you.

    Anyway, just for the record, your posts aren’t banter, as that would be (according to Google) ‘the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks’.

    Your posts are actually continually homophobic and insulting.


    Nasri’s Mouth

    I see you opted to ignore the last part of my post,in the PS section.

    Maybe,it was an oversight.Either way,out of curiosity….

    Do you have a Degree?
    If so,what was your subject?
    & from which higher seat of learning?

  10. kwik fit

    Just back from fulham v Qpr and can I say those guys who were touting Samba take a good fucking look at your selfs. Samba sorry some of you guys know fuck all.!

  11. kwik fit

    I watched a player tonight that we could of had for nought. Yeas fucking nought, Can I say that gezzer was world fucking class. And Wenger had the chance and he siad ‘ Nah your’ll alright!’

  12. kwik fit

    reality checkApril 1, 2013 21:43:04
    Le grove is a worldwide bloc.

    Your right cos I was talking to a few japanesse tonight ant they we frequent readers of Le grove and especially loved Vix!

  13. kwik fit

    Absolutely not Vix cos the japenesse I was talking to are arsenal supporters first and foremost but they always ‘tune in’ to Legrove cos as they say’So khan fuknonwan’…..And Vix who can balme them?


    Kwik Fit

    True..Great to have Japanese supporter’s tuning into Le-Grove..They are pretty awesome.

    Hope you had a good night.


    Nasri’s Mouth

    I see a few question’s about your education,have sent you scurrying into your squirrel hole.

    There was no point to me asking,was just curious.

    & suddenly you’ve gone all shy..

    Aarghh..The man that has a comment for everything,suddenly disappears into the night.

    Scared off by a few questions.


    Gobby prick!!

  16. kwik fit

    Vix you have got to remember the japanesse can read the language but don’t speak it . So when I sploke to theseguys about LG and related things it was a really ig thing to them. All I would say is Vix if you go to Japan any time soon bring a few bodyguards!

  17. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Cesc (Fabregas, who quit for Barcelona the same summer) or me were supposed to leave,’ he explained. ‘Arsene told me that if Cesc would leave, I would stay. ‘But Kroenke could not ignore the transfer fee.’

    Brilliant….as if we needed to be told