Arsenal to raid Germany with £70m? | Gervinho love in continues

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Good morning and welcome to bank holiday Monday! I trust you all enjoyed yourselves last night?

Today there’s not really a lot to talk about. A couple of crap April fools articles doing the round, desperately hoping the national press will pick them up and run with them… outside that, we’ve got Giroud talking about taking us to the promise land of top four supremacy.

“Spurs have to play against Manchester City and Chelsea so they are hard games. But every game is difficult, we can see that Chelsea lost at Southampton. We have to keep focus, concentrated and strong.

“We are scoring lots of goals. We need to be more concentrated when we are defending because we need more clean sheets because we dominate games. But we are playing well.”

He’s right, Spurs and Chelsea have to play each other which means someone or both of them are going to be dropping points. We just have to make sure we secure the maximum points along the way. Could we reach third place? Absolutely. Looking at the run in, Everton at home should be tough, West Brom away is always tricky then you obviously have our top 4 cup final which is United. I don’t know why, but I just have no hope we’ll win that at the moment. It would be nice if the team went all out to avoid losing to Robin Van Persie’s United, but they’ve been so strong of late… now they’re adding clean sheets to their goals, it feels like a formidable task.

The important thing is how the teams around us perform. You still can’t rule Everton out of the fight, they’re right in the mix, so the game against us really will have a lot riding on it.

Wenger is personally ramping up the Gervinho love in that’s going on. I don’t mean to pour cold water on him as a player, but it was only Reading, the worst team in the league. Anyway, if we can get solid performances from him more regularly, then I’m up for anything Wenger wants to say to him. When talking about his finished Wenger linked its inconsistency to what goes on up top…

“It will get better and better. His finishing is linked with his psychology, and we work on that. He rushes in front of the goal. Remember he is a winger. When he dribbles past three, which is very physically demanding, then gets in front of the keeper, he is not fresh and it’s not easy. He has to learn to not just hit it hard.”

Gervinho really does seem to lack technique when it comes to shooting. He more often than not scuffs the ball. Is that a confidence thing, or a practice thing? Whatever, let’s hope his run continues over the next 8 games, then we can talk about what to do with him in the summer.

There was a story that slipped out yesterday that I missed. The one about Arsenal raiding the Bundesliga for Bender, Levandowski and Gotze… for £70million. If ever there was a story that had ‘season ticket renewals are coming’… it was that one. I can’t see how we’re going sign those three, a world class keeper and Jovetic. Someone is getting fed utter nonsense and in the main, I think it’s the fans being taken out strategically from all angles.

Right, that’s it. Have a great April fools day. See you in the comments.

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  1. Andy

    Does anybody know if there’s a club-organised way to send messages of support to Diaby? I know it’s a bit cheesy, and he’s on a handsome contract, but I doubt there’s been much Easter cheer around his house this year. He may not have a future with us, but he’s only human and must be as low as hell right now. Would be a shame if he chucked it all in.

  2. Guns of brixton


    ”runs like messi,shoots like Heskey”
    pissing off AFC fans from the day we bought him!

  3. Spurs.are.idiots

    YES !!!! finally arsenal are going to spend big…just going to call my bank and tell them to write a cheque to the emirates team saying i want to renew my season ticket…..2013/2014 title…here we come…

    If anyone believed the above….April fool to them other than that have a good day groovers

  4. Johnny5

    The transfer news story is fucking pathetic. This club really takes the piss when it comes to insulting fans intelligence doesn’t it. The saddest part is that some mugs will actually believe that shit some may even part with their cash because of it. Either way it’s underhand and a disgrace.

  5. Guns of brixton

    Qpr intrested in capoue.
    wherever harry fatknapp goes , he luvs copying and taking AFC transfer targets. whats hes fcukin problem?

  6. Spectrum


    Arsenal sell their best player Robin Van Persie, to their rivals Manchester United. United then go on to win the league with the help of his goals and assists.

    Oh come on. Who would ever believe that ? …….April fool !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  7. Spectrum

    Why wait until April 1st for a joke ? We’ve had one running Arsenal for the last eight years and counting. An even bigger joke is that there are still fools who support him. And not JUST in April !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  8. mykelgunner

    The agent of ettiene capoue has revealed in an interview yesterday that his client has agreed personal terms with arsenal and will sign on 6th April.

  9. Ramsey's backpass

    The club thinks we are fools

    arsene telling diaby not to give up to me means diaby would get a three year extention to his current contract.


  10. mystic

    Wenger has almost done it again, CL qualification.

    If anyone checks the table, because of the chavs / spuds game, if get 100% and score 2 more than Chelsea during the run-in they are GUARANTEED at least Wenger’s coveted 4th place trophy.

    Being a bit more realistic. I think they will drop points to Everton and Newcastle and so it depends on the other teams, but Arsenal will do it as it is Wenger’s only challenge and he is capable of getting 4th – fuck all else though (please no one give me the shit about finishing a staggering 3rd last season).

  11. Thomas

    I love how they’re creating bullshit stories like this to get fans to renew season tickets. The cycle never ends…

  12. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal as you suggest do not have an easy run in to the end of the season, but neither do Chelsea or Spurs.

    I think that it is even odds, which clubs will come through out of these three.

    Wenger will have to offload dead wood in the summer and buy at least
    4 new players. A new goalkeeper, defensive midfielder and a striker are a must. An additional centre back and central midfielder [now that
    Diaby is a long term injury] are also required.

    The suggestion that we are after Goetze and Lewandowski is pure moonshine. Goetze will not come to Arsenal based on price and Lewandowski is going to Bayern.

    Arsenal need to spend ‘serious’ money on a forward. My money would
    still be on Jovetic who looked impressive against England, although
    they may have to break bank to do so.Physically he looks also well suited to England game.

    What I do believe is that Arsenal will make at least one major signing
    before the end of tax year. You may recall that both Podolski and
    Giroud were purchase last season before end of financial period and
    we have still not spent all the money we received from sale of VP,Song
    and Vela. My guess is that there is at least £18 million still to be spent
    in the current tax year.

  13. useroz

    You noticed gervinho often just shoots when defenders (players anyway) are right in front of him and even before he takes his shots many would know there’s no way the ball would get thru…that’s when he doesn’t scruff the shot. You’d find many fine examples in the Reading game. Indeed happens to Ramsey and even Cazorla. If we play tippi tappi that much to get into these sorts of poor shooting position we may as well shoot from further out ie beyond 12 yards. Cazorla scores from 18.

    Either decisions to shoot aren’t right or these batch of strikers /forwards just don’t spend the effort to hone the skill right.

    I don’t watch spanish games regularly but notice messi and others tend to shoot at the corners / high up the goal whereas our folks often shoot towards the goalies.

    Just random thoughts in a quiet day

  14. reality check

    The same people who would of called you a Fool, for saying RVP will be sold to united and be a goal scorer winning them the league from the “cheats” man city.

    Are the same people saying, wenger knows, he’ll get it right you’ll see!

    I wonder what is it exactly he’ll get right?
    Will he be winning a trophy before his contract expires? Doubtful

    Will any of his signings become WC like ronaldo, messi, aguero?

    What exactly is it, that wenger knows?

    Honest question to anyone who believes “wenger knows”

    (Knows = ?)

  15. Johnny5

    Wenger don’t know shit!

    He can’t spot talent

    He can’t coach talent

    He can’t/won’t spend money to bring in talent

    He’s a pisstaking fuckface

    If wasn’t for Chelsea players having more clout than their managers and Tottenham not buy dimao before the window closed we’d be miles away from 4th.

  16. Doublegooner


    Now you’ve won the highly acclaimed 4th place, you could easily step into Wenger’s shoes 🙂

  17. Arsene nose best

    Do these arsenal players ever shut their mouths, all they do is talk bollocks and never deliver.

  18. mystic

    Can’t say there was one occasion that I watched Gervihno go forward and think here is a danger player, against almost any other team he would have been shown up for being no more than average (at best).

  19. Thorough

    JAMAL. Where is ur spirit of sportsmanship? Even the deluded one merely refuses to shake hands. DOUBLEGOONER. And to think I did it with the Handbrakes on….effing mental qualidee.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Wengers comments on Gervinho are pretty accurate. It’s not often he highlights a players weakness even when it’s completely obvious to everyone. Maybe he’s trying to persuade him to do some after hours shooting practising


    So Sunderland hire a self-confessed fascist..

    I bet that would go down,with their shirt sponsors!

    Football hey…No morals..

    Season ticket renewals,reports leaked AW in £70 million bid for Lew,Goetze&Bender.

    Football hey,Shameless..No morals..

  22. Nasri's Mouth

    Di Canio is a strange choice for Sunderland. I’d have thought there’s a less controversial better qualified manager available. Maybe Di Canio is going to be the next big thing in managing.

  23. reality check

    Look at utds midfield! Its so average, I can’t believe how easy this league has been for them. Scholes can still turn up and be the best one in there.

    I think if arsene pulled his finger out 2-3 seasons ago, we would be right up there. Points wise.

    I mean seriously like so many have said. 1. Fellani 2. Vertongeon. 2-3 seasons ago, by now imagine our position.

  24. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d like extra time here, but that would also increase the risk of ManU winning it.

    How much priority is Benitez going to put on finishing in the top 4 when trophies are beckoning I wonder ?

  25. reality check

    Look at utds midfield! Its so average, I can’t believe how easy this league has been for them. Scholes can still turn up and be the best one in there.

    I think if arsene pulled his finger out 2-3 seasons ago, we would be right up there. Points wise.

    I mean seriously like so many have said. 1. Fellani 2. Vertongeon. That type of player. Big, dominant. That’s all that was missing.

  26. Jeff

    Enemy of our enemy is our friend. Man U go out of FA Cup. Good. It’s not been a bad bank holiday has it?

  27. Nasri's Mouth

    So Chelsea’s game against Spurs is going to be changed then. Good. Wont be good for either of them

  28. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Arsenal would not raid hamleys with 7000 let alone the Germans with 70mill. Expect more stories as renewals will be very slow, people can see thru the lies the club produces.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    Has Reus seen much of Jack Wilshere? The young German nods vigorously and his eyes open wide. “A perfect player,” he says. Reus leans forward, across the table, and switches to conspiratorial English. “Boy, he’s fucking good,” he says of Wilshere. “He’s so quick and skilful with the ball at his feet.”

    a little bit about Wilshere in the Marco Reus interview from

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Considering as well the papers were at odds as their ‘sources’ claimed we were signing Bender but they couldn’t seem to make their minds up on whether it was Lars or Sven…both play the same position.

    Having said that Gotze would be my dream singing, fantastic player. Never going to happen though.

    The way the club treats it’s fans in all regards is sickening. Held in the highest contempt.

    We’re literally seen as walking ATM machines.

  31. Cesc Appeal

    If we were looking for realistic targets we could get and that would improve the team.

    Begovic £10-15 Million
    Williams £8 Million
    Cabaye £15 Million
    Capoue £10 Million
    Jovetic £15-25 Million

    Not exactly ‘set your world alight’ signings but would do a job.

    Sagna Williams Vermaelen Monreal
    Cabaye Capoue Wilshere
    Walcott Jovetic Cazorla

    Schez, Poldy, Giroud, Arteta, Mert, Gibbs

    Loans for Chambo, Coq and Ramsey…as well for Gnabry, Eisfeld, Akpom, Bellerin.

    But someone has to do a good job of fitting them into a club we have good relations with. Perhaps send Gnabry to Bundesliga, as well Eisfeld.

    But what I expect is a summer where we have a long drawn out saga for a singing like that St Etienne bloke and Flavian Thauvin…then we’ll be told a fresh Wilshere and Rosicky are like new signings, Diaby will be like a new signing and Gnabry, Akpom etc are like brand new players.

    Arsenal are a club in need of serious change, starting with the board and ‘owner’, the rest will follow on from that.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    But the board would have to go first.

    Bitterly disappointed all this Usmanov & Far East coalition thing died out, really thought that was our salvation.

    As long as we got Kroenke, Gazidis and Hill-Wood at the helm we will be money orientated. And Wenger is happy to go along with that because they allow him to do ANYTHING he wants at the club, training, signings, physio, contracts – the lot.

    £7.5 Million a year and a slice of player sales doesn’t hurt either to keep his mouth shut and get on with it.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    But it’ll never happen.

    They are attainable, but not with the current regime in charge at Arsenal.

    I’d take Sanchez if the £20 Million price tag is to be believed, may have flopped a bit at Barca but there’s a player with massive talent.

  34. Marko

    Agree we need a proper out and out tricky winger that we’ve missed since Pires or even Overmars before him. And unfortunately agree with the current regime statement but I live in hope that this summer the cunts in charge change their ways given everything thats gone on and the general anger the fans have now. This season more than others pervious has been a real eye opener I think and whether thats mutually parting ways with Wenger in the summer or demanding money being spent on players or even a takeover I think we’ll see changes in the summer. Hopefully

  35. Marko

    I still think we’ll get Top 4. Will we deserve it? Probably not it’ll be more down to Spurs bottling it and Chelsea being cunts.

  36. Arsene nose best

    Money has been there, wenger has chosen to spend it on a load of shite and a lad of crap youngsters aswell, it’s all down to him, and he has fucked us, 4th is not an achievement!

  37. GoonerHart

    its annoying people saying if we get top 4 we wont deserve it, i mean everyone says united deserve the league as they have been the most consistent if we get the top 4 we will deserve it through being one of the 4 most consistent teams over a 38 game stretch

  38. Cesc Appeal


    Then Gazidis should have the balls to tell him!

    Honestly all this, it’s all Wenger not the board’s fault thing just smacks of desperation.

    We can more easily envisage the end of Wenger at the club rather than the ousting of Kroenke and his cronies…so blaming him gives us a false dawn.

    They are all in it together, they are all as culpable, all have the same ‘vision’ of a business making mountains of cash.

    Everyone gets there’s…just the fans that get stiffed.

    Gazidis gets his whopping salary and bonuses, as does Wenger and all the control he wants.

    Kroenke gets his massive share prices.

    Hill Wood etc got their payments for the shares.

    Wenger’s babies (Diaby, Walcott, Gervinho, Ramsey etc) get their massive wages.

    Just us that get fucked, get nothing back.

  39. Paddy got up

    Wenger will get a new contract. Vermaelan will go for £10 m ish. Clear out to save wages . A work permit for Joel Campbell, and a couple of French Africans for £3m a pop and that’s your lot for next year. Now hurry up and renew those tickets and open an account at the Armoury online

  40. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal 1886

    Thats what i was saying a few weeks back, a player like Ashley Williams, solid, old school and a leader…doesn’t need Wenger or coaching, and will lead that line with or without the armband.

    I’d wrap him up straight away.

    You can talk about Hummels etc all day long, Williams is gettable and essential

  41. Thomas

    The manager needs to get sacked first of all. He’s the biggest problem right now. You think he’ll spend even though we have 150m in the bank? Think again. He wouldn’t want to destroy his love childs.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    You just know as well all the useless shit will start pulling out semi-decent performances for the last few weeks, guys like Gervinho and Ramsey just to give the prick an abundance of ammunition in the summer for ‘progression’

  43. Johnny5


    I’ve thought similar for a while. The biggest thing we’ve lacked in the recent past has been a decent back 4. Monreal looks good and I think jenks is getting there. I reckon if we got I proper class cb paired with mert and kos as a back up ain’t bad at all. Do think we need a DM too and a striker who isn’t a muppet.

  44. Cesc Appeal


    I always wanted to see Bartley get a run, the amount of chances players like Squillaci and Djourou got, Bartley has all the raw ingredients, never got a chance.

    I honestly believe that £8 Million for Ashley Williams is great business, old school, natural leader, will take charge of that defence and won’t tolerate half arsed performances or sloppy play. Especially for guys like Jenkinson and Gibbs who are going to need that Sol Campbell, Tony Adams type player to look to.

    Koscielny has raw ability, certainly but needs to bulk and cut the mistakes/poor positioning out…but Wenger never allows for leaders on the pitch!

    No one who can challenge his authority…if he thought a guy like Wilshere was looking more toward his captain than him Wenger would hate it…everyone has to look to him for everything.

  45. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Bartley has good enthusiasm and desire, but he’s never going to be good enough to start for Arsenal. He got told that, and made the right decision to set his sights lower.

    I don’t think Koscielny needs to bulk up, he’d lose some of his agility and pace (think he’s last minute tackle against Reading on saturday). His positioning isn’t too bad either to be honest.

    And I don’t get why you think Wenger doesn’t like leaders on the pitch either

  46. Samir

    I don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t try Vermaelen in the DM role…He wanted Vertonghen to play there, that’s why he turned us down!
    Surely worth a try…Vermaelen has proved he can’t handle it at the back!

  47. JJ

    Let’s not write Gervy off so soon. I remember Cesc was crap at finishing in early days. It is like someone expalained to him that shooting was just like passing. Pick a spot in the net and hit it there.

    It makes sense that Gervy is spent after all those moves to get in the box but there is also the lack of confidence and panic that results in a lot of waste. A calmer head and a few more goals should help rectify this.

    He also doesn’t seem to be falling over as much which HAS to help.


    On a slightly different note,away from Arsenal..

    I thought the 3 musketer’s running Arsenal were a bunch of
    immoral bastards..

    But I’m afraid,Sunderland with their latest appointment
    of Paulo “I’m a f-a-s-c-i-s-t” Di Canio,have really reached a new low..

    A base low in fact..

    Football is just the pit’s right now..

    It seems in football, no matter,what your views are,as long as you have a modicum of talent & can sweet talk the general public into believing you are the chosen one..
    You are exempt from the normal laws that govern the masses.

    Paulo Di Canio,has on numerous occasion’s whilst playing for Lazio,given the f-a-s-c-i-s-t salute.
    Whether in salute to the Lazio Ultra’s who detest Jews,& went around beating up Spurs fan’s when they played in Europe some years ago,shouting “Jew,Jew”..

    Or in salute to the general public,re-affirming his f-a-s-c-i-s-t leanings.

    He has a tattoo with the words I’m a f-a-s-c-i-s-t..

    He believes in an ideology that propped up
    Hitler & Mussolini during World War II, and that millions of our ancestors died fighting against.

    He believes in an ideology that promotes violence/ war over peace, r-a-c-i-s-m over equality, division over unity.
    He believes in the f-a-s-c-i-s-t ideology that regarded Jews as second class citizens,to be wiped off the face of the earth.
    The final solution..
    It is an ideology that is quite grotesque in theory and practice.

    He has now come & out and said he’s a fascist,not a r-a-c-i-st..
    As if the two are mutually exclusive,not intertwined.

    If that is the case,how do you explain the subjugation of the Jews,Gypsies,Slavics interned in concentration camps during WW11,

    All part of the cornerstone of the fascist ideology.

    For Sunderland & Paulo Di Canio,to come out & defend their position, put a spin & a twist on proceedings,not only makes a mockery of the war hero’s who died committing their lives defending the freedom’s of every man woman & child,irrespective of race,religion & gender persuasion in Western Europe & Eastern Europe,from this evil tyranny called F-a-s-c-i-s-m.

    But it also makes a mockery of football fan’s intelligence & shows
    how morally bankrupt the game of football really is.

    For me,sadly today football has reached a new low..

    I don’t think football can ever recover from these.
    Well in my eyes anyway..

    I know the topic is rather heavy& not one for this blog.

    But this latest twist of event’s,should put into perspective,where Club’s in the EPL’s priorities really lie.

    For sure,it’s definitely not with the fan’s,nor with any moral consciousness..

  49. Cesc Appeal


    But Squillaci and Djourou were Arsenal grade???

    They were given 100 more chances than Bartley who was given a handful, if that.

    I remember a good few season ago people talking about Tottenham flop Gareth Bale, a lot of players are labelled not up to then come good.

    Problem is Wenger gives all the chances to some, and none to others.

  50. Dannyboy

    Vix, he isn’t a facsist, his best mate is black… Think we all know that means you are a top class human being.

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah that’s what I’m saying.

    Wenger’s judgement was what I was calling into question.

    Nasri’s Mouth, don’t know if he intended it made it seem as if Bartley just pushed for an exit, where really he was pushed out.

    Look at the dross that has had a crack at CB in the time he was ‘at’ the club…I really rate Bartley…at the very least I would have liked to have seen him have all the time Djourou did in the team instead of the Swiss flop.

    Sold Bartley…then decided to try and sell Djourou (which we couldn’t) and let Squillaci sit around on £50 000 a week! Madness, utter madness!

    Sold United the league for £24 Million…which the mad Frenchman even admitted to!!

    In terms of pure football, we have to be one of the worst run ‘top’ clubs in Europe.



    Geez,you can’t pick & choose the tenet’s of Fascism.

    Fascism & R-a-c-i-s-m are intertwined..

    They are not independent of one another..

    Part of the cornerstone of the f-a-s-c-i-s-m ideology was built,on asserting that “superior” nations and races should attain living space by displacing weak and
    inferior ones.
    The platform for this would be achieved through ultranationalism,militarism & liquidation

    Displacing weak & inferior races implied the subjugation of Jews,Gypsies,Disabled,Homosexuals,etc,etc

    Now which part in that fascist ideology,is r-a-c-i-s-m excluded?

    What is your notion of r-a-c-i-s-m?
    Too not have friends of colour??

    Mate it extend’s beyond just colour..

    Go read your history.

    If you are taking in by the ramblings of Di Canio &
    Sunderland today,I really feel for you..

  53. Cesc Appeal


    The question should be, why wasn’t he given a go?

    I think everyone universally agrees it can’t be fair that a set of guys like Djourou and Squillaci get go after go after go and someone like Bartley get’s shoved out of it.

    Saw him get a few cameo’s for Arsenal in pre-season tours etc and looked decent…not saying he’d set the world on fire but ffs, Djourou and Squillaci did??

    Wenger’s judgement is shot.

  54. Toli83


    Didn’t think he was good enough or had the wrong attitude. I believe Wengers actions were because of the what he perceived to be the latter.

  55. Zen Warrior

    PDC is ok by me… He’ll be a breath of fresh air… Hope he does well… and if he annoys that cunt Vix, then all the better…

  56. Samir

    Nasri—”I was told Arsenal would only be signing Gervinho. Fabregas had already left so I opted to go.”

  57. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – No mate, it’s why you rate him, you can’t continually moan about young or cheap signings being given a go then say ‘well why wasn’t he aswell’, there must be something that sticks out in your mind ?!

    I remember he had a game against Olympiakos a few seasons back and he got turned 35 yards out, couldn’t recover and we ended up losing, other than that on loan at Rangers he spent most of his time in midfield and made a fair few rash tackles.

  58. Pedro

    Keyser, you can remember a game when he was 18-19 in the Champions League when he was turned… and rash tackles in Scotland.

    That makes him good to go…

  59. Pedro

    That’s really impressive Keyser.

    Then I moved to digital marketing and realised I could compensate myself for donating my time to give people like you a forum to chat football on.

    It was a no brainer.

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Nasri’s Mouth, don’t know if he intended it made it seem as if Bartley just pushed for an exit, where really he was pushed out.

    IMO Wenger made it clear that if he wanted to play first team football then he needed to move clubs. Nothing to do with whether Wenger thought he was better or worse than the other ‘reserve’ defenders. Can’t imagine that Wenger thought his attitude was wrong.

  61. Keyser

    It’s why I don’t ridicule your efforts to tow the moral line, or call you a hyprocrit, because in the greater scheme of things, while your words might have lost meaning, your efforts have not.

  62. A.k.b nemesis

    Just read some of zlatan’s rants at barca,if he was at arsenal wenger would be in the hospital.

  63. Dannyboy

    Apologies Vix, you are absolutely right. And I know someone of your superior credence would never make comments regarding homosexuality.

    Must have imagined those comments about Nasri’s ‘penis in’ Mouth, AKA Elton John then…




    I think there’s a big difference b/w having banter,ribbing someone as opposed to having them liquidated!!

    I think you’re out of your depth..Let’s just leave it at that!!

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    Vix is right, it’s just banter, honest 😉

    “Absolute arsehole..!!”

    “My contempt for you,now surpasses that of Keyser & Tom.”

    “Don’t bother replying back,as even wasting 5 min’s of my time,with the likes of you,absolutely makes me want to regurgitate.”

    “Why don’t you go & fuck yourself”

    “You stupid fucking homo”

    “Fucking bent bastard”

    “Why don’t you fuck off,you absolute first class cunnus!!”

    See, just banter, and not the slightest bit of homophobia at all.

  66. Dannyboy

    Anyone seen the news about Neil Warnock??

    Has decided he can’t take Leeds any further, and has decided to step down to appease the fans. True gent!

    Wonder if someone we know could learn something from this?