Arsenal rip Reading to pieces and keep pressure on top four

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The Arsenal top four train continues at speed as the season closes out. Reading came to the Emirates with a new manager, but certainly didn’t come armed with a new attitude. Yesterday, Arsenal made light work of a team who really lacked any redeeming features.

The game got off to a flying start despite us being without Diaby, Wilshere and Theo Walcott. Gervinho slotted into the starting which also saw starts for Rosicky and Ramsey. The opening goal was started by the Ivorian who played in to Giroud, he fed it outwide to Cazorla who fired what looked like a wide shot across the box which Gervinho managed to angle into the goal with a well timed run.

A great start. The game continued with much Arsenal domination, the only thing we lacked was a finish. Gervinho was having one of those all too familiar days where he couldn’t quite shake a shot out from under his boots. One of the worst examples was when he powered through on goal with some great skill and duffed his shot without any real pressure wide of the post.

Giroud was unlucky not to be awarded a penalty late in the half when ex-Arsenal man Stuart Taylor totalled him in the box.

The second half was a bit more fun, our finishing came back and Reading really didn’t know how to handle us at points. Our first of 3 more goals game after some good work around the edge of the box from the team, Gervinho teed up Cazorla who struck a peach of a shot into the bottom corner from the edge of the area. He really is a class apart. A dream to watch when he’s firing on all cylinders.

Reading had a couple of half chances. That Russian with the long name was through on goal but denied by a super challenge from Koscielny. There was also a good save from Fabianski from a Pearce volley. We made the game safe though when Gervinho picked up a Reading corner, raced into there half… waited 15 minutes for Giroud to join the party, then slipped the Frenchman in for a first time low drive past Taylor.

We couldn’t keep our clean sheet record going, Hal Robson-Kanu nodded in a cross towards the end. Monreal damaged a leg trying to tackle our post.

We finished the afternoon when Chamberlain was awarded a penalty after being chopped down in the box. Arteta made no mistake and buried it with a cool finish.

The game finished 4-1 to Arsenal.

The Top Four Run In…

So the race for top four supremacy is still wide open. We’ve got to win our game in hand to keep the pressure on Spurs, but if that happens and Chelsea do the same there’s only 2 points between us all. I don’t need to tell you that we’re right in the mixer. Interestingly, all the infighting at Chelsea seems to be having an extremely negative impact on their success this season. The squad they have is outrageous. The output has been awful. The great thing is that both teams have European games to worry about. We’ll be fresher, which could prove invaluable over the next few weeks.


He gets hammered every week at the ground and I feel for him. He certainly hasn’t lived up to his billing, but we have to give credit where it’s due. He was the only one who looked interested up front yesterday and he was the only one causing problems. I barely noticed Giroud was on the pitch until the second half. Sure, he’s not the greatest and he misses terribly easy chances… but as fans, we can’t start groaning and face palming after 35 seconds. That’s not going to help him out. He played well yesterday and he contributed.


The little Spaniard has come into his own over the past few weeks. He was all over the place yesterday, his fast train of thought and his ability to craft out space all over the pitch makes us a really dangerous side. He looks like he’s really enjoying his football at the moment. Yesterday I thought he was exceptional.


I know it was only Reading we were playing yesterday, but you have to say Aaron looks a different beast when he’s being playing in position. He’s not particularly dangerous but he covers a lot of ground and he gets in the way. He’s started to release the ball quicker and his confidence is certainly growing.

Rocky Rocastle…

It was nice to see the Rocastle tribute during the game yesterday. The club helped out by putting his image on the big screen and the Reading fans were very respectful of the moment. Moments like that make you proud to be a gooner..

Right, those be my words for the day. Happy Easter, see you in the comments!

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  1. Voetstoots

    If you can’t have what you love, you’d better love what you have… 2 good assists & a decent goal from Gervinho (straight after his cool finish against Swansea a couple of weeks ago)… Let’s celebrate the improvement.

  2. Toli83


    Think your a bit harsh there mate but I completely agree that Everton amd especially the away at West Brom will be a bigger test of where we are.

    Reading were awful yesterday they deserve to go down, although there was a lot of performances out there that deserve praise.

    Have to say we look more of a unit at the back without Tommy V wondering out of position .

  3. gunnergetyou

    The fact that gervinho looked up for it yesterday should not be seen as a compliment. He was made to look good by a reading team who allowed us way too much space. I think he lacks technique and composure when it really counts, he’s basically not good enough for us, maybe a decent squad player, but I was disappoint he started ahead of Ox.


    Good win for the boys, and to think chelsea drop 3 points..that’s really a good week in the race for top 4..COYG!!!

  5. Latest Football News

    Good article yet again. Sincerely hope the trend these days ( late posts ) will not amount to you guys abandoning this blog.

    Not one that 100% agree with you guys ( I don’t 55% of the time ) but been a blogger myself, I know how hard it is to consistently keep the blog going with fresh content every day.

    I sincerely hope you guys will continue keeping the flag flying.

    On topic, I think we did well yesterday. I am particularly happy with Wenger finally dropping TV. To me, he is one of the most over rated EPL players ( Theo and OX are only slightly more overrated ) and if he was to make the tackle Kos made at a point in the match, we would have conceded a penalty.

    I also think Gervinho did well and sincerely hope he can continue till the end of the season so as to enable us get something good for him. I don’t see him as a player of Arsenal quality and think will end up been sold in the summer window.

    A bit of promotion : anyone interested in writing for an Arsenal blog with opportunity of getting a pay for it should contact me via @yommys01 on twitter.

  6. Samir

    I don’t know why people moan about Gervinho…
    Giroud is more of a problem…He’s a Chamakh MK2!
    Useless player! Atleast Gervinho has some potential.

  7. gunnergetyou


    Yes it was a good performance, but reading are the perfect opponents for us. We’ve scored 17 goals against them this season. I will be more impressed with a solid hard fought 1 nil away at West brom.

    As for our defence I think it makes a big difference when we are pressing high up the pitch and not allowing our opponents too much time on the ball. Kos and Merts are doing a good job at the back, but we still got caught out for their goal.

  8. A.k.b nemesis

    The only way we can persist with the b.f.g is if we employ the defensive style we started with season,defend deep with players behind the ball.


    I’d take Gervinho,over half that crock of shit of a team..

    Chamakh etc,etc..

    There’s a few more,of the above list that Gervinho put’s to shame..

    Yes,he might lack composure & finishing.
    But he’s not a shirker,like Walcott..
    He’s not afraid to get involved & make things happen..

    He’s a trier..He has raw ingredient’s with which to work with.Just need’s polishing in his end product..

  10. Warren

    Guys, i think giroud deserves some respect and thanks. The guy seems committed and a passionate gunner, not to mention how many goals has he given us this season….? I think next season we’ll see his natural striker’s instinct combine with his awesome left boot!

  11. A.k.b nemesis

    That said toby alderwiereld,neven subotic,phil jagielka,douglas teixiera,chris samba,dejan lovren could be realistic targets

  12. Rob

    We want you to stay,we want you to stay!!!..Rafa Benitez we want you to stay.. Classless club,classless fans,hope they get what’s coming to them.Reading through the comments from yesterday on here I find it strange that people can go from calling gervinho useless,worst player in our history etc along with Ramsey being an embarrassment to the club yet after one half decent game the positives come rolling,honestly some people are so short sighted,no wonder Wenger has lasted so long!Gervinhos at an age where he should be peaking yet he’s still learning how to kick a ball,he can’t pass or shoot and gets by on being able to run quite fast,he’s no more than an average squad player.Ramsey is a good player but the problem is that Wenger through him straight into cescs shoes last year which is a role not really suited to him,infact someone said he is an ideal arteta deputy and I agree,he needs to keep things simple but once again he’s a good squad player and not alot else,lots more potential than gervinho though that’s for sure

  13. gunnergetyou


    When Wenger signed gervinho he did say he could play upfront, he even started the season as our main striker, but so far this season he’s been put to shame by Walcott, Giroud, podolski and Carzola

  14. Tansamui

    I can really see us kicking on from here. Wenger wants the extension and will surely make the one or two signings we need. Defensive midfielder and top notch striker will will surely see us challenging for honours next year.

  15. samsenal

    I thought Ox -brief as his cameo was -looked far hungrier (and therefore more dangerous) than he has done for a long time. We need him to get some fire and confidence back.

  16. Toli83

    Does anyone else think Wenger should stop fucking about with Ox and play him through the middle. Central Attacking midfielder.

    That’s where he wants to play and where he played before at Southampton. Remember he played there against Milan and ran the show.

  17. Johnny5

    Was a good game yesterday made some ground up on chelski. I’m getting the feeling well make top 4 at Chelsea’s expense not spuds. I don’t like chelsea either but it feels weird this season like it don’t seem right that spuds are up there.

  18. samsenal

    Gerv produced end product. Good for him. But this was end product against a side that gives you chance after chance. Yesterday changes nothing as far as I’m concerned; against the best sides you have to take advantage of the few half chances that come your way and Gervinho can’t be relied upon.

    I get the feeling he will have a decent end to the season but we need someone else ahead of him next year.

  19. Doublegooner

    Credit to Wenger for getting us knocked out those unimportant knockout competitions leaving us free to fight for his favorite 4th place ‘trophy’.

  20. vicky

    Completely agree with SDE/VIX . At least with Gervinho as a fan you can expect something. Tired of side and back passers like Arteta and Ramsey. Gervinho is a headless chicken in the box but he does not hide like Walnut and takes his chances. There is a decent player somewhere within him. If he can work on his finishing, he can be a decent squad player.

  21. Toli83


    Don’t get me wrong i think he can do a job there mate but he has the skills and physique to play centrally and it is his natural position.

    He looked really hungry when he came on which was good to see.

    I would also be a lot happier with Podolski given a run through the middle ahead of Giroud. He would offer a lot more.

  22. Johnny5

    Me and one or two others said the exact same thing as some on here at the beginning of the season regarding gerv. Now he obviously hasn’t had the season I expected he would but like vix, and Bucky say at least he tries puts in a shift and gets himself about. The amount of times I see a defender step to theo and he turns back or passes it sideways its annoying at least gerv tries to take players on that said he defo needs a lot of coaching but he could come good under decent management

  23. Toli83

    Hazard seems to think Gervinho is the best around !

    He’s a player that gets a lot of stick, the crowd are waiting to jump on his every mistake . He has to find consistancy and to deliver when it matters. Makes a lot of runs where just that final end product is missing.

    Agree with Vix, he does provide spark which is more than can be said for others.

  24. Ramsey's backpass

    Because walcott scored more than gervinho doesnt mean he is better than gervais.

    he started more and he basically scores in pointless games where his goals dont matter(let’s say 70%).

    Gervinho can dribble while walcott cant play where there is no space and Giroo….pls thats a very average player

  25. Johnny5


    I think having him left makes us stronger as a unit and if he’s allowed a bit of freedom he could make some pretty dangerous runs inside and open defences up. Same with cazorla maybe on the right with theo giroud and poldi up front that would be pretty dangerous. We play a 433 anyway and if we are up against it theo has the pace to track back and defend (just not the desire too)


    Why so much negativity here? Reading are premiership side as far as I am concerned, the team has been disappointing this season but yesterday was a good performance and we should be proud out it rather than trying to take the shine away from it. A good win against a premiership side is commendable! Great post Pedro

  27. Johnny5


    Reading are cannon fodder. They are poor and going down. Winning against them is a given not really one you celebrate with fireworks and an open top bus dude.


    Right,I’m out people…Anymore than 2 post’s per day,I start to get cranky..AFC just induces a lot of ill-feeling & negative vibes from within.. Combine that,with arguing with AKB’s on here,is a deadly mix..Quite toxic in fact..

    I apologise to those,I may have offended on here yesterday.
    I think it’s best,I stay away for sometime,or limit the number of post’s I make.

    All that said,have a Happy Easter Sunday to everyone..

  29. Keyser's+MY+Arsenal+Opinion)

    Never really saw Rocastle play, think he was sold in the 92′ season when I’d just started to pay attention to Arsenal, think I’d have liked him though.

  30. Rob

    Walcott gets alot of stick on here and sure if he’s warranting big money wages thence needs to perform.He has 17 goals and 16 assists in a team that has flattered to deceive this year,if he delivers those stats every year then I couldn’t give a fuck what he’s paid,it’s the ones that don’t offer anything that I’m worried about,arshavin,squillaci,mannone,park,bendtner,chamakh,djourou,santos,diaby,eastmond etc.We should be grateful we have a player that contributes a great deal to goals,you know the things that win games,then be looking to add competition for him to inspire him to step another level,not showing him that that level is gervinho,a player who is so incapable of striking a football that he either air kicks or passes it off the pitch,let’s still remember the goal he scored yesterday was an open goal from 4 yards,he’s still an average footballer with a larger than life Crome dome


    Gervinho in my opinion is a decent player that required to be polished just like everybody in that team. Arsene just need to bring in experienced quality players into the mix and we will have a good team.

  32. Johnny5


    And how many of those goals and assists came in matches we were already winning. Or were in competitions we were only pretending to be ambitious in. I know his stats are pretty impressive but stats aren’t the whole story. Theo is a massively average player. Gervs no better mind but at least he tries.

  33. tippitappi

    If as I hope we win every game from now until the end of the season, lets be honest it will just equate to more of the same in 2013-14 with the usual suspects in full self congratulation mode . Its vital those of us who can see through smoke and mirrors don’t lose focus on the need to change direction, not everything at this club on or off the field is of a negative nature but far too much self absorption by wenger and his cronies with their own selfish motives will continue the decline , big brave questions must be asked by the AST this summer otherwise give them an inch they will take a mile at any sign the pressure on them ios off

  34. Johnny5


    Agree we need some top quality players but I think it’s more important that we get a new manager. The current team I feel would benefit from a new manager with fresh ideas and an idea how to get the best from his players not the minimum amount required like wenger.

  35. patthegooner

    Gotze, Lewandowski and Bender!!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha, either the Daily Mail are getting in April Fools early or that takeover of Arsenal was succesful.

    Either that or it is as usual complete bollocks. I would be happy if we got just one of those players.

  36. Keyser

    Najia – That’s pretty much what it is, we need one or two dominant players to give the others something to build from, dominant physically or talentwise, there isn’t much more you could get from any mix of the players we’d have out there.

    Gervinho, Walcott, Giroud, Podolski will all play well at times, score goals, assist, but will remain frustrating because we need a player a step above, someone clinical might have had a hat-trick yesterday.

  37. Johnny5


    I don’t even think wenger has the ambition to bring one of those in. The biggest name we will get will be Valdez but for me there’s better for cheaper and that’s what arsenals all about.

  38. samsenal

    The idea that we would turn up and pluck Dortmund’s most prized assets because we feel like it is laughable. You’re looking at £65m+ there even if they wanted to sell 3 of their best. Imagine our cretinous negotiators trying to pull that coup off.

  39. Johnny5


    For once I agree with what you posted. One or two top players this season would have made us competitive realistically. Next season we might need a couple more though with inevitable departures and other teams strengthening.

  40. samsenal

    Keyser I think a fully fit Pod could be a step up next season. But I completely agree we need 2 more first choice players of high calibre in the midfield and attack.

  41. Rob

    Johnny,we pretend to be ambitious in all competitions.Secondly how many goals has gervinho scored that are important?3?I go to arsenal week in week out,I’ve seen amazing players like Bergkamp,pires,merson etc,players that had natural talent to change a game,I’ve seen plenty of shocking players waste their career away and I’ve also witnessed plenty of players with the raw ingredients to offer something.Even Henry was a bit raw at first but gervinho is no Henry,Wenger wanted him to be but he ain’t,I’m not having this gervinho love in,he’s not a lived man on the terraces for a reason.As long as Walcott keeps banging in 20 a season I’ll accept that,sure he has limitations but so do the rest of our squad,just some have too many limitations and gervinho fits that category.If all you can add is things like how many goals has he scored in games that matter then that’s pretty sad,I think you may have an agenda regarding Walcott!

  42. patthegooner


    Every summer we find ourselves here don’t we. Will this be the summer he will change tact?? I guess we will get to find out as he is not going anywhere.

    Agree on Valdes. Personally I want Begovic, but would also take Adler, Stekelenburg, or Reinna in our Goal.

    Who would you say is the best keeper in the World. I would go for Neuer. I also sadly think Lloris will become a very good keeper for the Spuds.

  43. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Dunno about this season, they’d still need time to adjust and work with team-mates.

    It’s like the OX, he started the year tracking back, playing a disciplined and tactically adept role, but once he got injured struggled to get back into rhythm, you can’t just run around like an idiot for most of the game and for every run like yesterday he made, he ended up misplacing a relatively simple pass.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Must be ST renewal time soon, £70 Million for Gotze, Lewandowski and Bender….yeah pull the other one.

    Really getting sick and tired of this, some supporters are gullible enough to believe this shite.

  45. gunnerfanatic

    gunnergetyouMarch 31, 2013 12:57:04

    Benteke!!! Why cant we spot these kind of players
    Because he’s not french

  46. Rob

    Forget valdes,he’s a poor goalkeeper in a brilliant team,remember this was barcelonas first choice gk yet didn’t even get a cap for Spain till about 3 years ago or something,wasn’t even amongst their 3 in the squad!We need a proper gk not one that plays Tikky taka,I’d take begovic as it’s realistic and he’s looked the part in the premiership for the last 2-3 years. Him or julio cesar if qpr go down.I think if we signed one of those 2,jovetic and a brick shithouse in midfield most people would be quite happy with that,I doubt we’ll see a centre back as he’ll promote miquel likely.

  47. Johnny5


    Lol no agenda with Walcott just hate the way he plays now. No fight no desire to take people on no skill. Agree gervs no better but feel there’s more to work with with him


    Neuer defo best keeper around. Agree loris will be a decent keeper for spuds. I’d like vorm or begovic. Perhaps cech!


    Maybe your right a few are still getting to grips with the epl. Poldi I think has played half the season injured. With a couple of decent players a couple of squad players to replace out of contract players and the team with a season under their belt could see a change in fortunes next season.

  48. Bade

    Gerv earned his salt yesterday, but he’s just not the player for us if we ever going to aspire to win a major trophy again

    Giroud should be our 2nd striking option

    Ramsey just not good enough yet & it amazes me how he gets those “compliments” when he’s doing nothing. It seems we’re so desperate we feel he’s done good if he passes a game without a major fault

    I like him & don’t think he’s hit his ceiling yet, but for now he’s just not the material for an Arsenal starter.

    The difference between Rambo & Gerv is the ceiling. Gerv has hit his ceiling & won’t be a better player than he is right now. Which is not enough. But with Rambo you still feel there’s a player hidden somewhere & you need the right manager & coaching staff to demonstrate it

  49. Bade

    I will be happy if Gerv performs well in the coming few games

    It will help us to gain more points & push for CL spot & more of, it will help us sell him with some profit even!

  50. Rob

    Infact I doubt he’ll sign the other 3 either!Lots of ‘like new signings’ to come back from injury,especially diaby next January,who mark my words will be a brilliant player if he’s still around in 2030..and has access to a machine that makes him young again.



    Sorry mate,but that’s absolute bollocks..

    It’s the other way around..Ramsay has hit his ceiling.

    Ramsay,only offer’s sideways& backwards passing.

    Have you seen Ramsay,attempting to take on a player,down the flanks..?

    One of two thing’s happens,the opposition player block’s his path,thus relinquishing possession to the player marking him.Or he losses the ball,& subsequently fouls him.

    Ramsey can’t take on a man,can’t pass,can’t dribble.
    Often he slows play down,concede’s possession.

    Gervinho on the other hand has room for overall improvement.His composure & lack of finishing/end product,leave a lot to be desired.

    It needs polishing,refining.So in this regard,Gervinho has definitely not hit the ceiling.

    & he brings more to the table,than half the squad.

    Look to the Bayern Munich 2nd leg..We had Ramsay & Walcott,doing bugger all..Gerv comes on,in the last 20 mins& look at the havoc he was causing in BM’s penalty box..

    I’m getting a headache..


    Gervinho under a better manager,like a Mourinho,or a Fergie,would be an awesome player..

    They would fine tune this guy,harness his qualities& polish him up..

    He need’s guidance & tutelage,not a crazed madman,who says to his troops,go & play your game,off the cuff!!

  53. ben

    Dont know why theo gets all the slack u guys give him. I think he shuld model himself on Ronaldo,shoot more and become a goal machine. Plus Ramsey’s been pretty decent for the past couple of games.
    Dont know why Poldi’s not starting.maybe he had bust up with wenger!!



    & when he does score,you know what happens..?!!

    Someone famous dies..!!

    Ramsay,the Grim Reaper!!

  55. le-weiners

    TO rambos credit, hes only going to turn 23 the day after chirstmas. Some times we treat him like a 27 year old who has little time left….All Im saying is the kid has chance to still make it big, really needs to step up defesive work rate though.

    Arsenal still have not found a player who can hit thoughballs over the entire field like cesc… imagine if we could bypass crosses, and Theo, Santi, Gervi, and Oliver all only had to make runs and they’d bit hit to feet with masterly weighted throughballs….any ideas?

  56. Ichiban

    Thiago Alcantara (21yo CM) wants to leave barca in search of first team football according to his father. Man U had a 15m bid rejected in 2011, his new contract has a 25m release clause.

  57. Bade


    I watched Gerv even when he played for Lille & I said it here million times even before he was signed

    He’s the flanks Ade. He will score one spectacular goal once in a while while missing 9 out of 10 sitters. And he hasn’t changed or improved for the past 4 years, to say the least

    He will never be a top player & he’s a shite finisher & will always be.

    Ramsey’s still young & can be managed much better under a new system. He has can control the ball in a way Gerv will never be able to. He can shoot & pass, he’s just mismanaged & played in a level higher than his current scales, hence I always though a loan to a decent club with good manager, like Everton, will do him wonders

    People undermine the effect the Bolton loan had on Jack’s career.

    Playing for Arsenal demands huge pressure & those young players keep cracking under. Let them play in a lighter climate & they will find their legs

    Gerv is just not good enough

  58. gunnergetyou

    Comparing gervinho to ramsey is pretty pointless, two completely different types of players. One thing they have in common is that they were both terrible for the whole of last season, and have both been poor for the majority of this season.

  59. Bade


    Gerv under a better manager? Hahaha

    Arsene gave Gerv much more than he would have got under any other manager

    By the way, there’s a reason why no other top club came knocking on Lille’s door for his services back then & we nailed him for 8m’ ….. While Chelsea paid 32m’ for his companion Hazard

  60. Bade


    You nailed it there

    The only difference is, though, that there’s still hope that you’ll get out of Ramsey a decent player at some point, while there’s absolutely no such hope of Gerv ….

  61. Danish Gooner

    Mourinho coming back to Chelski just what wasnt supposed to happen.Wenger can keep dreaming about winning against a mourinho lead side.Ohh graet another 5 or 6 years playing scond fiddle to that disgusting outfit.

  62. gunnergetyou


    Yep totally agree, although Ramsey I not good enough he is still improving at his age. But gervinho should be fully developed at this stage of his career. Plus what he lacks is something which you ever have it or you dont, ie technique composure etc. If he doesn’t have that by now then there’s no hope.

  63. Dannyboy

    I think we just have to get used to the fact that Gervinho is the only direct player that Wenger trusts, he must create 20 opportunities a game, either by one of his mad runs, accidentally passing the ball to a team mate, or scuffing a shot into the net, but at least he’s getting into the box.

    Just wish he’d stop doing that annoying fucking thing where he sprints into the box at 840 miles an hour, then stops the ball dead, and stands their trying to psyche out the defender, then either runs into him, or boots ball out of play for a goal kick. Infuriating!


    Just wish he’d stop doing that annoying fucking thing where he sprints into the box at 840 miles an hour, then stops the ball dead, and stands their trying to psyche out the defender, then either runs into him, or boots ball out of play for a goal kick. Infuriating!


    What’s worse,Gerv doing just what you mentioned,
    or Walcott running at defenders who are pushing him down the byeline,only for Walcott to turn around & pass it upfield,or run into the player..

    Pure comedy gold at Arsenal..!!

  65. gunnergetyou

    Maybe when gervinho starts banging in 18 goals a season we might cut him the same kind of slack.

    Gervinho was shit hot at lille, just like chamack was at Bordeaux and giroud at Montpelier… I think there’s a pattern in there somewhere.

  66. Thomas

    The only reason shite players like Ramsey, Gervinho and Giroud looked decent was the fact that we played a shit Reading team. Against proper teams they all look terrible.


  67. kwik fit

    Was at the game yesterday and Rosicky was immense. Not just what he does on the ball, he was orchestrating the other players and demanding more from each. Must admit that i didn’t think it was something he had in his locker.

  68. kwik fit

    Don’t diss the Gerv guys. Two assists and a goal isn’t bad. Yes he slips and slides alot but if he can keep providing the goals and assists he can slip and slide all he wants.

  69. gunnergetyou

    Yep the French league is poor compared to the epl but we have still missed out there with the likes of hazard, benarfa and cabuye. The coaching could also be an issue. Cesc and clichy both said they have to train harder at their new clubs

  70. Johnny5


    The French league isn’t that much worse than the prem. it’s got some shit teams but so has the prem. I think they need some serious coaching. Do we have striker coaches? Because our strikers seem to get worse when they come to us.

  71. vicky

    I have been saying for long that Rosicky should start each and every match when fit. he is full of energy and drive. he injects pace and creativity. Just hope that he gets a place in the side for the remaining fixtures.

  72. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m a big fan of Rosicky’s energy and drive too. Always positive, but his passing has been a bit off. Was much more accurate against Reading though. Getting a few games under his belt must have helped that.

  73. Josip Skoblar

    Cazorla is our most gifted player since Bobby Pires. A real talent and what a superb technique. Nacho is proving the signing of the year. I like the lad. He at last brought some steel to our defence. The Merte-Kozzer pairing is working very well. Kozzer is slowing getting back to his best form of last year. He made one world-class intervention yesterday. The lad is so quick on his feet. It’s amazing when Wenger stops being stubborn, things start improving. Like it or not, it looks like Wenger is on course to save his job at the end of the season.

  74. Josip Skoblar

    We above all missed Raphael Varane: it’s an unforgivable crime! The lad will soon be one of the best CB in the world!

  75. Segun

    Please guys Mourinho will never sign players like Gervinho or Ramsey for that matter. Simply because they are not good enough, and don’t forget he always wants to win the title not to finish 4th!


    If Mourinho,comes back to the EPL next season..

    Wenger is truly up a creek,without a paddle,next season if Mourinho comes back to the EPL.

    Watch out for Wenger’s complete mental break down,next season.

    You think the BM press conference
    “Why are you looking at me?” classic moment was bad..

    I can’t wait for Mourinho to come back,he will send Arsene into early retirement..

    Forget about Spurs for a moment, the fight for 4th place.

    Pray for Mourinho,to come back..Wenger’s achilles heel,arch enemy..


  77. samsenal

    Personally, if Mourinho comes back, I hope we beat Chelsea next season. Because it’s Chelsea. And I haven’t forgotten that I support Arsenal.

  78. Al

    Josip Skoblar March 31, 2013 17:17:36

    Cazorla is our most gifted player since Bobby Pires. A real talent and what a superb technique
    was having the same conversation with my mates yesterday. Not thd fastest ,definitely not the strongest but he excells purely down to his footballing ability and understanding of the game and the level of control he has on the ball.

    Real pleasure watching him and even better to see him live because then you get a real understanding to just how small he is

  79. vicky


    Common mate,I agree with your sheer criticism of Wenger but you want him to be ripped apart by Mourinho ? Well whatever be your argument, he is our manager and the least we can do for our manager is to like him more than our rival’s manager. He might not be competent anymore but he has served our club for such a long period and we have seen great days under him. I will never curse him or wish him bad things despite the fact that I want him to leave our club.

  80. Josip Skoblar

    As Crujff used to say: ‘It’s all about technique’. With Cazorla, it’s all about technique. He’s the most technically gifted we’ve had since Bobby Pires.

  81. tom

    Just read comments so far and, apart from one or two childish comments by the blog trolls, the tone and content was unusually positive. I read praise – if somewhat qualified – for both Gervinho and Ramsey. Rebuttals were measured and reasonably polite. Commendable. Utterly shocking too, given the general aggro that characterizes the comments.

    My take on Ramsey and Gervinho is this; both have a place in the squad. Whether either can raise his game to demand selection on a regular basis is up to them. I believe and hope Ramsey will continue to find form and develop further. He showed glimpses of what he could be early on before his leg-break and that allows me to believe he has a special talent. He is still young and can rebuild his confidence. Develop further.
    Gervinho is totally frustrating but has a great game in him. He has some very good qualities – speed, a willingness to try and, most importantly, a knack for doing the unexpected, the ability to completely bamboozle a defense (even though he fools his team-mates half the time too). That his a priceless quality that you really can’t teach. Kanu, another Arsenal hero from Africa, had the same thing. Osccilating between the sublime and the ridiculous. Crazy making but fun to watch and always threatening to win a match out of nowhere. Unfortunately, I think he really has a confidence problem so people who get on his back really aren’t helping.
    Both players are great for the squad. Wenger must use them as he sees fit. Mostly, neither would start if JW and TW were fit.

  82. denzinoh

    i like how arsenal we just need to sharpen in our attacking we are not that good in front of the goal that why we tent to loose easy chances of scoring…..giroud and gervinoh should sharpen their scoring skills in training for them to be able to compete with other vulnerable attackers like Suarez and many other harsh strikers known worldwide

  83. Jeff

    Reading through some of the comments today, what is loud and clear to me is that the current team never was and never will be contenders for any major title or trophy. We are an also ran. We make up the numbers. How do I know this? Very simple; the huge points gap says it all.

    Being 24 points off the top with only eight games to go signifies only one thing. It wasn’t luck, misfortune, accident or any other excuse I sometimes read on here mitigating our circumstances. It is purely a difference in quality and desire. This current Manchester United side is not the best I’ve seen – I happen to think it is significantly behind the best 11 they have ever fielded so it leaves us with the awful thought that the teams who are supposed to challenge or rival them are even worse.

    Where does that leave us? Well it leaves us in a familiar position of vying for our usual place in the top four as we have been doing for quite some time now. A place in the CL is the apotheosis of all that makes Arsenal what it is today? We have sat in that chair for so long now that everyone simply expects us, by hook or by crook, to finish there no matter what. By the same token, nobody gives us a cat’s chance in hell of winning the EPL or the CL.

    How do we feel about that? How does that make any self-respecting Arsenal supporter feel? I can only talk about how it makes me feel and it is not pleasant. I know some people are satisfied by it and look upon it philosophically – preferring to hide behind the changing financial climate that has catapulted certain other clubs into the dizzy heights that they would never have reached in a million years but does that really preclude us from ambition? Does it force us to buy and persevere with so many useless players? Does it induce us to keep so many injury prone personnel? Does it compel us to stick rigidly to a pay policy that has damaged the club beyond recognition? Where is it written within the accusations of financial doping that we should limit ourselves to an artificial upper limit on transfers preferring to buy three useless players at £8m instead of one world class one at £24m?

    We may well choose to believe that the cause of our fall from grace is because of what other clubs are doing as opposed to what our own controllers are up to but for me it is simply too big a leap to make. By far the greatest contributor to our woes is from within and not without as some would maintain.

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Mancini admits he’d like to punch Nasri.

    He’d probably need to take a ticket and join the queue then

  85. Johnny5


    Here here jeff top comment. The amount of gullible idiots who bust out the whole ‘well Chelsea and city have billions to spend so its impossible to buy top players’ is embarrassing it really is. This season I think has opened a lot of people’s eyes to just how much of a lying bunch of snakes that wenger and the current board are. In my opinion wenger is worse than the board though one because he is the face of arsenal but also because a lot of what is wrong at the club is his doing. What’s also funny is the amount of people saying the stadium move is why we couldn’t be competitive and buy decent players yet if we hasn’t sold some of our best and instead of wasting money on park chamackh giroud arteta etc we could easily have one top talent for each position over the last few years.

  86. Jeff

    Morning Kwik,

    That picture is very funny and yet it typifies the bloody minded approach Wenger has towards his favourites. I sometimes wonder how much longer he can continue to bite the hand that feeds him and still survive.

  87. Jeff


    The stadium move is getting staler with the passing of each season. Even Wenger doesn’t mention it as often as he used to. The fact that underlines everything is that there will not be any significant change in philosophy no matter what the fans say, no matter what anyone says. He will continue to act in the same way for another 20 seasons if he were given that chance.

    What is so sad and amusing at the same time is that if we have one good season out of 10 under Wenger, the excuses for failure in the other nine are loaded and ready to fire. It is so frustrating but that’s the world we live in.

  88. kwik fit

    Morning jeff

    I feel for Diaby but totally agreed re Wengers approach.
    He feels that he is the club and he is all powering and all controling. He ignores the one thing that is much greater than he ……..Arsenal FC

  89. goonerboy

    When considering the gap between United and us-
    Lets not forget- that Arsenal FC and Mr Arsene Wenger gave Manchester United the biggest leg-up that any club has ever given another in premiership history. All for the sake of about 8m.
    If we hadn’t sold Man U our best player and player of the year and not replaced him, it may have helped close the gap between us and them.
    Having said that:
    Cant see the point of “supporting” a team if them winning makes you – more miserable than losing. When you start wishing your own side loses then the plot has really been lost.
    Who knows what it would take for Kroenke to sell to someone with genuine ambition- relegation or what? in the meantime all a true fan can do is celebrate a win- against anyone,whilst being ready to welcome a change in leadership at the club.