Arsenal vs Reading: Preview

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Good morning! This post will be brief as I’m between computers. Basically, we’re all very excited about hosting Reading today. We’ve scored a shed load against them this year and we’ve conceded a similar amount. On paper we should be taking them to pieces but we all know that complacency is always our biggest enemy against the smaller sides.

On the injury front, we’ve no Jack Wilshere or Diaby in midfield. That means a likely trio of Cazorla, Rambo and Arteta. Not the most dynamic and not the most physical… but more than capable of keeping hold of the ball and controlling the game.

Up top I’m imagining a trio of Giroud, Podolski and Chamberlain will be the choice. Gervinho might slink into the starting 11, but based on form it has to be the young Englishman. At the back, we’ll likely opt for Fabianski in goal… with Jenks, Koscielny, Mertesacker and Monreal. Hopefully they’ll continue with the form that’s seen them take 2 clean sheets in a row.

Arsenal need to take the game to Reading. It’ll be open, but we need to control possession. They’ll be playing for a new manager today, so we need to be careful… complacency isn’t an option. 3 points is an absolute must.

Anyway, apolgies for the lack of content. Geoff is making a long awaited return to blogging later on this week. Catch you tomorrow!

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  1. tom

    I could live with that, Goonerheart.
    Even though spurs are the ultimate enemy, I really hate CFC and would love to see them fail.

  2. GoonerHart


    i wish spurs weren’t in the CL but it’s kind of good to see organic growth rather than sugar daddy’s prevailing and is kind of a reminder to everyone just because you spend 25m-30m on a couple player’s doesnt mean you will always achieve success. at the end of the day whoever gets in CL deserves it, but i just hope we are there!

  3. Jeff

    We won a game that we were expected to win and it feels more like a consolation than anything else. Although we haven’t actually achieved fourth yet, there is every chance that we will but it doesn’t to me feel like an achievement of any sort. I’m sorry but I just cannot get excited about fourth any more than about 2nd or 3rd.

    Having said that, the team did put in a good performance today, especially Cazorla who seems to be getting better as the season goes on, and we won with plenty to spare.

  4. Samir

    Only 2 points behind Chelsea…
    Still 4 behind Spurs…

    They both have to play each other yet…AND, they both have Europa League football to play (Chelsea have FA cup aswell)

    Securing 4th is looking likely !

  5. Spectrum

    Samir – “Securing 4th is looking likely” !

    Oh thrill ! I’m wetting myself with excitement.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  6. GoonerHart


    we all want to be challenging but for this season at least that isn’t possible and i know you have your one man is bigger than the club agenda but its better to be in the CL than out of it

  7. NoMoreCesc

    Average age of the team today was ~28. Yet they looked livelier than ever this season. It was not just a good result but a thoroughly entertaining display as well. Let’s be thankful for that. As added bonus, it was done without JW and Theo, with Rambo playing a full 90, and the two guys who needed kicks up the arsenal, Szez and Verm.

  8. Keyser

    Samir, Sammy, Samster will you ever learn, it’s far from being over and once it is, it’ll only just be beggining.

  9. Spectrum

    Jeff – Are we the only two realists on here tonight. Maybe not, but it feels like it. Too many getting excited about a team that we should be eating for breakfast anyway. And so it proved. Big deal. Hey – just twelve months to go and we’ll all be typing exactly the same posts once more. Desperately hanging on for dear life trying to make the Europa League this time, maybe ?

    It’ll be like Christmas again.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  10. tom

    Under the circumstances, 4th place is an achievement.
    CL football is critical for Arsenal and, though not assured, looks increasingly likely. Gooners who say it doesn’t matter are fools.
    Spurs are a better run club these days, Levy can take credit for a lot, but their fickle attitude to managers has been a problem. AVB looks a good fit and if they have any sense totts will stick with him.

    Spurs = shit club, shit fans.
    Chelsea = shit club, shit fans, cheats. 

  11. Mayank

    Kinda felt like after a fortnight of waiting for football Reading really disappointed. I mean we barely had to break stride to secure 3 points. That said, a win is a win and other such platitudes.

    If we win our game in hand we’ll be one point behind Spurs and 2 behind Chelsea(considering they win theirs.) Getting 3rd, 4th or 5th looks equally likely right now but with the fixtures ahead you’ve got to think one of Spurs or Chelsea will buckle under pressure.

    It sucks that it’s March and I’m already thinking of next season. But more than me the Board has to start planning for the summer. Wenger probably has discussed the targets with them and we should start working on them immediately.

  12. JK

    I understand the frustration, but I can NEVER understand or sympathise with any so-called fan who wants us to lose to prove WHAT???? You all need your heads examining.

  13. Spectrum

    tom – “Gooners who say it doesn’t matter ( 4th ) are fools”. Really ?

    The only ones it means anything to is the board. Do you need it spelled out for you why that is ? Haven’t you realised it yet ? Oh I forgot, you’re a self declared A.K.B. We have to make allowances.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  14. Mayank


    First time in years I’m excited as well. This is the first summer after many when we won’t be losing a big player. Sagna is the biggest we could plausibly lose. Maybe Verm.

    That aside, the core of the team will stay together after so many years that whoever we add will feel like a true signing rather than an inferior replacement. However, if by some miracle we manage not to sign anyone of note heads should roll. It’s about time.

  15. reality check

    Wengers legacy seems to shaping up to be;

    He achieved CL football every season at the club, working with a tight budget (debatable I know), competing against 3 of the wealthiest clubs in modern football. Man utd Chelsea and man city.

    If this is how it all ends for wenger, I think he’ll actually be staisfied with what he’s done.

    Personally I don’t want him to spend. Let him see out his contract, then give it all to the new guy to spend.

    Good win. Expected win.

    Everybody happy with ramsey today?

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Good game, good result. Reading threw themselves into a lot of last minute blocks, but tactically they were poor.

    Cazorla was wonderful. Rosicky always driving forward, Ramsey good too.

    With a bit of editing you could make 2 recordings of Gervinho from todays game. One would show him looking absolutely superb, but in the other he’d be like a new born foal.
    He was always positive, always trying to make something happen, so well done to him.

    Chelsea could well be in problems. Big fixture pileup, and a manager who is going to find it harder and harder to motivate his team who know he’s not going to be in charge next season

  17. GoonerHart

    its funny most think FFP will not work, and berate wenger for not spending, but if FFP doesn’t work we spend 75m and challenge for a season…then they have a cheque book for an unlimited number and united financial’s are way better than ours with the yearly income. if FFP doesn’t work then we’re screwed anyway

  18. LeMassiveCoq

    Tom, will you be out celebrating when Wonger and Gazidis parade the 4th place trophy this year?

    Silly cunt.

    Get some true ambition. Fucking loser.

  19. Mayank


    Be that as it may the team staying together for two season will be a sight for sore eyes. Utd won a fair few PL titles with a mediocre team mostly because the team was so comfortable playing with each other.

    What we need is a DM and CF that are worth about 10 points a season combined. The team we have will at least manage 5-10 points more than this year on the virtue of playing together alone.

  20. tom

    Got to agree with Mayank.

    This will be the first summer in a while where all the moves can strengthen. Valuable squad spaces available. Money to spend. No major talent due to jump ship (fingers crossed). A pretty decent side to begin with will be improved by the bedding in that happened this term.
    A couple of serious signings, some house-keeping, a promotion or two – I think we should be feeling positive.

  21. tom

    I hope we hang on to Gervinho. At the very least he’s a great squad player, and at best, he could find a final ball and be deadly.
    I’d keep Rosicky too.

    Player out.


  22. tom

    two stars;
    perhaps Jotovic and Capue

    two squaders;
    ( maybe one up-and-coming and one experienced old pro) , Cornelius and a GK.

    Promote a couple of youth;
    Gnabry and Bellerin

  23. NoMoreCesc

    Finishing 4th is not an accomplishment. In fact, 2nd would not be an accomplishment because it would mean that City, Chelsea, and Spurs collapsed. We won’t have earned it. Remember, all three ahead of us are in control of their destiny; we are not. We could win all our remaining matches and still finish out of the CL spots.
    But regardless of what happens, barring maybe losing all our remaining fixtures, there is absolutely zero chance that OLG will quit or be shown the door. So not making CL will accomplish nothing. My guess is that they will try to clear out as many of the deadwood as they can. Other than the out of contract players, I don’t expect too many others to be cleared out however. They will make two early signings to coincide with season ticket renewals. Maybe Jovetic and Capoue or reasonable facsimiles. The rest of the summer will be posturing, rumours, and spin. Then we will finish with maybe an unknown CB and a youth player and that will be it.
    I am expecting a somewhat more competitive team next season. If OLG doesn’t win anything of note, he will ride off into the sunset. More dross will be out of contract in summer 2014 and there will enough money left for the next manager.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    Wenger looked coy in his post-match BBC interview. He was interviewed by a female journalist and looked like he was enjoying the conversation…
    I’m happy that Chelsea are imploding. I never liked that bunch and I have been of that opinion since the 1970s. Chelsea and Spurs were always the teams I disliked the most in England.

  25. Keyser

    “We could win all our remaining matches and still finish out of the CL spots.”

    Obviously you’d need SDE to work out all the permutations with a suitable mathematcal model, but Chelsea and Tottenham do play each other.

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    Mayank March 30, 2013 17:36:19


    First time in years I’m excited as well. This is the first summer after many when we won’t be losing a big player. Sagna is the biggest we could plausibly lose. Maybe Verm.
    Roflmao – we haven’t got any big players to sell!

    I can see you being bullied at school and looking on the brightside:

    Monday: Mum, the bullies took my action man!
    Tuesday: Mum, the bullies took my AT-AT!
    Wednesday: Mum, the bullies took my football!
    Thursday: Mum, the bullies took my Lego!
    Friday: Mum, oh hang on, I’ve got nothing worth stealing anymore.

  27. GoonerHart

    No more Cesc technically if we won all our remaining games i think we would get 4th as spurs and chelsea have to play and if chelsea beat spurs then we would be 4th

  28. Mayank


    “We could win all our remaining matches and still finish out of the CL spots.”

    By my calculations that’s wrong. If we win our 8 matches we’re guaranteed 4th. Chelsea and Tottenham have to play each other.

  29. Danish Goonert

    We could win all our remaining fixtures,as if that is gonna,do remember we are playing Manure and they often rip us a new one.

  30. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Everton keeping in touch with the 4th place, have to keep an eye on them as they are our game in hand over spuds. We could be looking out for chavs and spuds and the toffees might nick the 4th spot on the blindside.

  31. Keyser

    Just saw an advert for Tottenham vs Everton, think it said Sunday next, not sure, I think we play West Brom next ? Win that and the pressures on or the other teams.

  32. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The relegation battle is mental this year, I reckon Reading are down and possibly QPR, the other place could go to 8 or maybe 9 other clubs.
    Squeaky bum time in the bottom half of the table.


    I see the arsehole AKB’S are out in force tonight..

    Celebrating a stupid win against lowly Reading..

    How,our expectation’s have fallen..!

    From the invincible’s to this pile of infected pile of shite..

    You make me sick,all of you to a group,that support’s this r-e-t-a-r-d of a manager..

    Come on NM,with your usual maybe/if/possibly/bollocks..

    I hope you personally wake up on Easter Sunday,with a pair of dead legs..& your finger’s are temporarily paralysed..

    My contempt for you,now surpasses that of Keyser & Tom..

    Go figure…

  34. Bacaryisgod

    Agree with you Tom. No-one is pleased with 3rd or 4th but considering we’ve lost Cesc, RVP, Nasri, Clichy and Song in the last two seasons we will have held steady.

    This season we’ve retained JW and Theo and our Spanish buys in particular look like steals. Don’t forget how much deadwood we’ll have moved on also.

    For the first summer in a long time we can be on the front foot in the transfer market. I’m in the ‘keep Bacary’ camp of course as I think we have other areas more in need of strengthening.

    GK: World-class keeper needed.
    Full-backs: No changes. Shame that Spurs will snap up Shaw but they could lose Bale and they’re stuck with Adebayor.
    Center Backs: Keep Verm, Mert and Kozzer.
    Midfield: Keep Jack, Rambo, Arteta, Rosicky, Santi Caz, Coquelin. Add one monster to replace the deceased Diaby.
    Strikers: Keep Theo, Giroud, Ox, Gervinho, Poldi. Add one clinical finisher.

    Would like to see a little next season progress from Eisfeld, Bellerin, Miquel, Gnabry and Ryo even if it’s with loan clubs.

    Farewell to Diaby (should retire), Arshavin, Squillaci, Santos, Djourou, Park, Frimpong, , Bendtner, Denilson.



    There’s nothing to mathematically work out..

    The Chelsea player’s don’t fancy Benitez..

    Clearly Terry is bigger than Chelsea..

    4th without doing the mathematical nonsense,is pretty much guaranteed..

    Oh the nightmare continues for another season,with gay abandon..

  36. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – Yup win vs West brom next Saturday, be tough since it’s away, but then Tottenham vs Everton on Sunday, plus Chelsea play Sunderland.

  37. IL Capo

    Pedro very sad how that Gambon avatar mong thing seems to have killed off this once interesting gooner talk-in with so few posts here on a match day….I did warn you mate!

    Anyway, the Arsenal’s season is dead once 2 of the remaining games are losses or draws

    The word is that AW is still off at the end of the season but I still don’t understand how he has managed to sign 2 strikers pre contract….very strange!

    Which seems to point to the fact that he will stay on in a consultancy role……

  38. Alex James

    If we get CL, Wenger will use this as an excuse not to spend serious money. If we don’t get in, Wenger will have less funds available and top players want come anyway. In both cases, mediocracy will prevail again. Utd have been in a winning spiral for years, whereas we have been in a losing one. Hard to get enthusiastic really. Still, good win today, even if too late to change things much.

  39. Gunner2301


    Do you think telling Paddy or Rocky or any other player that played their heart out for the Club that 4th is a trophy they’d agree with you.

    I’m amazed that logical thinking people can be so gullible to buy into such spin and bullshit. I’ll spell it out for you. It’s a Wenger distraction to lower expectations amongst the fans.

    They want your money and way you to believe your getting something in return. Strange how this mantra has only started to surface since we weren’t capable of doing any better.

    Sport is about winning that’s what breeds the best. A 4th place mentality breeds 4th rate players with 4th rate aspirations and that’s what you’ll find we’ve got hangers on and losers who are largely here for the money because there is nothing else.



    The sooner Geoff is back,the better..

    This blog is vast becoming the Benny Hill,of the Blogasphere..

    Comedy gold..

    Arsehole’s like NM & Tom,literally take the piss on here..

    I’m beginning to detest the above-mentioned blogger’s with a passion..

    I find it increasingly hard to summon up,in any meaningful post’s these day’s..

    For ever going round in ever-decreasing circles..

    It’s neither healthy,or productive.

    So in a nutshell,enjoy your Arsenal & go fuck yourselves..

  41. patthegooner

    Great performance today but we have to remember it was Reading.

    Such a comfortable afternoon. That possession stat of 95-5 said it all.

    Couple of points on some individuals.

    Gervinho: 2 assists and 1 goal show that he can deliver, but there was some shocking play in there. A really frustrating player to watch and similar to Diaby in that respect.

    Ramsey: Really underrated player IMO, I thought he was disciplined and solid today and showed that there is a great player there, and I personally think he will become a very important player for Arsenal.

    Mertesacker and Koscielny: That is our best pairing. I wonder if the season would have been any different if they had been 1st choice from the start. Did Vermaelen’s captaincy get in the way. As I see it, Per is our best, Kosser is 2nd and Vermaelen is our 3rd best CB.

    Fabianski: Can somebody tell me who is this impostor in Fabianski’s shirt. Where has the nervousness gone? Where has the flapping gone on crosses. This is a different player. Again I know it was Reading, but his whole body language is different from the player we saw before.

    Santi: He needs no words, again immense today and his goals and assists record for a first season is excellent. Would you rather have him or Hazard?

    Wenger: I still want him out, I feel he is done, but I will give him the credit where it is due. The call to bring in Koscielny, Fabianski and Gervinho is something I did not expect from him, and if I am honest, I would never believe it would have worked, but it has, so well done Arsene.

    Next weekend is a big test though. An away game against an opposition who could frustrate us. If we beat West Brom, I honestly believe we will get CL football. Both Spurs and the Chavs have a nightmare fixture list in front of them. In the Spuds case they simply don’t have the squad to battle on two fronts. I still cling onto the hope that either they or Chelsea will collapse.

    I just hope it does not cloud Wenger’s vision for next season, we still need major surgery close season.

  42. patthegooner


    I would not go that far, but Pedro if you are listening, If Geoff is not coming back as a permanent fixture, you need to recruit somebody(ies) to help you out. The Blog is starting a Wenger collapse of its own.

    I am being honest here. I used to eagerly await the new post on here, but just lately they have been disappointing and often caveated with some kind of excuse as to why they are late/short.

    Wenger let his standards drop, don’t let yours.

  43. Inter YourGran

    Evening Grovers,

    pat, agreed with a lot of that. Happy with the team performance and professionalism against a woeful Reading side, who are certainly destined for the drop.

    We did what we needed to do and got the 3 points with the added bonus of Chelsea losing at Southampton. We’ve put it in our own hands because Chelsea and Tottenham are still to play each other.

    I can see some having a pop because we’ve won a game and look likely for fourth spot. If we get that Arsene just might have to stay and that’s not on. Well boo fucking hoo… These people really piss me off because no matter what bullox they say about how much they support Arsenal, they can’t even celebrate a win without some mention of what Wenger said or the fact 4th is looking like a trophy etc etc. They’re obsessed with Wenger, not about Arsenal and then have the cheek to call people akb’s who are happy we’ve just won a game?

    A team’s objectives change through out the course of the season dependent on performance and we’re sadly down to the bare minimum, champions league football. You can’t tell me you seriously don’t want to be in it? What, really? Mug.

    Fuck me…

    Happy Easter you miserable cunts 😆

  44. patthegooner


    I agree. I do want him out but regardless of whether we get CL football or not, he will still be here next season.

    And to be honest, If if not getting CL meant he would go, I would still rather we came top 4. And deep deep down, I still cling onto the hope that maybe he has seen sense and will clear out the chaff and bring in some WC players this summer. I don’t see that happening, but I still hope.

    Bringing in Kosser and Fabianski was a fucking brave call. Many (myself included) questioned his madness but it has worked, and if it continues to work until the end of the season, then I for one will give him some credit for it.

  45. patthegooner


    Really?? I dont think so. Scratch the surface there and they have very little to offer. They have little room to rotate and Bale, Vertonghen (Massive loss not getting him), Lennon and Dembele will be played to death.

    Past those 4 they are fuck all.

  46. patthegooner

    And personally I could not give a fuck if Spurs get to the UEFA Cup final and maybe even win it, if it means they miss out of CL next season. Keep up their fixture congestion.

  47. patthegooner

    Martin O’neill sacked by the way…..

    Not surprised, I always thought he was overrated. And supposedly he was a potential Alex Fergusson replacement…

  48. tom

    I agree with pat about the depth of spurs squad. They face a real test with the fixture list. But to give them credit, so far they have coped well. Whether the pressure gets to them like last season or not, remains to be seen.
    Bale is the X factor. Can he stay fit and on form into May?

    I hope Wenger stays till the end of next season and starts preperations for his successor.

  49. Inter YourGran

    We’ve had our supposed shittest team for the past 2 seasons in Wenger’s reign and we’ll still finish ahead of Spurs’ best side in the last 10 years. I want Arsenal to do well at all times and i’ve seen some great and some not so great sides in my time. End of the day why some these fans want Arsenal to lose baffles me. It’s not about the club it’s about what is perceived as a movement against an Arsene institution and it’s split a lot of the fan base over, what I consider to be,a load of nonsense.

    Wenger’s the greatest manager we’ve ever had and he deserves a lot more respect from some fans. I won’t kid you and say he isn’t in last chance saloon though. I can appreciate the game has evolved to a different level and it’s become a byproduct of it’s generation. In this day and age, at a club the size of Arsenal, he can’t hide behind a financial restraints card when we (a) have the finances available to compete and (b) have a squad on this sort of money that should be doing better. He has to take the responsibility for that and amend both mediums or call it a day. The back straight of this season and this summer will be the most crucial in his tenure, on how he defines his legacy at Arsenal, plain and simple. It’s back him or sack him time. Everybody knows it.

    I’m all for change, but with the current people above Wenger, can you trust them to make the next appointment, the right one? I’m gonna stick with Arsene if we get 4th methinks….

  50. tom

    I wonder when Ferguson will retire or move upstairs.
    He seemed ready then City emerged which seemed to re-energise him. This season winning the league by such a margin wouldn’t be a bad swan song.
    I think United aren’t ready to win CL in the near future. Does he have it in him to make long term plans at this point?

    Who could/should replace him?

  51. Inter YourGran

    The Man U job will be the impossible task for the one who succeeds Sir Alex coming in. Mourinho I could see as his last job, doing a 10 year stint maybe. Doesn’t have the previous to suggest that though. Moyes has a punchers chance. Beyond that….. Guadiola, Conte look pretty settled, Klopp doesn’t have the pedigree… Erm…

    It’s too hard 😆

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    patthegooner: And supposedly he was a potential Alex Fergusson replacement…

    Has been touted as both an Arsenal and an England manager too. Terrible at Villa, yet somehow got away with it.

  53. Inter YourGran

    I don’t think O’Neill’s all that tbh… His teams are too industrious and don’t play any sort of expansive football.

  54. tom

    You are right, the landscape has changed and that has effected the strategy the club adopted to cope with the financial constraints imposed by the move to the Grove.
    The youth model promised something but failed to deliver. Still adjustments have been made and Arsenal are still reasonably placed and in healthy shape.
    It is possible that the sacrifice will now pay-off. We have a good core group at the club and the resources to improve.

    I think AW will be satisfied with his tenure, even it’s second half failed to yield prizes.

    One thing about Arsenal is everyone knows who we are and what we stand for. No other PL team bar United has such a strong culture or identity, football-wise. I’m proud of that.

  55. patthegooner

    The thing that really frustrates me this season is that the Man Utd team is not really that brilliant. I honestly expected the Chavs and Northern Chavs money to squeeze them into at least 3rd this year. Yet both have failed to deliver.

    It also sums up how fucking good (gulp) Fergusson is. They would be fuck all without him.

    with our financial and club resources, the PL is there for our taking. Wenger is underachieving and 3 strikers on loan all earning excess of 50k a week shows how wrong he has got the last few years. I just hope he can get over himself and proves to us that the first few years were not a fluke based on the inheritance of an awesome back 5

  56. webmaster

    To quote Donald Sutherland off of the film Kelly’s Hero’s “what’s with the negative waves”

    In Arsene I trust

    In Arsenal I love.

    I will always support my club players and manager while they are working for the club.


    Never mind saying its just reading any time arsenal wins it should bring great joy

  57. tom

    …I just hope he can get over himself and proves to us that the first few years were not a fluke based on the inheritance of an awesome back 5….

    come on, pat. I though you were smarter than that.

    Let’s talk about the three strikers on …Bentner, Chamakh and who?

    Bentner showed massive potential, enough to provoke interest from a number of clubs. I don’t think it was such an outrages idea to sign him to a decent long=term contract when we did. In hindsight a mistake, but an understandable one. If we hadn’t, and he’d been poached and succeeded elswhere, I can easily imagine the critcism.
    Chamakh looked a hot prospect and a decent offer was required to tempt him to join. He looked like an excellent goal scorer with 5 in his first 7 starts. Injury and loss of form revealed a bad character defect. Should Wenger have known? Perhaps, but still it wasn’t a loony signing, just another that didn’t pan out.
    I know the gist of this is making excuses but I do think my points are true.

  58. Incesc

    I think Ramsey is a really good player

    See him as jacks number 2 down the years,

    Good attitude and spirit, people compare him to denilsons but he’s got more to every part of his game than the Brazilian

    Hes no cesc tho

  59. tom

    Ramsey’s attitude is streets ahead of Denilson’s.
    His game has improved recently but still is some way off the form he showed before the leg-break.
    I think highly of him and hope he’ll continue to get stronger.

  60. patthegooner

    Bendtner understandable!!! Really he was at the club, but sorry there was nothing in his perfomances that warranted a 52k a week contract.

    I notice you fail to justify Park.

    Ironically the only one he might have got understandably wrong was Chamakh, however you do have to question the scouts to not realise he was a lazy unmotivated waste of space.

    Sorry, but I still think he has a lot to prove, and I just mention Strikers. What about the likes of Denilson and Squillaci who are on ridiculous wages.

    I love what Wenger did the first few years, but the longer this goes on the more I question how lucky he was to inherit such a squad.

  61. Al

    One thing I have noticed about Ramsey is that he looks a little quicker over the first couple of yards.
    He has really impressed me recently as he is constantly improving. I love the fact that he does the dirty work and takes responsibility of doing the dirty work which is not really common with young players.

    Also special mention about Santi Cazorla…. What a player, I just love watching him play football.

  62. Incesc


    He’s a lot better player now then he was before the leg break

    It’s a myth he was great back then.

    He’s just not a Hollywood player, more an arteta than a carzorla

  63. N7

    Sorry Kwik Fit – didn’t mean to be such a cunt – Just got off a bus myself, half piussed and its freezing outside.

    As much as I hate Spurs, I must admit I hate Chelsea evewn more;

  64. Incesc

    We have to knock on of them out of the top 4 n7

    Chelsea or spurs?

    I think spurs have it in them so we have to finish above chelsea

  65. Dannyboy

    Very interesting close to the season, gone over the final games of the season for us, Spurs and Chelsea, and after going through each game and doing fair predictions, I can see all 3 teams finishing on 70 points.. G/D could be the key, should have bagged a few more today!

  66. Dannyboy

    Also seen that Mulumbu was sent off for West Brom. Certainly makes our trip to the Hawthornes a little bit easier without their link player on the pitch… I reckon a win their should pretty much guarantee CL football next season. But you never know with Wenger!

  67. Naif

    Though we are below chelsea and spurs even if we win ourgame in hand, 4th is in our hands now, right? Since they play each other…

  68. Toli83

    4th spot is very interesting, truth be told I think we’ll get 3rd I can see Spurs slipping up against City and a draw with them and Chelsea would be a great result.

    As someone said earlier, a win away at West Brom will test us a lot . Fuck up there and a massive step backwards.

    Good performance yesterday although I was there and Reading looked like a championship team.

  69. Monkeyjeffrey

    6 hours and 3 comments!, what has happened here , where has everyone gone?
    Was a time when I would abandon a comment I was writing because so many had been made after the one I was responding to , the point was lost

    Rip le grove

  70. Mayank


    Comments on all blogs are down right now. There’s nothing to get excited about nor to throw a tantrum for.

    That said, this was the best Arsenal comment section on the net and it’s not looking like that these days.