Diaby facing retirement dilema | More Arsenal kit leaks | Valdes race hots up

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Happy Friday! Apologies for the late post, it’s a Bank Holiday over here and I took this morning out to recharge some seriously flat batteries.

So, the big, fat, massive news is that Abou Diaby is out for the next 9 months. He damaged his anterior cruciate ligaments in training and he’s finished for the season.

On a personal level, he must be mentally destroyed now. 9 months. Think about that number. You can knock up a baby in that time. You could produce a single episode of the American cartoon Family Guy. You could produce 4 Rihanna albums. 9 months is a long time.

So personally, you can’t help but feel for the man. Money aside, when you’re in your mid twenties, all you want to do is play sport.

He’s on record as saying he’d considered retiring in the past, you can’t help but think those thoughts must be flooding his mind at the moment. Now, I know lots of people are comparing this to being retired off in the real world, but it’s a little different. Firstly, he’d have to retire in 6-7 years anyway, so it’s not like being retired off for medical reasons if you were an accountant. Secondly, getting retired off if you were an accountant in your twenties would means something pretty damn serious had gone wrong. Diaby can’t play football at the top level. That doesn’t mean he can’t work like a normal person. Finally, he’ll have a nest egg of £18m to play with. He’s already set up a charity foundation… there’s a million things he could do that most would never have the opportunity to.

On a footballing front. It’s been apparent for at least 4 seasons that Diaby would never be a cornerstone to our team. He’s a good player, he had all the raw ingredients to become one of the best, but if you never play, you never grow. He was taken out in a nasty Dan Smith challenge a few  years ago… and things have got worse since then… but don’t kid yourself he wasn’t a crock before that. I read a tweet that said he’d sustained 32 injuries prior to that. He’s never managed more than 34 starts in a Premier League or French League season. This quote from ex-Spurs and France manager Jacques Santini tells a tale…

“Abou was one of the players I used at the start of the season and then he had to stop because of repetitive injuries. Maybe he was attracted by England and the money there. This probably did not force him to make all the necessary efforts to come back to his best level with us.”

That statement is a sharp reminder that he was injury prone before us, the comment about effort to come back is an interesting one because it’s something I’ve heard before. I’d heard a whisper that when he picks up an injury he goes back to France for treatment, which is why it was difficult for Arsene was so vague about his return pre-Christmas.

I think the club have to ask questions of their transfer policy or there ability to be ruthless with it… because this mess of an issue has been allowed to creep on for years. Why hasn’t he been properly replaced? Why do we give players so much slack when it comes to fitness. If we’d had a fit Robin and a fit Diaby over the last 6 years, I’ve no doubt we’d have won a trophy of sorts. As things stand now, we’re heading into the run in with no Diaby and no Jack Wilshere. Two players who need cover considering the fragile nature of their bodies.

Luckily it’s Reading we’re facing tomorrow. A team rooted to the bottom of the table. My only worry is new manager syndrome. Nigel Adkins of all managers has taken the rescue job. Our confidence of the last few games and ultimately, our class, should really push us over the line.

In other news, Robert Pires says we need experience English players.

‘The club has some very good [English] youngsters now but they lack experience.’

‘The only solution for Arsenal is to buy some more English players.’

John Cross reckons Anzhi are in for Valdes and are prepared to offer him an abandoned warehouse worth of cash a week to make him join. I’m not sure he’d be game.

This is where you'd be living Victor

Anyway, I’ll have more on the game tomorrow. Have a great day and let me know what you think of the latest leaked kit below. I think they’re quite smart. Nice cut, modern feel even if they do feel a little bit samey. Almost similar in reverse colours as the original Nike kit launch for Arsenal

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  1. Diaby Destructs

    Diaby has been the worst liability for Arsenal. Much worse than Stepanovs, or Chamakh or anyone else who plays. Simply because he has been nursed since he arrived at Arsenal and carrying a player indefinately who may or may not be in the first team is much more destabilising than a hopless player. Why carry someone over years when there are other players out there. It was always Diaby is out. Diaby is coming back. Diaby return is postponed. When ever de play a solid 10 games straight. Meanwhile we could have any other and indeed better player that really contributed to the team. Yeah I feel sorry for him on 50K a week spent in spas and on the massage table but I also feel sorry for alot of other great players with potential who just did not have the luck of the draw to play for Arsenal.

  2. Matchy


    why not sack jack wilshire too? hes had repetitive injuries … and can afc depend on him? he has been in and out of the team too. just like diaby.


  3. Spectrum

    Diaby out again. We could have expected that. Some are saying “How could the manager be blamed for his injury ” ? Wenger apologists and the even more rabid supporters of his – the A.K.B.’s – have an almost unique inability for discernment and analysis. Think. Anyone who has been following the Arsenal / Wenger narrative over the years as closely as they should have, will know about Diaby’s appalling record and the manager’s misguided and obsessive faith in him. A faith that as AT dutifully emphasised, has been VERY COSTLY in terms of his lack of playing time and consequent lack of contribution to the team cause. As well as the wasted money on wages which could have been better utilised in strengthening other areas where we are weak* ( *and isn’t that most of the team ? ) It isn’t Diaby’s fault that he’s an injury magnet.

    But what those with little insight and perspective ( i.e. all those that still defend him ) fail to see, or REFUSE to see, is that this is another manifestation of the axiom ; ” All roads lead back to Wenger.” Because this situation was clearly FORSEEABLE and therefore PREVENTABLE. It’s a typical example of Wenger’s negligence in putting one of his favourite players ( what – you didn’t know Wenger plays favourites ? ) ahead of the interest of the team as a whole. That my friends, IS negligence. The Senile One first of all should have done his due diligence before he signed Diaby. If you’re going to recruit ANY player you want and need them to be RELIABLE. No-one can see into the future, but a player’s bad injury record should ring alarm bells for any ( sensible ) manager. As it often is an indicator of what is LIKELY to happen later. So why take an unnecessary risk ? Best not to take that risk AT ALL eh ? That was the first mistake he made. Subsequently and predictably* – ( * there’s that word again ) Diaby commenced a long period of sustaining knock after knock, punctuated by repeated sessions of rest and rehabilitation, only to make short lived intermittent returns, culminating in this latest fiasco. During ALL THIS TIME, Wenger kept faith in him, despite everyone but HIM, it seems, clearly seeing that this faith of his was not only misplaced and grossly naive, but irrational to the point of foolishness. How foolish ? Well that came when Our Great Leader had an inspirational thought ; ” I’ll show them all. He’ll come back and prove them all wrong”. And so he waited. And waited. Diaby makes another brief cameo appearance, and Wenger decides he’s shown enough to warrant awarding him a new contract ! Brilliant. Even some of A.W.’s brainwashed disciples had doubts about the wisdom of this move at the time. And so it has proved. As I said ; so predictable, and no surprise to anyone who has been following Arsenal and has studied Wenger’s behaviour and “thought”* patterns. ( *I use the term loosely ). That was his second mistake.

    His third mistake was in believing that Diaby was ever much good as a player anyway. I agree with A.T. that he’s lazy, doesn’t work for the team, and despite the rare good game, has proved to be mostly inconsistent, or should that be consistently average. Adding to an already average side made up of players chosen and signed by……yep, that’s right – Arsene Wenger. The negligent part is all the above of course, but THE POINT WE MUST NOT OVERLOOK, is that in being irrationally patient with Diaby, Wenger has recklessly and KNOWINGLY gambled season after season, by indulging him and keeping a spot in the team open for him, when any objective observer with an ounce of common sense could plainly and indisputably see that he is a lost cause, and should have been cut adrift years ago. Especially when you consider how much OTHER deadwood Wenger has accumulated on salaries that HE HIMSELF established and ( still ) controls.

    THIS, A.K.B.’s, is why we realists blame Wenger for the farcical saga of Abou Diaby. Wenger is manager. Wenger makes the decisions. As in so many other areas. And when they’re as grossly irresponsible and expensive as this, that blame is entirely JUSTIFIED.

    Yet another instance of : ” In Arsene we rust.”

  4. Spectrum

    Ozrus – My username was chosen because it represents seeing things from a broader perspective – a “spectrum”.

    A quality that narrow thinking A.K.B.’s like you cannot conceive of. So you resort to childish plays on words as a substitute for debate. No surprise there.

    I suppose you don’t have a view on why we would sign a potential long term crock and expect to get a full season out of him. Your Great Leader did. Does the wastage of salary and lack of his contribution to the team not bother you at all ?

    Lucky some of us care enough about our club to ask these sort of questions then, eh ?

  5. Spectrum

    Ooops ! Sorry Ozrus. Forgot to include this other fact that you have yet to dispute too – ” In Arsene we rust.”

  6. Goonerbegood

    the problem with this club is that we have gone soft and there is no more winning mentality.we continue the same trend ,season after season and the people do not want to be honest about what is going on. The same story ,we heard over and over again which does not make sense to me at all. What happened to diaby is a shame but on the other hand arsenal FC have tried ,I read today that wenger has informed the players that they are playing for their futures,but my question is,why did he not tell them this at the beginning of the season ,why now, why does he continue the same trend season after season. For Me if we do not change manager , if we do not change our philosophy,if we do not change our wage structure, if we do not change our mentality, this team will be here again next season with the same story. Am tired of wenger ,am tired of the way he runs the club. We need change period,whether we like it or not.

  7. afc

    I never thought rvp would be capable of paying a whole season, it took him untill 27/28 to actually handle the physical side of football and now he’s winning a League title with the mancs. If Diaby was to stay fit he would be one of the best in the world in his position, if we had a bigger squad and a better rotation of players our players wouldn’t break their legs every week. It never helped too that everytime diaby’s fit france want to play him instead of letting him get gradually into the game. KEEP STRONG DIABY OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU Hope you prove your doubters wrong.