Denzeil Boadu leaves to express himself | Nacho gunning for Spurs | GERVINHO to Turkey

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Good morning. Bad news to start with. A teenager Arsenal didn’t allow to express himself on the pitch has left the club to join Manchester City.

“They allow me to express myself on the pitch & the quality of everything is high this is why I’ve decided to sign for……. Manchester City.”

Manchester City have offered him a three  year deal and the chance to express himself on the pitch.

Being chained to Arsenal’s strict game plan was clearly too much for Denzeil Boadu.

Roy Hodgson has come out and choke slammed the notion that Jack Wilshere will be playing in the U21 Championship this summer.

“We want the under-21s to do well and would like to give the strongest possible team.

“But it is quite clear that there are certain under-21 players who are now firmly established in the England A team squad.

“That is where I expect them to stay.”

Good work Roy. That said, I see no reason why Chamberlain shouldn’t go. He’s hardly played this year. It’d be great experience for him regardless of how many games he’s played in the seniors. He needs match practice. I’m sure he’ll have more than enough in the tank to make it.

Nacho Monreal has come out and laid the smack down on Spurs hopes of finishing inside the top four.

“It’s logical that people are talking because the situation [with Tottenham ahead in the table] is not as it should be. We have to use our energy for the matches. If you are thinking of what people are saying, you are wasting that energy. You have to concentrate on the next match. Every fixture is now a final we have to win. That has to be our mentality. I’m sure we will put it right,”

I think he had a hand in one of the Spain goals in the week. He’s looked pretty solid since joining. He’s far more interested in defending. Dependable, experienced and technically gifted. Hopefully he’ll force Gibbs up a level. We need that sort of competition all over the park. Hopefully he’ll start this weekend against Reading.

Final news piece was Galatasaray want to reverse choke slam Gervinho into their squad next season. Word on the street has it that the Turkish club are not being paid an appearance fee for this years Emirates Cup… no… they’re being given a Gervinho to compliment their Eboue. I’d be over the moon if it happened. Gervinho hasn’t hit the heights many of us didn’t think he could reach and it turns out he’s more sensitive than a face after a dry Bic shave. Move him on… bring in Messi.

Have a great Thursday. It’s Bank Holiday… which is a Royal conspiracy to make people spunk all their money up the wall over the 4 day weekend. Don’t disappoint people. Spend like you were a King.

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  1. Kushagra

    Even with 11 vs 11 the score was nil nil anything could have happened in the penalties .
    Similary Italy should never have lost the Euro 2000 Final or the Dutch team of 90s should have won a trophy .
    Italy’s destiny beckoned in 2006 after 1990, 94,98 2002

  2. zeus

    Blessing in disguise re Diaby. At least now Arsene can’t keep him in his plans for the annual ‘Diaby will be back in X months’

    A shame it didn’t happen at the end of April really. How many players has Arsene not signed because ‘We will soon get Diaby back.’?

  3. Samir

    This Diaby news is a fucking joke…
    His contract HAS to be cancelled…
    Fucking joke of a player!


    New GK
    New CB
    New CM
    New CM
    New winger

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Bade: Hence the best ever player, whomever he is, will shine even under those restricting circumstances

    which is the opposing view to my argument…

    I’m saying he WILL be restricted, you’re saying, actually he’ll overcome it.


  5. Josip Skoblar


    Maric, Buljan, Katalinski, Bogicevic, Petkovic, Oblak, Surjak, Acimovic, Dzajic, Jerkovic, Vladic, Popivoda, Karasi, etc. (1974 WC): the best Yugoslavia team ever!

  6. Bade

    J 79

    It’s sad when a player has so many injuries & can’t truly start his career, it’s must be damning for him in personal level & I feel for him

    That said, in a professional level, the writing not only was on the wall, it was sent to us dozen times just like a relentless marketing officer. But our horrendous management refused to see it

    Now we will pay the full price, doubled up

  7. Josip Skoblar

    You’re right. Football is not a science and the best teams don’t always win. France were lucky to beat Italy in 2000.

  8. Nasri's Mouth

    I don’t really understand those throwing insults at Diaby. Pathetic really.

    Or are people suggesting he did his cruciate on purpose just he could have a few months off?

  9. patthegooner

    I feel for Diaby but

    1) Overall, he is not that good even when he does play. Occasional Brilliance, regularly average and a liability.
    2) Wenger used him as the excuse not to replace Song. We all knew he would not last the season. Wenger wrong yet again.
    3) He is probably actually doing his body real harm. He should consider retirement or at the least look at a football in a lower league where the body is not worked and pressured so much.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Abou Diaby….what an utter shambolic situation to find ourselves in, £60 000 a week, the guy can’t string 5 games together without injury…now he’s out for 9 months, which will probably be more like 12.

    £60 000 a week, you think when you add Gervinho to that (who may as well be injured) £70 000 a week, £130 000 a week in totally wasted wages.

    That’s before you add the countless other dross on massive wages.

    Our wage bill right now should be at the same level as Spurs, £90 Million, in terms of what you can see for the money.

    Not even the hardiest Arsene Supporter could argue that our squad is worth it’s annual £145 Million bill!

  11. patthegooner


    You are quite right, it is not abou’s fault.

    My anger and frustration is at Wenger for banking on him.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d agree we shouldn’t have persevered with him, (or at the very least not bought cover) though I’m not sure whether you can really blame either Wenger or Diaby for this particular injury.

  13. Johnty79

    Who knows who diabys agent is? He might be able to get me a contract at arsenal. We should email the club asking for an explanation. Diaby has probably averaged 3 injuries per season for six years. He has now missed virtually 70% of three separate seasons.. He has averaged 10 pl games per season over the last 3 years. I think we’ve found wengers new assistant manager.

  14. zeus


    I’d say the level has gone down worldwide. Real paucity of quality. I used to watch a lot of footy videos on youtube, now I can’t even think of 5 modern players that I want to watch.

    I go old school when I can be arsed to. Can the game not cough up another Baggio, Stoijkovic, Laudrup, Rivaldo, Nedved etc.

    I love this game, but its experiencing a few gap years I think.

  15. Keyser

    “Which manager perseveres with players that are at championship level at a world class team?”

    Lol over exaggeration, over rated, over hyped, the world of modern football maybe and the modern football fan ?

  16. bayo

    Diaby, gervinho, chamack, djourou, bendtner, arshavin, squillaci should be given away as free transfers……how did this players get to arsenal?

  17. patthegooner

    The amount and type of injuries that he has had will surely take its toll on his body as well. I just don’t see how he or Arsenal can believe that he has a future at this level of football.

    Unfortunate for him, but the club and the player have to come to a mutual agreement to either terminate his contract or renegotiate it to be pay as you play.

    He should not have got a new deal last time,but to give him another would be incompetence of the highest order.

  18. TOLI83

    Diaby’s a fucking disgrace to football.

    He should be put down – cunt.

    That is all, have a good Easter chaps.

  19. Keyser

    Zeus – You don’t think it’s the pooling of talent in certain teams across each league, few teams really develop over a concerted period and the tit for tat nature of the marketplace just makes it worse.

    I think it’s the same for fans, every player that hits it big after a few games is instantly compared, contrasted, evaluated and appraised over a few games and the next bad game along is discarded for the next up and coming talent.

    How many players get the chance to develop in a stable environment designed to get the best out of them, just look at Messi.

  20. Dev_Gooner

    Fergie got fed up with Hargreaves in the end and released him at the end of his contract.

    Similar situation, the only difference is we have a baboon in charge who will still think diaby has still got what it takes to be world class.. Do yourself and Diaby a favour and let him go. He’s ruining his physical state by all these cuts and operations every now and then. He’s already made enough money to live off peacefully for the rest of his life! For the sake of humanity LET HIM GO!!

  21. vicky

    It is time both Wenger and Diaby realized that Diaby can not play competitive football at all. But it is not going to happen. Diaby helps Wenger in providing an excuse that he does need a DM. And Diaby is minting money at this club.

  22. patthegooner

    I don’t think this is the end of the bad news either

    I am not convinced by the Wilshire news. They have already revised it for another 2 weeks.

    I fear this could be a slow release of bad news from Arsenal, and they will eventually admit that Jack is out.

  23. the_real_andy

    we have to terminate his contract – but beside that … people slating him I really don´t understand. he´s injury prone but you can´t fault him for being so and you can´t fault him for signing a far too high contract …

    I feel sorry for him, he was quite good when able to play 10 games in a row … so twice or three times in the last 6 seasons or so. I really wonder whether we will be able to read “diaby signed new extension” in 2 or 3 weeks on … wouldn´t be too surprised to be honest. I can already imagine AW´s interview on that: “we have to give diaby back up to come back stronger than before. we hope an extension to his contract + 15 % pay rise will be enough motivation for him to come back and play 15 matches in a row before getting injured for 15 months and a new extension will be sorted out then.”

  24. Kushagra

    Agree maybe it’s to do with indecent wages and lack of loyalty in current players. Lack of good strikers like Hakan Sukur, Mijhotovic , Kluivert, Batigol is disturbing. Spain have got unbelievable talent in midfield should play exotic football but are missing Villa ,Torres type of players . They were consistenlty brilliant in Euro 2008 played their best football .

  25. zeus


    I take your point that the way the authorities have allowed the game to develop has had a negative impact on player development, but I still think there is a quality fall off. Even in terms of the types of players that the game produces.

    Watching Spain pass the ball around endlessly in midfield, has left me yearning for the modern day dribbler. Messi is probably the only real dribbler in the game. Apart from the great Gervinho.

    I miss that twisting, turning, low centre of gravity, spontaneity, capture the imagination of the watching public plays. That bravado, no look passes……..can we just clone Ronaldinho?

    For that reason alone, I truly hope Neymar is as good as he seems to be.

  26. zeus

    Of course you feel sorry for Diaby. I’m no expert, but having these sort of injuries on a semi regular basis must have a negative impact on his body.

  27. Keyser

    zeus – It has to go deeper than that, you look at the rigid, uninventive, imaginationess constructs of most teams, even what fans want for us , tactics, tactics, tactics, not even smart or adventurous, defend deep, break quick, stay disciplined and cover ground efficiently.

    Soo many teams revert to type because they’re far more scared of losing than actually playing decent football.

    Messi’s one of the few who’s had life and his football career completely tailored to his needs, which is why International teams struggle and Argentina does despite the names on their teamsheet.

  28. bay area gooner

    Please…. Lets have a little compassion here. Diaby is not intentionally injuring himself. The kid has never been the same pre-ankle shattering. It must be very hard for him physically and mentally. Its actually Wenger who keeps persisting with him. What is Diaby going to say? NO please do not pay me 60k a week? I will go somewhere else?

    Be real folks. Those calling for him to die or somehow blaming him need to take a chill pill and try some empathy first before typing.

    We can only hope that AW buys a proper replacement(S)

  29. Keyser

    Nasri’s won a title, tripled his wages, without looking hal the player he did in those 6 months for us, when, I know it sounds like sacrilige now, but he was, even for a second compared with the mighty Bale.

  30. Kushagra

    March 28, 2013 16:57:23
    zeus – It has to go deeper than that, you look at the rigid, uninventive, imaginationess constructs of most teams, even what fans want for us , tactics, tactics, tactics, not even smart or adventurous, defend deep, break quick, stay disciplined and cover ground efficiently.


    Too many Mourinho clones are ruining it. International footy of the 90’s was so much better . Not much 3-2 scores nowadays .

  31. Jeff

    Diaby out for 9 months. He’ll be back deep into next season for about 5 games just in time to help us get fourth.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    Why not? Not £50 Million p.a better than their squad


    Why will he buy a replacement? Has he just worked out that Diaby might be injury prone?

  33. TOLI83

    bay area gooner,

    His injury record was terrible before the Dan Smith incident. It was a huge gamble signing him in the first place.

    Another player to add to the long list who has been with us for far too long and delivered nothing.

  34. Keyser

    Lol I despise Mourinho and what he stands for,but it’s not just him he’s just someone using the situation for his own gain, clubs pump in all this money, they either want to protect their invesment or aren’t willing to wait or a team to develop.

  35. IHateWenger

    Football is a fucking Joke, in the NFL (American Football) if a player is not performing or unavailable due to injury the team can just terminate the players contract, as a result you get 100 percent commitment every game and the players who get the big money are the ones who actually produce the goods.
    I am sorry Diaby is injured but he is a fucking joke, £60000 a week for 14 games a season and we still have to pay him for 2 more seasons.
    The clubs should be able to terminate contracts when ever they like then these lazy good for nothing players in our squad would have to start earning their ridiculous wages.
    If anyone thinks that’s a bit harsh a injured player is compensated but does not get the full value of their contract, look into how the NFL does it, miles better then us.

  36. reality check

    Usually praised for his passing and build up play but Iniesta, is a very underrated dribbler,
    Pedro also to some extent.

  37. TheBayingMob

    You can’r just renegotiate Diaby’s contract, he has no legal obligations to change it, basically we’re fucking stuck with his 60k a week and the realisation he will never actually reliase what potential he had or play top level football for any amount of time. What we can do is blame the twunt in charge for rubber stamping such a long and lucrative contract for a complete fucking crock of a player. Not Diaby’s fault, good luck to the bloke.

    I agree with patthegooner too, I think Jack is out, initially I thought he was out, then AW/AFC said it was just bruising and he’d be fine, now this fucking bizarre statement that his injury is neither no better or not worse. How the fuck can that be exactly? It’s bollocks. If AFC are lying again, I will seriously considering not fucking going again until the regime changes.

  38. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – they spent one season in the Champions League and their wagebill increased 33%, how far did it fall once they didn’t make it the following year ?!

    They even sold Van Der Vaart and Modric, if we follow your reasoning they should have cut their wagebill back down to the 60 odd it was before.

  39. Goongoonergone

    Latest headline: “Diaby injury massive blow for Arsenal”. I burst out laughing. I can’t remember Diaby playing for us. The only massive blow for Arsenal is paying this player for turning up at the injury table everyday.
    I feel sorry for him but it’s time Diaby thought of life outside football. Only Wengersauras will re-sign him because his socialist policy is based on hope. It’s always the future with Lord Jumpsuit.

  40. BacaryisGod

    Whatever way you cut it, you have to feel terrible for Diaby. He is literally a broken man. I also get the sick feeling Jack’s absence will be extended in two week increments until the end of the season.

    For once, being out of contention in all cup competitions actually plays to our benefit as far as injuries are concerned.

    As for Boadu leaving Pedro, you could at least have mentioned he had already been released by Arsenal. It makes it sound as if he’s been snatched away from us…

  41. Goongoonergone

    By the way, all this shit about Jovetic. Are Arsenal paying his agent to put out stories? Don’t get fooled into buying season tickets yet. This is Arsenal desperation.

  42. Jamal

    It must be depressing doing fuck all for 9 months while earning 60 grand a week.

    I stand by what i said a few days ago..

    Diaby is a disgrace to football but dont worry he’ll be like a new signing for the 50th time.

    He’s a fucking joke.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Jamal: Diaby is a disgrace to football but dont worry he’ll be like a new signing for the 50th time.

    Yeah, imagine him injuring himself on purpose like that, shocking isn’t it?

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: Why will he buy a replacement? Has he just worked out that Diaby might be injury prone?

    However rose tinted his glasses are, Wenger knows Diaby wont be back training till January. Different to this season, where he might have hoped to have got 25 games out of him

  45. TitsMcgee

    A real manager would drop him but seen as though these are Wenger’s “kids” there is a slim chance of that.

    Then we’ll get to hear how AFC fans aren’t “living in reality” before the start of next season right after we sign nobody.

    Wenger has made so many poor decisions on players alone these past few years it really makes you see how untouchable he is that he comes under ABSOLUTELY NO THREAT of getting sacked.

    Doesn’t win.

    Doesn’t spend on any premium players.

    Pays terrible players(his pet projects) ridiculous wages.

    Signs players that almost never feature(on ridiculous wages) and makes more than any of the players.

    There are literally a dozen guys on the squad that should/would have been shipped out by a more ruthless manager.

  46. Dan Ahern

    The Diaby silver lining is that his injury is so long-term we will be forced to replace this summer.

    …Oh, nope, forgot. We have Ramsey.

  47. Jamal


    Its his own fault he didnt drink milk as a kid.
    And isnt he a Spurs fan?

    He’s not getting any sympathy from me. He should fuck off to Spurs!

  48. TitsMcgee

    Won’t mind seeing Jovetic here but I feel it was just another smokescreen by the marketing machine to offset the upcoming Diaby news.

    I agree also that don’t be surprised to hear about Wilshere being shelved forthwith as well.

    I still think we are screwed until Wenger leaves.

  49. Paulinho

    AKB’s over the next year….

    May 2013 – “Diaby is a tragic case. He has his critics but he brought something to the team. Though it’s probably time to move on for both parties”

    Sept 2013: “Well Diaby could be back in five or six months. Maybe Wenger is waiting to January to see whether he’s fit or not before buying”

    December 2013: ” Well Diaby is due back in February/March so you can understand Wenger holding fire in the transfer market and keeping his cards close to his chest. When on form, there’s no one like him in the league, except perhaps Yaya Toure”

    March 2014 (after a shit Diaby performance): “Diaby was poor but he’s just getting back to fitness. if he’s still shit after a run of games then you can criticise….”

  50. tom

    Sad news about Diaby. Great player who will never fulfill his potential.

    Boadu? So what, never heard of him.

    I hope we don’t sell Gervinho. I think he’ll come good.

  51. tom

    I think it’s heartless and unethical to think players injured in the service of the club should given the boot. Thankfully so does the law. Contracts are binding.
    Diaby has struggled with his injuries for so long, and with this latest set-back, I think it has to be accepted that he will no longer be part of Arsene’s plans. He will enjoy the benefit of wages and medical treatment till his contract expires. That’s as it should be.

  52. Keyser

    It’s like Smithy says, Dan was only trying to put himself about a bit, obviously Diaby’s just injury prone, when he was 13 he was out with the flu for a couple of days, so he’s blatantly got a really long history of being injury prone.

    Flu, Chicken pox, heatstroke, bee sting’s he’s had it all, just look at the video, Danny didn’t even go in two footed, run of the mill I say, it happens, mans game, yeah I know grown men running around in shorts playing a Childrens game, but still come on you know you’d die for the shirt, especially if it had official Premier League badges, cost an extra fiver they do and the players get them for free.

    Still there’s some hope for the injury prone twunt, when he hits 30 around 2016, he’ll just about be hitting his physical peak, I mean look at Ballack and Lampard, best years of their lives.

  53. Keyser

    Seriously it’s amazing I missed it the first time, if you look at the pictures I think they say it for themselves really.

    Well, obviously they show Diaby’s already twisted his ankle anyway before there’s even contact, you can’t really tell if it’s Dan Smith’s fault, poor chap, where is he anyway ? Probably a better player than Diaby anyday.

    Also his leg’s not even straight.

  54. tonyadamsisgod

    Haven’t posted on here in a while but I have to now! Diaby injured again! Well fuck me! Before this injury the guy was averaging £260k a game for Arsenal. Imagine what that is gonna be come the end of this 9 month spell! No its not his fault he’s injured. Yes it is Wenger’s fault they the waste of space is still taking up valuable resources at the club.

    Worst of all….some people still seem to think that this guy was a good player or could have been. What a load of utter bollocks. We’ve had the likes of Vieira, Petit and Gilberto play for us. How on earth people think that Diaby is as good as these guys is a joke.

    Get fucking rid. Now.

  55. Keyser

    Also just like to apologise to Joppa, I know we all talk shit on here sometimes, I really shouldn’t stoop as low as some of the other nutters and cast personal aspersions, who knows others might take things more seriously than I do, hopefully you don’t but anyway, Sorry.

  56. Johnny5


    Yes it was a bad tackle. We get it but don’t act like he wasn’t a liability and injury prone before that tackle. Being injury prone also doesn’t excuse the fact he is a pretty average football player.

  57. Keyser

    Kushagra – Eastern Promises, decent film, I think there was a twist at the end but I can’t remember now so I might watch out for it again, Django needs to be watched to.

    teddyblue – If you’re out there, missed your comment on the NBA, it might bore others, but I find it very intersting, glad the Heat’s streak ended, Lebron getting a flagrant against Boozer was funny to he’ll never be Jordan, next time your on I’ll try and give you a reply.

  58. Keyser

    Johnny5 – You’re talking complete bollocks, he came to us at 19, had his ankle wrecked in that same year, you want to go through your usual Shit player, great player routine do it with Denilson, Squillaci or whoever else, you don’t have to make up shit about Diaby.

  59. Johnny5


    It’s not shit. If you bothered to look it up yourself you’d know before he came to us he had 2 seasons as a professional and still suffered with injury problems constantly. Even before turning pro he had injury problems. I know it’s not his fault but really he never really looked like staying injury free and should have been gone long ago. If he went injury free he MIGHT have been a world beater but he will be remembered as a very average player with a bad injury record.

  60. tom

    Diaby is well above average. Considered one of the brightest lights of his generation in his early career in France. Arsenal signed him on a 4 year deal in 2006 and then extended for another 4 in 2010. At that time he seemed to have recovered from the injury problems that mired his first seasons and had enjoyed a bright start to the campaign. He had put together a run of 21 matches scoring 6 times in the process, including this gem…

    I can totally understand why the Club chose to risk signing him again. Although another 4 years might have been 2 years too long.

  61. Keyser

    Sorry would like to apologise to Johnny5, as you can see the tackle wasn’t that bad, so scrath complete bollocks, and pencil in ‘the absolute truth’, obviously even if Dan Smith had made contact before Diaby twsited his ankle..

    ..Wait a minute ‘alleged contact’ nothing conclusive there at all.

    ..It’s obvious spending a year out had no effect on his career, the calf strain’s are all down to Calpol abuse when he was 13, and plagued with Flu like symptoms.

    Sorry, Johnny5 mate, plus this now sheds new light on the Shawcross Ramsey incident.

  62. Keyser

    Who’s blaming it all you nutter ? You’re saying he was injury prone and shit ayway, while trying to make out the injury had no effect at all, which is the other extreme.

  63. tom

    A injury as bad as Diaby suffered can often (though not always) have long term implications. The body tries to compensate and strains it’s opposite side. That can lead to more trouble. RVP injury record nearly matched Diaby’s but he finally did find fitness and we all felt he had been worth the wait.
    It’s always going to be a hard decision but with a really gifted player the risks can pay off.

  64. Thomas

    Christ why hasn’t the lanky cunt been sold already?

    Oh that’s right he’s Wengers love child and he’s sucking him off every night.

  65. Johnny5


    I never said it didn’t affect him at all. Of course it would have an effect you seem to be blaming it all on that one injury though you nutter which going by his record is bollocks.

  66. Leedsgunner

    Here’s an idea — since Wenger has persisted with Diaby for so long as his perpetual pet “new signing” why doesn’t he personally foot the bill for Diaby’s wages/treatment for the rest of his contract? In fact why doesn’t he do that for all the deadwood players at the Club?

  67. Keyser

    No, it only ‘seems’ like that to you and most of the other nutters soo frustrated that they exaggerate everything to the point of irrationality.

    His record doesn’t mean much, he was a tall gangly kid making his way from the youth teams to the full adult team squad. His body’s still growing at that point. Calf Strains, muscle tears, or ligament damage could be one thing, having your ankle shattered is completely another.

    Seriously have you looked into his background or are you just on a wind up ?

  68. Johnny5


    He is definatly not well above average either . He did look a good prospect but injury has kept him from fulfilling that potential. When he’s not injured though he is very average and has had one or two games where he’s looked a top player but lets not kid ourselves he has never been a good player. He’s really unlucky and I feel for him because it must be hard going for him but lets not exaggerate his form.

  69. tom

    Johnny5 are you comfortable with the contract recently offered Jack Wilshere? Given his youth, lack of top flight experience and injury record?

  70. Johnny5


    It’s all there in black and white on his wiki page mate I’m not making nothing up. Yes that tackle obviously affected him and he has suffered since my point though was that he was known for being a crock long before we brought him.

  71. Johnny5


    Not really pal. He’s good but he hasn’t really justified it in my opinion he’s a good prospect but he’s not the finished article

  72. tom

    ….He’s really unlucky and I feel for him because it must be hard going for him…

    Oh Johnny5, you DO have a heart.
    Now if you only had a brain….

  73. Leedsgunner

    To think we have wasted over £20m plus in wages over Diaby – and they still have the audacity and temerity to say we can’t afford to compete… no of course we can’t when we have so much deadwood on the wage bill!?! Whose fault is that?


  74. tom


    So if we don’t sign JW to a decent deal how do we prevent him being poached by rivals? Or should we not worry about that?

  75. Keyser

    Johnny5 “It’s all there in black and white on his wiki page mate”

    That’s the whole point it’s not, he was 19 when we bought him, he’d barely made it to the first team, let alone started his professional career lol how do you make him out to be a professional crock before he’s even made it out of his teens.

    Considering what you think of Shawcross and Barton, you shouldn’t really talk about exaggerating form.

  76. Johnny5


    ‘Oh Johnny5, you DO have a heart.
    Now if you only had a brain….’

    Same could be said for some of the tripe your guilty of posting.

    As for wilshere signing him to a longer term contract isn’t the problem it’s giving him too much too soon money wise. He’s obviously happy with us they don’t need to pay him a shit load of money.

  77. teddyblue


    I am always open to discuss the NBA or any other sports, should I be around. I think I operate on different schedules than most of you though, I’m on much later in the day.

    Like I said before, it’s really difficult to compare American sports with Euro soccer. First of all, all sports leagues here have some form of a salary cap/contract caps/revenue sharing among teams. For instance (this is a simplified example, the specifics are much more complicated) the Lakers will be over the cap and must pay a dollar for dollar luxury tax in the amount they are over, with that tax being distributed to lower revenue teams. It would be like Wigan getting paid off for Arsenal’s mismanagement of their wage bill.

    FFP is probably some sort of abortive creation inspired by the american pro league salary caps. But obviously tweaked in order to keep the good teams on top.

  78. Johnny5


    Pulled directly from wiki

    ‘Diaby finished the season with the team with 11 appearances and one goal’-at under 19 03-04

    He then signed as a pro

    ‘After making his debut for the club, Diaby spent the rest of the fall season either playing on the club’s reserve team or dealing with injuries’- 1st season and didn’t return until march 05

    The season after

    ‘During the season, Diaby featured early on during the campaign, but as the fall season wore on, he struggled with injuries, which subsequently, led to the playing failing to gain the confidence of Santini’

    Diaby finished that season and was transfer listed

    ‘Diaby did not play, so this was a strategic sale for us’

    So really I’m not talking bollocks am I keyser. Also highlights what a fucking idiot wenger was for signing him.

  79. tom

    Wilshere is one of Arsenal’s most important players. He is also considered the hottest young prospect in English football.
    If Arsenal don’t offer him competative terms, somebody else will and he’s off.
    No matter how much he loves the club.

  80. tom

    TeddyBlue are you against salary caps in principle or practice or both?
    Do you feel the financial side of sport should be subject to any kind of regulation?

  81. Johnny5


    Wellbeck at united is also one of England’s top prospects. You dot see Fergie throwing money at him though do you. Didn’t think so. Wenger thinks he can buy loyalty when even if he gave wilshere 150k a week if he wanted too he could probably engineer a move for even more money. The key is to keep him grounded not throw cash at him and hope he stays

  82. tom


    Diaby would have been subject to a stringent medical before signing for AFC. Obviously the medical specialists gave him the green light.
    It’s easy to be an expert in hindsight.

  83. Paulinho

    Diaby is/was garbage, injury or no injury.

    Before the ankle injury he played against Spurs and was the worst pitch player on the, and got hauled off for Cesc. Exactly the same crappy performances you get from him now.

  84. Johnny5


    Wenger has kind of made it impossible to not give wilshere loads of money too. The ox and theo who he’s miles better than are on so much that not paying him tons of cash wasn’t really an option. The whole wage policy is a joke.

  85. Johnny5


    Being fit for a medical is one thing being fit to play professional football week in week out is another. And injury record aside he doesn’t appear to have been all that good then either.

  86. Keyser

    Johnny5 – You don’t think I read that ? Or I didn’t look at his stats ? He was 17 when he tried to transition into the first team, and after a year and half we signed him in January, it doesn’t tell you what injuries or for how long.

    He was at Clarefontaine and played 12 times for the French Under 19 team between 2004 and 2005, that team also Won the 2005 U-19 European Championship.

    At best it tells you little of his potential other than he had promise as a youth player, how you come up with he was a crock from that and Wenger was an idiot for signing him is just bollocks.

    So you’re writing 19 years olds off as crocks, whereas you think having his ankle shattered at 19 and spending a year out had less effect.

    What’s worse is that you consider his form very average and yet cream yourself over Barton or Shawcross.

  87. tom

    Arsenal have a great medical team. You can’t equate the clubs historically lengthy injury lists with the standard of the doctors.
    It’s much more to do with the kind of players we sign and the kind of opposition they face and that’s a different argument.

  88. Keyser

    “You dot see Fergie throwing money at him though do you”

    Lol Yeah, he’s got his contract, what are you on about.

    You had a few people on here saying similar,Fergie won’t give him what he wants, Wellbeck got told, a few months later they gave him what he wanted.

  89. tom

    Welbeck,though talented, is not seen as the savior of English football.
    Welbeck on 75,000 a week. JW on 80,000. 

    Seems fair enough.

  90. Johnny5


    I don’t cream over Barton or shawcross your well over exaggerating what I said as usual with you. I merely said they were better options than we had. As for Diaby 12 games in a season says it all. And it states categorically that when he was in the first team at auxerre he didn’t play because of injuries. Your missing the point clearly (as usual). Point is he had an injury record before he got that tackle. It might have made things worse obviously but your trying to make out he was in tip top shape before that when he clearly wasn’t.

  91. Johnny5


    He’s only recently got that kind of money out lads have been overpaid since the day they signed. As theo is not worth 100k how many times does that need to be done. He isn’t all that integral to our team either he’s another player who’s vastly overrated.

  92. tom

    Hardly any players make it through their apprenticeship with out sustaining at least one serious injury.
    The rigors of building the body to a level to compete professionally is very stressful.

  93. michael

    I suppose arsenal as a club have to stand by the under contract player and rehab him but next summer his contract needs to be cancelled

    We need a forty plus game a season midfielder to take the pressure off needing to rely on ramsey or le coq both of whom need a season with someone like stoke/sunderland

    Funny how on ssn this morning wenger said diaby had a small problem that we need to check the mother of all understatements

    Not getting on the players back cos its unfortunate for him but it is a waste of what seemed a talented footballer btw diaby just cos were calling u sicknote doesnt mean u get to wear a spurs shirt

  94. tom

    Welbeck has been developed in the way that best suited United. If it’s been a slow process it’s because he hasn’t been ready or he hasn’t been required.
    Neither of those things are true in Jack’s case.
    The OX was signed on something like 18,000. Not a huge amount for one of the country’s most sought after kids.

  95. tom


    You can’t accuse Arsenal of being cheap and lacking ambition in one breath and over paying talented prospects in the next.

    If we don’t tie down our long term prospects we won’t have any.