Denzeil Boadu leaves to express himself | Nacho gunning for Spurs | GERVINHO to Turkey

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Good morning. Bad news to start with. A teenager Arsenal didn’t allow to express himself on the pitch has left the club to join Manchester City.

“They allow me to express myself on the pitch & the quality of everything is high this is why I’ve decided to sign for……. Manchester City.”

Manchester City have offered him a three  year deal and the chance to express himself on the pitch.

Being chained to Arsenal’s strict game plan was clearly too much for Denzeil Boadu.

Roy Hodgson has come out and choke slammed the notion that Jack Wilshere will be playing in the U21 Championship this summer.

“We want the under-21s to do well and would like to give the strongest possible team.

“But it is quite clear that there are certain under-21 players who are now firmly established in the England A team squad.

“That is where I expect them to stay.”

Good work Roy. That said, I see no reason why Chamberlain shouldn’t go. He’s hardly played this year. It’d be great experience for him regardless of how many games he’s played in the seniors. He needs match practice. I’m sure he’ll have more than enough in the tank to make it.

Nacho Monreal has come out and laid the smack down on Spurs hopes of finishing inside the top four.

“It’s logical that people are talking because the situation [with Tottenham ahead in the table] is not as it should be. We have to use our energy for the matches. If you are thinking of what people are saying, you are wasting that energy. You have to concentrate on the next match. Every fixture is now a final we have to win. That has to be our mentality. I’m sure we will put it right,”

I think he had a hand in one of the Spain goals in the week. He’s looked pretty solid since joining. He’s far more interested in defending. Dependable, experienced and technically gifted. Hopefully he’ll force Gibbs up a level. We need that sort of competition all over the park. Hopefully he’ll start this weekend against Reading.

Final news piece was Galatasaray want to reverse choke slam Gervinho into their squad next season. Word on the street has it that the Turkish club are not being paid an appearance fee for this years Emirates Cup… no… they’re being given a Gervinho to compliment their Eboue. I’d be over the moon if it happened. Gervinho hasn’t hit the heights many of us didn’t think he could reach and it turns out he’s more sensitive than a face after a dry Bic shave. Move him on… bring in Messi.

Have a great Thursday. It’s Bank Holiday… which is a Royal conspiracy to make people spunk all their money up the wall over the 4 day weekend. Don’t disappoint people. Spend like you were a King.

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  1. Inter YourGran

    akb nemesis – English centre halves at current aren’t worth a rub at the highest level. Most top teams play the ball out from the back, have pace or are good readers of the game. I cant think of 1 English centre half, that’s not over 30, that even excels in one area.

  2. Bade


    It’s all speculative indeed, but he’s valued in the transfermarkt for 26.5m pounds

    He’s 23 (turns 24 in November) & he’s bagged goals in double digits for Fiorentina for the last 3 years, despite injuries. He’s highly rated at many top clubs I guess ….

  3. A.k.b nemesis

    Inter,don’t you think that’s our problem (too many skilled defenders) ? i’ll take a defender who’l boot the ball out instead of making false passes.

  4. A.k.b nemesis

    I think a mobile striker suits our style more than the big man.we could still use the battering ram as the option b

  5. gambon

    I reckon Jovetic will cost c£20m with add ons.

    Fiorentina will buy someone like Cassano, Milito, Quagliarella or even Vydra and pocket a lot of money on the deal.

  6. Inter YourGran

    akb nemesis – don’t get me wrong, a centre halves primary objective is to defend his goal, but at the highest level and with the pace of the game these days you need more then a decent header and slide tackle.

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    Let’s wait and see. If he leaves this summer we’ll find out.

    I’d bet on just over £20 mill.

  8. gambon

    As well as buying a top class striker like Jovetic, I would sign Benteke and sell Giroud to be the plan b.

    Benteke is bigger, stronger, quicker, much better in the air, more unpredictable and explosive, with a much much higher ceiling.

  9. Inter YourGran

    pepe’s disciplinary record is cause for concern. You wouldn’t rate him as highly if he was playing for, benfica say…

  10. Inter YourGran

    Garay and Hummels are the ones to nab if you want premium.

    N’kolou, Sakho and Tasci if you want the longevity from the next tier.

  11. Inter YourGran

    akb nemesis – ooooffff, tough question that… If im honest there are very, very few world class centre halves. based on the pool and quality i’ll have to say yes

  12. Inter YourGran

    Giroud is lee chapman incarnate on his usual average days. A carthorse and battering ram with little else to offer.

  13. gambon

    Wouldnt call giroud a battering ram.

    hes big, but doesnt really use that to his advantage.

    Benteke on the other hand is an absolute monster physically. It doesnt matter how good a CB you are, its hard to deal with a beast that has a run on you.

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    What is ‘World Class’ ?

    People always bang on about it, but I have no idea what it actually means. I’d bet if you got 4 people to answer, you’d get 3 different answers, and 1 of those would be completely vague

  15. Inter YourGran

    gambon – you’re probably right, he doesn’t get under defenders’ skin and rough them up.

    He’ll probably get more joy having children ride on his back up & down brighton beach

  16. Inter YourGran

    NM – I think everyone’s interpretation of what makes a world class player differs slightly and everyone has their ‘favourites’ .. but it’s an opinions game and even if you don’t agree, provided they can give valid reasoning i won’t completely discount their opinion.

  17. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    For me it just means at the top level on a global basis.

    Ie World class players in the PL?

    Van Persie, Suarez, Rooney, Aguero, Silva, Yaya, Cazorla, Mata, Hazard, Bale.

  18. Inter YourGran

    Bale? ….. Gambon you put that in their last to open a can of worms. He’s top class, I wouldn’t call him world class though.

    Theo’s got an equally if not better return then he has 😉

  19. gambon

    Theo doesnt have an equal return at all.

    Theo scores mainly pointless goals, Bale wins games on his own.

    Bale is also a midfielder, Theo is a striker that does no defending at all.

    Of course Bale is world class, he is comfortably one of the 3 best PL players at the mo with Suarez & Mata.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    @Inter YourGran

    My point is that before you start discussing whether a player is ‘World Class’ or ‘Completely Shit’ (there can be no intermediate terms on a blog) you need to first define what those 2 terms mean.

  21. gambon


    No, theres the class of Iniesta & Ronaldo.

    Then theres the class of Messi.

    He stands alone, today and in history.

  22. Inter YourGran

    lol @ NM Fair enough 😆

    Gambon – yeah, you’re right there. I had the red blinkers on for a sec 🙂

  23. gambon

    Ronaldo is absolutely world class, amazing player, one of the 2 best ever to play in the PL.

    However despite being amazing he is still miles behind Messi.

  24. Bade

    Bale is just oveerated

    He reminds of Edmilson, the man with the one move.

    Can’t see him making it in a top club

    It’s easy to shine when you play in a shite side like the Spuds, but when you move to the next standard you’ll find it extremely hard to repeat your “form”

    Ask RVDV

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon’s description is a good start, though as only one of his examples isn’t a forward, I’m assuming his list isn’t complete.

    Globally would there be 5 world class players in each position ? 10 ? 20 ?

    or is the definition of world class moveable depending on the current quality of players

    IE could there be 20 world class strikers at a particular point in time, but only 5 left backs because there just happens to be a dearth of really good left backs in the world at present.

  26. Dan Ahern

    Theo might be better than Bale if he bothered showing up more than every third or fourth game.

    Perhaps it’s tough to swallow but objectively Bale is a better player.


    With all due respect to you football scholars today,if you want to change the team ,change Wenger 1st.With the loyalty to Wenger and his ideals gone the dicks in admin may loosen the purse.

  28. A.k.b nemesis

    Thought i was the only one who hates the media’s ‘Bale on the same level with ronaldo and messi’ shit.

  29. Bade

    It’s only the last season that Messi pulled off to be the best player, now significantly better than Ronaldo

    Messi kept his progress up, while Ronaldo seemed to stop developing for a while, although the last two months suggest there’s a change again

    It’s worth mentioning as well that Messi’s been ridiculous, fitness wise, he’s playing over 60 games a year & almost always looks fresh

    Messi himself said though, he won’t be the biggest ever unless he wins the WC with Argentina

    I guess this is going to happen next year, unless something extremely odd happens

  30. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Exactly that.

    For me there are very very few “world class” centre backs in the PL.

    Kompany is, Vidic & Rio were, Terry hasnt been for a long time, Vertonghen will be/maybe already is.

    Also I do think attackers are easier to label world class, as defence is much more about co-operation and shape, where as attacking is an individual thing where one player can make the difference.

  31. Leedsgunner

    If we manage to hold on to our players this year… add to the squad with quality replacements in the areas of the team that we need to… we might actually get a team with some depth next season. A vague hope I know but still worth hoping.

    I know both Podolski and Giroud have not been the world class players that we were told they were by the management, yet, I think they still are very good squad players who could give us a valuable Plan B if they were complemented by world class players. The question is will they be? Or will Wenger revert to form and sign young pretenders that he can develop?

    Jovetic is a good player but for I would have Mario Gomez any day. What a finisher he is… and a finisher is what we need.

    Sad to hear about Wilshere… can’t say I’m surprised though, well used to being fed untruths by this club… they treat us fans with such contempt. Wenger should really hang his head in shame in how he’s completely mismanaged Wilshere.

  32. Bade

    Bale is basically a Bigger & more powerful Theo, with a better cross

    Finishing wise he’s not better than Theo. Indeed he’s been amazing for the last 7 games, but judge him for the full 38 games, not the “best 7 or 10”

    Even OX is a much better dribbler than him

  33. zeus

    BadeMarch 28, 2013 14:48:25

    ‘It’s only the last season that Messi pulled off to be the best player, now significantly better than Ronaldo.’

    ……..Messi’s been better for quite some time. By some distance.

    “Messi himself said though, he won’t be the biggest ever unless he wins the WC with ArgentinaI guess this is going to happen next year, unless something extremely odd happens.”

    ….Traditionally Argie are my team, but they are by no means favourites. 1 man doesn’t win you a WC, unless your Maradona.

  34. gambon

    Messi is just miles ahead of Ronaldo

    Messi is probably the best finisher in world football, hes the best dribbler in world football, hes probably the best assister in world football, hes the best passer of an striker in the world……he always shows up in big games.

    Truly and ridiculously immense.

    Cant imagine when we will ever see someone with such ability again.

  35. Josip Skoblar

    Bale is better than Walcott, no doubt about that.
    I quite agree with Gambon’s selective albeit fair ‘world-class players’ list.

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    zeus: ….Traditionally Argie are my team, but they are by no means favourites. 1 man doesn’t win you a WC, unless your Maradona.

    Messi is better than Maradona IMO, but your point still holds.

  37. gambon


    I remember when Ronaldo was the best in the world in 07/08 and i said Messi was a much better player, but agreed with Ronaldo winning Ballon D’or cos he was phenomenal that season.

  38. Josip Skoblar

    Gambon’s short list makes me think that 10 years ago, one would have listed at least 20 world-class players in the EPL. Just the 2004 Arsenal team had about 8 of them.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Bale is looking very good at the moment, he’s on a high. If that can be maintained then he’s a very good player, though I think his form will dip again

  40. Bade


    I disagree, Messi in the last year had been ridiculous & he wasn’t that sharp & unbelievable before. He even was 2nd to Ronaldo in the La Liga Pecici, who isn’t even a CF like Messi

    Messi upped his assists as well as his goals to just another level now

    As for Argentina’s odds to win the WC, think of those (no particular order)

    De Maria

    They have now a good midfield & defence as well

    They have the best ever attack to play together for one nation. They only need the right manager to manage them well & they’ll win it hopefully

  41. A.k.b nemesis

    It’s baffling,he refuses to sit on the bench,remember 2 seasons ago when ronagoal banged 40 liga goals,he was furious with pep for benching him.

  42. zeus


    What defence? Outside of zabaleta and Garay, there is hardly a defensive bedrock. While I like garay, I’m not entirely convinced either. Not confident in Mascherano as a CB. Play him in his preferred position of DM.

    Romero as GK is a joke. Not strong at all.

    As for the others. Tevez has a terrible record for Argie, Pastore hasn’t hit the heights he set in Serie A with PSG (sometimes Ancelotti drops him all together) and the others are stock forward players.

    There is only so many forwards that a team can use at any given time.

  43. Josip Skoblar

    You list 6 of them. I’d add van Persie, Ljungberg and Gilberto Silva who was a regular for Brazil. (possibly Lehman although he was a goal keeper).

  44. vicky

    Although I have always supported Spain national team, I would not mind If Argentina won the WC in 2014 just to put an end to the greatest ever footballer debate. For me, he is already the best ever but there are many who keep harping about the need to win a WC.

  45. gambon

    “but there are many who keep harping about the need to win a WC.”

    I know, its a terrible, stupid argument.

  46. gambon

    Van persie world class in 2003?

    Dont think Ljungberg ever was apart from 3 months at the end of 2002 season.

  47. vicky

    Messi has finally started to shine for his national team as well. I think he has had a role to play in almost all the goals that Argentina have scored in the last 6-7 games.
    If Argentina build a decent defense and unearth one quality midfielder from somewhere,Messi can do a Maradona.

  48. Josip Skoblar

    I was wondering if Varane is a regular starter at Real. If not, he’ll want to change club. I’m utterly impressed by the boy who oozes class and confidence (although he still occasionally makes the odd mistake). He’ll soon become the best CB in the world. Another one we should have signed a couple of years ago. I watched him a couple of times when he was playing for RC Lens and it was so obvious that the boy was class.

  49. A.k.b nemesis

    My Top 5 kps: casillas,neur,buffon,handanovic,cech.
    Top 5 rbs: lahm,ivanovic,zabaleta,alves,rafael(not sure)
    top 5 cbs:thiago,hummels,ramos,chiellieni,pepe
    top 5 lbs:marcelo,alba,cole,coentrao,evra(not sure)
    top 5 dms:alonso,martinez,busquets,mascherano,de rossi
    top 5 cms:xavi.h,steiger,pirlo,yayat,vidal
    top 5 ams:iniesta,ozil,d.silva,kroos,fabregas
    top 5 wgs:ronaldo,ribery,di maria,g.bale,lucas
    top 5 ss:messi,mata,aguero,rooney,goetze
    top 5 cf:falcao,cavani,ibrahimovic,vanpersie,higuain.

  50. Nasri's Mouth


    RvP had potential then and was clearly very good, but I wouldn’t put his 2004/5 level at that point.

    Ljungberg was very good, but he shone so brightly because of Bergkamp.

    Gilberto was very very effective for us, but I’d put that down to his ability to understand his role well.

    Lehmann maybe, but IMO he wasn’t as good as Seaman. I say Seaman was world class, Lehmann not quite.

  51. Josip Skoblar

    Agree. RvP not world class in 2004, but Ljungberg and Gilberto is more debatable. That still leaves us with 6-7 world-class players in the 2004 team.

  52. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d possibly argue Lauren was closer to world class than those in fact, if only because he’d probably kill you if you disagreed with him about it

  53. A.k.b nemesis

    We could do with handanovic,hummels,de rossi,yayat,fabregas,goetze and cavani but hey ‘there’s no money’

  54. Josip Skoblar

    Agreed. In fact Lehman was world-class when he played for Germany in the 2006 WC. He was brilliant then, but after that it all went downhill…

  55. gambon

    I think Cole, Sol, Vieira, Pires & Henry were the worldys in that team

    The rest were solid, and DB10 was a former worldy who was on the wane.

  56. Bade

    Some of you sound like Arsene

    Because you want Messi to be the greatest ever, although he’s been failing to make anything of note outside Barca, you claim it’s pointless

    Hahaha, I don’t want to get into how did Barca win the 2 CL trophies with Messi & how many help they got from official it’s embarrassing

    Messi always shows in big games? Ermmm, how many big games did Argentina play where he showed up? Not in any WC or Copa America

    Messi failed to lead Argentina to any trophy, although he’s rounded with a much better squad than Maradona had, and he managed 1 WC, 1 WC Final when he’s on crack & 1 Copa America

  57. vicky


    Suarez is a far better striker than Higuain.
    I do not think Kroos is that good imho.
    Reus is a super super player missing in your list.

    Just my opinion.

  58. gambon


    Everyone knows your obsession with Maradona.

    Messi wins more, scores more, does more that Maradona ever did.

    Maradona also didnt used to cover 12km per game, lazy fat little cunt.

  59. Josip Skoblar

    You really wonder about our scouting system. Varane was born in Lille and played for RC Lens. In bloody northern France! How many years does it take our scouts to spot a talent who plays on the other side of the Channel?

  60. A.k.b nemesis

    Exactly bade, i personaly don’t believe messi deserved to be world best last year,ronaldo and iniesta were more influential to theie national teams.

  61. Josip Skoblar

    I like Suarez: he’s a world-class talent and… pest! 🙂 I’m a neo-convert though: the turning point is when I saw him play at the Emirates a few weeks ago. I was impressed by him.

  62. Bade

    This “small thing” of winning something of note outside the Barca comfort is the litmus test whether he’s the biggest ever or just one of the best ever, which he is already

    How can you be the biggest ever if you failed to win a trophy with your national team for 4-5 campaigns, regardless of how many trophies you’ve won with your club

    It’s the mere fact that you competed to win those trophies & you failed constantly.

    If it’s only on club level, then Giggs must be the best ever player to play the game …. Messi won’t reach so many league titles as Giggs did (& still) with the Cuntish Mancs

  63. gambon


    How the fuck can you be the best ever if you couldnt win the CL, the highest level of football worldwide?

    He won 3 league titles for fuck sake.

  64. Bade


    I never hid my Maradona obsession, but it has nothing to do with Maradona, its’ only around Messi

    I could have used Pele & not Maradona as a comparison

    Simple fact is, Messi failed to win anything outside Barca, although having 5 different tournaments to do so.

  65. Nasri's Mouth


    A player however good he is, is restricted at International level by his team mates, the quality of the manager, the quality of the opposition etc.etc.

    In theory at club level, a player will find his level, (IE the top players will end up playing for top teams), and therefore a players club record is much more relevant than his national record.

  66. gambon

    Are we really comparing lionel Messi with Ryan Giggs?

    Messi – 4x Ballon D’or, 5 leagues, 3 Champs leagues at age 25, 308 goals at age 25

    Giggs – No Ballon D’or, 12 leagues, 2 CLs at age 39

    What poor, poor logic.

  67. A.k.b nemesis

    World best 11(world class)kp: casillas df:lahm thiago hummels marcelo mf:alonso xavi iniesta fw:messi ronaldo falcao

  68. Bade


    Maradona covered more ground than any other player back then, but simply those stats during games weren’t applicable back then

    Giggs won 12 league titles, he must be 3 times better than Messi then? Of course not

    I’m arguing whether Messi is shit or good. No argument he’s one of the best ever to play the football

    It’s about being the best ever.

    If you’re the best ever you can’t fail to lead your country to anything of note. As simple as that.

    That’s not meant to undermine any of his other amazing achievements

  69. vicky

    Well tbh best players should be judged by their ability and their impact on the pitch. I have never seen any player having as much ability as Messi. Things that he can do with the ball is just unbelievable. The way he runs with the ball at a supersonic pace is dazzling. He can beat 5-6 defenders to score a goal. And as far as impact is concerned,that is also quite obvious.

    As far as trophy argument is concerned, CL is a far more competitive tournament than the WC where half of the teams are just walkovers. It is ironic that people say they don’t give international football a fu*k but then raise the same point of success with national team as an argument to beat Messi’s credential as the greatest ever.

  70. Bade



    “A player however good he is, is restricted at International level by his team mates, the quality of the manager, the quality of the opposition etc.etc”

    Hence why if you’re the best ever, you’ll probably overcome those obstacles & leave your mark in the international level as well

    I don’t get you people, how hard is it to grasp?

  71. zeus

    LMAO @ Gambon

    That fat lazy Cee yoU Next Tuesday (Maradona) is the best to ever do it. It might be irrational to some, but Leo has to win a WC.

    Diego just pushed teams over the top. Argentina, Napoli and had some twat not broken his leg while he was in Barca, his ‘ceiling’ would’ve been even higher.

    Ifs and maybes though…….

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    Bade: If you’re the best ever you can’t fail to lead your country to anything of note. As simple as that.

    Dumb argument

    There are dozens of countries in the world that can’t produce the best player in the world then?

  73. A.k.b nemesis

    Vicky, he is one of the greatest but i don’t consider him ahead of giussepe meazza,alfredo di stefano,johan cryuff(debatable),maradona,pele,zinedine zidane.

  74. Bade


    I love Messi, Argentina is the national team for me for ages

    I guess he’ll get to be the best ever player, but he’s just not there yet

    And again, it’s not about my Maradona obsession

    Speaking of Maradona, just an anecdote. When he came to Italy the other day, 10’000 of Napoli fans came to see him. It was 20 years after he stopped playing there.

    I hope 10’000 will come to salute Messi when he arrives to Barcelona in year 2038 ….

  75. Josip Skoblar

    Zidane won the WC, several CL, was European champion with France, won a bucket of league titles and cups. and was Ballon D’or Does that make him the best player ever? Hard to tell. He’s not my favourite player ever.

  76. Bade


    I know you meant to say I’m wrong, but your argument just said the opposite

    By the way, NM, Gambon

    You both realise there’s only ONE player that can be the best EVER.

    Surely Bergkamp & Karagonis aren’t contenders for that title ….

  77. Bade

    I watched Maradona, Zico, Platini, Zidane, Ronaldo of Brazil, Ronaldo, Messi, Reijkard, Gullet, Van Basten ….Oh I love this game fellas

  78. A.k.b nemesis

    Unrivaled Skills,dribbling abilities to rival messi,control of the ball,playmaking……..ZINEDINE ZIDANE is the greatest.

  79. Josip Skoblar

    I know, I know, Bade, but I’ve always resisted the Zizoumania. I like classy players, but I don’t think much of those who let their teammates down in the final of the WC.

  80. Johnty79

    Abou diaby out for 9-10 months u couldn’t make this shit up. Let’s hope this never plays for this club again. He should be forced to retire. He should never have come back in 2006. Any self respecting player would have retired when they realise can’t play a full season as they are two physically weak…the good news is he will only have 6 months on his contract when comes back next season.

  81. A.k.b nemesis

    You can’t make this up. I pray it’s a joke… OMG. Is there something arsene isn’t telling us ? Is arsene in love diaby ?

  82. Nasri's Mouth

    Bade: I know you meant to say I’m wrong, but your argument just said the opposite

    Er… no it didn’t

    “A player HOWEVER good he is, is RESTRICTED at International level by his team mates, the quality of the manager, the quality of the opposition etc.etc”

    Don’t think I can make that more simple.

  83. Bade

    We should have taken those 10 millions offered by that Turkish club for Diaby last season

    Ho Arsene, what have you done?

    Note you, if Arsenal saying it’s 8 to 9 months, then it’s 15-20 months in human time scales

  84. A.k.b nemesis

    I think arsene should be sacked no matter the outcome this season. Rijkaard,de boer,thomas tuchel, would do better, his lost the plot.

  85. Johnty79


    It is not a sad story..

    When redondo kept getting injured at ac Milan he paid back his contract.. That’s a true pro.. Diaby has earned 3m a year for 6.5 seasons. Nearly 20m pounds. If he had of retired in 2006 he would of got paid 10m from insurance money and arsenal could have recouped his transfer fee from insurance.. That’s the real sad story.

  86. zeus

    gambonMarch 28, 2013 15:33:56

    How the fuck can you be the best ever if you couldnt win the CL, the highest level of football worldwide?


    Don’t be disingenuous Gambon. Its only in recent times that the CL has emerged as the highest level of football. In Maradona’s day, International football was far and away the best level of football you were ever likely to see.

    The truth is, there is such a dearth of real talent throughout all of football at the moment and that is why club footy has usurped Internationals.

  87. Josip Skoblar

    akb nemesis
    You may do that but if you’re the best player in your team, then your team loses. That’s what happened in 2006. France should have never lost that final.

  88. vicky

    If that cunt Diaby has any shame left, he should retire or at least leave our club.

    Or may be after boasting that he has played what 14-16 matches this season, he thinks he deserves a long rest. He has done his bit. Massive massive cunt.

    Wenger might come up with : Diaby has been very very unlucky. He deserves another chance to show his immense skills.

    Oh God !!

  89. gambon


    So Karagounis WAS better than Bergkamp and Baggio then?

    Right Easter weekend begins…..later people, time for a Stella Black.