Denzeil Boadu leaves to express himself | Nacho gunning for Spurs | GERVINHO to Turkey

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Good morning. Bad news to start with. A teenager Arsenal didn’t allow to express himself on the pitch has left the club to join Manchester City.

“They allow me to express myself on the pitch & the quality of everything is high this is why I’ve decided to sign for……. Manchester City.”

Manchester City have offered him a three  year deal and the chance to express himself on the pitch.

Being chained to Arsenal’s strict game plan was clearly too much for Denzeil Boadu.

Roy Hodgson has come out and choke slammed the notion that Jack Wilshere will be playing in the U21 Championship this summer.

“We want the under-21s to do well and would like to give the strongest possible team.

“But it is quite clear that there are certain under-21 players who are now firmly established in the England A team squad.

“That is where I expect them to stay.”

Good work Roy. That said, I see no reason why Chamberlain shouldn’t go. He’s hardly played this year. It’d be great experience for him regardless of how many games he’s played in the seniors. He needs match practice. I’m sure he’ll have more than enough in the tank to make it.

Nacho Monreal has come out and laid the smack down on Spurs hopes of finishing inside the top four.

“It’s logical that people are talking because the situation [with Tottenham ahead in the table] is not as it should be. We have to use our energy for the matches. If you are thinking of what people are saying, you are wasting that energy. You have to concentrate on the next match. Every fixture is now a final we have to win. That has to be our mentality. I’m sure we will put it right,”

I think he had a hand in one of the Spain goals in the week. He’s looked pretty solid since joining. He’s far more interested in defending. Dependable, experienced and technically gifted. Hopefully he’ll force Gibbs up a level. We need that sort of competition all over the park. Hopefully he’ll start this weekend against Reading.

Final news piece was Galatasaray want to reverse choke slam Gervinho into their squad next season. Word on the street has it that the Turkish club are not being paid an appearance fee for this years Emirates Cup… no… they’re being given a Gervinho to compliment their Eboue. I’d be over the moon if it happened. Gervinho hasn’t hit the heights many of us didn’t think he could reach and it turns out he’s more sensitive than a face after a dry Bic shave. Move him on… bring in Messi.

Have a great Thursday. It’s Bank Holiday… which is a Royal conspiracy to make people spunk all their money up the wall over the 4 day weekend. Don’t disappoint people. Spend like you were a King.

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  1. bankz

    But Arsene Loves Gervinho, No way is He planning on selling him this summer.
    Diaby has a “problem”. Can anyone tell me the last Diaby didn’t have a “problem”?
    Gibbs sick so I see Nacho starting against Reading.

  2. gambon

    Well, that was a stunner of a post.

    Reading are rock bottom, so realistically we should have the pedigree to edge them out.

    Hopefully next season we can mountie a title challenge, especially if we can keep jack fit, who is the ultimate warrior to have in a title scrap.

  3. Thorough

    Before we get down to Gervinho there’s a shitload of other players that should go. But in Wenger’s twisted world he could fight tooth and nail to wrench Djorou from Hannovers grip, while giving away Cazorla to the first cheap bidder.

  4. Bade

    Monreal & Gibbs
    Sagna & Jenko

    Should be our fullbacks for the next 2-3 seasons

    We should tie down Sagna before we regret it. Jenko isn’t ready & it leaves us needing another RB anyway

    Any right back in Sagna’s quality would cost three or four times of the cost of keeping Sagna fort another 3 seasons

  5. Biodun

    When Gervinho goes to Gala,he would become a better player than he is now, like he was in Lille. There is something stiffling about the Arsene Wenger style. That’s what is responsible for Chamack’s,Arshavin’s,Gervinho’s decline. I hope we would not use the £12m from Gervinho to buy one 14 year old Briton who will not add any value in the next 5 years. There are tested and trusted players in Spain,dying for the opportunity to play in the premiership and for Arsenal. Let’s ensure we buy right …and sell right this time.

  6. Leedsgunner

    Apparently Galatasaray’s Keeper is v. good — can anybody confirm this? I sincerely hope Flappy’s mini-resurgence is not wheeled out by the club as a reason not to strengthen in the Keeper’s department… we need to back to the Arsenal way and start building for success from the back. The only problem is Wenger has not covered himself in glory when signing defenders and defensive minded midfielders… flops easily outnumber successes.

    Off the top of my head Campbell, Lauren, and Sagna are the defenders that succeeded at the club as for DMs I can only think of Gilberto, Viera and Flamini… Song was too inconsistent in my opinion — proved true by the fact he has disappeared into obscurity in Barca.

    Tuuth be told, I’m not holding out too much hope with Wenger in charge. I’m sure he’ll bring in players this summer but sadly I think a few of our first teamers will exit as well — just because you know they have to balance the books, and that’s what it’s all about for them. We need depth and quality in the playing squad but with Arsene in charge you never know.

  7. Romford Pele

    I agree Bade. Both our FBs are at decent ages.
    Sagna – 30
    Jenks – 20

    Monreal -27
    Gibbs -22/23

    It’s the sort of competition we need to be recreating round the whole team.

  8. Bade

    We should look for two good-to-world-class players at each position

    At the back, we need another CB to make it stiffer competition for a start. We should be looking for a big physical CB, as we have 2 quick CBs & one tall but not strong enough

    We need of course another keeper to push SZCZ to the bench & within that push his level up, or just unveil his average standard if he’s not able top respond. I don’t worry about SZCZ being demoted for 2-3 seasons if we get a better GK, as I’m sure that will push him up & make him a better keeper, plus he’s still so young for a keeper, there’s enough time for him to serve us for a decade & be a legend at the club

  9. Joppa Road

    WTF is going on this morning?

    Speaking of wrestling, does Wenger now resemble one of the old grannies with a handbag at the side of the ring back in the days when Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy used to fight?

    I know what the chant is from the big boys is when they play Arsenal…..

    “Easy, Easy, Easy!”

  10. Dublin Gunner!!!

    hey guys im looking for a bit of help. who would u put in your dream team this week Giroud or pod?

  11. gambon


    You cant have 2 WC players in each position, as a WC player wont sit on the bench.

    But in certain positions….CB, CM, Winger you need 3 for 2 if you get what I mean.

    Keeper & CF its just tough. Ideally you need a superstar backed up by a young/veteran player.

  12. Johnty79

    I feel afoul year contract is coming for fabianski…when will wenger learn. Fab will sign the contract and be pants for the rest of his afc career…I remember Kano played relly well scored a hat trick against Chelsea, then the Wednesday after he signed a new four year 45 k contract. Kano was shit after this, and didn’t look like he tried in any of his games after this, scored the odd goal but never the same.

    Why is everyone championing Sagna…apart from his first season he has generally been average to poor..his was tagged an attacking full back but check his stats. Awful! Clyne is better than both our full backs and I said sign hm on this very site in the summer.

    Last thing how has wenger tricked France in playing koz…if he leaves arsenal his next club will be French second division at best.

  13. Bade


    Agree, hence why I said good-to-great, as you need one great player as your 1st choice while the 2nd player is experienced & edging his career or young with abundance of talent

    Players like Arteta shouldn’t be first choice at Arsenal, he should be the cover player. We need a core of 23-30 years old players with experience & wrap them up with a mixture of experience & youth

    Honestly of our whole squad, the only player I’d pick as starters for next season are

    Theo is a doubt. But under a new manager he will flourish

  14. Romford Pele

    Clyne better than Sagna lol. Sagna is a solid FB. His form has been patchy this season but he’s been one of the best RB’s in the league and Europe for four years. Him and Monreal are both solid and dependable, albeit unspectacular.

    I’d rather have a defensive minded FB who does his duty than one who constantly goes up and is caught out of position.

  15. bazza

    Nice post.
    With 4 decent full backs maybe Wenger could “Hot Tag” at half time so early in the second round we might get a “Tap Out” from Reading. Alternatively Gervinho could do a “Cross Face Chicken Wing” and when Wilshere’s back maybe a “Jackknife”. In any event can’t see anything other than “Top Rope Splash” against Reading, just hope we don’t have a “Sleeper”.

  16. Bade


    I get your notion for the 3 for 2 places. Usually it’s hard to play 4 CBs, but in a 60 games season long all of them can get a fair share, if you pick the right 4th choice. Look how Mancs dealt very well with their congestion of CBs

    As I see it, our CF & GK situation are easier to deal with, though I agree in general it’s the hardest to settle

    Giroud is a good player, but he’s not world class, so we have already the cover, so bringing in a top CF will be ideal & I can’t see Giroud asking for a move just for that reason

    The Keeper situation is the same. Bring in a good keeper in his 30’s, he be good for 2-3 seasons & SZCZ will still be young if he was handed the 1st jersey again at 25-26 years old ….

  17. Johnty79

    Sagna repeatedly in games plays poor but makes a crunching tackle on the bi-line and sprints back into position, commentators say what a great player and you all fall for it…it was disgraceful how jenks was dropped this season for a dis-interested Sagna sulking has he hasn’t been given a new 70 k contract like arteta…

    Shameful. He has 1 more year on contract let him serve it out then he will be 32 and his career will be virtually finished.

  18. samsenal

    £12m for Gervinho. A Profit…..

    Sorry i’ve just C~m.

    £12m – half the fee of a truly World Class player. It would be one of the most sensational pieces of business in the History of ripping people off.

    The Turks won’t fall for that. £12m is probably what we’ve demanded when they offered us a few a couple of bottles of Efes.

  19. Bade


    I don’t know if he will start. Poldi was injured & didn’t play for over a month now, I can’t see him starting, even if it’s Reading

  20. samsenal

    Bade, i think you’re being harsh leaving out Podolski from your starter list. He’s a class player that’s had a decent fist season. Clearly carrying injuries but he’s chipped in with crucial goals and assists; there’s more to come from him.

  21. geekpie

    So poor rvp has grey hair due to not winning titles (Guardian). Diddums.

    Oh the stress of it all. Wonder what he would look like in the real world, with no job and a fucked economy.

    You don’t know your living son.


  22. Romford Pele


    Please tell me your kidding RE Sagna.

    The guy constantly makes the PFA team of the year. The last five months have been poor admittedly, but in a five-year spell, that’s a decent return.

    And I also hate this argument that people are finished once they hit the wrong side of 30. Sagna has easily got 3-4 years left at the highest level IMO.

  23. nickfury

    There is no way Gala will pay 12m for Gervinho, no team would. I don’t doubt they my be interested in signing him and Wenger may well let him go, but the transfer fee will be more like 6m than 12. Remember Wenger only paid 8m for him, he has done nothng to suggest his value has increased since then, quite the opposite in fact.

  24. Romford Pele


    Yeah Poldi is to have surgery at the end of the season to cure a recurring ankle problem if you believe the reports. But right now, I think we have to play our best players. As long as it doesn’t worsen the injury, I don’t see why he shouldn’t play. Anything is better than Gervinho.

  25. Nasri's Mouth

    @Romford Pele

    The worry with Sagna is whether the injuries and age are catching up with him. Previous to this season, he’s been the best RB for a few years now

  26. Johnny5

    Also are galatassaray fucking stupid? Did they not have enough of eboue stinking up their team? If they do take him though they’re fucking legends.

  27. Romford Pele


    I think there could be a few factors contributing to Sagna’s bad form.
    Two leg-breaks
    Lack of contract talks
    Seeing his mates leave every season

    Those are to name a few. Who knows what the real problem is?! Some players just go through bad patches and come back to form later. But to me Sagna doesn’t look to have declined physically. What do you think?

  28. Inter YourGran

    Also, 12m for gervinho seems a bit cheap to me. We can easily worm 14-16m out of someone. But this is Arsenal selling players lest we forget.

  29. samsenal

    The point about Sagna is that he’s – at worst – “decent”. There are many other areas we need to focus on above right-back.

  30. Inter YourGran

    romford pele – I think you’re making excuses for a multi million pound international football player.

    Jenkinson shouldn’t have been dropped and on form is playing better. Yes, Jenkinson will have stinkers and go off the boil as he is young and it happens. But Sagna should have had to earn his place back and if he is going to sulk like a little bitch, then get rid. I’m tired of pandering to players who give a fuck only when it suits them.

    Theo better pull his socks up as well. Been dogshit since the extension.

  31. samsenal

    Inter, normally i agree with moat of what you say but MORE than £12m for Gervinho?

    You’re confused, surely?

  32. Johnny5


    I don’t know but he was atrocious for us yet they still took him off our hands. If they’re thinking of having gerv as well then I’d say they’re fucking high and need to sack their scouts too

  33. Joppa Road


    I said the same thing re. Galatasaray. It’s a insensitive to Arsenal fans and an absolute disgrace they are invited. The general response on here though is ‘The stadium will be full, more money for the club’.


    Why do the club feel the need to treat the fans klike complete morons? Why not just be straight about JW in that Wenger has run him into the ground and he will be out Sept min.

  34. Johnty79

    Can any one explain how arshavin in his his 5th season at arsenal. He signed for a 3.5 year contract in 2009. He had a one year option which if taken meant he would have left last year. I understand he still has another year on his contract. Six seasons of shit at the club. What stupid cunt sanctioned a new deal. He originally signed on 80k aweek , what’s he on now?

    2008-9 – 4 against Liverpool
    2009-10 – good start to season finished poorly
    2010-11 – shit
    2011-12. – shit
    2012-13 – non existent shit
    2013-14 – how is still being paid?

    Six seasons how?

  35. Romford Pele


    Jenkinson was playing very well at the start of the season for sure, but who was to know that Sagna would come back in and be so off key.

    Let me put it this way, if Ramsey had a great start to the season and JW came back to fitness, would you not automatically put Jack back in the squad.

    And RE Sagna, he’s been at the top of his game for a fair few years now, I don’t think anyone anticipated that drop in his level.

  36. Inter YourGran

    samarsenal – for as wayward as Gervinho is, he still has his suitors and in my opinion teams like galatasary, newcastle etc will pay more then £12m. Internationally Gervinho is known, yet i certainly wouldnt say renowned. We roughly paid 10-12m for him when we took him from Lille, also. He’s a better player now, unfortunately he’s doesn’t fit in with the 1 touch pass and move ethos of the club and is more a dribbler.

    If we’re going to sell him we should make it worth or while, otherwise i’d persist with him as a 3/4th choice on the flank.

    We’re not exactly going to spunk 18-22m on a player I regard as a step up when priorities lie else where.

  37. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t know why you’re confused, you’re the one who had the insider info that he was signing a one year extension the other day ?

  38. Inter YourGran

    RP – I wouldn’t put jack automatically back in, no. I’d bring him in when I need to rotate an on form Ramsey then it’s down to Jack to cement his place with performances. These players are in their early 20’s. If you give these players a sense of entitlement then they become lackluster , lazy and when things don’t go their way they throw shit strops.

    You need that competition as it breeds a healthy environment. If you keep getting dropped, regardless of how well you’re playing, you’ll become disillusioned and ten wen you are called on to play, subconsciously you’ll just go through the motions, unless you are a homegrown player.

  39. samsenal

    Inter – where would you spend then? I wouldn’t mind Gervinho putting the “Wild” in Wildcard from the bench with 10 minutes to go but we need a proper player on one of the flanks. If the sale of Gervinho helps drag our carcass over the line in a transfer negotiation for a top player surely that’s something Arsenal need to consider?

    As far as I can see the only player we have in the squad that could do a consistently useful job for us on the flanks is Cazorla in the Pires role and he has hardly had a game out there because we’re so bang-average in the middle of the park (aside from Jack). Perhaps Podolski will be fit enough next season to seize the wide left role for his own but right now players like Gervinho, Chamberlain and Walcott are not delivering the consistency we need.

    That said, as with Sagna at right back, there are other areas we are far far weaker and DM/CM/CF and GK are the major concerns.

  40. Inter YourGran

    ooops, didnt really help myself as jack and jenkinson are what i’d describe as home grown, but you get the jist…

  41. Johnty79

    Nasri no no, I said he was taking up the option to extend. His contract should have ended in 2011-12. If he stays next year that will be two years past his original contract?

    Just found source he signed new contract in 2011 apparently with improved terms..the length of contract is undisclosed. Well done arsenal good job on tiring down our ‘ best ‘players on long term deals.

    I think this is the real reason, Rvp,cesc and nasri left. Tiger woods wouldnt play golf if his caddy earned the same as him!

  42. Romford Pele


    I don’t disagree – one of my firsts posts today was for the necessity of competition all around the squad. However, as Bade mentioned, I think there are some players who should play regardless because they are one of the best. And prior to this season, I would’ve applied that tag to Sagna. And while like many, i’m a big fan of Jenks, i’m still not convinced he’s ready to be first choice. The dude is young so learning off Sagna for a couple more seasons isn’t going to hurt him. And with the amount of injuries we get, it’s not like he’ll miss out on playing time either.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    you make me laugh.

    Just so you’re aware, Arshavin is out of contract at the end of the season

  44. Romford Pele

    To be fair to Jenks though, he’s already upped his game immensely. When Utd slaughtered us, he looked every bit a league 1 player. But he’s upped his game immensely and is a good back-up RB currently. I just don’t think he’s at the required level yet to be performing weekly for a club that is “aiming” to aspire to be the best.

  45. Inter YourGran

    samarsenal – Cazorla would only work on the flank in our older 4-4-2/4-5-1 formation. When ever he’s played wide this season, especially against Bayern and Spurs, he’s lacked any sort of discipline whatsoever. You can’t keep drifting inside to get on the ball in our current set up.

    Theo is becoming an annoyance. Where he got this sense of entitlement that he’s a striker i do not know. The boy’s signed a contract and become a cunt. He needs a clip round the earhole, but he is an ideal player outwide in our current set up. The other flank needs a player that can keep the width but has the technical capabilities to drift inside with the ball and bring others into play ala Arshavin/Rosicky.

    In answer to your question; I’d much rather we spent any decent money on a goalkeeper, strong central midfielder that can tackle (Capoue, Strootman) and the markee must be a centre forward as Giroud is a carthorse and no more then an option b. Don’t get me wrong, Giroud’s done well but he’s not a starter for the club a size of Arsenal and neither is Podolski.

  46. Inter YourGran

    RP – I agree, but Sagna’s attitude has not been the best example to an up and coming player imo. It can offset bad practices and lead to resentment, because he ends up getting picked on reputation alone.

  47. Romford Pele

    What annoys me more than most is how Theo has now climbed to number 1 as set piece taker. I mean what on earth? Both Arteta and Santi are dead-ball specialists FFS! Even Ox delivers a better ball than Theo. He really is hugely arrogant atm and it’s not being backed up in his performances at all.

    He does have to play though, purely for the fact that teams are shit-scared of him.

  48. Inter YourGran

    RP – Well said. Theo scares teams, but only as a right wing forward. He needs to stop wanting to be Henry so badly and be Theo Walcott, WINGER! When we break and he’s having one of his good days it’s exhilarating to watch him tearing down the wing.

  49. Romford Pele

    But isn’t there the argument that reputation is earned Inter? It comes from years of performance. I do, however, though agree that it can breed complacency and bad attitude so it’s probably necessary for the management to sit down with Sagna at the end of the season and have clear the air talks. I don’t think attitude should be an issue now though as we’re all working towards a common goal.

  50. TOLI83

    Theo taking our set pieces winds me up. Can anyone remember him scoring a free kick to warrant him claiming the all the time?

  51. Inter YourGran

    Romford Pele March 28, 2013 11:46:48

    To be fair to Jenks though, he’s already upped his game immensely. When Utd slaughtered us, he looked every bit a league 1 player. But he’s upped his game immensely and is a good back-up RB currently. I just don’t think he’s at the required level yet to be performing weekly for a club that is “aiming” to aspire to be the best.

    I’m going to disagree massively here. To be successful at any level you need the players that will sweat blood for the club. This is why Wilshere and Jenkinson are such fan favourites,because they are one of us. I wouldn’t say Welbeck or cleverly are actually that good, but they are United boys and die for the cause. You need a couple of them i’m afraid there’s no point denying it.

  52. Romford Pele


    What I really wish Theo would understand is that he’s a lot more dangerous making runs from the right wing behind the back four as he’s much harder to track and pick up. When he plays up top, it’s so much easier to mark him out of the game. He doesn’t posess the height, close control, strength and skill that Henry has/had. Henry was ideal for a 442 or a lone striker system. Theo can only play up top when we have two strikers and for that to happen, it’d mean being outnumbered in midfield, something i’m against.

    One of Theo’s biggest strengths is his movment off the ball. Far and away the best in the team. He’s definitely not a striker for sure. You could call him an inside forward maybe.

  53. Inter YourGran

    RP – Sagna’s earned his stripes, yes. But, the clubs won nothing and conceded the most goals in it’s prem history whilst he’s been a mainstay at the back so i’m not sure I can go along with that.

    Sagna’s a quality player, a multi millionaire and got a gorgeous wife, but it just seems to me he wants out based on others leaving and it’s affected his performances badly and reflected in his attitude at times.

    I totally agree end of the season there should be clear the air talks. It’s certainly at the stage where he signs an extension or moves on. I’d rather he stayed, but i’d also take an Arsenal supporting Mich Richards too..

  54. Romford Pele


    I think we’ll have to agree to disagree. I’m all for having fans play for the club. Who isn’t? But only if they are at the required level. My gripe is that Jenkinson is not yet at the level required to be starting for a CL club. I’d love to be proven wrong but I just don’t think that is the case currently.

    Micah Richards (Arsenal fan) is someone i’d love, but that’d never happen.

  55. Romford Pele

    We’ve been conceding goals for ages and have had numerous defenders so i’m not sure singling out a single defender for blame is best here Inter.

    I’ve always been of the belief that it’s the system more than the defenders. Wenger likes to play a gung-ho game which leaves us susceptible to the counter. No other team leaves their back four as exposed as we do so I kinda have some sympathy for the defence in that regard.


    Inter YourGran

    If our players believed in our coach like Manpoos players believed in theirs ,i feel things would be different even with the players we have.At United they want to win, from the administration down to even the groundsmen.

  57. Inter YourGran

    I am not saying Jenkinson is world class, but his performances this season cant be scoffed at. They’ve earnt him an England call up and been at a high level consistenly. This is why i’d rather Sagna stayed as he’s 30, still a top quality player, loves arsenal (supposedly) and gives Jenkinson another season behind him to get to the required level. I don’t think anyone expected Jenkinson to come as quickly as he has done and it’s caused a dilemma of somewhat.

    Jenkinson is going to want to keep playing and be selected for england and Sagna will probably refuse to sit on the bench behind a young upstart in the twilight years of his career.

    At least we can say when it comes to full backs we have very healthy, strong compeition. I mean there’s Bellerin and Angha who are also doing really well in the next gen level also.

    Wenger certainly does know a fullback when he sees one (except Santos)

  58. Romford Pele

    Bellerin is quality – he started off as winger. Everytime i’ve watched the U21s and NextGen series, he always seems to be available down the right. Has a great engine too. His stye reminds me of Barca’s Alba.

  59. gambon

    I think Bellerin will be able to challenge for that RB position as of 2014/15

    So I would let Sagna see his deal out with Jenks as number 2, then review it at the end of next season.

    My gut feeling is that jenks isnt good enough, so we will have to buy a RB in 2014 to play infront of Bellerin.

    That said, we all know what the club will do. We will sell Sagna as the £8m is more important to AFC than having a top class RB.

  60. Romford Pele

    Gambon, a lot of the management seem to talk about Jenks being able to play CB. I’d be interested to see what he can do there. When we had no CBs at Sunderland, that may have been the perfect opportunity. But Sagna played there (his best performance this season) and Jenks RB but ended up getting sent off :L

  61. Romford Pele

    Apparently Sevilla are having money troubles like Malaga did and there may be a fire sale. Negredo, Rakitic, Kondogbia and Navas may all have to be sold. Wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger is sniffing there.

  62. Inter YourGran

    RP – I think it’s more down to the selected personnel. We haven’t really had a decent defensive midfielder since Gilberto went and the Flamini, Fabregas, Hleb & Rosicky axis was the last time we had a cohesive midfield unit.

    Wenger’s reluctance to bin diaby and persevere with Ramsey has been as detrimental as the defensive mistakes the side keeps making. I’m not singling out Sagna, but on a whole our defensive side of the game the last 3 years has been shocking.

    I’m not impressed with Wenger’s refusal to bring in outside help to work with a defensive unit and back 6/7 shape set up to then counter. he clearly has no interest on working on it and has a god complex where he hated keown perviously and then bould took credit he felt should be bestowed upon him.

    It’s at the point where he cant escape any more failings and failure to get CL will cause a mutiny. I don’t think he can be trusted to be put it right if we fall out of it (the CL) and I think he’s too entrenched in his ways to change so late in the day.

    This summer is going to be massvie for both wenger and the club. He’s going to have to take the pressure that comes with 8 years of nothing and buying world class players with a remit of no trophies is as to be seen a failure and sackable offense (4th never has been a trophy).

    The baying mob have been somewhat subdued as of late, because even they dont really want us to finish outside the top 4, but if we do… ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE, make no mistake.

  63. Romford Pele

    It’s definitely going to be an interesting summer Inter, though we seem to say that every year! This year is definitely key though.

    The AKB’s are probably still in control, but the anti-Wenger fans are getting more and more of a voice. I’d probably say the split is about 60-40 now. And if we don’t get top 4, that split will shorten even more.

    That axis you mentioned from 08 was probably the most reliable for sure, everyone was on the same wavelength.

  64. Inter YourGran

    gambon – i dont agree with you on jenkinson though. He’s come on leaps and bounds in a year and if anything, you’d want your right back to be solid and dependable when going to war rather than a fancy bullox who might get 6 or 7 assists.

    Need some homegrown in there…


    Sagna has lost faith in Wenger and AFC, and it will continue to happen in our team if Wankster remains.Sagna should leave and see his twilight years out were he can save whats left of his career.There is no suprise that Vela is telling AFC to kiss his ass,because he knows a return to Arsenal would be two steps back to him.

  66. Inter YourGran

    RP – I’d say it’s a 70-30 split in wengers favour based on stadia visits, where the real force of discontent will be felt. However, about 25 percent of those on Wenger’s side are sitting on that side of the fence for equilibrium sake and will defect immediately if we finish below spurs.

  67. Inter YourGran

    gambon – neither do i, but ive been impressed with jenkinson’s development and feel he can become a stalwart for us in a no frills kind of way ala dixon. high praise, maybe undeserving, but just an opinion i guess.

    Time will tell though and it really is still to early to make a ‘i can be certain’ judgement.

  68. Inter YourGran

    bermy – we’re having an adult chat here, behave. We do not want Vela back let’s face it. The clause has been reported and he’s done o.k for a team the calibre of real socieadad s people have put 1+1 together to make 3. He’s at his level where he can shine and maybe in 2-3 years he’ll move to a top tier club, but why bring him back when he’s not going to start and play 3rd fiddle to giroud and podolski?

    Use your rationale son ffs 🙄

  69. Bade

    Losing Sagna will be a true loss of us

    Don’t dream that Jenks can be an adequate RB for a full season

    IF Sagna leaves, don’t be surprised he’ll join one of the top teams in Europe, maybe even Real Madrid will snap him, or Barca if Alves is going to $ity or PSG

  70. Bade

    Sagna should be handed 2 years extension with an option to 3rd year. We shouldn’t let him see off his contract

    Let’s just not get Bellerin into the “Next savior” bracket …. He’s still a kid

  71. michael

    Whats the story with this young lad that left is he any use
    Is thete any chance of him turning into a pogba or is he just a big headed prick

  72. Jamal

    So no Theo or Jack for Reading.
    Podolski and Sagna return.

    Ox has been playing well for England so he should be Theo’s replacement but Wenger will probabaly opt for Gervinho.

    Anything less than 3 points is criminal. Spurs go to Swansea (tough game) and then they play in the Europa League on Thursday. We can’t fuck up

  73. gambon


    No-ones calling him a saviour, but when you have a top top class talent you have to try and integrate them by 19/20 or you lose them a la Pogba.

    How much do UTD regret him going? Hes a £20m player in a position they desperately need.

    GKs are a bit different, but outfield players need to progress by that age or theyre gone.

  74. Romford Pele

    Bade, i think Sagna is more Real than Barca, and I know Inter have had a long-standing interest in Bac.

    I too don’t think we should be losing Sagna though, I think he could play at the highest level to at least 33.

  75. Pedro

    ‘Jovetic was among the possible options for Juventus, but my information is that the boy has already given the go ahead to move to Arsenal,’

    ‘He seems fascinated by their project.’

  76. Romford Pele

    I saw that Pedro – don’t know how legit that agent is though.

    But yeah, Bellerin will 100% be a first teamer in the near future. He’ll be playing CC at the very least next season.

  77. Jamal

    Haha i still watch wrestling now and then, its not as good as it was but i still get a boner everytime i hear Undertaker or The Rock’s music 😀



    The rational is Vela was to far down the pecking order when at Arsenal to be utilized properly.With the team we have now. 3rd string,highly unlikely.

  79. Danish Gooner

    United have 6 quality centre backs,we have 4 and three of them are rubbsih no wonder we are left behind.

  80. Bade

    I was intentionally exaggerating re Bellerin

    He looks decent, but he’s still far off, let’s integrate him as 3rd RB first, for CC & fringe games, then see how he fares

    My intention was, as much Jenko & Bellerin may be talented, we still need a top player as 1st choice in RB position & assuming we’re not going to take Debuche from Newcastle, we just have the best player we can afford there, in Sagna, & we should make all efforts to keep him

  81. Segun

    we complain we sell our best players, now we want Sangna gone cos of Jenks put in few decent performances!! I am confused!!

  82. Bade

    I see Arsene fielding this line up against Reading


    Or he may well keep Verm & SZCZ out & keep Per & Fabianski in the side

  83. gambon

    I like Sagna, but if the chance came to sign Micah Richards I would take it.

    Hes much better than Sagna going forward, English, has won trophies, is a gooner and has 10 years ahead of him.

  84. Bade

    What are the chances of signing Micah Gambon?

    He’s strong & a Gooner, has more pace that Sagna now, but Sagna’s better defender & between keeping Sagna for more 3 years, or having Richards, I’m not sure I’d automatically pick the 2nd option

  85. Dan Ahern

    Was never too impressed by Muslera. But hey, flipping Gervais for him would be like somebody offering to swap you their first class plane ticket for your middle coach seat by the bathroom.

  86. Inter YourGran

    Bermy – Your rationale is flawed because he’d come back and still be playing 2nd fiddle to better players. You think Vela would come back and be starting for Arsenal? Come on now… He isn’t one that got away and only ever looked decent chipping goalkeepers in Carling cup games if we’re honest.

  87. gambon


    I would like us to go a bit more attacking with the FBs and a bit more defensive with the MF.

    Have 2 DMs who play a bit deeper and cover FB runs, one left sided one right sided a la Petit & Vieira.

    We cant do that with Sagna cos hes terrible in the oppositions final third.

    Also he is 6 years younger than Sagna, so theres more future in having Richards.

    I also think at 26/27 he will become a pacey Kolo style CB.

  88. Inter YourGran

    Pedro – you can’t switch pages from your desktop, say that about Jovetic then pretend you’ve fucked off to a meeting 😆

  89. Inter YourGran

    bade – We’re all drama queens, but the sally really comes out in the summer between june and august.

  90. Inter YourGran

    a.k.b nemesis – you might just have to change your name arse because if we sign him it won’t be more then 22m.

  91. Inter YourGran

    jamal – the rock and undertaker are still in wrestling? 😆

    When’s the hitman hart coming back then!

  92. A.k.b nemesis

    Monaco to offer mancini 170 m in the summer on transfers(this dude is the opposite of wenger)trust him to spend it all.

  93. Inter YourGran

    v reading we’ll go;

    jenkinson mertesaker koscielny monreal
    arteta ramsey
    oxo giroud podolski

  94. Bade


    Are you offering basically reverting to that 442?

    Don’t get me wrong, I rate Micah Richards highly, but he’s not been playing in a regular basis for the last couple of seasons, so I don’t know how that will affect him if he’s coming to play for us 40-45 games in high tempo

    Getting Micah as part of a whole reshape of the squad & a revert to 442 makes sense though

  95. A.k.b nemesis

    old fashion wingers,hamsik,arda turan,diego capel,jesus navas,angel di maria,nico gaitan,jeremy menez,frank ribery ?



    By the looks of your participation this morning it appears someone had their breakfast of champions this morning.I do say morning because i’m on the other side of the pond.

  97. Inter YourGran

    Jovetic was never going to Juve after they signed Llorente, but if he’s only agreed terms (not hard when he was on about 40k p/w at Fiorentina) the next step is the hardest part….

    Getting Wenger to offer over £13m pounds

  98. Inter YourGran

    Bermy – lol, it’s called greggs 😉

    two sausage rolls, a choco donut and a capri sun goes a long way 😆

  99. A.k.b nemesis

    do you guyz see the gaffer switching back to the 4-4-2,with real midfielders (theo and poldi are strikers) ?

  100. Nasri's Mouth

    @Bade, Inter

    Various people who aren’t exactly ITKs but style themselves as a little ITK, if you know what I mean are saying both ‘yes yes he’s coming’ and ‘no,no Arsenal aren’t interested’

    I’ll just assume that like every player out there, it’s unlikely we’ll sign him, until a) it’s announced officially on .com, or b) the window closes.

    Anyone saying he will or he wont sign is simply guessing…

  101. Bade

    The link is for the top 10 football academies in Europe

    We’re not even there, so what’s the point in all those youngsters trotting around the club? It just doesn’t merit the effort & investment

  102. Bade


    History says the chances of us signing a top talent with a price tag in the region of 25-30m who attracts interest from other top clubs in Europe are just slim & theoretical

  103. Inter YourGran

    bade – someones drummed up top 10 list is not important. Our academy doesnt need to be lauded to produce good players and if they are going on players making the step up from the academy to first team, we aren’t quite hitting the heights we should.

    Remember our double winning youth squad a few years ago? I’m struggling to think of any of them playing for top clubs.

    Another myth is england’s academies aren’t that good. Funny, 3 english teams are in the semi’s of the next gen series, so then what?

    Let’s just hope a couple from Bellerin, Toral Harper, Olsson, Akpom, Gnabry, Ebecillo & Eisfeld can make the transition.

  104. Inter YourGran

    Bermy – Nah i gave them a miss, i’m going to binge on the equivalent of my own body weight in eggs this weekend most likely

  105. Nasri's Mouth

    @a.k.b nemesis

    Don’t think he wanted to leave Everton

    @Inter YourGran

    If we can get 1 a year I’d be very happy