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Life without club football isn’t nice. I spent the evening watching England again. It was pretty dull. We lack superstars in a big way at the moment. We’re a team of water carriers… bar Gerrard and maybe Wayne Rooney. We played really well in patches but in the end, we were undone by some pretty scrappy defending.

Oh well. A point a way from home isn’t the worst.

On the Arsenal front, I’m afraid the best I can do today is aggregate all the half stories on the web. The Metro has us in for Daniel Crowley, the 15 year old sensation from Aston Villa. Well, it has Arsene Wenger getting the green light to bid for him… then cuts the story down by saying it would take a serious deal to get him to move away. I don’t know how the journalist knows this. Did he get the mobile number of a 15 year old boy and ask him? Anyway, we’re back in for kids again. Great news. Still, at least he’s English.

Project Youth – The Brit Years, continues…

I found a really weird article on The Economist about Arsenal and the love for the club in Africa. Totally pointless in many ways, but there were a few lines I wanted to lift because they’re so damn strange.

‘Readers who could care less about English football should note that Arsenal is a moderately successful club based in a newish 60,000-seater stadium in north London. It has not won a championship or a knock-out tournament for the past seven seasons, and is not going to win one this season either. Chelsea or the two Manchester clubs are the English teams to follow if you want something as vulgar as trophies.

Followed by…

‘Perhaps Mr Wenger’s financial rectitude is indeed a big part of Arsenal’s appeal in Harare. Fiscal indiscipline wrecked Zimbabwe’s currency and its economy.’

I love that. I can imagine the arguments in the playgrounds of Harare… ‘Yeah, you only support Arsenal because they have £125m in the bank… FFP HUNTER!’

Anyway, I just thought that was a mildly amusing article of a pointless inconclusive nature.

Carlos Vela dashed all hopes people had of him returning with this stinging rebuke of rumours

‘Arsenal are a big team who gave me the opportunity to play in Europe. I will always remember that, but I didn’t have the opportunities that I felt I deserved,’

Fair play. He didn’t get the chances anywhere he went in the UK. Is that Arsenal’s fault? Or perhaps the players? I’d go with the player on this one. He quite often looked out of shape and his personal life was messy. I’m glad things are working out for him. Perhaps the sunnier climes suit his game and attitude better.

Right, internationals are over… hopefully the Arsenal PR machine will get into shape and start feeding us some content to fill our webpages.

Have a great day.

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  1. higz

    The fact Milner plays, highlights what’s wrong with football. We were playing a team so much below us. Playing Spain or Brazil I would understand Milner playing.

    He has industry, hard work etc. But technically he offers very little. Would he get in any top countries squads even? Why he plays over someone with ability is beyond me. Yes he has won the league (as a squad player) but so has Gareth Barry, Phil Neville, Gilles grimandi.

  2. Keyser

    “Who would ever of thought the actual Arsenal fans make are making me dislike the club. Growing up you’d always have that common bond that we all supported the same team. Now though, half the time I think “These Arsenal fans are just a bunch of silly c**ts”.
    And I’d be right.”

    That’s your quote.

    What If I say, you know what I like Jovetic, I watched his Youtube clip and while it’s only Youtube, he looks skillful, unselfish and has a decent finish, he can play between the lines, provide the link to the wings and take the pressure off of Cazorla and Wilshere.

    You going to call me a mug or a cunt ? What then ?

  3. Joppa Road

    But as if Wenger is going to play £25M or whatever the reported cost is. It’s a non starter – especially now as we will prob finish top 4 and vindicate Wenger.

  4. hunter13

    well juppa you are obviously following the wrong team if your principles on football suggest we would be better of with those two cunts you mentioned….

  5. Keyser

    Joppa – We’re more likely to buy him if we do finish in the top 4, it’s fucking nuts how silly people get. You think we’re more likely to spend 26m on Jovetic if we don’t get top 4.

  6. TitsMcgee

    “10 years ago?”

    When we were at our peak?


    Slow decline since then.

    Again we are not talking past accomplishments. We are beginning to sound like Chelsea fans 13 years or so ago reminiscing about the 1955 league title before Abramovich took them over.

    We have greater potential than them IF WE HAVE AMBITION but we don’t possess any at the moment. Unless by ambition you mean playing for 4th place and patting ourselves on the back for Spurs choking again.

  7. zeus

    Watched Jamaica vs Costa Rica last night in WCQ.

    I can confirm that Dick Law spending 14 days signing Joel Campbell was a complete waste of time.

    Basically a young Gervinho. Good dribbler, but scoring goals will be a HUGE problem based on last night’s game.

  8. gambon


    Why would Wenger spend ANYTHING if we get 4th?

    He thinks thats the pinnacle of achievement, why would he feel the need to improve on perfection?

    Why have we NEVER retained the league under Wenger? Because the cunt is so reactionary he thinks a winning team one year will always be the same the next year.

  9. TitsMcgee

    Good points Inter but my point is that at the moment, while we have a bigger stadium and all of that Jovetic leaving Fiorentina for us would be a slight upgrade(if any) compared to leaving and going to the Blues or CITEH.

    We are stuck in mud and at the end of the day players want to win. He’s not winning at Fiorentina and he won’t be winning here either. As evidenced by the past 8 years.

  10. TitsMcgee

    If we are talking past accomplishments Liverpool is a bigger team than Man U but that’s not the case at present.

  11. Keyser

    gambon – Not really the question is it.

    You think we’re more likely to spend 26m on Jovetic if we don’t get top 4 ?

    That also includes Jovetic’s viewpoint btw.

    Never retained a league title ? Lol when was the last time Arsenal retained a league title.

    If you read back through the posts, we’re either this massive club who are underachieving, or we’re this club that no-one would want to come to anyway.

  12. Keyser

    TitsMcgee – Liverpool haven’t just moved from Anfield either, but they want to, they know they need to.

  13. Radio Raheem

    Big clubs sign players from smaller clubs who go on to improve them. This is common place. In saying that Barton and Shawcross are crap and not worth talking about. Williams, on the other hand, could be interesting. I’ll like to see how he performs at a bigger club.

  14. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – There has to be something that stands out about the player, that’s all I wanted, and from Williams, he’s strong, reasonably quick and plays in a team that tries to, at least, play an exapansive game, to be honest I don’t even think he stands out that much, not sure how good he is on the ball, but compared to Shawcross, and Barton, he does.

  15. Radio Raheem


    For a big man he is pretty good on the ball. That is one thing that catches my eye whenever him. I have seen one or two matches where he literarily didn’t lose the ball all match. Of our 3 CBs I will have him over Mertesacker. I still hold out hope for TV.

    Before anyone gets excited I know we need better to win the big cups.

    Anyone watch the France v Spain match yesterday? Diaby can kiss his international career goodbye. That kid Pogba is the one then there is Varane. France is my dark horse for the next WC.

  16. Radio Raheem


    Spain could have lost yesterday. I’m still not a fan of their double pivot I’d play Iniesta centrally with Xavi and Cazorla/Navas wide. We’ll have to see how many times they can find their 4th gear. They are still my favs for the next WC. After this generation of players they might not win any big trophies for a while yet .

    As for France, an in form Benzema is good enough. They should’ve brought Sissoko on earlier – the more I see him the more impressed I am. They could give Remy a go too.

  17. Kushagra

    Brazil haven’t won a thing for quite a while so it happens with every one..

  18. gambon


    Yes, we are more likely to sign Jovetic for £26m if we come 5th than if we come 4th….

    If we come 4th we will literally sign nobody, unless we are doing our usual frantic searching for replacements for key players.

    If we come 4th we have 0% chance of signing him, or any good players (barring replacing departing players)

    If we come 5th there is certainly a >0% chance we sign Jovetic, or similar (we may have absolutely no interest in him).

  19. Radio Raheem

    Without Iniesta and Xavi they (will) struggle, esp without Iniesta. So a good tactic playing Spain will be to injure those 2.

    Back to Arsenal. Monreal played a blinder yesterday so much so they did not miss Alba. Early days but have to say he looks a great signing for us.

  20. Keyser

    gambon – So what you’re saying is, you have no real idea, it’s just conjecture. Doesn’t look at it from Jovetic’s perspective either. What would make it more likely for Jovetic to sign for us ?

    We’ve played it safe for several years, even when we lost two key players and we bought in a panic, we bought middle market players with short shelf lives, there’s nothing to suggest that would change despite the circumstances. But since we’ve accumulated certain reserves of cash, I think if we had a stable team, that we could push the envelope a little.

  21. gambon


    Jovetic may well be interested if we finish 4th……but jesus you really are missing the point!


    Why cant you understand this…..for Arsene the league runs from 4 to 20, why would he spend money on a team that topped his imaginary league?

    Even if theres a 0.000001% chance we sign Jovetic after finishing 5th its still infinitely better than the chance we sign him having finished 4th.

  22. Keyser

    gambon – I’m not missing the point, you didn’t answer the question and even you’re not stupid enough to say Jovetic would prefer we finish 5th.

    If the league runs from 4-20, and Wenger hates spending money why the fuck would he spend anymore than he needed to, to get to 4th ? We wouldn’t need Jovetic to get to 4th.

  23. reality check

    Gambon vs Keyser lool

    gambon :
    Why would Wenger spend ANYTHING if we get 4th?


    Keyser please state whether its more or less likely, I’m torn between both arguments, very interesting

  24. mystic

    TitsMcgee March 27, 2013 14:14:51
    ‘When we were at our peak?


    Slow decline since then.

    Again we are not talking past accomplishments. We are beginning to sound like Chelsea fans 13 years or so ago reminiscing about the 1955 league title before Abramovich took them over.’
    If you start and stop with Wenger then I agree. But as Arsenal didn’t start when Wenger came on the scene, in some respects I think you either need to go back further, or ensure that the comments are clearly understood to be limited solely to the Wenger years.

    However, agree 100% that we shouldn’t be stuck on reminiscing, it is ambition to challenge in the future that is so ridiculously lacking in the moronic management of today.

  25. Keyser

    Over the years everything points towards us not taking risk, playing it safe and expecting Wenger to keep us within certain margins, every year they say we’ve budgeted for finishing out of the top 4.

    We’ve renewed deals, we could renew more, we’ve got cash a cache for transfer fees, I think it’s simple in that they’d be far happier to bridge the gap from 13 million Nasri, 16 million Arshavin and Cazorla to 20+ million Jovetic if they were still within their safety net of the top4.

  26. mystic

    ‘If the league runs from 4-20, and Wenger hates spending money why the fuck would he spend anymore than he needed to, to get to 4th ? We wouldn’t need Jovetic to get to 4th.’

    To be honest Gambon I think Keyser has you there.

    However, we should be talking about whether Wenger will chase someone to finish as champions – which we know he won’t. Until the management change all Arsenal will be chasing is CL qualification and finishing outside of the qualification spots won’t act as a catalyst for anything other than aiming to finish slightly higher.

  27. gambon

    “even you’re not stupid enough to say Jovetic would prefer we finish 5th.”

    Fucking hell you really are dumb.

    What the fuck does it matter what Jovetic thinks??

    Dont you understand? If we finish 4th he could fly to Wengers front door, and BEG for a move, and Wenger wont be interested.

    Jovetics wishes are irrelevant.

    The only, literally the only way we sign anyone of class is if we fall out of the top 4, therefore see investing as a means to an end…….that of £40m extra pa from CL qualification.

  28. reality check

    If AFC finish 4th, its more likely wenger will spend 26m on xyz

    If AFC finish 5th, its more likely wenger will spend 26m on xyz

    Because wenger is such a smirky git, I don’t know what scenario would force his hand more?

    Very interesting debate guys

  29. TitsMcgee

    Wenger needs 4th place. It’s the only justification he has for even being the manager at Arsenal.

    It’s his only saving grace.

    We have qualified for the UCL for 16 years running or whatever it is so we have made that money for 16 straight years.

    That is the only reason he is still here. The only reason he has been granted as much power as he has.

    No titles in 8 years(not even a Carling cup) AND NO CHAMPIONS LEAGUE next year either?

    Wenger needs 4th and if he fell out of 4th he’d try like hell to get it back because that has been his only saving grace.

  30. gambon

    “‘If the league runs from 4-20, and Wenger hates spending money why the fuck would he spend anymore than he needed to, to get to 4th ? We wouldn’t need Jovetic to get to 4th.’

    What a silly comment

    So we miss out on 4th and the plan is to go into the next season with the same squad…..the one that failed to get 4th?

    While the teams that finished above us all strengthen?

    I always knew you argued for the sake of arguing but this takes the piss.

  31. gambon

    Reality Check

    It isnt even just about Wenger, its the whole club.

    Wenger hates spending money cos, and im guessing here…..someone abused him when he was young by making him roll around in a bath full of money while naked. It must be something like that.

    Now the board love this and put him under no pressure to spend or succeed, so its the perfect marriage.

    If we finish 4th Wenger thinks he’s the greatest manager ever, the board maximise the income vs expenditure equation and no pressure is applied to anyone.

    As i said…..the question isnt “can we sign Jovetic while finishing 5th”,.,..the fact is we wont be signing any top players if we come 4th as theres no desire for improvement.

    Now if we finish 5th things are different.

    There is a £40m prize the club will have lost and be looking to regain. A 3 year run in the CL is worth at least £120m, so suddenly the £26m for Jovetic becomes tiny.

  32. Keyser

    gambon – Don’t be such a gimp all your life, how about you fucking answer the question and say why ?!

    They care about two things 4th, and not spending any money, right not we’ve a challenge for 4th, whether we buy or not we’ll remain that way for next season. We could buy other middle market players and achieve it.

    “Jovetics wishes are irrelevant.”

    That’s bollocks, whether we finish 4th or 5th we make a pitch to Jovetic not the other way around, except we’re far less likely to be a convincing proposition, if he is that good or that high profile a player, the further down the table we finish. You could counter that with how many teams would be interested on a sliding scale of potential as the amount increases.

  33. Keyser

    “So we miss out on 4th and the plan is to go into the next season with the same squad…..the one that failed to get 4th?
    While the teams that finished above us all strengthen?”

    Lol you say that every fucking year and it’s not sunk in yet, every year for how many now do you go on about other teams strenghening while we lose our best players and you think they’re suddenly going to go on a massive spending spree ?!

    They even tell you they’ve budgeted for life without the Champions League.

    In two years we’ve sold pretty much a whole team of players and are still in and around 4th place, we’ve blooded about 5 new players this year alone, why wouldn’t they carry on buying 1-2 middle market players rather than any real splurge ?!

  34. Joppa Road

    Keyser – Pedro’s mouth piece.

    Geoff would be turning in his grave he new what Pedro had been up to since he left us.

  35. reality check


    ‘someone abused him when he was young by making him roll around in a bath full of money while naked. It must be something like that.’ – lol

    Ok both arguments are compelling because as keyser said, the board have a plan in place if we finish outside of top 4, I even saw gazidiz say that on skysportsnews myself, and wenger being the prick he is, there’s a good chance he’ll just turn around and say ‘I’ve got us into top 4 16yrs running, this is just a blip, the team I have, has the potential to finish back in the top 4. No need to splash the cash.

    But I also see where your coming from, the loss of revenue from UCL vs ‘cost of jovetic’ (or any top player). Is reletivaly small so they would be more willing to spend to get that UCL league money back. Hmmmm.

    This is why I read legrove!

  36. Joppa Road

    Serious question. Does anyone have an idea of what % of football money in the EPL ends up going back into grass roots football?

    I assume it’s minimal?

  37. gambon


    Not a huge amount, mainly solidarity payments, which is 5% of a transfer distributed to clubs a player played for until a certain age (maybe 23)

    Apart from that there was a lot pumped into the elite player performance plan at academy level.

  38. Johnty79

    Gambon do you not agree if we finish fourth wenger will use the excuse we can’t sign players until we have qualified thru the champs league play off. This will be near to the end of the transfer deadline day when all the decent players have been signed.. Afc are such a discgrace even poldolski last season had to wait until we qualified for the champs league..I don’t think this was pol who wa bothered that we qualified but afc….disgraceful.

    Spurs signed holtby who will be a star with no guarantee of champs league….they have consistently signed better players than us over the last 8 years.

    Afc stopped trying back in 2002 after the double…the lack of investment started their…in 2007 with Henry money their was a glimmer of hope but still only diarra,Eduardo signed in the summer.

    Disgraceful shameful club who don’t deserve champs league football lets get spurs or Chelsea who will actually invest if the get there. Wenger panicked after the man u mauling in 2011 and wasted 30 odd million with only mertzaker being an ok signing.

    Damn you wenger why do you try and be so clever when 1x 12m player each season for the last 8 years would have had us a brilliant league winning team .

  39. Joppa Road

    It’s a disgrace that there is so much greed in the game and very little is put back in. Who do these people think they are?

  40. michael

    We all lose sight with talk of finishing 4 th all the time that the main reason u play a season is to be number 1 at the end of it
    Get rid of the shite at the club bring in better or promote from within if good enough n thetes 5 young players at least who could sit on that bench every week n have the home crowd behind them if given a chance

  41. TitsMcgee

    It doesn’t matter if the board have a plan in place for finishing out of top 4.

    The only reason they have a “plan” is BECAUSE we were finishing in top4 for 16 straight years.

    One year out of UCL is not going to bring AFC to it’s knees but they will try like hell to get back there.

    Unfortunately for us 4th is their Golden Goose.

  42. kwik fit

    Enjoyed the Gambon /Keyser debate.
    Can see merit in both camps.
    Would point out, however, that when top 4 was under threat in 09 16m was spent on arshavin. Consequently, I think, they might spent a little more in the summer if they finished outside top4 this season.
    Having said that I still hope we make top 4.

  43. Keyser

    “One year out of UCL is not going to bring AFC to it’s knees but they will try like hell to get back there.
    Unfortunately for us 4th is their Golden Goose.”

    That’s the whole point which makes most of these arguments pointless, they won’t have to try like hell if all they plan on doing is get back to 4th.

    After spending all these years moaning about how little money the club likes to spend, or how tight Wenger is, you’re not getting arguments that all we need to do for them to spend loads of money is to lose out on loads of money.

    Makes no sense at all.

  44. Keyser

    kwikfit – It’s not my argument, it’s what soo many people have said on here for yonks, including gambon.

  45. Josip Skoblar

    March 27, 2013 15:02:03
    Hi mate! France played well but they were messy and sloppy in front of goals. Spain make me think of a more technical version of West Germany circa 1974: very well drilled and organised and now playing with great opportunism. They should retain the WC.
    France are a great team in the making. They shouldn’t be under-estimated, nor should they be over-estimated at that stage. Pogba and Varane are amazing prospects. Ribery was good but wasteful. I don’t understand why Deschamps didn’t play Sissoko earlier: he’s so strong and a bit of a bully on the pitch. The problem is the attack: Benzama hasn’t scored for ages in the French team and Giroud shouldn’t be and isn’t a first choice striker.

  46. reality check

    4th place or 5th place, will wenger sign jovetic for £20m+?

    Regardless of the media biggin’ up his move to us, even if his missus put a chastity belt on and told him,

    “No sex till you sign for arsenal”

    Will arsene wenger spend £20m+ on A Jovetic?

  47. Alex James

    Interesting stuff but the real worry is that Reading have a new manager. This means that they will play out of their skins for the next few weeks, and next up is our brittle team!

  48. Radio Raheem

    Hi Josip,

    Sissoko is one that got away isn’t he? He’s a bit like Drogba but with better technique.

    I’ll take your word for it in your comparison between this Spain and West Germany ’74…I wasn’t about at the time ). But like barca this Spain side will give you a ‘chance at the back’ which is why playing the faster Benzema made sense. Problem is he is out of form.
    Anyone else watching BBC 1? This must be the 10000000000th time the Pompeii story has been told on the beeb! I don’t get the obsession

  49. Alex James

    Yes watching BBC. We could do with a Mt St Helens’ moment,to blow away Man U and Chelsea. With any luck, Spurs will have one of their own and disappear as well.

  50. kwik fit

    When he retires Alex , his bits will for medical science . In the mean time he’s the integral part of Arsene’s midfield. The crazy thing is that his contract has 3 years to run before expiry.

  51. Johnty79

    There were about four sisokko’s Europeans were linked with we didn’t sign any…2m for what Newcastle paid and he is now worth 14m. Wenger what a fool!

  52. samsenal

    I wonder what David Beckham is doing right now? *sigh*

    I bet whatever it is, he’s doing it with class and dignity.

  53. Johnny5

    I’d probably rather michu as well cheaper got pl experience can play off giroud or create chances himself and not afraid to take a shot. £10m should nab him bargain!

  54. Joppa Road

    Why is it whenever Arsenal fans talk about a potential signing the words ‘cheaper’ and ‘value for money’ are always used. Who gives a fck? We are a cash rich club!

  55. Toli83


    Good point. Everyone has been fucking brainwashed,

    To be fair though I think Michu is worth a shout because of prem experience, however Jotovic should be our Number 1 target with a world class class centre back and dm.

    Hummels and Capoue get my vote. Cesar in goal, the jobs a Gudden.

    Would love to see Strootman in aN Arsenal shirt though. Embodies what we USED to stand for!

  56. Johnny5

    You guys are living in cuckoo land if you think he’s signing quality that’s not dirt cheap I could reel off world class names all day but we won’t get any of them. It’s brainwashing but a realistic evaluation of the situation under arsene the cunt!

  57. Doublegooner

    My mate works for Claims Direct & says they are investigating Abou Diaby for contacting them for the 17th time about ‘having an accident at work that wasn’t his fault’