Jovetic broadcasts his desire for Arsenal move | NextGen kids win | When will our Golden Generation arrive?

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Morning sports fans. This post is a bit late because it took a waste paper bin fire to warm my hands this morning. Don’t worry though, I have third degree burns, but hands more than capable of typing out a post on a nothing news day.

So, what shall we talk about first?

How about the football last night that happened at the Emirates? Arsenal’s kids ripped CSKA a new one at home in front a solid crowd. Serge Gnabry sealed the win with the only goal of the game. I didn’t end up going… I swear down it had nothing to do with the arctic weather conditions. Anyway, we’re through next round where we’ll face Chelsea. That’ll be interesting. How many of their fans would show up for a semi final of a European youth cup? Not many I’d imagine.

Still, you have to say, a semi final is pretty amazing work. It feels like a while since we’ve had kids worth salivating over (not in a 1970s TV presenter kind of way). I pay precisely f*ck all attention to the kids. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to contribute to Le Grove writing about the youth players, drop me an e-mail. I’d be happy to get a monthly post going or something. From what I’ve heard, Gnarbry, Bellerin, Akpom and Toral are the players who have a chance of breaking through. One day, you’d like to think that we’ll get a golden generation of kids make the grade.

One day people… one day.

In other news, the Jovetic story just won’t stop running…

‘Arsenal fall behind in race for Jovetic’

… was a story that ran on Sunday. How did we fall behind? Well, someone else had made up an interest from Juventus. No bids, no talks breaking down… just a competing ‘made up’ interest that was scuppering the deal.

Today, the interest is back on. Jovetic has literally put his hand up the skirt of Arsenal and whispered…. ‘I hope this is ok’

“I’ve heard about Arsenal’s interest,”

“It’s a big pleasure for me to be on the radar of such a big club. I am happy about that.

“I’ve always had an affinity with Arsenal. It’s a major club with a big tradition, one of the biggest in Europe.

“It’s not easy to replace Van Persie, who scored a lot of goals.

“Arsenal have plenty of players who don’t score like Van Persie, but are also very good. They are still very strong. I often watch Premier League games on TV. It’s one of the best leagues in the world and looks tempting for me.”

Well, there we have it. All the naysayers who claim we’re not and attractive proposition anymore should take a good read of those quotes. We have everything a player could want, bar success in the past 8 years. For lots of guys in Europe, there’s more to a club than that. Great training facilities, great stadium, a full stadium, London city, a relatively secure economy… and loads of money. I hope this rumour is more than just bluster.

People keep saying Wenger won’t change this summer. I think he’ll have to. Well, if he wants any chance of a new deal. The team has to be competitive come November. They only way he’ll manage that is if buy players. This summer is his last chance, otherwise, you can imagine his contract talks might end up going the way of a Dick Laws negotiation session.

‘Hey Arsene, what are you looking for?’

‘£9million a year. Offer a penny less and I’m off’

‘Arsene, we’ll offer you £2m a year, plus Denilson’

The balance of power in the Arsene / Arsenal relationship is starting to level out. As important a figure as he was, he’s on the downward spiral. He’ll never, ever get power at another club like he does at Arsenal. He might get £7.5m a year, but it’ll come with stipulations, it might come with a know it all football director… and it’ll certainly come with a lot of expectation. Does he want that this late in his career? I doubt it. I’d imagine he’ll either push for a new deal with us or saunter off and manager Japan.

Either way, if he pulls his usual magic trick of exciting the fans at the start of the summer, then delivering nothing. He’ll have a serious fight on his hands to get a decent deal without conditions.

Right, those be my words for this morning. Enjoy your day.

See you in the comments…


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  1. reality check


    Hope so. I’m sure jovetic is a good player, bu Even if it was messi. Don’t take the piss out of AFC to serve your own interests.

    Back to the game..

  2. reality check


    Lol! Aint that the f’ing truth!

    If he does that, I’m gonna hold gambon personally resposible, for gettinbg us all excited about this guy lol

  3. reality check


    Fair enough. I really don’t mind whoever either! Bring on jovetic, vucinic gazidabitch I don’t mind.

    As long as their commited to us, its all good.

  4. Alex James

    I’m switching off from the match. Tildsley is having one of his Rooney love ins, and now that other clot Adrian thingy had started. Where do ITV get these people from? Oh for the days of Brian Moore.

  5. Al

    I don’t know what you was expecting from Jovetic. If you have seen him play regularly you will know he is a good player, nothing mind blowing but an above average player at the moment who is improving. But the price tag of £25-30 million is nuts and a complete waste as he is a tops £20 million if we paid more that that i would be disappointed .

  6. LeMassiveCoq

    @Gambon 8.56.

    Precisely. Al, dick that he is, has obviously been brainwashed to the Wonga mentality..

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    England really struggling here, shame Beckham isn’t in the squad, they could do with a real world class player like him to bring on

  8. gazzap

    How did Woy not notice that England needed to change things at least 20 mins before that goal? Just shows you it’s not just Wenger that can’t see things tactically.

  9. Jaroda

    I bet the Montenegrin half time team talk was to watch the itv half time analysis. There’s nothing like being insulted by a fat brummie Croatian to boil the blood….

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    England weren’t actually that good in the first half. After the first 10 minutes, they controlled things, but only because Montenegro were badly set up, and really slow. Their keeper wasn’t exactly making save after save.

  11. reality check

    ‘England really struggling here, shame Beckham isn’t in the squad, they could do with a real world class player like him to bring on’

    Its like Poking a dog with a stick lol

  12. Al

    gambonMarch 26, 2013 20:56:49
    AlSo according to your expert insight he is worth £20m, but not £25m?Idiot.
    Your really are an idiot.

    I said at tops he is a £20 million player (at Tops) but the price tag he is being quoted £25- to £30 million is too much.

    Are you dumb? did you not read the up to £3o million or did it not fit your silly argument.

    So do you not think £5 million is not alot, I am sorry i did not know you was Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg.

    Do you not think you can get better players for that price tag or maybe even cheaper?

  13. Al

    LeMassiveCoqMarch 26, 2013 21:17:43
    @Gambon 8.56.Precisely. Al, dick that he is, has obviously been brainwashed to the Wonga mentality..
    Yep cos i really said i had a problem with spending big on players.

    Stop trying to twist words to fit you little points to have a pop at someone.

  14. reality check

    Ashley young still can’t cross. He was better in the middle behind darren bent. Oh well, draw seems fair.

    Jovetic – 6/10

    What’s the point in san marino

    -29GD! FFS

  15. Jaroda

    We are ranked 4th in the world (somehow) and are playing scared against a team with nothing. What really gets me is that we’ve had 2 weeks of no club football so we can watch this momentous steaming pile of international hodg-shite.

  16. Gunner4Life

    As much as I’d love to see a striker like Jovetic that can beat a man and create a shooting chance for himself, I get the feeling we’ll back off when the price gets too high.

  17. Spectrum

    Well at least someone is being realistic. Fiorentina’s Luca Toni has just said this about Jovetic’s interest in us ; “If he has to leave, then make it for a real top club. Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United fit that bill, but Arsenal are not better than Fiorentina.”

    What were you saying about us being an “attractive proposition” Pedro ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  18. Spectrum

    In better transfer news, Galatasaray are reported to be prepared to offer 12 million for Gervinho. A no-brainer you’d expect, and considering Wenger hasn’t got one ( a brain, that is ) this is a deal that should go through.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”