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… don’t worry people. It’s going to be ok. Just 5 more days until we’ll be lapping up some Arsenal goodness at The Grove. It feels like an eternity, that’s because whenever England play, not only do you have to bear witness to painfully poor football, you also have to deal with daily news stories in the newspapers about the said boring football.

Reading will come along soon enough and I’ll try and keep you motivated in between now and then with whatever skinny news I can pick up.

I went to my first rugby match yesterday, interesting to see how things are run there compared to how they’re run in football. I went to see the Saracens play in a top of the table clash. Now, removing the fact I was watching rugby, I find it amazing how relaxed the rules are around the sport. Allianz Park is a 10,000 seater stadium, you can wander around it drinking beer and picking up food from all sorts of fairly priced food stalls… and you can drink beer in the stands. The stewards are all volunteer fans, so you don’t get any of the arsey behaviour you get at Arsenal and the mood in completely different. Now, I know that rugby doesn’t have any of the tribalistic behaviour associated with football and the stadium is smaller than Arsenal… but I can’t help think that Arsenal could be doing more to foster a great atmosphere than they currently do.

A few things that spring to mind…

1) Tell the stewards to lay off the prison guard type behaviour. At the end of the day, we’re stakeholders at the club. The lifetime value of a season ticket holder is probably quite extordinary, to be treated in a dignified way and with a smile would go a long way

2) Price the food and drink at levels which encourage fans to get to the ground earlier. I know this has been on the agenda of the club for a while, but I haven’t found myself enticed into the ground early. There are a few barriers to entry for me… firstly they take card at only a few of the kiosks, secondly the food and the beer is of low quality (unless you’re club leveling  and thirdly, they don’t do much in the way of pregame entertainment. I mean, even if you ran through the speakers so you got the Sky Sports pre-game feel.

3) Work to keep the fans in the ground post game. I’ve never fancied a post Arsenal pint at Arsenal. Why not though? If we win an important game, why not slash drinks at the full time whistle and continue the party in the ground? More money for the club and a better feeling from the fans who will think they’re considering them.

Chamberlain has been talking to the press who are obviously trying to get an angle as to how the young England player feels about being dropped. Answers need to happen. He scored for England against San Marino. Talent like that needs to be in the first team.

‘My season hasn’t progressed in a way as much as I would have wanted to because I always want to play,’ he said.

‘But I also understand the manager, in Arsene, will protect his younger players.

‘I remember speaking to Robin van Persie last year, and Theo Walcott before, and they said they had experienced the same thing.

All fair comments, he wants to play, he’s not because his form has been off key, he’s frustrated. Hopefully he’ll channel some of that energy and confidence into performing better for his club over the next few games. He’ll have an opportunity if Theo is out injured. He needs to take it. There’s n0 better place to get your chance than at home to Reading.

Arsenal have offered Arsenal fan Godfrey Oboabona a trial at Arsenal. He’s a centre back and he played a prominent role in taking the Super Eagles to the final of the ACN. He’s available for £1m, so it makes sense that at that price, we’d be all over him. My issue with deals like this is that we’re looking at price first and hopeful on quality second. Our defensive issues probably aren’t going to solve themselves with budget inexperience. There’s always the chance that you’ve unearthed the next Yaya Toure… but then again, he could be the next Christopher Wreh.

Risky business when you’re trying to push on as a club…

There’s a bit of Arsenal action on the NextGen front… if we win against CSKA, the next stop is Chelsea. Good luck to the boys and have fun if you’re heading down to the Emirates to watch it.

See you in the comments.

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    That’s why Fergie got rid off him..

    His continuing allegiance to the PR Brand Beckham machine..

    Fergie,realised that the team as a whole,could compensate for the absence of Becham’s limited talents..

    Anyway,the whole point is,that Beckham could have fully maximised his talent’s,if he wanted..

    He chose to maximise his Brand…

    The blame really lay’s with his wife…

    She tried to take on one football club-“Peterborough” in the court’s,simply because they were called Posh.

    I mean the gut’s,to try that shite..

    Tried to take on Man Utd,behind the scenes..

    It’s a well documented fact..

    Same thing with England…
    Controlling the camp,under Sven..

    Why do you think McClaren got rid of him in the first instance..?
    He spoke with Fergie..

    Fortunately she lost,but that’s the type of PR Machine Fergie & Co in England were up against..

    In the grand scheme of thing’s,what I’m trying to say is,if Beck’s pursued a pure footballing career,rather than the commercial machine..

    Amongst football purists,he might have been afforded,that mantle as one of the best English export’s & footballing product’s to come out of England..

    Instead,this whole globe-trotting issue is based on hyberbole..

    Creating the image of Becks-Greece 2001-“The Saviour of England”..
    Man Utd CL&PL’s,RM trophies,etc,etc..

    He’s just piggy backing of the coat tail’s of these guy’s @PSG,making sure the Brand Beckham machine continue’s to roll in the money factory..

    Nothing wrong with that,it’s just the insincerity they come with..

    It’s just absolute b/s..

    Complete utter b/s,when you take into account,his fellow peer’s who achieved much more,with less PR..


  2. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: Anyway,the whole point is,that Beckham could have fully maximised his talent’s,if he wanted..

    Beckham worked bloody hard to maximise his talents actually. One of those players famous for staying behind to keep working


    Then,he was caught b/w 2 worlds..

    Maximising his talents,or selling pant’s,with carrot’s stuffed in them..


    Nasri’s Mouth

    Bet,you were first in the line in Oxford Street,lining up to buy DB07’s carrot stuffed pant’s from H&M?

    Not just a pack,but a whole carton load..?

  5. tom

    Beckham had limitations but also one of the most gifted left feet in the game.
    He certainly made the most of his gift, a bit like Lampard, and was a match winner.
    His looks and vanity gave him an extra dimension that he exploited to the limit.

  6. Nasri's Mouth

    But then he continued to work really hard at Real Madrid…

    Sorry, but I think you’re talking bollocks. Beckham was an extremely good player, partly because of his talent, partly because of motivation. He was very good at club level and very good at international level.

    Not as good as Messi or Ronaldo, but there are plenty of great players who aren’t as good as those 2.

    The reason he was finally dropped at international level was because he just got too old. Simple as that, no conspiracy theory.

  7. samsenal

    Wicked Vix of The West – I will try to help you get down off that Broom.

    To summarise our conversation: you said Beckham was a pointless player. No mention of club or International level. When questioned on it you chose to compare Beckham to Zidane and Cronaldo as proof that Beckham was an overrated turd. When challenged you appear to have backed down a little, saying he wasn’t a pointless player at CLUB level…just at international level.

    That is simple enough to understand,

    But Vix, where you create confusion for yourself as well as others is all the other rubbish you throw out there. Having agreed that at club level Becks was decent You talked about Shirt Numbers as some kind of relevance to the debate. You kept on bringing Ronaldo up…talking about his club-level magnificence as some kind of proof that Beckham was rubbish…you’ve also listed Arsenal goalscorers (Arsenal are a club BTW, not a country) talking about moving onwards and upwards…i mean…it was getting really surreal there so i got a little lost but it seemed to me you were arguing with a figment of your imagination. At one point you were talking about Andy Cole at Newcastle (Newcastle are a club too).

    I dunno Vix, maybe it’s just me… just felt like you were still arguing about club level Beckham despite saying he wasn’t a club level dud after all. Perhaps you thought that i didn’t believe in clubs signing good players to replace departed players. i don’t know why you would think that that was something i was against….but just to be clear for you Vix: I am FOR clubs signing good, nay SUPERIOR players to replace departed players. I think it’s a great idea! So, you’ve got no argument from me there….so i’d stop arguing with me about it…no need to list anymore goalscorers in chronological order (Beckham is a midfielder by the way).

    We’ve had talk of Defoe having sex with Beckhams sister…we’ve had stuff about Hotels, staying in them…NOT staying in them….all of this you seem to be claiming was of relevance to whether Beckham was a good player on the pitch. Vix, Becks may have been a media circus and probably a bit of a Diva behind the scenes (though countless players and managers have said he is a superb professional)…but i don’t see how that makes him a pointless International (not Club, right Vix?) player.

    You also said you didn’t want to argue with planks like samsenal and then posted lots and lots of comments aimed at me! More confusion.

    Anyway Vix. Let’s call this a draw…in fact Vix let’s say you won! And not just on away goals…that’s a club-thing and we’re not talking about Club level are we Vix?…let’s say you won the Vix World Cup! Vix 4 – samsenal 0!

    You are a World Champion and Vix, you are definitely DEFINITELY not a pointless poster.

  8. Higz

    Vix, I don’t think anyone would argue that he was same league as messi or ronaldo. He was nowhere near that level. Or even zidane or iniesta. But at his time, in his peak, he was one of the best at club level.

    It’s evident he had too much power in the England set up under sven, but we were so poor that he was still our best player for quite a while.



    Your post was simply longwinded to read..

    Found it difficult to scroll through..

    Make your point more succint.

    In short,what was your bloody point?

  10. Johnny5


    I think the point was be more specific in the point your making and stop talking about things that aren’t really relevant to the point. Because some of those posts looked like they were written by an Alzheimer’s sufferer.

  11. kwik fit

    I seen the first 25mins tom an Gnarby looked quite lively.

    I really like the look of akpom though. Big strong, fast and mobile. Lets hope he can finish.


    Nasri’s Mouth

    Ok,simply as the topic of discussion started earlier with Rugby & the comparison’s Football..

    Let’s look to the Golden Boy Equivalent of Rugby..

    Johnny Wilkinson,albeit blighted with injury in his latter year’s..

    But come the man,come the hour in the 2003 WC Rugby Final..

    Johnny Wilkinson in extra time opened the scoring,with a Wilkinson penalty..

    Australia equalised,with 2.5 minutes remaining,before sudden death

    With 20sec’s remaining,in the 100th minute..Johnny scores with a drop-kick,to seal the 2003 WC..

    Now,what is your definition of World Class?

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    My definition of world class ?

    Not sure, how about this?

    When it comes to talking bollocks, you’re world class

  14. samsenal

    Zidane, Viera and Henry played in one of the greatest International sides in decades. They are 3 of the greatest footballers of the last 20 years. To use them as proof that Beckham (who has had to play with some real shit) is rubbish is harsh to say the least!

    Ronaldo and Seedorf have won noting at international level. They experienced failure after failure despite playing with superior players than Beckham,

    Messi is possibly the greatest player of all time. Argentina have made zero impact at World Cups and Messi’s International career has been viewed as something of a failure by many Argentinians.

    Eto’o is a striker. Cameroon have made zero impact at World Cups.

    More bizarre lists.

    Vix, my point was that you have been arguing points that no one else has made. It’s been a really weird experience reading your posts today. If you can be bothered, try to hack your way through my earlier post if only so you can understand why i was so confused by your points.

    Let’s just agree that Becks was a good player at Club level and agree to disagree about him being a pointless international. I think you are being harsh on him and you think he was pony.

    But not a REAL Pony! He was a man! Good old Vix.


    Sorry, but I think you’re talking bollocks. Beckham was an extremely good player, partly because of his talent, partly because of motivation. He was very good at club level and very good at international level.
    Up until what point..?

    Extremely Good you say..??!!

    But not World Class I see in your statement..?

  16. samsenal

    oh man, now Vix is talking about Johnny Wilkinson. This is like a Lewis Caroll novel.

    Vix – The England side Becks played in was full of poor players. Steve McLaren was once England Manager. The England side Wilkinson played in was the best in the World. An unstoppable juggernaut. You can’t compare.

    It seems that the only way Becks could have proven his worth to you was to have Won The World Cup on his own, dragging poor English team mates along on his back.

    Even Messi and Ronaldo haven’t been able to do that.


    Nasri’s Mouth

    You are just the major Queenie of this blog..

    I say Beck’s is not WC..
    I state Beck’s at club level,was good at that time..
    But at Intl level,he left a lot to be desired for..

    You say,he was extremely good@ both level’s…

    I mean,what the fuck..Not WC according to me,but extremely good according to you..

    You are a world class queenie cunt..

    How’s business at the FA HeadQuarter’s?


  18. Royal Bludger

    FFS, Icome on here to say what a great goal by Gnabry and there’s mentally damaged imbecile Vix Affair burbling like a fucking lunatic about anything but football.

  19. samsenal

    I think Nasri’s Mouth is the Queen of Hearts in Vix’s trippy Alice in Wonderland mind!

    He’s gonna chop yer head off Vix! Run!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Just Curious


    Sometimes bias clouds judgement…try to be objective.

    I agree that Becks is living proof that hype can make you seem more talented than what obtains in reality…but the PR machine needs something to work with.

    Becks is/was a GOOD player, that’s why the hype has lasted this long.

    Take a second look at the facts of his career, you might see a few things you missed on first inspection.



    The England side Becks played in was full of poor players. Steve McLaren was once England Manager. The England side Wilkinson played in was the best in the World. An unstoppable juggernaut. You can’t compare.It seems that the only way Becks could have proven his worth to you was to have Won The World Cup on his own, dragging poor English team mates along on his back.

    I thought, through the whole propaganda machine..You might have been able to see sense..


    Becks’s could not play with the following shit player’s,according to you…??!!

    The fucking “Golden Generation”,was the best squad we had ever assembled,to attack the force’s of ze german’s,zee french,zee spanish,zee argie’s,whatever..

    Let me see…

    Ashley Cole
    Joe Cole
    Sol Campbell
    Ledley King

    Oh my,the so-called best player’s of our generation..

    Let’s just end this conversation now..

    I’m in fit’s…LMFAO…LMFAO,LMFAO….

    Beck’s had shit player’s around him!!!HAHAHAHAHA

  22. Royal Bludger

    I thought that Vix said he was fucking off and leaving us all – I can’t imagine anyone asked him stay – hahahaha!

    So FUCK OFF VIX – you illiterate imbecile … otherwise you’re full of shit.

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    @royal Bludger

    I wouldn’t get too carried away, it’s only 1 game, the opposition are only kids, etc.etc. but at this level they’re looking very good


    “The England side Becks played in was full of poor players.”
    Please read the above people..

    & now..

    the list of poor player’s Beck’s played with..
    Ashley Cole
    Joe Cole
    Sol Campbell
    Ledley King

    Just a snippet…

    There’s more..!!

  25. TheBayingMob

    Another thing we could learn from Rugby …

    Joppa Road March 25, 2013 10:32:27

    “Rolling substitutes. Why keep stopping the game?

    Bring back standing areas”

    Rolling subs yes, but, why not let the physio’s enter the playing area without the refs consent?

    What does my fucking head in is the tactical use of feigning injury, if the phsyios could just come on whenever there was an injury there would be no need to ever stop the game or kick the ball out. Stop all this rolling fucking around nonsense, like when Reyes rolled back onto the pitch in the Bernebeu to stop the game (was there that night, fucking epic, Henry 46 mins).

    BTW, you’re all a bunch of cunts …

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Interesting to compare this game with the last one though. That was more backs to the wall, sensible defending, this time it’s much more flamboyant.
    Clever enough to tailor their game to the opposition.



    I’m still LMFAO,..Beck’s played with poor England players..

    Ashley Cole
    Joe Cole
    Sol Campbell
    Ledley King


    The best line/post & joke I’ve ever heard in age’s…

    In absolute stitches…LMFAO..

  28. samsenal

    So Vix, the failure of some of the players on that list to replicate club form (Gerrard, arguably Rooney and often Scholes, Carragher rarely shone for England), the failure of many many coaches to teach decent first touch so that England could keep hold of the ball instead of surrender possession……all of that is the fault of Beckham? Is that your point?

    Just to make my point nice and clear for you:

    France won the World Cup and European Championship because they were a superb TEAM comprised superb individuals – one of them was one of the greatest of all time (Zidane) and many of them were the best in the world in their positions (Henry, Viera, Thuram).

    Please don’t compare England to that French Team, Just don’t Vix.

    Stop all the smoke and mirrors garbage. Keep it nice and simple because your lists are stupid and your comparisons are flawed…and often plain odd.


    Nasri’s Mouth

    Yep Beck’s was extremely good,with the player’s he had at his disposal-at Intl level?

  30. Al

    Pretty amazed at how good Bellerin is. Such a fast player with a real threat in the attacking third. the 2 centrebacjs looked good especially Hayden. You can also see the 2 german boys are a cut above the rest

  31. Johnny5


    Stop with all the lists and off topic bullshit. Becks was a quality player nuff said. any club would have loved to have him. And he in his prime is better than most of the wingers in the prem today.

  32. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    So droning out of the top four will stop us signing big name players ?

    Is this like the u29 Nigerian we have taken with a view to sign?

    Please best thing for arsenal will be to miss out for a season or two and allow us to grow hungry !



    You keep it nice & simple..

    & stop obfuscating

    I gave you a list& now you produce a French list..About team ethic..

    That was the whole point,of my starting debate about Beck’s..

    You talk about team work..
    But the team was about Beck’s..It centered around him..

    Not about the team..About an individual..

    I gave you examples,of how selfish this prick was..

    You went on a tirade..

    Then you said he was surrounded by shit player’s..

    I gave you a team,that most club’s,let alone most national team’s would have in their team..

    You now ignore that & venture into some other nonsensical rant..that the French team had WC Player’s(TH,PV4,etc,etc..)

    Either way,with that team in 2002 they capitulated,due to squabbling..
    Remember the French team,that capitulated to Senegal..& subsequently got bombed out of the 2002 WC..?

    & then they came together as a unit& ventured forwards to the 2006 WC Final..

    Or were you too young to remember that..?

    Probably sucking on your mother’s nipple..!!

    Again,you miss the point,Beck’s whilst Sven was manager,controlled that team..

    We had the so-called Golden- Generation,which you define as poor player’s/a poor squad under Beck’s..

    Either way,Beck’s failed to utilise his talent’s with at least 3 WC player’s in that team at the level,in the major Intl Championship’s..

    Maybe I can’t get my point clearer across to you..

    But tell me this,for a point of simplicity..

    Is Rooney a poor player,according to you?
    Is Owen at that time a poor player,according to you?

    Is Scholes@ that time a poor player,according to you?

    Is Terry @that time a poor player according to you?

    Is Ashley Cole a poor player@that time according to you?

    Is Lampard,Gerrard,Campbell, all poor player’s@ that time ,according to you..

    Was Seaman@that time,a poor player according to you..


    Yep Beck’s had it rough..Surrounded with poor players..!!


    Nasri’s Mouth
    For the last time, Beckham was extremely good at club level and at international level.
    Quite Simple-Not World Class..!!

    Simple Yes,or No..?

  35. Royal Bludger

    Johnny5 – would you brush my hair too? (towards the front please – hahhaha!)

    Johnny5 and LG’s Jimmy – touching!

  36. Royal Bludger

    Johnny5 – I am gay … I’m out, I’m open, I’m happy – I don’t care about homophobic homo’s like you and the groomer Gayboy.



    I hear what you are saying,but Nasri’s “Penis in Mouth”..

    Is trying to blur the lines b’w extremely good & world class..

    I just want to know if he see’s Beck’s as world class..

    It’s very simple..It’s a yes/no answer..?

    Why he’s reluctant to commit to an answer,really beat’s me.!!

  38. Al

    R.S..P.C.ArsenalMarch 25, 2013 21:11:44
    Jeez, mate everything you say is just pure negative and depressing. Sometimes you just got to enjoy the NOW and stop being miserable.

    It must take a lot of effort to be that negative mate and it really is not healthy

  39. dave

    Who gives a shit if Beckham was world class, good, average, poor, good at club games poor in internationals?

  40. Johnny5


    Good for you son but just be ause I called you a homo don’t make me a homophobe. But your obsession with all things ‘legrove jimmy saville’ is frankly disturbing. I suggest you either accept the fact gambon doesn’t want to fucking you or build a fritzel like dungeon and kidnap him. Either way stop banging on about him in every post it’s fucking sad.


    tomMarch 25, 2013 20:55:11
    Nasri’sMouth,Thanks so much for the link.

    Tom,why thank that Queenie..AKA Elton John,for a link…

    He’ll just damn you tomorrow,should you hold view’s against Arsene(his lover)..

    Or try to make your daily life,a living misery..

    Be careful of whom,you thank on here..!!

  42. tom

    At his best Beckham was world class, I reckon. In as much as he was in the top 10 players in his position in the world. Being a Galactico adds credibility to the theory.

  43. samsenal

    No Vix…we’re not doing this..we’re not going off topic so you rant about irrelevant stuff…we’re going right back to the subject originally discussed. You said Becks was shit. To prove this you have listed Cronaldo’s club form, Zidane, Henry and Viera’s international achievements, Eto’o (club?) form, Ian Wright’s Arsenal goalscoring record, Jermaine Defoe’s choice of sexual partner and Leo Messi. I don’t care about Ashley Cole, John Terry, Scholes…you can list them all but you cannot come up with a combination of these players that could ever EVER compare to the successful French side. So my original point stands: Becks did not play in a comparable side to the French guys so you cannot use them as proof that he was a shit international player.

    My point was that your comparisons were either completely stupid and insane or plain unfair. That’s all.

    You can list England’s best players if you want. You can go on about Beckham’s off-field influence, you can laugh on the floor, chase The White Rabbit, take a Pill…whatever

    But you will not convince a single person reading your posts that you are anything other than a babbling fruitcake.

    There are some difficult characters on this blog, once you engage with them they are actually pretty cool….sadly you are just too far gone and – it seems – lots of folks on here.

    Vix. It’s time. Get on your Space Rocket and take off for the Outer Reaches of the galaxy. Trip the light Fandango. Drink the Pinky Ponk Juice.

    Fly Vix. Fly.

  44. kwik fit

    Tom Watt convinced that Arsenal will break our transfer record, not once but twice this transfer window!

    Season ticket renewals not going well it appears.



    To be honest Johnny5,NM is in the Keyser Book-Mark Special..

    I think he’s a complete c**t..

    Alway’s looking for an out..
    Say’s a lot,gives nothing away..
    Think’s he’s a lot more cleverer than most poster’s on here..

    Sit’s on the fence half-the time,but like’s to lecture from his shitty basement..

    Good luck to him..Could not care a less..

    I’m tired of posting with these c**ts..They de-energise me..

    At least,Gambon,put’s himself on the warfront& say’s his beliefs..

    You know he’s a man with a backbone,not scared of bringing forth his belief’s(in a decent manner)


    certain poster’s where their comment’s are coated in absolute manure shit..

    There’s a word for a polite word..They lack a backbone..

  46. Royal Bludger

    Johnny5 – fully groomed! Do tell – do you brush Gayboy’s hair backwards, like Jimmy’s? And how big is your cigar?



    You said Becks was shit
    To cut your long-winded post,that I have not bothered to read in it’s entirety..

    I never said that..

    Said he was over-rated as a player,when you take him into total context of WC player’s..

    I also said at Club Level,he was good at what he did,in his position@ the time..

    Re-read all my post’s & start again..!!

  48. Johnny5


    Look mate just because your a post op transgender cock lover who kept his duck in a pickle jar so he can shove it up his arse and pretend it was gambon because he rejected you don’t take it out on me.


    Royal Bludger
    & you are Peter Tatcthel..The Gay Activist Campaigner..

    Determined to get Gambon & his cohort’s in your lion’s den..

    Why don’t you fuck off to San Francisco..?

  50. samsenal

    Vix you have spent all day running the name of David Beckham down with tremendous passion like he was Ashley Cole, Teddy Sheringham or something. Are you Jermaine Defoe’s mate or something? Hang on ARE YOU JERMAINE DEFOE???

    You have gone to considerable lengths to prove your point that he was a flop. Okay, you have been unsuccessful in your efforts and had to backtrack a few times…but let’s not pretend you weren’t going at this with gusto.

    Anyways. It’s done now. Let’s genuinely call it a night. I have said a few offensive things to you this evening and for that I apologise.

    Let’s agree that we were all disappointed with England regardless of whose fault it was.

  51. samsenal

    Royal Bludger “Le Grove has become like One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest”

    Quote of this, or any other day.



    If you want to call anyone within that current England team& during Beck’s time,World Class…

    I would say Ashley Cole..
    As much as a prick,he is..

    He has consistently performed in every international campaign,he’s been involved in..

    He’s had the media pressure,albeit for the wrong reason’s on his back..

    But the prick,delivered at every major international tournament..

    For Nasri’s(Penis-In-Mouth),to suggest Beck’s was an extremely good club & intl football with all the positive media press at his disposal..

    What would he say about Ashley Cole..?
    I’m really fucking intrigued..?


    Nasri’s Mouth

    If Beck’s is an extremely good club & intl player..

    What do you say of Ashley Cole..?


    Royal Bludger

    Definitely don’t have a problem with gays..

    But your obsession with Gambon,is quite alarmingly..

    Gambon this,Gambon that…

    Every fucking post of your’s is littered with Gambon..

    & the funny thing is Gambon,hardly mention’s you in his post’s..

    So,it’s not as if the animosity b/w you is mutual..

  55. samsenal

    Cole is superior to Becks.

    That doesn’t prove Becks is rubbish though! Don’t you dare think it does!


    Thank you…

    & now watch the out from Nasri’s Mouth’s,if he’s called into question..?

    He will say,Ashley cole,was not the debate,blah,blah..

    But Beck’s is still an extremely good club & intl football..

    The point I’m trying to make,is that you get guy’s on here that speak their mind,when called into question,& other c**ts,that think they’re being clever,circumventing question’s & trying to remain in their eye’s as doyen’s of football…

    Absolute c**t’s..No time for them..



    But admit,when you compare Ashley Cole’s achievement’s to DB07’s at Intl level..

    Who stand’s out more away from the PR machine?

    You cannot say DB07 is WClass?
    Even Rooney is not WC?

    In comparison to ACole..?
    & he get’s shit load’s of negative press,compared to the positive press the above two get..?
    I personally don’t like ACole,but as a professional,top respect..!!


    Johnny5March 25, 2013 22:25:52
    Vix I give my op

    You lost me..?..Please explain?

  59. Royal Bludger

    Dear Vix – can you please post another 1,000 words of incoherent, inarticulate, mis-spelled, ignorant, vacuity.

    I read every one of them.

  60. Johnny5


    I give my opinion. And if I’m wrong I’m man enough to admit it. I’m still a cunt though but I get your point far too many know it all motherfuckers who twist what you say to suit their argument even though its bullshit.

  61. samsenal

    Vix – their “achievements” at international level are identical: fuck all. If you mean the standard of performance…well I don’t think many players have been as consistently good as Cole. But Beckham put in a very very good level of performance for England for a long period of time.

    World Class? For England? Sometimes Becks was yes.

    Please understand that I used to hate Beckham. Now I’m over it.


    Fairplay..Prop’s to you

    But you are usually on the ball..A bit blunt at times,but nonetheless,I respect your opinion’s..

  63. Johnny5


    I bet You would.Nothing’s my problem either just hope it happens and you stop posting weird anti gambon trash that has fuck all to do with football or arsenal you pointless waste of my time.



    Why I can’t stand this guy,is partly because of the London Olympics..

    How him & his wife tried to dominate the whole Olympic agenda..

    I was like you had your CL,PL,FA,EUROS,WC,with England,RM,Man Utd,AC Milan…

    Let the Olympics,be for the amateur athletes..Let this be their platform..

    But he wanted to dominate proceeding’s & make it about the Brand Beckham.

    At this point,I’d reached saturation point..

    With his wife,wanting to be name-checked in the Olympic Opening Ceremony,as one of the Greatest British Designer’s amongst Vivian Westwood,et al..

    It just never end’s with these bunch of c**t’s..

    & prior to that, them giving a speech from LA,wishing the Queen a happy birthday,on”behalf of the nation”..

    I mean,how sick & twisted does this stuff get…

    I don’t know…His wife is a social climber..

    I think,he could have achieved a lot more..
    Instead he got caught up in her celebrity world& he short-changed the nation,big time..

  65. Higz

    Ashley cole has unfortunately been one of the most consistent left backs for over a decade (unfortunately because he’s a cunt)

    But I still don’t think he replicated club form for England. At club level he looks like the best lb in world. At international I think he looks average. Lahm shows how to be the perfect full back, great defending and going forward. Alba and before him, capdevilla



    & I forgot to add about the GB Squad..
    Where in the Olympic’s,the football team,invariably is a showcase for young talent coming through..

    He tried to envelope that,making it all about him..Threw a hissy fit,when he was not included..

    It became the Stuart Pearce vs David Beckham debate,played out in the media..

    Threw a hissy fit,when he found out he was not the main to be carrying the torch into the Olympic Stsdium..

    & they had to dance around him & have the ponce in a speedboat delivering the torch to Steve Redgrave–James Bond Style in a speedboat,that he was not even placate the prick..

    I dunno,he make’s me fucking sick,to put it politely..

    In totality,when you sum it up,the whole national thing has alway’s been about Beck’s..

    Peter Taylor fucked up big time,giving him the captaincy in the beginning..!!

    Created a monster!!

  67. JJ

    We really are in desperate need of an Arsenal game soon. Some of the people blogging today need to take a look at themselves. It is embarrassing. Healthy banter is entertaining and educational. Personal vulgar insults is high school.

  68. Evan

    Ain’t seen him play but numerous people on here spout his name, if he is the nuts the below is good right!!

    Jovetic, who is equally comfortable as an out-and-out striker or in a ‘No 10’ role, said: “I’ve heard about Arsenal’s interest. It’s a big pleasure for me to be on the radar of such a big club. I am happy about that.

    “I’ve always had an affinity with Arsenal. It’s a major club with a big tradition, one of the biggest in Europe.

    Read more: