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… don’t worry people. It’s going to be ok. Just 5 more days until we’ll be lapping up some Arsenal goodness at The Grove. It feels like an eternity, that’s because whenever England play, not only do you have to bear witness to painfully poor football, you also have to deal with daily news stories in the newspapers about the said boring football.

Reading will come along soon enough and I’ll try and keep you motivated in between now and then with whatever skinny news I can pick up.

I went to my first rugby match yesterday, interesting to see how things are run there compared to how they’re run in football. I went to see the Saracens play in a top of the table clash. Now, removing the fact I was watching rugby, I find it amazing how relaxed the rules are around the sport. Allianz Park is a 10,000 seater stadium, you can wander around it drinking beer and picking up food from all sorts of fairly priced food stalls… and you can drink beer in the stands. The stewards are all volunteer fans, so you don’t get any of the arsey behaviour you get at Arsenal and the mood in completely different. Now, I know that rugby doesn’t have any of the tribalistic behaviour associated with football and the stadium is smaller than Arsenal… but I can’t help think that Arsenal could be doing more to foster a great atmosphere than they currently do.

A few things that spring to mind…

1) Tell the stewards to lay off the prison guard type behaviour. At the end of the day, we’re stakeholders at the club. The lifetime value of a season ticket holder is probably quite extordinary, to be treated in a dignified way and with a smile would go a long way

2) Price the food and drink at levels which encourage fans to get to the ground earlier. I know this has been on the agenda of the club for a while, but I haven’t found myself enticed into the ground early. There are a few barriers to entry for me… firstly they take card at only a few of the kiosks, secondly the food and the beer is of low quality (unless you’re club leveling  and thirdly, they don’t do much in the way of pregame entertainment. I mean, even if you ran through the speakers so you got the Sky Sports pre-game feel.

3) Work to keep the fans in the ground post game. I’ve never fancied a post Arsenal pint at Arsenal. Why not though? If we win an important game, why not slash drinks at the full time whistle and continue the party in the ground? More money for the club and a better feeling from the fans who will think they’re considering them.

Chamberlain has been talking to the press who are obviously trying to get an angle as to how the young England player feels about being dropped. Answers need to happen. He scored for England against San Marino. Talent like that needs to be in the first team.

‘My season hasn’t progressed in a way as much as I would have wanted to because I always want to play,’ he said.

‘But I also understand the manager, in Arsene, will protect his younger players.

‘I remember speaking to Robin van Persie last year, and Theo Walcott before, and they said they had experienced the same thing.

All fair comments, he wants to play, he’s not because his form has been off key, he’s frustrated. Hopefully he’ll channel some of that energy and confidence into performing better for his club over the next few games. He’ll have an opportunity if Theo is out injured. He needs to take it. There’s n0 better place to get your chance than at home to Reading.

Arsenal have offered Arsenal fan Godfrey Oboabona a trial at Arsenal. He’s a centre back and he played a prominent role in taking the Super Eagles to the final of the ACN. He’s available for £1m, so it makes sense that at that price, we’d be all over him. My issue with deals like this is that we’re looking at price first and hopeful on quality second. Our defensive issues probably aren’t going to solve themselves with budget inexperience. There’s always the chance that you’ve unearthed the next Yaya Toure… but then again, he could be the next Christopher Wreh.

Risky business when you’re trying to push on as a club…

There’s a bit of Arsenal action on the NextGen front… if we win against CSKA, the next stop is Chelsea. Good luck to the boys and have fun if you’re heading down to the Emirates to watch it.

See you in the comments.

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  1. PJ


    As for your 3rd point it is a brilliant idea, but the simple fact is that the club cannot do it as it is a liability to them legally. In America teams stop serving alcohol about 2/3 to 3/4 into the game/match. The idea behind it being that if somebody gets in a car after getting pissed at the stadium and something bad happens they can be sued for a large sum of cash. Nonetheless it would be awesome to enjoy a few pints with some rowdy Gooners, unlike the ones who sit the whole damn match. Don’t see why they cannot find a way around the liability aspect to make it happen. At the very least, a sponsored after-party at one of the local pubs with an appearance from a member/s of the club with a post-game speech, etc. Something to make it feel like the club and its fans are on the same team here. Just my 2 cents.

  2. gambon

    Forgot to mention on saturday

    I got my hair cut at my normal local barbers, the guy is Italian, and had a pic of him with Cavani taken a couple of months back in Naples.

    I asked if he spoke to Cavani and he said he did, apparantly he doesnt want to leave Napoli but it is inevitable he will in the summer, and England is 99% his likely destination……but he isnt a huge fan of city.

    Obviously means nothing as we wont be involved.

  3. mark

    with 3 satisfactory center backs who will be at the club for a while yet there is no point spending big on another. so a 22 year old arsenal supporting center back, albeit speculative, makes sense. the club should be given the benefit of the doubt anyway considering they did very well in getting koscielny, a player from ligue 2 in france, who has turned into a good player. 2m pounds, why not.

    i’d rather see our young players like chamberlain not played and relied on so frequently as i think it just stunts their development as is the case for walcott who has shown nothing but speed in his 7 years at the club. with chamberlain, i’d like to see him getting a few games in the ACM position next season along with more frequent appearances on the wing.

  4. wanger-wenker

    rugby matches should be experienced by all football fans……as a hint on how to behave. Of course passions run higher at football and feelings consequently sometimes get out of control. But there is no excuse for some of the filthy chanting and nastiness that surrounds the best game in the world. Sure i was not such a nice teenager at the old highbury but i soon matured.
    As for the OX, he is a great talent and a real prospect and he needs a bit more playing time with arsenal. I dont get wenger as jack plays untill he drops so whats the difference with OX?…
    Its not as if we are overstocked with great players is it!

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    There are aspects of rugby that I like and some I don’t. The camaraderie, the good humour, the lack of morons, the beer. All of that is good.

    I actually thought the Arsenal stewards are a little more relaxed these days.

  6. K.C.

    Spot on Bade. There would be no need for the use of gimmicks to attract more fans to the ground if the squad was competitive. I’m pretty sure people come to the Emirates to watch quality football first and foremost. What happened to that? The current squad is average and quite frankly not entertaining.

  7. Emmanuel

    Godferry Oboabona is a rare Gem , He holds a starting berth in the Nigerian National team , he has relegated Joseph Yobo the Captain of the team to the Bench , in the African Champiship , He made Drogba looks like an amateur , He kept the likes of Yaya Toure , Gervinoh , Kone , Petroipa , Seidu Keita , Wilfried Bony completely at constant bay . He was excellent at the Game against Cataluyna in Spain with the Likes of Xavi , Iniesta , Pedro etc.. On parade , It seems Pedro has not got any footage on the Player , you will see more of him in the Confederation Cup in Brazil in June , He is good and young and definitely boost our defence .

  8. samsenal

    Gambon and TheBayingMob – Based upon the Barber story It’s Chelsea all the way for Cavani then. They need him and they actually spend big. United don’t need to spend that much on a striker and we simply won’t…otherwise i’m SURE he would pick Arsenal over all those other….title contenders…

  9. Guns of Hackney

    Of all the players we are linked with, the Nigerian chap for £1m is the only one with any weight behind it.

    Chamberlain is wasted, probably overrated and certainly overpaid – this will no doubt end badly.

    Gambon’s barber…Cavani. It’s a hell of a plot line.

  10. nepGunner

    Oxlade just needs to let his football do the talking and keep as much distance from Walnut as possible (socially) to ensure his head is right where it needs to be and avoid being embroiled in publishing children’s story books rather than focusing on becoming an accomplished footballer. Name, fame and money will simply follow suit.

  11. Joppa Road

    I agree with points 1,2 & 3 Pedro. With Arsenal being so money motivated you’d think the people at the club would of covered these angles but I guess most of them don’t have the foresight to make it happen.

    There needs to be a huge shake up of the way football fans are viewed. The pricing needs to be completely re-structured as well. The standard of food vs cost is an absolute disgrace. Then again, like the people at Arsenal give a fck. They really couldn’t give a shit whilst at the same time being cash rich and chasing £1M defenders.

    The club needs boycotting. Although when I watch Arsenal I always want them to win. Finishing outside the top 4 would be a huge wake up call that is the needed for the club.

  12. Romford Pele


    We’ll get a better look at Oboabona at the Confederations Cup this summer. Nigeria are in a group with Spain and Uruguay so we’ll see if we can hold his weight there. Both him and Omerou were impressive at the ACN, but as I said previously, the latter is better and a better ball player too.

  13. Hibeegunner

    Perhaps we should implement some of the good points from the rugby world.
    Timekeeping stop the clock when a player is injured, No back chat to the ref,( at least when a player is in the wrong they accept the ref’s decision.)
    Sin bin for bad tackles and time wasting.

  14. gazzap

    Thing with Ox he was given a few games here and there and didn’t impress. Wenger had to pick the best players available on the day, not just the Englishmen! Having said that there have been times when other players like Gerv have come off the bench when it could have been The Ox instead. But point is he hasn’t set the world alight this season. I do think he has the potential though, so hopefully next season he can step it up.

  15. Dan Akinway

    Having Oboabona in the team isn’t a pure bad deal.. He is strong both in d air and on the ground, he is young and hungry. He succeeded in pushing his national team captain to the bench during the AFCON 13. He is also a leader at such tender age, he is the captain of his club, Sunshine stars FC who incidentally has the nickname “Akure Gunners”. So Oboabona could prove a good buy just as kolo Toure was from ASEC mimosa in ivory coast. Just give him sometime to learn as a back-up from the current experienced defenders and he is ready to hit the big stage in the EPL.

  16. TheBayingMob

    The atmosphere at Anfield is as shithouse as anywhere else, even if they do sing that fucking cuntish song at the start of each match (why do Celtic sing it as well? It’s so fucking g.ay)

    You want to sort the atmosphere out at the Emirates … here’s how …

    1) Reduce ticket prices
    2) Allow for a section, behind each goal, to be reserved for only 18-34 males, we can call them ‘The Ultras’ if you like
    3) in general, reduce the age of the crowd to below 70 if possible
    4) move all nearly-dead 40 year 70+ season ticket holders out of the best seats and to somewhere where their silence and virtual non participation in the game is more appropriate …
    5) try to change the image of the Arsenal as not the sort of club where nporth london, childless well to do couples go for a afternoon of light applause
    6) turn us back into a football club and not a corporate fucking opera house

    There you go. Easy.

  17. Joppa Road

    Independent time keeper would be great.

    I would also like a 6 second rule for throw ons and 10 second on goal kicks to get the ball back in play. Hate all the time wasting that goes on. Keep the game flowing.

    Rolling substitutes. Why keep stopping the game?

    Bring back standing areas.

  18. Joppa Road

    Not a big rugby fan. Like the big internationals but cannot watch club rugby, be it union or league. Prefer NFL.

  19. Guns of Hackney


    it’s a mug’s game…road to ruin.

    wales were always going to beat England but no one saw that 30-3 coming.

  20. gambon


    it didnt help that straight after i went out in Clapham, then to a strip club in Central, then to the Sportsman casino….

  21. Johnty79

    1m is worth a punt on a Nigerian….but wenger as done this before palacios, Yaya, toys with a player. If wenger mentions a player in a press conference it means he definitely won’t sign him.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    gam-bling-on a strip club

    you should settle down, find a lady friend. To quote Eddie Murphy “every night you be gambling but that shit can give you AIDS…but you keep on gambling thinking ‘the one’ is around the corner…and I should know…I have thrown my dick on the crap table many a time” *

    * this was at a time where AIDS was new. C. 1982.

  23. Ricky Dobbs

    Great article. Love your ideas about the stadium. We need to stop 10, 000 fans leaving early. And maybe if the club did more the whole crowd will be in their seats for the start of the game.

  24. IHateWenger

    Interesting point about the rugby, iv been a Arsenal/Football fan for 25 years.
    I went to my first rugby match in January and had a brilliant time, drinking in the ground, no segregation, cheap food and cheap tickets and I am going a again next weekend.
    Not going back to Arsenal until Wenger fucks off, so need something else to do!

  25. Johnny5

    For 1m I say fuck it give the lad a shot if he’s as good as some say then bye bye verm I reckon. As for people saying the ox is shit. He wasn’t shit when he was being played on the left when he first broke into the first team. Since then he’s hardly played and he’s been played all over. People seem to think he’s a central midfielder when clearly for us he’s played his best football on the left. I reckon play him on the left for a few games see how he gets on. As for the casinos and strip clubs gambon, you need to find a woman and stop knocking about in seedy strip clubs.

  26. Rob

    gambon the chances of your barber meeting Edinson Cavani randomly and being told how he’d probably leave next year,likely the premier league and direct answers about specific clubs like man city is very unlikely.Infact id go as far as to say you’re talking your usual bollocks as usual,baying for applause and admiration from your imaginary friends on a blog.

  27. TheBayingMob

    Belhanda? Bell-Ender … We’ve already got a Montpellier reject who’s not good enough … Rugby. I went to the England v Australia Autumn international, it was fair enough, but the game was mainly about hoofing the ball 40 feet in the air and there was little excitement. I went to the Bayern home game with some German’s, they were gobsmacked they couldn’t get a beer, then had to endure ‘there’s only one Winston Chruchill’ chants … honestly … there are things we can learn from Rugby. Mic the ref up, that’ll stop Rooney et all being able to verbally abuse them all game and get away with it. Video reffing. As for the atmosphere, I like a bit of needle, I don’t want to be sitting shoulder to shoulder with Wigan fans laughing and joking in a merry atmosphere of Rugby can have that. It’s all theirs.

  28. gambon

    Yeah Rob

    5 years on this site, the first time ive ever tried to claim “inside info” and even then im saying he doesnt want to leave.

    Silly cunt.

  29. TheBayingMob

    Also, when you go to the Rugby, let’s face it, you don’t give a rats arse like you do The Arsenal. The Arsenal result matters. Who the fuck gives a cunt about Saracens? I couldn’t. Bunch of public school boys. Good day out, but let’s not pretend we give a fuck about the rugby.

  30. Pedro

    Gambon, first rule of inside info… people hate to believe you. Even when you get it right people say you guessed.

  31. Romford Pele


    Belhanda isn’t good enough? Based on what? Do you watch him on a weekly basis?

    As for Giroud, I wouldn’t necessarily say scoring 15 goals is a flop? While he hasn’t been a rip-roaring success, that’s not a bad return for somebody’s first season in a new country. It’s already more than RVP achieved in his first term. Were you saying Henry was a flop after it took him 19 games to score his first goal? I can understand people getting frustrated, but some of the knee-jerk reactions on here….

  32. gary

    The baying mob.. it may be a gay song but it does create an atmosphere..think its better than singing cmon Arsenal, cmon Arsenal. Obviously you’ve never been to Anfield or celtic. Celtic create more noise when they get a corner then when we score

  33. Leedsgunner

    “My issue with deals like this is that we’re looking at price first and hopeful on quality second. Our defensive issues probably aren’t going to solve themselves with budget inexperience. ”

    Hit the nail on the head. That is the Wenger way. Sadly he doesn’t know how to buy big and how to buy quality. I mean look at Arshavin – a top top player on his day but attitude stinks combined with a manager who continually played him out of position. What a waste of money that he has been.

  34. Joppa Road

    The Baying Mob says………

    “they were gobsmacked they couldn’t get a beer, then had to endure ‘there’s only one Winston Chruchill’ chants … ”


  35. WengersSweeties

    Football is bigger than Rugby in this country so there’s a lot more money than there is in Rugby.

    That’s why there is such a big difference in the experience of what you watch. At places like the Emirates you’re treated like a customer (West Ham will have this to come) Rugby games will always be for the fans.

  36. Romford Pele

    Leeds – You’re right there. It’s never been in Wenger’s mantra to go out and buy big. That’s why it always bemuses me when people are like “Wenger doesn’t buy WC players like Henry, Pires or Vieira anymore”. None of these players were WC when they first rocked up at Arsenal. Wenger likes to get players and mould them and fit them into a certain system. Whether that is good or bad is down to personal interpretation.

    Signings like Reyes and Arshavin which on the surface should have been mouth-watering players, never really materialised. I guess you should put that down to the manager for not getting the best out of them.

    I’ve said it before and so have others. Cazorla was a steal. There’s no way we would’ve have gotten him if he was £20m plus, and that’s a shame because you’ve seen the impact he’s had.

  37. Yippee Kai Yay

    BB, you may joke, but the game could also learn from Hockey, watched olympics last year. The card system (similar to rugby but with an official first warning ‘green card’ prior to sin bin) which promotes on pitch discipline and respect for refs far greater than wearing a badge would (mainly because you are answerable to your team mates and so getting sent off for 10 minutes for arguing with ref would make you very unpopular).

    The ability to pass to yourself to restart after a foul increases both the pace of play and the time the ball is in play, with the added side effect of reducing one of the other aspects I hate about football players ‘surrounding the ref’.

    As for football being more tribal than club rugby, I would agree, but international rugby is just a tribal as football, (more so than national football ironically) and yet still the same crowd expectations and atmospheres exist. I was invited to millenium stadium to watch ireland vs france in world cup a while back. In the pub beforehand the two parties were more than happy to drink together with no real animosity. Of course ‘neutral territory’ for both but still the point is valid. Better class of fan dare I suggest.

  38. Raz

    I love it when people like The Baying Mob speak on behalf of people he’s never met. I’m lying. It’s ridiculous.

    I have been to see Sale Sharks a couple of times, at their place. I’m neutral but going to see them and being in the home fans’ stand meant I did care about the result – we spent the game drinking, singing, yelling, cheering and joking around. It was an amazing atmosphere, the stewards were cool, the whole experience was affordable and more importantly, great fun. Had Sale lost, I certainly wouldn’t have rued spending the money, the sender if occasion would have seen to that.

    Then there’s Arsenal. Where the cost of everything is so extortionate that suddenly it’s not just about the sense of occasion, but you demand and expect a certain return on your spend. It’s rarely seen. So much stuff doesn’t happen that should or could to enrich the whole experience. But I get the feeling that nobody at the club is happy when we turn up for a game, buy food or drink. Then you get those ridiculous announcements at places like Everton where they say you’ll be chucked out if you don’t remain seated, and football in general is clearly going down the wrong path.

  39. Thorough

    OMG! The flock today shocks me. So if the EPL is too big a leap for Vermalen and Koscielny who were amazing in the Dutch and French lesagues then it will be a walk in the park for Oboabona? And Oboabona replacing Vermaelen? I’m having a laugh.

  40. TOLI83


    I thought you would be a Vidal Sassoon or Toni & Guy man with the director cutting your hair, not a short back and sides down the local barbers mate?

  41. Rob

    Gambons so touchy whenever someone disagrees with him..not my opinion though so don’t shoot the messenger,my barber told me. Silly cunt.

  42. TheBayingMob

    Fuck knows if Belhanda is good enough or not, I can barely stand watching PL games outside of Arsenal I’m certianly not going to waste my time watching Ligue 1, it was just an opportunity to get a Bell-Ender joke in, shallow I know; I do know though that AW has constantly gone back to Ligue 1 for umpteen players, it’s like a fucking security blanket he and Grimandi suck on and rarely if ever throws up a diamond in the rough these days.

    I didn’t say Giroud was a flop (you said that), just that he isn’t good enough for the club we should be. Have a look at the WHL game again. While his goal return is fair enough on the season, I see nothing that suggests he’s suddenly going to start scoring 30+ like the man he was meant to replace.

    I didn’t say Rugby fans don’t give a fuck, what I meant was that football fans going to their first Rugby match aren’t going to give a fuck, it is a different experience to football but … you’ve made your choice unfortunately, and that first love is footy. I love going to the cricket, but I can’t say I give too much of a hoot whether England win or not, I like to see it, if they don’t, fair enough. It’s just not the same. In fact, the game itself is mere background music to a day of drinking and banter. It’s just so different.

    But the needle at the footy … no sorry I like it, I wouldn’t want it any other way personally …

  43. Johnny5


    I only said verm would go because wenger will think we don’t need him if the nigerian fella works out and cash in on yet another captain

  44. Romford Pele


    To be honest, Wenger’s been spending more and more time in Germany and Spain these days, not that he’s picking up the best talent mind you.

    Did you think Henry and RVP would score 30+ goals after their first season? I just find it astonishing that people are quick to dismiss individuals. I actually agree with you that Giroud should the #2 rather than first choice striker but for £10m, 15 goals isn’t the worst return.


    How the fuck do you drop the captain of the team,if i was the Verm i would feel like shit.Yes i understand if you’re not performing you should get dropped in order for you to get your priorities back in shape.But does it mean that the EGO MEISTER is finally admitting maybe he could have chosen better?

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    Giroud is pretty good value. The problem is if we want to do better in the league, we need a player who is £20m+ value.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    @Bermy Boy

    If TV5 feels like shit, then it might do him some good. No player shouldn’t be droppable.



    On a slightly different note..

    Making comparison’s b/w the Rugby Code & the English Football Game..

    What about the comparison’s b/w player’s in Rugby Union,with the articulate,lucid post match commentaries/analysis of the game..

    versus this latest twat’s-so-called Ambassadorial role in China..

    What next a Russian tattoo,on the other side of his rib cage,when he becomes a roving ambassador for Russia?

    Or an Arabic tattoo,when he next becomes a roving ambassador for Qatar?

    Word’s fail me,on this utter mono-syllabic,self-serving plebe..!!

    The most over-rated player in footballing history..

    Wait for Heil Keyser,to pipe up,with a counter argument!!

  49. Romford Pele

    Giroud as I said has been pretty decent value for money, but to go up another level, you need a Jovetic-type player who is pretty much better in every regard.

    Agree on Vermaelen, he’s been shocking for a while now, rightly dropped. Sagna i’m not so sure. I’d rather not lose him. Four months of bad form compared to four years of being the best RB in the league and one of the best in Europe. At 30, he’s still got a lot to offer IMO. Just pay him the money Arsenal FFS!

  50. useroz

    No issue with AFC signing Oboabona or whatever the name so long as we don’t pay more than 5K a week till they perform at 1st team level….

    It’s the over-paying that kills some of the talent we brought in, plus Wenger of course.

  51. K.C.

    I find it hilarious when people make comments that equate to them being too good to watch some of the other leagues like league 1 because they watch Arsenal. Hahaha LMFAO. Have you watched your beloved club any time lately? This Arsenal team is a train-wreck in comparison to the teams back in the glory days. They’re not even fun to watch anymore. The rose tinted glasses need to come off now. These days if you support Arsenal, you support mediocrity. Wenger Out.

  52. Rob

    During the bayern home game when they attacked down the right exposing vermaelen & cutting it back easily to side foot home from 25yards I like many just stood there unsuprised.Yet after all I could look at was Vermaelen & Wilsheres arguing.Did anyone else witness it because it seemed to go relatively unnoticed.Well why I’m bringing this up for is that it seemed our captain just seemed a beaten man out there,no rallying the troops etc like we all thought he would eventually become captain wise,his head went down & he trotted back to the halfway line.Whilst Wilshere screamed like a man frustrated at lack of leadership,a 19 year old!We desperately need someone in this team that commands respect,a real leader,a talker that inspires the team & can lift them when things ain’t going well(which is often).If Wilshere gets the captaincy next year it will ruin him,who has he had to learn from?That should be our priority this summer,leaders,not some African that no ones heard of coming over to play for 3 months before fucking off to the African Nations every year and returning a burnt out wreck.

  53. Hunter

    Your Comment Here
    it appears that we are also watching sebastian Corchia(22 year old),right back from Sochaux in the french league.Who could possibly be the replacement for Sagna,who is reported to be off come the summer.To be honest i’m getting pretty fed up with french guys being plucked from their clubs to enhance the glorious AFC.yes in the past we have tapped up the french and indeed have had some very good players come through but over the past few years all we have had is crap,crap and more crap,ok sagna being the exception.We should be all over the Kaut and spanish leagues for talent not the bloody french.But this would be so typical of the proffessor,buy cheap and go on a wing and a prayer!This Nigerian bloke might be ok but what I want is a truly monster name at Centre Back,not an unknown and untried player.The African Nations Cup is one thing but the Premiership is a whole different ball game,there are NO easy games and we need someone who can hit the ground running.I will be well and truly pissed off if that twat wenger just buys young hopefuls and not experienced ones,he’s also said to be after some danish kid who is supposedly the next BIG thing in european football,god help us,wasn’t B52 from the same country and hype all those years ago and look whats happened to him!!!

  54. Keyser

    Woah, thank fuck for that, phew.. *Deep breaths, deep breaths.

    It’s over, SDE soo so glad you’re back, don’t you ever..

    Don’t you ever do that again, you hear me, you had everyone worried, BarmyBoy, fannyboy, Jippee, rubberjohnny were searching all over the blogosphere for you, Jeffy even checked ‘his personal spheres’ whatever the hell they are, gambon ran out mid-perm to check his local internet cafe and kwikky was over on youtube checking through the comments section of Noddy Holders greatest hits.

    Anyway main thing is you’re back, don’t you ever leave now, hugs ‘n’ kisses.
    * no-homo.



    I will be leaving as soon as you start trolling…

    Anyway..what are your impartial thought’s on the Beck’s ambassadorial role & his latest Chinese tat’s?

    An absolute pointless player,if ever I saw one..

    Give’s football a bad name..!!

    Never understood,why Wenger allowed him to train at Colney!!

  56. LeMassiveCoq


    Why is TheBayingMob a cunt? I think he was probably being a bit tongue in cheek with silly comments about ultra’s but the message is there. The Emirates is a corporate opera house, no fucking denying it.

  57. Keyser

    “I will be leaving as soon as you start trolling…”


    Or I might just take the mick, undecided.

  58. TheBayingMob

    kelsey March 25, 2013 13:24:19
    The baying Mob @10.32.

    you sir are a cunt of the highest order.

    The truth hurts, but, thank you … best compliment I’ve had for ages … 😉

  59. Johnny5


    Becks doing the ambassador thing is purely for pound notes. I don’t like beckham as a brand but he was a good footballer, there’s no doubting that. He’s one of the best players England has produced. I know that’s not saying much because England are shit.

  60. samsenal

    Beckham performed for Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan. He has won major titles. Lots of them.

    He may not have been a Wizard of Dribble but people who doubt his worth to a Team are very, very foolish.



    Beckham did screw all in the 3 WC’s & the 2 Euro’s he graced…


    How can you say,he was the best England Footballer,we produced..?

    He neither got us to a WC Final,let alone a Semi-Final..

    He neither got us to a Euro Final,let alone a Euro-Semi-Final..

    His whole candidature,was based on simply self-promotion..

    It was all about him, but never the team..

    What is your abiding memory of Beck’s?What his free-kick against the Greek’s,that sent us to the 2002 WC..?

    Have you bought into the propaganda of the Beck’s machine?

    Well the funny thing is,that Germany,with Ballack & Co..

    Had to qualify for the WC in 2002& went into the play-off’s with Iran,too try & qualify for the WC 2002..

    Germany forced with a play-off against Iran(if I rightly remember),eventually qualified..

    What was the end result..?
    Germany progressed to the finals..

    We got bombed out in the quarter’ finals..

    How & where,do you now suggest Beck’s was the greatest England prospect?

    Roll forward to the Euro’s 2004..Missed penalty..

    Subsequently the great Zidane,showed us greatness with his penalty kick,whilst throwing up,prior to his penalty kick..

    Roll forward 2006,what was Beckham’s contribution..?

    A pitiful tear conference,announcing his retirement..

    A man so selfish,more concerned with creating his own legacy,than that of the national squad..

    I would say Michael Owen,bar Paul Gascoigne,was the man for the hour,in the tournament’s that they graced..

    Who delivered when it counted..?

    Owen,Gascoigne,or Beckham?

    The former two(Owen & Gascoigne)playing for the cause,than for themselves..A la Becks..

    I think you’re misguided on this front..

    Beckham did bugger all,bar his retribution act’s against the Argie’s..

    Where it really counted,the man was nowhere to be seen..

    In short,don’t believe the hype..!!



    Beckham was good at what he did at the time…

    A good crosser of the ball& a dead ball specialist..

    Now,when you compare him to a Ronaldo..

    Beck’s can’t lace Ronaldo boots..

    Beck’s is over-hyped..

    His nowhere the player,the English media make him out to be..

    Look at Ronaldo at Man Utd & now at Real Madrid…

    Breaking all records before him..

    Can head,score left & right,dead ball specialist,play-make,take on player’s,dribble,pace,athleticism,etc,etc..

    Let’s take this in context,& not get carried away with the stupid media hype…

  63. Johnny5


    I didn’t say he was the best but merely one of them. And like I said England are shit there are loads of players we can sound out for living up to their supposed potential at international level. But at club level week in week out he was good sometimes superb you can’t doubt that.

  64. Nasri's Mouth

    johnny5: This is the worst arsenal team for 12-15 years

    Indeed it probably is, but I’ve still seen worse.

  65. Johnny5

    And it’s not media hype and comparing him to ronaldo is like comparing downing to messi. Completely irrelevant. For his time becks was one of the best. He might not have been the best all round but what he did he did good.

  66. Zen Warrior

    When Becks was at Madrid, he ALWAYS made sure he was the first person to jump on the scorer’s back… So everyone could see his name on his shirt..!!! He ain’t that much of a cunt.. He’s worth getting on for 200m…

  67. samsenal

    Vix – you are comparing Beckham to Cronaldo – one of the deadliest players in living memory (and a guy that essentially plays as a striker with his teams built around him) and Zidane one of the greatest players in History. All 3 are very very different players bringing different qualities to their teams. A pointless st of comparisons.

    In addition, you gloss over the fact that Zidane played with Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera and other French Monsters whereas Beckham played with overrated flops like Gerard and Peter Crouch. And i note that you talk of Ronaldo at club level…what exactly have Portgual done that is memorable?

    Fact is Fergie knows more about football than you and Fergie played him week in week out. Then consider his move to Real with so many over there doubting him; he won them all over. Capello knows more than you mate. The list of players and managers that have had dealings with Beckham who have sung his praises is endless.

    As for best England player ever, well everyone knows that’s Wilshere…



    This is my issue with confusing WC player’s with Club football..

    At club level,he was good at what he did..

    Not denying that,but as the game as moved on,taken into context his rather limited talent’s..

    I’ve simply used CR7 as an example,who took over his shirt number@ Man Utd..

    & CR7 exploited DB7’s over-hyped talent’s..
    In CR7’s last season @ Man Utd,the man was out injured for almost 2-3 months..

    Came back & banged in almost 40+ goals..
    Before departing for RM..40 yarder free-kicker’s,header’s,goals galore,left,right,header’s,etc,etc..

    That said,DB7 was good at the time..

    But you take DB7’s talent’s onto the World Stage..Mate sorry,he comes short,well short..

    Michael Owen,in my view surpassed him on every point/level at that stage..

    I’ll even go so far as to say,Gary(smug)Lineker,Platt & Gascoigne,surpassed DB07 completely on the Intl stage..

    Cannot recall a game DB07 turned around,in critical stages of the major competition’s at Intl level..WC& Euro’s,that saw us propelling ourselves into @ least the Semi’s..

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    Without direct comparisons, it’s hard to know whether it’s the weakest, but it must be close to it. Player for player the current first 11 doesn’t match up to many

  70. Nasri's Mouth


    Will it get worse ? Realistically I haven’t a clue. I can be convinced by both sides.

    As a pure guess we could easily be sitting here at the start of next season with pretty much the same squad, with maybe 1 or 2 new cheap additions, (the type of player that is already labelled shit by people who’ve never seen them play)that improve the squad slightly



    Was not CR07, a replacement for DB07 @Man Utd..

    If not,why did Fergie give CR7,Beck’s shirt number?

  72. Joppa Road

    LOL…for a brief second I thought you were talking about Dennis Bergkamp Vix, then I realised it was just Beckham. Beckham was never world class – just a good player with great looks. Good on him.

  73. samsenal

    Vix, Alan Shearer is a contender too.

    For me, top level club football long ago eclipsed International football so the issue of Beckham at club versus country is a pointless one. As i said before, Beckham was surrounded by guys who couldn’t get their act together in an England shirt. You can’t blame him for that. You are being harsh.

    Again, the CR7 comparisons are unfair too. His wonder seasons for United saw the Team set up around him. Even golden Boy Rooney had to change his game to accommodate the Winker. So Becks did not play the same position as Ronaldo…so not a fair comparison.

  74. samsenal

    Vix, i wouldn’t get too carried away with the shirt number issue. You saying Beckham was Cantona’s replacement?

    Ronaldo was initially played as a conventional tricky winger asked to fit into the Team’s gameplan and then he was played as a wide striker with the other 10 players asked to fit into Ronaldo’s game plan. Different players, different qualities, different situations.

    Again, CRonaldo is one of the greatest players in living memory. It would be fairer to compare Beckham to Ashley Young.

  75. brent

    can someone explain to me why there isn’t someone who operates the clock and STOPS it every time the ball goes out of play? certainly that would remedy the time-wasting situation. also, any time the ball is put out of play for an “injury” the player should be sent off of the field for at least a couple of minutes.

    does this not seem like a logical solution? or are people really sensitive to changing the game?

  76. brent

    fuck it, the nature of the game has already been compromised by today’s players. if anything the rules of the game need to be adjusted because of how willing players are to take advantage of time-wasting.

  77. Johnny5


    If you had taken becks out of the shot England team and played him in a world 11 he’d have excelled internationally too. Just because England were shot doesn’t make beckham shit. Sure gazza shearer and jug ears were better but were they not kind of the beckham a of their time?. Playing with shitter players?. And to be fair you can’t really compare them lot anyway strikers are a different kettle of fish to midfielders. All I’m saying is back in the day I’d have gladly had him playing for us.

  78. Johnny5


    That’s what im afraid might happen we sign some kids and the odd unknown player and hope that next season will be better. He deserves the sack for sure if that happens though m. What do you reckon?



    You are so blind,it’s unreal..

    Andy Cole,took over the Barcodes glorious No.9 shirt.Graced with by the like’s of their idol Jackie Milburn(or whatever)..

    He left for Man Utd & subsequently Alan Shearer came in taking on that shirt No 9..

    Are you telling me,because Ronaldo has exploded into the great player that he is today,that the fact the Fergie gave DB07’s shirt number to CR,is immaterial,or comparison’s cannot be made?

    Mate,you suffer from what’s called lack of ambition, sub-standards& excuse making..

    It’s not CR7’s fault,that he worked at his game& made himself possibly into one of the best No..7’s that Man Utd ever had..

    Now,if you what to delve deep into the complexities of the England team..

    This is where your naivety/ignorance run’s deep..

    It was a well known fact under Sven Goran Erickson..DB07..Was running that team..

    From team selection,to tactics..

    How do you square with the fact that your captain of the national team,was leaving in separate quarter’s from the rest of the team in the 2002 WC..?

    DB07,requesting he be holed up in some mountain hotel,with his wife,separate from the rest of the team..

    With his own security arrangements..

    What do you think that does,for team morale?

    Yep,great team bonding mate..!!

    How do you square that with the fact, that he decided,Defoe was not to be included into the 2006 final cut,because Defoe,who was dating his sister at the time, had dumped DB07’s sister..?
    & Walcott,who had hardly played a game,when he signed for Arsenal was brought into the 2006 WC..?

    I know,I was on the same flight from Germany as Defoe cryptic message’s said a lot..

    & we all know what Defoe’s like..!!

    How do you square,with DB07,bursting into managerial meeting’s & telling Sven he want’s to speak to him now..!!

    & Sven,like a puppy,slavering all over the floor,following him out of top level meetings..?

    Why till now,has Ferguson,refused to allow Beckham back at the training ground?

    Ferguson once said,Beck’s expect’s everyone to dance to his tune..He’s surrounded by yes man..

    Why is it, that Ferguson,talk’s in glowing term’s about CR07,but is less reluctant to talk about DB07,in the same light..

    Mate,you need to know your history..

  80. Johnny5

    ‘It was a well known fact under Sven Goran Erickson..DB07..Was running that team..From team selection,to tactics..’

    That can’t be true. tactics maybe, but selection no way



    Explain the Defoe exclusion & the Walcott inclusion(hardly played a game for Arsenal)

    Defoe’s relationship with DB7’s sister?

  82. samsenal

    Sorry Vix, but you’re off on your weird Hate Broomstick cackling at the moon again.

    You have turned your ludicrous statement that Beckham was a pointless player – at club and country level – into a completely different argument. Again, i notice it’s all England England England, ignoring his glittering club career. Not interested in talking about Defoe sh@gging people’s sisters, who stayed in what Hotel etc. Whether Erikkson was weak or strong, What you saw on a plane, what Beckham ate for lunch etc. You’re arguing with yourself Vix. Again.

    So, to keep it nice and simple for you: on the pitch Beckham was a quality player. As i have repeatedly said, comparing him to Ronaldo is pointless and the fact that Ronaldo is a better player means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ronaldo is better than 99.99% of players that have ever played.

    Also, my Alan Shearer comment was to suggest him as one of England’s best players of the last 20 years. Nothing more. not sure where Andy Cole came from. Another example of you arguing over absolutely nothing.

    Keep up the name-calling and don’t you ever leave. You are a bundle of madcap entertainment.

  83. Nasri's Mouth


    When you say ‘deserves the sack’, because of what ?

    Like it or not, he’s an employee. If from his boss’s perspective he’s doing a good job then he doesn’t deserve the sack. His boss’s perspective might be different to ours.

  84. Dannyboy

    I wonder what is more likely, Bludger posting a comment without the word ‘Gambon’ in it.

    Or Vix Affair posting a comment without the word ‘Keyser’ in it…



    Never said DB07,was a pointless Club Player..

    More a pointless & over-rated Intl player..

    Quite simple..

  86. gambon


    Both unlikely, but ive just hired kevin Costner so im not too bothered about Royal Todger any more.

  87. JJ

    The prison guard behaviour of stewards and general atmosphere at the Emirates is a disgrace. I live in LA now but a few years ago I made a trip back to see a game (vs. Middlesborough). I paid about 250 squid for 2 club level tickets where the view was just ok (corner end). During the game I stood up and yelled something like “C’mon Arsenal” (very original, I know) and a steward came down and asked me to sit down and calm down. I was stunned. Are effing kidding me? It is a football game not a bloody movie cinema!

    I had been to games at Highbury and never have I seen/heard such a thing. I have been to see all kinds of sproting events live and one of the biggest draws for me and watching football live is the atmosphere (constant signing etc.)

    We will never improve the atmosphere at the Emirates until these asinine restricitions are removed.

    Last year I was in London for 4 days and tried to catch a game at the Emirates but was told by the box office that the game was sold out. I watched replay of the game when I got home to LA and saw loads of empty seats… Well run club, my arse… Very disappointing.



    So, to keep it nice and simple for you: on the pitch Beckham was a quality player. As i have repeatedly said, comparing him to Ronaldo is pointless and the fact that Ronaldo is a better player means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Ronaldo is better than 99.99% of players that have ever played.

    Andy Cole,that bangs in 41 goals in one season for Newcastle..

    Shearer rock’s up,as his replacement,smashes all records at N’Castle..

    But no point,in comparing the two,as they are completely differently players..?!!
    According to you…

    Let’s get closer to home..

    Ian Wright smashes Cliff Bastin’s record..

    Ian Wright become’s Arsenal’s greatest record scorer of time..

    Then Thierry Henry turn’s up,different type of player & smashes the record to smithereen’s in a short space of time..

    Yep,they were all different type player’s,but they did their job well..

    Raising standard’s & expectation’s..

    Now,you try to make an exemption for the comparison b/w DB07 & CR07..

    Simply because CR07,is one of the best player’s in the world,next to messi..

    Offered more,strived for more & delivered more..

    & You want to make an exception..

    Absolute plank,you are..!!

    That’s why I can’t be bothered,arguing with planks,like you on here..

    Nonsensical shit..

  89. Johnny5


    I wasn’t asking for your view on what his employer think but whether you think if we’re in the same boat next season does he deserve the sack?


    The Defoe thing sound like some conspiracy theory bud. I wouldn’t believe that shit man. Anyway that shits all off topic. And you never differentiated between international and club you basically just said he was shit and overrated when clearly he wasn’t.

  90. Dannyboy

    heh, Gambon, think Liam Neeson would have been more appropriate, he does have a pretty serious obsession with you!



    Let’s work back

    Henry<<Anelka<<Wright<<K.Campbell<<Alan Smith…

    Notice a fucking pattern…!!

    Not comparable non..?!!

    Or just a rise in standards..?

  92. Dannyboy

    Vix, comparing Beckham and Ronaldo, is just plain dumb. One is a wing/forward who is the complete athlete, and is just a goal machine. Beckham never had any pace or trickery, but could cross the ball like no other. No similarities between the two whatsoever, apart from their obvious marketability.



    Look DB07,was good at what he did at that time@ Club level..

    I believe the overhype,made more of his limited talents..

    At club level,he did well..

    But at Intl Ievel,very questionable..

    At this point when you compare him to the likes of Rivaldo,Rondalinho(Brazilian),Zinedane,Suker,Bastistuta,Ballack,he was lacking…

    At this point,he was shit..

    Owen offered much more,when he was injury free..Much more..

    So did Lineker..Vast much more & Gascoigne…Incredibly more…!!



    Re-Write of my above my sign’s mixed up..

    VIX AFFAIRMarch 25, 2013 17:01:00
    Samsonshitearse..Let’s work back

    Henry>>Anelka>>Wright>>K.Campbell>>Alan Smith…

    Notice a fucking pattern…!!

    Not comparable non..?!!Or just a rise in standards..?

  95. Johnny5


    His talents were very limited I agree but at that time there wasn’t a ( hugely marketable) player like him and we know how the media love to hype up English talent. It’s just you seemed to make out like you thought he was pony altogether.

  96. Nasri's Mouth


    Depends on what he’s been told to do, and what restrictions he’s been working under. Certainly if we sign a couple of ‘potential’ stars, and that’s all they are, potential, then I don’t want him to get another contract.



    Did not say he was pony at Club level..

    But at Intl level definitely..

    Taken into total context..

    No way is he the player,the media have overhyped him to be..

    Zindane,Ronaldo,Rondlinho,Rivaldo,even Vieira,albeit a different type of player,offered far much more…

    Yaya,a different type of player,offer’s far much more..

    In the intl arena,amongst intl player’s..yes DB07 is pony(in your words)..

    I’ll even go as far as saying Gerrard is a better overall player than DB07..

    I just don’t buy the hype into DB07..

    & as a finale,do you see the great player’s doing this shite..

    & you forget something,when DB07 left Man Utd,Fergie temporarily was playing Ole Skolsjaer in DB07’s position,supplying crosses& delivering it on a two pence..

    He did ok,for his time in that position..
    Just CR07 came along & raised the bar,in all areas..!!

  98. Just Curious


    In other words Giroud is a better Player than Raphael Varane because he has scored more goels this season as position doesn’t matter in your view?

    Please clarify.



    & I’ll keep banging on about DB07 @ World Level..

    1998-Sending off

    2000-Euro’s-Can’t remember,apart from finishing bottom from 1 in our group

    2002-WC-Hair Gelling@half-time against Sweden& the jump over the defender against Brazil in the quarter’s..

    2004–Missed penalty against France

    2006-Injury ravaged& the post conference ending in tears,on his resignation as captain..Knowing full well McClaren was going to dump him later on,when he took the reins..

    2010..Showmanship,on the sidelines,providing freekicks & cross training to the likes of Milner & Co,in the training camp..In some ambassadorial role….(What a surprise)

    Fuck me..Yeah the greatest English player we ever had..!!


    1998 WC Winner..Scores against Brazil

    2000..UEFA Euro Winner

    2004-Deliver’s the coup de grace to England,in the final minute,puking on the penalty spot & scoring..

    2006-Comes out of Retirement,& helps France to a WC Final,bar his kamikaze moment with Masserati(or whatever his name is)

    World Class?

    I know which of the two is WC..

    Owen in his pomp,was WC..
    So was Lineker..


  100. Dannyboy

    Vix, clearly a player is only world class if they score a fuckload of goals according to you, so no point anyone debating it.

    .com are streaming the next gen game tonight. could be worth a watch? see how the young lads are developing.



    In that case,let’s call Wayne( I shit my pant’s come Intl Final’s) Rooney-World Class as well..??!!

  102. Higz

    I think beckham has tainted his career by continuing to play. Unlike Giggs(who adapted and stayed at similar level), Beckhams level dropped.

    I saw some old games on Espn classics recently and I was shocked at how good Beckham was for man u. His passing was amazing (not just long deliveries). Unfortunately he cared too much about his image off the pitch and slowly regressed, even whilst being a decent squad member at rm and ac.

  103. Johnny5


    I do see what your saying bud he didn’t win us no world cups and he is or was no zidanne but he had heart and could ping a ball into a box good and proper. Same cant be said for many of England’s current team.