Mexican back to London?

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Happy Sunday morning people. I hope your night was exceptional and you’re feeling fresh as very cold daisy.

What’s cracking this morning? Well, I missed the article on where Abou Diaby talked about how he looks after his body. Some absolutely superb snippets in there.

“I am very happy to have made this number of starts, I got injured for three months, which is a large part of the season, but even so I have still made 14 starts, which is really good. We also have nine games to go, so I will get to 16 or 17 or more,”

14 starts in a season for a 25 year old who lands a whopping £60k a week? Unbelievable he thinks that’s something to be bragging about. Amazing that the club puts an interview like that online. This is a man whose record amount of appearances for any club is 34. A really shabby number. I know things have been complicated by that Dan Smith injury, but come on… how long do we keep a player we’d like to think could be integral to our starting line up on the roster for?

What we need is a similar style player, ideally with a bit more concentration and consistency. Paul Pogba of Juve is the sort of style player we should be looking at. Someone who can own the midfield physically and with the ball at their feet. I’d still love to see Fellaini at the club. Capoue looks a good player. His stats are pretty good and I love his agression. There are plenty of midfielders we could look at this summer to improve how our starting line up looks. We need to bring back some balance with more physical players and we need to ensure there’s pace and mobility in the side.

A strange story I read early from the Daily Express is the one about us looking to bring Carlos Vela back to the club after his impressive season which has seen him bag 12 goals and 8 assists from 24 appearances. We have a clause that allows us to have him back for £4m. He never really got his chance at Arsenal and he certainly didn’t help himself with his parties and weight issues. He was always talented though… a something from nothing player. If it happened, it’d be Barca-esque. Not sure if I was Carlos whether I’d be swapping the sun of Spain for the now of London!

Jovetic has come out in the press and laid his cards on the table…

“It sure is nice when you are interesting big clubs like Arsenal and Manchester City,”

Good times. He feels like a good fit for us, very talented, a bit injury prone… 23 years old… could be world class. Anyway, it’s good to know he’s flattered by the interest.

Anyway, sorry for the short post, I’ve had a bit of an unmanagble blog posting weekend. I’m off the watch Saracens today… the benefits of an artificial pitch will be on full display this afternoon!

Have a great day.

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  1. Ghost

    Site looks different. Better for us mobile users. I was of the belief that Wenger ruined Vela the way he did with Bendtner by playing them out of position. I still stand by it.

    But Vela’s playing out of position in Spain and it’s working for him. Maybe because he’s allowed to roam and do as he pleases. He’s always loved spain. No point bringing him back. We have enough young players we need to get the best out of.

    Again I’d rather we go for Lewandowski and not Jovetic. Or even Mario Gomez.

  2. Joppa Road

    You blow hot and cold on Diaby, When I said the same thing earlier in the season (basically that we should of got shot of him long ago) I was told I knew fck all and the whole French team was going to be built around him.

    I’ll stick to what I said earlier in the season….

    “We should of outed the likes of Diaby and Rosicky long ago. Not rewarded them!”.

    I’m right again I guess.

  3. kwik fit

    Vela and Jovetic linked. Where would we play them . Our squad is already full. Up top we have Walcott, Giroud, Pololski and Gervinho. Nah Wenger will stick in the summer.

  4. patthegooner

    Vela was never given a chance, but bring him back, no thanks.

    He would only end up on the bench again. I think this is lazy journalism. End of the day if Wenger had rated him or even had the tiniest bit of faith in him, then he would of been playing when he was with us.

    Fellaini has to be our no.1 target this summer, Diaby is a fucking waste of space and should not be at our club. Agree that is an embarrassing article, but post before thinking all the time, it is nothing new.

  5. Nasri's Mouth

    Vela isn’t good enough for us. Decent player, but we ought to be looking at better ones.

    As for Wenger ruining Bendtner by playing him out of position, absolutely no way. Bendtner and his daddy did that all by themselves.

  6. Bade

    Diaby is a shame

    He might not be the culprit of his own genetics, but it doesn’t change the bottom line all the same

    He’s a disgrace to the football world

    And to think Dechamps called him the prefect midfielder. Oh boy

  7. Bade

    As for Vela, I always said he was going to shine outside Arsenal

    He was totally mismanaged

    Unlike Pedro I don’t blame him. It’s on the club’s manager.

    If you can’t restrain a 20 years old boy, then you have a serious managing frailties

  8. gary

    He’s not bragging about making 14 starts but merely happy at the fact that he’s started this many after the last couple of seaaons .. pretty logical really

  9. Toli83

    One of reasons Wenger can’t stand Vela is he went out the night before a champs league game and turned up late at the airport amd forgot his passport .

    He won’t come back I’d put my mortgage on it.

  10. Bade

    Vela won’t comeback to Arsenal as long as Arsene’s there

    Not to mention in Spain he can shag as many birds as we wishes & no one will think it’s inappropriate ….

  11. Cesc Appeal

    We could land Jovetic and Sanchez for £40-45 Million…I’d be delighted with that.

    Add Capoue and Ashley Williams for about £17 Million and we’d be talking…with a different manager though

  12. Segun

    getting rid of players like Diaby i.e liability to the club is common sense, but least we forget Wenger doesn’t do common sense!

  13. Leedsgunner

    Why are we surprised at the nature of the articles being posted on It’s not like they have anything positive to report like us beating our major rivals and our club winning trophies.

    I can’t see Vela coming back for 2 reasons:
    1. it would be an admission of failure on Wenger’s part that he couldn’t progress Vela under him.
    2. Perhaps La Liga is more suited to Vela… despite his technical skill he always appeared a step or two behind where he should be as a striker positionally.

  14. Leedsgunner

    PS: I mean to say Wenger doesn’t do admissions of failure. Sure he’ll take the credit easy enough even when he has nothing to do with it… but he doesn’t admit his failures even when he has everything to do with it.

  15. kwik fit

    I can’t see vela being re-signed, not least because he would not want to return . Has bade says, its the crumpet effect.
    However I do see Wenger using the buyback clause to twist a few million more euro from the Spanish side and perhaps getting first dibs on a night out with carlos.

  16. Bade

    In the summer we need, first & foremost, to get rid of our manager, then add few players to the mix

    1st choice keeper
    RB or extend Sagna’s deal (preferred)
    1st choice DM
    1st choice CM
    1st choice CF

    Then release


  17. Jamal

    I’m so proud of Diaby. So so proud (holding back the tears).

    On a serious note..

    Diaby is a shit cunt and a disgrace. An absolute joke of a footballer

  18. Bade

    That will leave us with a very good squad I’d say

    GK / SZCZ

    Sagna / Jenko
    Monreal / Gibbs
    Per / Kozzer / Vermaelen / CB

    Jack / Cazorla / Arteta / DM (Capoue?)/ CM (Fellaini/Schweinsteiger?)/ OX

    CF / Theo / Giroud / Podolski / RW

  19. Nasri's Mouth


    Fabianski, Squillaci, Denilson, Arshavin and Chamakh are all out contract in the summer anyway Bade.

    Bendtner, Park and Djourou will stay out on loan

    Doesn’t leave too many

  20. Bade


    They still cost us too many while they’re on loan

    We should just give them for free

    They don’t merit their wages & surely we’re subsidising them partially

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    Diaby isn’t a shit cunt, nor is he a disgrace or an absolute joke of a footballer.

    He’s a footballer whose potential was ruined by a really stupid tackle. That wasn’t his fault. The injuries since then have either been due to his injury or to an inherent weakness, neither of which are his fault.

    Where the fault lies is in relying on him, without a back up plan.

  22. Nasri's Mouth


    Quite likely, but unless they’re worth enough that cancelling their transfer fee means the buying club can match the wages, they’re not going to agree to leave.

  23. Bade

    As I see it we need a t least two midfielders.

    One is a Fellaini/Schweini type, powerful box to box who can play also in a deeper role or advanced one, when needed. Just a bigger Jack.

    The other is a more classic DM, of the Gilberto role. Capoue can be good, I wouldn’t rule out M’villa just yet. He worth a look at

    I’d keep Arteta even though he was less impressive this season. I’d keep one of Le Coq or Rambo, the other we should either release or loan out to a PL club.

    Also I’d convert the OX to a CAM, he can share roles with Jack & Cazorla, the three can fight it for 2 spots, the #10 & the LW with Podolski.

    Upfront we need to keep Theo, Giroud & podolski & release all others. We need a new winger & a worldclass CF. Giroud is good, but he just can’t lead us, he’s a 2nd string player

  24. Herkules

    Exactly Nasri… We can’t get rid of the dross, even for free. This is what people dont realize. We need to clear wage and roster space, and only a few of these nobodys go out of contract each year. I think we lose 3 this Summer. So Monreal takes one of those slots and we can only sign 2 players. Thats it… An overhaul is simply impossible – under any manager.

  25. mjgooner


    SZCZ isn’t a shit cunt, nor is he a disgrace or an absolute joke of a footballer.

    He’s a footballer whose potential was ruined by BEING PLAYED WHILE INJURED (by Wenger). That wasn’t his fault. The GOALKEEPING ISSUES/GAFFS since then have either been due to his injury or to an inherent weakness, neither of which are his fault.

    Where the fault lies is in relying on him, without a back up plan.

    PS: Know you never SZCZ was a cunt or a shit goalkeeper.

    Just want to keep REPEATING the “injury/playing with injury” excuse for SZCZ (maybe it will eventually make it true) as people keep using the leg break excuse for Diaby/Ramsey……….so that as we blame Dan Smith/Shawcross years later for Diaby/Ramsey “shitness”, we MIGHT (its really a long shot though) blame Wenger for SZCZ “shitness”.

  26. Nasri's Mouth


    Are you still beating that dead horse ? Still comparing the injuries of Diaby and Ramsey to Szczesny? Give it up please

  27. Johnny5


    Diaby’s injury record was bad when we brought him. It’s wengers fault for even signing him he has never once played a full season as a professional footballer. He is a joke. Even when he is fit he is remarkably average anyway. Walcott is more consistent and that’s saying a hell of a lot.

  28. Nasri's Mouth


    Was it Wenger’s fault for signing him ? Don’t think so. A lot of young players have the kind of injuries that Diaby had back then. They learn to understand them and manage them better. Maybe it was a bit of a gamble but it was one worth taking for sure.
    Was it Wenger’s fault for persevering with him this long without bringing in a replacement / cover? Yes, I think that’s pretty obvious.

    My point was that the excessive name calling against Diaby is exactly that, excessive.

    There was an article the other day about him against Swansea. In the 2nd half a heavy touch from him took the ball out for a goal kick. It was really frustrating and I remember it well, because I think my response was “aaarrgHHHH!” but given that he’d won the ball and carried the ball up there himself, the chance he ruined was the chance he’d created in the first place, hardly the time to wish him any ill will.
    Yet, as the article states, someone thought it was and shouted “I wish you’d break your leg, Diaby, you useless ****”


  29. Ashmania

    If Diaby is a useless cunt and disgrace (don’t agree ) then so was Rvp until 2011 wen he went 18 months injury free then chipped off to Manchester how do we no Diaby won’t have a year or two injury free . If he does u will all have egg on your faces …….I agree wiv nasris mouth and the back up plan should be capoue who would probably end up 1st choice anyways …., as for vela stay in Spain mate and party wiv ur ladyboys

  30. Toli83


    Very good synopsis. Can’t help but think we will go through a summer of pain mate.

    Ashley Williams certainly isn’t the answer in my book. Not good enough, one thing for sure is that he won’t improve under Wenger. Hummels we should be aiming for, we should be doing everything we can to get him.

    Centre Midfield, if we do our business early Capoue would be great . Can’ only see Fellaini going city or Chelsea . Strootman would be a top signing .

    Striker, Giroud is Wengers man – I can only see us getting a back up for him which is so annoying as Giroud frustrates the hell out of me. Expect Joel Campbell coming back from loan to be our only signing there.

    GK – this has always been a blind spot for Wenger, if Fabianski has a decent run of games I expect he will be renewed which prevents us buying a new outright NO.1 which in my opinion is one of our biggest areas of need.

  31. Johnny5

    NM ashmania,

    No. Capoue should not be a back up plan but a straight up replacement diaby is rubbish he won’t prove anyone wrong. Yes sometimes the criticism goes a bit far in calling him a cunt but that’s born out of frustration at a player who is a waste of a squad position.

  32. Thorough

    BREAking NEWS: While we dream and massage our egos with things that will never be for as long as that rickety harlot of a coach is around, let me dispense to you Wenger’s next shocker: Arsene Offers Trials to Nigerian Defender Godfrey Oboabona. While Oboabona isn’t a bad player, I’ll go further and say he’s a good player, nearly won the African CL with Sunshine team that he captained and an African Nation’s Cup gold medalist with the Super Eagles of Nigeria, for a coach that talks about adding super super quality then Wenger is a fuckin psycho. Oboabona can become amazing in three years if he gets into the lesser leagues in Europe and works his way up the ladder, but the idiot Wenger wants to dig another grave by making the promising youngman start digging/building from the top. For now, it must be the Hummels, Bruno Alves’s and Samba’s of this world, something starkly better than what we have. I cant still farthom what goes on in Wenger’s cranium.

  33. Nasri's Mouth


    He’s got 19 caps for Nigeria at the age of 22, nothing wrong with giving him a trial. We can hardly give Hummels a trial at the moment can we ?

  34. Keyser

    mj eeeheee how you doing blad ? Get Rubberjohnny to debate with you..

    Common sense mate, common sense, Common sense mate, Ealing Common, Common sense mate, Common sense.

  35. Keyser

    Diaby got his ankle broken playing for us, like Eduardo and Ramsey he deserved a chance, this year he started well but in recent games he’s looked as leaden footed as Arteta at times, not sure he’s even got the same zip he had a few seasons ago.

    Vela wasn’t mismanaged, he wasn’t mistreated, he had chances he just couldn’t hack it, when he starts scoring 20-25 goals in La Liga he might be worth bringing back as a support striker, other than that he’s wasted his talent a bit like Merida, who for some reason looked to have beefed up like Mr T around when he left.

    Not sure what’s happening to Le Grove, I said the blog mirrored Arsenal, maybe people just aren’t that bothered anymore, hopefully it’s just the Interlull.

  36. Keyser

    There’s been 48 posts you nutter, you’re hardly inspiring anyone, common sense mate, common sense, Won the league, Champions League, common sense mate, common sense

  37. kwik fit

    So Wenger is going to flog Verm for say 12m to Barca and bring in one Godfrey Oboabona for 1m. Brilliant bit of business Wenger. Will you ever learn?

    Answer; Not on your nelly!

  38. Keyser

    Johnny5 – You say that about everyone though, I seriously doubt you know much if anything about him.

    He came to us at what 19 ? So long before he came to us he had injuries ? What in the youth teams ? In january 2006 we signed him, in May of that year Dan Smith wrecked his ankle. One of his ankles is supposed to be twice the size of the other.

    Not sure how long he has left on his contract, but I can see us letting him go.

  39. Dannyboy

    ffs kwikky boy, those sorts of pictures are not good viewing for someone recovering from a carpel tunnel operation…

  40. Bade


    Richards, who’s out of favour at $ity, might be a good choice

    I rather have players with EPL pedigree, so Fellaini for me is better that Strootman

    $ity will get Fellaini inly if they lose Yaya Toure

    Chelsea? They might be busy fighting $ity & Real over Cavani/Falcao, so we may get lucky

    We can always offer Everton Ramsey on loan + 22-25m’, that should land Fellaini. We’re still a big step forward & with 1st team football assured & a club with stability, I think we have enough appeal to bring him in, despite interest from mega riches. We only need to pay a proper wages …

    As for CF, we have to get the kicked-out of Real one, either Benzema or Higuain. There’s a big talk that Real already agreed terms over Falcao, although Aguero is rumoured to be on their plans too

  41. Bade

    Personally I can’t see $ity letting themselves lose Yaya Toure over money. He’s their best player & the best in his position ….

  42. kwik fit

    Wenger if your reading this, and I know you always do in interlull, read my lips……..Fuck Off!!

    OK if your not going to piss off then get this. We need 5 Top players. Here’s my list . Feel free to text me with youre suggestions, remember Wenger no more joke texts;

    nicolas n’koulou
    etienne capoue

  43. kwik fit


    After having surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome , you can use your hand to do light activities that do not cause excessive pain or discomfort.
    However, try to avoid using your hand for more demanding activities until it has completely recovered, which may take several weeks.
    Alternatively learn to do it with your other hand. Remember the old adage….’ practise makes perfect’ 😉

  44. Dannyboy

    Those five would be epic Kwik, only change i’d make would be Sakho over N’Koulou, he only has a year left on his contract and he wants out of PSG.

    He’s big. He’s Black. He’s French

    Wenger has to be on it surely?


    Later Guys…

    This blog has rapidly gone downhill..

    Keyser’s been on here,giving grief to blogger’s for the past 48 hours…i.e.Jeff & Johnny5

    It’s no longer funny,it’s just become absolutely,mind-numbing,tedious & quite frankly a waste of time..

    Hope you all enjoy the rest of your season..

    Got better things to do with my time..

    See you in the next life..Maybe!!

    Keyser,you are actually a really nasty piece of work..

    Don’t bother reply,I won’t be posting back ever,on here..

  46. kwik fit

    My only problem with Sakho is that he is left sided. We need a right sided CD imo.

    Wenger is on it all right danny, problem is that it doesn’t help him choose what we need….we we really really need.

  47. Keyser

    Ah fuck shit sorry bollocks, the life of the party, that mathetical genius, the modern day John Nash, he’s going, SDE Nooooooooo, I’ll leave, please don’t this blog needs you, come on, don’t go, baby got back, I mean come back..

  48. Johnny5


    I agree he’s should be shown the door. But your wrong about his injury shit dude he spent two years at auxerre where he couldn’t stay injury free and when he did play his form hardly suggested he’d ever be good. In fact even at 13 he was known for being frail. He was never going to be good for us. Never.

  49. Keyser

    Johnny5 – He was 19 when he joined, he still gets games for France despite alll his problems now ffs and you think that his ankle being shattered didn’t have much of an effect.

    At 13 ? Lol mate, he was 13 ffs.

  50. Toli83


    Agree Fellaini would be a terrific piece of business . For me Ramsey going on loan especially to a team like Everton would also benefit us massively . I think (contrary to the belief of the masses) that Ramsey can be a good player for us and isn’t shit. A year away will prove a lot.

    Le Coq should be given a run out in Arteta’s role next season. Fitness has always been his problem, to be fair Wenger has looked to give him opportunities this year.
    Arteta should be used sparingly in my opinion.

    Can see Sagna leaving, I’m fine with Jenks taking over, also the Bellarin can provide cover as he is class and looks ready.

    Eisfeld excites me a lot and I hope to see more of in the near future.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Really think arguing about players is irrelevant, under Wenger nothing will work, he’s just finished as a top flight manager.

    As I say the best we can hope for is this summer he recruits some players that don’t need him, like Ashley Williams, leaders naturally who’ll not pay attention to Wenger’s idiocy and who’ll boss players on the field.

  52. Keyser

    It’s not irrelevant at all, under Wenger we’ve had players who went unbeaten, who has actually regressed ?!

    Ashley Williams is a pretty average player, whatever he’s done for Swansea he’s going to have to make a massive leap forward to play to the level we need/want.

  53. paddy

    Just popped in for my yearly visit to le grunts comments hell. As ever, an almost complete lack of insight and good sense from any of you, apart from an honorable exception or two, i.e. gary. Glad to see lots of in fighting and bickering like the silly children you are. Keep it up twats.

  54. kwik fit

    ‘an almost complete lack of insight and good sense from any of you’

    Ok Paddy, spray is with your intelligence and insight into all things Arsenal. Don’t leave us poor sods hanging FFS.

  55. Johnny5


    Point is he had injury problems long before that tackle and even as a junior and he might get games for France but his record at international level is poor too. He’s shit. Your all about facts man, face them, he is never going to achieve anything for us

  56. Cesc Appeal


    Totally irrelevant.

    Look at Vermaelen, quality defender, looks utter manure. Never seen a group of defenders who make such school boy mistakes, time and time and time again….answer? They’re not getting coached.

    And won’t be until Wenger leaves…unless he moves upstairs in which case Arsenal is doomed for the foreseeable.

  57. bayo

    I think its going to be a keeper, striker, a defensive midfielder or a defender…..think wenger might sign capoue and keep metresacker and kolscieny together

  58. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    The problem with your example is that Vermaelen had a reputation for poor positioning before he came to us. Used his quick pace to overcome it.

    Clearly the defence DO get coached. (Mertesacker said they did)

  59. Keyser

    Johnny5 – Firstly not sure you know anything about his injury problems before he joined us, where did you get that from ? Secondly who gives a fuck, you say everyones shit without really backing it up, he had promise, even after his injury he’s played well in bursts, POINT is that injury had a massive effect on his career, spending a year out with an injury that early in your career, that leaves you having to completely rework the mechanics of your running style is an enormous task.

    Yeah, Diaby’s probably run his course, but he got injured playing for us, so I’m not too bothered we gave him a chance to recover and play again, he’s not shit never has been.

  60. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal –

    “Look at Vermaelen, quality defender, looks utter manure. Never seen a group of defenders who make such school boy mistakes, time and time and time again….answer? They’re not getting coached.”

    Lol look at what ? Vermaelen came from the Eredivisie, whatever he did at Ajax wasn’t going to be good enough for us, he had to improve again, stop exaggerating for the sake of it.

    You really think Vermaelen was performing at a higher level before he came to us ? Lol read the shit people posted about him playing at left back and being crap before he joined.

    Don’t really get your point, think about it, if Ashley Williams plays to the same level he’s played for Swansea, he’s going to be shit for us.

  61. Johnny5


    He is shit he’s never shown he’s had what it takes to be as good as the likes of yaya or anything even close. On a good day he doesn’t fuck up that’s about the best you can say about him. Have a look at his record yourself its all there in black and white. I don’t say everyone’s shit either just the shit ones.

  62. bayo

    Diaby is just overated…just because he has the physique of viera/yaya toure does not make him close to them..

  63. Keyser

    Johnny5 – As good as Yaya ? fuck me and you don’t think you exaggerate ? That’s the scale you’re on, from shit to Yaya Toure and back. He’s never been shit, he’s struggled with injury, he’s a decent player who had a lot of promise that he’s never quite fulfilled. Most of your posts contain the word ‘Shit’ when you talk about players.

    That’s unless you’re crying about Facts, or Common Sense or some such other bollocks.

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    On a good day Diaby is actually very good indeed. Against Liverpool for example. Unfortunately there aren’t enough of them.

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Yes, but then we have numerous examples of players saying they don’t get coached, or not properly at least at Arsenal.

  66. Keyser

    The worst thing is the nutters who say so and so players shit, but you know that Joey Barton we could do with him, heh.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Keyser: The worst thing is the nutters who say so and so players shit, but you know that Joey Barton we could do with him, heh.

    Whatever happened to Scott Dann ?

    @Cesc Appeal

    Numerous examples ? really ? who ?

  68. Keyser

    I remember Cesc saying that now he’s moved to Barcelona he’s had to play a more horizontal game compared to the vertical nature of the Premiership and how tough he’s found it, Coaching, Coaching, Coaching people went on and on, a year and so later he’s crying about Barcelona not playing enough of a vertical game to suit his needs.

  69. Johnny5

    Keyser, NM

    He’s average yes there was potential but he was never going to fulfill it.and how do I say everyone’s shit keyser jenks hasn’t been shit neither has cazorla. Jacks done alright so has mert. I just say the ones that are shit are shit.

  70. Nasri's Mouth


    So now Diaby is average AND shit ?

    Internet discussion tends to be pretty black or white, esp. on sites such as this, but the truth is that there are many many more greys.

    Diaby is an ok player when fit, sometimes not so good, sometimes very good indeed. The issue shouldn’t be over that, it should be that he’s never fit enough, and chances are never will be.

  71. Johnny5


    Fine he’s a shit player who has the odd alright game the point originally was that his injury record was so poor that I think there wasn’t enough promise to suggest him being given extensions and 60k a week he should have gone years ago.

  72. mjgooner

    Sorry Keyser for keeping you waiting……..took a little nap out of boredom

    On Diaby, the major issue is he has always had injury issues before he came to us, before he ever had a leg break………so that should be a major red flag in us going for him. And if we had to cos “he is so talented”, we should always have a plan B.

    I remember people on here saying we shouldnt go for Ba cos he has a dodgy knee.

  73. MP

    “Abou was one of the players I used at the start of the season and then he had to stop because of repetitive injuries. Maybe he was attracted by England and the money there. This probably did not force him to make all the necessary efforts to come back to his best level with us.”
    Former Auxerre manager Jacques Santini .

  74. uk

    @keyser, in other words, tv5 was shit or almost so before he joined us, and now he still is. Begs the question why did we sign him in the first place? On diaby’s fitness profile before he joined us, I guess his wiki profile can give a good idea about that

  75. uk

    I actually just read diaby’s profile on wiki and frankly on the injury front its much worse than I imagined. Infact it says he was struck off the books, according to his coach then due to fact that he wasn’t playing due to injury and attitude. Makes you wonder what the point of all the scouting is. My gripe with diaby has nothing to do with injuries, its always been about the attitude. I don’t kid myself that diaby hasn’t had plenty games(or enough games) for us, however we probably could count the good ones on one hand, while the poor ones are too numerous to count. I remember the first time I watched him play, when we lost 0-1 to chelsea in 2007 I believe, what I noticed was incredible ball playing skills and technique, but a laziness, lack of desire/urgency, selfishness that was hard to stomach. The chelsea players could hardly get the ball off him, however he showed no desire to do anything worthwile with the ball, just interested in showing off skill, even in the face of a home defeat. I was furious, I expected him to be subbed off, however he was still on 70 going on 80 minutes, I stopped watching. Now, you could excuse his age then, but in my opinion,he’s hardly changed up till now. I find diaby being the most likely to be caught trying to dribble two players in his penalty box, while his team is under pressure. Funny though that his performances for france is usually much different, I do not mince words when I say, he was the best player bar none, in d french team at last worldcup. Putting in high octane displays filled with drive and power.

  76. ArseneIsYourDaddy

    Vela is not good enough!

    There are about 22 superb strikers in Europe now(in the 20+ goal club). Arsenal needs on of those, not Vela. Now these 20/20 guys ain’t cheap. And remember you LeGrove crybabies, Giroud was in the 20+ goal club in France.

    I have watched St Etienne games this season. Aubameyang is too much like Gervinho; hits a fantastic shot then misses a couple sitters.

    Arsenal scouts are working overtime scouring the globe, but unless we have the cash to pry one of those 20 /20 strikers from another club, we are looking at 12 goal a season strikers.

    I have faith in my Arsenal; 25 years and counting.
    Now go back to your FIFA 12. boys.

  77. kwik fit

    Tuttosport suggest negotiations with Arsenal are going well regarding Jovetic, though there
    is still gap between demand and offer. That gap will probably be oceanic proportions if the Arsenal negotiation team are anything to go with.

  78. samsenal

    So it seems that despite a difference of opinion over his talent, there is general agreement that Diaby has not produced regularly enough and nor should he be considered first team material next season; an exceptional replacement must be bought.

    Right. Good. That’s Diaby done then. No need to waste time arguing over him anymore.

  79. Pedro

    Joppa, I don’t blow hot and cold with Diaby. He’s a good player, could be great…. but he should be sold.

    I was told by Arsenal PR I was too harsh on a man who can’t control his injuries.

  80. Thorough

    NM, Ramsey’s backpass and Kwik, sorry been away all day, had to get Arsenal off my system daily to be able to think straight. NM and RAMSEY’S BACKPASS. 19caps for Nigeria at 22 (and been best Nigerian/African defender which I dont agree with) does not make a player worthy of ascending to the pinnacle of world football all of a sudden. If Madrid, Man U, Bayern or any other team had come for Oboabona I would have been elated. Why? Because he would have had ample time to sit, learn and get used to European football. Sadly Arsenal cant afford him this time, the nutter will plunge him into the deep end and make sure he gets ridiculed in front of the whole world and gets roundly hated by the fanbase before he shows him the door 3years late, by which time his career would have gone far down the drain. Koscielny’s stats before he got to us were the most amazing of any defender I have seen in my entire life (won all the tackles he went for in both Ligue 1 and 2nd division before he came to us) but funny he cant get his head around the fact that there is a word called ‘Defence’ again after some years with the symbol for Alzheimer’s. Vermaelen same, Sagna, even Senderos to some extent. We need defenders that are better than the ones we have: Give me Hummels, Bruno Alves, Samba or their likes, not another kid to ruin. KWIKFIT. Totally agree on Godfrey.

  81. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I like most was upset when dan smith did that shocking tackle in may 2006. By the way where is he now that sold him to Aberdeen years ago hopefully he suffered a bad injury himself, anyway diaby ghas used all his arsenal lives up. Sell or termanate his contract,

  82. Johnty79

    Pedro, diaby can control his injuries if he can’t he should retire as a footballer due to these injuries..why don’t arsenal retire him against his will. What can his defence be he has broken down at least 3 times in each of the last 6 seasons.if that isn’t grounds for retirement I don’t know what is?

  83. Santos

    It has reached that time of the season where gullible fans are promised of brand new signings. Pfffft as if we will actually sign Jovetic or anybody of note. Until that despotic manager is ousted , we won’t compete. The PR there must be one of the best. They recycle spin efficaciously.

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Thorough: NM and RAMSEY’S BACKPASS. 19caps for Nigeria at 22 (and been best Nigerian/African defender which I dont agree with) does not make a player worthy of ascending to the pinnacle of world football all of a sudden.

    He’s coming for a fucking trial… that’s it, no more, he’s not been given a 10yr contract and orders to shoot any other defender in Arsenal colours.

    Stop trying to make a mountain out of a molehill

  85. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: why don’t arsenal retire him against his will. What can his defence be he has broken down at least 3 times in each of the last 6 seasons.if that isn’t grounds for retirement I don’t know what is?

    You don’t really get this ‘contract’ thing do you?

  86. Johnty79

    Nasri’s mouth I understand a contract but if a player is going to break down for the next 3 years at least 3 times every season …then it can be said he isn’t fit to be a club will take diaby unless it is on a pay as you play deal…if arsenal wen to diaby and said I think you should retire he would either do three things…..retire or be so pissed off he’d leave….or sit and play down his contract creating a squad place for someone who’s fit,

  87. Thorough

    Nasri’s Mouth. He’s coming for a fucking trial? Have you heard of the phrase ‘Squad quota’? My goodness do you think a trial is a tea party and wont have anything to do with whether we buy another top notch defender that we darely need? Take it or leave it, if Oboabona impresses the senile one and he signs him then thats the end of us signing any dream defender that we badly need. We start from scratch again, training an upstart, when Vermaelen and Koscielny should be learning from a Pro they will have to hold another hand and teach. Or you think a team can just sign any player they want and it won’t affect their capacity to buy? For God’s sake why do we spend hours talking about freeing up squad space so we can buy? Is this so hard to understand my dear friend? Will they put him with the U-18 so that Wenger wont have his usual excuse of ‘to buy any other player we have to sell’? Have you ever heard the words ‘bigger picture’? There is me giving up before I make kilimanjaro out of an anthill.

  88. TheBayingMob

    “Tuttosport suggest negotiations with Arsenal are going well regarding Jovetic, though there
    is still gap between demand and offer”

    Fiorentina turned down a 30m quid offer for the player last season … the notion that we are in for him at over double our record signing fee is fairy tale nonsense. I don’t expect him to sign for us in this reality driven world, others can believe what they like mind.