Dortmund to take Thomas | Kit deal looking tough | AOC scores

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Happy Saturday morning, this will be short and sweet because international football interests me very little.

I took time out to watch the England game last night. Theo had pulled out injured, which wasn’t the best news for the run in. However, there was still a place in the side for Chamberlain. It’s quite difficult to judge how good a performance is against a team of part time postmen, but you can only play what’s in front of you and AOC managed an assist and a pretty good goal. So a good performance and hopefully a gee up for his Arsenal career.

Stories are doing the rounds about Adidas dropping their interest in Arsenal for the upcoming kit deal. It’s come from the Mail, so it could be totally fabricated. However, the fact that there’s a lot of Adidas in the league and that we’re not exactly a potential jewel in anyone’s crown means it could well be true.

Brands buy into success, not prudent business models.

That leaves the door open to Nike, who I’m told aren’t hugely keen… or a challenger brand, which is a definite possibility because I know one is sniffing around the contract.

I didn’t mention the Galatasaray Emirates Cup. A lot of fans are sensitive about the invitation. I’d tend to agree with them… Plenty didn’t enjoy the trouble around the UEFA cup final. I’d imagine the board decision looked like this…

  • Lots of Turkish people live in North London
    The Emirates Cup will be a tough sell this year
    Galatasaray are Turkish
    Eboue is a massive crowd draw
  • Final story of the day is that Dortmund are interested in bringing Rosicky home in the summer. That works for me, he’s probably nearing the end of his days with us… Hopefully they can handle his wages!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

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    1. Charlie Nick

      Does anyone have any objections to Umbro?
      Surely they could put us in a decent kit?
      I’ve always thought Nike was/is too lairy.

    2. Cesc Appeal

      As about 99% of us on here have been saying for years, brand want to be tied to success, as if they had some part in it or…if it’s good enough for United it’s good for you.

      If it’s good enough for Arsenal, it’s good enough for the YMCA currently.

      I said months ago, the £150 Million deal with Emirates is appalling…even that has success clauses tied into it.

      That’s £10 Million for shirts, £10 Million for training kits and £10 Million for the stadium a year….United get £25 Million from DHL a year for their training kits.

      Should be asking for £30 Million a year for the stadium, the same again for shirts and then half that for training kits. £75 Million a year not £30 Million. Then add the new kit deal etc.

      Everything about the club is so pathetic, so tepid, so…well we’ll try…let someone else run the club then if you don’t have the balls or the know how to actually run it.

      Emirates got themselves an amazing deal there.

    3. peanuts&monkeys

      What makes you so happy about Rosicky leaving Arsenal. Dortmund is a top team now. They have Reus, they have Goetze. Yet they are keen on Roscky not because they want him back in the family. But because they see him utility in their side. Which unfortunately this old French cunt does not. Rosicky is the most underrated Arsenal player in the current team. What on earth gets Ramsey a place in the side but not Rosicky???? Its a loss for Arsenal if he leaves and its a running loss everytime a fit Rosicky does not take the pitch, but other nit-wits, dumb asses and rank failures like Diaby and Ramsey gets a nod. And you are Ok with that , Peddro???? Why?