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Happy Saturday morning, this will be short and sweet because international football interests me very little.

I took time out to watch the England game last night. Theo had pulled out injured, which wasn’t the best news for the run in. However, there was still a place in the side for Chamberlain. It’s quite difficult to judge how good a performance is against a team of part time postmen, but you can only play what’s in front of you and AOC managed an assist and a pretty good goal. So a good performance and hopefully a gee up for his Arsenal career.

Stories are doing the rounds about Adidas dropping their interest in Arsenal for the upcoming kit deal. It’s come from the Mail, so it could be totally fabricated. However, the fact that there’s a lot of Adidas in the league and that we’re not exactly a potential jewel in anyone’s crown means it could well be true.

Brands buy into success, not prudent business models.

That leaves the door open to Nike, who I’m told aren’t hugely keen… or a challenger brand, which is a definite possibility because I know one is sniffing around the contract.

I didn’t mention the Galatasaray Emirates Cup. A lot of fans are sensitive about the invitation. I’d tend to agree with them… Plenty didn’t enjoy the trouble around the UEFA cup final. I’d imagine the board decision looked like this…

  • Lots of Turkish people live in North London
    The Emirates Cup will be a tough sell this year
    Galatasaray are Turkish
    Eboue is a massive crowd draw
  • Final story of the day is that Dortmund are interested in bringing Rosicky home in the summer. That works for me, he’s probably nearing the end of his days with us… Hopefully they can handle his wages!

    Enjoy your Saturday!

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    1. Nasri's Mouth

      So if they’re not short on numbers, then he won’t do well with them ?

      It’s all very confusing isn’t it?

    2. AJ


      So if they’re not short on numbers, then he won’t do well with them ?

    3. Nasri's Mouth

      If they don’t want him because they’re not sure of numbers, then he wont get to play, which means he won’t do well with them.

      Your two sentences were kinda mutually exclusive, so I was pulling your leg.

      However, going back to Rosicky, there are rumours he’s off in the summer. I have to say I like him, I like his enthusiasm, his energy and his potential ability to change a game, but as his potential is only that, I think a move might be the best for Arsenal

    4. Hibeegunner


      However, the fact that there’s a lot of Adidas in the league and that we’re not exactly a potential jewel in anyone’s crown means it could well be true.

      Stoke City are what a jewel they are.

    5. Johnny5

      Only reason I can think why wenger would even think about letting rosiky (arguably one of the teams better players) go I’d if he is planning on buying a midfielder in the summer.

    6. Nasri's Mouth


      Doesn’t really matter who wants them, if they’re out of contract, it’s not our problem

    7. Nasri's Mouth


      I think we’re considerably more of a jewel than Stoke. It’s also down to potential sale numbers and we sell an awful lot more than them.

      Of course it depends how much we’re asking. Maybe we’re asking too much

    8. Johnny5


      How are we that much more of a draw than them. Yeah we sell shirts but other than that what do we have to draw in the likes of Adidas. Nothing that’s what at least stoke have built up a rep of a tough tackling rugby team who play with heart and sometimes get results against bigger teams. And look at uniteds deals a team of our history and popularity and revenue should be getting top dollar we don’t because we’re known for being sellout habitual losers.

    9. Nasri's Mouth


      Arsenal will be shown on many more TVs around the world than Stoke. Many many more. Massively bigger draw than Stoke.

    10. Nasri's Mouth


      And again, comparing us to ManU is always going to make us look weak, but then it makes every other team in the PL look weak.

    11. Johnny5


      Why? Why do we look weak compared to united? A few years back on the pitch we were better than them and could have taken things forward off it so that we could catch up. But due to wenger and the board were fucking light years behind both on and off the pitch. It’s an embarrassment. And I know we’re a bigger draw than stoke but were closer to stoke than we are to united and it didn’t have to be that way.

    12. Nasri's Mouth


      Well, we’ve never had a sustained period when we’ve been better than Utd. I’d say there were several years where we matched them, but no more than that. But all through that time manU were a much bigger team world wide than us. Historically they had a much larger sustainable fanbase. Commercially there was a period when both clubs weren’t that far apart, but that was more down to ManU not taking full advantage of what they had. Since then they’ve worked very very hard at their commercial aspect. They worked much harder than us, but also every other club in the PL too, and of course it’s paid dividends.
      We were late in trying to catch up, (but then so were pretty much every other club) and of course due to our recent poor performance we’re struggling to gain much.

    13. gambon


      Arsenal FC are really unravelling as a football club.

      As someone said the other day we are being led into oblivion.

      Cant even get a sponsor now.

    14. Dannyboy


      Hooray, we won the ‘Premier League Profit Champions Trophy’ £40 million ey, I bet the United and City fans of the world are slitting their wrists!!!

    15. Dannyboy

      anyone get a chance to read David Sullivans (West Ham owner) comments today? he has been talking about us for some reason saying if he was the owner he would

      – Have signed a £40 million striker in the summer instead of Olly, Santi and Poldi
      – Had a look at ‘that bloke who is 3rd or 4th best striker in Spain’ (Falcao??)

      No idea why he was talking about Arsenal, isn’t the guy barely even a millionaire, nevermind wealthy enough to run a club like ours…

    16. Dannyboy

      Also says we would have won something this year if we had signed Falcao…

      Simply not true, our playing squad is not that bad at all and certainly better than most, it is purely down to our lacklustre manager who is unable to motivate the squad for important games that we havent even been able to win a raffle the past 9 years.

    17. Johnny5


      Exactly because of the ineptitude and idiocy of wenger mainly but the board too we are minnows by comparison and we were close to them real close but wenger fucked that shit up selling our spine and reducing our team to the MOTD boys personal laughing stock.

    18. Dannyboy

      gambon, yeah but he was talking about being the owner, so he’d need to have money to buy the shares wouldn’t he.

    19. Johnny5


      ‘our playing squad is not that bad at all and certainly better than most’

      Loool. That’s bullshit our playing squad is 5-6 good players short. We’re shit

    20. Dannyboy

      J5, in Wengers defence, he is not at fault for that. the MOTD boys have always hated Arsenal due to the fact that Lineker is a Spud, Hansen has an agenda against young players, and Lawrenson is just a little puppet who says whatever he is told to.

    21. Dannyboy

      J5, you are talking 5/6 players short of being truly world dominant though, I’m talking in terms of being able to compete for the League, Uniteds team is really not that superior to us, they simply have a much better manager, and a world class attacking force.

    22. Johnny5


      That’s just to get us back to being anywhere near close to united. Only 2-3 need be top class players the others need really to be established squad players. At the moment west brom Liverpool Swansea and Everton are rivals but we should still be rivalling united.

    23. Nasri's Mouth


      I posted it because it’s pretty amazing. I didn’t comment, because I’m not sure whether it’s good amazing or bad amazing.

    24. Dannyboy

      J5, I reckon a good manager could (with the help of a world class goalkeeper) get us at least an extra 10-15 points out the squad we have at the moment, We have a solid enough backline (if properly coached) some great players in midfield, (Jack,Santi) and some decent options going forward in Podolski, Walcott and Giroud (who I think has got a lot of unwarranted stick this season, yes he misses chances, but what striker doesn’t, with better service he will grab 20 a season no problem.)

      As a certain Oracle of Football on here has said numerous times, we need a world class spine to really make us world beaters, but I think to challenge for the title, all we need is a WC keeper and a WC striker, and of course a new manager.

    25. Dannyboy

      Gamberini, no of course he didn’t but he is an asset billionaire, I don’t think Sullivan is even worth the value of West Ham, thats why he had to get Gold in to part own with him.

    26. Nasri's Mouth


      We were close to them, real close as you put it, but that was only on the pitch. Off the pitch, ManU were much much bigger than us.

      My guess is the board gambled / guessed / assumed that the potential marketing/commercial income wasn’t going to increase as dramatically as it has. So that when the stadium deal was going through, they saw a future where we might be temporarily behind other clubs commerically , but not massively, and once it was completed, the extra income from the stadium would more than match that, and off we’d go.

      Because of the financing, the club didn’t really have much choice, they needed the money there and then, so had to take a deal which with hindsight was pretty poor.

      I firmly believe that we’re better off with the new stadium than without it. We’d be struggling more without it, but certainly more effort should have been put into secondary commercial deals much sooner than it was. But then the same is true for pretty much every other club bar ManU

    27. Keyser

      “A few years back on the pitch we were better than them and could have taken things forward off it so that we could catch up.”

      We were far behind United way before Wenger came to us, we’ve been playing catch up since the early 90’s, United had a European Cup 40 years before we made our first final, rivalling United based on what ?!

      Seriously don’t get where this comes from, I remember how big a deal it was that we were playing Parma who had all these stars, not sure what the odds said, but it felt like we were massive underdogs, and they were the 3rd best team in Serie A at the time.

    28. Nasri's Mouth


      As for the MOTD boys, the only laughing stock is them.

      Just wait till little Mikey Owen is on the panel and the levels of banality go through the roof.

      I really don’t understand why the BBC can’t do a proper football show.

    29. gambon

      “United had a European Cup 40 years before we made our first final”

      Utd had the European cup 25 years before Barca and 44 before Chelsea

      Guess what….they didnt give up and decide they could never compete.

      Silly twat.

    30. gambon

      “I really don’t understand why the BBC can’t do a proper football show.”

      You mean….’I really dont understand why the BBC dont make a program dedicated to Arsenal & the lord Wenger?’

    31. Nasri's Mouth


      Maybe amazing was the wrong word. Though you could use the word in relation to the Eqyptians building the pyramids, or the Titanic sailing with so few lifeboats.

      Dramatic maybe ?

      Either way, it emphasises the difference in the way that Arsenal is run compared to so many other clubs.
      The other side of the coin being our wage structure of course.

    32. Keyser

      “J5, I reckon a good manager could (with the help of a world class goalkeeper) get us at least an extra 10-15 points out the squad we have at the moment,”

      Seriously doubt that, the only thing that could probably bring extra points is time, the time needed for them to form prominent understandings and build up clinical traits, other than that you’ve seen how we struggle to create if we try to defend deep, and you’ve seen how streatched our defence looks if we try to play a more agressive attacking style.

    33. Nasri's Mouth


      No, I meant what I said.

      You clearly think the complete lack of decent insight from Hansen, Savage et al is brilliant though.

    34. Dannyboy

      Keyser, I don’t doubt it at all, you’ve seen how well we can play if we actually turn up and put in a 100% committed performance.
      If we had a manager who instilled that sort of motivation and commitment into the players before every game, rather than someone who says ‘oh zees game doesn’t matter too much, it’s only zee FA cup, go out and play your own game, you have zee qualidee and beleeef so zee effort is not important no?’ then we could easily get an extra 10 points from this squad.

    35. Keyser

      gambon – Mate, what was the point of your last comment ? Who said anything about ‘giveing up’ ? Seriously you’ve been a proper dopey cunt for a couple o years now, but at least try.

    36. Nasri's Mouth


      Where did I say I could do a better job than Hansen ?

      Oh, I didn’t

      Where does it say that playing at the top level automatically makes you an insightful pundit ?

      Nowhere. If that was the case, would you want Gazza doing it ? Of course not.

      And while we’re at it, let’s have the hat trick, where have I said Wenger is my hero, oh surprise, surprise, nowhere.

    37. gambon


      Come on mate, that’s pathetic, what happened to the old Keyser….the fat kid righting wrongs from his mothers basement ant defending the Lord Wenger to the end?

      You’ve changed man.

    38. Keyser

      DannyBoy – Mate it’s got nothing to do with motivation, do you really think Mertesacker isn’t motivated ? Or does he just have the turning circle of the Titanic ?

    39. Johnny5

      NM,keyser Danny.

      As I said I know we were behind them off the pitch and the stadium made things that bit more difficult but the fact is because wenger is an idiot the wage bill is so ridiculous you’d think we already have 4 200k a week players playing for us and we have had money to spend but it’s never been spent its just been a rainy day fund in case while moving into the new stadium we fell out of top 4. Had wenger not been a cheap cunt and sold our best players and instead of buying so many shit players brought in one top player per season ( easily affordable I.e mata, and hazard and Cahill etc who were all turned down because wengers cheap) on the pitch we’d be better than united easily and with the success on the field financial reward off it would have fallen into place and we’d be much closer to them than we are now.

    40. Keyser

      gambon – He doesn’t have to try anymore, put more effort in you cunt, and no, that doesn’t mean spend even more time looking up people on the sex offenders list.

    41. Keyser

      Johnny5 – We’ve been behind them for the best part of two decades, this isn’t a recent thing, this goes back to Graham and us not being able to fund a new stadium even in the mid 90’s.

      You were on about facts, try and find the last time our wagebill was higher than United’s than look at what we won that year.

    42. Johnny5

      Also switching to 4-4-2 IMO would massively improve the current team and stop the exposure at the back when we attack especially if we play ox left mid and cazorla right with gerpoo and poldi up top.

    43. Nasri's Mouth


      The issues about overpaying some of our players are a different argument again. I say argument, but as we all that we’ve got it wrong and that’s it pretty much down to Wenger decisions, it’s not much of an argument 😉

    44. Dannyboy

      Keyser, that being the case, what would even you or I do as manager, would we

      A) Play to Mertesackers strengths, i.e. defend as a unit and defend deep when we don’t have the ball, so Mert doesn’t get entangled in a 1 on 1 foot race. OR.

      B) Actually research the opposition, and if playing against a small pacey team, drop Mert and play someone quicker. OR

      C) play the same old Arsene Wenger way, i.e. defend on the halfway circle, play Ramsey who constantly gives the ball away in dangerous positions, get caught on the counter, and then call Mertesacker shit for not being able to catch Gareth Bale in a 1 on 1.

    45. Dannyboy

      J5, neither of them are pony, they are both limited footballers who could be very potent goalthreats if we play to their strengths.

      Wenger does the exact opposite, remember earlier in the season when we had Giroud start and Walcott on the bench, think we whipped in 1 cross in 67 minutes with Giroud on the pitch, then when Wenger subbed him for being ineffective and brought Walcott on, we whipped in about 15 crosses all which sailed over Walcotts head because he is 3 foot tall.

    46. Johnny5


      I already said I know we have been behind them for ages but what I’m saying is we could have capitalised on our on field successes a few years back ( titles FA cups CL final). If the investment had been made we would be dominating English football right now and we’d be massively closer to them off it. It was that simple. And it was easily within our budget to do this. Wenger being out of touch with talent and being left behind and not evolving as football changed fucked any chance of it happening though and if it was done right all that could probably been done with a lower wage bill than we have now

    47. Nasri's Mouth


      Out of interest, how would you line up a 442 with our squad?

      I don’t think we currently have the players for it. I actually don’t think there are many players we could sign to play a 442 week in week out.

      I’d love to see it, because we were so successful with it, but the game has changed since then, and unless we could sign up someone as brilliant as a Vieira, or as dedicated as a Gilbero or Petit, I think we’d struggle

    48. Dannyboy

      J5, definitely agree on the 4-4-2 switch though, Giroud/Walcott or Giroud/Podolski could both work well. Like how Crouch/Defoe used to work for Redknapp, but better.

    49. Dannyboy

      NM, we are IMO 1 a midfielder short of being a potent 4-4-2 team, I’d go out and grap Fellaini/Capoue to play next to Jack and then the rest pretty much picks itself.

    50. gambon






    51. Keyser

      Dannyboy – The options there are pretty pointless the blame would lie in Wenger panic buying Mertesacker in the first place.

      It’s one player, we’ve probably tried all 3 options, the problem lies in the players Wengers bought and that they haven’t had enough time to build up the understandings they need or they simply don’t have the skill or physical attributes to adapt.

      We drop deep and you leave acres of space in midfield and your transition defence suffers, we push up and you have to be able to track runners who run on from deep.

    52. Johnny5


      It’s not a different argument it toes in with what I was saying but your right we all know its wengers fault.

      Danny boy,

      You hit the nail on the head. Limited. That’s exactly what they are and exactly why they should be squad players not in the starting 11. Both aren’t good enough to be leading our attack to compete at the top level. They’re adequate to compete with the likes of stoke Swansea and Everton, barely, but that’s about as far as players like them will take us we need, want and could have had much better.

    53. Johnny5


      I’d go with


      Jenks mert kos nacho

      Cazorla arteta/coqelin jack ox

      Giroud poldi

      That’s with the current team and IMO the best team we’ve got.

    54. Keyser

      Johnny5 – “If the investment had been made we would be dominating English football right now and we’d be massively closer to them off it. ”

      What have you based all of this on ? When we went unbeaten our defence cost about 10 million, United had 30 million pound Rio Ferdinand in theirs, at some point we were just going to get caught out, you went on a little rant about facts earlier, you’ve based that on complete bullshit. Mate seriously you have to be taking the biscuit right ?!

    55. Danish Gooner

      Pretty sure i watched the next Alan Shearer play for Denmark and being a kid called Andreas Cornelius,built like a brick layer and lethal like a scorpion in front of goal.

    56. Dannyboy

      Keyser, surely you agree you have to play to system that gets the best out of the players you have though right? Wenger just literally plays the same way no matter what, we could have a beastly cunt like Falcao up front, and Wenger would still insist on tippy tappy bullshit.

    57. Nasri's Mouth


      Wengers 442s normally meant (in midfield) 2 big buggers in the middle, a hardworker on one side and a fast striker playing as a winger on the other. Sometimes a 442, sometimes a 433.

      I think we’d get over run in midfield with your formation. Arteta hasn’t got the legs to cover the middle, Coq hasn’t got the experience (or the ability IMO), and Wilshere’s attacking side is going to be limited.

      Would still like to try it, but think it’d fail

    58. Johnny5


      I didn’t mention any facts. This is what I think would have happened had wenger done a proper job and brought wisely but brought quality. Completely made up of my own opinion obviously if we had started winning everything red nose would have made moves to out do us but a decent manager would have liked that. Instead we have a manager that cowers at fergies feet.

    59. Nasri's Mouth

      @danish gooner

      Good news for him if you’ve described him as the next Alan Shearer, previously he’s been called the new Nicklas Bendtner which I assumed meant no club should consider signing him 😉

    60. Keyser

      Johnny5 – Yeah, but it’s based on nothing, at some point you’ve got say why you think this, but you’ve got nothing to back it up, it’s like me saying you’re talking shit, we’ll leave it at that.

      Graham was one game from going unbeaten in 91′, a couple of years later we were 12th, we’ve been playing catch up ever since, we could’ve done everything right and still not caught up.

    61. Keyser

      DannyBoy – It’s 1 player from 11 do you not see that, when we had Fabregas, he had flaws but his overall game was good enough for us to say we’ll build a team around him, Mertesacker isn’t that player, he needs to adapt or he needs to move on, or we accept that that’s the best we’ll get out of him without sacrificing the rest of the team.

      Think about Giroud if we sit deep, have you seen how isolated he becomes, or Arteta, if he has to cover more than 20 odd yards chasing players back he’s almost constantly left behind

    62. Johnny5


      That’s your opinion. You know mine. I don’t need facts to back it up because its pure speculation you idiot. It’s just what I think was easily achievable given the position we were in 5-6 seasons ago both on and off the pitch.

    63. Johnny5


      After 1 season in the first team coq would be experienced enough. In fact I think he’d be a cracking DM if he had a decent manager. That is our best team I feel whether you agree or not if you think it would fail it would be because the players aren’t good enough really. But I think we’d be more solid.

    64. Keyser

      Johnny5 – You do if you want it to mean something otherwise you just sound like those random nutters preaching from the bible about how the end is nigh.

      Seriously think it through, there must be something that makes you think what you do, 5-6 seasons ago we had an ageing team, and a pretty limited squad, we were far behind commercially and Abramovich mean’t Chelsea already had something we couldn’t compete with, we needed to fund a 400 million pound stadium and we were about to be hit by a global recession.

      Heh, what made you think we were about to dominate English football ?

    65. Nasri's Mouth


      WellI don’t think Coq will make it as a starter with us. Ok to start a few games, good to come on as a sub for another midfielder, great to come on as a sub for a striker when we’re winning and need to shore things up.

      Assuming we’re playing with a back 4, then IMO you have to build the front 6 around your best players. That’s Cazorla and Wilshere. Jack’s game is all about pushing forward, Cazorla’s is all about finding space to use. If you stick them in a 442, they have to be much more disciplined and not as good.

      Maybe we could try a back 3, but that rarely seems to work with any team

    66. Johnny5


      Look at it in hind sight with the players we could have easily got. That’s where I’m getting it from. And I’m no nutter there are other people who think given the opportunities, resources and players we’ve had in the team we could have been fucking amazeballs dude.

    67. Nasri's Mouth

      Johnny5: “And I’m no nutter there are other people who think given the opportunities”

      Or it could mean you’re just surrounded by other nutters of course 😉

    68. Johnny5


      Lol well the inmates defo run this asylum so maybe your right. As for coq I think with the right management he could be a starter. He’s more talented than Mvilla IMO. Experience and confidence is what he needs. I think the 4-4-2 would work if we use coq to provide the defensive cover for cazorla to have a bit of freedom.

    69. Keyser

      Johnny5 – “Look at it in hind sight with the players we could have easily got.”

      Mate you’ve still got nothing, in hindsight you could say we were lucky to get where we did, it means nothing.

    70. Dannyboy

      Richard Keys-er, I’m not implying we build a team around Mert, merely that we should play a system that plays to the strengths of our better players, Mert is our best defender by a mile so the defensive structure should benefit him.

      Going forward, if we are going to have Giroud as our main man, then play players who can cross the ball at the same time. Wenger has literally taken van Persie out, and replaced him with Giroud. How can anyone expect that to work? Makes about as much sense as people saying we should sign Victor Valdes as our No. 1.

    71. tippitappi

      not sure Rosicky departing to Dortmund is a dumbing down of his career, I don’t rate us any better than them at the moment anyone who dose is being a bit presumptious

    72. Nasri's Mouth


      I never saw enough of M’Vila. Seemed good, (but all a bit hypothetical as he’s turned out to be a lunatic) but I have no idea whether he’s better than Coq.

      Anyway, we’ll have to agree to disagree on it, because it’s pretty damn unlikely we’ll see a 442 to find out

    73. Keyser

      Fannyboy – Mertesacker isn’t our best defender, at best he’d be one of the better performers of a set who are playing poorly. Mate you’re saying play to the strengths of one player, how many other players will it suit for us to sit deeper.

      We’ve added Cazorla and Podolski to our frontline, aswell as Wilshere coming back into midfield, so it’s not as straightforward as taking Van Persie out.

      Go through the team and how it affects other players, to support Giroud you need to push players on and work off and around him, that leaves space in midfield, and if the defence doesn’t push up, it leaves even more space.

    74. kc

      If I was Rosicky I’d run, not walk to Dortmund and never look back. If I spent my life playing football for a living, I’d never want to play for a team that doesn’t try. What’s the point? Winning is everything, large balance sheets mean dick.

    75. Johnny5


      Indeed he wouldn’t change his system so well probably never know


      You can be a fucking dick about it all you want but it’s my opinion in entitled to think what the fuck I like whether the all knowing keyser agrees or not. I think what I’ve said was easily achievable you don’t but even if you agreed you’d still be a fucking dick about it because your a wind up merchant. And I don’t agree that in hindsight it could be seen as we were lucky to get where we did. Not in a million.

    76. Johnny5


      ‘not sure Rosicky departing to Dortmund is a dumbing down of his career, I don’t rate us any better than them at the moment anyone who dose is being a bit presumptious’

      Dortmund would smash us to pieces. If he goes there he will be going to a better team for sure dude.

    77. Dannyboy

      Keys, it will suit alot of the team to sit deeper, not only Mertesacker (who is without doubt our best defender, I don’t know how you can possibly argue that fact) Walcott and Ox can certainly benefit if they use pace on the counter, and get crosses in for Giroud. We have alot of players who are good passers like Jack,Santi and Arteta so they can zip passes across the pitch, rather than the shite 1 yard passes we usually go for.

    78. Joppa Road

      I was trying to think of Arsenal best centre back performance of the season so far. The only performance that sticks in my mind is Sagna’s away at Stoke when was forced to play there shortly before kick off but dominated. Says it all about our other centre backs.

      Any other performances that stick out?

    79. Keyser

      Johnny5 – Look, dick, don’t be a dick, stop thinking about cock, you penis, just because you think something doesn’t make it happen to be true ffs, rod of erection, that’s all.

      I’m hoping you’re joking now, seriously though must be something you can come up that makes you think what you do.

    80. karaul

      “I am very happy to have made this number of starts, I got injured for three months, which is a large part of the season, but even so I have still made 14 starts, which is really good. We also have nine games to go, so I will get to 16 or 17 or more,” he added.


    81. Danish Gooner

      Nasris Mouth: This lad is simply special,he is free scoring at FCK and his heading is as powerful as Shearers that is why i compared him to Shearer. He kicks like a mule just like Shearer did and if Arsenal doesnt sign him in the summer it will be a big mistake.He is built like Julio Baptista but with purpose and he is also very skilled at set pieces something which is lacking in the Arsenal squad.He is still a very young lad but reminds me of Rooney combined with Shearer,he doesnt speak much and is a very modest lad.Bendtner was a real talent but he got his head turned by money,flash lifestyle,alcohol and skanks a plenty.No one can tell if the same happens to Cornelius but he seems much more grounded.A must signing in the summer by Wenger.Forget Cavani,forget Falcao this is the next big thing and you can quote me on this.Sometimes a special talent comes along,i remember watching Rooney the first time and thought,why the hell are we not signing this lad.

    82. Keyser

      Dannyboy – It’s not a fact, come on don’t go all rubberjohnny on me now, who would it suit, half the teams we play sit deep against us to begin with, and Walcott struggles to create for himself, surely you’re not going to argue that ? But if he gets people in support of him playing through balls into space he can be pretty deadly, to do that you have to have enough control in midfield for players to get into advanced positions.

      Not one of those midfielders is someone you’d say is a dominant box-to-box midfielder, as in they can make it up and down the pitch quick enough to do what you’re saying, if we play deep, they’d have to cover a hell of a lot of ground between defence and attack to make it count.

    83. Nasri's Mouth

      Johnny5: Dortmund would smash us to pieces. If he goes there he will be going to a better team for sure dude

      20 points behind Bayern ? Not so sure they’d “smash us to pieces” Would be pretty close IMO

    84. Nasri's Mouth

      Joppa: Any other performances that stick out?

      The performances at the start of the season and the last 2 games. All of those have been the type of defensive performance that is what we’ve been crying out for.
      Sagna had one good game there, but one swallow etc. etc.

    85. Dannyboy

      Keyser, I’d put Coq in the hole until the end of the season and if he doesn’t do the trick, then buy someone like Capoue in the summer. Mate it is a fact, Mert might not be a better football player, but he is a much better defender than anyone else at the club.

    86. Nasri's Mouth

      @Danish Gooner

      Maybe, we’ll see. I was only joking because I must have seen the headline

      “…the new XXXX” (where XXXX is Ronaldo, Messi, Shearer, Henry, etc.etc.)

      a thousand times, and I don’t remember any of them actually making it.

    87. Johnny5


      It’s common sense. We had RVP nasri cesc jack santi we could also have had debuchy ba hazard mata reus and all for what we had in the budget each season. It just makes sense dude


      Points behind bayern is irrelevant. Real Madrid could finish 20 points behind barca that don’t mean we’re as good. They are better than us.

    88. Segun

      if Arsenal fans are so unhappy with Arsene how come you never see an anti-Wenger placard in the Emirates stadium?

    89. Nasri's Mouth


      I think Dortmund are probably a better side than us, but the difference isn’t that great.

      There wouldn’t be any smashing.

    90. tippitappi

      It’s funny there he is the big DICKtator going on about the hapless socialist wage structure……hippocrit , it’s a bit like Hitler musing on about the advantages of Marxism

    91. Toli83

      Was anyone else at the Emirates / Arsenal charity run today? 12 gruelling laps round the stadium in the snow

      I was and I came 7th if anyone is interested 😉

    92. Jeff

      Looking at the news articles today, it seems Adidas want to pull out of the new kit deal. The reason given or rumoured is that Arsenal are asking too much. The implication of that is that Adidas do not think we’re worth it and the reason for that must be that we are sliding down in the pecking order. Here then is some glaring evidence that success on the pitch gets you nice deals whilst failure gets you “thanks, but no thanks”.

      The board will realise that as the worldwide support for Arsenal starts to dwindle, so will the sale of merchandise. Commercials are all about publicity and if the targeted audience falls in numbers so will the amount of money sponsors are willing to pay for the privilege of having their name associated with AFC.

      Where does that lead us? Well, in order to retain our lavish lifestyle of paying extortionate wages to so many pitiful players, they will be putting ticket prices up even more and your typical fish and chips might suddenly become £20 instead of £13. Inevitably that will lead to further rebellion and the board will have to tell Wenger that they can no longer afford his expensive vision.

      At some point, success on the field will have to become priority and hopefully then we can call ourselves a football club once again.

    93. Dannyboy

      Jeff, to be fair anyone who opts to pay £13 for fish and chips, deserved to be shafted for being even more mentally ill than Wenger.

      I wouldn’t pay £13 for fish and fucking chips even if Nigella cooked it for me naked, and then instructed me to eat it off her chest.

    94. Toli83


      Tom Fox and Gazidis clearly said success on the pitch doesn’t matter or affect the strong commercials off the pitch. Surely not a mistake from those two incredibly sharp / inspiration businessmen we all admire?

      Kwik Fit,

      A turnout of 290 by the way . Think I spotted Diaby withdrawing after the second lap 🙂

    95. Jeff


      Congratulations. Seventh out of 290 is excellent. You are dedicated fan to be attending Emirates for a reason other than a ball being kicked. Kudos to you.

    96. reality check

      Bermy boy

      AFC are ‘cheap’ when it comes to spending = Giving

      But are ‘greedy’ in terms of charging the highest ticket prices for a slightly above average product.

    97. Toli83

      Haha, I was at the back of the back, giving the others a head start.

      I was having a chat with some of the others there discussing Arsenal etc and Bendtner got bought up. None of us knew if he had actually been sent back yet (Juve said they didn’t want him after his driving etc) yet he hasn’t been seen training with our first team?

      Can anyone shed any light?