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What a dream player...

I’m sure it was only the other days I was talking about how Arsene Wenger’s defense of ‘sensitive’ Gervinho was pretty embarrassing in a ‘dad coming down to your school to tell off the bullies’ kind of way. Well, no sooner had I said that… has a players actual dad come out in the media to rip the manager a new one.

“During a football match the exertion is extreme. In my opinion Mr Wenger messed up a lot during April and May last year. I don’t blame a young man that he got persuaded — I would be, too.

“Wojciech’s form is a result of playing with injury for two months and that he had a problem with a metatarsal in August. OK, he recovered, but after a week he was playing again in the Premier League. How can he be in good shape?

Oh no… Dad… please… keep quiet…

“Transfers were not Wenger’s strong side recently. Good players went out, poor players came in. This guy makes permanent mistakes. His players are often injured — that makes you think about his training process as well. ‘


“His team play in a disgraceful manner. They lose 2-1 to Tottenham, conceding two goals in the same way in two minutes.  ‘

“So there is a huge possibility a rival saw Arsenal as a team who constantly make the same mistakes.  ‘

“I think that he is burnt out as a manager and as a person, too.  ‘


“He lost control with journalists. At a press conference he complains that they dare to ask him questions. ‘

“I think that it is a good time to make a break for him.  ‘

“It would be good for him to take the pressure off his shoulders and nerves and reset himself. I believe that he is a good coach and teacher but recently he is boiling up.  ‘

“And the plan for running this business got burned out, too. It would be good to make some modifications.”


Jeez, talk about embarrassing. I mean, take him to task over things privately, but don’t go to a media publication. You’re really going to put the cat among the pigeons that way! The statements are pretty crazy as well. The keepers form doesn’t come down to playing with an injury, it comes down to a poor attitude. Coming back from injury early doesn’t affect your kicking, it doesn’t affect you missing 50% of long range shots and it doesn’t force you into messing around with the ball inside your box when you have players bearing down on you.

If there’s some Yin… be sure there’s some Yang for the manager. That came in the shape of a Telegraph article that looks to put all the credit for the recent turn in form onto the shoulders of the manager. We’ve kept two clean sheets right? Not 11 in a row? Well, according to the article, Wenger demanded more attention be place on the backline and he personally oversaw the sessions. He’s the man responsible for the two clean sheets.

‘Wenger has always been completely hands-on with the coaching although it is understood that there has been more delegation over recent months.’*

*(I’m not a control freak, but the defensive improvements are not Bould’s)

Whatever has gone on, it appears that either Wenger has made a conscious effort to improve our preparation… or the club have made a conscious effort to get stories out into the open that indicate Wenger is taking preparation more seriously. As long as the club are improving, I don’t care who gets the credit. Sport is collective glory, not individual.

Some more interesting quotes arrived from our captain.

‘I have made mistakes,’

‘If I played flawlessly in all the matches I would be Lionel Messi. As a footballer you know you what may happen when you play badly.

‘I’m not worried though – it’s only the last games, I have played about 35 times this season. This is Arsenal, they are not a bad team and there is a lot of competition.’

I’m not quite sure you’d be Messi Thomas, but you’d certainly be a better defender. It’s good that he’s accepted he’s not been the best this season. That’s the sign of a real leader. I just hope he can pull his finger out and be the player we need him to be. According to that Telegraph article both he and Koscielny will be here next year with possibly one addition. Good news. Lets hope the preparation improves and the defence is drilled to within an inch of its life!

Right, that’s me done. Have a great day.


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  1. Samirs

    Just as I comment that…All the Walkers adverts that were around the page disappear!
    Great post nonetheless! As per!

  2. Guns of Hackney

    So now were out of everything we could win, our illustrious leader decides to “sort out the defense”. Well played, Sir…have another million pounds.

    I thought Wenger had already been elevated into the stratosphere of cuntishness…but all of a sudden he is within touching distance of God himself.

    Please, Arsene…just go away.

  3. stuuu

    Pretty strong words from Szczęsny Snr.

    Still don’t understand how footballer’s parents are so so vocal in public to the extent of berating their Children’s boss.
    This doesn’t really bode well for his son.

    It gives Szczęsny even less room for error now(which is good for us though). If he gets in between the sticks anytime soon and makes a glaring error, he is as good as gone.. Thanks to his dad



    I would say the first half,of your post was a classic piece..

    The Szcehnzy(or however you spell it)-part…

    Absolutely fantastic..Had me in total fit’s..Was in pieces..

    A LMFAO moment,first thing in the morning..

    Then,you went & ruined it with your opinion..

    Much like my last line…Ohhhhhhhh the irony……!!!

  5. Globalgunner

    Arsenal is Wengers Eldorado, His Nirvana, His Muslim version of Paradise where the 7 virgins are Beyonce, Adriana Lima, Kate Beckinsale,, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Liu, Aishwarya Rai and Nikai Minaj(nasty virgin. ).

    Here he is given all he wants and no questions are asked. Who in his right mind is going to leave all of that tasty stuff above without screaming like a bloody banshee. Sadly we are stuck with him for at least a year …and then maybe some.

  6. Segun

    If that was Scz’s dad tearing Wenger a new one, that could only mean one thing, he’s off. Our emperor doesn’t take talks like that!

  7. the_real_andy

    segun to be honest there – no coach would allow this to happen. it has nothing to do with emperor or wenger as a person. if you are in a position like he is you need to gain respect from players, staff and all people around the club – so having one complaining about things like that and publicly slating him can´t work out if you don´t let them feel any kind of consequences. otherwise there won´t even remain a little respect towards him if he´s OK with that

    you have to show strength here and sell him in summer. unlike others I feel he´s a good goalkeeper and I would love to have him between the sticks after he regains his form but if you constantly blame others you shouldn´t be anywhere near a top team (yes, arsenal is still a top team)

  8. nickfury

    Szczęsny’s dad was wrong to make his feelings public the way he has but….has he really said anything that isn’t true or what alot of other people are not already thinking? So the question really is, if we as fans can see it, if a player’s dad can see it, why can’t Mr Wenger and the rest of the board?
    Is it blindness or just stupidity?

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    Szczesny has been dropped because he needs to have a look at himself and sort out his form. What he or Arsenal don’t need is his dad coming in and saying this. What’s more worrying is what’s he saying to Szczesny in private? Is he telling him “don’t worry son, it’s not your fault, it’s your boss who’s made the mistakes” ? because that’s exactly what we don’t need.

  10. finestcuts

    Chesney senior is a football pundit in Poland. He is on the panel at just about every senior and CL match and does analysis. He knows his stuff. As far as going to the media…he is the equivalent of Alan Hansen or Richard keys in England, so he works in the media and is well known, this is not just a one off article in the newspaper. Naturally, he’ll be questioned about all things Arsenal, and he spoke his mind.
    To be fair, he’s right about the injury…Wenger didn’t trust Fabianski to play because he was scared of getting slaughtered if he cocked up again. We know that Wenger looked into getting Cesar…so Wenger is responsible for not bringing in a senior keeper for Wojciech to compete with. I agree with Chesney senior, Wenger is at fault for asking an injured player to participate instead of allowing him time to fully recover.

  11. michael

    Dont believe for one second its down to wenger but a good run n a stop to defensive slips will do for me til the end of the season
    Flappys only a dropped ball away from being sent to the bench wit a mystery 3week injury
    Stiffer competition is needed between the sticks for sure and as was said yesterday paying over the odds for a lynchpin keeper is a must during the summer if hes not going to put faith in scez

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    And to say that him being out of form now because of his injury in August is just really really stupid. It’s got nothing to do with that


    Guns of Hackney

    It’s absolute mindless b/s..

    You spend 2/3rds of the season,playing a high line,conceding goals, with gay abandon…Playing player’s of round peg’s in square peg’s..

    Start experimenting,with the like’s of Gervinho,in a Thierry Henry Role..

    Persist with Ramsey,in a CAM& then RW Role..
    Who offer’s nothing,bar playing side-way’s & backwards..

    Look to the last Spurs game,when we hit them on a counter& had almost 4 player’s against their 2 defenders..

    What did he do?Trapped the ball,turned around & played it backwards,giving time for the Spurs defense to regroup..

    Have Diaby,as the 1st name on the team sheet..

    Missed out on Demba Ba-in the Jan Transfer Window,
    for our budget price of £7.5 million,simply because Arsene knew better..

    Giroud clearly did not need a partner,or competition..

    Roll forward,with the Walcott scenario..

    Spend £100k,on Theo,in wages..??!!

    Well,where the fuck was he in the CL?

    More so,against BM,over 2 leagues..?

    Podolski,who’s actual position should be CF,is played on the left?

    I mean WTF..?

    I could go on,& on,& on…

    Get knocked out of all cup competition’s & decide at the last minute-in the last 1/3rd of the season to introduce video analysis, & shore up the back line,all for what?

    To salvage the last remnants of Wenger’s legacy-Of Top 4!!

    He is only doing this,to save his own skin..

    I hope his pronouncements of qualifying for CL over the past 16+ years,blow’s up in his face this year…

    The most selfish-loser-ville- manager,ever to grace these shores..

  14. Bennydevito


    I think everything Szchezney’s dad said was bang on and mirrors what’s been said on here by regular grovers and your good self so I find it strange that you’re disputing it and not agreeing – have you been lent on by the AFC marketing team? I also think that if it is indeed the case that Szchezney’s been playing with an injury that would impact on his performance.

    Still, good post as always.

  15. gambon

    Good to see Bellerin tearing up the reserves still.

    Ive said for a long time that Akpom & Bellerin are the only 2 players at youth level that can make it at the top level, and still think that.

    Ive changed my mind slightly about what we should do at RB. I would let Sagna see his contract out then give Jenkinson & Bellerin their shot, as next summer they will be 22 and 19.

  16. gambon

    Have to say Szczesnys dads comments are absolutely spot on.

    Wenger runs his players into the ground cos he is terrified of rotating, all this comes down to the fact he has built a squad of absolute shit. He has completely fucked Wilshere & Podolski this year already.

    His team keeps on making the same mistakes, which is pathetic.

    He is going mental, truly mental at press conferences cos hes been found out and he cant stand anyone questioning his flawless methods (flawless methods always lead to 8 years without a trophy)

    His transfer market policy is pathetic. He has strategically weakened the team in every position for years. Its fair to say he literally doesnt know what hes doing any more.

    I cant see a problem with any of that.

  17. Hasaucha

    Some may perceive Sz Senior’s views as an excuse for his son’s poor goalkeeping, but he is hundred percent correct. Sz isn’t the only player handled poorly,Jack falls in the same category and Gibbs played full 90 mins against Bayern Munich, his first game after five weeks out.

    Also,I am starting to get irritated at this ‘kicking’ thingy. Watch some footie and you’ll see the Harts and the Neuer’s miskicking frequently. Gigi Buffon looks shaky on the ball after fifteen years at the top and the keeper with a world class kicking can’t actually keep(ref: Valdes). So stop this ‘poor kicking’ madness – Szczesny’s weakness is his shot stopping.

  18. Guns of Hackney


    I am not going to argue. There are so many holes to pick in Arsene Wenger’s last 8 years, whole books could be dedicated to the subject.

    All I can say, fellow Gooners is hold on to your hats because when we do get fourth, and we will…we are going to be in for another contract that will run until 2017. That’ll be 12 years without a trophy, folks. Enjoy.

  19. Joppa Road

    You read all these comments and you just think to yourself what a fkin joke the club have become. We all know Wenger should have gone a few years back but how do you stop all this nonsense?

    By winning games – it’s as simple as that. Play in the comical way we have the last few years and comical comments appear in the media.

    Sort it out Arsene ffs.


    Nasri’s MouthMarch 21, 2013 09:42:21
    Szczesny has been dropped because he needs to have a look at himself and sort out his form. What he or Arsenal don’t need is his dad coming in and saying this. What’s more worrying is what’s he saying to Szczesny in private? Is he telling him “don’t worry son, it’s not your fault, it’s your boss who’s made the mistakes” ? because that’s exactly what we don’t need.

    Nasri’s Mouth/AKA Elton John

    Wrong again,on all account’s Elton John..

    What Arsene should have done,was brought in a top GK,before Szczesny,was promoted to first spot..

    Reina(at the time-2010)

    It’s called competition for places @ the elite level..

    Arsene,brought this situation on himself..

    Very simple Elton John..!!

  21. Mathias B

    That was rather too irrational from our number’s Dad. He could have expressed his disappointment with AW face to face without showing all his madness in the public. So how does this help the boys form or confidence other than putting an extra pressure on the poor boy whenever he makes further mistakes. At the time when every fan was crying for an experienced goalkeeper, wenger put trust in an inexperienced boy who honestly has tried yet for all that trust a certain mad father pays our manager talking nonsense to press.

  22. jay

    His dad was totally spot someone on here can say playing with injuries won’t impact your game over the long run is beyond me..same way he was playing podolski with that ankle injury..

  23. Nasri's Mouth


    Do you not read my posts, or do you ignore them so you can just bang on with your agenda ? Which is it ?

    Whether or not Wenger should have got in another keeper is a DIFFERENT argument to claiming that his current lack of form is down to his injuries 6 months ago. Please try to understand that. It’s not that tricky, surely ?

  24. dennisdamenace

    What’s the point in having top class players, if their coaching and organisational tactics are arranged by Mr Magoo?


    The fact that Szeczhny’s dad,has come out publicly & stated what all rational fan’s know,is absolutely fantastic..

    Guy’s like Elton John(AKA Nasri’s Penis In Mouth) & the Keyser’s of this world,wil continue to apportion blame elsewhere..

    Burying their heads in the sand,looking to external factor’s for our continuing demise & lack of silverware over the last 9 years.

    Check injuries over the years..

    as an example..

    If Wenger does not run them into the ground physically,he sure does mentally


    Next up in the mental faculty deficient department
    2013/14 Season..

  26. samsenal

    Vix – if Nasri’s Mouth is Elton John then you are Anthony and the Johnsons; sing us a happy song Love.

  27. samsenal

    Vix, What NAsri’s Mouth seems to appreciate is that it’s a complicated world out there. I have seen him criticise Wenger plenty of times. Does he have to let forth an emotional tirade like you every day to be a true supporter? Do you give the manager ANY credit for ANYTHING he’s ever done for the club?

    Let me guess…the invincibles were George Graham’s Team, Wenger has never been a good manager…


    Nasri’s MouthMarch 21, 2013 10:11:32

    Hey Elton John(AKA Nasri’s Hold Penis in Mouth)

    Injuries,or whatever..Competition would have helped him..—no?

    I mean he would have been rested,recuperating,slowly easing himself back into contention,for the no 1 spot,given some top competition..?

    As opposed,to being rushed back from injury,simply
    because Arsene did not trust his No.2..?

    I don’t know Elton John..Maybe I do miss the point sometimes…

  29. finestcuts

    @Nasri’s Mouth.

    The whole point is that Chesney was thrown in at the deep end without making a full recovery from a serious operation. This is malpractice, and yes it will affect a players form if he’s not fully fit. The fact that he was not fully fit when he came back in the fold affected his performances, and has led to where it is now, I can’t see how you can disconnect the two.

  30. ikon

    In my opinion, a striker should be the foremost priority this summer. A real finisher, and give Akpom chances besides him. We could also look at Chelsea’s McEahran to have a rotational role alongside Jack Wilshere. I doubt Jovetic will make the cut in the premier league, Cavani would certainly do.

  31. Johnny5

    Personally I think chezzers dad has said a lot in that statement that we’ve said here. Don’t agree chezzers form is down to an injury but the rest was pretty bang on.

  32. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: Injuries,or whatever..Competition would have helped him..—no?

    Correct, but where have I said it wouldn’t ? Because I can’t remember ever saying that, but if I’m wrong as you say, then I must have, mustn’t I ?

    Like I say, do you not read my posts, or do you just ignore them ?

    By the way, good perseverance with the Elton John reference.

  33. Lordbergkamp

    Hopefully his dad’s outburst will get him dropped for the rest of the season. He’s a triumph of ego and belief over any discernible talent.

    The sooner we get a real keeper and sent this joker off to the championship the better…



    It was bang on..!!

    Nothing new…

    But his Dad was bang on..

    Then you have Elton John,up there,crying into his baby bib..

    OHHHHHH,Szech’s dad should have kept his mouth shut!!


  35. max

    Lets get this straight, Wenger is well past his sell by date, the fans know it, the players know it. Throwing Szczęsny under the bus was quite disgraceful, the defeats against Bayern and Spurs came from poor defensive organisation the responsibilty of our manager. The Gervinho comments were laughable. Wenger’s time should have ended two years ago, now he’s tainted his legacy and there will be a severe backlash if we fail to qualify for the CL, unfortunately, Harry’s not around now to mess it up for the Spuds.

  36. Johnny5

    Wouldn’t it be funny if wenger came out with a reply that said

    ‘ your son isn’t shit because I played him injured but simply because he’s shit and lacks mental belief and doesn’t have the qualiteeeee to hack it’

  37. Guns of Hackney


    Top 5 realistically:

    1. Lewandowski £25m
    2. Felliani £22m
    3. Akineev £8-£10m
    4. Subotic £15m
    5. Luke Shaw £5m

    How’s that sound?

  38. Ric

    Guns of HackneyMarch 21, 2013 10:51:59


    More like;

    Almunia MKII

    Denilson MKII

    Senderos MKII

    Wreh MKII

    Diaby (Like new signing)

  39. gambon

    “so come on then Boys: 5 signings – £80m quid (net) who you going for?”


  40. mjgooner


    I am sure there are numerous people here who attribute Ramsey’s current lack of form to a leg break years ago……..similarly Diaby. But now we are not allowed to Wenger for playing an injured player 6mnths ago. I am sure Wilshere’s form & fitness also are attributable to Wenger’s overplaying or playing him through injury. The buck ends with him ALWAYS cos He is Le Boss.

  41. Guns of Hackney

    Ric and J5

    I know…but it was hypothetical.

    Wreh LOL – Man alive. Anyone remember Kaba Diwara?

  42. Guns of brixton

    Yo gambon, begovic is manure bound.
    how bout (for GK):
    1. Diego Lopez
    2. butland
    3. stockdale
    4. froster (celtic gk)
    5. vorm
    6. tim krul.
    hell of a lot to pick from in terms of gk.

  43. Nasri's Mouth


    I don’t think you can compare the 2 injuries, they’re massively different, the seriousness, the length of time off, the way they happened, the fact that only was potentially career threatening.

    Answer this, everyone on here has been banging on about Szczesny being poor recently, and being complacent. If I’d have posted on here, that it’s not his fault, it’s that he’s still recovering from an injury at the beginning of the season, would people have said yes, I agree, or would people have laughed at me?

  44. Guns of Hackney

    The great George Weah had this to say about the much maligned, Gervinho

    “He’s a player who is greatly admired and has wonderful skill on the ball…you can’t win the Ballon d’or twice and be a bad player…what? I thought you said Rolandinho…oh, Gervinho is a cunt”

    George Weah

  45. samsenal

    Gambon – come on Suarez isn’t coming to Arsenal and it’s not just because we are penny pinchers,

    Interesting your last list is an entire Team’s Spine. YOu saying we have no backbone? Lol.

    Guns, Lewandowski is an interesting one. I’d have Jovetic though (despite him being more unproven than the Pole).

    Where would Fellaini play? He has been most effective behind the striker…so Cazorla moves wide and Jack sits a little further back i suppose. Not bad.

  46. mjgooner

    Here we go again falling for the traps set by Arsenal PR group
    – infiltrate the blogs
    – get them talking about potential transfers ( samsenalMarch 21, 2013 10:36:18
    so come on then Boys: 5 signings – £80m quid (net) who you going for? )
    – They will generally lap it up and forget about the real issue which is WENGER OUT
    – Genius, so creative

  47. Guns of brixton

    whatever happend to MATIAS suraez? he had a precontract and all but had work permit issues that was going to be ”sorted” wtf happend?

  48. Guns of Hackney

    Ric March 21, 2013 11:04:59

    Unfortunately…. I had his damn shirt.

    Ric…ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? LOL – you have made my day! Actually it might be worth some cash on Ebay…much rarer than the first cut of ‘Love me Do’ by the Beatles.

  49. gambon

    Guns of…..

    There are options in all positions. A combo of prem experience and top quality from overseas…









  50. Guns of Hackney


    or Jovetic.


    jenks subotic kos nachoman
    walnut felliani jack carzorla
    lewandoski podolski

    442 – simple

  51. gambon


    Yes, exactly that. We have a pretty good collection of players, a lot of dross, no spine and no top class players that other teams envy.

    City literally went out and bought a spine, apart from Hart (Kompany, Barry, Yaya, Aguero)……we dont have that so we need to go and buy it.

    A GK, world class CB, 2 CMs and Striker are an absolute must.

    These 5 players can control a game and a season.

  52. samsenal

    Gambon your list was going so well until it go to the strikers. Only Jovetic is vaguely within realistic reach there. Otherwise GK to MF all seem affordable and crucially “gettable”…apart from Hummells; it won’t happen because we’re not enough of a step up from his current club…Schweinsteiger is probably not over-the-hill enough to come to us either.

  53. Guns of Hackney


    nice knowledge! and list – all doable in my opinion.

    How come no one is talking about Rues and the other BD midfielder?? His name is gone from my addled brain.

  54. mjgooner


    The point is Wenger has made SO MANY mistakes that absolving him of any will be futile AND adding an extra one to his pile wont make a difference.
    If he had brought in a replacement or not played him when he was injured, we could absolve him of the mismanagement BUT HE didnt.

    Also if he hadnt given SZCZ a shot too early, when he should have gotten a more experienced keeper, he wouldnt be so cocky now and his dad wouldnt be mouthing off in the press, BUT HE did. So as always Wenger has given himself no room to manoeuvre here, so HE takes the blame.

  55. gambon



    Dortmund will find it hard to resist bids as they arent hugely rich, but Reus has just joined, and they will do whatever they can to hold onto Gotze before he joins Madrid/Barca.

  56. gambon


    Dont agree at all that we cant get Cavani

    He will go this summer for £40m or so, why shouldnt it be us.

    (Obviously Wenger would have to go for this to happen).

  57. Ric

    Nasri’s MouthMarch 21, 2013 11:06:19

    Honestly speaking I doubt the injury really mattered as much as the fact that he was still preferred while injured rather than our other options.

    What does it do to your head when your a kid relied upon by thousands to do a job while injured and while more experienced colleagues sit on the sidelines easily in better form. Remember Wojc has had the responsibility of Arsenal thrut upon him somewhat unfairly. If anyone is to blame for his dip in form or for that matter his situation in general; then its pretty fucking evident that the buck has to stop with the man that preferred a seventeenyear old in goal to a 28 year old professional. Hence I also have to emphasize the “get Wengers dick out of your mouth part of this diatribe Pedro”.
    Because off course Wojc’s dad is right! For those of us that have witnessed this spectacle unfold that much should be self evident. And any contrary view I singularily define as based in willfull self delusion.

  58. Marko

    One of Isco/Gotze/Douglas Costa or Andre Ayew
    Ter-Stegen or Adler or Begovic.
    Sell the shit too

  59. Guns of Hackney

    Well played, Gambon

    Yes, Goetze.

    I’d quite happily harvest Dortmund and Germany for the next great Arsenal team…

    Not with Wanker in charge

  60. Lordbergkamp

    Shouldn’t the new player debate have two halves:-

    1. If Wenger leaves, who could we get?

    2. If Wenger stays, what dross are we likely to have shoved up our arses?

    That should be the conversation.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    @johnny5 @samarsenal



    I don’t think that is the point to be honest. Wenger has made a lot of mistakes, and I’ll happily blame him for the ones he’s at fault for.

    However I really don’t want our current No.1 keeper thinking “hey, it’s alright, I don’t need to sort myself out, my dad say’s it’s not my fault” because what we actually need is a keeper determined to work hard, correct his mistakes and improve. That’s the point

  62. Jeff

    So Sczcezny’s dad has been vocal about Wenger. Sounds a bit like a parent slating a teacher for giving his child C- instead of B+.

    It’s going to take more than a disgruntled parent to dislodge the old frog though every little helps.

  63. mjgooner

    However I really don’t want our current No.1 keeper thinking “hey, it’s alright, I don’t need to sort myself out, my dad say’s it’s not my fault” because what we actually need is a keeper determined to work hard, correct his mistakes and improve. That’s the point

    I dont want a kid as our current No.1 – That’s the point. When he sorts his shit and he does not need “daddy” to tell him what to do, then he can come and challenge for the No.1 spot…..(and not handed over to him cos we have “shitter” alternatives)

  64. Johnty79

    I wonder if scheznys performance is down to eye sight? You may think a club would test there players yearly but apparently under contract you dont ave to submit to an eye test. The thing with eye sight is you don’t realise your using it if it goes gradually…….

  65. mjgooner

    Does anyone remember Wenger’s comment about someone whose had to eat Caviar for a long time blah blah blah?

    When SZCZ came onto the scene, Gooners were “very excited” not because he was Casillas MKII or Buffon MKII, but because we were SO TIRED of Almunia & Fabianski that any half decent keeper would do……………..and thats Wenger’s fault. He created a situation so dire, that any means out of it was so palatable to the faithfuls that it was almost a miracle.

  66. Ric

    mjgoonerMarch 21, 2013 11:32:44
    Damn right!

  67. mjgooner

    And finally, there is no way you can talk about any Arsenal problem in isolation. It is/will always be a manifestation of years of mismanagement, hence why WENGER IS ALWAYS TO BLAME.

  68. AC Gooner

    Szeczers father is a big football celeb in Poland so it wasnt like some nobody called up the daily rag and tried to get a story. He is constantly in the news there talking about footie.

    Secondly, yes, of course that is embarrassing for his boy.

    But thirdly, and more importantly, the big big Pole was fooking right! And I wish more parents/footie personalities/anyone would come out and and say the exact same things.

    Mb chezzer was injured, his attitude was certainly poor but the injury COULD have also played a role in his poor form.

    Whatever, I say we play Fabianski for as long as he plays well. Same for Koscielny and Mertesacker. A spell on the bench for captain tv will do him some good.

    Rewards for good performances, bench for poor ones = its the ACCOUNTABILITY that you have previously mentioned and that we desperately need.

  69. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed, we’re in a situation where our first choice keeper has had no real competition, and yes, that’s a fault of the manager. However, that’s where the issue is. And that’s not going to change till next season.
    We’re stuck with him and Fabianski till then, so we need both of them to be working hard to improve to make the best of a bad job. Daddy sticking his oar in like this isn’t going to make that happen.

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    mj: And finally, there is no way you can talk about any Arsenal problem in isolation

    Err.. yes there is, people do it on here every day.

  71. AC Gooner


    only Akpom and Bellerin? No Gnabry, Eisfeld? I also think Henderson will develop into a good player and Yennaris. Too early to tell – I hope for Arsenal quality but I expect to see them make it some where in the top flight. I have only seen Olsson play once but he looked quite sharp. Just saying.

    Most aint gonna make it and most of our first team has to go too to make room for a few marquee signings.

    Arsenal can afford to do it, but Wenger doesnt want any big stars in the team deflecting the attention which should be all on him.

  72. samsenal

    Gambon – we can’t get Cavani because £40m is half of our War chest (if it indeed exists). I’m not saying the cash isn’t there or that the club couldn’t sustain his wages following a proper cull of our waste but the fact is that £40m is too big a hit right now. We can’t buy many of those other players you listed if we go for cavani. Besides, Cavani is Madrid/Barca level and sadly we are miles off that right now.

  73. Josip Skoblar

    We also had an average team last year coached by Wenger. Still RvP had the season of his life. So again Wenger’s shortcomings can’t always explain why some players consistently under-perform.

  74. mjgooner

    Thanks Ric…….

    Pedro, in your post regarding Vermalen, you say “It’s good that he’s accepted he’s not been the best this season. THAT’S THE SIGN OF A REAL LEADER”

    So its really appalling how you cant accept that you were wrong about your claim that RVP’s move to United was good business. I recall you often using the line “we cant keep an unhappy player”. Really???????????????

    Cos I am sure we kept an unhappy “shit” Theo .
    RVP’s transfer was terrible idea – business and footballing wise. Just admit it and move on. I am sure if we had kept RVP and given him “Theo’s 100k” in addition to his previous salary and sold unhappy Theo to Liverpool, our situation will be far better than it is right now. #justsaying.

  75. gambon


    Yennaris is a water carrier.

    Henderson is being released, cos hes nowhere near good enough.

    Yes, only Akpom & Bellerin….and one of them 2 wont make it.

    I remember hearing how our youth cup winning team was gonna be our first XI one day.

    Eastmond……League 1 level player
    Bartley……reserve at Swansea
    Coquelin……cant get in the team
    Frimpong……was out of his depth at Charlton
    Wilshere……top class
    Lansbury……championship player
    Watt……was terrible at league 2 Crawley

  76. Ric

    Josip SkoblarMarch 21, 2013 11:54:28

    How many years did Almunia perform good in then???

    Oh… right….

    So maybe it has something to do with Wenger afterall????

  77. mjgooner

    Agreed, we’re in a situation where our first choice keeper has had no real competition, and yes, that’s a fault of the manager. However, that’s where the issue is. And that’s not going to change till next season.
    We’re stuck with him and Fabianski till then, so we need both of them to be working hard to improve to make the best of a bad job. Daddy sticking his oar in like this isn’t going to make that happen.


    If U are sincere with yourself you would know that next season “if Wenger is still here”, we would still be stuck with both Fabianski and SZCZ and we would still be talking about them “working hard to improve to make the best of a bad job”.

  78. AC Gooner


    Yeah. I went through all the years of watching project youth too, heard all the preaching. We all know the result to date. Painful to even think back to those days, and know now it was all a house of cards.

    Just saying I think there are more than 2 decent players there. We will see.


    I’m glad his dad fucked him off,although his sons benching is down to bad performance.You buy honda and think you can get flip it into a mercedes,but your not the mechanic you once were.Here is a thought,BUY A FUCKIN MERCEDES.

  80. Nasri's Mouth


    If Wenger is still here….? Pretty sure he will be.

    Dunno about whether we’ll be in the same situation with keepers to be honest. Last season I was pretty sure we wouldn’t sign anyone new, and we didn’t, now I’m flicking between both options.
    Fabianski was pretty determined to leave, so that would have to change, but who knows what he’s being told

  81. Ric

    Nasri’s MouthMarch 21, 2013 11:46:27

    Why is Wojc dad’s criticism somehow a stone to carry for us now?
    I don’t get how you think that is hurting us?

    I don’t see how it affects anyone except perhaps put a bit more pressure on Wenger and maybe Wojch will get heckled by our more daft supporters.

    And how that could lead to worse performances than what we already have witnessed this season is beyond me?

  82. gambon


    Agree, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Yennaris, Ebecilio, Miguel, Toral all good players.

    Wont be good enough to help us though.

    Denilson was excellent at 18.

  83. Guns of brixton

    jovetic. if we buy him hes gona piss of to barca when he finally becomes a world class talent. were just a fucking training school, you graduate we’ll ensure a great job placement in europes elite. its a fucking cycle.

  84. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ve already said why. We have a no.1 keeper who more than likely is complacent, and not 100% motivated. Dropping him for Fabianski might give him a kick up the arse, and get him properly focused and get him playing to a better level. Having his dad come out and say it’s not his fault, it’s Wenger’s fault is going to have the opposite effect if anything.

  85. S Asoa

    Vix Affair
    Good analysis . Wenger sticking shamelessly his last year exploiting the lack of balls in the management . AFC is his Nirvana and club resources are his f–ng virgins . Shamelessly hanging on creepy .

  86. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s all very well apologising, but I’m already on my 3rd multipack of cheese and onion

  87. gambon




    6 world class players through the spine of the team.

  88. Ric

    Nasri’s MouthMarch 21, 2013 12:39:26

    Well if it is perceived as if it is Wenger that is vindictively keeping him out of the team to play Fab even after Fab has had another bad run. Then sure I agree with you. But it’s still a case of Wenger mismanagement if true that he was played through injury,and I disagree with you about the notion that his dads comments should excuse him somehow. If he was unfit, he should have said so, but we all know players don’t do that, hence we’re back to Wenger playing players through injury. AGAIN! As so many,many times before.
    And seriously NM I highly doubt there is much to be gained from him being dropped in favour of a goallie Wenger has done his best to terrorize the confidence out of, ever since placing him behind Almunia in the pecking order oh so many years ago now. I remember Fabianski being one of Europes greatest GK talents once, but that seems a long time ago now.

    Wojch will get his spot back rest assured, but it won’t be because he’s been impressing in training or worked his socks off. It’ll simply be Wenger (later than the rest of us as usual) realising that his alternatives might be costing him his job.

  89. gambon

    Who could do more for us…….

    the non playing Djourou & Squillaci (£110k per week)


    Hummells playing 50 games (£110k per week)

  90. gambon

    Who could do more for us…….

    The shite Gervinho, and non playing Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Campbell (£200k per week)


    Cavani playing 50 games per season (£200k per week)

  91. gambon

    Who could do more for us…..

    The continually injured Diaby & Rosicky, and non playing Coquelin, Frimpong, Denilson (£150k per week)


    The athletic, robust, top performing duo of Strootman & Capoue (£150k per week)

  92. mjgooner

    Guess we cant blame Wenger for be hardy and unapologetic when he continually gets things wrong, even mere mortals like Pedro are always right. I guess he has written a million posts so how dare we question him about one post.

  93. Leedsgunner

    Lol… i guess that means Chezzers is out this summer then. 😉 How do I know? Does Wenger EVER tolerate anyone questioning his methods? If RvP, one of the hottest strikers in Europe was shown the door for questioning Wenger’s vision, what chance do you think Chezzer has…? ZERO.

    Shame because he has the makings of a good keeper — robbed of a chance to progress by a manager who thrust him in rather than allowing him to learned from a seasoned pro… once again the cheap option being chosen over the right option.

    Is it Joke Thursday? “I’m not a control freak.” so says Wenger — really, no really? Is that why you had a say in hiring the CEO? No wonder he’s afraid of your shadow.

  94. Dan Ahern

    Slight bone to pick though:

    ” Coming back from injury early doesn’t affect your kicking,”

    It could. Even if it’s healed, your foot could be weakened and less coordinated.

    ” it doesn’t affect you missing 50% of long range shots”

    Also could. But it shouldn’t, too much involved besides just pushing off for this injury to be blamed.

    “and it doesn’t force you into messing around with the ball inside your box when you have players bearing down on you.”

    This one’s spot on. SZCZ’s real problems come from attitude and decisions.

  95. Johnty79

    Gambon your analysis of the youth team is harsh in 2009. Like in 2001-2 double winners wengers failed to integrate the players into the team correctly..mental wenger destroys the players I can’t help but think the 2002 team Thomas,penant,sidwell, voltz could have made it if integrated correctly. Wenger always put them in the most difficult situation he would give them 10 mins in a carlin cup game playing in an already under strength team. Sidwell should have played next to vieria in a league game. Thomas should have played them on the left in a full strength inviincible team…I’m not saying they would have made it but look at pennant in the game against Southampton. Hatrick then not a single minute in the cup final the next week….

    As I’ve said before wenger only pushes players if he spots them…he almost gave Ashley cole away to crystal palace…he could see he was the best left back in the world when 19..he even offered winter burn a new contract to stay..thank god he said no and moved to west ham.if the silvinho thing hadn’t cropped up I’m pretty sure cole wouldn’t have made it at arsenal. He couldn’t wait to prove a point by selling cole and getting clichy in telling people he’s better…but you were wrong wenger.

    In the 2009 youth team and that season jet and Lansbury were the stars with wilshere frimpong behind…it’s if he has to. Prove his point at the club….playing jet up front as a long striker against stoke in the fa cup was a classic example.he sets them up to fail..I feel Lansbury could have been the new ray parlour if given a chance…remember even man utd tolerate low quality players or the Britishness they bring to the team…look at phil Neville, despite what everton fans say he is atrocious every time I see him at everton but fergue persisted. G Neville was great either but added balance. The new example apparently is eisfield coaches at the club are saying he’s better than than what we have in the middle…what did wenger do through him on 4.0 down against reading once again expecting him to fail..but this time eisfield put in a cesc like performance but hasn’t been given a chance since.

    Overal I just don’t get wenger despite all his massive mistakes he keeps doing it and I’m still not sure how he finished above spurs last season as redknapp got every team and decision correct…

  96. gambon


    So why didnt Sidwell, Thomas or Volz make it at all anywhere else?

    Pennant was the best player on the pitch in the 2007 CL final, so he to some extent made it but he was virtually an alcoholic, and a trouble maker.

    People are way too sentimental when it comes to youth footballers, and refuse to accept what is right infront of their eyes.

    i remember the legendary optimist ‘A’ saying that JET and Wellington would oust Bedntner and Arshavin.

    Honestly it takes a spas.tic to continually state that every kid is going to be the next big thing, but thats what a huge % of football fans do. Its pathetic.

    The failure rate is 99% for kids at big club academies, yet still every season all we hear is how half of our youth team will make it at Arsenal.

  97. gambon

    “I feel Lansbury could have been the new ray parlour if given a chance”

    Cos he’s English and has a high work rate???

    Thats a ridiculous comment, if hes “the new Ray Parlour” why is he not even making much of an impression in the Championship?

  98. Leedsgunner


    “Chesney hasn’t been playing well for over a year. This issue has nothing to do with Wenger.”

    Huh? What gives? Wenger sure likes to take the credit when things go well, why should he take it when the s*** hits the fan? Or does it go only one way?

    Wenger chose to make him No.1 keeper.
    Wenger chose to forego buying in the past four transfer windows a decent keeper to provide a role model that Chezzers could learn from/provide realistic competition.
    Wenger chose to pass over David Seaman as goalkeeping coach in favour of Gerry Peyton…

    Nothing to do with with Wenger? Everything at the club has something to do with Wenger.

  99. Ric

    Johnty79March 21, 2013 13:36:01

    Apart from the quip about big’arry at the end there I’d have to agree with the majority of that,even though Gambie does have half a point when pointing out that we do have a bunch of players that will never make it in our youth team.
    However I do think we can all agree that the amount of sub par talent brought through our youth team is friggin redoncullus at this point. And that if anything then Wengers reputation for bringin up gems is undeserved to say the least.

  100. Leedsgunner

    When you have a correct balance of youth and experience the whole squad and team become stronger. The younger players learn from the older experienced professionals and if the younger players are of the right quality, temperament and attitude, they keep the older players sharp because they realise that their position is not to be taken for granted.

    Granted if we had a youth team that actually produced quality professionals at a regular basis into the first team we WOULD NOT need to buy big in the transfer window.

    But AFC has let itself be caught in a web of complacency and a vicious circle of mediocrity. wE don’t produce quality challengers from the youth squad nor do we buy in challengers from the transfer market. Therefore unsurprisingly our playing squad suffers.

    So what’s our youth squad for? It seems to be our youth squad is now primed to be a source of income rather than a source of competition to the first team. That, in my opinion is why the club still persists with so many youth players who know (and the club knows) will never make it into the first team squad. They are persisted with because lower level teams will still pay good money for these players because they have “Arsenal trainee” on their CV — and that commands a premium in the lower level market. Again, this isn’t a problem if these funds are re-invested in the team. But as the past 8 years have shown, the funds are not spent, players are not challenged with competition — therefore every successive year the quality of the playing squad goes down.

    The focus has to come back, in the youth/reserve squads of producing first teamers. By all means sell on those who don’t make it but for the love of Arsenal re-invest the monies back into the playing squad!

    Glad I got that off my chest… 😉