Goalkeeper ready to Cech in? | Jovetic linked with Arsenal for 4th time this week | Jack back for Reading

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Lots of stuff to crack on with today, lots I tell thee…

First up, news hit the web yesterday that Jack Wilshere was out for the rest of the season.

‘Jack Wilshere has been ruled out for six more weeks in a savage blow to Arsenal‘s top-four hopes, Goal.com can reveal.’

This story seemed to be further inflated by other people in the know. Then Arsenal came out and said…

“Nothing has changed in Jack’s recovery, there’s no setback or further damage to his ankle and no concern about any long-term problems,”

“Jack was told to rest and we are still on course for him to resume training and be available for selection for the home game against Reading.”

Ouch. Sack the source and ask for a refund.

So, good news is that Jack is going to be back for the Reading game. That should make the run in a little more comfortable for us. Not that we’ve needed him, back to back wins away have left me questioning his worth to the team.

In other news Thomas Rosicky has piped up about his lack of first team opportunities this season.

‘Naturally, I would like to play more often, that’s for sure,”

“I feel very well, the results in fitness tests were the same as they were in previous seasons when I played regularly.’

I could weigh in right now and give him a piece of my mind… but I won’t, I’ll read on.

‘The team has had problems so there’s no space or time to complain that someone is not playing. To me, personally, the most important thing is that the club which I love finishes in a position where we can compete in the Champions League.’

Ahhh, that’s nice. He loves the club, he wants us to finish 4th.

I have been perplexed at times this season as to why the manager has been so ready to ignore Rosicky. Last season, he was a major catalyst for our final push for third. This year, Wenger has tended to opt for Ramsey where he can, rather than the experience of the fast passing Czech maestro. I’m a big fan of his, I still think he has a lot to offer this season, even if it’s just rotating with some of our over stretched midfielders.

On the transfer front, somehow, we’ve been linked with Petr Cech. On the face of it, it makes sense. Athletico Madrid have Chelsea’s young Belgian keeper on loan and he’s playing well. If he comes into the fold next season, Cech might find himself surplus to requirements. Arsenal might need a goalkeeper in the summer. Cech might need a local club. So obviously, we’ll be in for him.



The ‘get the f*ck in’ award this week goes to Arsenal and their hike up the European Power League. Two away wins have rocketed us up the table from 17th all the way to 14th. Mega in so many ways. Maybe we’ll break top ten before the season is out? Or maybe that’s not possible. I’m not really sure how it all works, all I know is Thierry’s number was 14… so it’s a good place to be.

The Mirror are powering into the Jovetic story like Theo Walcott used to power into the back of full backs. He’s the number one summer target. His goal haul isn’t exactly impressive. I love how newspapers tee it up though… ‘an impressive 12 goals in 27 games’… but he’s a talent. Raw, but a talent all the same. We should get to see him in action when England take on Montenegro this week. They have some excellent players over there, I’m surprised the Premiership doesn’t raid their leagues more often, their players remind me of the Uruguayans… a win at all costs attitude. The transfer would make sense as well… it always takes us at least a year to replace an departing player. I’m sure we’ll probably land an Alex Song replacement this summer as well. Hopefully it’s Capoue. Hopefully all our business is done early.

Who am I kidding eh?

Final piece of news centres around Mertesacker and the learnings he took from the defensive foul ups against Spurs.

“Sometimes as a player you have a different view and you can’t believe what we did as a defensive unit. Sometimes you need to learn from games and that was very important for us.

“There was a lot of room for improvement after the Tottenham game – we saw a lot of things on television. Sometimes we didn’t choose the right direction and we just lacked a bit of defensive work as a unit.’

A lot of people highlighted that this is the proof that video analysis happens. Well, yes, it is analysis of sorts. Hashing through videos of bad games is something George Graham used to do with the squad and players will often go through their last game. Ian Wright used to speak on the radio about how much the team hated it. However, when I’m talking about analysis, I’m talking about how it’s approached at other clubs. Some clubs have up to three analysts at the games giving video data at half time. Other clubs prepare dossiers for each player on what to expect from the opposition. Whole team sessions are spent going through what to expect from a game and how to plan for it. Arsenal aren’t there yet. Arsene doesn’t pay attention to opposition in the same way most top teams in Europe do. It’s not going to make us a Premiership winning side over night, but it can give a team that extra two or three percent you sometimes need to win.

If it could have the same impact the GPS team has had on the clubs injuries (and I was banging on about the need for that before it happened), well, it’d be worth investigating. Their are certainly the staff at the club that could make that happen.

I might run a section in the summer about football technologies… because I’ve been hearing about some amazing advances over the past few months that might make an interesting read.

Anyway, enough from me. See you in the comments!

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  1. Joppa Road

    Nasri – Standing is coming back eventually and rightly so. I stand when I go to watch Stevenage play.

    UEFA for example not allowing fans on Dortmund’s huge standing area for CL matches is another example of out of touch authorities of the game.

  2. Guns of Hackney


    I appreciate that but it HAS to be returned for the sake of the game. How many people have stopped going to the football because of cost or the lack of atmosphere? Plenty.

    The FA should do something pro-active for once and show leadership. I’d have it as an opt in, opt out – if teams didn’t think they could control it, so be it, but for many clubs, adding a few thousand more people to a game would benefit all concerned.

  3. mystic

    Guns agree 100% that the transformation to all seater stadiums was nothing but a knee jerk reaction, the tragedy at Hillsborough in particular.

    Hillsborough was a fucking nightmare place to go to, the pens were a disgrace. The FA could have prevented the disaster by a) allocating Liverpool the bigger end, b) refusing point blank to allow Sheffield Wednesday to host ANY games (including their own domestic ones) until that hell hole was destroyed.

  4. gambon


    Why dont i want FFP, because we will forever be trailing in Man Utds wake.

    FFP is there to protect profits for rich owners, the exact opposite of what I want to see.

    All the money in the game should be spent back into the game, not going into the bank account of Kroenke/Glazer/Lerner etc

  5. ed atom

    gambonMarch 19, 2013 09:42:58
    Rosicky is terrible, taking big wages to sit in the treatment room and never get on the pitch.Jovetic would be an awesome, awesome signing. Will it happen? Absolutely no way, we can afford it but it just wont happen.We will sign Aubergine from Ligue 1 as Wenger has all his agent friends over there that he likes to make sure get a pay day.

    Hi there Gambon……If you had to choose one out of the trio of Jovetic, Cavani and Falcao who would it be and why?

    My personal choice is Cavani because of his industry and never say die attitude on the pitch. It would be very interesting to see who you would opt for.

  6. Joppa Road

    Standing areas are an absolute must for football. The game has been sanitised far too much.

    Bring back atmosphere, bring back the terrace.

  7. Kurt F

    By the way I totally agree with those who feel we’ve been shopping on the cheap for too long (missing out on Mata, Alonso, Cahill, Samba for the sake of a few million, replacing class players with cheapo versions etc grates still).

    Just happen to think Benteke is a class act who shouldn’t be judged by his price tag (even though it’s likely to be 12- 15m now). Benteke is 22 now and is probably going to finish the season with 15-20 goals despite playing for a very poor Villa side. What’s he going to be like in 2 -5 years time? Pretty fucking deadly in my opinion.

    We’ve long been calling for a Drogba-type player, now that we may have found one, I don’t think we should be put off by the fact that he’s cheap!

    Anyway, that’s enough of my one man Benteke love in – off to do some work (and no, that work is not sucking off Benteke before some wag asks)

  8. mystic

    Lying in Utd wake is a chance I’d take, rather than the shit situation we are currently in.

    A decent manager might be able make something of using FFP / Arsenal’s money to his advantage, without it working Arsenal are consigned under the current management to being below the likes of the chavs and citeh.

    If it doesn’t work then Arsenal are no worse off than at the moment, if it does it is a bargaining tool to get a decent manager to join.

  9. AJ

    Be it Usmanov or yankee, we can play better if we change the things with our coaching.

    And for the likes of Rosicky and Diaby, we must take players like those out. I cannot see how Diaby is paying back.
    People saying ‘he is a good player, will come good’ and the usual crap doesnt make him one.
    Risks like Diaby could be taken if you have a good squad numbers.
    Here you are already on the edge, sell your DM, and depend on Diaby who vanishes after every 4th game.

  10. Joppa Road

    Anyway, I’m off to get a hair cut and go and train my U11s team.

    Have a good afternoon all.

    Much love

  11. Johnty79

    Jovetic will go to Chelsea…stop living in a fantasy…..
    We have no hope no future…wengers looking at a new contract 10 m per annum..

    Miss the champs league it’s our only hope….

  12. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    we saw a lot of things on television
    – –
    So he watched MOTD then. Video training over for a another week chaps…

  13. Nasri's Mouth

    @Guns and Joppa

    I’m sure the majority of fans would love stadiums to be part standing, but there isn’t exactly a massive amount of pressure for it to happen is there? The longer it goes on without it changing, the less fans there will be still going to games that remember and want standing.

    As for Arsenal, I don’t know how much spare capacity there is in the stadium. If they didn’t plan for extending it at some point, then adding in additional standing might not be cost effective. Add in the issues outside the ground, and the transport problems (there was a lot of concern about increasing the capacity to 60k in the first place) and I don’t think we’ll see standing at Arsenal for a lot of years

  14. tom

    I would like to see the terrace back. I stood on NB for 20 years and have seen how football has changed. A lot has been lost and some has been gained. 
    I like the way Arsenal has reacted to the changes, for the most part, and feel the club has managed to retain some integrity.  I value the club ethos and culture which might not be the most cutthroat kind but feels right for a dignified institution like Arsenal.
    So we must move forward with ambition and continue to make changes but we must retain what is good.  
    I want continuity, stability and an adherence to good sporting ethic which incorperates ambition and respect for the game its self.
    I dont mind if we dont win eveything always though I always hope we will.

  15. Guns of brixton

    diego lopez
    at the very least i would love to these guy in arsenal red. wouldn’t mind seeing isco or belhanda either. . .

  16. tom

    FFP is most likely highly flawed and will surely need further adjustments to make it better but really it is the beginning of the conversation. The current trends in football are so unhealthy for the majority of clubs that something must be done.
    The problem is inflation. 

  17. tom

    A terrace behind the goal in the home end (no terrace for visitors) would be great. Probably wouldnt effect capacity and would do wonders for atmosphere. 

  18. tom

    When some clubs have the ability to live beyond their means it destabilizes the rest and makes everyone vulnerable.

  19. Bulc

    Signing a player like Jovetic will certainly be the “Marquee” signing that Arsenal is needing, but I honestly think that next year Giroud is going to prove a lot of people wrong.
    yes he is extremely inconsistant at the moment, and seems to try to much, but it takes one small click and i think he can turn into a deadly striker. Remember he was at Euros for half of the pre season and then still had to get to know everyone plus the added expectation of filling in RVP’s boots. if we buy Jovetic the pressure will then be gone from him and he can just concentrate on his game.

    Just my feeling I guess

  20. tom

    Giroud has had a lot asked of him in his debut season.
    I think he has done very well and shows a lot of good qualities. I expect even more from him next season but know he cant do it all so we do need another quality option up front.

  21. gambon

    We’ll have to see about whether its a disaster in practice.

    If FFP had been introduced in 1994 we never would signed Bergkamp, Platt, and never wouldve won the trophies we won in the late 90s/early 00’s.

    Its a huge scam, badge it up as being a measure that will help clubs, when in reality its designed to keep the top clubs at the top and allow owners to extract money while stifling attempts to build big clubs like what City have done in recent years.

  22. Bade

    Cech to Arsenal?

    Hmmm, doesn’t make any sense

    He’s valued for 20-22m, he has a deal until 2016, he’s been very good & he’s be 31 this May, so he’s still at his peak. I don’t think this is likely to happen

  23. tom

    You seem to know a lot about it. Certainly more than me.
    Perhaps you could explain as what you have said so far doesnt sound like a good thing. 
    Yet UEFA seem to think it is.

  24. gambon


    We desperately need some height in there. I like Marscerano but not what we need.

    Arteta 5’8″
    Wilshere 5’7″
    Cazorla 5’6″

    Clearly the 5’7″ Marscherano will not help us in that department.

    Gonalons or Capoue for me if we persist with the Wilshere-Cazrola midfield.

    If Cazorla moves wide, then Strootman and one of Gonalons, Capoue, Wanyama, Bender.

  25. lord snotty

    Hillsborough disaster was not caused by standing but by vicious perimeter fencing and by criminal irresponsibility on the part of the Yorkshire police. I much prefer standing at games and it beats having to get up every time someone wants to walk past your seat. Out of curiousity does anyone know why the crowd tends to stand throughout North London derbies – not complaining, just curious!

  26. tom


    Agreed Gonalons might be great for us. Reminds me of Petit in a way.
    I would have thought he was a little too Wengeresque for your approval.
    You know, french, not super high profile, 10 mill and change. Smacks of lack of ambition I thought I heard you say….

  27. Joppa Road

    Can I have a top 5 British or EPL DMs please.

    I think we should go for Benteke as our centre forward option.

  28. tom

    Back in the day half the grounds were death traps, police always heavy handed and fans had a habit of trying to fight in the ground. Serious disaster was inevitable. A return to terrace could be better these days if the lessons of the past are fully learned.
    I think partial terracing, say no more than 30% of capacity would provide the best of both worlds.

  29. LeMassiveCoq

    Jovetic, Cavani, Isco, Cech, Marscerano, Capoue, Baines, Lopez, Strootman, Hummels?

    Do you lot never learn?

    We won’t sign any of these players. Out of all of them perhaps Baines is attainable, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar he’s off to United.

    Were more likely to sign Benteke, Belhanda, Wanyama or possibly Ben Arfa.

    Just sayin.

  30. Bade

    I hope Jack’s back for the Reading game, but I wouldn’t use him unless badly needed

    However, the club’s statement re Jack’s fitness shouldn’t be blindingly believed, they might be telling half a truth, & this won’t be the 1st time the club gives a false statements

  31. Yippee Kai Yay

    tom, you only have to google ‘Fifa’ and ‘corruption’ to see in recent history how widespread and endemic it is, and that it starts at the top.

    And ask yourself this: with Blatter in his last term (his words), why did FIFA do something they have NEVER done before and announce the host for the following TWO world cups rather than one? And why was the second in a country so poorly located and inappropriate for hosting a major tournament? A country who just happens to be one of the richest on the planet?

    Now I am not a conspiracy theorist, I just know some people out in qatar who would never publicly talk about the ‘worst kept secret’ in football.

    So who is corrupt? well with the usual caveat of it being ‘alllegedly’ and in no particular order: Murdoch, News Corp, football agents, people who aspire to wield executive power,people who abuse their position of power for personal gain, politicians the world over, and undoubtedly the corporate beast that is football inc, these days, i.e. UEFA and FIFA.

    Open your eyes to the real world, you might learn something.

  32. Yippee Kai Yay

    and gambon is right FFP is a mechanism for prolonging the richer clubs and suppressing external investment which could influence their own established corporate sponsors.

    It is all about control of the brand of football for the purposes that FIFA and UEFA deem it fit to be.

    Btw, Platini will be the next FIFA chair when Blatter goes. Put money on it now if you want the longest odds you can get, he’s a dead cert (he is anecdotally known as “blatter’s bitch” in certain corridors).

  33. tom

    Predicting recovery from injury is tricky. Club statements about specifics may turn out inaccurate but it doesnt make them falsehoods. Unless you have an axe to grind.

  34. tom

    It is all about control of the brand of football for the purposes that FIFA and UEFA deem it fit to be.

    But FIFA and EUFA are comprised of elected officials from the national football associations (imperfect institutions but the only real football authority that exists) surely they ARE the appropriate ones to set the agenda?

    You seem to think it would be better completely unregulated and in the hands of god knows who… Arabs, Russians, Multinationals? How does that effect lesser clubs and leagues? 

  35. tom

    Im not saying FIFA doesnt need a shake up and an audit. Im no big fan of Platini except as midfielder.

  36. Yippee Kai Yay

    tom, on the contrary it should have been regulated to prevent the money coming in from news corp to prop up the EPL. It should be down to the national bodies to self regulate according to the legislation of each country. the ‘fit and proper test’ should have been exactly that ‘a fit and proper test’.

    But that time has long since passed, the only hope for any form of incorruptible football is to take all the money out of the game. And since that isn’t going to happen (when did anyone with money ever vote to hand back the money they have regardless of whether or not it is deserved) the next best chance is a massive implosion. Which probably won’t happen in my lifetime. Which is a shame. But c’est la vie.

    It is corrupt from top to toe, just accept it, decisions make a lot more sense after that, as people revert to type.

  37. tom

    I my opinion the only money in the game should be generated by the game. Clubs should be obliged to pay a percentage to their national association for admin which includes infrastructure and development. 
    It needs to be a general meritocracy but bigger clubs need to help smaller ones or at least be somewhat restricted from raping them.
    There needs to be regulation of some kind. I guess the experts should decide what it should be.

  38. samsenal

    I would gladly accept a scenario that saw United ahead of the pack with us chasing in 2nd. We have pegged them back before and we could do it again. But we will never survive when City and Chelsea are able to spend to stay in front and poach our best players.

    Assuming it is rigorously enforced, FFP protects the clubs that make a profit. It rewards clubs that make the right decisions in the transfer market and penalises those that blow £50m on Fernando Torres or £30m on Adebayor. We should not fear it, we should pray for it!

  39. Bouldy's Left Testicle


    McCarthy as a DM is a no go, as hes not great in his positioning. Hes more of a BBM, but hes def got something in his locker though. Gonalons is not what we want, thats for sure. Hes no better than Denilson 😉

    Jarvis is a c*nt and Gomez not a lot different from Giroud.
    Sakho is overrated.

    Arsenal should follow up their interset in Isco and Jovetic, two future world class stars.
    Fiorentina is still interested in Chamakh(dunno why), have already replaced SJ with Rossi, and Malaga would probably accept The Gerv + ca$h, as they need it badly. We already have Nacho and Caz, they’ll talk him into it fo sho.





    Omar Abdulrahman?

    Amorebieta seems to be a bosman we’re interested in(!) Part of a defence letting in the next most goals in Spain… not convinced.. we’ll see.

    Whatever happens though,I’m sure we’ll get some quality in come the summer.

  40. tom

    Yippee Kai Yay,

    I as cynical as the next man but I cant just accept  throwing in the towel and accepting instutionalized corruption as the way to go.
    Reforms are needed. So be it. Football is a unique type of business and needs special handling. It must be owned by the people as represented by the clubs who in turn agree to abide by policies that are beneficial to the game as a whole.

  41. Yippee Kai Yay

    sam, that is one hell of an assumption, and fundamentally flawed.

    FFP cannot be rigidly enforced as UEFA rely upon the top clubs to be involved in their competitions to extract the top dollar for corporate sponsors. You think they would throw out Barca or Real, or United or Milan? That would wipe out a big chunk of the target audience which they need to export CL globally.

    Plus the like of Chelsea and Man City will employ significant ‘slight of hand’ payments into their respective clubs to undermine the legislative integrity (or otherwise) of enforcement.

    In essence they have made a rod for their own back, and it is as predictable as predictable as night following day, or wenger making a substitute on the 67th minute.

  42. Yippee Kai Yay

    That’s all very well tom, but what are you going to do? The people with the power want the money, and those with the money want the power.

    In layman’s terms, there is sweet FA any of us can do about it, that’s it, end of, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

    Ideological stances aren’t well funded enough to make a real difference.

  43. Yippee Kai Yay

    and as for ‘being represented by the people’, do you seriously think any owner is going to devolve power to the fans? Judging by comments in this blog alone (not by pedro I hasten to add)over recent years I would be reluctant to put it in the hands of the fans, as a significant number of them are imbeciles.

    And tbf, if I were them, I certainly wouldn’t trust my cash to the fans either. especially not nigh on an asset worth over £1 billion.

  44. tom

    Football associations are not completely toothless. Rangers and Juve have discovered that. 
    I could see City or Chelsea be made an example if they really take the piss.
    The clubs themselves recognize the instability created by ringer teams so have a vested interest in conforming.
    Some of the big ones probably see it more like Gambon does , the smaller are just desperate to stay afloat and will gladly comply.

  45. samsenal

    Yipee – i’m pretty confident that Real and Barca would be able tot come up smelling of roses. Their ability to generate cash is beyond doubt. It is not debt itself but the ongoing costs vs revenue that FFP deals with (SHOULD deal with) it is the Man City’s of this world that will struggle.

    Listen, i’m not saying it will work, i’m saying it is desirable and in theory Arsenal would benefit greatly from its proper application.

  46. tom

    The relationship between clubs and fans is football. Always has been and clubs only survive by virtue of the fans attendance. So their needs must be primary. How ever badly or corruptly you run a club is sort of besides the point if you can please your fans. Clubs recognize this and have to adjust to their demands accordingly. So the fans do have power. Recent examples of crown militancy prove it.

  47. Joppa Road

    Iron Maiden have sold almost 100M albums and Bruce Dickenson is worth has a net worth of $115M.

    A lot of metal heads out there! I don’t see the massive attraction!

  48. tom

    I  wasnt talking about devolving power to the fans, of course most owners would resist it. I was talking about the organic power of fans as the customer.

    Arsenal fans effectively own Arsenal as Arsenal couldnt exist without them. Everything the club does both on the field and off has to acknowledge this.

  49. tom

    So which one of you has been shagging Ms Cohen? I know its not gambon as he is a bigot and it is probably not GoH as she claims to have cum…

    from .thisislocallondon

    ….The selfless martians travel regularly to earth from their home in the Canis Major system, which also homes Grays and Cat People.

    And Ms Cohen, of Durham Avenue, says Grays regularly pass on advice, intended for struggling Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

    She said: “The Grays offer guidance to Mr Wenger.

    “At the moment they are telling him he needs to get rid of a whole lot of people and bring in a stronger squad – especially in the defence.

    “He also needs to let assistant manager Steve Bould do his job.

    “Mr Wenger likes to do everything but he is not good at everything.”

    Ms Cohen, who discussed her alien connections on This Morning last week, admits she possesses a physical relationship with Grays, who give her orgasms.

  50. SPiTZBLiTZ

    Joppa Road March 19, 2013 11:49:43

    Oh and also make Wembley our home for the big games. It’s rightfully ours in my opinion. Fkin Emirates BS.


    Ha Ha mug, who wants to travel to Wembley to watch Arsenal games.


    Yippi Kai Yai

    I honestly felt sorry for you..

    When you’ve got plebes on here,asking why FFP,won’t work.

    & you’re trying to explain in layman term’s to them..

    & they still persist with the questioning of why FFP is not feasible,or workable..& subsequently proceed to give romanticised notion’s of FFP working & how the fan’s will be the real winners along with AFC..

    It makes you wonder sometimes, what is the IQ Level of some of these fans..

    Yippei,you were best saving your energy mate..

    It’s get a tad bit boring on here,talking about the same issues,over & over again,whilst the club is in meltdown
    & plank fan’s believe we’ve turned a corner,or about to!!

    Almost a decade & nothing till date in the trophy cabinet.
    Now you’ve got planks, clutching at straws & leaning towards FFP,to place AFC in a better position to compete..

    What a complete joke..!!

    Quite speechless..

    Yippi-Keep up the good posts..

  52. Guns of brixton

    we gotta test looserpools resolve and try and nab suraez. imagine him and theo up front. . . pure talent and speed!

  53. Pedro

    Make Wembley our home?

    Fucking hell Joppa… you talk some breeze.

    Guns… he’s priced at £40m… chances are he’s not coming to us.

  54. samsenal

    Vix, none of us – including you – know for sure what will and won’t happen as a result of FFP. On the one hand you have City being more conservative in the last 2 transfer windows (by their standards) and on the other you have Chelsea buying Hazard, Oscar and some bench-warmers in one single window,

    You know as much about what is going to happen as I do: F#~k all; it’s all guess work.

    Personally i can’t see them expelling a Real or Barca but should the opportunity present itself to slap down a Premier League club I wouldn’t be shocked to see them take it. The governing bodies hate our league and hate Chelsea and City in particular. Maybe their response will be as pathetic as their Racism fines, or maybe they will come down hard. None of us know right now. Chelsea and City are not big box office. to coin a Mourinho phrase: the world wouldn’t stop to watch Chelsea or City play a Champion’s League match.

    Those 2 Premier League clubs are precisely the kind of target Platini would be aiming at: famous and rich enough to provide a shock factor should they be expelled but not a great loss to the competition’s prestige or legitimacy.

    So before you slate everyone hoping for an aggressive FFP scheme, wait to see the Loss-making clubs’ behaviour this summer, If they carry on regardless it suggests thye know FFP will be a walkover. If they behave themselves it isn’t because the owners have discovered a new commitment to fair play it’s because some expensive lawyer has told them they need to cut costs or face consequences.

  55. samsenal

    Suarez = half of our “War Chest” gone. Even if the club has had a rethink about its transfer policy you can forget us going THAT far!

    So please, no more talk of Cavani or Falcao either. It’s not going to happen and with the need for a proper DM, a proper winger, possibly a keeper, a centre half AND a striker spending £40-50m on one player is probably unwise.

  56. bayo

    I think jovetic 20mil Eriksen 10mil Capoue 10mil makes more sense than all this sign falcao or cavani……lets be real

  57. Guns of brixton

    guess yur rite suraez is a dream signing in every sense of the word, absolute BS our transfer policy, it chokes the chance of success and limits us , so bloody tite our board is. . .

  58. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Why are all these stories coming out regarding the emirates may have a standing area?

    Oh yes it’s season ticket renewal fanatasys time of course .

    As chuck said ( not chiclet wenger) don’t believe the hype.

  59. kwik fit

    I hear all this talk about Cech and Valdes. No thanks. Begovic is the one. We should go all out to get him . I think he could be one of the best around and is available. The only downside is Fergie like’s him apparently and pulis and him are buddies.

  60. Nasri's Mouth

    RSPC: Why are all these stories coming out regarding the emirates may have a standing area?

    links ?


    Nasri Mouth

    Why are you such a 1st class asshole?

    You know there are no links..

    RSPCA,caught wind of the earlier discussions on here,about standing area’s & presumed this was a story leaked by the club..

    All you had to do,was correct him..

    You are a real Keyser wannabe..

  62. Nasri's Mouth


    Actually I thought the earlier posts might have been triggered by something out there in the media, but no doubt your conspiracy theory led mind couldn’t understand that could it.

    And of course after suggesting that I could have just been nice about it the irony is you resorted to insults again rather than being nice yourself.
    But then you wouldn’t have made yourself look dumb if you’d have done that.


    If Vix is correct and there are no links, then I meant no offence


    Nasri’s Shut your Mouth

    Don’t get cocky with me mate..

    In fact,it’s pointless reasoning with a 1st class asshole..

    In fact you bitch sooo much,that I’m starting to seriously suspect,you are as bent as Elton John..

    You bitch way too much for an ordinary bloke..
    & with a name like Nasri’s Mouth..Pfft..

    In future I’ll keep it short with you..

    Have a nice night Elton..

  64. Joppa Road

    Who’d want to go and see Arsenal at Wembley? How about the 75,000 to 80,000 who turned up for our home league matches in the CL a few years back. If I remember a full house vs AIK?

    Big club like Arsenal needs big club mentality. It doesn’t have it at the moment, that’s for sure.

    Wembley is befitting of us.

  65. Marko

    Must say I’m massively hopeful on the Alexis Sanchez rumour cause he’s a brilliant winger and that’s something we’ve missed since Pires or even before him to Overmars. Seems all the top teams have at least 2-3 wingers caused they’re a must while we have 2-3 who aren’t wingers (maybe Gervinho).

  66. tom

    Wembley was a disaster last time we used it.
    We need to embrace Ashburton Grove. 
    Create an atmosphere and a history in our new home.

  67. Marko

    People who asked for us to sign Nasri back need their fingers taken away seriously. Oh and Falcao is linked with City, Chelsea and Madrid and Atletico paid like 40 millions euros or something close to that for him so he’s out and on Cavani well the Napoli owner is a full on nut case asking for 60-70 million so he’s out. But Jovetic in a team unlikely to get Champions League (I know we’re not dead on) football and who isn’t in contract talks could be gotten by us for 20-25 million maybe Bendtner or something too.

  68. tom

    Sanchez would be fantastic of course but Im not sure we need a winger unless we off load Podolski .

    CF, DM, GK come first. 

    However  if we do have a major clear out (7 or 8 players) we will have squad numbers vacant. We might promote one or two but the rest must be bought. They wont all be super stars but hopefully at least a couple will be.

    Summer will be interesting whatever happens.

  69. Joppa Road

    Jesus Tom. Have you come from straight from the Arsenal PR department?

    Emirates will never be our true home.

  70. Toli83

    I don’t think jack should play anyway. Last two games we have won Two nil, if it ain’t broke….

    Sends out wrong message players just walking straight back into a starting line up.

  71. tom


    Of course Ashburton is our home. We should be proud of it too. Its one of the worlds great stadiums. We have sacrificed a lot for it and now we, as gooners, need to inhabit it properly.
    Make some noise. Make a fortress.

  72. tom

    Inclined to agree with you, Toli83.

    JW starts on the bench. Though if the next opponent was United I might reconsider.

  73. Guns of brixton

    LOL! the way u mans diss eachother makes we cry tears of laughter.
    a list of players we have been linked with,:
    -luke shaw
    -sum other dude
    – waynma
    i left some out by mistake but do we honestly believe 2-3 of these players will come AFC knwimg how stinghy our board is??
    message- dnt get yur hopes up!

  74. Marko

    All our creativity comes through the middle we’ve a serious lack of it out wide. In fact I’d argue a creative winger is a must as opposed to someone like Isco. It’s as important as a striker, right back and ball winning DM which are absolute musts this summer

  75. Joppa Road

    Ashburton Grove one of the world’s great stadiums? It’s an average stadium on a global stage compared to many. That is a fact. It’s a nothing soulless stadium.

  76. Toli83

    True. Always notice in other squads (I know they are stronger than us though ) that players have to work to get in, moment someone like Diaby / Sagna / Wilshire is fully fit they stroll back in .

  77. tom

    I honestly think we will sign two 20 mill players, two 10 mill players and a couple of cheapys.

    The club have said they are preparing a wage policy overhaul and are positioned finally to do it.  We are certainly off loading at least 5 out of contracts. So we will be buying.

  78. Toli83


    I really don’t see it happening . It needs to happen but it won’t . Striker wise I think we will see Joel Campbell coming back, prob get an average dm and young unproven centre back., keeper if we are lucky.

  79. tom


    To be fair all teams have certain star players who do have the privilege of walking straight back in the team. For us, JW is probably as important. But he is young and shouldnt be over coddled as he is still devolping, plus we ought to recognize the damage done to squad moral if you cant keep your place on merit.

  80. tom

    We will have to wait and see, Toli83.

    Joel Cambell looks a prospect and Im happy to have him if he is ready but he is probably not the answer on his own.

    I think a lot of Le Grovers confuse paper talk with club statements.
    AFC are always tight lipped about their business and seldom make specific declarations of intent (though Wenger has, on numerous occasions, made general statements regarding Arsenals ability and willingness to buy if the deal is right), but the press write 10 stories a day linking Arsenal to players, famous and obscure, expectations are fueled then disappointed when we fail to land a player we never intended to bid on.
    This phenomenon is then branded as the club lying when it really isnt.

  81. Toli83

    I can’t think of other players in other teams that walk straight back in.

    Terry is struggling at Chelsea, Rooney at Man U . All city players are rotated and players keep their places if the team is team is winning.

  82. Toli83

    I see your points.

    However I struggle to see Wenger changing this summer. We need to close the gap with those at the top, and I hope he uses this summer to make sure he goes out on a high.

  83. tom


    For years Rooney has walked straight back in at United. 
    Only this season he has lost a little glow. RVP may now be the main man.

    Chelsea wont leave Mata on the bench for a serious game.

    City will always start Kompany when fit.

    Bale at spurs.

    Suarez and SG at Liverpool

    Messi, Ronaldo, Ibra….

  84. tom

    I want Wenger to go out on a high.
    Imagine if it all worked out perfectly. Arsenal emerge from their planned period of austerity with a great new stadium, a healthy economy and the skeleton of a great team. FFP kicks in and is enforced. Arsenal use their new found financial clout to fill in the last remaining pieces of the jigsaw with the purchase of Jovetic, Rene Adler and Alexis Sanchez.
    City and Chelsea relegated for financial monkey business.
    Sir Alex suffers a mild alcohol induced stroke and retires agreeing to join the board at Arsenal as has had a secret passion for Gunners since the days of Charlie Nick. RVP slips on hair gel and cracks his fibia. Arsenal do the quadruple.  Arsene retires having appointed Brady as new manager.
    Cesc admits he is homesick and returns to the Grove as JW understudy.

    I cant wait till summer.

  85. Joppa Road

    Tom…living in some kind of cloud fkin cuckoo land like most AKBs. Definitely is Pedro, sounds like him.