Arsenal go retro bland with new kit? | Love Jenks, but he needs competition | #SpiralofNegativity wins again

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Happy Monday everyone, how did the weekend work out for you? Good I hope. If it didn’t, may I suggest your tune into Teletext page number 302 and check out the football headlines. Sky Sports massively cocked up the Super Sunday line up, so we ended up having to suffer Sunderland and Wigan games. The real excitement sadly wasn’t in the West Ham game, oh no… because they lost to Chelsea 2-0. The real excitement was around the Spurs game, because they played Fulham and lost 1-0. Which was beyond hilarious. Why? Because the #SpiralOfNegativity has really kicked in and the schedule is just about to get real for Spurs.

I’ve read a few people saying Arsenal fans focus on Spurs this year is embarrassing. I’m not quite sure how focusing on your nearest rival is ever embarrassing. Let’s not pretend that during the really good times we weren’t setting up St Totteringham day countdowns. Let’s not pretend we ever stopped caring about what Spurs were up to. For me, a competitive Spurs is great fun, it adds a bit of spice to an otherwise boring season.

What’s embarrassing for me are Arsenal fans wanting us to lose… along with fans who don’t take pleasure in watching Spurs lose.

Anyway, like I predicted after Spurs beat us, a run of tough games combined with a small squad was always going to be a massive challenge. Now factor in three losses on the bounce and you’ve got yourself a serious problem if you’re AVB. Scott Parker is too old to play 10+ games on the bounce. You can’t rest Bale. Lennon is injured. Dawson is injured. Holtby is off the pace due to a tough season. Defoe is off form. No one likes Adebayor.

Basically, it’s a pretty good time to scavenge out some late season form. It’s going to be tough, but there is no reason we can’t find some inspiration this late on. We’re playing for pride. We’re not playing for managerial vindication. Never forget that. I’m amazed at how many people think after two wins on the bounce Wenger is a tactical / preparational  (I made that word up) genius.

Interesting to read that after calling out our goalkeeper coach a few weeks ago, the press now have stories indicating that we’re looking at Jens Lehmann and David Seaman in the close season. I’ve either called it well, or Arsenal give Le Grove back handers by answering our questions with press leaks, not onsite coverage. It’s interesting on the coaching front. Tennis players change them up all the time in the quest for perfection. We’ve had the worst run of keepers in living memory at Arsenal, yet the only consistent has been Gerry Peyton. Joe Hart has a poor season and all the talk is of sacking the City keeping coach.

Wenger has been doing his embarrassing dad piece in the press. You know, where he goes down to the school to tell off the bullies. What? That didn’t happen to me. No way. I had loads of friends. That’s why I’m a blogger.

Anyway, he’s called on Arsenal fans to be nice because Gervinho is sensitive.

“I know that Gervinho was under a lot of negative pressure because he missed chances and as well because I know how big that win was for us.

“He had the African Nations Cup and came back a little bit jaded but now I’m sure until the end of the season he will be a big force for us.

“He is sensitive – he needs the support. He wants to do well, he loves football – when he doesn’t score of course he is down.

“He gives us something different. He can dribble, he can provoke. Recently I felt he lacked confidence because when he got in front of goal you could see that it was not spontaneous. I hope that goal will give him a lot of confidence.”

Some nice sentiment, but jeez, man up Gervinho. Sensitive? This is man sport. Men don’t have feelings. We don’t cry. We look bad form in the face, then kick it. Admittedly, the fan base is negative towards Gervinho. I think it has to be noted that we are the most patient fans in the world when it comes to waiting for players to come good. We do forget that players are human as well. We tend to look at them like robots. Or, we look at them as salary figures.

‘He earns £60k a week, he should be putting those chances away’

Let me tell you people, if you paid me £60k a week, I wouldn’t be putting those chances away. Salary doesn’t improve your ability. Theo Walcott has been getting the same sort of jip. Now he gets £100k a week people expect him to turn into Thierry Henry. It ain’t going to happen people. He’s a good player, but I’d be surprised if he ever turns into a superstar you could label world class. He’s just an over paid Englishman nowadays who might be good for 20 a season. We had to keep him though, so no use complaining about his contract now.

One player who I really like is Carl Jenkinson. Sure he makes the off gaff, but he is quite green to that right back position at the highest level. His work rate is impressive, his love the club is a big draw and his game is getting better and better. I really think it would be a mistake to sell Sagna this summer and not replace him. Jenkinson should be given the same competition as Gibbs at left back. Our English core is never going to move onto bigger and better things if they’re not forced to better themselves through competition. If they want out because of it, show them the door, they’re not made of the right stuff.

Final piece of news is a bit around the new Adidas kit. You’re never sure what’s real and what’s photshopped these days, but this one looks pretty authentic and pretty bland. It looks like a training kit. I see what they’re trying to do with the retro thing… but jeez, it’s a poor effort if it’s real. Where are all the creatives at these days? Bland, bland, bland…

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  1. tom

    AA plays wide for his country and does fine. Its a mystery why he cant do the same for Wenger. I certainly agree Wenger has failed to get the best out of him though.

  2. Lordbergkamp

    tom – which has been successful?

    rvp replaced by giroud & podolski – how’d that work out?
    nasri replaced by arteta? – how’d that work out?
    cesc – never replaced
    Viera – replaced by diaby – how’s that working out?

    It’s pretty simple tom – he replaces great player with players that he thinks he can make great.

    worked in the 90s when he was the only one who knew that shit. now we spot the players (mata) and don’t want to get into a bidding war as everybody else knows where the value in the market is…

    The magic has gone….

  3. tom

    scott Q, dont stress on the kit. They are like buses; there will be another coming soon.

    Personally Im bit conservative and prefer the kit simple.
    Red and white at home and yellow and blue away.

    She wore a teal ribbon…. just doesnt sound right.

  4. scott q

    Tom your right mate, i’m not stressing though.
    Hopefully the away kit looks better i’m not saying the home one’s terrible just could be better.It might not even be real.

  5. tom

    True it is harder to find the hidden gems these days and when you do the competition is intense enough to thwart you from time to time.
    Most things being unequal most players will choose the more monied and gloried over us. Thats life.
    But I do think we have bought well lately and given a season to adapt our new signings will prove successful. 
    Jenkinson is a hidden gem AW has found recently so there is still a little magic left.

  6. tom

    How do you feel about this seasons kit?
    I like the home one fine. Its kind of mod.
    The away is snazzy but not Arsenal.

  7. scott q

    For me i liked jenks the first time i saw him play great energy decent cross dodgy positioning but what do you expect still very young with a lot to learn which he has done over the past year.
    I think he’s going to be an excellent player for us.

  8. tom

    Podolski was a player Le Grovers were saying we would never sign. Too high profile, too expensive, too experienced and headstrong for Wengers comfort. Yet he was signed. He has done quite well, not  exceptionally, but now he is used as an example of Wengers incompetence. 

  9. Lordbergkamp

    And tom – here’s a lot of what’s wrong:

    Basically says the defenders decided to sit down and review the tottenham game to see how they could do better.

    How is this the first time this has happened? Poor, old fashioned coaching. where is the video analysis? Led by the coaches?

    We don’t seem to have it. Shame really as if they had done it before the tottenham game then perhaps we wouldn’t have defended like school children?

  10. Lordbergkamp

    and here’s the bit that points to wenger’s lack of coaching ability

    “Although it is normal for the Arsenal players to collectively review the highlights of their previous match with manager Arsène Wenger, it was a break from the usual routine for only the defenders to sit down together.
    “We saw ourselves as a unit on the television and I think it was a good thing to do because sometimes you have a different view on the pitch and you feel different,” explained Mertesacker.”

  11. scott q

    If all the players had his heart we would not be in the position we’re in at the moment.
    Walcott said the other day the players were scared to say anything to each other for fear of offending the other player,to much pussy footing around man up and tell each other if they are doing something wrong if you don’t it won’t get fixed.

  12. JJ

    Tom – Who cares if AA played out wide for Russia? His best position is behind the striker where he can be creative and not need to defend as much… BTW – the hole is also where he played his best for Russia.

    Poldi never defended much on the wing but suddenly Wenger is mad at him for not doing so. Poldi is also best played as one of the front 2.

    Who are these 6 or 7 players that have been brought in that you think are so great? I suspect you will get a hammering on this board at the mention of most.

  13. tom

    The only real disapointment out AFCs recent aquisitions is Santos, and even he is not as bad as people pretend. Though I accept he is finished for us.
    Remember we all thought he looked pretty good when scoring against Chelsea.

    I like Giroud and expect 20 goals from him next season,if he gets the starts.

    Cazorla and Monreal (so far) look excellent.

    Arteta is avery good player and brought maturity and experience.

  14. JJ

    Scott – That Walcott comment made me laugh. Have you ever watched Berbatov play? If he doesn’t get the ball exactly where he wants it, when he wants it, you had better expect a earful coming your way!… EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Mind you, Berba is spud/manc cnut.

  15. Lordbergkamp

    Here you go tom – pick over these for us…


    08/08 Mikaël Silvestre DF Manchester United
    07/08 Samir Nasri MF Olympique Marseille
    07/08 Aaron Ramsey MF Cardiff City


    07/09 Thomas Vermaelen


    Aaron Ramsey MF Nottingham Forest
    08/10 Sébastien Squillaci DF Sevilla FC
    07/10 Marouane Chamakh FW Girondins Bordeaux
    07/10 Laurent Koscielny DF FC Lorient


    01/12 Thierry Henry FW New York RB
    08/11 André Santos DF Fenerbahçe
    08/11 Mikel Arteta MF Everton FC
    08/11 Yossi Benayoun MF Chelsea FC
    08/11 Per Mertesacker DF Werder Bremen
    08/11 Chu-Young Park FW AS Monaco
    07/11 Gervinho FW Lille OSC
    07/11 Carl Jenkinson DF Charlton Athletic
    07/11 Ryo Miyaichi FW Feyenoord
    07/11 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain FW Southampton FC


    Nacho Monreal DF Málaga CF
    08/12 Santi Cazorla MF Málaga CF
    07/12 Olivier Giroud FW Montpellier HSC
    07/12 Lukas Podolski FW 1. FC Köln

  16. tom

    As far as whether AFC use video or not, I dont have knowledge or opinion. I know enough to know to leave the finer points of coaching to the experts ( not Gambon or Arsenal Truth or Pedro or lordB).
    Agree schoolboy errors cost us against spurs but cant see how watching videos of GB belting in 30 yarders would helpmuch.

  17. JJ

    Tom – Let me be the first to correct you.

    Giroud is average for the PL. Dinasaur slow and the opposite of tenacious. He will get goals because we usually create oodles of chances. He is a decent back-up but should never lead our line.

    Monreal is also decent but “excellent” is pushing it. Too soon to tell for him.

    Arteta WAS a very good player until Wenger decided he should play a role that he was not suited to and ran him into the ground by playing every game. Arteta is a complete waste of talent in his current role. These last 2 games have shown just how crap Wenger has made him. If Wenger played him in rotation with Jack, the boy would not be out for the rest of the season.

    Mertesacker is a good player but hardly “top drawer”. Playing him in a high line defence is football suicide. A good PL back-up nonetheless.

    Cazorla is top drawer and pure class. I will give you that one. Expect Wenger to run him into the ground in the near future. He will then spend the majority of next season in the treatment room with Diaby.

  18. tom

    Of players listed only Silvestre, Squillaci, Chamakh, Santos and Park can be called bad signings. 

    And all those players had the credentials to take a punt on.

  19. JJ

    Scott – True… I think I saw Walcott tear up a little when Jenks served him up for not tracking back earlier in the season.

  20. JJ

    Tom – All the rest Wenger turned into average to below average players.

    He is still working on Cazorla and Henry does not count.

  21. tom


    talking bollocks.

    Giroud has done very well on his debut season. Scored a bunch of goals some of which were match winning. Wins 80% of his arial battles, has a nice lay off, and hustles. He provides options that AFC have previously lacked.

    I said Monreal has been excellent so far, and he has. 

    Arteta has been very good all season and has adapted to his new role well. His lack of pace at his age makes him less suitable for a more advanced position. Plus we have JW and Santi for that. To single out his last two games is unfair and stupid given we won both and considering the opposition.

    Mertesacker is a regular starter for german national team. That makes him top drawer.

    Cazorla needs a rest after the most gruelling season of his career but is still performing very well.

  22. tom

    Tom – All the rest Wenger turned into average to below average players.

    Simply not true.
    Shall we go through them one by one?

  23. tom

    200808/08 Mikaël Silvestre
    Not a great signing, though an understandable one.

    07/08 Samir Nasri
    Great signing.

    07/08 Aaron Ramsey
    Good signing but unfortunate history since. Valued squad player.

    Thomas Vermaelen

    Very good signing. Club Captain. Suffering loss of form but not class.

    08/10 Sébastien Squillaci

    Bad signing.

    07/10 Marouane Chamakh

    Bad signing though I believe he is a decent player and so did most when he scored 5 in 7 on debut.

    07/10 Laurent Koscielny DF FC Lorient201101/12

    Great signing. Great player.

    Thierry Henry

    Nothing to be said.

    08/11 André Santos

    Bad signing. No excuses.

    08/11 Mikel Arteta MF Everton FC

    Very good signing.

    08/11 Yossi Benayoun

    Good signing.

    08/11 Per Mertesacker

    Very good signing.

    08/11 Chu-Young Park

    Bad signing. Strange too. Though as captain of SKorea he had credentials.

    07/11 Gervinho

    Jury is still out on him. True he has been erratic but his potential is clear. If he does come good he will be excellent.
    Squad player to provide something different.

    07/11 Carl Jenkinson

    Love him. A classic Wenger signing.

    07/11 Ryo Miyaichi

    Good be great, who knows? Cost nothing. 

    07/11 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Great signing, one for the not distant future. Very glad to have him.

    FC2012Nacho Monreal

    Looks very good indeed.

    08/12 Santi Cazorla


    07/12 Olivier Giroud

    Good signing. Could be great.

    07/12 Lukas Podolski

    Good signing.  

  24. tom

    20 players of which 16 have been good, very good, great or irrelevant (like Ryo).

    A great record really. 

    Players like Cesc and RVP and the heros of the early years only come along every so often and cant be replaced like for like easily. 

     Still, Cesc replaced Paddy and RVP replaced Henry. So Wenger has been able to do on occasion. Plus Cazorla is twice the player Nasri will ever be.

  25. tom

    Rosicky on his playing time…

    “Naturally, I would like to play more often, that’s for sure,” Rosicky told CTK. “I feel very well, the results in fitness tests were the same as they were in previous seasons when I played regularly.
    “When the coach picks me, I go along with all the tactical tasks and I think I have nothing to be ashamed of.
    “It’s the manager’s team and I fully respect his decisions. I cannot do anything else other than train properly and wait for a chance.
    “The team has had problems so there’s no space or time to complain that someone is not playing. To me, personally, the most important thing is that the club which I love finishes in a position where we can compete in the Champions League.
    “Everything else can be sorted out after the season.

    Great attitude from a great pro.

  26. tom

    Another good attitude….

    “I believe in the philosophy of the club and that Arsenal will start to win again.
    “I have a debt to pay here for the club, I owe them. I just do not want to go anywhere else. As long as they want me here, there is no somewhere else, and I have a contract until June 2015.”


  27. JJ

    Tom – Unlike you I will keep it short and to the point.

    I disagree with everything you wrote.

    We were talking about the last few years and I never said that some of them weren’t decent. Just not jizz-worthy like you are over them.

    Most good signings turned into average players by a shite Manager.

    Nuff said.

  28. ozrus

    JJ, you have no argument, yet you somehow manage to sound smug.

    The dumbest myth created by a bunch of devious numbnuts on LG is that AW buys good players and then turns them into shit players. Yeah, like he goes home and turns wine into water. It’s his idea of fun. It’s like people run out of fresh reasons to hate the manager and come up with the silliest things. AW invented plague. And malaria. And gambon too.

  29. Mach III


    I agree,
    Just to clarify, Wenger didn’t invent Gambon by consciously creating him, it was more of a natural action. ie: He shat him out!

  30. Purplepiepete

    Why do you want a creative kit? It’s idiots being creative that are responsible for some of the shit we’ve been wearing lately – red/white yellow/blue – that’s all we want

    Ok you can have a creAtive third kit if you must