Fabianski should start but he shouldn’t stay | Isco for £30million | #SpiralOfNegativity hitting Spurs

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Morning, I’ll be keeping this tame today, mainly because I fell off a bin last night and I’ve damaged my arm… typing is tough, but don’t worry people… I’ll soldier on. For you.

In the news today, we’re mostly talking about the keeper and the captain situation. Fabianksi is being considered for the Swansea game on Saturday which is good news for the squad. Wenger had this interesting quote about him…

“He has changed a lot, there has been a complete mental transformation in Lukasz’s attitude,”

“He is more vocal, has more authority and mentally he absorbs the pressure of the game much better.

Errr… what? How has the manager deduced that after one game? Quite amazing. I mean, if Wenger was a salesman, he’d be the grottiest estate agent in the land. I’m cool with Fabianski continuing. Szeceney has been totally average for two seasons now and I still can’t spell his name. He’s quite similar to Almunia in that way. Could do most of the basics well, but would rarely save you when it mattered. I watched Handovic last night against Spurs, he pulled off some spectacular saves… a really solid keeper. Admittedly he spilled the shot in extra time… but throughout the game, he did things both our keepers rarely do… make great saves.

Fabianski is not the future number one of Arsenal. He’ll always be too erratic to take that shirt number. He should be moved on with Mannone this summer. We need a total clear out. We should then bring in two keepers, an experienced head and someone like Begovic. We should do whatever we can to make him our number one this summer. He’s top quality, solid and he’s more than capable of keeping any club in a game.

The other player who is rumoured to be on his way out is Thomas Vermaelen. Another man broken by the captaincy at Arsenal. I think it’d be a serious shame to ship him on. He has all the raw ingredients to be a good player. He just needs to be coached. The mistakes he makes are always the same, just beat them out of him… flogging him on seems unnecessary. I’m amazed Wenger has never considered him in defensive midfield. He’s great on the ball, pretty good in the air, mobile as you like and tenacious. Surely he’d cover more ground than Arteta? A manager who has no shame in putting Nik Bendtner on the wing can see the potential for Vermaelen (If you ask spell checker to look up his name it comes back with venereal) to move up into a less pressurised role?

Anyway. I don’t want Vermaelen to move on. He’s made of the right stuff and I think he has a genuine love for the club.

Final piece of news is about Arsenal and their interest in Isco. I like his name, so that’s a very f*cking good start. I also like his play. He has the stunning control, he has the Cesc like knack of finding space… but he’s also pretty good at moving with the ball. A real superstar and we’re being linked with a £30m move. We can’t leave Malaga alone can we? We’re like the fox that just discovered an unguarded chicken coop. We’ve already had a fat serving of cheap chicken, but it just tastes too good not to go back.

Isco is better than the chicken we’ve got in the side at the moment. If KFC did finest… Isco would be on that menu. He’d be a real signing of intent. I’d be shocked if we landed him, but over the moon. Malaga seem to like doing business with us, so it can’t be ruled out.

Final piece… and when I say final this time, I’m not playing with you. I’m being real here…. is that Spurs lost a three goal lead last night against Inter Milan. Hilarious because William Gallas had a hand in the third goal. Anyway, they’ve entered the #SpiralofNegativity, which is superb. Sure they won in the end, but that was after 120 grueling minutes. They’ll be ruined after that, which is perfect. Ruined, and on a downer. Losing two on the trot is not good for jangly nerves heading into the home straight of the season… plus, they have another two euro games to contend.

Right… have a blisteringly superiffic day and guys and gals, please, don’t worry about my arm, it’ll be ok.


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  1. gambon

    I love what has happened to Arsenal fans.

    Arsenal lose to Munich but all is OK

    Spurs win against Inter but there is a spiral of negativity for them.

    You may want to remind yourself what our last league game was?

    Unfortunately Gooners have become just as bad as the yids were 10 years ago, embarrassing.

  2. Yippee Kai Yay

    Let’s get past Swansea before pointing the finger at other teams just yet.

    At least let us learn from the mistakes of others’ when it comes to metaphorically ‘shooting their load prematurely’.

  3. nickfury

    If Szeceney is dropped for the Swansea game I will be delighted, because unlike some on here I hae never been a fan of his. But lets not kid ourselves that Fabianski is much better, he is a mistake waiting to happen as well. The simple fact is we will always have crap or average keepers because Wenger doesn’t think too highly of the position. If he did we wouldn’t still have Mannone and Almunia would not have been our number one for as long as he was. You can’t be league champions with average keepers and Wenger will not spend big money on a keeper. So to sum up up we won’t win the largue again until wenger goes. Simple really!!

  4. gambon

    As for Isco, absolutely no chance.

    In 18 months Isco has gone from talented kid (Arsenal material) to superstar.

    Now we all know Arsenal dont buy superstars, ‘WE MAKE THEM’

    Yep, we are too busy making cunts like Diaby, Denilson, Djourou, Gervinho & Park into superstars.

  5. Joppa Road

    Have been saying the same thing for a while now Gambon re. Arsenal fans. I would also say go have a look at that last 8 in the Europa League, there is every chance Spurs will win that competition.

    Arsenal fans really are the new Spurs fans. Trouble is, with all the dumbing down you could see it happening.

    What sort of post is this? Is the reason we have the late posts now so you can scan the papers Pedro for stories? £30M on a player? Of course that’s going to happen.

    A truthful post please and a fairy story. TV5 should be shipped out along with the manager and many others.

  6. Guns of Hackney

    Once again Arsene delights us with a riff about a player (Flabby) who hasn’t even gone near the first team in what…2 years? So, at Arsenal, to be banished to the ninth circle of hell is ‘life affirming’…Oh, Arsene…you really don’t help yourself, do you.

    Venereal disease is a funny sort of player…not totally abysmal, but not going to be any kind of rock solid defender/midfielder/winger/ballboy…why at Arsenal do we insist on playing people out of position? Rather than put VD in the midfield, I’d go and buy a DM and sell VD – easy.

    £30m? I stopped reading.

    As for Spurs…are they not still in Europe? I thought so.

  7. alan sexton

    Living in Spain & Watching Many La Ligue Matches,”ISco” is a Player I Felt “Spurs” Should Buy,He`s got Class,Posses Everything We Want at WHL.
    The Previous One Was “Llorente” to Late of to “Juventos” Higuen V.Gd.
    An Argie,Well The Pope Is & Messi, Didn`t They Do Well ??

  8. WengersSweeties

    We wont be anywhere near Isco, not for at least another season anyway….

    As for the Munich game, let’s face it, on the night Bayern knew they were going through. as a result they put in the most lacklustre, second gear performance i’ve seen from a top side for many years.

    Arsenal can look at the scoreline and enjoy it as much as they like but it was, in truth, a pathetic game of football.

    The only positive was to salvage some dignity from the aggregate scoreline as the performance itself certainly wasn’t littered with positives.

    The good news is we don’t have any top class players left to lose this summer….

  9. gambon

    So according to Arsene, in the space of 1 week we have:

    – New found defensive resilience
    – A great GK in Fabianski

    Wenger is so out of his mind on Alzheimers medication he is insane. He probably couldnt even tell you who we last played in the league.

    He is an embarrassment, he is so reactionary its unreal.

    We lost a game, we are lacking confidence.

    We win a game, confidence is back

    We lose the next game, confidence has dipped.

    We win a game, confidence is back

    You get the idea.

    He doesnt have the fairly basic brain capacity to understand that a team lacking quality will still win games, still beat some big teams, but lose way too often.

    he thinks when we win it proves we are great and when we lose its just a confidence blip.

    Someone shoot the cunt.

  10. Guns of Hackney


    Good players left to harvest: Wilshere, Sagna (although garbage now), Vermalen and Carzorla.

    More than enough to sell.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Just read that Ryo Miatchi (the guy from street fighter II) is undergoing ankle surgery and is out for the rest of the season.

    Even our on loan players are weak babies.

  12. TheBayingMob

    To be fair, I thought the same thing as Wenger said when I watched Flappyanski, I mean he looked a different player. Calling his defence out left right and centre. Good on him.

    What worries me, is that Arsene should have said this BEFORE the game; how he has changed in all aspects and with She-Shez-Nee on the tumble in terms of form and confidence, it’s time for Lukas to come in and raise his asking price a bit, but the way it’s come out, it looks like Arsene was as surprised as I was watching the TV! That doesn’t bode well …

    Vermaelen? Someone has to go in the summer, those books aren’t going to balance themselves are they!? Sagna and/or Vermaelen? TV hasn’t spent a large portion of the last three seasons nursing broken legs, so he’d bring the most cash in in terms of value, and as it’s rumoured it’s Barcelona doing the asking I’m sure we’ll just bend over, lube up and let them have him for half his real price; seeing as the plan at Arsenal is to have a decent first XI and a cast of thousands who are not good enough under that on bumper phat contracts, then it would make sense that we don’t want Kos and Verm, too similar.

  13. jun

    IMO buy 1 keeper max. Szczesny is really gifted. Just needs mentoring. With that being said, I don’t think AFC needs Begovic. 15m is way too much for a keeper since AFC needs to strengthen on a lot of positions. An experienced(30+) keeper would be better. Make him #1 for a couple of seasons then Szczesny can takeover afterwards. coyg

  14. WengersSweeties

    To be honest, I find our fans just as embarressing as the manager.

    We’ve sat there accepting this lunatic for seasons, The board have already told us the manager is accountable to the fans. Well, the fans should be giving him shit until he gets the message to leave…

    Support the team for 90+mins. then give the manager shit, even if we win.

    Fucking selfish cunt.

  15. Guns of Hackney


    Typical “it’ll be alright in the morning” attitude.

    Chesney is NOT gifted. £15m too much for a GK? Where have you been, boy? GK record stands at £30m for Buffon set about 12 years ago – £15m DOES get you a WC GK – like Lloris £12m…

    Stop making excuses and look at the facts.

  16. Kemp1886

    Wenger has implemented a socialist wage structure whilst paying himself the most.Does that make him a champagne socialist and if so,does that mean that he is just a skinny version of Bob Crow?

  17. Joppa Road

    Jun is another example of the Arsenal account type fan.

    Honestly, who gives a flying fuck if Begovic costs £15M or £25M? What I ask is this. Is he twice the GK we have already? Yes. Is he top quality in his position? Yes.

    That’s good enough for me, now sign him. But there is no way Wenger will. NO FKIN WAY IN THE WORLD. Why? Because he is a ready made player.


  18. gambon

    “I don’t think AFC needs Begovic. 15m is way too much for a keeper”

    What a terrible, terrible comment.

    I assume you would be happy to come 5th next season, just as long as we dont go and spend too much on a keeper?

    Quality is what matters, not price.

    Man Utd – destroying the PL – £18m keeper
    Juventus – destroying Serie A – £30m keeper
    Bayern – destroying Bundesliga – £25m keeper

  19. Carlos Da Jackal

    Unwilling to extend his stay at the Camp Nou, Arsenal need to move for Valdes now if they’re to secure the leader they’ve been desperately lacking at the back this season.

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Glad to see Wengers comments on Fabianski. Is it true? Much too early to tell, but it suggests Wenger is going to play him on saturday which will put some pressure on Szczesny.

    As someone who (from the outside certainly) seems to give his players too much of an easy ride, it’s good to see he’s keeping the pressure on a little. Time will tell whether he continues to do so

  21. Guns of Hackney

    Nasris mouth

    So do you think Arsene is finally doing his job after 8 years of mismanagement?

    Drop a shit GK for an even shitter GK.

    BLING: £7.5m please!!!!!

  22. nickfury

    What would be interesting (and to be honest, quite sickening!) is if the spuds win the Europa league and finish in the top 4! Wenger always maintains that finishing in the top 4 is all that matters, even at the expense of some trophys (FA Cup, capital one cup). So if these muppets from down the road win a trophy and finish in the top 4, it will show up Wenger for the twat that he is, but will also leave him with one less excuse he can use next season when we get our arses kicked by lower oppostion teams in the cup competitions.

  23. Joppa Road

    Arsenal fans won’t protest and the club know this. Maybe a few boos at the end of the game but as the board care about that.

  24. Pedro

    Gambon, not sure who is saying it’s all ok?

    Also not sure how you think it’s an irrelevance that Spurs have lost two on the bounce… and played 120 minutes.

    Joppa, we get it, we get it… you’re the only Arsenal fan who sees what’s going wrong at the club.

    Funny that you won’t protest… keyboard war lord… can’t be assed to protest though? Can’t you start a movement?

  25. ikon

    I think if we have 15 million more to spend we might as well spend it on a world class striker. Lucas Moura has to be looked at. A great great talent. Would take him even for 35 million.

  26. AJ

    wenger’s stubbornness has cost the team a lot. We should have picked Begovic up from Portsmouth, a good player on the cheap, we need a good keeper then and we need one(at least) even now.
    Really surprising how he has neglected one of our basic problems year after year.

  27. babakrdaemi

    I dont think Chesser has been average for two years. even this season he has put in some top performances earning us vital points.

    Also, Arsene may well have been discussing Fabianski’s mental state based on the months they spend together on the training ground as well as the game.

    A very harsh assessment of the goalkeepers in my opinion.

    Spot on with Vamealen. I think he could do a great job in DM, we blatantly need it and you are right he has all the ingredients.


  28. Globalgunner

    I love this club, and its fans. Must be some of the smartest people in Gods creation. So smart that we have invented a whole new dictionary and alphabet just for ourselves. In our world 1st and 4th place mean essentially the same thing.
    Failure is actually an anagram for measured success.
    Defending is something that only the weak do
    Scouting is for those who have no belief in their own abilities
    Mistakes are things that fate and referees have conspired to foist upon us. Not of our own making
    Wenger is the name of a man who descended from heaven to change the world as we know it. call his name and you will see the light
    Kroenke is that wise all father who is mostly invisible but sees all things and created the universe we live in.

  29. gambon


    The second Spurs beat us it was irrelevant as we ARE NOT catching them this season.

    I wouldnt have mattered if Liverpool had beaten Spurs 40-0, once we slipped to 7 behind it was game over.

  30. Joppa Road

    To bring more prestige to the Europa League (fair chance Arsenal will be playing in it next season) why don’t UEFA award and Champions League place to the winners? If they are already in the qualifying position in their league then give an extra place to that country.

    Would certainly add to the competition.

    Pedro, protest? Arsenal fans don’t protest do they? Take the BSM – not protesting against Wenger. Seriously? Why would I want to be part of that?

    Any other options?

  31. Joppa Road

    I have said Arsenal will cruise to top 4 (Dec 12). It might be a little more tough than I first thought.

  32. ardentgooner


    Start your own movement. Are you that weak? Get your ass off the chair and do something instead of banging on about other fans who dont protest. Get your act together, rope in some fans and march to the ground.

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Nasri’s mouth

    I have…I just haven’t given up posting on here!


    I disagree – I do think we will catch Spurs – to Arsenal’s future detriment, but none the less, I believe Arsene will get his fourth place. Shame.

  34. ikon

    Szczesny is good enough to be Number 1. But we need better defender than Vermaelen and more importantly better organisational and discipline in our defense.

  35. Joppa Road

    Give me a weekend to think it over. It would not be a protest movement as in marching to the ground. What is the point in that? Unless you can get 30,000 in the march and then not go to the game.

    One or two hundred marching on a match day just plays into the hands of Wenger and the board.

    My protest would be more social media related. I’ll have a think and if at the end of that thinking my idea seems like a load of old wank I’ll tell you.

  36. ardentgooner


    We will finish above Spurs for sure.

    However it is disgusting that fans are talking of finishing above them as some sort of achievement. Selling players every year, top players, has brought us to this level of ambition. Hope Usmanov or someone takes over and gets rid of the old board

  37. TheBayingMob

    PS “We should then bring in two keepers, an experienced head and someone like Begovic. We should do whatever we can to make him our number one this summer. He’s top quality, solid and he’s more than capable of keeping any club in a game.”

    This is just impossible, we could have had Begovic for peanuts off Pompey just before they tits up a few years ago, the Pompey fans were raving about him. But no. Why? Because he would have cost more than a kit kat and some lose change, there is no way Stoke are going to sell to us without a ridiculously high bid.

    Szczesny basically got the No.1 spot by saying he’d leave if he didn’t get it, so Wenger gave it to him, do you think he’s going to take a push down to No.3? Of course fucking not, would Begovic come and be No.2 behind an ‘experienced head’, not of course fucking not.

    Most of your posts are spot on, but this is dreamland, there’s only a few clubs that can do that. Barca and Real, because most players would go there just because they are Barca and Real and sit on the bench with dumb grin like they’re wives had just honoured the routine on Steak & Blowjob day.

    United, for similar reasons as the Spanish two, kudos. And Chelsea and City because they can buy loyalty.

    We have no kudos (any we did have is rapidly evaporating) and AW has squandered the wage bill to the extent where loyalty can not be bought on luxury players like three potential No.1 goal keepers.

    Agree on shipping out Flappy and Mannone, I was out in Porto when that cunt bundled the ball in from a weak dribbled cross, he should have been politely escorted from the club the next day; a new keeper and Szczesny walks because that’s the club that Wenger runs (no arguments, no disent).

    Wenger is fucking rubbish at keepers, rubbish!!

  38. Pedro

    Gambon, you said that last season…

    Joppa, start your own movement, stop bitching about other fans when you’re the worst type.

    All talk, no action…

  39. mystic

    Not totally sure which North London club will be on the up / down this weekend.

    Arsenal won a game, but lost the tie and were eliminated from European competition. Spuds lost a game, but won the tie and progressed.

    Still think Arsenal will get top 4, but where I thought they would do it through their own endeavours, it seems now more like a fixture pile up for the chavs and spuds will do the trick.

  40. Joppa Road

    Pedro. What is the fck is LeGrove for then, if you can’t express and opinion. You are as bad (if not worse) than Wenger with the way you carry on.

    Throwing bans around like confetti, censoring what people can say.

    Where is SDE? Why has his ban been for over two months now?


  41. Skinnywill

    There seems to be two extreme types of Arsenal fans these days, those who think Wenger can do no right and those that think he can do no wrong. What worries me most is those that are becomming indifferent and losing interest as they are the ones that will ultimately cost the club the most as the two extreme types of supporters will always follow the club.

    I like to hope for the best and have a positive outlook on life so I hope we can finish 4th as I enjoy the Champions League and watching some top teams at the Emirates, I hope that Wenger will either change or leave and also hope that we bring in some exiting players this summer. I agree that past occurences do not point to the 2nd two happening but I would rather think positively and be disappointed than never be satisfied.

  42. Pedro

    Joppa, sure, vent all you like on here… but don’t bitch about other fans when you’re doing precisely fuck all.

    Gambon, I’ll try and see light in any situation. I couldn’t be an Arsenal fan if I didn’t enjoy watching Spurs lose against Inter. I couldn’t be a season ticket holder if my outlook was that it’s going to be total shite.

    Selling Robin would have been fine if we’d bought a decent replacement.

  43. Segun

    Wenger believes competition will kill Szc career, so forget any world class goalie. And Isco? I’m ur dreams! Wenger has to be most fickle man dead or alive.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    I think most Arsenal fans are somewhere in the middle, (like every group cross-section) but they tend to be less vocal

  45. Pedro

    … and there’s not much sense in keeping a player who doesn’t want to be at your club, however you want to paint it.

  46. ardentgooner


    Most fans the year before last wanted him sold because of his injuries.

    And not buy a similar player was a mistake. Selling him would have been fine had we gone out and bought a better striker.

  47. gambon

    Right, Gold Cup day is here, and once again the mighty gambon is going to throw money away.

    Although some may remember that I won a fair bit this time last year.

    My tips for the day ( £5m e/w plus £5 accumulator e/w)

    1.30 – Rolling Star
    2.05 – Ifandbutwhynot
    2.40 – Aaim to prosper
    3.20 – Sir Des Champs
    4.00 – Tricky Trickster
    4.40 – Village Vic
    5.15 – Anquetta

  48. gambon


    Your point?

    He wasnt when i said it.

    Im just about the only Arsenal fan that lives in the present, where as you AKBs spend all your time in the past & future.

  49. Leedsgunner

    Both Chezzer and TV5 should be kept… they have the ingredients to be top top players but they have failed themselves and they have been failed by this manager. How has he failed them?

    1. By telling them self belief and self confidence is what you need to be a great player. Self belief and self confidence only come after great performances and sadly, especially in the past three seasons how many great performances has the Arsenal provided? Sure, the team came up to the plate in individual games where results didn’t matter (eg. this past Wednesday and last year in Milan) but the team has crumbled consistently when there was any real pressure to produce.

    2. By not providing any meaningful competition in the team. Therefore, mediocre performances are tolerated and persisted with because simply the squad as a whole is not of sufficient depth for the established first teamers to feel the need to “up their game” to keep their place. There is no other alternative for the team to go to when the first XI are in a poor state of form.

    3. By making it clear that “fourth is a trophy” you send out a signal to your players, rivals, management that the bare minimum is expected rather than the expectation to win. You invite those who want to coast rather than those who want to be champions. Those who want to be champions are driven out to look elsewhere (RvP).

    Chezzer and TV5 should be kept and Pedro is right all they need is better coaching but they will never progress under this manager. He is too stubborn, stagnant and stuck in the past to bring the change that our club needs.

    He might spend big this summer. No matter, because of his methods whoever he brings in will lose their desire and skill. Look at Arshavin and Oxo – under another another manager I guarantee you that they would be world beaters.

    Sad isn’t?

  50. Moray

    It’s all so frustrating and depressing at the moment.

    We won’t shell out for Isco unless we can jew Malaga down to about 10m.

    Vermaelen is a perfect example of a 10m pound player. Good in patches, but makes mistakes and isn;t quite there. His goalscoring in the past has covered up his frailties as a defender, but really they are two sides of the same coin (positional awareness). Kozzer too. Also, I would rate Theo in the 10-12m bracket, were he not English.

    In fact, our team is full of these middling players. You pay what you get these days, and Wenger has no insider information from previous jobs to call upon.

    If we keep persisting with mediocrity, then we will continue to be a 4th-5th placed team who goes out of the CL/Euros as soon as we meet a decent side.

    This is unacceptable, given our salary bill and ticket prices. What is even more unacceptable, however, is our team’s complete lack of balls and lack of basic tactical nous. If you assemble a mediocre side with limited abilities, you must sure as hell drill and coach them effectively and instil some fight (like we had when Wenger took over).

    Sad to say but the manager took the path of least resistance, avoiding any conflict in the dressing room and putting the players before the club.

    It’s a wonder we got this far before it all fell apart, but I guess the continual failures of Spuds and Liverpool masked our steady decline (as well as our getting very lucky indeed!)

    Depressing. I can almost not bear to watch any more.

  51. Joppa Road

    Ardent. You and Pedro are still missing the point when you say ‘we just never replaced him’.


    There are only two other strikers better than him in the world FFS! Messi and Ronaldo. How could we replace him?

    So dumb selling him and to a rival in the same league!? Astonishing.

    Pedro has also said we have improved this season.

    Santos is better than Baines.

    Saureaz isn’t world class.

    And then slagged me off for wanting Barton and Shawcross to cement fourth (not title challenge – 4th).

    I speak the truth.

  52. Kurt F

    So, this summer we need to buy:

    An experienced GK
    A good CB
    A top quality DM
    A world class striker.

    Just like we have done every fucking summer for the last 3 years.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Honestly I should be Chief Arsenal scout – I pointed out Isco before Cazorla was even a twinkle in Wenger’s eye.

  54. Nasri's Mouth

    Joppa: And then slagged me off for wanting Barton and Shawcross

    I think you just blew your argument just there…

  55. Doublegooner


    The ‘ Clearout’ should start with Wenger.

    He apparently doesn’t work well with his coach. I’ve heard a story that he & Brady may have had disagreements that lead to Liam not wanting to continue.

    Wenger IS old hat.

    The longer he stays, current decent players will wasted & more money will be wasted on below average players in the summer.

  56. mystic

    As uncertain as I am regarding Szc and the need that I think Arsenal have to get a goalkeeper, the biggest fear I have is that with real competition the young pole will want out and therefore with the impending loss of both Flappy and Mannone, all the money will be spent in one area, which is not what will get Arsenal back into any sort of decent shape.

    What a fucking cock-up. If Wenger had sorted this out years ago we would potentially only be talking a limited mess.

  57. Joppa Road

    Not for 4th I didn’t Nasri. This was the team I wanted.




    Subs: Jenks, Gibbs, Giroud, Ox, Szch, Rosicky, Kos

    Certainly better than what we have now.

  58. Hunter

    Your Comment Here
    THE most depressing news today is that Wenger has absolutely NO intention of resigning before his contract runs out in 2014(the end of).So whatever we say or do will mean NOTHING to him.His pride might be hurt but his overall principles remain in place.To him,he is God,he decides our future and sod everyone else.You can protest all you want but it wont make any difference,we are stuck with him for at least another year so guys deal with it!
    As for fabianski,i am all for giving him a chance,surely he can do no worse than the other two waste of spaces and we have no other options other than our youth GK.
    Vermaalen,is one of our biggest dissapointments of the season so far but I think giving him the captaincy ruined him,he obviously isn’t coached and the responsibility of captain has definately unsettled him but i would most definately KEEP him,but surround him with better partners or stick him in midfield,he loves to go forward and attack,has scored some pretty awesome goals earlier in his AFC career,but will also defend,so why not try him in midfield anyone can see its worth a bash?
    I thought that Isco was the guy who was worried about moving countries because of homesickness,i am sure in the the media reports last summer that it was the sole reason he wouldn’t leave Malaga,family ties and all that crap,so i dont see much hope of him anyway and definately not at 30 million euros,we must remember that Wenger dosent pay more than 17 million euros for anyone so i cant see him breaking the bank on Isco !!
    swansea are our next hurdle and lets face it chaps it wont be easy,but i expect us to come away with at least a draw,but if he is playing Michu will have to be watched,particuarly the scoring form he has been in this season.
    Finally i am fed up slating WENGER its pointless,i hate the man for what has happened over several seasons now but have come to accept regardless what we say ,nothing is going to change,we just have to live with it.The board are as much to blame as he is and Gazidis is just a mouthpiece of Kronke.The team dosen’t deserve to be booed or slated anymore,this season is over for us so we should just get behind the team and support them as best we can.We have to accept that mediocre players are all we are going to get,NO marquee ones and even more unknown youngsters from every point of the compass with hope that one or two might eventually break through to the fringes of the first team only to be sold for mega bucks in time.that is our fate,we have had the good years and now the cycle has set in for some pretty bleak ones.we have been lucky in the past our scouting networks hoovered up lots of unknown talent but now everyone has wised up they too scour the planet for promising youth but the difference is at times when they have to really dig deep and pay the marquee price,they do it,we dont its as easy as that.So lets carry on paying the highest season ticket prices in the land,not spending our cash mountain,keep our twat of a manager,board and owner and continue to sell our best players,still think 4th is a trophy and celebrate the building of an Empire.OR give up our support for club and badge totally.Somehow I dont think that will ever happen as its in our blood.SAD SAD days,oh to be oh to be oh to be a GOONER!!!!

  59. Ric

    gambonMarch 15, 2013 09:51:58

    I’ll second that oppinnon. Rather sad really.

    I mean they are still in a competition after all.

  60. Nasri's Mouth


    Apart from not being very good, both Barton and Shawcross would be a nightmare to integrate into the team. Signing them would be really really dumb

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    And why do people bang on about Vermaelen in midfield. He’s a central defender. Either play him there or don’t play him.

  62. ardentgooner


    Cavani, Lavezzi Falcao Llorente Suarez etc could all have done well to replace RVP. And they are equally adept at scoring brilliant goals etc.

    Sad part is we never made a genuine attempt to replace RVP

  63. Gunner2301


    Obviously not much newsworthy. Isco for 30mill will never happen even if we had half a billion stashed away so no Isco while Wenger is around.

    TV was shit long before the captaincy ever rested on his shoulders and this has been goin on too long to say its a dip in form. Truth is he’s being carried which is a disgrace for a captain. Worst Arsenal captain in living memory.

    We’re not a team who can afford to be carrying players that’s partly what’s holding us back. We need to get rid while we can still get money for him and bring in someone commanding at the back. All top teams have a commanding CB and all top teams have captains who can drive the team forward. Not us though. A sign of the decline and dumbing down where TV should still have a career with us. What would Tony Adams say?

  64. Leedsgunner

    Forget it people RvP in the form he was in was irreplaceable. AFC had two choices:

    1. Let him go on a free (which was never going to happen because Silent Stan needed ANOTHER 3000 acre ranch last summer).
    2. Support RvP in his demand for quality players to supply him and signal an intent of ambition. Sadly this was not going to happen either for two reasons – see (1) above and Wenger would not tolerate another strong character at the club. He needs to be unrivalled and unquestioned.

    Therefore what the club should have done was to sign three consistent EPL performers to plug the gap in goals left by RvP (my choices would have been Odemwingle, Ba and Dempsey) but what the club chose to do was to recruit the French Emile Heskey — granted he is a hard worker and a team player and he has the height we need but a finisher he is not.

  65. Pedro

    Suarez was one of the worst finishers in the league last year Joppa…

    All these comments you’re attributing to me… you never seem to be able to find?

    … and shit me… Barton and Shawcross. I know you’ve got a bit of an EDL agenda, but come on… those two?

    Fucking hell…

  66. Ric

    PedroMarch 15, 2013 11:00:28

    Not to add fuel to the fire here, but Gambon is dead right on this, AFC fans are as fickle as ten year old school girls. Promise them a pony and they’ll hold on to papa’s hand for dear life.

    Pedro you can say whatever the helle you like about Gambin but unlike you he has a sole defining characteristic: He is consistent, you are not. In fact I do believe you are one of the more populistic people I have ever chatted with. You conform to the prevailing oppinion on here every day. Gambon on the other hand truly hates Arsene with a justified and understandable passion.
    Which of you have more in store for Arsenal I do not know, nor care.

    But to say one of you is somehow a better fan than the other is absolutely meaningless, especially as you both pale in my shadow. 😉

  67. Mayank

    Suarez is better than Cavani. Suearez is probably going to end up with the golden boot this season.

    He should be available end of season but way over our price and ambition range.

  68. Pedro

    Ric, no offence intended here, but that little love letter you wrote Gambon there is one of the most cringe worthy things I’ve seen on Le Grove ever.

    As for populist view points, I’m not quite sure where you’ve got that from. Only from you and a couple of others on here do I get that sort of comment… I don’t think anyone outside here would say I’m populist.

    As for consistency… I’m a football fan. I’m allowed to change my opinion. That’s what you do as a fan. That’s what you do in life. If you had the same opinion all the time, you’d end posting the same things all the time, then you’d become boring Ric… like your comments actually.

  69. Nasri's Mouth

    Suarez is having a brilliant season, but you’d have got pretty good odds on him getting the golden boot in the summer.

    Maybe he’ll continue this form next season, maybe he’ll return to last seasons form.

  70. bek

    “Quality is what matters, not price”.

    but you just listed massive figures and destruction of a league. It means price matters.

  71. Arsenal 1886-2006

    “I’ll be keeping this tame today, mainly because I fell off a bin last night and I’ve damaged my arm…”

    Stealing knickers off a washing line doesn’t come without it’s risks.

  72. Pedro

    Gambon, I didn’t believe this Jesus thing… but fuck me, I think you’ve got yourself a disciple there. One that might let you touch him if you asked nicely.

  73. gambon


    Clearly not, Barca & Madrid for example.

    the point is you find the best keeper for the job, whether thats £1m or £24m.

    Wenger doesnt, he finds the cheapest unknown he can then prays to Jimmy Savile that he will come good.

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    can you define ‘type’ ?

    Because I might agree with you. We DO need the type of player who can get under the opponents skin. Can put in a proper tackle and can pass too.

    But that’s as far as it goes really. While we may need that type of player, signing one that actually IS Barton would be a mistake. He’s had to go to France to get a game because no-one in England will touch him

  75. Mayank


    Absolutely not. Barton would be a big step back in terms of ambition if that’s even possible.

    We need a technically solid DM who can handle the physical side unlike Arteta.

    We play a high line and will continue to do so for some time even if Wenger leaves. A technically weak DM would make that a disaster. Song needed technical assistance from Arteta all the time and he’s better than Barton.

    I wouldn’t mind a Diame type but we should be going for a Busquets type.

  76. Danny

    Of course we’ll sell Vermaelen in the summer, every year we sell our captain – too bad Diaby has never been captain…….

  77. Guns of Hackney

    This has descended into chaos…

    Le Grove is losing altitude…PULL UP, PULL UP, PULL UP.

    Weird how people on here claim to be Arsenal fans but spit horrible bile towards the team and manager. I don’t get it.

  78. Ric

    gambonMarch 15, 2013 11:58:07

    Apparently so.

    Pedro: “As for consistency… I’m a football fan. I’m allowed to change my opinion.”

    Yeah but could we at least get it week to week or month to month? Because this day to day shit is killing me 😉

  79. mystic

    Nasri / Mayank
    Ideally it needs to be someone with PL experience.

    As I said I don’t like Barton, but his attitude of ball and player will not both go past me is something sorely lacking at Arsenal.

    Frankly I would prefer a player more in the mould of Nigel De Jong, but Wenger would only look for someone on the cheap and certainly wouldn’t try to entice a player away from a big club – what has he got to offer anyway (Wages, no. Realistic chance of silverware, no. Progressive football team, no….)

  80. Leedsgunner

    Danny @1205

    ha, ha spot on… followed by Denilson, Squillaci, Chamakh, Fabianski…. etc. why do we only make captains the players we shouldn’t sell? Do they need it for their CVs? Incompetent man management at its best.

  81. WengersSweeties

    Right, Gold Cup day is here, and once again the mighty gambon is going to throw money away.Although some may remember that I won a fair bit this time last year.My tips for the day ( £5m e/w plus £5 accumulator e/w)1.30 – Rolling Star
    2.05 – Ifandbutwhynot
    2.40 – Aaim to prosper
    3.20 – Sir Des Champs
    4.00 – Tricky Trickster
    4.40 – Village Vic
    5.15 – Anquetta


    Just laid that on with Paddy Power.

    it better come in.

  82. gambon

    Lol, i apologise in advance Wengers Sweeties, ive not won on a horse since this day last year.

    I did win £300 and £1200 on footie accumulators though, so my lucks in.

  83. Guns of Hackney


    they’re not horses – Gambon made those up.

    Or, they are Arsenal’s new targets.

  84. Ric

    PedroMarch 15, 2013 12:02:35

    And oh my are we maybe a bit touchy today Peddie?

    You know I’d have a lot less problems with calling you consistent if not for the fact that I sometimes see you literally word for word copy my post game comments into your articles. Even some of the notions I earlier perceived you to be against. I think the Spurs game may have been one such recent instance, if you crave an example.

    Hence I feel fairly effing safe when I call you a populist. And really as a writer churning out articles everyday it is no great shame in resorting to a bit of “Vox populi” to soothe the masses. But you would do well to at least admit it to yourself man.

  85. WengersSweeties

    Some of you lot are utterly pathetic. Le Grove is certainly not Pro Wenger, if it was I wouldn’t bother reading it.

    And was this hoping Arsenal lose shit as well, completely embarressing.

    Wenger wasn’t sacked as losing to Birmingham in the CC final, or 8-2 to Utd, or 4-3 to Blackburn, or 4-0 to Milan.

    Hoping Arsenal lose because you think Wenger will be sack is the most backwards thing ive ever read on here.

    We need to finish in the top 4 dickheads so that when that insane cunt eventually does go we will have a manager with extra funds to properly improve us.

  86. salparadisenyc

    Top post. Pedro is throwing stones today, I like it.

    Begovic is exactly the type of keeper we need, a commander of the box so to speak. I must say that has been one of my main goals in life as well.

    When we went jn for Cazorla some on here were calling for us to sign Isco as well, shame we did not cause he is surely out of our reach at this point unless we have a massive restructure of spending this summer.

  87. Ric

    WengersSweetiesMarch 15, 2013 12:33:46

    I don’t hope we loose but I’m certaintly not dumb enough to think anything will change if we don’t. You are celebrating a car crash everyweek, I’m sick of it.

  88. WengersSweeties


    March 15, 2013 12:26:12

    Lol, i apologise in advance Wengers Sweeties, ive not won on a horse since this day last year.

    Could have told me that before i parted with my tenner.

    Anyway… maybe you save your luck for the last day…..

    You better had.

  89. WengersSweeties


    March 15, 2013 12:37:07

    You are celebrating a car crash everyweek, I’m sick of it.


    Go fuck yourself.

    Who said I’m celebrating. I just don’t hate my club like you do.

  90. Doublegooner

    Nasri’s Mouth

    That story about Brady and Wenger doesn’t make much sense

    Why doesn’t it make sense ?

    How about a possible scenario that Brady may have been getting exasperated that kids were all getting loaned out & not given a chance of the 1st team. A story out there he rates Eisfeld highly and thinks he’ll get frustrated never being played.

  91. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed, Wenger isn’t going to get sacked, and he certainly wont resign, as some people have vainly hoped on here.

  92. Nasri's Mouth


    Because if he was pissed at Wenger, why would he stay on till the end of next season when Wenger may well be leaving anyway ?

  93. Guns of Hackney

    wengers sweeties

    you were doing okay…and then you posted that. if we finish top four, it’s job done and wenger will get another contract and that can’t happen.

  94. WengersSweeties

    The point is lads, Arsenal losing makes no difference.

    Wenger will see out his contract in my opinion and he might lose every game until 2014, but he wont leave until he decides to.

    In fact, dropping out of the top 4 could be worse, he might decide to stay on until he gets us back there.

    2014, and he’ll be gone, win lose or draw.

  95. Doublegooner

    Wenger dropping Vermaelen is showing another trait that he’s frustrated & perhaps hardened up.

    Problem I see is the players or a few of them, don’t believe in his methods.

    You can put your house on any interview he does that it’ll include the words; ‘spirit, quality, mental strength’.

    I’m bored of listening to him. I think many of the players are too.

  96. lord snotty

    Another year of f***ing Wenger?! NO NO NO I can’t stand any more of it! Get me out of here! I shall go and watch Brentford until the paedo c**t has left our club, and the ground has been decontaminated.


  97. Ric

    Fuck it we may as well loose every game from now until next year, rest assured come january first, if we manage to peg one past another rival then Wenger sweeties et al will be lined up outside of the Emirates with their butts in the air waiting for wengers approval. 😉

  98. Pedro

    Ric, lose has one ‘o’…

    Wanting your team to lose is embarrassing. Regardless of what good you think will come of it.

  99. Ric

    WengersSweetiesMarch 15, 2013 13:00:08
    “In fact, dropping out of the top 4 could be worse, he might decide to stay on until he gets us back there.”

    How utterly inane is that? Even if true, what the fuck does that say about the team you support when you accept that they willfully continue to do the same mistakes? What does it say about you as a person?

    Your like a battered wife, completely in acceptance that you’ll get a smack later, why? Well you should have known he wouldn’t like other men to see you in that dress…

    This is effing Stockholm ssyndrome or some shit.

  100. Nasri's Mouth


    WS understands (correctly) that Wenger will neither resign or be sacked before his contract finishes. The battered wife can’t walk out the door, because her husband has her chained up in the basement.