Fabianski should start but he shouldn’t stay | Isco for £30million | #SpiralOfNegativity hitting Spurs

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Morning, I’ll be keeping this tame today, mainly because I fell off a bin last night and I’ve damaged my arm… typing is tough, but don’t worry people… I’ll soldier on. For you.

In the news today, we’re mostly talking about the keeper and the captain situation. Fabianksi is being considered for the Swansea game on Saturday which is good news for the squad. Wenger had this interesting quote about him…

“He has changed a lot, there has been a complete mental transformation in Lukasz’s attitude,”

“He is more vocal, has more authority and mentally he absorbs the pressure of the game much better.

Errr… what? How has the manager deduced that after one game? Quite amazing. I mean, if Wenger was a salesman, he’d be the grottiest estate agent in the land. I’m cool with Fabianski continuing. Szeceney has been totally average for two seasons now and I still can’t spell his name. He’s quite similar to Almunia in that way. Could do most of the basics well, but would rarely save you when it mattered. I watched Handovic last night against Spurs, he pulled off some spectacular saves… a really solid keeper. Admittedly he spilled the shot in extra time… but throughout the game, he did things both our keepers rarely do… make great saves.

Fabianski is not the future number one of Arsenal. He’ll always be too erratic to take that shirt number. He should be moved on with Mannone this summer. We need a total clear out. We should then bring in two keepers, an experienced head and someone like Begovic. We should do whatever we can to make him our number one this summer. He’s top quality, solid and he’s more than capable of keeping any club in a game.

The other player who is rumoured to be on his way out is Thomas Vermaelen. Another man broken by the captaincy at Arsenal. I think it’d be a serious shame to ship him on. He has all the raw ingredients to be a good player. He just needs to be coached. The mistakes he makes are always the same, just beat them out of him… flogging him on seems unnecessary. I’m amazed Wenger has never considered him in defensive midfield. He’s great on the ball, pretty good in the air, mobile as you like and tenacious. Surely he’d cover more ground than Arteta? A manager who has no shame in putting Nik Bendtner on the wing can see the potential for Vermaelen (If you ask spell checker to look up his name it comes back with venereal) to move up into a less pressurised role?

Anyway. I don’t want Vermaelen to move on. He’s made of the right stuff and I think he has a genuine love for the club.

Final piece of news is about Arsenal and their interest in Isco. I like his name, so that’s a very f*cking good start. I also like his play. He has the stunning control, he has the Cesc like knack of finding space… but he’s also pretty good at moving with the ball. A real superstar and we’re being linked with a £30m move. We can’t leave Malaga alone can we? We’re like the fox that just discovered an unguarded chicken coop. We’ve already had a fat serving of cheap chicken, but it just tastes too good not to go back.

Isco is better than the chicken we’ve got in the side at the moment. If KFC did finest… Isco would be on that menu. He’d be a real signing of intent. I’d be shocked if we landed him, but over the moon. Malaga seem to like doing business with us, so it can’t be ruled out.

Final piece… and when I say final this time, I’m not playing with you. I’m being real here…. is that Spurs lost a three goal lead last night against Inter Milan. Hilarious because William Gallas had a hand in the third goal. Anyway, they’ve entered the #SpiralofNegativity, which is superb. Sure they won in the end, but that was after 120 grueling minutes. They’ll be ruined after that, which is perfect. Ruined, and on a downer. Losing two on the trot is not good for jangly nerves heading into the home straight of the season… plus, they have another two euro games to contend.

Right… have a blisteringly superiffic day and guys and gals, please, don’t worry about my arm, it’ll be ok.


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  1. geekpie

    Fabianski deserves a run at keeper. I’d stick with him for the next few games. Then after that a decision can be made. Arteta is impressed with him. Check the Guardian.

  2. leon

    sorry if verm i would be to sorry the simple fact he is not as good as people thought he was clearly is no leader dont get me wrong he ok defender but no were close to being on the level of vince kompany and the same could be said about the other 2 cbs. i found there a pretty huge difference in level between a 5-10 mill signing and 15-25 mill signing if vince kompany was available now he would cost at least 20.most arsenal players are ok average far from the worst but far from the best

  3. Ric

    I mean the entire world of football is actually using us as the punchline for their jokes, yet you are just blissfully ignorant.

    I actually heard a tv presenter joke about the spurs backline last night that it almost was as bad as ours. That was in Norway.

    Internationally we are a laughing stock.

    Remember that the next time you celebrate another defeat like Bayern.

    And then remember how classy we are.

  4. Pedro

    The joke of world football… we just beat Bayern Munich 2-0 away from home… and we’re the joke of world football.

    You do chat some absolute breeze Ric…

  5. Ric

    PedroMarch 15, 2013 13:48:15
    The joke of world football… we just beat Bayern Munich 2-0 away from home… and we’re the joke of world football.You do chat some absolute breeze Ric…

    Go on bragg about safing a loss Pedro please go ahead.

  6. mystic

    ‘How utterly inane is that? Even if true, what the fuck does that say about the team you support when you accept that they willfully continue to do the same mistakes?’
    So there are morons running the club right now, you might think the next lot are morons as well, the assumption is who ever follows will be better (though a pretty reasonable assumption given the shit in charge at the moment).

    If you want to wish bad on the club when there are things you don’t like, be prepared in case it is a long haul because you aren’t any happier with what follows.

    Fuck off Kroenke. fuck off PHW, fuck off Wenger. Fingers crossed the next lot are better.

  7. Dan Ahern

    Isco for 30m? Jesus Christ. If I weren’t so lazy I’d dig up my posts from last summer urging us to buy him. Talent is talent, and even somebody like me just watching him in games here and there can tell. It was a shame we didn’t move for him, but a bigger shame now. Because now we’ll probably offer 12m at best, and he’ll become another one of those patented AW “I almost signed X” stories when he’s winning a league somewhere.

    Anyway, hope you get better soon, Pedro. I always thought you were a Londoner, not a bin dipper.

  8. jani

    @ Jun re: “Szczesny is really gifted.”

    I just don’t get what people see about him that is so prodigiously special.
    Gifted at what exactly? A big OFF-FIELD personality?

    There’s nothing special about his shot stopping talent and ability, his distribution is abysmal, he’s alarmingly poor with shots from distance (even average ones), he’s jittery and nervous with his command of the box, he’s slow and slow to get down, he has regular lapses of concentration, cannot organize or instill confidence in a defence…

    What about Szczesny suggests he’s gifted? Just that he’s young and was given a chance at AFC (a chance that he wouldn’t have gotten at any other top club)?

    Oh right, yes it’s his super-duper self confidence..: 2 things about that.:
    1) His head drops just like the rest of our mentally weak squad when things get tough.
    2) It really doesn’t matter how confident he is if he is still shite. Nik Bendtner has all the self-belief and confidence and arrogance in the world, even more than WS, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s shite. And neither does WS’s “confidence”.

    His “confidence” doesn’t result in rebounding in a super fashion after a bad individual or team mistake and rally his troops and inspiring them by example with great play, rather his much heralded “confidence” leads to things like thinking he’s Pele and trying to dribble or turn an onrushing striker and getting himself in all sorts of trouble. There’s nothing positive about his type of confidence.

    He doesn’t need to be “pushed or challenged” he simply isn’t that good, and hasn’t shown ANYTHING to remotely suggest he’ll be anymore but at very best an average solid PL level keeper, he doesn’t need pushing, he needs pushing out, along with the rest of the jokers we have for keepers.

    Keepers rarely go for big money, you simply don’t regularly hear about keepers going for 20M or anything like that. And the thing is keepers tend to have a long shelf life, and if done correctly and purchasing a quality keeper say in the mid-late 20s range, that 15 M (or slightly more than one Oxlade Chamberlain) that a top keeper may cost, can settle arguably one of the most if not most key position on the field for 10 years.

  9. Ric

    I’ll make you a wager;

    I’ll bet you a beer this will go alot worse before it gets better and he’ll be gone before autumn.

    Down with that?

  10. Evan

    *We are a selling club that makes us a joke
    *Out of all competitions again (Joke)
    *Gervinho is Africa’s best player (Joke)
    *Every Wenger interview (joke)
    *Deadwood contract extensions (Joke)
    *Stan, Ivan (joke)

    We are not feared anymore, making us a joke.

  11. Yippee Kai Yay

    btw, is this same fabianski who conceded 4 in the U21 game against spurs only a few weeks ago?

    Exactly what mental processes has he gone through to now be considered Number 1?

  12. Ric

    mysticMarch 15, 2013 13:53:52

    Truthfully my fingers aren’t even crossed.
    I KNOW WE CAN DO BETTER! Even with what we have, thats why I’ve previusly joked about how even Ole Gunnar Solskjaer could win with us.
    The foundations and infrastructure at Arsenal is world class, our manager and board of directors are not. And it is simply just the apathy and general complacency within our own fans that has allowed this rot to fester as it has.

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    If Wenger is sacked before the start of next season, I’ll admit I was wrong. If he’s not, then you admit you were wrong.

    Fair enough ?

  14. Ric

    Bush GoonerMarch 15, 2013 14:14:07

    We found the higgs-boson… so hypothethically we might be able to one day go back in time and stop Dein from ever leaving.

    PS. Nice yelling at you as always, peace out.

  15. Eric

    Isco is fabulous, but £30m is a bit too much. I’d go with 20 at most. We’e not shot in his position.I’d prefer a clinical striker with physical presence for such amount.

  16. mystic

    My point is the next guys to run the club could be in the vein of say the Venkys at Blackburn, or this guy who owns Malaga.

    I think things will get better as Arsenal are a decent proposition for many out there, but this are still some morons lurking that might even make us wish to have Kroenke back (fuck me they would have to be bad!!).

  17. Leedsgunner

    Gambon @1206

    The size of your arse and your gob doesn’t count… despite your (mostly) coherent arguments 😉

  18. Bush Gooner

    Right. Beer time now and maybe a cheeky visit to the Griffin for the afternoon matinee 🙂

    Wenger will probably recall TV and WS on sat to replace our world class keeper Fabianski and Kos. If thats the case then it will hard for us. if not, happy days.


    WENGER OUT!!!!

  19. Aussie Aaron

    wengersweeties has said the best thing ive read in the comments for a while… “Support the team for 90+mins. then give the manager shit, even if we win.” it just makes so much sense. wenger needs to go.

    gambon your quote ” he is so reactionary its unreal.”… i just couldnt believe how true that was, and how no one else has said it. my god. thanks for the good reading.

  20. Pedro

    Ric… the point isn’t the loss… the point is, that to beat Bayern away from home would indicate you’re not a laughing stock of football.

  21. SPiTZBLiTZ

    Got to agree with Pedro, we are a bit shit currently but winning 2-0 away from home against one of the best teams in Europe suggests we are not the laughing stock of football.

  22. JJ

    I wouldn’t say that our keepers don’t make great saves… It is more that we don’t make the easy saves. Sneezy is horrible at saving long range shots, punching away from danger and general kicking.

    Flappy is terrible at set pieces and his general kicking is poor.

    Even Almunia was a pretty good shot stopper but could not command the box either and was prone to howlers.

  23. JJ

    Ahhh yes…. Malaga….. The same Malaga that we stole Cazorla and Monreal from… The same Malaga that is still in the Champions League… I wonder what Cazorla and Monreal are thinking now…

  24. JJ

    Giroud – “We need to be mentally strong”…

    and the brainwashing continues. Sometimes I wonder whether we even practice with a football. I see the team sitting cross-legged in a circle holding hands with eyes shut repeating the words “mentally strong, handbrake off, qualiteee…”

  25. vicky

    From where has these rumors of TV5 and Chesney sprung up? well they might not be top players but at they are much better than at least ten other players in our team who do fuck all. Seems like Wenger has yet again identified two players for his annual ritual in the summer.

    And Isco for 30m? We grovers are not that fool,are we?

  26. Bush Gooner

    Cannot wait for the annual Arsenal clearout.

    On offer…

    Reduced to clear (Buy one get one free)
    “Soiled” Nicklas Bendtner
    “Greased up” Chamakh

    Bargain Basement….

  27. WengersSweeties

    Arsenal will have a big clear out this summer. that’s for sure.

    First of all a few are at the end of their contracts….Squid, Arshavin…Denilson..etc..

    Then, I can see us selling one or two… I can also see Rosicky going as well.

    It’ll be good looking at realistic manager replacements next season.

    If PSG do take Wenger this (Because they want a French manager at the club next season) summer I’d swap them for Ancelotti. He’s been around forever but he’s only early 50s. You could get 10 years good service from him and he showed at Milan that he’s capable of sticking a job out long term.

    Also we lack football men, so to add Leonardo would be great.

    De Boer and Bergkamp coming would be great. a shared philosophy, a link with the fans and club in Bergkamp and, in their own right, two very fine footballers. however, they obviously haven;t had a chance to gain a proper managerial pedigree but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t get things moving and be a success.

  28. S Asoa

    Talking of Bayern game what the chance that like everyone Wenger saw a 6-1 overall drubbing and delegated Bould to do the match preparation. Looks like it from the manner Bould was involved after a long time. If things had gone as expected downhill Wenger would hsve had his fall guy.
    Agree Vermalean has the potential just like so many others to bloom . Only awaiting the absence of the nervous frenching .
    Wenger Out

  29. Johnny5

    Nice post Pedro only just got to read it.

    Agree that a clear out is on the cards we’ve got a few players out of contract. Rumours are that sagna poldi and verm are likely to go and I wouldn’t put it past theo to go if we don’t make top 4. If we shift a couple of benchwarmers too we could have a huge transfer budget and bring in some quality players.

    I’d like to think this will be wengers last season. You’d think he’d want to go out on top.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Signings are irrelevant in my opinion honestly.

    With Wenger in charge it doesn’t matter.

    The best we could hope for is that he signs a defensive general at the back who commands the defence himself, a hard tackling ball winner in the middle who is just naturally tenacious and can’t have it trained out of him.

    A creative spark who is going to push on like Fabregas did.

    An a goal getter who is naturally attuned to chances and the taking of them.

    We need players who don’t need Wenger essentially.

  31. Dan Ahern

    By “a clearout is coming” I think you guys mean “the papers need a story so they’ll say a clearout is coming”. We have some expiring contracts, but what evidence is there that this is the window the club gets serious? Pardon my lost faith, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, all I hear is, “Wolf!”

  32. Johnny5


    Exactly man. You hit the nail on the head. I feel that you get those qualities when you buy better players. They usually are at the top of their game, know exactly what’s expected and get on with it. Those kinds of players don’t need wenger. Like the invincibles team they didn’t need coaching they were collectively the bollocks and did what was needed to win. They would often leave everything on the pitch. Those are the kinds of players we need.

  33. Alex James

    All our three main keepers are poor. Don’t trust any of them. This from a man who watched the classy Jack Kelsey, Bob Wilson, David S and even Jens. Great keepers equal great teams. The first duty of a class manager is to secure a top keeper. Our manager has opted to persevere with our poor bunch. Goodness knows how poor our goalie coach must be, when our keepers make mistake after mistake. But of course Wenger probably coaches than as well.

  34. paul mc daid

    Well said Alex,Wenger is clueless ,GG rewarded Big Johns 28 clean sheets by going out and buying Seaman,brillant management.

  35. Alex James

    Paul Forgot about John. You are quite right. John was better than any of our current lot. He did the business at Anfield in 89, and yet was ditched when DS became available. All three keepers at Spurs are better than ours. I just cannot fathom Wenger out. And I don’t want Valdes or Reina either. Bit of a problem really

  36. paul mc daid

    Huge problem Alex,have to build from the back,always need a good foundation, cant believe it when Reina gets mentioned,would be another disaster.

  37. Alex James

    Paul. Perhaps the goalkeeping gods will shine on us tomorrow and there will be no mistakes. Then again!


    If i were an Arsenal player i would welcome being loaned out and away from a coach that is stuck in the glory years of the past.I’m sure those already on loan are enjoying the prospects of kick starting and or beginning a new career .Those left at the club who seem happy enough just to sit on the roster and get a check deserve to rot away their career.The footballing world is vast with many oppertunties afforded young players that show promise.

  39. Bobpatdentel

    Wengers clear out next season
    Maxi hot dogs .cheap fish and chips increased by 30%
    Bargainreplica shirts

  40. mjgooner

    Pedro, I try not to give you grief (as most posters have done today) because the work you put into this blog day after day is enormous and really inspiring…………

    However I think you need to a break from posting and get Geoff to post for a bit or get a guest post from any Grovers that is willing COS the day to day posting is really getting to you.

    Believe me, grovers will still come here and debate & banter even without a new post. I think after your much deserved break you will come back better. I dont comment every day but I read your posts everyday religiously………

    The reason I think you need a break is because at the moment, despite the hardwork you put into it, your posts are a wreck(please dont take it the wrong way).

    I usually differentiate your posts from Geoff’s without checking the poster cos yours has a peculiar pattern to it. And believe me, your views have flip flopped from an “AKB” to a “Wenger Out” to a “Realist” etc without changing that peculiar pattern but right now its just haphazard. Really believe a break would do you good.

    Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing with Legrove but as much as we all want our Arsenal back, I think we most definitely also want our “Pedro” back.

    Get some rest, Dude.

  41. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Pedro, I think that mjgooner is saying that lately you lack mental strength, or as I believe, you are having a bit of a Diaby.
    You will need all your marbles come the summer, it could go nuclear on here if wenger says he does not need additions as the squad is maturing nicely.

  42. Matchy

    ““He has changed a lot, there has been a complete mental transformation in Lukasz’s attitude,”

    “He is more vocal, has more authority and mentally he absorbs the pressure of the game much better.

    Errr… what? How has the manager deduced that after one game? “”

    hhaaha so flappy didnt play in training? didnt play for the reserves? …. that is why u have a caoch who ‘sees’ his players and make judgement.

    here u get a guy who sits around the keyboard making comments abt a player / any players based on what? one game on tv … hahahah ironic comment indeed.