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Guten morgen, kann ich ihnen helfen?

I’m not even going to spell check that, but loosely, it says, good morning, can I help you?

Well, seen as you can’t respond to that before I publish, I’m going to assume you’d like to read your daily of Arsenal blogging goodness. So here it is.

First up on the agenda, it was interesting how many people ranted off that Jack’s injury wasn’t down to fatigue yesterday… even before they knew what the injury was. Now, I didn’t say it was down to tiredness, I pointed out that the likelihood was that and over played injury prone player is more susceptible to fatigue injuries… then the boss comes out and confirms my suspicions.

“Maybe I overplayed him, but only in the last two games,”

“It is difficult to rest him because he is a winner and when you ask how he feels, he says ‘perfect’.

“If he did not have a history, you could say he could go on, but the specialist said he should stop. It is more about prevention. We trust people who are specialists in this area and they told us we have to stop him for a short period.

“We do scans and he has some inflammation on his heel. The last time we let him carry on, it turned into a stress fracture. Maybe it can be good for him to have a little breather. It is not welcome, but it is the right thing to do.”

So there we have it. I’m not sure how Wenger has deduced only in the last two games has he been over played. It’s a season of over playing him that has culminated in what is happening now. Still, it doesn’t sound like he’s out for the count. Some reports have indicated 3 weeks (God help is if it’s a Diaby three weeks), from Wenger’s comments, it might be a game or so. Either way, this could all have been prevented by having a squad equipped to rotate. Plenty of players have changed hands over the past year that could have bulked out our midfield (with quality – Mata, Dembele, Holtby, Cabaye, Sissoko), we’ve had plenty of money floating about… and if we’re struggling to shift on deadwood players, why not just give them free transfers?

Blaming Jack for saying he’s ok also reeks of desperation. Look at the number of games he’s played, look at his record of honesty when it comes to injury and make a bold decision. He’ll thank you for it later.

Anyway, that’s an irrelevance. First up, there’s no Jack Wilshere.

Secondly, there’s no Szecseny in the squad. He’s being rested. Which is the work equivalent of telling a client services employee you’re taking their phone away. A rest in keeping terms means you’re being dropped. Good I say. He’s been garbage this season. The only problem? What we have stepping in to replace him is even worse. Why? Because of bad squad planning again. It really is shambolic that we’ve got to play either Fabianski or Mannone against Bayern Munich away when there were keepers like Steklenberg available in January.

Anyway, it is what it is. At least there are ramifications for poor performances, even if the person coming in to replace is unlikely to impress. The problem with our keeper is he knows the person training him isn’t any good, he knows the two competing for his position aren’t any good… so as an arrogant man, complacency has settled in. Not good.

There’s also no Podolski, which, based on recent performances, really isn’t that much of an issue. If he really is attracting £15m bids this summer, we should shuffle him off. He’s really not risen to the challenge this year. Why that is is a mystery .. but whatever the deal, he doesn’t have the pace and he certainly hasn’t shown much in the way of discipline. Interesting that I read he’s shifted the most Arsenal shirts with a name on the back this season. The value of perceived marquee signings eh?

Onto the game. For me, it’s about humiliation factor here. Now, if we come out of this with a draw, I’d be overjoyed. If we can come out of this losing 1-0, I’d probably be pretty pleased. If we can win the tie in any way shape or form, I’d be over the moon. This really is a nothing game. It could be a miracle, but the chances are slim. At least the away fans will be having a great time in Germany. Not a bad place to be regardless of the score.

Good luck to the boys, it feels like lambs to the slaughter, but if those lambs go down fighting, it’ll make the whole debacle a touch easier to swallow.

Final news story is about the Qatari Dream League. They’ll be offering Arsenal, United, Chelsea and City £175m to enter a competition that aims to unite clubs from around the world in an ultimate league that will be played over two summers.

‘We propose an alternative to Financial Fair Play: all clubs will be as rich as each other. This way we will preserve the big show, the most beautiful and finest teams and players. This is a paradise for players that we will build in football’s future.’

I love that the Qatari’s solution to everything is to throw money at it. I can’t see it happening. However, I must say, I do like that someone is challenging the corrupt machinations of FIFA. Even thought I’m patently aware the organisation challenging it is probably far from… well, I won’t say it, otherwise I’ll find myself with two hitmen outside my flat later on today.

Enjoy the game, brace yourself…

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  1. Joppa Road

    Fck me, I find myself agreeing totally with Keyser’s last comment. He is right, how can you be happy with that performance?

  2. Lee Pace

    AA23, your mum’s a thick cunt. That’s right, a thick fat cunt.

    I came in just to say that to you, AA23. 😀

    Sorry Pedro, just a mild case of turrets syndrome.


  3. AA23

    And now I have to turn my back on you.
    If you don’t understand the genius of Keyser then you are fucked.
    Keyser is the glue.
    Best poster on the site.
    He’s like gambon but smart, funny, knows his football and not a coward.
    Zacharse it pains me to say it but you are a cunt.

  4. Zacharse

    “he soils himself continously with his homoerotic fantasies but if Pedro turned people away for that, we wouldn’t have a comment section.”

    and keyser, the most consistent AND outspoken commenter

    enough said


    Great performance,blah,blah..

    We said the same nonsense,this time last year against AC Milan,when we had RVP..

    We sold him along with Song& brought in 2nd rate player’s..

    We go through the same scenario in the CL,as we did last year,against a BM team missing 4 of their 1st XI..

    Fans congratulate themselves on a good performance,like last year..

    We are 5th in the league,some 24+ odd points of 1st place,with our rivals for 4th place,being Swansea,Liverpool,Everton & West Brom..

    Great performance??!!
    In the grand scheme of things,we are regressing at an alarming rate..It’s sad,really sad,that some of us find a crumb of comfort from beating BM,when in reality we are out of every cup competition for another season..

    & are struggling to qualify within top 4 this season..


  6. Toli83

    Keyser is obviously a reasonably intelligent informed chap as backed up by the relavent points he makes.

    Cock pills is unlikely to get user his skin! Hahaha….

  7. Keyser

    Joppa – Not sure why you’re agreeing, isn’t that what you’ve wanted, we were disciplined, kept our shape and worked hard all over the pitch.

  8. Joppa Road

    Of course I like a clean sheet Keyser. I agree as in never really having any authority in the match at all.

  9. Keyser

    People seem to mistake the surge for authority with a lack of tactics.

    This team struggles to assert itself, it can play deep lying, disciplined games of football, but can’t do it without sacrificing the attacking side where we’ve got little efficiency.



    I agree with you as well..In that I found myself agreeing with Keyser’s assessment of the game..

    What I found odd,was in the beginning we defended deep,without offering much threat,or penetration.

    I was at a great loss,to understand this tactic..
    You would have thought from the outset,that we were the team defending a 3-1 lead& were just happy to sit deep.

    In reality,I got the sneaking feeling,that Wenger set the team out,to contain BM.It was a case of damage limitation,hence why we sat deep& the defense had shape..

    Now this is where,the confusion of Arsene’s logic sets in..

    Surely trailing 3-1,should we not have thrown the shackles off after the first goal was scored by Giroud, been a tad more ambitious& gone for the jugular?

    That’s what most ambitious manager’s would have done,especially with BM in the first half,inviting us to attack them.

    The team gave the vibe of a manager,who is risk averse,has no balls,no backbone..

    Then in the last 20 minutes,suddenly we are more direct,chasing that elusive goal,trying to achieve the impossible..

    With arteta in the last 3 minutes,trying to sabotage any chance of a comeback,by giving away 2 needless fouls..

    I swear Arsene,has brainwashed these guy’s into believing losing,is just as acceptable,if not more dignified than winning..

    These guy’s have an inherent fear of winning!!

  11. Keyser

    Not sure why it’d be confusing, it’s one of the simplest tactics in sports, this is what people have been crying out for, it’s the basis for Mourinho’s teams since Porto, bar Madrid who he can’t exert the same control over.

    You stay solid, compact and limit both teams chances, hoping your efficient enough to take your own, this is how we were set-up at the start of the year, and what people praise Bould for. You see it in all manner of sports where you have to concede to your teams limits.

    Except unless you have the players, knowing you have to win games when it counts, you’ll struggle to get beyond mediocre results.

    Wenger was that ambitious manager in the first leg at home, we went for Bayern and we lost the last 20 minutes it’s desperation time so it’s not really an indicator of anything but a free for all.

  12. Moray

    2-0 is the worst of all possible results. And the most typical cowardly modern Arsenal scoreline. Mirroring our manager, we have become perennial plucky losers.

    If the score was 1-0 or 1-1 and there was something to play for, there is no way we would have played like that.

    Also, what really hurts is that long list of clubs who have won the competition in the last 15 or so years, while we act the bridesmaid role. It’s just embarrassing. Maybe we would have more chance of winning the UEFA cup.

    Now Wenger can sign his extension contract, lock down those remaining players on long-term contracts, loan out that long list of players he no longer wants while still paying 80% of their overinflated fees.

    This has to end. How much more supporter money does Wenger want?

  13. goonerboy

    It is disappointing that we went out- but the biggest surprise is that we beat BM on their own dung heap and with a bit more quality could have gone through which would have been a massive upset.
    For me- considering who was and wasnt playing we salvaged some pride.
    Of course it doesnt cover up the fact that we lost this in the first leg.
    I think it shows again that these players are better than our performances of late have shown.
    I dont subscribe to the Gambon view that this was the worst possible result.
    So we went out in the second round- same as ManU- Gambon’s model club.
    The exaggerated bollocks he continually spouts has affected the thinking of far too many people on this site.
    A win is a fucking win- and I’ll take it – then my desire for the club to win is not secondary to an obsessional hatred of the manager- even though I believe that it is time for him to step aside.
    Maybe Gambon is the worst possible fan- he claims to be a fan of Arsenal yet is desperate for the team to lose every game, when they do win he claims its the worst possible result then claims that anyone who doesnt worship ManU as much as he does is a moron.

  14. Johnny5

    Fuck yeah! We might be out but at least we won fuckers!!!!

    There’s always next season…. Oh wait… It’s looking like we won’t get CL so this was our last chance to win it for a few years.

    Good win but wenger out still.

  15. LJB

    Jesus,the way some Arsenal fans are going on on Twatter,anyone would think we had won a trophy.We fucking LOST the tie! That was the worst CL game i have EVER seen.We were shit,and Bayern were even worse.Apart from Jenkinson who was great,Koz,who was OK,and Flappy,who did everything asked of him,which wasn’t a great deal tbh,the rest of them were fucking dreadful. What is the point of Rosicky? Honestly,why anyone is proud of that tripe disguised as football beats me.We are no longer good enough for the CL,and yet Wanker says that the PL needs to look at itself,after not having any team in the QF!Hello!! Why don’t you look at yourself and your club first before calling out others, you wrinkly old Dictator? I mean,United and Chelsea are recent winners,and City won the PL last season,when did Wenger last win anything?The damn cheek of the man!!!

  16. LJB

    The Untold loonies are blaming the ref again! Going on about the Walcott offside.Seems to have escaped their attention the wrongly called offside on Muellar when he was through on goal in the first half, with Jenkinson playing him on.Also the three corners Bayern should have had,that were wrongly given as Goalkicks! They are moaning about the yellow cards too! Seriously,most European refs would have carded Rosicky and Ramsey in the first half for persistant fouling,meaning Rosicky would have been sent off for a second yellow in the second half.I thought he was very lenient,
    Arsenal fans are the new Spurs fans,banging on about a tie we lost! We were dreadful;i’m sure Spurs and Chelsea will be SO worried about Loser FC NOT. That this is being used as a justification of Wengers management is truly incredible.WE LOST THE TIE FOR GODS SAKE. Bayern thought they were already through and got complacent;thats why we won.Not because we played well because we didn’t. I await the DVD of yet another glorious failure.

  17. ozrus

    2:0 away win against one of the very best defenses in Europe. Yet the ‘visionaries’ aka cunty clowns are still moaning. Fucking pathetic losers.

  18. ikon

    Commendable performance… silly goals conceded at home did us in. About time Wenger managed just half the team (the attacking one) and back 4 + holding mid should simply be managed by a good defensive coach. Too many times a lack of defensive alertness cost us points.

  19. K.C.

    The players put in a good performance, but it was Bayern’s complacency that led to the result. Almost cost them. Coming that close to advancing after feeling so down and out pregame made it hurt even worse.

  20. kay

    Happy with the result…

    but this gives more room for that cunt wanker to spout more bull shit so its going to be another year of stagnation.. more possibly 4 yrs..

    anyways a clean sheet was encouraging.. as we know kos & mert is the best partnership we can have..

    We desperately need a DM and a AM..

    eriksson and m’vila would do for me..

  21. kay

    wanker should either learn to adapt rather being an arrogant idiot or get lost since our team has the potential.. few additions with good management we can do really well..

  22. IvoryGoonz

    Was travelling 900kms yesterday and missed the game.
    Havent seen it yet, but by the sound of it, we actually played like we should without even knowing it. So looks like a bit of luck from Wenger more than anything to me..
    In any case, it’s a very good win, although not enough and we are out, hopefully for the AKBs this will let Wenger focus on his 4th spot trophy.

  23. ikon

    Getting a proper finisher should be our first priority i feel. This team’s defensive weakness is based on discipline rather than weak players. But Giroud is a back up striker at best. We need a Tevez/Suzrez. And if Wenger wants to get only world class player, he should seriously have a look at Lucas Moura.

  24. Evan

    Arsenal who needed to score 4 Goals to go through had an amazing 5 shots (3 on target) in the whole 93 minutes of football

    Bayern Munich had 21 Shots (9 on target) Which team needed to win……

  25. Johnty79

    Lucas moura would never join us…

    People you r all deluded…we needed three goals and we got 2, if we needed 4 we would have got 3. Wenger is a loser, the players are losers and the fans r the biggest losers for putting up with it.

  26. Evan

    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says it is a “massive wake-up call” that no English clubs have reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

    Do something about then you incompetent fool, 7+ million a year to spout the bleeding obvious

  27. Mach III

    Amazing to see TACTICS! Wenger was at his tactician best. I haven’t seen us play such a tactical masterpiece in years! It was beautiful to watch! COME ON WENGER, BUILD FROM HERE! I can’t help but think Wenger had no choice but to see his players leave. What would Ferguson do if United sold, Rooney, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, De Gea, RVP, Valencia and was forced into building a new team every few years. Wenger is part of the problem by not standing up to it, but would you stand up to it with a steady source of 7m per year? He seems over the last two seasons unmotivated, unambitious to challenge. Will we see one more rise of a great team before he retires?

  28. Lordbergkamp

    Reality check for all AKBs: This was usual Wenger – glorious FAILURE!!

    But FAILURE none the less. Let’s spell it out:-

    We. did, not. go. through. We. are. out. of. the. CL, We. will, not. win. a. trophy. this. year.

    Simple, yes?

  29. Yippee Kai Yay

    gambon, I fear you are right, it’s like all objectivity has flown out of the window.

    We weren’t even that great last night, it’s just that they were worse. Whilst the win was a welcome relief from the usual travesty. The result was still academic, and to see wenger finger pointing to all the other English clubs saying ‘it’s a premiership thing’ smacks of deflection once again.

    Today may be a day to avoid the interwebz, the gullible idiots are in overdrive.

  30. Mach III

    The only thing that we were lacking was the faith. Everyone put their faith in the demi-god-manager Arsene, and he worked his magic! In Arsene We Trust! What a performance from the worlds best manager. The mental strengz will get us to 3rd place in the league!

  31. Mach III

    How Gambon with his assistant guns of hackney would run Arsenal.
    1. Buy Ribery, Ronaldo, Messi, Higuain, Tevez, RVP, Hazard, Mata, Gotze, Shweinsteiger, Suarez, Gerrard, Bale, Hummels, Pique, Pepe, Varane, Ramos, Lahm, and Casillas.
    2. Lose every match.
    3. Blame Wenger.

  32. gambon

    Oh dear Mach III has the intelligence of a downs syndrome 4 year old.

    Anyone that thinks a team with Messi/Ronaldo/RVP/Mata/Scweinsteiger could lose every game is very very very very very very very very very thick.

  33. gambon

    Also I love the way the silly AKB cunt Mach III has a problem with buying good players.

    Arsene the Jimmy Saville-a-like has made all his groomed AKBs think the only honourable way to play football is to lose every single season with under par players.

    Winning is evil, never forget that, honourable teams lose every competition they enter.

  34. Mach III

    “very very very very very very very very very thick.”

    Arsene Wenger can speak 5 languages fluently, and you can’t even escape the harrowing world of tautology!

  35. Relieable sauce

    AKB’s & media twats getting themselves all frothy round the cock holes about one game.
    This goes down as a good day for Wonga & his acolytes, a reflection of the deluded & sad state they find themselves.