Jack out for the season. If true, you can’t say you didn’t see it coming.

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So the morning kicks off in miserable fashion. Jack Wilshere, according to the Arsenal spies on Twitter… then the newspapers, is out for the  Bayern game, then there’s a good chance he’s out for the rest of the season. In isolation, I’m not really fussed if he’s out as a precaution against Bayern. That game is lost. The chances of scoring 3 goals over there is slim in the extreme and like I’ve said before, we’d only get found out in the quarters. However, if he’s out for the end of the season, that really does raise cause for concern.

I’m wary of dropping into a massive rant about this before I know the facts, but the sources saying this is terminal for the season are some of the most reliable about. My main aggravation with this, and I’m seriously aggravated typing this, is that this issue was written about here in November. Wenger has boasted about the size of his squad all year, yet he’s played Jack, Arteta and Cazorla in every game he can. We knew this was the case in December and January. We knew the risk of the red zone and we knew the history of Jack and injury. How the manager was allowed to go through the whole of that month without picking up a midfielder to bear some of the burden is quite amazing.

What do you get when you ignore historical injury patterns along with the data that indicates overuse of players results injury? An injured player at the crucial part of the season. Now, in fairness to the club, they’ve managed fitness far better than they have done in the past. We’ve mostly had a full squad to pick from this year. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been over playing certain members of our squad. Theo has been ok because his season basically started in October, the midfield has been overplayed and as for the back four… well, it doesn’t seem to matter who we slip in there.

So, we head into the Munich game Jackless. That’ll likely mean a return to the mix of Thomas Rosicky. That’s not a terrible replacement. He’s looked lively when he’s been given a chance over the past few months. The question mark over him hangs over fitness. The other question mark hangs over managerial preference. We know that if given the choice, the manager will generally always opt to put Aaron Ramsey in his place. The trouble with this game is that we have to chase it. If we were heading into it level pegging, we could go for a 4-5-1 and look for a counter attack and bulk out our lack of quality with additional players.

That’s not the case. We’re chasing the game. We won’t have Jack in there to add bite and I have my doubts whether any three man midfield combo we have available could compete.

Still, miracles happen… look at Madrid away a few years ago. Difference then is that we did have some serious quality in there… we don’t have a Thierry or a Sol Campbell these days.

In other news, Chuba Akpom continued his superb scoring run with another goal against Southampton in a 2-0 win. I try not to excite myself about the kids coming through. I had high hopes for Kyle Bartley, Chuks Aneke and Benik Afobe… all big names on the Arsenal youth blog scene (weren’t two of them technically perfect at 12?), all kind of simmered out into not so great players. It’s amazing how much we invest in our youth system compared to the output… especially as we poach a large bulk of it from clubs just when they’re turning ripe.

What’s the deal there? Is it that London just doesn’t produce the kids it should? Is it our training methods? Is it that we don’t inspire the kids? Or is it just the fact  that it’s really f*cking hard to grow great players?

Anyway, enough of my yammering. Have a great day. See you in the comments.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Re Jack

    If true about being out for the season, yet, another excuse presents itself for Wenger to talk about how he doesn’t need to sign another midfielder in the summer because we’ll have Jack coming back from injury… and he will be, wait for it, “like a new signing…”

    (Whilst we have the likes of Arshavin and Diaby leeching off the club)

    Despite not signing anyone of note in the January window (except Monreal who was forced on him) the club spun it to say they “signed” five players in Ramsey, Jenkinson, Oxo, Theo, and Wilshere… good that’s doing us now.

    It’s pathetic that it’s come to this but when was the manager going to give supposed “super super quality” players like Conor Henderson and Eisfield the chance to play so that Jack could have a rest…

    The same s*** happens every year. Our lack of depth and foresight bits us back again.

    Arsenal the only club where injured players are treasured as excuses not to strengthen for the future.

  2. Johnty79

    Thank you very much….I said on here after the spurs game jack was playing in the red zone again injury for the rest of the season would be a god send. All we need now is cazorla the same and a mid table finish is on.

    Thank you very much wenger. Can’t you lot see that wenger is damaging the club beyond repair. It will take 3-5 seasons to recover from this once that fool is gone Our damage started in 2000-2004 that team should of been touring the world Africa etc. we had lots of strong black players and would have increased our fan base ten fold..and remember David dein was there for that so he isn’t faultless he should have told wenger to fuck off you not touring austria playing there non league teams your playing all over the world getting exposure for the club. How much money would the ‘ unbeatables’ have got to play un american mls allstar team then?

    Bayern 6.0 arsenal that is the dream that every arsenal fan should wish for surely no one can disagree. Wenger fucked up like this in 2004 when we should have won the quadruple but he failed to rotate the squad playing pires,viewers, Henry against bottom teams at home.

    Wenger out surely no one can disagree.

  3. Sleek

    As much as I love Jack, he hasn’t been scoring or assisting so far. Rosicky will get the job done, he’s got more experience and has an eye for a shot. No loss really.

  4. Arse&Nose©

    Pedro -interesting thoughts on why London doesn’t produce enough footballing stars.

    One could argue that London(in particular West Ham) produced more England players in the last 15 years than any other club.

    I agree that there aren’t many top top youngsters coming through any more, maybe that has to do with kids playing less football in the last 10 years. Why are they playing less football? is it because the government has been too generous with benefits meaning the sort of kids who would play football now sit at home with sky tv and their PS3’s?

  5. offiong

    This is Arsenal a club where its allowed to make d same mistakes over and over again. Wenger talks about his faith in d squad yet,he plays d same 11 in games. Even when he tries to rotate( d blackburn game) our lack of squad qty blows up in his face and he still comes out and defends his squad. Jack has been run into d ground again and ds time I hope it won’t be fatal. Bcos without him for d runin, we can kiss goodbye to the top4. Tonights game is over so let’s save ourselves d trouble of believing.

  6. Johnty79

    Pedro can you dispell the myth that you are under the wing of people from the club by stating in tmw’s blog that you want wenger and the board out. Or u risk losing more people from this site? You must surely now see hoping arsenal to lose is the only way for change.

  7. Johnny5

    Well seeing as jacks been the best player we’ve had since he came back I’d say that’s us fucked. 7-8th might not end up just a doomer rumour but reality. Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up missing out on the Europa league too lol.

  8. MuddyGooner

    Devastated that we’ve lost Jack. He was everything that was good about Arsenal this season. Looks like we’re gonna have to rely on Ramsey, maybe even till the end of the season. I have no confidence in him at all. He WAS a decent player before he came across Shawcross. Not been the same since. The mental scarring has affected his football.
    I quite like the creative abilities of Eisfield, but he’s been abducted by aliens. Well, where the hell is he then ?
    We’re the only British team left. Dear god, please please help us get into QF of Champions league!

  9. Johnty79

    Muddy gooner why do u want to progress in the champs league? Every team left in it will beat us? Mid table finish and a 6.0 spanking is what you must wish for…….wenger deserves to lose…

  10. Arsenalone

    Jack out for the season,fuck me we are in a sorry state,once again over playing the lad because of lack of squad depth.

    Does Wenger not learn,sells song,Cesc,but keeps Diaby and Ramsey for our central midfield,and I’m sorry I’ve said it before but Arteta is average at best.

    This madman has to leave our club

  11. Mark N

    Park football has declined in the last ten years due to the fact there are to many homely gadgets, we need to inspire a generation again to get back at it, I really feel for Jack he carries 2 or 3 players workload in a game because others are shirking there duties, the quality of the squad is way below standard and Jack has to play every game, it needs resolving as this is the second time now wenger!!

  12. Bade

    I really can’t be arsed about tomorrow

    For me it’s a blessed move not to play Jack. He needs a rest.

    But if he’s out for the season, then we’re fucked big time Charlie

    We don’t have any one bar Jack in the midfield to cope with DM or CM positions. Arteta is the only reasonable player we have & even he had a dip in form this season

    Le Coq & Rambo aren’t the answer. Diany is always injured plus he wasn’t mouthwatering when fit, to say the least.

    I know Rambo was played as CM most of the last games while Jack was our #10, but if you tracked Jack’s positioning, he was aiding Rambo too many times & his cover made Rambo look half decent. We can’t expect Cazorla to do so, also that reduces our options, as we can’t use Jack as a DM or CM when we chase a game & throw in all our attacking players

    All in all, if it’s true, we’re facing a tough mission to get that CL spot

    Blimey, that could have not came in a worse timing than this

  13. Sleek

    The moaning on legrove hasn’t diminished. Why moan about Jack? Blame Wenger? Blame everyone? He’s out and we’ve got Rosicky waiting on the wings to take his place.

  14. Adam A Carbarundum

    And Wenger will use this as his excuse for failure and his minions will lap it up faster than a dog with gravy. Nothing will change, so I don’t give a rats ass any longer. We can finish 8th and there will always be a ready made excuse from that moron. For the sake of my health and well-being, I’m out for this season.

  15. Arsenalone


    Moaning is all we have,we now know how the hill Billy’s down the road feel moaning and booing all there’s lives,whilst sitting on there uncles laps playing a banjo with 13 fingers watching shit football and winning fuck all sat in our shadow.

  16. fell

    No coincidence Jack’s injured for a meaningless match against bayern just prior to Hodgson announcing his squad for a meaningless match against San Marino and a bit of a trickier one against Montenegro?
    Maybe AW is taking a leaf out of SAF’s book and putting club before country, if so, well done

  17. ogban

    Wenger rests Jack against Blacburn, Arsenal lose, Wenger gets the stick. Jack gets injured, Wenger gets the stick for ‘playing Jack in every match’.
    Thank God I’m not the Arsenal manager!

  18. MuddyGooner

    I hear you Johnty, but the truth is I still haven ‘t recovered from that Wednesday night in 2006. We were 15 minutes away from lifting that trophy. It hurt so much, then you see Chelski, against all odds, lift it last year after an extraordinary chain of flukiness, I thought, why not us ?

  19. ardentgooner


    Pathetic pathetic comment.

    Yes we should have toured africa/america earlier but these things always come out in hindsight.

    For all the reasons of tired players you give, wasn’t wenger’s reason that a long trip to africa/america/asia disrupts pre-season with tired legs/jetlag and weird weather conditions which take a lot out of the players?

    And as for losing to Bayern…no i dont want to lose.. and certainly not 6-0. I will still hope for a miracle if not then a proud performance like Arsenal Milan last year…

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Before we all start throwing ourselves (and Wenger of course) over the cliff, let’s wait to find out whether he’s out for the season or not. Hopefully it’ll be nothing serious and he’ll be back for Reading

    the other factor is whether his injury was caused by over-playing or whether it could have come at any time. Do we know ? no

    Overplaying and the red zone are the favourites of the moment, but despite someone claiming above that Jack was in the red zone, until someone at Arsenal comes out and admits as much, we’re all just guessing.

    If it does come out that he’s been overplayed then Wenger has no-one to blame but himself.

  21. reggie57

    Another dismal season for us gunners to celebrate about dont worry 123 mill in thebank !!

    Who’s moaning! !!

  22. Hunter

    Your Comment Here
    I don’t have any problems about losing jack for the Bayern game,but to lose him for the rest of the season is disasterous!He was/is the driving force behind our whole team,his energy,enthousiasm and desire to win is unequalled in the squad.What the hell has happened to that sick note Diaby?I thought it was only going to be three to four weeks not MONTHS!!.Wenger need taking away by blokes in white jackets if he continues with this ridiculous support for Diaby.we will NEVER get a full season from him EVER!!and he takes up a valuable place in the squad among a vast number of other useless twats too.I sincerely hope we either sell or pay off a number of our leeches including WENGER and start all over again.I could take relegation if it meant getting rid off Wenger,his ideas,methods and tactics(if he has any).That stupid french grin that always is seen on TV and typical idiotic responses to any questions put to him,make our club look amateurish.
    I work with a bunch of Mancs and SPUDS with a few CHelskis and Liverpudlians too and i can tell you life is ORRIBLE at the moment,we are a complete laughing stock and even thinking of 5th place finish is complete bollocks,more like 7th or 8th I reckon.Our squad is crap we have no game changers anymore,no superstars to crow about but plenty of overpaid nancy boy potter type players who talk a good game but rarely play a good game.Thats it rant over,feel better now.

  23. bergkampsa

    Sleek off course its the managers fault

    Who sell our best players?

    Don’t even mention the lack of depth in our squad. And serious lack of quality

    So jack gets overplayed cause there’s no one good enough that can rotate with him

    Who do you wanna blame. If not the manager?

  24. Nabby

    It’s hilarious how melodramatic the reactions are to what is currently an unconfirmed rumour about JW being out for the rest of the season. Why not wait until the club or player confirms this before throwing yourselves off a cliff? I dread to think how some of you would react in a real crisis in your own lives!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AW is trying a little SAF kidology here in wanting JW to not play for England.

    If, on the other hand, JW does turn out to be injured until summer, then feel free to blow a gasket over it 🙂

  25. TheBayingMob

    Johnty79 March 12, 2013 09:09:06

    “Our damage started in 2000-2004”

    While I’m not with Johnty’s insistance that everyone should want Arsenal to lose, I do agree that 03/04 was the worst thing that happened to Wenger (not the club, it’s a glorious record).

    He went god like at that point. Even now it affects him, he took a team a unbeaten and that means he has an unbreakable belief in himself.

    We are witnessing total managerial burn out, but with a clueless board sitting atop, we may have to watch this one crash and burn in spectacular and horrible style …

  26. Arsenalone


    If we had any other class central midfielders then we would not have to play jack in every game.

    This very same manager you are defending has sold our class cm players and replaced them with Diaby lol lol,Ramsey lol lol,and Arteta (average).

    Let me remind you the recent players that graced our central midfield


    Compare them to who we have now

  27. home and away

    Arsenal blah blah -lack of quality blah blah – injury to key players blah blah – 4th place blah blah – money blah blah – signings blah blah – akb’s blah blah – aaa blah blah – wenger blah blah – kroenke blah blah –

    The same boring tune every day you all know the words

  28. kay

    I say its an awesome news..
    Its all but confirmed the season has gone tits up..

    I want wanker out.. Another nail in the coffin…

  29. LeMassiveCoq

    I feel sorry for Jack, but If he is out for the rest of the season, its a good thing.
    Without him driving the team on, 4th place is totally out of the question. In fact we will probably finish 7th behind Pool and Everton.


    Surely, surely it will be the end of Wenger. If it isn’t and he’s here for another season, I seriously will not take any interest in Arsenal until he is replaced.

    And that thing about Kronke spending $208m on a sports media company makes me sick.

    Wenger out
    Kroenke out

  30. Sleek

    I am not gonna argue with anyone on here, we’ve done that for years already.

    Wenger confirms Jack’s absence is more ‘preventative’. He’ll miss Bayern, Swansea and the England qualifiers. He’s gone to Dubai for a short holiday. Via @johncrossmirror

  31. Nasri's Mouth

    if it’s 3 weeks (and it’s a big IF because we’ve all heard the 3 weeks injury before) then that’s not too bad.

  32. Sleek

    Check out my piece on the Arsenal situation here – arsenal-grove.blogspot.com/2013/03/the-curious-case-of-arsenal-football.html?m=1

    We all do care about our club.

  33. Johnty79

    Denison was poor but at least we kept the ball with him…I thought the team was poor in 2009-10-11 but we dominated the midfield most of the time in most matches. We don’t even dominate midfield anymore. My god at the time in 2008 I thought the team was still lacking but my god compared to them our squad is a disgrace now….


    Adebayor/ bentner Rvp/Eduardo

    Rosicky/diaby cesc/Denison flamini/diaby hleb/ Walcott

    Clichy/triaro. Gallas toure . Sagna/ Walcott

    Alumina/ lehman

    We had cover in every position. Just think how poor we r now. That team was up against a much better Chelsea and man utd…wenger destroyed that team also.

    Wenger out.

  34. Ash79

    forget tomorrow, tonights match should be good. Barca chasing a 2 goal deficit at home…

    Arsene if Jack is out for the season, you have shown some negligence there sir, as the chap in 80’s kids game show Knightmare said..

    D I S M I S S

  35. Johnty79

    Thinking about it maybe wenger has finally learnt.. The bayern game like Milan was a waste of time. Player the reserves against bayern maybe they will finally learnt.

    Heard and interesting thing about eisfield…someone on the coaching staff keeps telling wenger he should be in the team and won’t has stalled his progress as he won’t get the credit for putting him in…

    Remember with wenger he always puts youth players in the most difficult situations..almost expecting them to fail…remember in 2004 we had the youth cup double winners. Thomas ricketts penant sidwell. In midfield. He never once played one of them in a league game. Imagine sidwell playing next to vieria? He would be a success. Same for pennant each of these players should of been integrated into the team one at a time playing in a full strength team…not just all chucked in together in the league cup.

    Damn you wenger you did the same again in 2009.

    Wenger out!

  36. Nasri's Mouth

    Johnty79: Heard and interesting thing about eisfield…someone on the coaching staff keeps telling wenger he should be in the team and won’t has stalled his progress as he won’t get the credit for putting him in…

    Source ? Or Bollocks ?

  37. Rom Ramirez

    Argh, no Jack for three weeks will actually work out to the end of the season with out injury history.
    And, yep, Wenger will say that with Jack coming back at the start of the next season, it’ll be a new signing…

    Enough is enough, feel for the club but while it continues to be ru in such a way, no more £££ from me…

    Illegal streams, shirts, memorabilia all the way!!!!


    Shame indeed…can’t say more!!!

    What would it have cost wenger to get an additional midfielder?

    ….Always looking for super super quality player!!!

  39. Danish Gooner

    But wenger never learns from the same patterns he is contantly understaffed,he could have had Capoue,Biglia etc just as long as he had put forward a bid but of course he didnt.I am seriously considering that he gets some percent of the transfer sum he doesnt spend ??? If he does it is outrageous and he should be sacked straight away.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d like to see this:


    Jenks Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs

    Walcott Ramsey Arteta Rosicky Cazorla


    Then if it doesn’t look positive after 45 mins, rather than tire then out, swop Rosicky and Cazorla for AOC and Coquelin.

  41. Nasri's Mouth

    @Danish Gooner

    Wenger isn’t getting a percentage of the unspent transfer budget. Check the accounts

  42. gooner87

    DG that is v worrying

    Excerpt below:
    I used to have Avs season tickets. I was at game 7 of the 2001 finals when the Avs defeated the old Colorado Rockies Hockey club for the Stanley Cup. But Kroenke has ruined the Avs hockey experience for me, and priced me out of the arena. Now I watch DU hockey more than the Avs.

    Thanks Stan, for getting greedy with your wife’s WalMart money and ruining my love for NHL hockey.

  43. gambon

    “Wenger isn’t getting a percentage of the unspent transfer budget. Check the accounts”

    What a silly silly comment

    The accounts say nothing about individual pay.

  44. azed

    3 weeks must be the default setting for the injury calender at Arsenal. Rosicky, Diaby and Gibbs are famous for being 3 weeks away every week.

  45. gambon

    Wenger, through his pathetic management, refusal to build a squad and total fear of rotating players, has ruined Jacks career.

    Nice one French Jimmy Savile.

    The guy is scum.

  46. JimmyRimmer

    To me the situation with Arsenal is simple! Every point Wenger gets gives the board a reason for him to stay. Every loss is another nail in his coffin. More losses mean more empty seats and this is the only way things MIGHT change. We need the pain of finishing outside the top 4. It pains me to say this after 42 years as a gooner but if your cheering the team on to get CL football next season, your cheering for more of the same in years to come. NO PAIN NO GAIN!

  47. leon

    it always comes back around if you do things on the cheap it will catch up with you and i cant see much changing the summer either

  48. Jaroda

    The rumours I’m hearing is that Jack is fine. Wenger is using a dead rubber European game to rest Jack and to therefore also get him out of England duty by saying he has a knock.

    Fergie’s been at it for years.

    Jack’ll be back after the international break.

    100% cast iron guarentee.


    summer buys

    ___________same keeper…sigh______
    nothing new_____nothing new__still nothing new_____only buy in 2013

    ___________whom ever is fit______________arteta_____________

    ——-over paid_____________cazorla______________podolski

    ___________________missed again,pained expression guy____________

  50. Paulinho

    “There is a kind of [feeling of] ‘let’s really play with freedom’. Let’s start strong. We have to create doubt in their mind and you only do that if you have a real go.”

    I can guarantee you now that Arsenal ‘having a go’ will consist of a scuffed shot from Giroud and a couple of corner kicks before bending over for another rogering from Munich.

  51. TitsMcgee

    We all saw Jack breaking down. He’s coming off a serious injury and we ran him into the ground due to lack of proper squad depth.

    Despite this being “the most talented team” Wenger has ever had.

    Sad to say but Cazorla is next.

    He’ll be next to break down.

  52. TitsMcgee

    Said it yesterday but getting beaten tomorrow won’t be the worst thing in the world.

    Winning would result in him puffing up his chest and carrying on as-is.

  53. Guns of Hackney

    Reports are that Man United have tabled a £28m bid for England midfielder Jack Wilshere – perhaps that’s why he’s ‘injured’???

  54. Paddy got up

    Same old shit every day. Same moaning. Wake me up when anyone can be arsed to do anything about it.
    Scousers- fans got together constant pressure then the owners are forced to sell.
    Arsenal – lets talk about it more and have another cappachino!!

  55. Al

    The problem now is webhave a manager who tactically is not inflexible that he will player the same formation when the only good thing in the midfield 3 is injured. So we will still be stuck with the 2 inept centre midfielder and add another one on top of it.

    Ideally he throws TV5 in Arteta position and moves Arteta to play the 2nd centre midfielder role whilst santi plays as our AM.

    Or just scrap this ineffective tactic an just go to the 442.

    But we know all he will do is bring rosicky in and we will play the same ineffective football that creates hardly any chances but people will still praise rosicky cos he did a couple of nice turns in the middle of the pitch were it contributed nothing to the attack apart from looking nice

  56. Keyser

    “Random irritation – Why do west africans on arsenal blogs write ‘d’ instead of ‘the’.”

    Many of them have spent time in Yorkshire. Geoff was originally from Yorkshire, he’d probably be able to tell you if he was still around.

  57. Gooner Nation

    Who said Jack is out for the season? I haven’t heard that from anyone other than this blog. The club have said three week and only the Swansea game will be missed in the league. Just because he was out for season last year doesn’t mean it will happen again. It’s not even the same ankle for god’s sake. Writing these suicide inducing comments make you no better than that wanker on talk shite. I’m not defending Wenger but for fucks sake don’t blame him for things that haven’t happend and might not.

  58. Keyser

    Unlike most of your posts it does have quite a lot of actual truth about it, supposedly Eisfeld will be promoted as Wilshere will be touted around Europe in the summer, the Manchester United rumours are just to push the price up a little.

  59. Nasri's Mouth


    Silly thing to say ?

    I’ll see your’ silly’ and raise you to stupid

    “Nice one French Jimmy Savile”

  60. Johnty79

    Nasri’s mouth, arsene wenger has always refused to answer the question do you get a profit on player sales…he has never answered the question or deflected it. Ian holloway was honest enough to admit he gets a profit on player sales like for Charlie Adam etc…Rvp bought for 2.75m and sold for 24m…2m bonus thank you very much.

    Wenger is due 25 m plus when he leaves in shares etc…this wont be shown in accounts but it is common knowledge around the club..

    The most distressing thing is when did wenger stop caring about winning…and care more about money… If he had any shelf respect why does he think he should be the highest paid manager in the league.

    Arsene wenger please answer the question ‘ do you receive a profit on player sales? Can’t any one get him to answer this question?

  61. Keyser

    You’re not going to play Paedo-phile Poker are you ? Gambon’s like the ‘teddy KGB’ of that world, sitting there reeling them off while seperating his Oreo’s.

  62. Harry Redknapp

    lol so wheres these 25 million pound in shares gonna come from? Johnty? im not a wenger man but shares are thin on the ground i cant see stan or usmanov freeing any up for arsenes nest egg

  63. Johnty79

    I would love jack to go man utd as he may have a chance of winning a trophy…Rvp nearly said it, nasri hinted at it…who ever leaves the club next should just come out and say’ I’m not playing for that loser of a club anymore who have the highest paid directors in the league’.

    Notice even abromovich who doesn’t mind wasting a bob or two knows he can have chimpanzees running the club and there’d still win trophies. Chelsea’s CEO/ board are payed well but not as much as arsenal. Arsenal have more staff than Chelsea,spurs, man city…

    Poorly run club.

  64. Nasri's Mouth


    Do you have the slightest clue what you’re talking about ?

    Hang on, I’ll answer that for you.

    No, you don’t

  65. Johnty79

    Harry redknapp, I presume kronke will give some of his shares as thank you. Remember that in the papers recently it was stated that gazidas will get 3 years salary if fired…considering wenger hired gazidas do you not think he is on this gravy train also…do you agree?

  66. gambon

    Nasris Mouth

    Do the accounts show individual remuneration? Nope, absolutely not, therefore your statement was wrong.

    Is Arsene the Freench Jimmy? Yes, absolutely 100%, loves a kid does Arsene.

  67. Johnty79

    I am envious of nasri’s mouth and h redknapp you must have wonderful lives in high powered well paid jobs…because you r happy to put up with the last 5 years. 2008 was a very good team…if you r happy with the current status quo then good on ya…you r loyal to the end but I get you change your tune when we r out of Europe next year and wilshere, poldolski, cazorla leave…

    Wenger please stay you’ve done a great job.gasidas your the best chairman in the league and r under paid…I hope reverse psychology works…

  68. Harry Redknapp

    johnty i dont think stan will give up anything personal at all. i dont doubt wenger will recieve something but shares? nope, he could go flog them to usmanov

  69. Harry Redknapp

    lol johnty who said im happy? im just saying no ones getting no shares. jp mcmanus let fergie stand by a horse once, and he wasnt as tight as stan. look how that turned out

  70. Nasri's Mouth


    me telling you that you’re talking bollocks doesn’t actually mean that I’m happy with Arsenals progress.

    You saying it does mean you’re talking more bollocks though

  71. TheBayingMob

    I’ve noticed over the past week or so, the word cunt hasn’t been used enough. Please get back on track boys. You fucking cunts.

  72. Harry Redknapp

    the thing about gazidis is he will get his money because he is contractually obligated to it, he wont be fired unless he does something like gropes the tea lady. if he is released he will get paid johnty. understand now? same way arsene is contractually obligated but 25 mill of shares? this is why stans a billionaire and you aint lad

  73. Segun

    @Gooner Nation being out for THREE WEEKS at Arsenal is not the same as being out for 3weeks at other clubs!

  74. lord snotty

    Jack out for the season?! That’s it – we’re fucked then. Forget any lingering hope of top 4. We don’t deserve top 4 anyway and if we did it would have been a fluke like last year, simply proving how poor some of the competition.

    But frankly, if this hastens the day when that madman is finally escorted from the premises and into a white van, then it’s a blessing in disguise.
    WENGER OUT! “You’re just a French Jimmy Savile.”

  75. bayo

    I dislike Ramsey. The guy keeps loosing the ball yet Wenger keeps using him………the same thing led to spurs second goal yet our manager still plays him.

  76. TheBayingMob

    What Wenger meant was that he had two youth players for every position … of the p#@do’s Karma fucking Sutra!!

    Boom boom …

    Cuntity Cunt!!


    We can still come 4th……umm errrr oooo arrgh i can’t hold it anymore hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  78. Gus J

    Bermy, we CAN still win the title! Pending all above teams lose their remaining games and we win all of ours.


    On the other hand, the only thing that is for sure is that we won’t be relegated this season, so that’s nice.

  79. Spectrum

    Guns of Hackney – You’re just a very naughty boy ! ( Ha-ha ).

    Gambon – welcome back, you’ve been missing too often on here lately.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  80. Arsenal 1886-2006

    If this is true then this is just like Fabregas revisited, take an exciting young talent and run them into the ground to prove how great you are at not spending money.
    Jacks advisers should be talking to him about moving to another club if wenger stays in control, if not he will be another Michael Owen.

  81. follow the money

    this is why selling Song (regardless of his play) was a totally bad idea. That lad could stay fit

  82. Goongoonergone

    What’s Jack going to do for us even if he’s fit. He’s a young man still learning his trade. I agree he is full of energy but he also runs into blind alleys, loses the ball, only has a left foot. He is no game changer like Suarez, VanPersie, Gareth Bale in my humble opinion.
    This is how karma has come back to bite Lord Jumpsuit. The arrogant twit thinks we have not worked half a day in football so he know it all. Idiot!
    Can’t wait to lose out on Europa too. Then let’s see Over-the-Hillwood; Gaz-umped and Wengersaurus make their pathetic excuses.

  83. Dev_Gooner

    Oh Dear!

    Atleast with Jack in the starting 11, I could see some fight and metal in the squad. Without him it’ll be a massacre in Munich tomorrow I fear. I just wanna go into hibernation and stay there until Wenger goes.

    Wenger OUT

  84. Chris

    Pedro –
    fellow Grovers

    I am as perplexed as your column notes, regarding the lack of young players coming through the Arsenal system. The club has reputably spent lots of time and money to do so. In my view there is something inward lacking that does not appear to inspire the youth to step up.

    It appears that unless the young footballers play in the league cup, they do not play at all. Normally they are then farmed out on loan to (probably)
    pick up differing playing habits in a lower league.

    What a difference comparing all the current young players at the club with the home grown team that GG had in the late 80’s / early 90’s.
    I am particularly worried about Gnabry – Ox – Eisenfeld. Would the eighteen year old Charlie George get a game under the present manager.

    One comment that comes from the club with concerns to the youth set up is paraphrase ” we concentrate on technical ability firstly. Winning is secodary to their development” . Tell that that to George G and Tony Adams.

    For virtual debate: Could Brian McDermott (ex Arsenal man) be the ideal man to run the reserve or youth set up at the Arsenal. He has achieved
    and brought through players at Reading, despite very limited resources.
    Too radical or a threat to AW’s ego at youth level.

  85. salparadisenyc

    Wenger’s poor decisions all coming back to haunt him, lack of depth at the top of that list. We’ve no out and out match winner and a shambolic back 4 with keeper to match.

    – League Cup defeat to Bradford City
    -FA Cup defeat to Blackburn.
    -Champions League, realistically out to Bayern / outclassed in every area.
    -Top four unlikely unless we find another gear, I see us finishing behind Liverpool in 6.


  86. g0tch34ted

    Arsene on Wilshere – “At the moment I noticed in the last two games he had to dig deep because he played 30 games”

    Why didn’t you rotate earlier then ffs!?!!?

  87. Bade

    Jack out
    Sagna out
    SZCZ out
    Podolski out

    Fabianski in
    Arshavin in
    Gervinho in

    Well, well, well

    Milan record likely to be smashed tomorrow

  88. Johnty79

    Diaby is to sign new four year deal in summer…this is guranteed and will be announced after last game of season.well…..you lot did moan that we let players get to the last 1 year of contract. Well done diaby you deserve it your coming to the peak of your career now……next season hell be our new vieria can’t wait. Remember people last time we didn’t have champs league we won the league 1998…….

  89. El Tel





    TR 7


    My team for tomorrow.

    Chesser dropped not rested in my opinion.

    Jack injured and rested.
    Podolski injured, has been most of the season probably.

    If Diaby is fit again He will replace Coquelin.

  90. SUGA3

    El Tel,

    even playing 4-4-3 as you seem to suggest, we will get dicked, simple as that…

    Mannone is fucking shit, Chezzer pisses all over him, bad form or no bad form, it is a real shame that we did not acquire a good GK for competition, Boruc (getting better and better, saved a pen in the last minute of the Saints’ ;ast game) and Cesar (need I say anything?) were available on free transfers, yet we did fuck all…

  91. kwik fit

    Bayern’s Brazilian centre-back Dante taunts Arsenal: “To be honest, our training games have been more of a challenge.”

    Does it not register with Wenger that the opposition players and media at large are now ‘taking the piss’ out off Wenger’s teams.

  92. Arsenal 1886-2006

    If the team tomorrow is as weak as some have suggested then it shows where wengers priorities lie, CL qualification next season. He is not interested in winning, just qualifying for the money it brings, he is terrified that his last season at Arsenal could be without European football and even worse, Arsenal might post a loss the year after he leaves and that would be damning of his tenure in the previous 8-9 years.
    Yet again he seems to be putting personal reputation above the club.

  93. eboue

    i dont’t blame van persie one bit for leaving i would of done the same thing and who can really blame him, deep down he would of liked to stay and lead arsenal to the top but he obviously knew with the current regime there would be no chance of that.

  94. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Not only is wenger destroying the club on the pitch he has now done it to players ! This man is a walking ignorant cretin. The sooner he is ousted from the club the better I can then go back to supporting my club of 43 years! Oh by the way 4-1 tomorrow…. Not to us silly .

  95. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    We are the next Nottingham forest with a car crash of a manager nice stadium , really think we will have sub 40,000 at that ground within the next 18 months. Net sub 30 .. Fingers crossed eh.