Players must train today | Two potential signings mooted

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News this morning centres around Wenger and his rallying call to the troops ahead of Wednesday’s clash against the might of Bayern Munich. The manager has insisted that tactically he’s thinking of doing something that will inspire a performance. Are we talking a 4-2-4… the formation we used back in the day to take down teams like Chelsea… Or maybe just a 4-3-3 played with a bit of discipline?

I think the important thing about Bayern is to avoid a humiliation. Of we. A come away from Germany with a 1-0 win, that’ll be enough to put us in a positive mindset heading into a relatively doable run in… Lose 3-0 again and you’d have to fear the curtains being drawn on this season.

Wednesday will show you what the belief in the side is truly like. Wednesday should be a good gauge for Wenger and his ‘move on’ list. Wednesday is going to be interesting.

In transfer news we’re sniffing around Dutchman Adam Maher and the African Neymar, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from St Etienne. Neither I know much about so I won’t delve to deep!

Now, I’d usually have a lot more to give, but I’m away this weekend, so I’ll have to write for you and leave you. I’ll be back with a more full blooded blog post tomorrow.

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  1. Spurs.are.idiots

    just completed a season on my fifa 13 and achieved nothing….the board fired me…..think wenger deserves the same faith….lol

  2. Ichiban

    Here’s to hoping this is the last of a series of pretty poor le-grove posts by Pedro. Your posts are usually full of banter and witty opinion-giving if not club news so I’m sure I’m not alone on saying the past few have been fairly disappointing.

    Pedro if you don’t have anything to write on please allow a guest post or let Geoff come in. I’m sure there are loads of people who would like to take the podium if you’re not feeling up to it. Not grinding your balls, just a suggestion.

  3. Guns of brixton

    aubeyang is not the african neymar in terms of footie. . . haircut maybe def not in footie ability.
    maher is good. but prob. goin to ac or somethin,
    toulalan is on the radar apparently also.

  4. bc

    i dont think the formation will matter 1 iota. unfortunately the quality is lacking. our only chance is to play our best x1 players where possible. that includes rosicky arteta wilshire cazorla walcott and podolski. for me those 6 must start. which pretty much means a back 4 playing a deep line and abandoning the zonal marking system. giroud chamberlain gervinho diaby coquelin and 1 of the centre backs to join mannone or fabianski on the bench.

  5. Carts

    A Toulalan signing would only be because he’s cheap. I remember when he was still at Lyon – I’d wack on about how we should have him instead of Song. Now as he’s almost 30, we want to buy him? Typical cheapskate- Wenger tactic.

    The sooner he leaves, the better

  6. doctore

    You know we’re in trouble when we depend on a miracle and luck rather than tactics to beat an opponent in a football match….WENGER OUT!!!!!

  7. bankz

    I fear for for our Swansea game….watching WBA vs Swansea yest’day and I kept asking myself if we have the “mental strengths” and “speereet” to go beat them in their home turf. Difficult to imagine with our form.
    Just like Pedro said,if we get spanked on weds(which is very possible),we could have be an easy prey for Swansea to tear apart…and we need the 3points more.
    And yes, I think Le grove needs a guest post….at least a couple before Wed/thurs.

  8. Spurs.are.idiots

    IchibanMarch 10, 2013 10:58:39
    Here’s to hoping this is the last of a series of pretty poor le-grove posts by Pedro. Your posts are usually full of banter and witty opinion-giving if not club news so I’m sure I’m not alone on saying the past few have been fairly disappointing.

    Im not surprised considering how the past few weeks have been going… Other blogs that I read have already given up on any piece and its been ages since they had a new post…Le grove deserves some credit for still going on in these harsh times….i mean, I for one have been fed up about talking about arsenal to my friends or even debating about why the club is going down….

  9. Cesc Appeal


    While I don’t agree with the suicide reference.

    I do agree that most people just don’t care anymore.

    Lose 4-0 to Munich…all week until Swansea will be Arsenal ready £35 Million off for Gotze, Arsenal ready massive offer Falcao, Arsenal ready to buy Cabaye and so on and so forth.

    Then we’ll lose to Swansea, and get the soundbites about ‘mental strength’ and then Vermaelen or Ox will be wheeled out to say ‘we need the fans behind us for the run in.’

  10. Wenger

    Is anyone bored of typing in Arsenal news in their iPhones? Re-reading the same nauseating bullshit every day. Nothing is going to change the situation, Kroenke doesn’t care about your opinions, he’s laughing whilst the peasants in the fields try and revolt. Arsenal FC died in 2005, stop following this and move on with your lives… You’ve wasted 8 years already.. Make love to a beautiful woman, travel, go for a walk anything but please stop ranting about a business model you cannot and will not change…

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Signings are irrelevant with Wenger in charge.

    I don’t know why, especially a defender would even want to join Wenger, he’ll ruin your career, plummet you into a pit of zero form and suck any defensive knowledge you’ve built up over the years from actual coaches out of you

  12. Wenger

    Ozrus, try achieving something with your own life instead of caring about a business model that just wants your money and not your worthless opinion.

  13. kwik fit

    Guys don’t let the Wanger get you down. We are Arsenal. We still should get behind the lads on Wednesday ,next Saturday and every other game. Footballing miracles have happened before and will again. Maybe its Arsenal’s turn.
    Never give up on Our club cos it will still be there long after the wanger has ejaculated.

  14. Ozrus

    Bankz, them have been asked to help out with a super fucking duper financial uber post but them chickened out. Precious had to sort out their 1 millllllllion pound pay check in the midst of suckking Fergie off.

  15. Cesc Appeal



    A version of it will still be there.

    Under Kroenke Jr with the same model, a similar thrifty manager and still hording piles of cash to drive up the share price.

  16. Adam A Carbarundum

    I don’t fault Pedro at all for what little he writes these days. Can you blame him? It’s not like the team have given anyone anything good to write about, have they? Let’s face it, the well has run dry; Wenger has been found out to be a fraud of a manager, and the lack of consistent results stands as proof. Now we are looking for a miracle and the squad should remain positive going into our match against BM? What, is he kidding? What kind of bullshit is that? That, my friends sums up Arsene Wenger as a manager…He isn’t one!

    Clearly Wenger no longer gives a shit, so I ask – why should I? The sooner that this useless old goat goes the sooner Arsenal can begin to rebuild. Mote than a very heavy sigh.

  17. kwik fit


    I think Kroenke will sell to Fatman in the summer , we will be in the market for the Cavini’s and Falco’s of this world pull the wanger to one side and give him the old heave ho out the door .

  18. Raz

    Why didn’t you discuss the #Wrightorwrong thing you’ve been tweeting about? Or invite a guest on? Ah well, appreciate the time anyway, Instead, I will do the post for you here:

    Morning folks. I don’t know about you but where I am in not-so-sunny Wales, it is snowing so erratically the only thing I can conclude is that the snow was out last night on a large one.

    In other news, Ian Wright has come out and said that the fans don’t care how much we spend, but the number of trophies it leads to. At this moment in time I should point out that it is very clear we have fans who feel Wenger can do no wrong. Not only this, we have fans who feel if we spend any money, regardless of how much, or what we did to earn it e.g. sell a superstar, then we are akin to Chelsea and Man City et al. Why? There is a clear difference – we make massive sacrfices such as selling RVP and Fabregas etc, whereas they have owners who just irresponsibly put up millions from their bottomless pockets. Here’s a wake up call – if we go out and spend £100m+ this summer, we STILL wouldn’t be ANYTHING like those clubs because that money is there, accrued through our own running of our club. Not because Silent Stan would randomly chuck in that money. We have earned that money through sales, turnover and commercial and tv revenue. That’s the holy grail of football revenue if you like. So anyone saying if we spent that money we’d be like Chelsea etc needs to go away and have a little moment of enlightenment.

    Back to the post.

    Why do fans only seem to think those two extremes exist? I.e. not spending and being classy, or spending and being like a sugar daddy toy project? It’s nonsense. We spent £50m two summers ago ffs. Terribly. But before I outline why that’s a problem, let me talk about something else.

    The biggest problem, in light of the fact that we spent around £45m last summer and £50m the one before, is clearly not spending. It’s HOW IT IS SPENT, and the COACHING. Fans are crying out for us to spend but let me tell you this now – It. Doesn’t. Matter. We will buy incorrectly or coach them into the ground. Let me prove both:


    – We have signed a plethora of players who were in a prime state to come here and do brilliantly. Some did for a bit, but almost all have now flopped:
    -Chamakh – one of the brightest sparks in the French League when we signed him, had he not been on a free he’d have been about what Giroud cost. Dominant in the air, constantly rinsed defenders, cocky and talented.FLOP.
    -Arshavin- one of the best players on the planet available at that time and we made a move – it was a proud moment. He came here and lit the league up for 2 seasons before disappearing into obscurity.
    -Vermaelen- one of Europe’s top defenders fantastic signing, was outstanding for much of his first season, was slipping last season, and this season he’s resembled a Wolves defender
    -Park- dead ball specialist with a very cute finish. Came here and did nothing.
    -Santos – was once considered an incredible RB, with some top coaching and a mega fitness programme independent of team coaching would have seen him return to the top of his game in prime age in the best league. Never happened.
    -Mertesacker – slowest defender in the world, but not a bad defender. A player with that level of weakness in the speed department needs coaching. how is he the only guy to get smaller when he jumps? Coaching coaching coaching. Proof – Verm and he actually looked solid at the start of the season when Bould had an initial impact.
    -Santi – fantastic talent but now that Jack is back and he’s not in the middle he’s been less and less effective.

    I could go on but cba. But when you have defenders of the quality and attributes of Koscielny, who had a pretty well nailed on world class season last season and was then dropped for the status of Mertesacker (error), alongside Vermaelen, making mistakes my village team makes, playing a high line when Mert is on the pitch, it’s coaching.

    And the final bit I can be bothered to write about in terms of coaching is that it is safe to conclude that 5 years of the same problems in attack and defence year after year despite a revolving door of players can only mean one thing – coaching.

    The second MAJOR problem we have at Arsenal is the way the money is spend. but in light of what I have just said it can be argued that’s not true. I mean, Gervinho was a goal machine in France. He’s come here and looked like a clown. But either way, here is the list of what I think were the most ridiculous signings of the past few years and why (despite what I have mentioned already):

    -Santos – unfit, not given a training and fitness programme, not prem adapted, expensive. We could have got Enrique instead for the same fee if not a bit less and less wages.
    -Park – £3m wasted
    -Mertesacker – who in holy god’s name spend near £10m on someone that slow? Why is it we have a manager who signs players with clear cut weaknesses. Much more suitable less-famed all-rounders are available everywhere for that money ffs. Wenger seems to see things in black or white. ‘Foreign players have been not great so now I will go British regardless of quality. Side proved to be inexperienced so now I will buy Mertesacker instead of someone way more suitable.’ Truth is, we have the players, we need the coaches to have their input. Vermaelen and Koscielny SHOULD be one of the most feared CB pairings in Europe.
    -Giroud – now don’t get me wrong I love this guy but he has no agility at all. He could have scored another 10 goals on top of his tally this season had he been someone with the agility of Jelavic, Cisse or basically any other striker. This is the same problem we had with Bendtner. I am not saying he was a bad signing, but his obvious weakness meant there was no way he should have been signed for Arsenal FC as a first choice striker.
    -Gervinho – even his French youtube highlights made him look like a clown. I would never have signed this guy. So many other player who are more capable in front of goal. You telling me we’d have been worse off signing Abdellaoue? No chance.
    -The Ox – now this epitomises the day to day dilemma of the arsenal fan. Why? Because we love him. Why? Because he’s an English pedigree kid with potential and passion. But that isn’t enough and it wasn’t when we signed him. £15m reduced to £12 because AW wouldn’t play him when we needed him. That was £15m that could have been spent on a ready-made winger.

    I could go on with this list but won’t.

    The last thing is the formation, and this comes under coaching. It needs discussing though. The formation makes terrible use of our players it really does. Ramsey coud have a really bright future at Arsenal IF and only IF we made him our DM and said ‘this is your new role. Stick to it or be sold next summer. Your job is to protect that defence like your life depends on it, and I do not want you in the opponent’s half if it can be avoided.’ End of discussion. He’d be great at it. Make Jenko RB after his incredible start to the season before the laborious, tedious, predictable Sagna came back. Jenko was our most used player statistically before he was dropped, with more touches per game than any other player for the first 3 or 4 weeks. That just shows how available he was. Sorry, I’m meandering. Right. Jenko at RB. Kos and Verm in the middle. Gibbs LB. If not Gibbs, then Coquelin. If neithe due to injury, MEADE. What an exciting talent. Then Ramsey DM. That’s our Gilberto replacement in the making, beginning his new life. Now we can actually play players in their favoured positions. check this:

    ….Rosicky…….Jack………..The Ox….

    BEFORE YOU SAY SANTI!! Ok I could have put him on instead of any of those mids but the point is:
    This shows the incredible depth this squad ACTUALLY has. Arteta and Santi could replace any of our 3 mids behind the strikers. Chelsea, City and United all have stars on the bench. We don’t because Wenger doesn’t have a clue. He fears rotation. This plays the lads in their best positions. Two strikers, wide attacking mids (that’s why I put the Ox in – he and Rosicky are good taking the ball wide as well as in field).

    I could mull over formations all day changing round players but the point is in that formation we are covering all our problems – resting top mids and having options from the bench. We have a DM. We have a fast strong CB pairing. We have a good RB. We have two forwards, both of whom would be happy. Giroud is on the bench. Love him but that’s his place sometimes.

    So, the problems at Arsenal aren’t ‘if we spend it’ll be like buying a trophy’ – Wenger could spend £70m tomorrow and again in the summer and he still wouldn’t win a trophy because he can’t choose a formation, can’t pick the right players, won’t let the defensive coach work on the defence and won’t get a good attacking coach, and this is why we see the same problems every year regardless of the personnel at Wenger’s disposal.

    That’s all for today folks, enjoy your time searching for news on twitter, I’m off to have a bath. See you in the comments.


  19. Cesc Appeal


    I certainly hope so. For the sake of the soul of the club, because it’as become a useless corporate husk under Le Wig

  20. Wenger


    Ozus you are a complete mug. You continue supporting this joke of a football club with your ‘we are the Arsenal’ bollocks.. Let me be very clear to you you living example of what happens when an abortion survives… Kroenke won’t leave or change his model, the board line their pockets each year, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge as this will continue year on year..I’ll only get behind the team, when they put out players with passion, and care about winning. Those says are gone, so continue with your AKB mentality and pointless support but no one caress unite after the heart was ripped out of this once brilliant club.

  21. Adam A Carbarundum

    Don’t you get it already? There won’t be any signings of any value or significance, Wenger doesn’t do that. It would be a sign that his genius is in question. Besides, when they don’t make CL they won’t have the money to play. The pattern is in place and has been for years…only too many have been blinded for too long to see it.

    Support Arsenal? YES, always! Support Wenger and the board? No, never again! And that is why we are where we are today – a contradiction of loyalty. And no one will ever win again until the stalemate and vicious cycle are finally broken. It’s up to each and every one of you, always has.

  22. Ozrus

    Wenger, they care I believe. To the same extent aguero does. Or bale. Or rvp has and does still no doubt for a different brand. But you care more still. That’s not going to change.

  23. Adam A Carbarundum

    Raz, you lost me at “Why” and the subsequent 9000 words that followed. Actually, good post!

  24. nickfury


    excellent post. Really good. You might want to consider asking Pedro if you can guest post every now and again.

  25. reality check


    Due to the fact that ‘them’ f*cked up there moment to officially shine, you could write about something you’d like to share.

    Many people on here (previously SDE, Keyser now raz ect. ) Write comments so long, you would think they were official posts. But its cool, if its a decent read.

    Many on here just like to read, so I say feel free to share your viewpoint in any realistic amount of words it takes.

    But not too long!

    If others do, why can’t you? Fuck it give us slightly silent readers something to sink our teeth into.

    I’m sure many don’t know who hell these two ‘potential signings’ are so a lil stat break down ect would be nice

    Just a suggestion,

    I’ve been calling for a guest post but OGL (pedro) ignores me lol. I don’t get it? Its hard work, why not share the burden with all the ‘know it alls’ on here.

    His blog, his rules?

    Anyway I’m sure whoever we sign will bomb as long as OUGL (our ultimate glorious leader) is still in charge.

    Raz 6/10

    Not saying I can do better, just my opinion.

  26. Wenger

    The difference Ozus is that Bale, Van Persie and Aguerro are of a slightly higher calibre than Giroud, Gervinho and Arteta.. Wilshere has passion and cares but he’s also hugely gifted… The team we have now are all good squad players and not first team regulars, Wenger shops in Lydls and bargain bucket whilst our rivals, even Spurs now, shop at M&S… If Wilshere goes we’re fucked

  27. Raz

    Ozrus – I put some effort in to that, so up yours! Show some respect. We are all fans of the same club, and I would rather post one thought provoking post than several snippets of nothing like you seem to pal. So let’s play nicely. No offence.

    Also, I have been considering doing my own blog for a while, nothing to do with cred thanks. I have been bloggin about Arsenal for 2 years or more elsewhere. I used to comment on here quite often but people like Gambon came along saying ‘Wilshere is average’ and abusing anyone who didn’t think like him, along with the AKBs – also, I remember commenting on one of Pedro’s posts once, supporting what he was saying, he kicked off thinking I disagreed. So what if I did. I didn’t, but he was a real dick about it. I said I thought this was where I could come to have an opinion not get one?

    Also, I pretty well do do this every day, but on an Arsenal forum elsewhere and under a different name. I would love to guest post for Le Grove occasionally but you’re right, who am I? I haven’t done anything to earn that. I am just saying, I would if they want. I can talk sensibly about Arsenal all day. I think their collective opinions and mine almost always tally. It’s a great source of food for thought and I always read Le Grove before I go about my Arsenal posting elsewhere.

  28. SUGA3


    I can only speak for myself, but I personally don’t care as much as I used to, simply because I can see that the owner doesn’t care, the board doesn’t care, the manager doesn’t care and the players don’t care either as a result, why would I care?

    there is nothing to be excited about as far as Arsenal Football CLub is concerned, and nothing to look forward to, at least for as long as some major change does not happen!

  29. reggie 57

    Something has gotta happen sooner rather than later? the club is going down the shitter and no-one seem’s to give a fuck!! can remember you suga advacting Usmanov and every one saying dont want the fat russian rapist gangster running this club!! instead we are stuck with a no mark yank who dont give a flying fuck about the club……….

  30. SUGA3


    it was enough to look at the performance of Stan’s other clubs and once you combine it with how the overall wealth of the two compare, it was a bit of a no-brainer that Usmanov would be a much better owner from the fans’ perspective, given how he would make the club his crown jewel and would get into a bit of a dick swinging contest with Abramovich et al…

    Kroenke is the worst thing that could have ever happened to this club, some mugs were going about not willing to become the oligarch’s plaything, so much better to lose the soul anyway and become the ‘poor’ billionaire’s cash cow, eh?

  31. Alex James

    Hope Chelsea beat Utd. Don’t care for either of them but hate Fergy and the latter more. Got to stop him getting another double. Can’t happen of course, as the ref will have gotten his orders. Look out for some really bad decision today, which will allow Fergy to play the part of a magnanimous winner again.

  32. Kemp1886

    Moaning about Kroenke whilst coughing up is no good.A half empty Emirates stadium week in week out is the only way to get him out.

  33. shad

    We gonna stuff Bayern 3-1 and force extra time.

    Who am I kidding, we will at best get thrashed 2-0, and AW will feed us the usual bollox of “playing with the hand brake on”, “DWe weren’t sharp in the final third”, “Diaby will save our season”, “I have money to spend in the summer and will spend on top, top, quality”, “I’ve been in this job 30 years and have a proud record of qualifying for UCL for 15 years consecutively”..

    then he’ll drop the mother of clangers now..

    “We are playing for the 5th place trophy”.


  34. shad

    And Aubemeyang is a good player..though I really see no difference bewtween his game play and Ox. His strengths lie in pace, running at players and having a crack from distance. He is raw and young and he’d grow and become a force in any other team except Arsenal. Simply because AW would destroy him as he has destroyed Ox and Arshavin.

  35. reggie 57

    I wont spend a penny of my hard earned cash until Wenger and co are carried out kicking and screaming!!

  36. Dannyboy

    don’t know much about maher, but been a fan of Aubameyang for some time, he is the fastest player I have ever witnessed, makes Walcock and Gervinoooooooo look like frail old haunched over pensioners.

  37. HP

    Wednesday will show you what the belief in the side is truly like. Wednesday should be a good gauge for Wenger and his ‘move on’ list. Wednesday is going to be interesting.

    You say this about every big game, wenger’s time was past around 5 years ago.

  38. kwik fit

    So Arsenal are keeping tabs on the ‘African Neymar’
    We have signed the Japanesse ‘Messi’ (RYO)

    Why can’t Arsenal go out and buy the Brazilian Neymar or even the Argentian Messi. With us it’s always fake’s . Wenger’s legacy is that we go after the seconds of this world, yet pay premium prices in doing so.

  39. tippitappi

    After the Swansea match I don’t want to here about final run ins that starts at Swansea no responce Saturday and that responce / run in /final push or what ever aint going to happen

  40. Cesc Appeal

    The energy in that Spurs side, the loyalty they have to their manager, even guys like Bale.

    All because he’s a young, ambitious manager.

    The total reverse is true for us.

  41. home and away

    Listen to the radio or watch TV even the media are bored with arsenal and don’t mention then – we finally have become boring

  42. Dannyboy

    Wouldn’t we all Toli, nobody more than Wenger, because if he had signed him 2 years ago for 15 million, he’d be looking at a 20 million profit by now easily…

  43. Dannyboy

    apparently Bale is ‘just a shit Stewart Downing’… and people question the intelligence of Scousers?? Well I never…

  44. Toli83

    Remember we were linked with him quite a few times.

    I like the fact he is obsessed by winning, winds the opposition up and is overall a bit of cunt. Exactly what we need in our team of wimps. Also a big game player, something Giroud definitely isn’t…

  45. Samir


    Hummels – 18M
    Capoune – 10M
    Cabaye 15M
    Suarez- 30M

    We have more than enough money.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    Seriously, the rest of us have given up with wish lists…never going to happen…no player worth his salt would want to work under Wenger…even if they were nuts and did, wouldn’t happen

  47. Bade


    SZCZ proved this season he’s not ready yet to be our number one. add a keeper to that wish list. Not that you’ll get any

  48. tippitappi

    If they win today it will be time to forget them and focus on the chavs and I would’nt put my house on us finishing above them

  49. Dannyboy

    Keyser was spot on about Walker, he really is pretty shit, he was trying to swap shirts with Coutinho in that first half because he couldn’t handle him. Never get away with that if he was one of us.

  50. Arsene's Nurse

    A draw between Liverpool and the spuds will suit us. Keeps the scousers well down the table but dropped points for AVB and crew. Problem for us is we aren’t consistent so it’s impossible to predict whether we’ll win lose or draw. Going on a winning run is unlikely.

  51. kwik fit

    Spuds were the best team in the first half. Scouse need to up their game big time it they are to get anything out of this game.
    Like the team Samir but with wenger it’ll never happen

  52. Dannyboy

    Vertonghen with another crucial goal for Spurs, Wenger turned him down because he didn’t want to damage the confidence of Kalamity Kos and our Captain Thomas ‘Cadaver’ Vermaelen…

  53. Guns of brixton

    Actually vertoghen turned us down bcos AW wanted him to play as an CDM, not LB,or CB. he said in an interview.

  54. Dannyboy

    Spurs getting all the luck that we seemed to get last season. Reina pulls out 5 minutes before the game with a mystery calf injury and now Liverpool have this diabolical shit cunt Brad Jones in net, who makes Marten Fulop look like Casillas.

  55. follow the money

    Vertongen with two goals. Wenger OUT. It’s starting to look very bad for us. Tottenham have a long term plan and it’s working. They could probably even lose Bale this summer and they would still be better than us next season. Wenger is a loser

  56. Dannyboy

    brixton, precisely, Wenger is a madman who likes to experiment with players in all sorts of weird and wonderful positions. He is a real life Dr Seuss.

  57. tippitappi

    wenger is a cancer in this club which needs removing ASAP , to kill the beast you have to cut off the head

  58. Dannyboy

    gambon, would have thought you’d have gone for Josef Fritzl seeing as it fits in perfectly well with your usual Pa-edo references… 😉

  59. follow the money

    wow Liverpool pulled out the win, ending Spurs unbeaten run. Not sure how I feel about that. Spurs finishing above us might be needed to force Mr. Delusional out

  60. Dannyboy

    hahaha! My delight at that result is only tempered by the fact that I forgot to put a fiver this morning on 2-1 newcastle and 3-2 liverpool, just checked into skybet to see my winnings and the betslip was there, but i’d not layed the bet. fuckkkkkkk got 125/1 on them results!!! 🙁

  61. Dannyboy

    Get in! Chelsea have pulled it back to 2-2. Hope they win it to add to their already piled up fixture list. After Wednesday night, we will only have 10 games left…

  62. Dannyboy

    Amazing how we have scored more than Spurs, conceded less, and in less games. Yet we are still 7 points behind them. Just too many bad days at the office..

  63. kwik fit


    RVP is out of sorts because he’s realised he’s made a big mistake. No champions league while the team he left is still there. He’s probably completely fuckin gutted.

  64. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Scousers 2 points behind us now (Pool and Everton).
    Love the optimism of some on here still talking about fourth place, do they really believe we have the “Mental Strength” to turn our season around?
    All I see is a poor squad that is mentally weak and a manager who is clueless as to what to do.

    And as for giving him more money to spend, Squillaci, bendtner, Giroud, Gervinho, Denilson, Park,………………………………………..

  65. Dannyboy

    1886-2006, I think that optimism is supported by the fact that the majority of us, I would imagine, would rather us finish 7th than 5th, so Liverpool winning can only be good for us, if we win at Swansea, then 4th is back on, if we lose, then Liverpool can have our Europa League spot as far as I’m concerned, I won’t be making the long trip to London to go see us play Inverness Calledonian Thistle…

  66. LeMassiveCoq

    As we all know, ManU, Citeh and the chavs are no longer our rivals. So this season our main rivals are, Spuds, Pool and Everton.

    If the senile dictator is still here next season our rivals will be Everton, Swansea and West Brom in competing for a Europa place.

    Go now Arsene, whislt you have the tiniest shred of dignity.

  67. Thomas

    Wenger is a masochist. There’s no other way he’s still hasn’t resigned. The man has no dignity or integrity whats so ever. Complete loser and failure.

  68. Jeff

    Arsenal has become for Wenger a deep-seated addiction. He will not leave because to him not managing Arsenal will be like a death sentence. He wants to stay and win but he wants to do it his way which in today’s world is dated and ineffective.

    The face of football has changed but Wenger has refused to change with it and has been left behind. The idea that you can build an entire team from cheap or unknown players is a thing of the past. The playing field used to be somewhat more level a decade ago than it is now. In order to compete you have to buy proven talent which comes at a premium he is not willing to pay.

    The combination of a flat wage structure and the steady flow of second-rate players flooding the club will be his undoing. He is fast running out of what reputation he built for himself in the first half of his reign and pretty soon he will be seen as a complete joke by almost everyone. He still has his sympathisers and the faithful in large numbers but I think we all know the direction that is going.

    There is a very good chance that we will be knocked out of the top four this season; when that happens it will be very painful for him to take because his ready-made defence of continuous qualification will no longer be valid. It is the only weapon he has left against the critics and it is seriously in danger of being taken away from him.

    The big question is; will he resign. Seems unlikely but maybe, just maybe failing to qualify will see the final nail go in. What is absolutely certain in my mind is that we cannot progress under Wenger which means we can only regress under him and that is exactly what we’ve been doing. He simply needs to bow out gracefully and not worry about finishing his contract. But again, it is unlikely it will happen at the end of this season. As such, we will have to endure another year of pain and despair.

  69. kwik fit

    Vela is having a very good season in Spain. Now apparently we have a 4m buyback clause. The Spanish Commentator just said “Arsenal have a £4 million buy back clause on Vela” & other commentator goes “buy him then sell him on again” . Don’t be giving them idea’s FFS!

  70. Johnny5

    Well there was us thinking we had only spurs and Chelsea to worry about. Now it’s looking like the 2 scouse teams could leapfrog us if we don’t put a decent run together. I wonder, I know they have planned financially for 5th but have they planned for 7th? Is there any difference? Would/could it affect these commercial contracts we have coming up drastically?

    Swansea has now become one of the most must win games of this season. Things could get very uncomfortable for wenger unless we find some form and put a run of wins together.

  71. Roaaary

    Was talking with my old dear today about arsenal and why we support them. We used to have an affiliation to players like Adams keown parlour seaman. Everyone was arsenal through and through even if they were a bit poor (Dixon). Then along comes the French mercenary bringing his army of immigrants and although the club is in a better position now, I just don’t love this arsenal. I don’t feel a part of the club. The players don’t love the place. The owners don’t love the fans. I look at crystal palace where the fans turn out and sing every game. The club is run by fans who have not only the finances at heart but a sense of history.
    When we talk of history we speak about the invincibles and the doubles. We don’t remember the Charlie George’s and Michael Thomas anymore.
    Arsehole wanker has turned this into a franchise with no long term history. He wants us to forget that and remember his greatness. This club is more than that man and more than the state it’s in now. Never would I believe I could watch a game and not celebrate an arsenal goal but now if we score I literally couldn’t give a shit. Partly due to the fact I know it doesn’t mean anything to the players but mainly because I don’t really support arsenal anymore. This isn’t the club I fell in love with. This is a money making franchise for a bunch of foreign cunts. I for one want my arsenal back

  72. kwik fit

    But Roarrrry we have;


    The nationality thing is not the problem. In the mid /late 70’s the Arsenal team was almost an all Ireland 11.

    No, the problem is the regime and Mr Wanker himself.

  73. Mike adamski


    Agree with a lot of that , harsh on Dixon though , c’mon he was decent .
    I too miss those days , Michael Thomas , Ian wright , big tone, Merse !
    It’s hard to relate to many of them know , maybe only jack these days …

  74. Mike adamski


    Agree with a lot of that , harsh on Dixon though , c’mon he was decent .
    I too miss those days , Michael Thomas , Ian wright , big tone, Merse !
    It’s hard to relate to many of them now- maybe only jack these days …

  75. Roaaary

    I went the arsenal Everton game with my old dear where we won the league. I bought my ticket as a junior gunner for 15 quid coz we were so far behind in the league. Adams scored the fourth and that was the last time I felt a true gooner.

    Dixon was one of the worst players individually to have won the league. He knows he weren’t great but like jenks he done what was asked of him and didn’t let people down with a half hearted performance.

    @kwik the problem is nationality as well. You say about the Irish contingent but they were British. Liam Brady was arsenal for gods sake. Was cesc arsenal really? How about nasri before he went to city? They were here for £££ and playing opportunities not coz they wanted to be gooners.

  76. Roaaary

    And finally the ox, Rambo n Gibbs ain’t arsenal. Maybe Gibbs. With them they just don’t feel a part of arsenal.

  77. gazzap

    It’s not just wenger that ripped the heart out of the club. The board did too, with their dodgy badge change, and blatant disregard of the fans at every opportunity.
    Jenks loves the club and for that reason he should persisted with and trained properly as he would die for the club like Dixon would. Jenks needs a proper coach.
    I mean if Sagna gives a goal away he thinks sod it i’ll go to PSG. Jenks would actually feel like crying inside – he is one of us. That counts for something to me.

  78. Guns of brixton

    oh boy.
    le grove is now a BNP / EDL hotspot.
    typical blame the ”ethnics” for everything. even for AFCs decline.

  79. Roaaary

    The badge change was the end for me. A marketing ploy designed for the European market and to attract kids. I miss the dodgy lightning striped kits and those days plotted up in a corner of highbury with a pillar blocking half my view.

    As you say jenks makes mistakes but regrets em. You learn from mistakes if you care about making them. Sagan just thinks oops.

    @kwik I see what you mean with bergy and Henry but bergy was brought in during the Adams era and learned to love it here. He was 100% committed due to his surroundings. Henry came in during the winger era. I don’t consider him arsenal thru n thru. Hence the reasons he sulked for a few years and eventually left us. Henry left for money n glory as he thought there were better places to be. The only foreigner to be considered to bergy was Freddie. The man had red fucking hair and we bombed him out eventually.

  80. El Tel

    What a load of bollocks.

    Dennis, Paddy V, Pires, Cesc, Grimandi, Lehman, Freddie, Petit, Overmars to name but a few have Arsenal in their blood.

    None of them British.

  81. Roaaary

    @el tel – paddy v left and flirted with clubs for a few years. He has now joined the new arsenal at city. Couldn’t see keown doin that could you?
    Pires – left after the disappointment of bein subbed and went off sulkin.

    Cesc – don’t even be ridiculous you Yiddo.

    Grimandi – did he even play for arsenal? If he did I never noticed. He would have just been grateful to be a part of our club.

    Lehman yeah good shout. I loved that man but just feel he arrived here too late in his career.

    Freddie see above.

    Petit – was here as part of a great team. He wasn’t of arsenal DNA he just had the DNA of a great player

    Overmars – again we were a foreign project for him. Didn’t take much for barca to steal him from us

  82. Roaaary

    El tel so what was Henry’s reason for flirting with other clubs the year before? Or sulking at team mates? Or that strange long term injury. Winger did flog him but he was hardly committed was he now

  83. Guns of brixton

    were treading in the more dangerous grounds of footie, be careful wht u say b4 u type it or pedro will slap you with a ban. . .

  84. Roaaary

    @guns what’s wrong with what I said? If that ain’t political correctness you should hear my views on sexy school kids haha

  85. SUGA3


    you, sir, are a complete Little Englander idiot, sure, it is good for an English club to have a core of quality English players, ideally as local ac possible or at least boyhood fans of the club, but it is not about keeping the squad ‘ethnically pure’, it is about creating the club’s ethos and you can achieve this with both the local lads and Johnny Foreigners alike, the key to success in that regard is to keep your club’s stalwarts, not sell them like cattle for peanuts once they hit 30!

  86. Funminiyi

    @Roarry, I think I know where you are coming from and it will take a logically sound mind to understand the attachment that you have with The Arsenal family. For the first time in my 14years of supporting Arsenal, I wish we were as prudent and shrewd in our dealings like Manchester United and as rich as PSG!