Arsenal look for some Perin Perin special sauce | a banana and a ban… dim

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Good morning from Le Grove. How are you on this wondrous yet damp day? Enough idle chit chat, let’s crack into the big stuff, of which there is little.

First up, a man has been charged with throwing what is beloved to be a banana at Gareth Bale. He’s also been charged with disorderly behaviour and abusive words. Now, outside the heat of the moment, how must it feel to know that not only are you about to get a criminal record for something really dim… you’re also about to lose your season ticket rights? Even for the cheap laugh, which don’t get me wrong, we all love… it’s just not worth it.

Gerard Piqué has been giving Cesc some grief in the press.

“We [Barcelona squad] talk about van Persie and Rooney. Fabregas loves to talk about Arsenal but we say they have no chance of winning the title this season!”

Well, I can’t really disagree with that. I’m not a fan of Pique, but it’s not nice to be the butt of jokes. Still, nice that Cesc is having a bad time in his new relationship and he’s default reaction is to talk about us. One day… we’ll get him back and the glory will come. Well, if we get him, a keeper, a centre back, a world class striker and a specialist DM who boasts technical proficiency and mobility and modern manager the likes the world is yet to see.

Talking of keepers, Perin’s agent has said Arsenal are interested in the 20 year old stopper. Now, as much as I’d love to see another child at the club battling through 5 years to become half decent… I’d rather not. If we are serious about signing a keeper, we need Begovic… or at worse, we could try and rekindle the career of Pepe Reina. Messing around trying to improve our squad with potential is a tried and failed way of operating.

Right, that’s all I’ve got for today. Enjoy the rugby if you’re watching it and even if you’re not English, support us, it’ll make you feel a better person.

Big love.

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  1. azed

    March 9, 2013 10:18:56
    Reina is a spent force

    Vicky that’s the reason why Wenger might buy him. He’d probably be cheap.
    Sylvestre mkII

  2. Richie Powling

    What a boring Saturday. It’s the sort of day where you frivolously spend money on something you don’t need!

  3. SUGA3

    what you all have to appreciate is that no player who would be able to make a difference will come here for as long as Wenger is here…

    not that it’s in any way relevant, as they would have regressed under the current regime anyway!


  4. Bootstrap

    If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of our ability to defend then please contact Arsene urgently.. Ideas on the back of fag packets and beer mats also welcome

  5. Cesc Appeal

    What’s this thing Geoff Arsenal was going on about on his Twitter.

    That Usmanov had bought into some Saudi construction firm and that some Billionaire out there was an Arsenal fan and wanted to buy the club…which is the Arab Consortium mentioned.

    But that really Usmanov would be the head of the bid and the day to day runner of the club so to speak?

    It’s this kind of stuff that keeps you dreaming but I always worry about the validity.

    Is Geoff Arsenal LeGrove’s Geoff?

  6. Goongoonergone

    We have had Gervinho and Giroud who were doing very well at their respective clubs until they came to Arsenal and have seemingly become spent forces under Wenger. Look at Chamberlain, Vermaelen, Kos, etc. and you see a pattern. Now if we get spent forces like Reina, David Villa etc coming to Arsdenal, what’s a spent force like Wenger going to do with these spent forces? Just huff and puff like he always does nowadays and get blue in the face?
    Time for Lord Jumpsuit to jump back across the English Channel, me hearties.

  7. Ichiban

    there are far too many proven goalkeeper options available for us to spunk another ~£10m up the wall at a goalkeeper who fucking Genoa have loaned out. Here’s to hoping it’s just silly agent talk. I’d rather see Valdes, Stekelenburg, we might be able to convince Julio Cesar to jump ship if/when QPR get relegated. fantastic goalie.

    If we could actually get Yaya Sanogo(for a decent price, not more than £5m) I certainly wouldnt mind. he could be our Lukaku. They are around the same age and Lukaku is looking pretty damn promising on loan at West Brom.

    If Arsenal got Usmanov and a decent manager in I could see Fabregas returning to the Arsenal.

    Been reading news of Nike sponsoring a return to M*nure for Ronaldo. Hope it doesnt actually happen

  8. Skandibird

    Don’t think @GeoffArsenal is the Big Bear, as he would follow me on twitter if he was and he isn’t so it cant be him….. anyway, enough of me…. what about Foster as a goalie? Or, Celtics keeper Forster ; both pretty good IMO and obviously Betgovic,who’s also been championed by our Polish friend on LeGrove many a time 🙂

  9. Adam A. Carbarundum

    I find it astounding that someone can get a criminal record for tossing…a banana onto a pitch? And yet someone with a good lawyer can get away with murder and no record. You really do have to wonder about our society as a whole? Long gone are the days of “sticks and stones” and having a thick skin.

    As for Fabregas, or should I say Fabrege for how fragile he was at the end of his Arsenal career. Careful what you wish for, Cescy Baby…Its not like you are a superstar any longer!

    Good post Pedro…short but sweet!

  10. Ichiban

    In other news, PSG seem to be really keen on getting a French manager to help raise their domestic popularity and I cant see any higher profile french manager than Arsene Wenger. This is the reason they want him, not necessarily for his managerial prowess. Let’s hope they offer him a big contract this summer and the grief from the Arsenal fans is enough to drive Le Senile across the English Channel.

  11. SUGA3

    I think we have missed out on Cesar and Boruc, both were on a free, the former hit the ground running, the latter is getting pretty good after a bit of a shaky start…

    no idea who is doing the GK coaching at AFC, but bloody hell, Fabianski was always a bit shit and so was Mannone, but Szczesny used to be pretty damn special, so it is only logical that he would progress under good tutelage, no?

  12. SUGA3


    it is funny how a lot of people (myself included up to a certain point) believed Wenger to be the great coach and developer of talent, come to think of it, his pride pet project that was CF4 had a lot of talent to start with and had the luck of being around some of the best players this club has ever had…

    soooo, I am just going to say that not only the early success was achieved in spite of Wenger rather than thanks to him, but also the best developed players ha more to thank the likes of PV4, TH14, DB10, etc. than Le Senile!

  13. Gunner4Life

    I think ANY other goalkeeper in the EPL is performing better than what we have seen from our lot this season. Szczesny showed some promise, but his performances in the Euros and beyond have been very poor.

    As for cheap up and coming options, Adam Federici from reading looks quite good, and will be cheap if they go down.

  14. lordsnotty

    Why do so many players regress at this football club, or at least fail to progress? Why are schoolboy errors repeated over and over again? Isn’t there a common denominator here, and when will somebody wake up and smell the coffee.
    There is a great big elephant in the room and it’s doing a massive crap on the new carpet. Time to get it out before it wrecks the whole house.


  15. The King Ad-Rock

    Anyone see @GeoffArsenal’s daughter n his timeline yesterday? Shhhheeeerwingggg what a stunner! If shes reading this, marry meeee!

  16. incesc

    Cesc appeal

    By my thinking

    Geoff Arsenal is employed by arsenal to make up rumours to sell tickets and such.

    Geoff le grove is some moany old nice guy who doesn’t go to arsenal any more cos he hates wenger.

    Don’t think they are the same person

  17. Bade


    Since 2005, the players that come to Arsenal are mostly on a backwards spiral, not upwards graph

    Arshavin, Chamakh, Gerv, to mention but a few

    Indeed Cesc, Flamini were exceptions, but most players seem to get worse

    Szcz is another blatant example

    When he 1st came to the scene he was actually better than he’s right now

    Vermaelen as well, the Ox …. something seriously big is missing in our training/coatching set-up, we’re not developing stars any more

  18. Bade


    @GeoffArsenal isn’t our Geoff, he’s a hard core AKB mostly, with genuine links to the club (maybe he’s even tipped to be their informal spins spreader

    What’s your @twitter?

  19. Skandibird

    Bade, not sure if you follow me already but it’s Linda@girlgooner, and yes, before anyone asks, the profile pic is me, taken a few years ago admittedly…. God! life can be so cruel, ageing I mean….

  20. Dannyboy

    not much to talk about today, so I just wondered what you wonderful lot think about the useless cunts on Gillette Soccer Saturday, all 5 of them gave the fact that Nani ‘didn’t see’ Arbeloa as the reason why they think the referee made the wrong decision. These people are supposedly football experts, and not one of them seems to know that it doesn’t say squat about ‘intent’ in the rulebook. The simple facts are these, if Arbeloa hadn’t been jumping at the time, then he would have had his head damn near kicked off.

    It’s ridiculous that they say he didn’t mean to do it so he shouldn’t be punished.

    I suppose if one of there kids were crossing the road, and got run down by someone, the driver could get out and say ‘oh… I didn’t see him coming, guess that means you can’t arrest me. right??’ Of course not, therefore how should this be any different.

    Just my thoughts, seeing as there is nothing Arsenal related to really get my teeth into today, seeing as Wenger says the FA cup isn’t important… Shame.

  21. Guns of brixton

    Diego Lopez / Stockdale / Froster / Butland / Ceaser / tremmel / al habsi
    a bloody lot of em avaliabe.

  22. kwik fit

    Beat Blackburn at home and Millwall away and we’re at Wembley. But Even Wenger and a wage bill of 153m couldn’t do that. On your bike Arsene.

  23. vicky

    Really Kwik,this time around we had such a favorable draw in the FA cup. Looking at the draw I thought—it could be that year . But I underestimated AW’s idiotic potential. It has now become very clear to me that we would never win anything under this manager whatever be the strength of our squad.

  24. kwik fit

    Vicky, the decision that was pivotal in the Balckburn game was putting 3 players on all at once in the 70th min. The team shape was in disarray and guess what happened…..the opposition get their first shot. But hey who are we the question a guy who has over 30 years experience on top.

  25. Ozrus

    Tboned that’s what all clubs do. They look for unproven talent. Some clubs also buy proven talent in addition to the unproven. And some can’t decide what’s proven and what’s not. Like some fans can’t decide which club they support. Especially the ones that end up admitting its the Mancs after all.

  26. vicky

    If AW had started with his first choice squad I am sure we would have won the match in the first half. after that we could have taken off players who we wanted to give rest to. He did exactly the opposite and we lost the game. Blackburn were pathetic on that day yet we lost.

    Kwik,You are right. The moment he made those 3 subs we conceded the goal. And Cheezer has been at the center of it all. He cost us the carling cup against west Ham in 2010 .This season his below ordinary performance has been one of the main reasons why we lost to Blackburn and then conceded 3 against BM in CL.

  27. kwik fit

    I must say that I like the look of Begovic. I think the team that gets him in the Summer will not have to look for a goalkeeper for many years to come.

  28. Nick

    Was the banana guy subject to a legal charge of abusive language, or was that Arsenal’s charge against him. is there a law against abusive language in England?

  29. Guns of brixton

    At this rate. . .
    cleverly will win more trophies than wilshere.
    its a fuckin’ cruel world.

  30. marxdrive

    vicky March 9, 2013 13:34:32

    “Malowney is better than Gervinho.”

    That game could go on for quite a while…lol

  31. Moray

    arresting someone for throwing a banana at a monkey. What next? Arresting a butcher for cutting up a cow carcass?

    This Perin thing is bullshit. If Wenger wasn’t interested in nickel and diming us, he’d have bought Lloris in the summer, rather than let him go to the Spuds and help them finish top three. One thing is clear, when Wenger has gone, Chesney will need some time in the reserves or on loan to see if he can regain his development. Perhaps it is too late for him – another career ruined by Wenger.

  32. Alex James

    Everton havre about three good players and the rest are average. From what I can see, they are showing signs of thuggery as well. The tackle on Ryo was very aggressive

  33. kwik fit

    Merson made a very valid point regarding the Nani sending off this morning. He said that if Nani had of thought that he would have made contact with the RM defender he’d have run a mile. He said that Nani was afraid of his own shadow.

  34. Alex James

    Moray and Marx . True and true. Lots of booing at Goodison. Not just us then. How come Wigan can play in a supposed ‘Arsenal light’ way and make Everton look like donkeys at times, whereas the real thing end up losing through defensive errors and lack of bite?

  35. Alex James

    Dannyboy. Quite right. In the final analysist, I couldn’t care less if the decision were wrong. The fact that Utd lost and Ferguson shut himself in a room with a revolver is all that matters to me. He is spouting off about refs losing him three CLs. What about the English ones that have gifted him at least six titles, starting with the first one when the replacement ref played 25 minutes added time until Utd beat Wednesday?

  36. Shayman

    What about a punt on Al-habsi of Wigan? I think he’s quality, and with a proper back four in front of him, he’d be an improvement on Shezzer I think – don’t get me wrong, I love Shezzer, but I think he needs proper competition to step up a level or two

  37. Dannyboy

    Alex James, I thought those comments from Fergie about referees costing them thrice in the Champions League were a disgrace, and if Wenger had said them, we all would have been livid.
    What a pathetic and childish thing to say, that the reason they have been knocked out 3 times, is purely because of the referee, nothing to do with his own inadequacies.
    He is a good manager no doubt, but he is a tyrant and a bully.

  38. Arsenal 1886-2006

    A fan will get banned and fined for swearing at a player, yet that same player can swear at and abuse an official all through the match and not get a ban.
    Players these days are spoilt little rich brats.

  39. Kurt F

    Given our current striker situation and formation, if we’re not in for Benteke in the summer, Wenger is a clown. Oh, wait……

  40. RodneyK

    “… let’s
    crack into the big
    stuff, of which
    there is little.”
    That cracked me up, Pedro. At least we can have a laugh even though our team do their very best to keep us miserable. More elbow grease to you, is all I can say!
    Regarding Fabregas, he might want to come back once the glory days at Barcelona are over. Which might be much sooner than later. They might remain a force in Spain but it appears they’ve lost their dominance in Europe; and it will be a few years before they get it back – considering the imminent exit of Xavi and Puyol.

  41. home and away

    wtf is football coming to no standing ? no swearing ? no banter ?

    People getting banned for lobbing fruit ? he didnt throw it at him !

    what a load of bollocks

  42. Incesc

    Maybe it’s something to do with the historically fans throwing bananas at black players.

    I know it’s a bit of a leap, but it was a pretty stupid thing to do

  43. Dan Ahern

    Sorry to the person being prosecuted for the banana, but the rules are very clear: no feeding the animals while they are performing.

    Anyway, any other LGers care to share their twitter? I’m @topical_storm

  44. Kushagra

    Fully agree that Arsene is past it & needs to go but saying Arsene was lucky with Weah, Viera , Henry, Bergkemp,Toure,Cesc,Flamini,Adebayor,Hleb,Rosicky ,Jackie,Theo etc smacks of irrational hatred .

  45. Goongoonergone

    Why are we dreaming of goalkeepers and centre halves? Get a proper coach, not that imbecile Wenger, and we may not need a goalkeeper or centre half. Wenger is thoroughly ruining the careers of our goalkeepers and defenders and you guys are saying Scz and the defenders are useless. I’m sure I read that the defenders wanted to do extra work with Bouldy and Bouldy with them; and Weger rejected the idea.
    In our first few matches, there was a solidity to our defence; I was sitting there and thinking to myself, I haven’t seen this compactness for years and then the crap defending manifested again and word was out that Wenger was getting hot under the collar that Bouldy was getting all the plaudits. Wenger is a frigging green-eyed monster.
    Believe me; if Bouldy is given the responsibility to coach defence, you guys wouldn’t be asking for new defenders and a goalkeeper.
    Problem is nobody is jamming a rocket up Wenger’s butt; that’s why he is shitting all over the fans’ head.
    Time to send Lord Jumpsuit on a hot air balloon over the English Channel.

  46. Zacharse

    wow, that offside call for Swansea at the end was pretty cruel

    if the FA are going to use goal line technology they should use it for offsides too, there’s no judgment call needed for that rule


  47. luke


    Atleast we have jack…

  48. reality check

    I oppose any kind of technology outside goal line.

    We all fell in love with this game, and part it was because of its imperfection.

    Nobody has an issue with the game until they lose.


  49. bazza

    Section 5 of the Public Order Act makes it an offence to use threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour or to display any writing, sign or other visible representation which is threatening, abusive or insulting within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress thereby.

    So it really depends on the context rather than the actual words used. Interestingly a judge recently decided that telling a police officer to fuck off wasn’t an offence because the police are used to being sworn at and therefore it wouldn’t constitute harassment, alarm or distress to them.

    Swearing t football matches can be a problem as it is possible/likely that someone that hears will take offence, but on the other hand it could be argued that this is part of the deal in the decision to attend a match.

    In my view calling John Terry a cunt would be fine. Firstly because it’s true and secondly because it’s normal conversation for a Pikey like him.

  50. TheBayingMob

    WRT Szczesny, I think there’s two things at play. One is a complete defensive shambles in front of him, if a keeper is exposed he will struggle and two a complete lack of competition for places at the club. If it were United or Real Chez would be happy to bench warm and wait for his moment, not at AFC.

    Don’t forget a season or two back when his star was rising he said “No 1 spot or I’m off”. AW relented and gave him the No 1 spot with the added bonus of no competition whatsoever, although to be fair with only the fucking disasters of Almunia and Fabianski there it wasn’t a hard decision. There you have it though, we have players who see the club as a stepping stone to a bigger club and game time at a young age and absolutely no competition within the squad. They’re bound to go backwards.

    All down to one man I’m afraid …

  51. bankz

    How some on here keep sticking Deigo Lopez’s name into their wish list is beyond me. Real madrid only bought him in the jan’ window from Sevilla to stay in goal till Casillas returns from injury. Why would they want to sell him to wenger?
    Moreover he went for peanuts….he’s been Sevilla’s no1 for years.
    And did city school wenger again how you play against lower league opponents? You smash them and never allow them catch their breathe or sniff a chance of getting into the game.
    We toyed with Bradford and Blackburn….now we are just gonna add another trophyless year to our already congested list of trophyless years unless any of you on here believes like GERVINHO,that we would smash Bayern @the Allianz arena and proceed to win the champions league this may.

  52. kwik fit

    Wenger: “We are not resigned to going out. We will go to Munich and have a go. The chance is small, but the impossible is possible.”

    I would almost believe him if he wasn’t the manager.

  53. Phallusaurus

    We need to beat Swansea at the weekend so having their weak heads skull fucked by Bayern will do us no good in that regard.

    Come on the Scousers today, hold them to a draw at least with a nice injury to monkey boy.

  54. SUGA3

    I have advocated signing Richards for some time now, no brainer: big, strong, pretty quick, can play RB and rotate with Mertesacker in the RCB position and he is said to be an Arsenal fan…