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Oh, my, days bruv.

The news feeds are grinding to a Russel Holt, football might as well have imploded. I have nothing to talk about. What has the world become!

Well, at least Peter Hill-wood has chirpsed up with some bullet insight into this whole murky world of this take over bid.

‘If there is this consortium, they can’t make any progress unless they attempt to get in touch.

‘So I can’t say if there is anything to it or not.

‘But even if they did make an approach, my understanding is our two major shareholders do not want to sell.’

Well, that’s that then. If Peter Hill-wood doesn’t know, then clearly, nothing is happening. Because he’s on his BBM 24/7 with Ivan. From what I took from the Telegraph article, the people who’d spun the story said they weren’t in touch with the club. So it’s not surprising no one has been in touch. It takes a long time to count up £1.5b cash.

I have no idea the reasoning behind this story. If it’s a fake, what was the point. If it’s real, why would you make such a public show of yourself under the guise of anonymity. Either way, it was a fun idea for a weekend or so. Arsenal, when they’re failing, will always spark interest from stupidly rich people. Teams like Everton, Spurs and Stoke never will because they don’t have the key asset… a massive stadium.

My hope is that Usmanov gets more of a controlling stake in the club. It’s outrageous he hasn’t. The irritating issue I have with our current ownership status is the fans best interest is always ignored. What we’re actually talking about are the interests of the key stakeholders. Fiszman, bless him, always had the clubs best interests at heart… however, clouded by terminal illness, I can’t help but think his decision was based on his rift with Dein and jobs for the boys. Kroenke was appealing because he’d worked in sport and he promised not to upset the apple cart.

Well, a few years on and the apple cart needs upsetting, because much of it has gone rotten. I’m not fussed about day to day involvement from Stan. If I had him over for a chat, I’d be asking why he’s not fussed about having a competitive entity. I’d ask him what value he sees in having a club that’s in steady decline. I’d say ‘Stan, you’re a kept man, it’s not like £50m profit every year to you is work keeping… have you not asked yourself why United’s commercials are so mega?’… he might say, ‘hey Pete, I”m a billionaire, but I’d like you to educate me’… then I’d say ‘Stan, it’s all about success’. Then we’d come to a deal to install me as the new CEO. Ivan can stay, but he’d be looking after catering.

In other news, we’re after some second division called Yaya Sanogo. Excellent, just what our front line needs, more unproven talent to come in that will just get sent straight out on loan never to be seen again. Joel Campbell… are you really being outperformed by Carlos Vela in Spain? I think you are. Another deal we went to extreme lengths to secure. Another bundle of potential not fulfilled. Will JD Sports refund me on my printed menswear garments? Doubtful. That’s the cruel, cruel world of reading up about talent on youth team blogs.

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  1. Jeff


    You’re right. Ordinarily when an individual tries to do something like that (e.g. granddad doing the twist at the wedding) it only affects the one person and not an entire population of supporters of a major football club.

    In the meantime here’s something for Joke Friday; shoplifting extraordinaire.

    You may find some other gifs that are also funny at the same location.

  2. Jeff

    I don’t know if any of you remember Roy Walker’s Catchphrase but there is one hilarious game which always has me rolling on the floor. This is joke Friday. Enjoy.

  3. mystic

    Arsene’s Nurse March 8, 2013 16:56:48
    ‘When Arsenal drop out of the top 6, as we undoubtedly will under Kroenke, then the business will start making huge losses and the share price will fall.’
    Sorry mate but the share prices will only start to fall when supply out does demand – unless Usmanov walks away, or this ‘consortium’ doesn’t exist then there are takers the moment SS decides to sell.

    If the share prices were to actually start to fall then I fear that SS would figure that he had little lose by keeping hold of his shares for ‘the long term’ – Arsenal would then be screwed for years to come.

    I hope to god that Arsenal get CL football, that this ‘consortium’ exists and that SS believes that a potential £400m profit is worth taking and sells up.

  4. Dannyboy

    Had a little lookup of this Yaya Sanogo chap, and apart from having the second funniest sounding name in football (Yaya Banana lol) he is a typical Wenger signing. Young, French/African and fragile (just back from a double leg break) so looks like its a goer, rather than it Sanogo’er…

    *picks up coat and slinks away unnoticed…*

  5. Max85

    In the space of about 5 hours last night, Geoff Arsenal and Darren from AST both made comments on Twitter about more substance to the middle eastern bid. Both reliable usually, but Geoff said buyer was Saudi prince, Darren thought it was Al Thani from Qatar. Can’t see the two being part of a consortium since they’re both worth over 20 billion quid. Dunno what to make of it tbh, feels like something is building up to a climax in the summer but it could all be bollocks.