6 reasons Arsenal will always outgun Spurs | Vermaelen going would be bad business… someone coach him

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Morning everyone. I don’t mean to complain about writing to you every day. It’s an honour, but truly… this week it’s been a drag. Like being asked to hang out with your partners friends in the dying days of a relationship. Like being asked to contribute to the 17th persons marathon fund… then getting caught in a conversation about their preparation at the water cooler. It’s been tough. The lack of hope is concerning. Being beaten by Spurs isn’t nice. However, we shouldn’t be too down trodden. Just a quick reminder of why it’s always better to be on the red side of London.

1. The top four has never been decided ten games from the end of the season. We’ve made things hard for ourselves, but anything can happen over the course of the next 30 points.

2. It doesn’t matter how much progress Spurs make this season, they’re not built on the foundations you need to be to succeed in the long term. Think what you like about the Emirates, its importance cannot be understated. Arsenal can stomach a £150m wage bill with terrible commercial deals in place because we have a fan base willing to fork out big money to watch the team. Spurs can punch above their weight this season… can they punch above their weight when they go into the Champions League? History says no… their finances say no.

3. Arsenal are a club in decline, but we’ll never be a club that can’t resurrect the good times. Again, it comes down to the infrastructure. At the moment, we’re an incredible London night spot being run by your grandma. That doesn’t mean the spot is bad… it just means the wrong people are in charge. We’re antiquated in the way we operate, but that won’t always be an issue. Bring in a man with a vision and new ideas and you’d be surprised how quickly we can make up the ground.

4. Arsene Wenger didn’t invent ‘uncovering gems’, he just mastered it for 8 years. This idea that you can’t uncover great talents nowadays is a total nonsense (look at Klopp). Sure, plenty of clubs are getting better at it… but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a manager who can recreate what Wenger did all those years ago. We just need a new approach to scouting and a manager with a knowledge of a market outside of France. Pardew has done a great job unearthing players, Moyes is a good judge, Laudrup and Rodgers all manage. The art of scouting isn’t dead, it’s just a broken process at Arsenal right now.

5. We’ll always be a more attractive proposition than Spurs. Holtby says he chose Arsenal over Spurs. From what I understand, Steve Bould was a massive fan, but Wenger didn’t want to move for him. If we’d been in for him, we’d have landed him. We have a more appealing history, we have a better stadium… we don’t have better training facilities… but I can promise you, what we have still blows 99% of the rest of the worlds attempts away.

6. Despite what The Telegraph super billionaire insider said about Arsenal only being appealing as a purchase while we’re in the Champions League… it’s not true. In fact, it was a pack of god damn lies. Sure, Stan might not get a £1.5b cash offer every week. Sure we’d lose value if we dropped out of the Champions League, but come on… only a fool buys when the price is at its maximum. If we dropped in value and started losing money like Liverpool, is this Arab consortium telling me they wouldn’t be interested in picking off a floundering sleeping giant for less money? A giant with the second best infrastructure in the league? Do me a favour. We’ll never become a Leeds. Anyone who suggests we will is complete fool who knows nothing about modern football or business. They’re probably the type of person who was predicting impending doom for all premier league clubs with a transfer spend of over £10m a season 5 years ago.

We might flounder for a few years, but there’s too much history, too many people who’d see us as jewel in the ‘lifetimes worth of work’ crown, too much of  a brand and an insistence on doing things the right way for us to ever go under.

There’s too much money involved for Arsenal not to work…

7. FFP is coming and it’s the saviour of our club.

Just kidding, I couldn’t be assed with going on to ten.

So, in other news, Thomas Vermalen is a rumoured Barca target. They’re looking at splashing £15m on him this summer. It’s a move I wouldn’t welcome. He’s been poor for two seasons now. Why? Because he makes the same mistakes over and over again. My big fear with him is that under the right tutelage he could be everything we wanted him to be at Arsenal. I mean, look at what he offers… a tremendous leap to start with… but outside that, you have someone who is fast, great on the floor, good going forward busting with passion (at least he was until the captaincy destroyed him). I really think he could be an example of a player who goes elsewhere and develops into a better player. Arsene Wenger’s team don’t seem to coach certain players very well.

There’s a whole host of players in our team who don’t seem to get told what they’re doing wrong. Ramsey holds onto the ball too long, Thomas charges out of defence and exposes the back four, Podolski doesn’t track, Chamberlain won’t run at players, Chesney constantly cocks about with the ball at the back… I mean, they’re not very technical points… just amateur observations. I’d imagine the bloggers who study the game could give more insight into consistent issues with our players… but they’re there if you dig deep enough.

In other news, Arsene Wenger has been questioning the mental belief of his players after telling us a few weeks ago it was strong, then weak, then strong…

“Of course, you are not feeling great if you can’t win, but we can stay solid or crack under the pressure,” Wenger said in an interview with Eurosport.

“If you want to know, I am still solid, but I can’t tell you that I feel great right now because my job is about winning games and when you lose you will not find a single coach in this world who feels good.

“I am not worried about us potentially coming back against Bayern, I am more worried about consequences that could manifest in the heads of our players.

“You will never know how they can absorb those blows and how the team responds to disappointment. This is the most worrying aspect for me.’

I’d link to the Independent website, but their full page advertising takeover was so intrusive and bandwidth heavy my browser crashed twice.

Anyway, those comments are concerning because they’re so true. Arsenal have never been great at responding to defeat under Arsene. It’s always been a problem. How will the team react to being out of everything? Well, there’s the issue… if they’re real sportsmen, they won’t believe they’re out of the race for 4th. This bunch? With this management? It’s hard to believe they’ll really turn it on for the remaining games.

Anyway, enough from me. Have your say in the comments!

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  2. Guns of Hackney

    6 reasons why Arsenal are fucked:

    1. Wenger
    2. Wenger
    3. Wenger
    4. Wenger
    5. Wenger
    6. Apathetic fans who can’t see a future without their divine leader.

  3. Kurt F

    Anyone think Ferguson would sell us Rooney? Nah,I’m dreaming, because what kind of manager would sell a world class striker to a rival? Then again, now that we’re not really a rival….

  4. Joppa Road

    Spot on Guns of Hackney. More spin from Pedro.

    TV5 was poor defensively before the captaincy. I seem to be the only one who picked up on this by the way.

    The fact that Arsenal are barely challenging for 4th, let alone ANY trophy is an absolute disgrace and more focus should be placed on getting Wenger out; not telling us how great Arsenal are. As we don’t already know all that.

  5. Hitman49

    Kurtz f..

    You must have red! My mind !!

    Guns…only 6?

    I’d say a thousand thing and arse wipe is all of them..

    WENGER OUT ! ! ! ! ! !

  6. gazzap

    “If you want to know, I am still solid, I can’t tell you that I feel great right now. You will never know how they can absorb those blows”

    Is it just me or is Wenger hinting at something about how he rewards his players?

  7. Adam A Carbarundum

    Drunk today, Pedro? That is the most useless post I have read coming from you in a long time. You are right about one thing though – it has been a long week. I’ll give you that one!

  8. Pedro

    Joppa, give it a rest.

    Or… here’s an idea. Actually go and set something up yourself.

    Will you be meeting double gooner? Are you organising a protest?

  9. B

    Good post in difficult conditions Pedro, I guess everyone’s feeling the strain and numbness of our current predicament…

  10. Matchy

    4. Arsene Wenger didn’t invent ‘uncovering gems’, he just mastered it for 8 years. This idea that you can’t uncover great talents nowadays is a total nonsense (look at Klopp). Sure, plenty of clubs are getting better at it… but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a manager who can recreate what Wenger did all those years ago. We just need a new approach to scouting and a manager with a knowledge of a market outside of France. Pardew has done a great job unearthing players, Moyes is a good judge, Laudrup and Rodgers all manage. The art of scouting isn’t dead, it’s just a broken process at Arsenal right now.

    hahahahahh what a joke again. klopp unearth talents? Klopp went to Dortmund in 2008 .. he basically was handed a young team who got lucky with super talents. Dortmund had to play with a yound team cos they bascially nearly died as a club. They had nothing to lose. When u are down the bottom what else do u have to lose by playing a young team. u are already down. Took a punt.

    Mn united with rednose played a young team who happened at the team in there youth acdemy had a few v talented players. Man united was at its lowest for 26 years. The had nothing to lose. Took a punt.

    Prdue at new castle? is ruuning the show? hahaha he is gen the players and that is it. again what has newcastle got to lose? they gor relugated and lost millions of dollars by the owners. again nothing to lose .. take a punt.

    laudrop was a flop in spain. What did he do? a good managers are the one who can do it for a few seasons.

    Klop to mean maybe a good manager. he has done it against all odd in germany. not for one season but a few now. but what would happened..

    As for rogers.. hahah what has he done? unearth talents? got to be kidding

  11. Arse&Nose©

    Pedro, well done for keeping this site clean from annoying ads.
    You’d think big media outlets like the independent would know better than to crash browsers with their screen hijacking ads! The trend is spreading fast and spoiling the web.

  12. Pedro

    Matchy, it’d be much easier to take your comment seriously if it was spelt correctly… and it wasn’t so full of nonsense.

    Fergie and Klopp lucky?

    Nice one.

  13. Pedro

    Cheers A&N… publishers don’t seem to understand that spammy sites will turn readers away.

    I don’t ever go to the express. I avoid the Mirror and now i’ll avoid the independent

  14. HP


    Spurs are building for success, we are building for money

    We are a finished club, get over it. The damage is too extensive to be repaired

    We haven’t got a single streak going this season but you wanna harp on about the final 10 games? wenger cannot motivated his team to do well, they want only the money and don’t really care about arsenal.

    Your post honestly seems like something arsenal would force djourou to say or something belonging on untold arsenal.

  15. Elly

    @Joppa Road – you’re hardly the only one who’s noticed that TV was not performing great for a while before this season, even the article clearly says he’s been poor for 2 seasons. The problem to my mind is because he wasn’t poor that first season, or at least his attacking contribution and style papered over him being a bit shaky defensively at times, people just assumed he was having a little dip in form, or still coming back from injury and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

    There weren’t an awful lot of complaints when he was given the captaincy, and maybe Arsene not to mention plenty of fans thought/hoped that it would spur him to get back to his 1st season best. Unfortunately it seems to have had completely the opposite effect and suddenly we’re in a very tricky situation. Very awkward to bench the captain for anything but the occasional game, but stripping him of the captaincy is a risk as well, could completely destroy his confidence and it makes for an uncomfortable situation to do that and keep him at the club. Painted ourselves into a corner with this one I feel, no obvious solution that doesn’t potentially create more problems than it solves, at least not one that includes him staying at Arsenal.

  16. finestcuts

    No we will not make it into the top 4 this season, the team engine needs servicing……it was bound to break down at some point……trust me, if we make top 4 this season, it’ll be an indication to those at the top that they can keep this charade up. What have we really done with the Champions League money? Wasted about half of it each year paying the deadwood wages,
    so Europa league income minus the deadwood would suffice.
    Tottenham are a good example that it is possible to progress outside of the Champions League. As correctly mentioned in this post, they won’t be able to build on it, whereas we can, we have the resources instantly available.
    West ham’s spell outside the Premier League wasn’t a disaster, they rebuilt and look like they’ve built a solid foundation to keep them in the Premier League for many seasons to come.
    We can do the same. We need a fresh start, every empire has it’s sunset, be it the Roman Empire, the British Empire, or the Empire of Wenger. We are witnessing the typical end of an empire, the self-assuredness that comes with wielding power over the masses…..but slowly crumbling when it’s crystal clear the masses won’t put up with it much longer.
    Wenger should resign at the end of the season, the sooner we can make a fresh start the better. We badly need it. Although Wenger won’t resign, if he does it would be wholly unexpected. There’s no way we should extend his contract, he’s overseen the decline of the team and he’s had enough time to put things right.

  17. wardy

    in regards to Vermealen, his positional sense has always been (including ajax) and will continue to be poor. (to be honest i see him in a more holdimg role less tracking back and more closing down)
    The problem we have is you could take the 2 best centre backs in world football (whoever they maybe) and we would still make them look shite.
    Its well documented that Arsene does little to no defensive training at all. i dread to think were we might have been had he not got lucky with signing Campbell and toure! mind you we still viera then. My point is that. had not been for the free flowing attacking football we played then Wengers defensive frailties would have been exposed long ago. The fact that despite having the best team in europe from 2002-2004 we we still couldnt win the CL. I grant you that we are the only team to have qualified for the nock out stages consistantly for the last millenia but we have seldom come up against the realy big sides in the group stages because of our seeding (which has benifited us grately and nobody seems to talk about) It is only when we reach the knock out stages that things quickly fall apart

  18. Ash79

    Pedro, I admire your attempt at cheering us ip and granted there is fuck all news out there so you had to improv but sadly I dont feel any better. All I can see is the same old, same old next season… I hear we have lined up a pre-season friendly at that financial and football powerhouse Vietnam. Uninspired.

    Run some polls mate, make shit interesting.

  19. Warehouse Willy

    Wengers class signings:- Mertersacker, Squillaci, Arshavin, Gervino, Chamakh,Denilson, Oxlade Chamberlein.
    Getting rid of deadwood:- Fabregas, Clichy, Van Persie, Toure

    Yes Holtby went to the Spuds because AW didnt want him. But so did Vertongan who he did

  20. vichenzo

    I’ve been an arsenal fan for about 15 years now and never have I experienced such hostility amongst fans. Why do we have to segregate ourselves to AKB’s and nonAKBS?
    I’m also for the idea that wenger’s time has been over for a while but for f**ks sake he is still the manager of the club we all love.
    The ten remaining games will define the type of fans we are. Currently there is no differentiating us from shitty Liverpool or spuds supporters.
    Hate the manager all you want but lets get behind the team.

  21. Kemp1886

    Vermaelen has never recovered from his Achilles injury.The captaincy obviously has not helped him either. Matchy,when Utd won the title for the first team under Ferguson,their team was mainly Schmeichel, Parker, Bruce, Pallister, Irwin, Sharpe, McClair,Ince, Giggs,Cantona and Hughes.How very youthful.

  22. king paul

    Arsenal won’t end up like Leeds, but I don’t see why Arsenal couldn’t become like Liverpool. They dropped out of the CL and have fallen into a cycle of reduced income and increasing debt, and seem to fall further and further away from CL qualification every year. Whatever anyone wants to think, Liverpool have a far richer history than Arsenal and a bigger, more loyal fan base. Globally there are very few better or bigger brands than Liverpool. And yet they are out of the CL, seemingly for the foreseeable future. Inter are also out of the CL and are being overtaken by others in Italy. Why should Arsenal be considered bullet proof but Inter and Liverpool are not? Even Hamburg have a richer history and comparable brand (historically) than Arsenal, and they haven’t been regular CL participants at all.

    So your assessment is way too optimistic. There is nothing stopping Spurs overtaking Arsenal, either financially (new stadium, regular CL income) or on the pitch. I’m not saying it will happen, but it isn’t the great unlikelihood you paint above. You put way too much faith in the status quo. City and PSG were both joke clubs 4 seasons ago…

  23. Guns of Hackney

    I think we need to completely disassociate the word defense with Wenger.

    Never has, can’t, doesn’t know how, won’t let a professional defender do it…

  24. Brennyken

    Good post Pedro. TV5 leaving would not help the cause at all. His replacement would b a CB from Cannes aged 17.

  25. Kemp1886

    To think that Utd won the title with kids because they were at their lowest ebb is probably one of the worst football statements that I have ever read.

  26. Stuart Windsor

    As a Spurs fan you make some valid points and I’m certainly not taking it for granted that we’re nailed on for a top 4 finish just yet. However I’m not sure I agree that we have no foundations to take things further and you seem to be insuiniating that Spurs are effectively lucky to be where they are now. In the last 4 years we’ve had two top 4 and two top 5 finishes. Only a lack of one extra point and Chelsea (the worst side to ever win the CL) stopped us being in this season’s competition at your expense.
    Both Redknapp and now AVB seem to have got more out of their teams pound for pound than Wenger over the last 2-3 years so your manager must be the on letting you down at present.
    Going forward however our stadium plans will come into play in 2-3 years and I can certianly admire Arsenal’s set up and despite the rivalry have much more respect for your club than I do for Chelsea or Man City.
    10 games to go – may the best team win!

  27. Cloggs

    The strange vulnerable schizofrenic state gooner cloggs is into;
    – Wholeheartedly supports the team while his rationale tells him that the lower we finish the bigger chance it might trigger off change for the good..
    – Cheers when Adebarndoor is being stretchered off but somehow feels sorry for Gallas to enter the game.
    – Wants RvP to score but Manure to lose
    – Thinks Mourinho is a cunt but dreams of getting him to the Grove.
    – Don’t want to go to the match but terribly miss matchdays and the Peroni

  28. Brennyken

    Agreed Guns. George Graham would have beaten the scum and the back 4 would have been well organised and he would have had a plan for Bale.

  29. Joppa Road

    A Case for the Defence:

    Simply there isn’t one. I’ve always stated on here football starts from the back. Defence is King and the rest follows. I’ve also had many arguments on here with other commenters and Pedro on defensive players. Each time I have been proved right.

    Whether it be Baines being better than Santos, not giving the likes Squillachi a chance in the first place of TV5 being a naturally bad defender – I have been right every time.

    Defensive ratings for one of the biggest clubs in the world.


    Wenger: Will not take advice or let Bould coach (allegedly). 1/10.
    Bould: An all time great defender not allowed to coach defence? N/A


    Szchzney 5/10.

    Gibbs 5/10
    Santos 3/10
    Monreal 6.5/10 (Early days)

    Mert 5/10
    TV5 5/10
    Kos 6/10 (Potentially our best CB. Was doing great. Wenger destroyed that).
    Djourou 4/10
    Squill 4/10

    Sagna 7/10
    Jenks 5/10

    With the right coaching I’m sure you could add two points to every players but what we currently have is nothing short of disgraceful.

    Wenger talks about the ‘best away defence’. Yes, he really is that desperate. Perdo tells us the standard in the EPL has gone up. No, it hasn’t, it has dropped. All that has happened is that the poorer clubs have caught up a little but overall this has to be the worst standard in the EPL for a very long time.

  30. bazza

    Many of you are completely bogged down in a depressing spiral of hatred against Wenger together with a large dose of self loathing. To a large extent we the fans are the Club. Managers come and go but we are the constant. Wanting our team to lose is wanting ourselves to lose. Hating the club is hating ourselves.
    It’s interesting that when Pedro come up with some optimism, you jump on him as if he’s betrayed the cause. You can’t even go along with knocking our friends down the road. Pathetic and boring.

  31. Pedro

    Bazza, totally agree.

    Short sighted.

    Wanting us to lose against Spurs is the most anti Arsenal thing I can think of.

  32. Guns of brixton

    I was right! barca got TV5 as puyols replacement.
    man citeh want jenkinson.
    chelc apparently want ox (double chck dis though its an odd 1 that)

  33. HelpME

    I’d sell vermallen

    15m for

    Then add Another 5m and you got

    But why would that happen? That’s to good for us, we are more in the market for unknown French ligue 2 players
    Or Swansea centrebacks

    What a shame

  34. Art

    Holtby did choose Spuds over us. so did Vertongen, even though we have champions league. Both quality players who would’ve made a big difference and Wenger wanted both.

    Our nemesis have a much better spirit in the team and big players want to be part of that, rather than coming to a team where players jump ship each year because something is really not right with the atmosphere in the squad.


    It seems to me that our scouting network can’t even find a quality player these days or maybe wenger is not giving them a second thought when reports are brought to his table because of his ego..maybe that’s why its been hard for us to find real gems these days..

    We seriously need a real captain right now, but am sorry, TV is not that guy..where are his leading qualities suddenly gone to?..

    Its gonna be a miracle if we make top 4 when we can’t even string together a few wins all season..our biggest obstacle this season has been CONSISTENCY..and that will be our downfall in the race for top 4..

    WENGER OUT!!!!

  36. Guns of brixton

    Spurs fans gettin’ gassed and hyped again. cant walk near one without hearing : 3rd place, CL or bale or sum crap like that. we need to take 3rd, not 4th.

  37. ferro

    Decent piece.
    I were thinking though, on why should we be looking at a manager manger like klopp or someone who has an eye for young jewels when we aready have one which has worked for sixteen years doing a well above average, punching above his fiancial weight and on times spectacular job on that matter. Its only really this seasons first team also last seasons were Weger has done a below average job by his standards. Surely you cant believe a manager who would get fourteen from sixteen with having to rummage through the basement to be so easily found. And surely the way our club is runned you didnt expect Arsene to get sixteen from sixteen whilst challenging endless pockets or even to get in the correct personel 100% always whilst having a budget of liv spu eve even new and others who blow us away.

  38. Joppa Road

    I called for a defeat against Spurs at home this time last season and was slated. They went 2-0 up and blew it. If only. We would of been a year further down the line to getting rid of Wenger.

  39. IvoryGoonz

    1 point from me today on the post.
    If Spurs reach CL level, and on a consistent basis, you can be sure they will find people willing to invest money to make them stay in it…

  40. alexanderhenry

    I disagree with every single point you’ve made. 1. I don’t think we’ll make top 4. 2, Spurs have a better squad than us and are a better run club than us. They are a threat. 3, Yes, we are in decline but it’s very complacent to think that that decline can be easily reversed. Look at liverpool. 4. moyes, pardew, rogers, laudrup are all coaches but none of them have finished above us and none of those managers have produced a side you could say was better than any of wenger’s sides. 5. Holtby ..’wenger didn’t want to move for him’. Could you provide a source for this? Also arsenal won’t be such an attractive proposition with a half empty stadium, no star players and no CL. 6. Over the past two seasons arsenal have only remained profitable via player sales. If you remove that money, the club is already operating at a loss. 7. If, and it’s a big if eufa actually succeed in applying FFP, it will be too late. We won’t be in the CL. Finally, Vermaelen isn’t playing well because he’s fed up, demoralised and probably wants out. He knows he will never achieve success at a club that sells off it’s best players every season. It drop in form has nothing to do with coaching.

  41. Johnny5


    I liked the 6 reasons why bit. I do feel though that the longer were stuck with wenger and tge current BOD the closer that gap will become and all the facilities and infrastructure counts for nothing if we’re not using it properly. You know shits getting bad when AVB is pointing out our decline. That being said I fucking hate spurs and hope they crumble as they always do.

    To be honest verm going doesn’t bother me at all. We should be used to the captains being sold but your right pedders with the right coaching he’s exactly the kind of player that could thrive under new management.

    The vultures are circling aiming to pick the last remaining flesh from the rotting carcus that is arsenal. Unless we see change I see dark days ahead.

  42. Ash79


    The Tuesday Club also became known for the antics of some of the participants. In 1990, Merson, Nigel Winterburn and two other Arsenal players were sent home from an Arsenal tour to Singapore due to being involved in a drinking session.[7] In 1995, Ray Parlour was arrested for assault for throwing prawn crackers at a taxi before hitting the driver during an Arsenal tour to Hong Kong.[8] This led to Parlour being fined HK$2,000 by Eastern Magistrates Court and £5,000 by Arsenal.[8] In 1996, Adams and Parlour deliberately set off a fire extinguisher in a restaurant.[4]

    The Tuesday Club was unofficially ended by the appointment of Arsène Wenger as Arsenal manager as he portrayed alcohol negatively in order to change the culture at Arsenal[9] and was then officially ended after Adams banned alcohol consumption in the players lounge at Highbury after recovering from alcoholism.[1]

  43. vichenzo

    “Wanting us to lose against Spurs is the most anti Arsenal thing I can think of.”

    Can you conjure a more anti arsenal thing other than that?

  44. Elly

    gambon March 7, 2013 11:20:23

    “Wanting us to lose against Spurs is the most anti Arsenal thing I can think of.”


    No, absolutely RIGHT!!!

    Anyone who can even think for a moment that there is anything positive in us losing to spurs… well, words fail me. The only possible excuse I can think of is that they aren’t a local, regular match going fan and just truly do not understand or feel the rivalry the way most of us do.

  45. hal

    Morning all.

    I like the fact that you tried something different this morning. I think all those points are totally valid and true.

    Laudrup was not a failure in spain, he did a god job at Getafe and then was doing a good job at Mallorca until they started doing things behind his back like selling his best players and then buying ones he didn’t pick without his knowledge

    Fergie and klopp were very lucky that they just happened to have that much talent coming through the youth set up when they did, but as Wenger has proved with our current set of players, its how you manage those players that has made them great managers and shown that Wenger is done. Ferguson’s decision to not play Rooney was a good bit of management that looked to have worked until the ref made an interesting call the other night. can anyone remember Wenger making any similar kind of decision that actually worked? He did play Walcott against Bayern, but that was clearly not going to work with the way he set the rest of the team up.

    My points (as over stated as they have been on here) are:

    1. Wenger needs to be removed from power. wether that is him being fired or the club just making him trust the rest of the coaching staff to do their jobs is an interesting question. Personally I think too much has happened for the latter so a complete split from the once innovative man is needed.

    2. Gazidis needs to do what he has made clear needs to be done and change the wage structure of the club and not allow this socialist system to stay in place. Pay the best players 100k plus and then the rest on a sliding scale to incentivise the rest

    3. Get rid of players who contribute nothing to the team. Sell as many of them as possible, but if they cant be sold, buy out the ones who wont leave. I put players like Djourou, Squid, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Santos on that list.

    4. Actually start using things like video analysis and GPS systems to effect the team selections.

    5. Let Bould (and the rest) do the job he was brought in for (Sorting out the defence and i don’t just mean the back 5) and that he did well at the start of the season until the Chelsea game where he was stopped again.

    6. Stop using the 4-3-3 or what ever you want to call it formation that we use in every single game regardless of who we are playing against. Try using different formations to counter certain teams and set ups. You can still control possession with other formations you know like we used to before Barca came along.

    7. Stop playing players in positions they are not comfortable in. Arshavin being the perfect example of which there are many (Podolski, Arteta, Ramsey etc).

    8. Finally play a system that suits the players we have and not carry on using one that was built around two players that no longer play for us I.E Fabregas and Van Persie

    Sorry for the length, but I felt it necessary. Any thoughts are welcome? Unless the comment is that Wenger should be left alone and its Kroenke or Gazidis fault not his. I agree that its not all Wenger’s fault, but a massive amount is (see above).

  46. TitsMcgee

    Wenger talks about the players like they are his grandchildren and he is at some Elementary school footie match.

    He’s not worried about winning or losing. He’s worried about the psyche of his grandchildren should they do poorly.

  47. gambon

    Arsenal losing, failing in every competition and falling out of the top 4 is absolutely vital to the future of this club.

    The club is being run by scumbags, the team is managed by a scumbag.

    This isnt Arsenal FC, its Arsene FC.

    The best way for Arsenal to return is to lose, and no better game to lose than Spurs.

  48. Joppa Road

    I thought we would make top 4. I thought even under Wenger that we had enough resources in place to do it.Wenger has even surpassed his own low expectations. It is highly doubtful we will finish top 4 and why would we want to? So we get more of the same? No thanks.

    10 losses out of 10 please with Man U and RVP winning the title at the Emirates for good measure.

    “Footballing reasons”.

    The lot out.

  49. Johnny5


    Your wrong mate. Falling out of top 4 will in no way get wenger out as stated previously they have budgeted for exactly that. They will even extend his contract I’m sure of it. Face facts G were fucked win lose or draw.

    P.s wishing to lose to spurs is fucking not the way forward. No fan should want to lose against them cunts.


    Our biggest acommplishment to date ,we are the only English club left in the CL.
    All together now hip hip hooray ,hip hip hooray hip hip hoo……..ah fuck it.

  51. N21 Tone

    Just been watching a documentary on Clough and the similarities are quite stark. Without the European Cups of course!

  52. Leedsgunner

    Unsurprisingly, Theo’s disappeared… nothing to play for. The price for bribing so called startlets with massive salaries so young. After all, no amount of money is going to replace the fact that they are not going to win things with Arsenal under this manager and board.

    Who was it that said, form is temporary but class is permanent? Walnutt is a case in point… he’s a mid-table team at best… oh well, we’re a mid-table team now so it should be a match made in heaven… sad days.

  53. Elly

    @Hal – good points all can’t argue with any of that really. The one thing for me that speaks volumes that all is not well with Arsene and the position he’s in (IE near total lockdown control of everything on the pitch) is the fact that SO many of us fans can see and for the most part agree on these glaring issues – and yet he either can’t, or won’t.

    If its can’t – then he’s nowhere near as good a mananger as most people think, and if it’s won’t (which i personally think more likely) then something needs to be done because that goes way beyond stubborness and a dislike of taking on board other people’s ideas and advice.

  54. bazza

    “Wanting us to lose against Spurs is the most anti Arsenal thing I can think of.”

    I agree, the most anti- Arsenal thing is taking Gambon seriously.

  55. Danish Gooner

    Dont worry lads,Bendy is on his way back and he is taking his ego and his broken Aston Martin with him.

  56. reality check


    3. Get rid of players who contribute nothing to the team. Sell as many of them as possible, but if they cant be sold, buy out the ones who wont leave. I put players like Djourou, Squid, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park, Santos on that list.

    I think besides ‘squid’ he has tried to sell all those players but nobody wants them. Not with their wages being so ridiculous. That’s why there all on loan lol.

    Oh and I think PARKs contract got written off,

    Right or wrong people?

  57. Johnny5


    Agree totally. If we don’t make the CL watch arsene sell any and all remaining assets to claw back some of that much needed revenue. Wankers.

  58. TitsMcgee

    Yea Johnny I know just highlighting the stark contrast between the two managers. We sell RVP to a rival. Fergie would NEVER sell a top player to us. Even if we did want him and could afford him.

  59. Samir

    We should try for Suarez in the Summer.
    Him, Fellaini, a CB, a GK and Capoune.

    Sagna–NEW CB–Vermy–Monreal

  60. Johnny5

    So it starts again now the season if effectively over we’re going to have people coming on here all football manager mode and shit saying we should buy this player that player etc. don’t people ever learn. Unless wenger goes its French ligue 2 players for us unless another club teeters towards bankruptcy in the summer that is.


    Next years team…

    cheaply bought keeper





  62. Arse&Nose©

    Wayne Rooney will go abroad to spain or italy and flop
    he’ll then move to some russian club to resurrect his career while earning 300k a week
    next he’ll go to Celtic
    then he’ll end up in the MLS as player coach

  63. bazza

    My guess is that Wenger will sign a couple of big players this summer assuming we don’t qualify for the Champs league. Remember the business model is based on a top 4 finish and I suspect the Board will be shaken out of their complacency if we don’t qualify and will react accordingly.

    Just 2 big signings would make a huge difference. For DM Busquets or Fellaini and a top class striker Falcao or Soldado.

  64. Nick

    Spot on about Vermaelen. With Arsene’srecent signings, I look at how well chambo, verm, arshavin, pod, szez et al looked when they first came into the team, and the slow decline since. Its the coaching , man. Barca knows how to coach a player. verm would do great there. Look how disciplined Song’s positioning is at barca. yeah they voted him worst signing. oh yeah? then why did Tito keep playing him? because they are schooling him. verm was never schooled. after he left us exposed twice for Ibra to score on us, with us watching at home blaming Almunia, in the stadium they saw verm twice suckered to play hero at the first ball, the problem was there for the coaches and bloggers to see. Steve Bould could fix it in a week.

  65. Jamal

    If we drop out of the top 4 we’ll probably be in a worse position than Liverpool because they have ambition (they’ve won a few cups without Champions League football). They have managed to keep hold of their best players (Suarez) because of the ambition, Kenny screwed them up by paying stupid prices for average players (Carroll, Downing and Henderson) otherwise they probably would be in the CL right now.

    Now if we were in their position..

    Would we buy players for 20 – 35 million?
    Would we pay our best players top wages to keep them at Arsenal?

    There is absolutely no chance of them 2 things happening so if we do drop out of the CL we are fucked..

    It will take a long time before we get back in.

    However this could be different with Usmanov in charge and a new manager. Impossible with the cunts we have right now!

  66. Jamal

    Everyone knows we have no ambition so why would top players want to play for us without CL football????

  67. bankz

    Bazza and Pedro’.
    You are both funny dudes. The fans wanting Arsenal to lose to Spuds isn’t the reason for the defeat. We lost because we are poorly run,poorly coached and have a very average squad(spuds have a better squad this season irrespective of what y’all may think). The gap is there to see..will they collapse again like they always do? That is an answer we will only get at the end of the next 10 games but if we make UCL next season,it won’t be by our good squad or manager but by the collapse of clubs currently above us & around us.
    We always want Man utd to lose games but good things Is they never seem to lose……you know why? Because they have the right players,manager and are properly run.
    So this whole “wanting to lose against Spud is anti-arsenal” thing is just bollocks.
    If we Weren’t having serious crisis in the way the club is being run & the direction for the club’s ambition or manager, I doubt if any fan would be saying anything other than supporting the club.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone see the shirt sales league table?

    Suarez at No.1 with 50% of his teams shirt sales – clearly the scousers have more cash than they would have us believe…either that or the drugs trade is doing great up there.

    RVP – BOOOOOOOOO!!!! Selling shirts, winning praise, great player, scoring goals, PL champion. I think Arsenal get a 1p for every Manc shirt sold.

    Podolski is our top one with 11% – beats JW and Ox into second and third respectively. Amazingly, Gervinho doesn’t register??? Weird!

    Wenger Glow Worm coats are a big seller in Eastern Europe – apparently they fill them with sausages and beat the shit out of them.

  69. jani

    Disagree that Vermaelen would be a massive loss, and that he can be coached-up to some appreciable level. To clarfiy, coaching and drilling will certainly help him (and all our players especially defenders) some. However, how much so versus his inherent traits as a player is the big question. I remember when we got him, many Ajax supporters were rather indifferent about him going specifically because they thought he suffered with rash positioning and defensive awareness and nous (sounds familiar). So in other words, maybe that’s just the player Vermaelen NATURALLY is, and no amount of coaching and drilling is going to change him that much more or make him that much better.

    I’m not surprised Barcelona are in for him, they don’t need a real defensive stalwart, because they possess so much of the ball, are better than 99% of their opponents, and are not (and he won’t) regularly facing a physically imposing style against them such as in the PL, moreover, their real defending when not in possession occurs high up the pitch in midfield primarily. And the attributes he does have, like his ball playing ability are just right for their system.

    So I think he would LOOK much better at Barcelona, but I don’t think it would be a big loss for us, nor by looking good over there would he be actually a better defender to be honest.

  70. bazza

    “Bazza and Pedro’.
    You are both funny dudes. The fans wanting Arsenal to lose to Spuds isn’t the reason for the defeat.”

    You really need to learn how to understand what you’re reading. Neither of us said that losing to Spurs was down to the fans. We both commented on how wanting Arsenal to lose against Spurs is about the worst thing an Arsenal fan could wish for.


    We did well enough to stay in the top five with everything that happened this year.It was unfortunate we could not make CL,but we have young English players to build on next year.Diaby still has much to offer the club when he is fit,and Giroud will already have had a bit of English football under his belt.We just need to tighten up our defence next year ,and i believe we will be able to challange for a CL spot.


    No $$$ flow

  72. bergkamp63

    Did anyone notice this today ?

    RED and WHITE SECURITIES LTD* 18,661 29.99%

    5 shares short of 30%, I can feel a bid coming !!

  73. Zorr0

    Nice post; lest we forget we are The Arsenal!

    In other news, Myles Palmer reckons that it is Qatar that are after buying us and talks have been ongoing for 2 years! Make of that what you will…….Paper hat, pair of earrings…..

  74. LeMassiveCoq

    Why Arsene Wenger is not a good manager:

    For me, a manager has to have at least one of the following attributes to be successful:

    1st (most important IMHO): to command the utmost respect from his players and coaching staff. Success breeds success and when a team is in decline, the players (although they should sometimes) do not naturally point the finger at themselves, they blame the management the same as you or i would do if the company we worked for started going down the shitter with redundancies etc.
    examples are: Fergie, Ancelloti, Klopp, Hiddink

    2nd: A good leader will recognize each individuals strengths and weaknesses in his squad. He will use his captains/marshalls to help identify those weaknesses and work on them, whilst he will use a player with strong abilities in one area to the maximum potential. Klopp, Mancini, Gaurdiola

    3rd: A great manager will have acute tactical awareness of a multitude of match situations and will know opponents strengths and weaknesses inside out, and be prepared to make dynamic changes before and during matches whilst not unbalancing his own team and playing players in positions they are not comfotable in. Fergie, Mourinho

    4th: A good manager will have a never say die attitude, and exuberate confidence and power. Fergie, Mourinho

    5th: An eye for talent.

    6th: (by no means least), a good manger will be likeable, sometimes be self critical and not overly arrogant, be able to recognise his own strengths and weaknesses. AVB, Gaurdiola, Moyes.

    The man in charge at Arsenal, may well of had several if not all of these qualities a good few years ago. I’m afraid to say he has exactly none of them now.

    Wenger out.

  75. Segun

    In normal situation wanting Arsenal to lose Sp*r or any team for that matter would be strange, but the situation at Arsenal is NOT normal!

  76. salparadisenyc

    I’m mentally hamstrung for anything Arsene/al. Kuddos for jamming a post out each day of this slogging season. Sitting towards end of yet another August this past summer we knew we’d be here struggling and the ultimate change was needed. Certainly doesn’t make loosing to Spuds any easier and personally i’ll never wave that hope for loss flag. Said it on the day and still feel the same, i’d rather have a nasty case of syphilis than loose to Spuds. But the cold hard fact is we had no plan and lost, that is down to one man and if this loss facilitates that change i’ll take it.

    Very telling watching Madrid vs United, both benches were stronger than our starting 11. This is Arsenal FC, the supposed 5th biggest footballing franchise in the world.

  77. Ash79

    See you in Club Level lads

    Arsenal Football Club would like to confirm that we will once again be hosting the Emirates Cup. The competition will be staged over the weekend of Saturday 3rd August 2013 and Sunday 4th August 2013.

  78. bergkamp63

    Having been born in Islington and been a ST holder for 35 years with my local team, If I am being honest, I find it a lot less painful losing to Spurs these days than what I feel about what has been allowed to go on at my club for the past 5 years.

    Get over losing to the likes of Spurs and worry more about the real issues here !!

  79. bergkamp63

    Arsenal Football Club would like to confirm that we will once again be hosting the Emirates Cup. The competition will be staged over the weekend of Saturday 3rd August 2013 and Sunday 4th August 2013.

    That’s probably the closest we are likely to get to a trophy for some time !!


    We need a new manager?
    We need new players?
    We need new game plans?
    We need a new wage structure?
    We need new owners?
    We need,we need,we need……
    We need to stop needing.

  81. gambon

    Emirates Cup should be good.

    great opportunity to send Wenger over the edge with booing and tactical shouting of “Get out you French cunt”


    Do you know how fuckin pathetic it looks winning your own cup,and then we have the gall to celebrate it like the CL.

    I would rather i dip my balls in hot oil,fry them up nice and eat them from between my legs……ketchup on the side.FFS

  83. AOCpleeze

    barca is for TV5? how the hell do you even include this shit in your post…You dont play bad for 2 fucking season and go to barcelona to play your ball. Selling TV would be the best damn business we could possibly do. Naming him as captain has had out hands tied all year, we have to play him by default. Hes shit absolute shit totaly predicated on risk and using his spped for recovery, a wildcard/joker….but wait everyone pump the breaks, word on the street say hes got some fantastic leaping ability? fucking leaping ability, do we play in the english fucking frog leaping league? Everything you stated are things you cannot teach because said vermalean doesnt have the capacity to learn any of that shit because hes past his learning year, he arrogant and like you pointed out NEVER LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES.. He is a pretty boy defender pedro who wont get his face dirty much and never ever leads by example..exactly what we need to rid ourselves of player wise

  84. Ash79

    gambon – looooooooooool

    little kids and families just horrified and terrified as the typical fan turns up to ruin their expensive family day out.

  85. Ash79

    wikipedia has the emirates cup teams as

    Beijing Guoan

    shit line up but who cares. summer beers.

  86. jani

    @ Joppa Road re: “TV5 was poor defensively before the captaincy. I seem to be the only one who picked up on this by the way. ”

    Trust me, ou weren’t the only one. TV’s been shite defensively since his first season with us, but was the “Verminator” and a fan fovourite, and so was another shitehound in Szczesny. I’m not a regular poster on here, but I remember posting in reference to LG blaming/scapegoating Song for all our defensive woes (last season) that along with systemic team problems overall with defending, one had to look no further than TV & WS being the biggest individual culprits for our defensive shitiness.

    Now LG has shamelsessly done a 180 and regularly rips these two clowns (TV & WS) and has realized that Arteta too is very limited for the holding role, which is EXACTLY the same holding role he was playing last year, when Song was carrying out his AM duties as he was instructed/encouraged to do. That is, he was being disciplined. It didn’t matter what fans thought Song SHOULD be or should do (i.e. be a defensive mf), he was doing what he was tasked with doing and doing a far better job creatively than any other option we currently have for that spot now including yes, Wilshere (who for all his talents just isn’t that creative yet). Yes RvP’s form had a lot to do with it, but Song was showing big hints of his invention and creativity before last season and RvP’s great form. And yet, despite his AM role and creativity, he was still the best physical and defensive, and more importantly constantly fit presence we had in MF if not the entire team.

    Hopefully LG now realizes that Song wasn’t the problem or even a problem in our team especially defensively, but our overall system is, and individually defensive clowns like TV and increasingly Mert, (along with the mistake prone Kos and regressed Sagna), and the biggest clown of all between the sticks in WS, and Arteta’s non-defensive midfield presence, were and still are far bigger individual problems for our defense.

    I remember saying it was nonsense to make TV Captain as it would render him undropable and he wasn’t nearly good enough to be undropable, but LG still had quite a bit of TV love then (though it was dwindling) and tried to justify it, but now it’s clear as day that he is simply not a good defender (for elite team level) and not even the one-time biggest of “Verminator” fanboys can deny it any longer. He’s rubbish.

  87. Aussie Aaron

    just a question as i have no idea.
    but what do you mean by we dont have better training facilities?

  88. Aussie Aaron

    oh and arse&nose hahahaha
    you have done me for the night ( in australia of course) haha classic first comment

  89. Ash79

    jani – spot on mate, I too saw beyond the fan hysteria re Vermaelen. I recall few guys on here saying he is our Vidic – like fuck mate. Armband was on the cards the instant he was made vice-captain. TV is ok, not bollocks but just ok, he could be better but that isnt in isolation, its an entire defence drilling. His fucks ups were masked by his foraging runs and goals – havent seen much if any this season. I hate the stick that Merts get handed out by the media and on here, he is by far our best CB and has on countless times made intelligent interceptions and tackles.

    vicky – Robin must be looking forward to that prospect. God knows it would never have happened at arsenal. Wenger “ere, Robin… I have brought in Gervinho to ‘elp you, he eez ze best player in Africa”

  90. Aussie Aaron

    oh and another thing…

    Matchy you wanker… please get off this site.
    i cant take your trash talk


    BERMY BOYMarch 7, 2013 15:02:35
    Do you know how fuckin pathetic it looks winning your own cup,and then we have the gall to celebrate it like the CL.I would rather i dip my balls in hot oil,fry them up nice and eat them from between my legs……ketchup on the side.FFS

    LOL..You’re a funny guy!!Ketchup on the side..LOL..

  92. Ash79

    BERMY BOY March 7, 2013 15:58:50
    Looks like a fuckin dinner menu.

    yep AFC serving up the usual tripe

  93. bergkamp63

    BERMY BOYMarch 7, 2013 15:02:35
    Do you know how fuckin pathetic it looks winning your own cup,and then we have the gall to celebrate it like the CL.I would rather i dip my balls in hot oil,fry them up nice and eat them from between my legs……ketchup on the side.FFS

    Looks like you will be dining on them for sometime to come, there’s fuck all else on the menu !!

  94. Cesc Appeal

    Weird, use to come on here full of hope for change, wishlists for players etc…just sucked the life outa me now. MAssive loss to Bayern coming, loss to Swansea…but guess what, the same dick head will be in charge next year, and the year after, and the year after

  95. Bade

    Good one Pedro

    I’d add to your list, the remaining fixtures as well

    While we only have Mancs & Everton at home & Swansea away as tricky ones, Spuds have a much harder fixtures to run through, including Chavs, City, Liverpool & Evetrton & Swansea

    So there’s hope still

    And they usually bottle it at the final curve, as we all remember in the past

  96. Bade


    Let’s stop the denial, shall we

    It still fucking hurts & as much as we try not to, it just won’t help. You may be able to keep yourself “unharmed” for a game or two, but then you’ll find yourself screaming on your TV/Laptop screen like a fucking nuts

    Just can’t help it


    Cesc Appeal

    We’ve all lost our virginity,and innocense.
    No more Santa Clause Easter Bunny,Tooth Fairy.Summer Transfers,January transfers,Hope.

    But we got lots of despair out back in the store room next to the WARCHEST.

  98. bankz

    Stop displaying your “mental strength” on here.
    Read my full post and towards the end I wrote why fans wish for SPUD defeat.
    Its because of the club’s current situation and nothing else.
    The rot has eaten deep and continues to eat deeper,yet some choose to bury their heads in the sand pretending all will be well with time.
    Problem is it won’t. most on here believe,that losing and falling out of the Top4 would trigger a positive change,why not.
    I for one wish for a routine Arsenal win in all games but I aint stupid enough or perhaps lack the “mental strenghts” to believe it CAN/would happen.
    I was happy the scoreline wasn’t more than 2-1 on sunday as it would have devastated our fragile “mental strenght” and reduced our goals difference(which might be what gives us a top 4 finish this season).

  99. bergkamp63


    Do you see the irony ? how can it hurt if you know the result before it happens ? Only those in Denial hurt because they still think the outcome will be different !


    On a different note..I’ve got a soft spot for Tina Frey-from 30 Rock.
    Always have..Don’t know why..

    Something about her..

    Would love to have a night in Paris with her..!!

  101. S Asoa

    To any observer during games it is obvious that Wonkie is a crack pot spreading panic in the team by his behaviour. This delusional fart speaks about being strong . Ha hard maybe and AFC is getting hurt impaled on his hard shards.
    Wenger out you shsmeless

  102. BERMY BOY


    I would hit it an quit it too,saw one episode when she was wearing a pair of tight,tight jeans.If my better half wasn’t home i swear i would have whipped it out,and worked on my upper arm.


    Bermy Boy


    My other half is away,I’m thinking of doing just that..

    See you in an hour..Tina Frey..Tina Frey..

    What about nSarah Palin?

    Or is that a bridge too far