6 reasons Arsenal will always outgun Spurs | Vermaelen going would be bad business… someone coach him

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Morning everyone. I don’t mean to complain about writing to you every day. It’s an honour, but truly… this week it’s been a drag. Like being asked to hang out with your partners friends in the dying days of a relationship. Like being asked to contribute to the 17th persons marathon fund… then getting caught in a conversation about their preparation at the water cooler. It’s been tough. The lack of hope is concerning. Being beaten by Spurs isn’t nice. However, we shouldn’t be too down trodden. Just a quick reminder of why it’s always better to be on the red side of London.

1. The top four has never been decided ten games from the end of the season. We’ve made things hard for ourselves, but anything can happen over the course of the next 30 points.

2. It doesn’t matter how much progress Spurs make this season, they’re not built on the foundations you need to be to succeed in the long term. Think what you like about the Emirates, its importance cannot be understated. Arsenal can stomach a £150m wage bill with terrible commercial deals in place because we have a fan base willing to fork out big money to watch the team. Spurs can punch above their weight this season… can they punch above their weight when they go into the Champions League? History says no… their finances say no.

3. Arsenal are a club in decline, but we’ll never be a club that can’t resurrect the good times. Again, it comes down to the infrastructure. At the moment, we’re an incredible London night spot being run by your grandma. That doesn’t mean the spot is bad… it just means the wrong people are in charge. We’re antiquated in the way we operate, but that won’t always be an issue. Bring in a man with a vision and new ideas and you’d be surprised how quickly we can make up the ground.

4. Arsene Wenger didn’t invent ‘uncovering gems’, he just mastered it for 8 years. This idea that you can’t uncover great talents nowadays is a total nonsense (look at Klopp). Sure, plenty of clubs are getting better at it… but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a manager who can recreate what Wenger did all those years ago. We just need a new approach to scouting and a manager with a knowledge of a market outside of France. Pardew has done a great job unearthing players, Moyes is a good judge, Laudrup and Rodgers all manage. The art of scouting isn’t dead, it’s just a broken process at Arsenal right now.

5. We’ll always be a more attractive proposition than Spurs. Holtby says he chose Arsenal over Spurs. From what I understand, Steve Bould was a massive fan, but Wenger didn’t want to move for him. If we’d been in for him, we’d have landed him. We have a more appealing history, we have a better stadium… we don’t have better training facilities… but I can promise you, what we have still blows 99% of the rest of the worlds attempts away.

6. Despite what The Telegraph super billionaire insider said about Arsenal only being appealing as a purchase while we’re in the Champions League… it’s not true. In fact, it was a pack of god damn lies. Sure, Stan might not get a £1.5b cash offer every week. Sure we’d lose value if we dropped out of the Champions League, but come on… only a fool buys when the price is at its maximum. If we dropped in value and started losing money like Liverpool, is this Arab consortium telling me they wouldn’t be interested in picking off a floundering sleeping giant for less money? A giant with the second best infrastructure in the league? Do me a favour. We’ll never become a Leeds. Anyone who suggests we will is complete fool who knows nothing about modern football or business. They’re probably the type of person who was predicting impending doom for all premier league clubs with a transfer spend of over £10m a season 5 years ago.

We might flounder for a few years, but there’s too much history, too many people who’d see us as jewel in the ‘lifetimes worth of work’ crown, too much of  a brand and an insistence on doing things the right way for us to ever go under.

There’s too much money involved for Arsenal not to work…

7. FFP is coming and it’s the saviour of our club.

Just kidding, I couldn’t be assed with going on to ten.

So, in other news, Thomas Vermalen is a rumoured Barca target. They’re looking at splashing £15m on him this summer. It’s a move I wouldn’t welcome. He’s been poor for two seasons now. Why? Because he makes the same mistakes over and over again. My big fear with him is that under the right tutelage he could be everything we wanted him to be at Arsenal. I mean, look at what he offers… a tremendous leap to start with… but outside that, you have someone who is fast, great on the floor, good going forward busting with passion (at least he was until the captaincy destroyed him). I really think he could be an example of a player who goes elsewhere and develops into a better player. Arsene Wenger’s team don’t seem to coach certain players very well.

There’s a whole host of players in our team who don’t seem to get told what they’re doing wrong. Ramsey holds onto the ball too long, Thomas charges out of defence and exposes the back four, Podolski doesn’t track, Chamberlain won’t run at players, Chesney constantly cocks about with the ball at the back… I mean, they’re not very technical points… just amateur observations. I’d imagine the bloggers who study the game could give more insight into consistent issues with our players… but they’re there if you dig deep enough.

In other news, Arsene Wenger has been questioning the mental belief of his players after telling us a few weeks ago it was strong, then weak, then strong…

“Of course, you are not feeling great if you can’t win, but we can stay solid or crack under the pressure,” Wenger said in an interview with Eurosport.

“If you want to know, I am still solid, but I can’t tell you that I feel great right now because my job is about winning games and when you lose you will not find a single coach in this world who feels good.

“I am not worried about us potentially coming back against Bayern, I am more worried about consequences that could manifest in the heads of our players.

“You will never know how they can absorb those blows and how the team responds to disappointment. This is the most worrying aspect for me.’

I’d link to the Independent website, but their full page advertising takeover was so intrusive and bandwidth heavy my browser crashed twice.

Anyway, those comments are concerning because they’re so true. Arsenal have never been great at responding to defeat under Arsene. It’s always been a problem. How will the team react to being out of everything? Well, there’s the issue… if they’re real sportsmen, they won’t believe they’re out of the race for 4th. This bunch? With this management? It’s hard to believe they’ll really turn it on for the remaining games.

Anyway, enough from me. Have your say in the comments!

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  1. JJ

    Gambon – I usually agree with most of your comments but I can’t agree with wanting us to lose (esp. against Spurs).

    If you could say that us losing would result in a change of manager then you might get me to buy in. However, it seems that Wenger walks on water and even an 8-0 loss to Spurs would not bring about his departure.

    Empty seats is our only hope.

  2. kwik fit

    I like it Vix . More article’s like that please 🙂
    We need something to lift the doom and gloom around the club ATM. However, what Keyser gets up to in his spare time is his business!

  3. Toli83

    Watching tottenham tonight makes it more fucking depressing. Can you imagine if they win this comp?

    Inter look useless to be fair…

  4. Bolly

    Yup Toli83 spuds are spanking Inter!
    This site is like the film From Dusk til Dawn, kind of normal in the day but as the sun goes down the vampires come out! Then goes down hill even further as the darkness prevails. Would love to meet some of you keyboard warriors in the real world. Twilight twinks!



    I’m sure Keyser would duly oblige you.
    He’ll want to proudly show of his Barbie doll collection,whilst rubbing you up the wrong way..
    He’ll be bang on form..!!


    Bermy Boy


    I’m sifting through 30 Rock,Tina Frey…

    Pausing occasionally for mini breaks..!!HAHAHA..



    Really..You slay stray cats for a living,wow..!!

    Do you also slay homo- barbie-doll collector’s..?i.e.(Keyser’s of this world)?

  8. Bolly

    You lost me there man. Just think the darkside has taken all your souls and sucked the life out of you. Euphemism if you want but you will get it.

  9. bankz

    Watching the spurs game just throws more light in the sorry & sad state of affairs @ Arsenal.
    We have a wage bill £50mill more than theirs and yet they have a much much better squad than us(even though Pedro doesnt want to bring himself to accept that).
    They made Inter look like cunts in the 1st 45mins. Arsenal need to go two goals down before we wake up in the 2nd 45mins. I believe this is what wenger calls “great mental strength”. We have enough “great mental strength” sufficient for the other 19clubs in the EPL.
    I won’t be even surprised if we store up some “great mental strength” in the bank just in case we don’t make Champions league.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    Oh wow, Tottenham are on fire, top four for them for sure.

    With AVB everything is coming together for them…whereas everything is disintegrating for us

  11. Toli83

    I sure can… Keyser is on the list, Gambon paid me a bounty for the slaying of that one !

    Dembele has been an unsung hero for spuds this season. Another player linked with us but nothing happens.

  12. Max85

    Inter making spuds look like Barcelona… fuck me I know we complain about how bad we’ve become, but look at Inter! CL winners a couple of years ago, now absolute pony.

  13. bankz

    And Pedro thinks we will “outgun spurs”…………there’s no Harry Rednakpp for England to distract them this season,neither is there a RVP to haul our as# over the finish line.
    If we make top4 its because Chelsea fell out,Benitez could be our saving grace this season.

  14. Bolly

    Vertonghen did not come to us cos Wenger wanted him to play DM .
    What a fucking centre half he’s been tonight!

  15. Max85


    Ha, yeah whatever the slight updgrade on pony is… maybe could even be a horse, albeit a cross-eyed mongy one with no two legs the same length.

  16. kwik fit


    If were not going to make top4 , which is looking more and more likely with every passing game, we should deliberately let the scouse pair overtake us. Thursday nights were made for darts not football.

  17. Dannyboy

    Kwik, Europa League can fuck right off next season, Waterloo Road is on at 8 o clock on Thursdays…

  18. Dannyboy

    and watching Phil Taylor get beat never gets old, even if it is by a Jock cunt… Can’t stand the prick ever since he got up at the PDC awards night a few years back and said…

    ‘can you book me a table at the front next year so I don’t have to walk so far…’

    arrogant fat cunt.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Why have we got to do everything on the cheap.

    Sanogo a target for Arsenal, young, from the French League (Auxerre) and is out of contract in the summer!!

    Collectively they just are not learning.

    One week we get the, we’ll spend our £100 Million budget, we’re raising the pay ceiling to accommodate stars.

    Then, we’re going to get this unknown young bloke for free.

    So as we’ve said before, don’t be fooled by the PR machine that Gazidis wields, nothing is going to change at Arsenal this summer unless the fans make it so with a regime change.

  20. Johnny5

    Looks like usmanovs got his 30%
    According to angry of n5 on twitter just waiting for the shares to be transferred or something.lets hope a bid is imminent

  21. Jeff

    Hmm. Takeover talks rife again this morning. Someone is stoking the flames. Let’s hope there is enough fuel to keep it going.

  22. wanger-wenker

    tottenham beat a very average milan side yesterday, but they did it efficiently with no defensive calamities (a la arsenal). They will beat us into top4 of that i have no doubt. First time for 20 years is not something to be down about though.
    We will be back when the madman finally leaves or gets sectioned and there is enough respect and attraction for the great name of arsenal within the football world to start the climb back to a great future.
    TV5 needs a manager he can respect and can get motivated by. For me he could be an inspirational defensive midfield player putting himself about in the heat of the battle. Under a fantasy scenario of being under george graham, TV5 would be a monster!
    Whilst wenger holds on to his autocratic power, arsenal players will be losing their talent and although TV5 is playing crap at the moment, it would be no surprise if barca were interested as they recognise the malaise to which very good players are suffering and failing under fuckwit wengers direction.
    Why does wenger keep drumming on about mental strength and belief?……one reason could be that he isolates the problems of losing games into the question of the players attitude and self-confidence. The real reason for our losses starts with wenger but he slyly shifts the blame to “psychological reasons” to which a run of losses would be as a consequence of confidence rather than wenger’s incompetence.I just hope more people can see this deluded fuckwit for what he is…a CHARLATAN