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If you’re one of those people who believe the media has an active predisposition to back Manchester United, then last night must have sent you into conspiracy overdrive. Nani was sent off after flying studs up to pick a ball out of the air at shoulder height, he smashed into Arbeloa and the ref whacked out the red card. To me it was harsh, but it wasn’t spectacularly harsh. You can’t claim you didn’t mean something as a defence for wreckless play. As Roy Keane rightly pointed out on the box… did he really think he’d have a 20 yard free run at the ball in a Champions League match? ITV sent viewers into the ad break like we’d just witnessed the second coming of the hand of god… except Maradona hadn’t just touched the ball… he’d caught it… bounced it three times and rolled it into the net unquestioned.

Onto the game, it was interesting that pre-game, Ferguson had declared he had no game plan for Ronaldo. The big difference here? He’s demonstrated year after year that he’s a smart cookie when it comes to dealing with opposition threats whether that be in Europe or domestically. He doesn’t win every trophy, but he’s won enough to know the chances of him ignoring the second best player on the planet were low. So, as it turns out, he wasn’t bluffing. Ferguson set out his team with discipline in mind. Rooney cast away to the bench after a bad game in the previous Madrid game. United set out Rapheal to track him from wide… when he moved into the middle, the experience of Vidic and Rio took care of him. They also ensured that they always had someoene just in front of the back four to stop him letting off his bulldozer shots. United also made sure they stifled Madrid’s creative output by setting Danny Wellbeck on Alonso.

Nothing genius in that set up… but it allowed a team far weaker than Madrid to keep them in check… until Nani picked up a red… then Alonso could do his thing… then it was game over. Not that they rolled over. United were excellent in the last ten minutes and had to curse their luck that the Madrid back up keeper was in the form of his life.

So what have we learned here? Well, in football, things don’t always go your way. A game plan doesn’t ensure victory. The main point is this… you can out think outrageous talent. So many people leveled the Bayern loss them simply having better players. Sure, that’s always an issue, but how often does the best pound for pound team win the Champions League? You can always topple better teams with better ideas. If you don’t have the best team in the competition, you can’t not have a strategy these days.

I think that’s the other thing people are getting confused by… tactics and a game plan. Arsenal have tactics. We have a some sort of iteration on an offside trap. We’ll play a highline. Our goalkeeper will distribute the ball faster than most. What we don’t have is a game plan geared around what is put in front of us. Essentially, Wenger  believes that if you’re on you game, you don’t need to worry about opposition. Which in the old days, when you had a team that were head and shoulders above the rest, worked fine… the game has moved on now. There are lots of good teams with technically sound players, who are equally as fit… but have the added bonus of being drilled.

Anyway, the outcome is that as it stands, we’re the last team in the Champions League. Can we expect a miracle? Maybe. Highly doubtful though. I’m not even sure beating Bayern would be good for us. We need 100% focus on the job in hand. Away days in Italy might not be the best for keeping the focus going.

News on the transfer front has us in for Swansea captain Ashley Williams this summer for around £8m. The Guardian reports Wenger has lost faith in Mertesacker and Vermalen. Isn’t it amazing how these stories drip out of the club after a few bad performances? The story is in keeping with us keeping a British core… however, I can’t help but think it doesn’t matter who we bring into that back four, if it’s not trained properly or given guidance and support from those in front… then it really doesn’t matter who comes in. Vermalen needs to be coached. Mertesacker needs to play as part of a unit. We don’t have either at the moment which is why we’re a shambles.

Nik Bendtner continued to enamour himself with Europe’s elite clubs by landing himself with a monster drink driving ban and fine. The Danes whacked him with a three year ban and fined him £100k. What an absolute idiot. His ego was blown up from a young age and he’s never been able to match what he does on the pitch with what he says with his mouth. A mega disappointment whose career is free falling in a big way.

The other news story of note this morning is from the Daily Mail. If Ivan gets the boot courtesy of a takeover, he lands himself 3 years pay… about £5m. Nice eh? My pal just got the boot from a management role at a London bar he’s worked in for 7 years and only managed 3 months pay. The difference from the haves and the have nots eh? I think this article was supposed to fire the hopes that the bid is going to happen. I have my doubts. It’d be nice if cash rich Alisher Usmanov would make a serious move for the club. I heard some very interesting things about the types of footballing people he’s been meeting outside Thierry the other day. Needless to say, he’s desperate to turn the club around and would do anything for the chance. Which is why I don’t think there’s a chance any takeover bid would be successful. Can you imagine trying to buy out the 28th richest man in the world who has had his heart set on Arsenal for years?

I can’t…

Does Stan really want to hold onto an asset he has no passion for? Does he really want to have to invest his own money into making us great again? Doubtful. Which is why Usmanov might get his chance one day.

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  1. Dannyboy

    UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against Taggart.

    Be interesting to see what they come up with seeing as Wenger got a 3 match ban for saying he didn’t think RvP should have been sent off, then got another 3 match ban for sitting where he was told he could sit, then after the game they decided he shouldn’t have been sat there…

  2. gambon

    Man Utd – top of the PL

    Arsenal – ????


    Come on UNITED!!!!!

  3. Keyser

    “As I said… Gambon clearly hates United and is a die hard Gooner! go on son!!!”

    Well said, gambon would neve.. ah fuck *shoots self in foot.

  4. gambon

    I support Arsenal FC, not Arsenal Holdings, Arsene FC or KSE Inc.

    Cunts like Keyser, A&N, El Tel support one of the latter 3.

    Royal Todger supports no-one, hes just a weirdo who wants to step up and be the man like the mighty one is.

    He is…….a voyeur!

    Wenger: “Dont say that word, thats what sent me MAD……WHY DO YOU LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!!”

  5. Dannyboy

    Keys, you gotta look past the facade, he is just playing with you, what you can’t see is him sat in his living room on a match day, in his full replica Arsenal Kit, wearing his signed Arsene Wenger sleeping bag coat, desperately hunting for a stream…

  6. Dannyboy

    hahaaha Gambon NOOOOOOOOOOO don’t say Wengers trigger word it sends him ma… too late. Get ready for a ‘top top top top kwalidee’ overdrive.

  7. Keyser

    Dannyboy – Mate, I know, I’ve always backed gambon up, it’s hard not to when you’re stuck behind his fat ass in the line for Greggs.

    He only lashes out because he loves, or he has a low blood sugar level, or Pedro asks him to spice it up a bit.

  8. Dannyboy

    ha gambon, I tried to find the video of the ‘Voyeur’ comments, and all thats on youtube is these hilarious puppet things that Setanta used to put out… no wonder they were shut down.

  9. Dannyboy

    haha remember when Pedro banned him, so he could build some anticipation for his pending return… Everyone came flooding in ‘where’s Gambon, when is he back?’

    clever move Pedders! Where did SDE go?

  10. Dannyboy

    Dunno if anyone is that interested in football here, but Yennaris apparently scored a 30 yarder for the nextgen guys against Inter, is he any good?

  11. Dannyboy

    gambon, do you have cult followers like Wenger?

    or just little whiney bitches who cut themselves when they see you smoking weed like Justin Bieber?

  12. TitsMcgee

    If Wenger had said that he would have been pilloried. As people on here know, I am no Wenger fan but Mourinho really says some daft things sometimes.

    If Wenger ever won 2 UCLs he’d get the benefit of the doubt.

    Wenger hasn’t won shiiite in almost a decade.

  13. Johnny5


    ‘or just little whiney bitches who cut themselves when they see you smoking weed like Justin Bieber?’

    Looool!!! That’s some funny shit.

  14. Johnny5


    Kind of double standards really isn’t it when you let gambon say a lot worse than that. What I said wasn’t even offensive unless your wenger.

  15. kwik fit

    Leave Wenger alone guys. I mean WTF did he ever do on you lot? Save drive our club into the ground on some sort of egotistical mega drive. Would we not do any different given half a chance?

  16. JJ

    I don’t remember the media going so mental when RvP go sent off for kicking the ball after the whistle…

    That said, I guess this ref went to the same attention-seeking officials school as Clattenburg. Poor call imo.

  17. Royal Bludger

    Like I said – Gambon is the mirror image of Jesus Wenger – Our Saviour.

    Gambon – Bigger than Wenger.

    (Detecting a little bit of insanity, “what are you looking at”, “I’m the manager”, Gambon Fantasy Football Bench posts).

  18. TitsMcgee

    That’s a lot of bank and that’s how I know not qualifying for UCL next year will hurt the SOBs in charge of our club.It’s a blow. Whether it’s a big enough blow to phase Wenger and his massive ego well that’s another story.Qualifying for 4th certainly won’t though.

  19. Royal Bludger

    Gambon – “I am looking for a football club to manage. Will consider all proposals but must be CL. Will submit Fantasy Football team AND SUBSTITUTES BENCH on request.

    I also live my entire life on meaningless football blogs.

    And I charge less than Arsene Wenger – I only want the London minimum living wage allowance. Plus bonuses.

  20. Royal Bludger

    Gambon – do you think you could replace Laudrup at Swansea?

    How would you change his set-up, to become one of the young guns in the EPL?

    These are important questions.

  21. mystic

    Finally seen the Nani red card: 100% sending off – dangerous play. It is irresponsible to life a leg as high as he did without there being possible injury repercussions.

    Did he do the tackle deliberately, judging by the way he is totally looking at the ball then no. Was there any intent, no. Was he effectively out of control, yes.

    Due to UEFA’s absurd way of spreading the knock-out fixtures, Arsenal are technically the last English club in the CL – come next Thursday there will be none.

    Before the Bayern match Wenger had already fucked up Arsenal’s tiny chance of progressing beyond the last 16, by screwing up in the Group stage.

    Still, the pressure on him is to annually qualify for the competition, he is not under any obligation to try and win it!

  22. mystic

    TitsMcgee March 6, 2013 18:59:59
    ‘That’s a lot of bank and that’s how I know not qualifying for UCL next year will hurt the SOBs in charge of our club.It’s a blow. Whether it’s a big enough blow to phase Wenger and his massive ego well that’s another story.Qualifying for 4th certainly won’t though.’
    With £123m in the bank the loss will not be a blow, just a hassle as far as the twats are concerned. If you assume Arsenal lose out on £40m per year they fail to qualify, then they still have a 3 year cushion – add to that flogging off players and not replacing them and the time could be drawn out even further.

    Before anyone suggests it will have an effect on anyones bonuses, bear in mind that the stipulations to obtaining the extra earning can simply be changed by SS / the BOD to suit themselves.

  23. Keyser

    Zacharse – So that leaves you, what are you ?

    “gambon is an idea”

    ‘or just little whiney bitches who cut themselves when they see you smoking weed like Justin Bieber?’

    ‘enough said’

  24. vicky

    Quoting Carlton Palmer (former England International) :

    Wenger earns 150k per week and earns 10% on every players sale.

    P.S : Carlton is not given to speaking bulls*it.

  25. Johnny5


    10% sale no wonder he’s selling everything bar the 4th place trophy cabinet. I didn’t know that. Makes him more of a cunt in my eyes.

  26. TitsMcgee


    It’s not as big a blow to us compared to maybe Spurs or Everton but 30 million is still 30 million and with a wage bill on par with the big fish you can consider it Wenger costing us 30 million next year.

    Now the croissant eater seems to be damn near untouchable for some reason but not qualifying for the UCL next year will cost us about 30 mill and that means Wenger would has cost us 30 mill and he’ll probably have to explain that to somebody I’d imagine especially with all the money we spend on players.

    We’re fffff’ed as long as he is here but coming in 4th will DEFINITELY NOT change the way he operates. Coming in 5th MIGHT.

  27. Johnny5

    So he’s easily earned 30-40 million in the last 5-6 years then on top of £50m in salary and another maybe 10-20 in bonuses. Fucking hell he has made £100m fucking this club up.

  28. TitsMcgee

    So he’s easily earned 30-40 million in the last 5-6 years then on top of £50m in salary and another maybe 10-20 in bonuses. Fucking hell he has made £100m fucking this club up.

    –No wonder he will not give up the reigns if he can help it.

  29. kc

    Holy shit is that true? 10% on every player sold goes to Wenger? If so it would explain why Arsene is more interested in making money rather than winning. Also would explain why he’s so interested in getting rid of our stars, but not the dross. Arsene doesn’t give two fucks about the future of this club. He’s too busy assembling his nest egg.

  30. kwik fit

    Guys settle down FFS. This bonus larky is complete and utter tosh, I mean who in their right mind would give a manager a player sale related bonus. I know that the bankers got bonuses on giving away depositors money but Arsenal Football club? Not a chance , Our club has been build on honesty and integrity and is renowned over the world for its transparency.

  31. TitsMcgee

    If that is even remotely true that is beyond asinine. Think long and hard about that for a second.

    A manager from a top club profiting individually from player sales?


  32. vicky

    Kwik Fit

    Why r u completely ruling out this possibility? All the players that Wenger has sold (RVP,Cesc …) were bought for peanuts and sold for much much more. that way,he is accumulating wealth for the owner. So what does Stan lose in such a deal? It is a win win situation for everybody except the fans. I said that only bcoz Palmer said this and I have never heard him saying any bulls*it .
    In fact,he is more of an AKB than an Arsene hater. Coming from him makes it much more credible. I would nt have believed If it came from Robson for obvious reasons.

  33. kwik fit

    Johnny’s right vicky. When it comes to this regime I rule nothing out. Having said that, a deal whereby Wenger gains on the sale of players would have been outed well before now. I think over the next few months we’ll hear rumours and counter rumours about the people in charge probably put out there by those aspiring to buy out Stanley.

  34. Johnny5

    The story does make sense in a way explain him working under such shit conditions and not saying a bad word. It’s coz he’s blatantly been told to sell players to balance books and he’s worked out he will be crucified by some fans and media people so said what’s in it for me.

  35. Zacharse


    I’ve made a mistake let me correct it

    Keyser is a failed comedy writer plying his pathetic trade on message boards.
    how about that? is that better?

    as for me what about me?

    as for the 10% on player sales

    not surprising. why do you think wenger is constantly buying mediocre players from the french ligue, you think he’s not seeing a little something for his effort.
    think ‘arry, the king of the kickbacks.
    also, all the arab syndicates paying crazy fees, i’d imagine they’re seeing a little something coming their way when lucas moura is being sold for how much? ibra and silva?

  36. Rustycannon

    Wenger Logic: It is now tradition that every summer Arsenal has to get rid of its best assets. Isn’t the last remaining best asset Wenger himself now? Any takers?

  37. Toli83

    What a fuck up it was not finishing top of our piss easy group. Schalke will ease past Galatasary into quarters, we could have milked every one else been knocked out even more if that was us.

  38. ZG

    Wow what a long debate on that decision. it seems like there will be some final outcome out of all this. The third umpire like in cricket????

    All all this because it is MU , who is crying foul. Worst decision has been made before, even one’s where the team had to bow down out of the world cup and we saw less protest. Has MU grown so big that without them football means nothing?

    When Chelsea lost that match with MU they were on an unbeaten run. I did not see any media member going all gongo…

    Its time that all the teams playing whether small or big holding clout or not are treated equally.

  39. Kushagra

    Carlton Palmer a pretty average pundit who no one gives a damn about trying to stir shit up. He is part of one of worst football talk shows on TV on Ten Nw