Why does everyone hate Stan Kroenke? | Is the coaching at Arsenal in decline?

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Kind of weird that despite us taking a beating from Spurs, I’m not particularly fussed. I’ve spoken to a few Gooners who feel the same. Outside the obvious pain of losing to Spurs, the inevitability of that game going sour for us has kind of taken the edge off the result. That, and the fact I know the players probably won’t be too fussed also helped with the mental rehabilitation I’ve gone through.

It’s interesting to read people deflecting the attention away from the manager. For the life of me I can’t understand why Stan Kroenke keeps cropping up into conversation as the main issue at the club. People seem incapable of making up there mind. When Stan joined the club, the excitement was all centred around his hands off approach and his back ground in Sport. He tapped into the sustainable business model and that was far better than us having to deal with an Abramovich.

So what’s happened? He purchased the club, he’s sat back and not interfered…  now he’s the worst thing to happen to the club since Eboue came on against Wigan? So he doesn’t come to games… big deal. The Glazers don’t go to United games. So he doesn’t interfere? Good. We don’t want someone who interferes. That way, you know that if it’s all going down the toilet, you have two central figures you can pin your concerns on. Ivan and the manager.

Now,the issue I think Stan and Ivan are facing at the moment is the big one… how do you fire a man who has been at the club for 16  years? If you don’t fire him, how do you coerce him into becoming a more modern manager. How do you tell a manager who thinks he knows best on everything that there might be a better way? Now, Stan and Ivan will be totally concerned with how they look out of this. You don’t want to go down in English sporting history as the two guys who sacked the greatest manager the team has ever had… and you don’t want to be the interfering reason the manager resigns in the summer.

Well, not if you’re those two at least. I’d be more than happy to make a bold decision if I could see clearly things had gone down the toilet with no chance of return.

That’s why the next few weeks are pivotal. The fans can give Ivan the strength to make a decision. If there is continued discontent in the stadium and those club level and box tickets struggle to shift, Ivan has a playing reason and a business case to go to Wenger with.

Remember… our business model is built on rich corporates investing in 5 year box deals. To get people to part with that sort of cash, you need a successful side.

So when I read people slating Stan Kroenke, all I can think of is they’re slating him for not coming down tougher on Arsene Wenger. It makes little sense for Stan to oversee an unsuccessful team. The value of the club will tumble and to get it back to where it needs to be, he’ll have to shell out money from his own pocket. Dropping out of the Champions League, which hasn’t happened yet, could be very contentious.

How the fans react, particularly the corporates, over the next few weeks will be decisive in whatever happens with Arsene this summer.

There was a Radio 5 interview that everyone is talking about this morning that highlights the lack of power Bould has at the club, it’s something I wrote about in December so it’s nothing new, but it does once again focus the light on the deep seated problems the club has at the moment. When the control freak trying to dig you out of a hole is a man well past his best, you’re never going to get out of that hole… well, you might cling to the edge, but you’ll never escape it.

It’s interesting that even on just a pure coaching level, Wenger seems to be in decline. If you look at some of the players we’ve got at the club at the moment, then plot how they’ve improved, you have a pretty bleak picture.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a huge fan of his before he came over… but Eden Hazard said he was the best player in France when he was there. Big words. He arrives over here, we all think we’ve landed a gem, then he slowly unravels in front of our eyes over the course of two seasons. Then he goes to the AFCON, plays really well… only to return a mess again. The big issue here… he’s regressed.

Alex Oxlade-Chamblerlain

I had a quote in The Mirror about this guy asking where our priorities were when we signed him… you know, because we hadn’t signed a centre back of experience when we badly needed one, yet we could dig out £14m for a kid. I was hounded by people about this comment because we’d signed the next major player in football, yep, a player on Rooney’s level. So what’s happened? We’ve seen him play well, what, four times? Now he doesn’t get a look in. It’s like he’s on Wenger’s naughty list. When he arrived he had the movement, he had guts, he was happy to have a dig from range… now we have a player who is scared to take anyone on, who looks like he’s lost his pace and he looks scared on the pitch. The lad looks broken. Now, he has talent, that much is clear… but he’s shown no signs of improvement in two years.


This is another chap who seems to be going backwards. Sure he’s popped up with a few goals, but considering the impact he had in Germany last year, you’d have to say his performances have been tepid. Was he really as demotivated playing in Germany when he banged in all those goals last year. Was he really as clueless positionally? I appreciate it’s his first season here, but I’ve been really disappointed in him considering the reputation he arrived with.

There are countless other stories of Gooner regression. Is it just bad luck, or are there deeper lying issues. I mean, I haven’t even touched on Ramsey. The boy just doesn’t seem to be improving. He makes the same mistakes over and over again and it’s horrible to watch… because he looks like a really nice lad and he tries so hard. Throw in Chamakh, Andrey Arshavin, Mertesacker, Koscielny and Sagna into the mix and things are looking pretty bad.

Not to mention our lack of success in bringing youth through to the top level…

Anyway, that’s enough words from me.

What are your thoughts?

See you in the comments.

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  1. Zacharse

    Fuck. That’s my words.

    I recently was given a thesis from harvard business to read, a student had wrote it on sir alex’s management theories over the last 25. Sounds like pedro could cobble together something about wenger over the last 8 years

  2. Kushagra

    March 5, 2013 19:14:06
    Anyway we can forget about our problems for 90 minutes tonight
    naah it hurts even more

  3. Alex James

    Please don’t let the cloggy score the winner. Cap the week off really well that would, In terms of head in oven mode.

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    Christ, I rather drown in a slurry tank than listen to Andy “I haven’t got a fucking clue” Townsend.

  5. SUGA3

    Giggs playing his 1,000th game for MU puts the fact of Walcott being currently the longest serving player in our squad (or up there somewhere) into perspective…

  6. bayo

    If arsenal was playing against the quality of teams tonight…U will have seen gaps and holes in the whole team…..U can definitely see the tactical input of the managers

  7. Alex James

    Ferguson plays Nani tonight, for his first start for how long? So far, his tactics look spot on, whereas our man messes up every time. Di Maria gone, so Utd handed further advantage

  8. kwik fit

    Yeah Alex many of these guys were rested on Saturday and they still won with their ‘second string’. He also has a strong bench and if required have a few match winners on there. RM have looked very poor to be fair.

  9. Alex James

    Kiwik. Agree, not impressed with Madrid. Defence looks shaky. Nicely set up for the cloggy or Rooney when he comes on to score the winner. Just know it.

    Do you know anything about this Schlup fellow? Looks like another supposed good young player is going North. What is happening to our ability to get the best of the young? Not that I am particularly worried but is this another indication of our inability to attract.

  10. Doublegooner

    Anyone notice from the ad hoardings why UEFA will be ‘selective’ who they turn a blind eye when it comes to FFP..

    Any one of the teams that Gazprom are connected with !!

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    Classic case of the defender not doing the basic thing and playing the ball out for a corner and then re-organize.

  12. Doublegooner

    Imagine what Ferguson & Mourinho think when Wenger spouts shit like coming 4th is like winning a trophy.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    This Man U v Real game is a great game to compare the difference between defending styles an us. Man U are far playing far deeper which denies Ronaldo the space to play in. Contrast what we did with Bale.

    Ronaldo really needs to go onto the wing to get space.

    As I just typed this Nani gets red, so it all goes out the window!

  14. Doublegooner

    Or imagine what the elite managers think of Wenger when he doesnt do any specific defensive coaching.

    Imagine any elite clubs putting up with Wenger for 8 years.

    Imagine any elite club having to hear about ‘men tal strennf” yet seeing their team play like bambi on ice.

    No elite team would take Wenger now. If one did (PSG), he’d last 5 minutes.

  15. Johnty79

    If wengers plays a full strength team against bayern he should be sacked for incompedance. We may play well win 2.1 but that is because bayern like Milan last year are not trying as they know there through..

    Please god help arsenal fans we need a miracle from you……

  16. Jaroda

    Just check out the 3rd best team in Spain trailing the title by 12 pts, turning over the best in England leading the league by 15pts. Then try and calculate wherein that pecking order Arsene’s liquorice all sorts rank.

  17. salparadisenyc

    JarodaMarch 5, 2013 21:17:04
    Just check out the 3rd best team in Spain trailing the title by 12 pts, turning over the best in England leading the league by 15pts

    Try Cunting turk ref put United right out of the competition, yellow at best with zero intent.

  18. Alex James

    Don’t care. No treble this year, and much of the Home Counties in morning. Couldn’t script it better

  19. Toli83


    Not a red by any means. Nani is a cunt though which might be why the ref sent him off.

    Johnty79, I think Wenger should take them all the Tenerife for week and play the second team against Munich. Team bonding time….

  20. follow the money

    No Howard Webb or his FA cronies to bail out United hahahaaaaa I love it!!! I know it’s not right but I’m glad Van Persie is not gonna get his hands on that trophy

  21. kwik fit

    I think Wenger should play his promising U21 team next week. I mean the experience will be good for them. Their a very strong side cause their holding up the rest of the league.

  22. BillikenGooner

    Barca down 3-2 ag, RvP gets sent off with a dubious 2nd yellow.

    Madrid down 2-1 ag, Nani gets sent off with a dubious red.

    These Spanish giants get some interesting calls at needed moments.

  23. reality check

    I think the ref got it right, at real time speed, it looks like nani kicked out.

    He didn’t

    He was trying to control the ball,

    But from the refs angle, and the linesmen. It looks like dangerous play.

    You can’t do anything to put doubt in the refs mind these days.

    My opinion..

  24. Relieable sauce

    Probably a deserved red for me it was wreckless & the fact he’s not looking at the opposing player just compounds the fact.
    Fergies & rio’s reaction after was ott.

  25. LeMassiveCoq

    If that clit faced maniac sais anything about being the last team left in the CL, I am going to put my foot through the tv.

  26. kwik fit

    If Arsenal can beat Buyern Munich and qualify for the quarter finals of the Champions League, I will get another Arsène Wenger tattoo on my arse. 🙂


    Where’s El Tel-The Grunter.?

    He’ll be guzzling pink champagne at this very moment..!

    He’ll be happy Fergus,got his just desert’s,for a change..

    Referee conspiracy-El-Tel..?

  28. May2689

    I thought that at the very last nano second Nani flicked his foot towards the player while he was in mid-air and that made it look a lot worse!

    Arsenal-last English team in this years UCL!!! (Sort of)

  29. Trickeygooner

    Funny how you mugs on here would rather the scumbag Ronaldo and the ex yid acumbag Modric go through than a player who only moved on because of OUR clubs lack of ambition. !!!!

  30. kc

    Just to see Fergie’s side get a red on a questionable call was a rare and exciting sight indeed. For once a call didn’t go there way. Oh the humanity! Did you see Fergie’s head almost explode? Priceless.


    Alex JamesMarch 5, 2013 21:45:24
    Makes up for when Rooney through himself down in that game at OT when our run ended
    Took me year’s to get over that incident..

    But then again,in tight situation’s,
    Sol could be a bit of an Oil Tanker..
    Slow to turn..

    That said,the Ole Gunnar Skolsjar& Campbell incident at Highbury,was just as bad..

    With Fergus-adding insult to injury,afterward’s by stating in the press..

    ” Sol’s a nice guy,but he bring’s it on himself..So no ,we won’t be backing Arsenal’s appeal for his sending off,to be overturned..”

  32. May2689


    Lighten up! No one really gives a shit. We have enough problems of our own. It’s called a “sense of humour”. Maybe not very funny but a sense of humour nonetheless.

  33. Alex James

    I would walk to Hell and back, rather than see the cloggy win anything. And that goes for Man Utd too.

  34. reality check

    I think persie disappears in big big games. Still a class striker, but compared to the old but recent greats in there prime 28/29 ronaldo (the real one) van nistlerooy,henry, raul, drogba, del piero ect. You see them during the big games the big occasions.

    I just don’t remember van persie really doing it in those types of games.

    I’m talking about the really really big games, not win and arsenal get 2 points closer to 4th spot games. Or the manchester derby.

  35. salparadisenyc

    Terrible bit of officiating, period.
    I’d be fucking furious as well.

    Talk about depth, look at both benches, better than our starting 11.
    Well done Wonga

    Kaka, Benzema, Modric, Pepe, Albiol
    Rooney, Valencia, Hernandez, Kagawa,

  36. gazzap

    Had Nani pushed his foot into the player I would say its a red no matter where his eyes are. but he is actually trying to get his foot back and the contact with his chest was only slight as Nani bent his legs as much as he could. Overall not a red, but CL refs can do anything at any moment. That’s why you need luck to win the CL.

  37. kwik fit

    WEnger will play his strongest squad next week. His ego is such that in Europe he still wants to be seen as the mighty manager. He’ll ignore the fact that the the bigger game for Arsenal is the Swansea game 3 days later. Wenger loves himself more than Arsenal has the Bouldy/Wenger situation proves

  38. Jeff

    I think Real Madrid would have won it with or without the decision. As for the red card, I’m with Roy Keane. I didn’t see the same amount of “outcry” from the so called neutrals when Van Persie was sent off on a second yellow by the Swiss referee Busacca for kicking a ball. So no, I have no sympathy because everyone was adamant Barcelona were the better team. How does it feel?

  39. AA23

    I’m definitely glad they lost.
    Fuck all to do with Van Persie though, I’ve always been glad when they lose. I didn’t watch the game because I don’t give a fuck about those two teams but hopefully the red was as soft as people are saying.
    Makes it even funnier.

  40. kwik fit

    So Fergie and his players are not talking to the media tonight.
    Fuckin typical . In the PL the have all the refs in their pocket. In Europe, however , they haven’t got the same control over the officials and they can’t take it. Fucking love it!!!

  41. Thomas


    Based on what? Man Utd were the better team up until the red card. There was absolutely nothing pointing to Real at that time.


    Difference b/w a winning manager & a losing manager..

    Mourinho,see’s Man Utd are 10 men down,senses blood,bring’s off Arbeloa & send’s on Modric..Bang..goal..

    Arsene-2-1 down..Bring’s off one of our most effective player’s against Spurs-Jenkinson,pushes diabolical Ramsey into the right back position(still baffling)!!

    Definitely a case of Arsene,is long past it..
    Can no longer think on his feet,make snap,intelligent decision’s,or have ball’s of steel..

    He’s more concerned with the personal accumulation of money & power,than football..

    More concerned,with living on past glories than winning..

    More concerned,with being a paranoid,insecure,control freak..

    Sad,sad time’s…I actually feel for Arsene..

    He’s a broken man,that refuse’s like all dictator’s,to acknowledge that his time is up..It was a long time ago..

    Every decision he make’s,every comment he utter’s,every maniacal display of water bottle kicking,remonstrating with referee’s,flapping of arm’s,with head bowed in resignation,whilst rubbing one’s hands furiously like a mad man on the bench about to collapse..

    Only serve’s to sully his legacy even more,by the day..& have the world pity him..

    The man is unravelling..It’s extremely sad..

    I hope you enjoy your retirement soon Arsene& not become an embittered man!!

  43. reality check

    Rvp’s red at barca was far worse.

    All he did was take an instinctive shot in a 90,000 seater stadium

    How the fuck you gonna hear a lil whistle all the time?!

    Also, I bet wonga is actually thinking its his time, his day has come. City out. Chelsea out. Utd out.

    You Can just see that slimey ‘I know something you don’t know’ smile coming in the press conference.

  44. Alex James

    Ferguson will now be banging on the Glazers’ doors demanding money to reinforce next season., even though the PL is won and the FA Cup possibly on the horizon. Whereas Wenger will be offering up more transfer gains, albeit Santiago and JW are all that is left. I would not invite Ferguson for tea but I agree with Vix one has to admire the tactical decisions he makes, regardless of reputations.

  45. Toli83

    Ha yeah,

    Could Imagine his instructions been brought on in the 70th minutes.

    ‘Don’t have more than one touch, pass it sideways when possible look to put Ramsey through. Oh and one last thing, whatever you do DON’T FUCKING SHOOT !’


    & make sure your hand brake is off at all times,to shift into reverse gear..
    You will need it for 90% of the time..!!

    & Modric if in doubt,just watch& track Ramsey for guidance..!!

  47. Toli83

    Modric – ” arsene where am I playing ?”

    Wenger – “wherever you want to,you’ll be fine . Just have mental belief in what you do”

    Modric – “eh ok….”

  48. Alex James

    Don’t forget Modric was offered to us before he went to Spurs. Another one of Wenger’s mustn’t stilt Ramsay and Denilson’s growth


    Just looking at the basic body language of Arsene,over the intervening year’s reveal’s a thousand things..

    When we are under pressure,he does one of two thing’s..

    He rock’s in his chair,back & forth-like a demented man,looks downwards& furiously rubs his palm’s together..

    This implies,he is burying his head in the sand,refusing to acknowledge reality staring him in the face..

    Not having a clue,how to dig himself out of this hole..

    When the opposition team score’s,he jump’s up, furiously remonstrating with the 4th official,moaning to his 2nd man in charge,or kicking water bottles..

    Instead of being proactive,& trying to orchestrate event’s on the pitch,i.e.tactic’s,leadership,motivation..

    He instead opts,too apportion blame,on every one else but him..

    By being proactive,he could take the bull by the horn’s,& make decisive change’s..

    A calm head in troubled water’s..

    When you go to war,you look to your leader,for direction& motivation..
    For strategy,for an end game..
    A winning end game..

    Wenger offer’s nothing of the sort’s..

    He either buries his head in the sand,hoping for divine intervention,or look’s to apportion blame..

    Now,here’s the telling part,when we score,or win..

    He’s the first out of the trap door..Punching his hand’s in the air,looking to take all the glory..

    Like the goal scored,or the win we manufactured,was all by his own design,not by default..

    This blogger’s is the psychology of the man,you witness every year,every month,every week,every day,on the touchline..

    A man that want’s all the plaudit’s & glory,when thing’s are going swimmingly well on the pitch& want’s none of the blame,when result’s,or performance’s go against his own parallel universe..

    A self-serving,egotistical,paranoid,
    delusional man,unravelling before us..

    Now if he is like this on the touchline-in full view,it beg’s the question,what is like behind the scene’s..?

  50. Arsenalred

    It’s was brilliant to see old red nose explode, they have got away with so many dodgy decisions for ever . Oh how great is it when they are finally feeling what we have felt! The comments about the MAD PROFF are so correct well done to all of you.

  51. arsene nose best

    Arsene Wenger likes to boast about Arsenal’s successive seasons of qualifying for the Champions League. It is a measure of the diminished expectations that this line is parroted by his followers amongst the fans and the media, as if it is a success in itself but look at our record in the CL:

    1998/99 – eliminated at the group stage after failing to beat Lens and Dynamo Kiev.
    1999/00 – eliminated at the group stage
    2000/01 – eliminated in the quarter-finals by Valencia
    2001/02 – eliminated at the second group stage
    2002/03 – eliminated at the second group stage
    2003/04 – eliminated in the quarter-finals by Chelsea (a team we had beaten three times that season)
    2004/05 – eliminated in the last 16 by Bayern Munich
    2005/06 – runners-up to Barcelona
    2006/07 – eliminated in the last 16 by PSV Eindhoven
    2007/08 – eliminated in the quarter-finals by Liverpool
    2008/09 – eliminated in the semi-finals by Man Utd
    2009/10 – eliminated in the quarter-finals by Barcelona
    2010/11 – eliminated in the last 16 by Barcelona
    2011/12 – eliminated in the last 16 by AC Milan
    2012/13 – on the verge of another last 16 exit

    In focusing on his years of CL qualification, I think Wenger has been given a free pass about his dreadful record in the actual competition. He couldn’t win the CL when he had the CWC ’94 back five + Bergkamp, Overmars, Petit, Vieira and Parlour. He couldn’t win the CL when he had a team that was crushing all-comers in the PL (Henry, Pires, Ljungberg and co.) and our performances in the competition have been getting steadily worse. Some of our most embarrasing defeats have come in the CL. All Wenger’s qualifying record for the CL tells me is that he’s had 15 cracks at the competition and he STILL hasn’t worked out how to do it right.

  52. Bade

    If the last two weeks ever proved a thing, it’s that in big matches wrong ref calls can decide the winner

    It’s not an excuse of our constant failures, but it has an effect on our bad streak

    Yesterday Real probably won due to a refereeing error

    Barca lost to Milan with maybe another error

    The same was in the 2 super classico’s against Real

    Why am I saying this? Because when Arsenal lose due to the same errors the whole world says we’re whining, but when it happens to Red Nose, all they deal with is the mistake

    Fucking hypocrites

    Not to mention that a few minutes later, they should have conceded a penalty & a sending off to Rafael, when he denied Higuain’s header with his arm

  53. El Tel


    Your comment was the best of the night and looking back at the comments we clearly see the Manc cunts who are imposters on this site. Salpardsic is a Manc cunt through and through.

    Laugh at Him and some of their other wankers who get on here lauding it while kicking our beloved Arsenal.

    That was a sending off no two ways about it. We have players sent off regularly for a lot worse often. Do the media cunts care? No they call us whingers.

    Love seeing that Jock whino exploding and the reaction of them cunts on the terraces said it all.

    Sent off at the Toilet, no fucking way was the expression you cant do that.

    In Europe they play the games to the rules and let flair players excel, they stop Kung Fu and Boxing and good old fashioned Rugger.

    I never watched them as I just never will but read reports and heard it on the radio.

    Yes I was drunk on a frenzy of happiness at seeing them deluded cunts get beat and to see them beat in this way pleases me even more.

    If only our FA would get their house in order and sort out Refs here eh.

    Wengers record in Europe is poor I must say but then the Whino’s is no better in my opinion. They are the so called biggest Club in the world and been in this competition almost every season for probab
    Y twenty plus years and He has won it twice.

    That is statistically shit. Every year they get easy groups to enhance their position and they usually get a bye to the semi finals or an English Club.

    The moment they meet a European giant they get beat.

    Rooney and Rio and any other bully boy thugs in their side just dont get away with this in Europe.

    Well done Real Madrid, you have cheered me up in a season of darkness.

    I hope them scummers are so gutted that they go on a downward spiral ( Ah ah) and get caught by Citeh in the League. We have come back at them in the past from a similar position with ten games left.

    They had a better team then too.

    You never know the traitor and his mates might be so down that they lose the plot.

    Now this really would brighten up my sad season.

    Ah ah ah ah ah ah aha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  54. El Tel

    Some o e earlier saying whino got it right for picking Ninnny. Also having a dig at Wenger.

    Yep, whino got it spot on picking that team.

    Ninny was theor saviour wasnt he.

    Heh He Heh.

  55. ChrisN

    I remember that Campbell sending off. Fuckin hated that cheating little twat Solskjaer for that. Van Nistelrooy was a total cheating tosser, too. Nah… My faith in balanced officiating and karma was totally affirmed seeing Nani get sent off at Old Trafford. Roy Keane was spot on. Looking at it at full speed it would have seemed like a De Jong. Tbh, while I know it’s a bit Alice In Wonderland, I hope we somehow or other find some magical fifth gear and beat Bayern well enough to go through, just to piss off RVP and Red Nose. Original article was incisive and spot-on, Pedro. Wenger might still be a good personal coach, but as a team manager and tactician he’s got left behind. Either needs to be shifted to a Cruyff role or retire altogether.

  56. Jeff

    El Tel,

    I’m with you on this one. Man U never loses because the other team played better but because some “dreadful bad luck” strikes them and it is so easy to heap all the blame on a single event in the game. As I mentioned above, when Van Persie got sent off I don’t remember the media mourning for days. You are absolutely right. They are bloody hypocrites and I have for a long time wanted to see the same thing happen to their cherished Man U. They got shot down (like we were) by a referee decision that looked much more like a red card than Van Persie’s kicking a ball out after the whistle.

    On the decision, after seeing it in slow motion 50 times over, there is no way that the referee should have seen that Nani was “looking at the ball” as they are all insisting – including that half-wit Lee Dixon. All that the referee saw was Nani fly kicking Arbeloa in the ribs. If that is what he saw he had no choice.

    Moreover, how many dubious but favourable decisions in the past has Ferguson managed to bag? Too many is the answer. Even the commentators joke about “Fergie time”. It all evens out in the end they keep telling us. Well, good maybe this will redress some of it.

    I have zero sympathy, zilch.

  57. Limpar's Wand

    Yeah, let’s continue to show our discontent at matches, in front of the team when they’re trying to win games low on confidence.

    What idiotic logic. Just don’t go if you feel that strongly. And stop writing this nonsense. Maybe one day you’ll all realise how stupid you are.

  58. reality check


    Never as first team manager.If PSG offered Wenger a job. It was as recruiter/youth team manager.

    Would love it if this was true
    went public so the whole world could see wongas just a glorified babysitter.

  59. AOCpleeze

    barca is for TV5? how the hell do you even include this shit…You dont play bad for 2 fucking season and go to barcelona to play your ball. Selling TV would be the best business we could possibly do. Naming him as captain has had out hands tied all year, we have to play him by default. Hes shit absolute shit totaly predicated on risk and using his spped for recovery….but wait everyone pump the breaks, word on the street say hes got some fantastic leaping ability? fucking leaping ability, do we play in the english fucking frog leaping league. Everything you stated are things you cannot teach because said vermalean doesnt have the capacity to learn any of that shit, he arrogant and like you said NEVER LEARNS FROM HIS MISTAKES