Arsenal let down by a lack of discipline, quality and accountability

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The race for a top four finish took what look like a lethal blow to the temple yesterday. The maths says we’re still in it. There’s 30 points to play for, however, looking at our erratic defence yesterday and the lack of quality we have up top, it’s apparent this years might be a miracle too far.

Spurs were in pretty much the same position this time last, the difference this year will be their manager… because on paper they’re not better and on the pitch they weren’t…

The game started off with a positive tempo, we were at the races, the Spurs fans I sat down the pub with were looking seriously uncomfortable. Giroud had the first proper chance of the game when he he found himself on the end of a Jack corner, Lloris doing well to save. The Frenchman found his way through on goals few minutes later, ghosting past Dawson… when bearing down on goal he decided not to pull the trigger which allowed the tackle to be made.

Arsenal pinged the ball around with a slickness rarely seen this season. Trouble was two fold. Firstly, the end product was seriously lacking from everyone. Crossing from outwide had nothing more than hit and hope on it. The second issue was the movement from the front three. Because it was so poor, we didn’t really create the openings the midfield needed.

Well our punishment for a lack of end product was meted out in 2 explosive minutes. Firstly Bale managed to sail through the middle of the park and spring our unstructured offside trap with ease, latch onto a Sigurddson through ball and angle his shot round our keeper. Arteta basically gave up the chase, if that were Gilberto we’d be looking at a trip and a yellow card.

Minutes later a replica of the first goal happened. The time the man missing the run was Monreal, the man doing the running was Lennon, he rounded the keeper unconfidently and slipped home for their second. This time, there was no midfield protection for the back four. There’s more to midfield than choreographed passing. Arsene Wenger said he doesn’t pay attention to the opposition, and sure enough, yesterday was a prime example of that. No accountability combined with a team lacking in confidence is generally a recipe for disaster.

We did manage to creep our way back into the game in the second half, Per Mertesacker connected with a corner before Bale nudged it just inside the post for our goal. It was a glimour of hope, but it really didn’t feel like we were going to edge our way back into the game. We’re a shell of the team we had 4  years ago, forget teams of yestyear who were winning things.

Simply put, our team didn’t have the quality needed to turn Spurs over. You can play a system that looks pretty, but if you don’t have the key elements needed to be a real threat you’re going to struggle. Arsene Wenger was king when fast pass and move football was a new serving on the Premiership menu. He was king when he had the pick of the untapped markets around the world. He was king when his teams were fitter, technically superior and loaded with desire. He doesn’t have that now. That’s why we’re languishing in the league 7 points off 4th. 9 defeats to our name with only a glimour of hope in making the Champions League next season.

The hardest thing to stomach for me is that Spurs really aren’t a great team. They have average players who are well managed. Remember, this team is the same lot that folded against us last year minus people like Van Der Vaart and Modric. Spurs took a hit on star players but invested in a manager, some new players and a system that’s more modern than ours. They’re doing things the right way and it might just pay dividends for £50m less than we’re lumping out on wages.

So what can Arsenal hope for? Well, Spurs have an home game against Inter Milan this week, which I’m pretty sure they’ll go all out to win. Now, remember Spurs have a small squad of players they’ve been constantly using all season. If they have a tough game against Inter, there’s a very good chance Liverpool will take them out on Sunday. Brendan Rodgers has Liverpool on the up… 3 games, 12 goals and a nice rest this week to prepare for a Spurs that will be tired.

Arsene Wenger has a major decision then to make on the Bayern game. Does he go for it and try and turn 3 past a side who have conceded 7 in the league this year, or does he throw the game, rest his star men and concentrate on the only realistic trophy we have left to play for? I know what I’d do… because even if we did pull off a Bayern miracle, it’d just be a vanity project because we’d have no chance of winning the trophy.

It’s entirely possible things could open up again, so we’re not out of it… the problem with this talk is it assumes we’re good enough to win our ten remaining games. Based on what I’ve seen over the past two months, I really don’t think that can happen. The team is put out without a clue, the manager looks like a little boy lost and we seem to have no idea how to get out of this inconsistent rut we’ve been in all year. It’s over for Arsene Wenger, he really is finished as an elite manager… he won’t listen to those around him, he thinks he knows best and he’s being shown up but younger managers with a real 5 year plan.

Arsene isn’t getting the most out of his players because his system is too laissez faire… we played a highline yesterday and pressed Spurs well for about 30 minutes. Then the pressing stopped after a bit of sustained pressure, then the highline became an opportunity  that was exploited brutally. If the players can’t be coerced into pressing for 90 minutes, either start dropping players guilty of dropping off, or bring in players that can do the job. As for players doing a job for Spurs this season, Hugo Lloris, Dembele and Jan Vertonghen. Three players that were hardly below the radar  that all could have improved our squad.

The cost of missing out on the Champions League will be around £25million plus some additional uplift. About the value of losing Robin on a free transfer this summer. When you put it like that, it does begin to make the sale of Robin look like one of the worst decisions of Arsene’s career. I mean, combined with the decision not to invest in a player of equal quality obviously.

Still, the upshot of this all is that it appears Arsene is most likely going to look for a new deal. The only way he has any chance of getting that (if the CEO is worth his salt) is  if we’re competitive this time in November and the stadium is full. What will be interesting over the coming weeks is the impact this season will have on the crowds. The only way Ivan Gazidis will take notice of the issues surrounding the manager is when it starts hitting the bottom line numbers. What will the crowds look like over the next few weeks? How many people are going to show for the next home game? These next few weeks will be the weeks where the fans have the most power. If a protest is going to be made, I’d imagine it’ll be a silent one of inaction. Empty seats are an ugly reminder that failiure is intolerable when your accounts show a £123million cash in bank balance. We already saw the stadium 10,000 short at the Villa game… if that gets worse, at the very least, it might spark Gazidis into playing hardball with the manager.

If he does get a new deal, which I’m wholly against, it has to be on modern terms (being best practice in our approach) combined with strict KPIs (actually winning things and progressing). It has to be on the basis that the club win back some of that power they’ve lost to a manager wrapped up in his legend. It has to be on the basis of progression… because that’s something that’s gone amiss over the last few years. You can’t blame losing players if the reason the players left is because of bad management. You can’t blame budget if we can all see it’s there (and a wage bill the same as United’s)… and that’s something Ivan should have a word about… all the innuendo around a lack of cash is there as a pure power play. He’s clouding the waters to protect himself. You know what else protects him? The fact that we always bring it back to players. It doesn’t matter who Wenger signs, he’s still putting a Ferrari engine into a horse cart with no driver. Players will gloss over his bad management for a few months, but I’ll promise you, we’ll be back in the same situation this time next year regardless of who he brings in.

People keep saying the Premiership has got weaker, I don’t think it has, I think it’s got stronger all round. Managers are better trainers, teams are fitter, passing has increased in speed and volume, small clubs can do more on tiny budgets. The quality of the league has risen and Arsene hasn’t fought fire with fire. If he was doing 50% of what Ferguson was doing with his side, there’s not a chance we’d be worrying about Champions League qualification this year. I’m not saying our players are incredible, however, I do think the fault is with our system at Arsenal, that system is controlled by one man. Nothing will change until his hand is forced or he leaves.

We can still qualify in the top four, we’ve just made it incredibly hard. Simply put, those players shouldn’t be in that situation. Can they pull themselves back? Who knows… but I havne’t seen collective team character that would suggest they can.

Right… have your say in the comments.

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  1. Goongoonergone

    I see Jenkinson is mouthing off about “when we play to our potential”. Mate, when last did you’ll play to your potential. Tell your mates and the frigging manager in Arsenal to grow a pair of balls and play some real football; I’m sick of Arsenal players, the manager and AKBs spouting off about potential.

  2. Reiss

    Arsenal players should learn to control what they say after wins and losses they always say the wrong thing and then the next they make themselves look silly.

  3. unhappy gunner

    Although the players are not a patch on teams we have had in the past, I dont think we are as shit as our results have been over last few years. What im trying to say is with better training, organisation discipline etc we would be a top 4 team as EPL standard not as good as some people think. I think any average manager would get more out of this group of players than cunt face wenger is. Wenger is a has been and he should fuck off now and take board with him the cunt

  4. Relieable sauce

    Because he is a liar & a criminal, he is partly responsible for the predation of the victims of crime under the premise it is in the public interest when it is really just to sell 3rd rate toilet paper to the gormless masses.

    Please can we not mention the slimey cretin again on LG, he is just making all the noise so to publicise himself & enhance his career & not for anyone elses benefit.
    He is certainly no champion of Arsenal & if he is someone you look up to then my advise would be to seriously re-assess your aspirations.

  5. Honest Bill

    Anyone else think that a lifetime ban for throwing a banana is a bit harsh? Who has ever been injured by a banana?


    Relieable sauceMarch 4, 2013 17:19:59
    I agree with you..

    He is nothing more than a self-serving manipulative creep..

    Anway,was he not giving Nasri grieve last year,about who would win a trophy first?
    & wagering a bet with Nasri..

    Amazing,less than 10 month’s has passed & suddenly the cretin is jumping on the bandwagon of “Wenger out..”

    About 3 month’s ago,on radio,he was saying “We want our old Arsene back..”

    Pratt..A bigger anal rectum,than the problem child,that trolls on here!!

  7. Alex James

    I don’t dislike Piers. Nobody in the club hierarchy listens to us but they sure as hell will worry about a big name critic and his acid drops. Carry on Mister Morgan I say.

  8. AA23

    “So when I said Spurs were now a better team than us, and people like AA23 tried to convince me that we were still the best team in the PL, who has been proved right?”

    I’ve never tried to convince anyone we are the best team in the league, its been more than obvious for years that we aren’t. All I said was I’m not scared to play Tottenham and I wasn’t.
    I also said I’d be here after the game and I was. Why make shit up Gammers?
    Also what happened to the absolute drubbing we were going to get? They hardly dominated us did they?
    Best team ever vs worst team ever according to you,they should have cunted us 8 nil.

  9. Relieable sauce

    Wouldn’t surprise me that he changes his stance so much, jumping on the bandwagon like he does. Being at the forefront of popular public opinion is like oxygen to him.
    Unfortunately we seem to be in the minority, we live in the age of the douche bag it seems, where idiots are revered & criminals rewarded

  10. Jeff

    Our decline is as a result of a combination of things. If you could paint a pie chart it would be something like 50% Wenger’s deprecated management skills, 30% lack of quality in the team and 20% complacency. However since both diminishing talent and general “don’t give a toss” attitude in most of the players are down to Wenger that makes it 100% his fault. If you can’t sack him, take away some of his responsibilities. Bring in a few people who know what they are doing and can’t be swept away by Wenger’s ego and let’s see what happens. For the love of all that is good, why do we have no tactics? Why do we always play the same way? Why do we keep so many substandard players? Why to we tolerate failure and do nothing about it?

    This “total control” lark is killing Wenger’s legacy and now his career and destroying Arsenal at the same time all because a bunch of old fart-wits have promised him the world and are sticking to it. What manner of nonsense is this that we have to keep going with everyone’s head buried in he sand. Wake up and smell the beans Kroenke, Gazidis and PHW? Why jerk everyone off? You know it’s finished and it isn’t going to get any better in two years time or ten years time. You’re fooling no one but yourselves.

  11. JJ

    Wenger’s ego has no limit. Putting Ramsey in as RB to get another midfielder on is proof.

    Noone can tell Wenger what to do. Ramsey is slow, shit defensively, can’t cross or shoot… So of course it makes sense to take off a specialist RB and leave him on.

  12. Ramsey's backpass


    Mertesacker is shit,anybody who partners him would be made to look like fool cos they would try and make up for his constant mistake and continually fuck up


    agree with you concerning piers morgan

  13. Ramsey's backpass

    We all want usmanov but some says he is a criminal

    piers talks sense concerning arsenal(he has being part of the wenger out brigade after arsene lost to the chav) but some says he is a criminal

  14. Relieable sauce

    We can only dream of a chairman like Huw Jenkins (spelling?) of Swansea. With him at the helm they will make a mockery of Wongas idealistic philosophies, if Wonga was allowed to continue into oblivion on his footballing crusade, Swansea would win the EPL & ECL before he ever did.

  15. salparadisenyc

    Must be said that Lloris had a very good game as well. Authoritative, their back four have confidence in him and it shows. He was definitely on the radar, would loved to of come to Arsenal. Wenger’s loyalty is detrimental to the betterment of the club or is it that he’s just to stubborn to admit he got it horribly wrong with a player?

    He go it wrong Szczesny, really seems a shattered keeper.

  16. reality check


    Agreed! What did wonga do? Take off a specialist right back, puts on a midfielder and then drags another midfielder to fill in at right back??!


  17. JJ

    Gambon – I agree. I can see Wenger being found out to have Alzheimers post retirement.

    Every second sentence is a contradiction. Every other a lie.

  18. pistolpete

    There is only one problem here and that is Arsene Wenger. There just come a time when things must change and that time has come for Arsene to leave Arsenal. He has had so nuch time to chnage the fortunes at arsenal, but time and time again he fails. There is so much talk coming from him and little action. I said it before and i say it again,NOTHING MORE WILL BE ONE AGAIN WITH WENGER IN CHARGE!!!!!!!!

  19. Arsenal 1886-2006

    So Usmanov will not sell his shares, as is the same with Kroenke.
    Do not be surprised to see Usmanov invited onto the board with open arms fairly soon, I get the feeling that this bid talk was a plant in the media to allow the current impasse to be consigned to history with the two parties showing a unity against the imaginary deal in the “Best interests of Arsenal”.
    It could signal the end of the Hill-Wood and Bracewell-Smith era at Arsenal, the club could install a new fresh board with younger faces who have knowledge of the modern football wheeling and dealing methods. They should also be more dynamic in commercial deals, I do believe Usmanov will invest through his companies via sponsorship if he is finally treated with the respect a major shareholder deserves.
    One thing I do not want to see is David Dein involved in decision making, an advisory role yes, a power role no.

    They should strip the managers role to football only and not allow them to be involved in wage and transfer fee setting. If the manager does not like this? get in a new manager.
    They also need to be ruthless in culling the current squad, they need to look at each and every player on the books and make decisions as too their worth to the club now and in the near future. If a player is constantly injured and not producing for the club, then out they go. If a player is out on loan and not a youth player then they are surplus to requirement, so out they go.
    This will send a message to the players that stay and new signings that we don’t f**k around, so if you don’t like it don’t come or leave now.
    Again if the manager complains then it is goodbye, there is the door.


    reality checkMarch 4, 2013 18:37:22

    In a NLD -2-1 down,& chasing the game as well..


  21. JJ

    Reality – I still don’t understand how Ramsey (and Diaby) start ahead of a fit Rosicky.

    I also heard that Wenger showed Arteta tapes of Denilson and said “be Denilson”.

  22. Joppa Road

    Honest BillMarch 4, 2013 17:24:16

    “Anyone else think that a lifetime ban for throwing a banana is a bit harsh? Who has ever been injured by a banana?”

    Arsenal FC will crack down on even the slightest bit of dissent. They don’t want any kind of fans with passion or views that are anything other than donate and shut up.

  23. JJ

    Remember the days when we would just keep piling on strikers until we got a result?

    We could trust our defense to cope… oh, and we had more than one striker.

  24. gambon

    “Just watch Nevilles analysis, do you think wenger or bould does this with the players?”

    I reckon Bould probably wants to…

  25. wanger-wenker

    every arsenal player should be contemplating getting away from this fuckwit of a manager. Your career ends here if you stay. wenger is destroying players by playing them in a totally wrong position, not motivating or directing them with tactics. Aside from squid, djourou and santos (to name a few) our players were or can be very good players. Wenger just wastes them fitting them into his failed system of only Plan A. Its obvious wenger has lost the plot….you cant argue that bradford was a one-off when again we lose pitifully to blackburn.
    I feel for willshire, just like RVP and cesc before him, he must be frustrated playing with average players and additionally carrying the handicap of wengers crazy non-tactics. We will slip down the table and by april we will be chasing a europa place. Wenger will be exposed as the failure he is and i pray he just fucks off. I wonder what passing shot he gives us and who he blames.

  26. Joppa Road

    Double Gary Neville’s wages and sign him up for Arsenal. I mean FFS who would you rather have at Arsenal?

    Chamakh on £60k+ pw or the same money spent on aquiring Gary Neville? Not that he would cost anywhere near that. How would bring us the most points?

    FKIN DISGRACE ARSENAL yet Pedro still won’t call for mass unrest.

  27. Kushagra

    Matt Spicer @mattspicer66
    R5Live source confirms that Wenger has been stopping Bould from working on defensive drills.

    Training is largely possession based drills / small team matches. So, no smoke without fire on the previous rumours.

    According to @bbcsport_david Arsene Wenger stopped Bould training with the defence because he didn’t like the attention Bould was getting.

  28. Toli83

    Never liked Neville at all, under I saw him as a pundit. Can’t get enough of the guy now, knows his stuff…

    Did anyone read Wengers letter to the fans today? Pretty sure he watched a different game, said we dominated and the better team lost. Delusional cunt.

  29. Keyser

    Lol people already going through Andy Gray Syndrome with Neville, oh wait a minute Neville sounds like an AKB now.

    Will the worm turn.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger has to have all the attention, bad or good, though he deflects the bad and doesn’t like criticism.

    So he wants all the plaudits for trophies coming up a decade ago and victories, but won;’t take criticism for losses and our now regular humiliations.

    Can’t have it both ways

  31. Keyser

    Neville’s like Tottenham, they beat us, they’re above us in the league therefore they must be good, when all everyone talks about is what will take us back to winning the league.

    Neville should be the average, no fucking about just insightful, thoughtful analysis.

    How shite does Andy Gray look now with his ‘Take A Bow Son’.

  32. Zoran

    I cannot understand how can Walcott and Giroud start ahead of Podolski.
    Both of them are not even worth of cleaning his boots.

  33. Joppa Road

    Keyser you talk such shit everyday all day. Everyone on here knows this.

    Now if you don’t think G Neville would be a welcome addition to the Arsenal coaching staff for his knowledge and passion then you are an idiot. Yes, of course we know it isn’t going to happen just like Wenger being sacked isn’t going to happen but if it could Neville would be a fantastic coach.

  34. Relieable sauce

    Yeah Wonga can’t afford to have anymore banana skins around as the dopey fuckwit would only slip on them.

  35. kwik fit

    The guy who throw the Banana at Bale yesterday is a disgrace to the Arsenal, I mean WTF did he /she think they were doing? Helping Arsenal? All they did was to rile Bale and his team mates into a frenzy.

  36. kwik fit

    If the storey’s about the Bould / Wenger are true then Bould should do the honourable thing and go public. It may effect him financially in the short run but his long term coaching reputation is at risk if he continues to let the madman control what is in affect his job.

  37. kwik fit

    I would take Neville in a heartbeat. Shake the shit up our players and show them what real defending is all about. Plus take no fucking shit from Wenger.

  38. Toli83

    Kwik Fit,

    Funny you say that. Me and my mate had a chat about giggs signing a one year extension at man Utd . How long ago would Wenger have got rid of him at arsenal, deeming him over the hill and of little use!

  39. kwik fit

    Yeah Toli he’d have been offered a one year extension at 29 and moved on sharpess like when he refused to sign.
    Wenger would be looking for a nice little transfer fee when he had ‘passed his best’.

  40. Viveora

    2014…… one more year. the magical time where the renewals come in, the managers contract expires and FFP takes effect

  41. ritesh

    lmao at the post…. I actually changed the tv channel before the two goals because I was sure that was coming.

    We played like the old french teams of Platini days…dominate but lose always.

    You would have to be a masochist to support Arsenal.

  42. Toli83

    Shipped out at 29, replaced with some half wit from France or Ghana . Seeing players like giggs, scholes etc still at Utd makes you wonder the difference keeping our stars would have made.

  43. goonerboy

    Actually, we got what we deserved against Spurs-and AVB is right -we are on a downward spiral. A downward spiral of disorganised defending and predictable forward moves easy to defend against. The first thing that needs to be done is to recognise that we have a problem at the back. Wenger doesn’t-and because he doesn’t no one else has any influence.

    The truth is we won’t beat any moderately good sides with the combination of this back 5 and our disorganisation.

    The club is sick and lives in denial..

    There is no point in screaming and shouting-things will only start to change when they get bad enough – we are talking about a negligent Board that prioritises sentiment over our future as a club.-yes Wenger is now an incompetent manager with far more power than he should have-and decline is inevitable.

    The biggest myth is that the club would need to spend mega bucks to improve this team- its a myth- our forwards are simply not very good collectively or individually-a player like Berbatov, picked up on a free transfer, would be outstanding in this team.


    “but why would he be a welcome addition ?”

    Now there’s the carrot(courtesy of the problem child),for you to bite on..!

    I swear social service’s should be sued for crime’s against humanity..

    How they unleashed this “menace to society”,or “problem child” onto Le-Grove,is really a dereliction of duty on their part..

    Maybe they decided he’s a lost cause,beyond redemption!!

  45. Toli83


    I remember you predicted Wenger would end up at PSG this summer, still think that will be the case? He’s showing very stubborn signs at the moment which is worrying…

  46. 6th-is-a-new-trophy

    I would humbly submit that our crazy frog isn’t going anywhere.

    He can’t see what almost everybody else can, he’s past it. He could have gone any point til this year and 90% of the fans would have wished him well.

    He’s lucky now if 10% will wish him well. I won’t the last two years have been unbearably bad. Wengers lost all respect with me.

    RvP and the last transfer window were the final nails in his respect coffin.

    He should go as next year will be potentially worse than this one.

    Come on you mad sheiks with your diamond teeth and gold shoes! We need the wonga!

  47. Xrysto

    NON-ATTENDANCE is THE ANSWER, with the impending takeover bid it is the perfect time to put it into practice. Stop going to games, stop buying their merchandise and force the fooking bastard to sell NOW.


  48. Relieable sauce


    We also have the very real prospect of MU being awarded the EPL trophy at the emirates, MU will win the title anyway so they might as well rub Wongas nose in it in the stadium he personally built us. As a gooner the 8-2 mauling was about as bad as it can get, this will actually be worth the admission price for once.

    We play MU in the 4th from last fixture, with 12 pts available a draw will be good enough to crown them champions, if MC can match their results of course.
    Who said our season was over 😉

  49. JJ

    Bould is in a tough position. He is probably doing the right thing by trying to wait Wenger out. Disagreeing with Wenger now would find him on the street pronto.

    His reputation is not being damaged because everyone knows he is not being allowed to coach the defence. He will make that clear to the incoming manager… whenever that happens.

  50. kwik fit


    I wouldn’t mind putting on a sizeable bet that RVP will score the goal that clinches the PL at the emirates. You just know that its written in the stars.

  51. reality check

    Vix affair March 4, 2013    18:43:55

    JJ March 4, 2013    18:46:09

    The mind boggles?!

    Late reply but still.

    Was at work so had to peel myself away

    Denilson used to play every game.
    So many AKBs including an uncle of mine used to say, he’ll come good. Trust wenger the boy must have talent.

    Where’s denilson now.

    In 2-3 years from now where’s ramsey going to be.

    Eating up a fair amount of the wage bill of course, but hey, diaby will be gone by then so it all makes financial sence in wengers wonderland.

    Happy.. f**king.. days!

  52. follow the money

    the takeover rumours keep coming….I’m saying a prayer it happens. Hopefully that’s what the “big news” coming soon Dein alluded to a couple weeks back is about. However, if Kroenke does sell (I would cheer if that happened like I haven’t cheered the team in six years!) the new owners MUST have Dein (or someone besides Wenger) handle transfers and Bould MUST be allowed to coach the defence. New owners by itself will not sure what ails AFC. Wenger has to be knocked down a peg or three

  53. kwik fit

    Fuck wouldn’t it be class if a mega bucks takeover happened. We could go shopping at harrods in the summer;
    Falco Cavini Messi front three
    Iniesta Yaya Bale Mid
    Alba Kompany Hummels Lahm Defense
    Maureen as manager
    Absolute dream land guys.

  54. Relieable sauce


    That would be poetic.
    Will he try & claim some credit though, like he did earlier in the season?
    That would be really embarrassing & misguided, so chances are he will.

  55. BIG AL

    Wenger has got us in this situation. He is a flat track bully, his own self importance has led him to be untouchable with the board. Because of the amount of money he has made with the fat cats members of the board. Smoking there cuban’s and looking at the overspilling bank balance. Please don’t get me wrong I do not want my club to be like the Chavs or the sheikhs. I do believe in a level playing field. We have the means to be seriously competing, but when we have a manager who is only interested in top 4. What does that do to our players. It only leads to them being second rate as they have been drilled to compete for 4th and not the championship and cups etc. Wenger is too old to compete he has lost the knack. Yes we may say how comes Fergie hasnt lost it. However I believe that as Fergie has a son who is a manager it keeps him motivated and moving with the times. He knows he has to delegate certain footballing matters to his coaching staff so he can concentrate on what really matters- on the field. No matter what we think of the gnome his record is second to none. I heard a few months ago that Wenger had stopped Bouldie from coaching the defenders. To me this is because at the start of the season Bould was getting too much praise and Wenger became to jealous. We need a younger, smarter manager with new ideas to bring us in the 21 century. To me Klopp or Bergkamp and Laudrup together with Bouldie will see us move out of this downward slide we have suffered in the last 8 years.

  56. kwik fit

    Philippe Auclair says on today’s Football Weekly that Hugo Lloris “would have loved” to join Arsenal last summer

    Another fine mess Arsene

  57. Gambons mum

    gambons dad ran away when the lil man was 4. He couldn’t take the constant negativity and temper tantrums anymore. I never did blame him and wished I thought of it first. So no need to worry about that,Only people we might wake r the neighbours. Come over, I’ll dig out my fun swing x


    Arsenal 1886-2006March 4, 2013 22:53:09
    Check out the spike in todays share price, up from 1550 to 1600, and on the back of a loss to spurs and the possibility of no cl football next season.
    Anybody here know if this is meaningless or maybe a market glitch, i do not really understand them.

    I would say it’s probably a short-term spike,not based on our 2-1 defeat yesterday,but based on the supposed potential takeover by the mysterious Sheikh’s,or rumoured interest by them..

    Probably a small number of speculator’s looking to make a few bob in b/w ahead of any proposed takeover,or not..

  59. Arsenal 1886-2006


    What i don’t understand is if the takeover rumours are bollocks, as most city experts seem to be saying then why would speculators be gambling?
    if they are taking a punt then the rumour might have legs, otherwise their judgement would be extremely poor.


    Making money on speculation,buying on the rumour,probably might dump the stock in a few day’s & make a tidy little sum..

    If there’s enough steam,in the rumour,expect a further increase,but no doubt the stock will snap back,to it’s market equilibrium..

    I suspect nothing more,than guy’s trading on the supposed take-over rumour..

    Then again,another possibility might be Usmanov,hovering up some more shares..

    I’m not sure about the latter,as I haven’t checked his current holding..

    All in all I could be wrong on all account’s..
    Just my belief..

  61. OhtobeaGooner

    Anyone catch this gems from Wenger about the takeover?

    “If people are ready to invest their money it means the club is not moving too much in a bad direction.”

    “I am nothing to do with it. I focus on my job, financial is down to the directors, shareholders and the owners.”

  62. JBamford

    If Wenger doesn’t go this summer — which I realize he likely won’t — the club will be in an even worse position next year this time. Even if given orders to spend, he’ll likely spend it not on proven quality but on average players no one else is after in order to prove he’s smarter than everyone else. Haven’t you made this point before, Pedro? Also, if Gazidis and Kroenke care about money, won’t they be upset about not qualifying for CL? Couldn’t this be impetus enough for putting him out to pasture? Probably not.

  63. pistolpete

    The buck stops with wenger full stop. Problem is he don’t give a shit. Any manager would be held responsible for the decline that this club has suffered. But unfortunately we have a board that is to scared to question wenger. It is so clear to see.. further more, any self repecting person would relinquish the reins and admit defeat. When we it endfor us suffing fans!!!!!!!!!

  64. Bade

    Indeed we’re 7 points off Scums,. but they have a much harder fixtures than us

    We indeed play Mancs at home, but they have Liverpool, Chavs & $ity

    Both us & them still needs to play Swansea & Everton. So it’s still there, but much harder of course

  65. Jeff


    I don’t think that Arsenal can be trusted to perform against any side. Yes we can beat Man U at home and lose to West Brom and Norwich. You can almost base our performance on a complete random distribution model.

    We are erratic, inconsistent and the manager has no clue. The defence is shambolic, we have no cutting edge up front and mid-field is slow and tired. On a good day we can beat Southamptom 6:0 but on a bad or even average day we can lose to Bradford – that’s how unpredictable we have become.

    So I don’t have any expectation from any game we play. But what is glaringly obvious to me is the body language of the players. They either come out with a complacent attitude or scared stiff – as they did against Tottenham. We don’t have that oozing confidence that permeates through the team. The psychology is all wrong and you can see it in the players’ eyes as they exit the tunnel. It’s terrible and so disheartening to watch.

  66. Jeff


    Blow by blow explanation of why our defence at the back is just hit and miss. I saw this last night as well and didn’t think it was anything we hadn’t seen before. We often make the same mistakes in every game and get away with it against lesser teams but with speedy or tricky players coming at us we are so vulnerable. Has anything been done to address it or curb it or reduce it? Nope.

    And that is one of the reasons why the fans, including myself, get so irate with Wenger for not drilling the most basic of stuff into the players so that we at least become harder to score against. And now we hear that he stopped Bould from doing it earlier in the season. I mean who the hell does he think he is? It’s my way or no way? It typifies and exemplifies the very nature of Wenger and the apotheosis of why a lot of us on here are so fed up to the back teeth with his intransigence whether it be on the field, in the transfer market or the wages fiasco.

    We don’t just shout mindlessly for him to leave because we hate him; it is his principles we hate and a lot of people just don’t know the difference. He’s killing the club.

  67. Relieable sauce


    Good stuff, don’t know if you caught the bit around 33.30 where David Ornstein talks about the lack of any team talk or tactical instruction before a ECL game this season. Nothing we didn’t suspect or already know but at least wongas getting found out finally, interesting that one journo hadn’t heard about wonga screwing up the Vertonghen deal with his desire to play him out of position.
    If only they read LG they would truly get an insight into his gross mismanagement & we might get a new manager.

  68. TitsMcgee

    That’s a lot of bank and that’s how I know not qualifying for UCL next year will hurt the SOBs in charge of our club.

    It’s a blow. Whether it’s a big enough blow to phase Wenger and his massive ego well that’s another story.

    Qualifying for 4th certainly won’t though.